Naomi and me

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Naomi and I had known each other all of our lives, and dating each other just came naturally. We were a steady item from 6th grade on through high school, and by our senior year we were an intimate, steady couple.

Our families knew each other, and they were supportive of us being together. Everyone figured that we would eventually marry, and it was great that our families were so close as well. We often spent holidays and vacations together, and there was never anything weird about Naomi and I being together as a couple.

Naomi ‘s younger sister Leah, who was now a high school freshman, had always taken a shine to me, and everyone laughed at the way she often flirted. Being a few years younger than Naomi, Leah’s affections were seen as merely “puppy love,” as she was so young. It was obvious to everyone that she was trying to emulate her sister, and it fell in place with everything else that was going on between Naomi and myself.

As we grew older, Leah’s flirtatious ways took on a whole new level. She had developed into a hot little number, and I often found myself fantasizing about the flirtatious way that she always behaved when I was around. As Naomi and I grew more sexual, I began to look at Leah in a whole new light.

Leah’s birthday rolled around, and Naomi and I made plans to take her out to celebrate. Leah had recently broken up with a boyfriend, and she was a little down that she had no one to celebrate it with. Her parents were out of town as well, further adding to her misery. Naomi and I took it upon ourselves to make sure she had a great birthday.

The plan was for me to meet Leah at their house and when Naomi got home from work, we would all head out to celebrate. With her parents gone, we knew we could get away with a little more than if they were around, and Naomi and I had planned on getting Leah very tipsy, to really celebrate the birthday.

I was pleasantly surprised when Leah opened the front door. She had this hot Red Spaghetti Strap Chiffon Cami Top with a somewhat short matching skirt, and the top was cut low enough to keep my eyes glued to her developing breasts. She gave me a dazzling smile and a peck on the cheek as I wished her a happy birthday.

“Naomi should be here in about an hour . . . and then we can head out!” she squealed in excitement. Although we had hung out together many times, this was the first time that she was actually “going out” with us, and she was all worked up about it. “This is going to be the best birthday ever!”

We made our way to the living room and watched some television. Sitting next to each other on the loveseat, she would graze against my leg or my thigh, and my eyes did not want to leave her chest. She was toying with me all night, and my cock was throbbing away inside my pants. I’ll be honest with you . . . If this was not my girlfriend’s little sister, I would have been all over her. But then I said to myself . . . why not see how just how far Leah will go in the hour we have left?

“Hey, you want to have a drink?” she suddenly asked me, leaning over and placing her palm on my thigh. “It’s my birthday, and I know where the liquor is. Come on! It will be a blast!”

“Maybe we should wait for your sister,” I mumbled with little conviction, pretending to be uninterested. “I thought we were going to celebrate with her.”

“Come on, we have all night,” she squealed as she jumped up. “It’s my birthday and time to start the party!”

Shifting in my seat to adjust my throbbing cock, I watched her bounce over to her parent’s liquor cabinet. Grabbing a large bottle of Tequila, she came back over with two shot glasses. Placing them down together on the table, she filled both glasses up and we quickly toasted her birthday.

“Ouch! That’s so good!!” she screamed as the liquor burned her throat. The Tequila went down, and I soon felt the warmth grow in my stomach, as the alcohol raced to my head. We did a second shot before we started talking again. Since she was not a drinker, I only imagined the impact the liquor was having on her.

The Tequila quickly opened us up, and our discussion became open and more sexual. The alcohol released the sexual tension that always hung between us, and Leah moved closer and then right next to me. She leaned over each time she spoke, just enough for me to see more and more of her chest, and just enough to have me forgetting that this was my girlfriend’s younger sister.

“So you guys are having sex together, right?” she asked with a twinkle in her eyes, taking me by surprise and putting a whole new edge on our conversation, and perhaps a way of opening the door for what I had fantasized in my mind. “I mean, like, Naomi told me that you do. I was just wondering what you thought. Was Naomi your first?”

“Um. . .uh. . .err, yes. She has been the only girl I have ever been with,” I replied with a large gulp, again surprised by her brazenness.

“I have not been with a guy yet, but I have fooled around with one of my girlfriends,” she told me innocently, shocking the hell out of me as she did so. “We kind of messed around a couple times when she slept over.”

She was telling me this all very matter of fact like . . . while my cock was screaming at me to introduce him to her. She continued on, telling me all about what they did together and how they had kissed and all, but did not really do much else.

“So, you’ve never been with a boy . . . like that . . . right?” I asked her rather boldly and curious as hell.

“Well, I have kissed a couple boys, but nothing like what you and Naomi have done,” she told me, leaning over again and placing her palm on my thigh. I could practically see straight down her shirt now, and her nipples were obviously erect. I was worried about what Naomi would do if she caught us like this, but I was having too much fun to consider stopping.

“So what do you want to know about guys, Leah? Like . . .What makes them get all horny? I mean, you can obviously see how excited I am right now?” I said pointing down to my fully erect cock.

“Uh . . . wow . . . that looks like you are REAL horny,” she said as she continued to stare at my full sized boner, and anxiously licking her lips.

“You should see it in real life. Naomi thinks I am REALLY well hung,” I said proudly. I could tell she was weighing things in her mind before commenting further. While she gathered her thoughts, I watched her nipples continue to push out against her top. Being the chauvinist pig that I am, I really wished she would have held off on the bra when she got dressed tonight.

“Would you quickly show it to me, before sis comes home?” she asked, still staring at my erection. Bingo . . . I thought, she took the bait and now things could move along to the best possible finale.

“Certainly . . . but to keep me real horny, I have two requests from you,” as I placed my hand for the first time over hers that was still on my thigh.

“I thought it would be fun,” I started, taking my cell out of my upper pocket, “to shoot some birthday videos of our time together tonight . . . especially once your sister gets here and two, to keep me very excited. . . I want you to take off your bra for the evening.” Leah turned scarlet, and the contrast between her long blonde hair and her red face was arousing in itself. She didn’t say anything, which was possibly because the Tequila was now making her decisions more difficult. I waited a few more seconds and then said:

“I guess I was wrong about you being old enough to enjoy some naughty fun, like I just described. Why don’t we just forget it.” Instantly her embarrassment left her face and she stood up in front of me.

“If you are going to show me your . . . uh . . .,” she started.

“Call this guy my COCK!” I encouraged her, grasping my boner and holding on to it.

“Alright . . . if you are going to show me your . . . cock, I will go and change . . .”

“Nope . . . this is where our little movie is going to start . . . and I want you to say the same thing you just did, but take off your bra right here in front of me . . . but give me that beautiful top, so I can keep it save . . . first.” Leah stared at me, not quite ready for my forcefulness.

“You are being a VERY naughty boy,” she said somewhat slurred, but the twinkle had come back in her eyes.

“I know . . . and I love it,” I said hitting the camera app on my phone and switching it over to video. I tilted the camera upwards as she was about 5 feet away.

“Okay, Mike . . . if you are going to show me your BIG cock . . . I will show you my titties,” she said slowly pulling her spaghetti top out of her skirt, first on one side and then on the other. Despite this probably being the first time she was stripping for a boy, she gradually pulled the top up . . . so that her bare stomach was now showing . . . and then carefully over her bra covered breasts and then finally off altogether. I reached out and moving closer, she handed me her top. I placed it on the arm of the chair and continued to watch Naomi’s younger sister excite me even further. She reached behind her back and then said:

“Guys sure like to see girl’s tits . . . don’t they?” I nodded and watched the bra cups move past her hidden breasts. Leah somewhat uncomfortably moved her shoulders backwards and stared down at my cock that had literally almost busted through my pants. Her breasts were like two firm medium sized apples topped with the most perfect nipples I had ever seen. I continued to look through the viewfinder, zooming in on the stiffness of her buds.

“Pinch those nipples for me Leah . . . your sister loves to have me do that for her.” Without any hesitation, Leah moved her finger tips up and grasped her erect nipples and began to manipulate them, obviously like she did on her own, late at night.

“Very nice . . . now it’s time for YOU to take out my cock . . . so get on your knees . . . and talk dirty to me as you bring this bad boy out for your inspection and enjoyment,” I instructed as I opened my legs and scooted up on the cushion so that she could get in as close as possible.

“I don’t believe I am doing this . . . and that you are filming it!” she said with eagerness. It was difficult to decide what to aim at. Her breasts that were soon within licking distance or her curious face that was dying to see her first cock ever.

“I have never done anything like this before,” she started, as she quickly unhooked my belt and then unsnapped the brass button at the top of my shorts.

“I need to see this BIG cock . . . before my sister gets here,” she said with some urgency. I looked up at the digital clock on the table and realized we had only 10 minutes left. Looking back down, I watched Leah carefully pull down the zipper to the bottom . . . causing my boxers to appear. The pink cock tip had worked its way into the flap and it was soon saying hello to this interested girl.

“Wow . . . even the top part is big,” she said inspecting my cock.

“Stay where you are Leah. I am going to help you see things much quicker,” I said standing up, and before getting any permission, I shoved my shorts down to my shoes, leaving the lewd vision of my fully erect shaft pushing against the silk material of the boxers.

“Go ahead sis . . . talk to me!”

“I want to see Mike’s cock . . . so let’s pull these underpants down.” I continued to make my video as I watched her fingers go into the material of my shorts and then rather quickly yank them down all the way. My stiff cock sprang up and hit Leah on her forehead, causing her to laugh.

“Rub your face all over my cock Leah,” I said. She hesitated at first, but then moved closer and I watched my shaft go against her pink cheeks, over her cute nose and her forehead. I moved slightly and her long blonde hair was now covering my shaft.

“We gotta stop . . . but first . . . I want you to lay back . . . and I will do something that is one of my very favorite things to do with your sister.” Still staring at her first cock, Leah laid back on the loveseat so that her head was against the back and her body was fully exposed. I aimed the camera at her body placing it on the table and then spread eagled over her waist and placed my hands on the top of the couch, leaned forward and slowly rubbed my cock all over her young breasts. Back and forth I moved my shaft over her stiff nipples and then cupping the sides of her tits I pushed them together and drove my cock in between. In and out I simulated fucking this girl until I knew it was time.

“I want you to look at my cock and see what it does, as it shoots hot cum all over you . . .” I barely got those words out and the first of several long streams from erupted from the tip. I aimed at her breasts . . . quickly covering the nipples with pools of cum and then moving higher, I hit her throat . . . and still higher yet sprayed her mouth and cute face. Again and again I continued to drench her with my load. Slowly I stopped and the telephone rang. Leah turned and grabbed it quickly from the same table my phone was still filming.

My erection deflated almost instantly as I heard her say hello to her mother. I did not even pay attention to the conversation as the phone call completely killed the moment that we had been involved in. I slumped back on the couch and was surprised when Leah practically jumped into my lap.

“Great news!!” she squealed, her face still covered with my hot cum. “They will not be home tonight, so we have the house to ourselves!! We can stay in and really celebrate my birthday without worrying about my parents!!” I smiled back at her when I realized the good fortune that had befallen us. I grabbed my phone and panned over the girls face that was dripping in cum and told her to get cleaned up and get her top back on. Leah grabbed her red top and ran down the hallway to her room. I put my phone back in my shirt, and quickly made it to the kitchen where I found a wet cloth and wiped down my cock and lower body and got myself back together again.

I was still a little worried about Naomi’s reaction to Leah and me, but I knew that I would at least have glorious sex with Naomi before the night was through. After several minutes, Leah returned . . . looking very attractive, despite not wearing my cum anymore. We toasted ourselves once again, and quickly knocked back the shots. By this time, we were both reeling from the Tequila. “To be honest with you, Naomi has talked to me about that,” I told her in a quiet voice.

“About what?” she replied quickly, her eyes burning into mine with a lustful stare.

“About another girl,” I said as casually as I could with my cock rapidly stiffening in my pants. I continued on when I noticed her lips open up. “Naomi has talked with me about being with another woman while she was with me.”

“That is soooo hot,” she whispered, her voice quiet for the first time since I had arrived. “You mean like a three-way with you and two girls. That is wild.”

We sat there staring at each other for several seconds, the tension enveloping both of us. I swallowed as her tongue slipped out and wet her lips, the erect points of her nipples were now plainly visible since she had taken off her bra.

“What about me?” she said in a hushed voice, both hands now on my legs as she leaned right into me. “What about me joining you two tonight? Don’t you think, that would be a perfect birthday present?”

“Ummm, you and Naomi? Are you sure?” I asked, very aroused about the idea of having sex with the two sisters, but also worried about Naomi’s reaction to having sex with her sister. “Wouldn’t that be a little weird?”

“Well, I don’t mind if she doesn’t. We are very close, and this could be awesome!” Meanwhile my cock was pounding away as this girl practically begged me to have sex with her and her sister. This was beyond any fantasy that I could have come up with on my own, and I simply sat there dumbfounded.

“Hey guys!” chirped Naomi as she came in to find us sitting on the couch. “Looks like the party has started without me.” She gave me a frown as she spied the Tequila bottle, but Leah quickly brought her up to speed on the fact that their parents would not be returning that night, and that partying at home would be a better idea than going out. Leah grabbed a third shot glass, and all three of us toasted her birthday.

“Wow, this is kind of cool, the three of us hanging,” announced Naomi as she leaned in and kissed me, that taste of Tequila still strong on her lips and tongue. “We can really celebrate!” Our mouths locked together, and our tongues plunged into each other in a hot kiss.

“Hey! Stop that!” announced Leah mischievously, pulling us apart, and forcing us to sit on either side of her on the couch. “This is my birthday, and there will be none of that in front of me, since I am here by myself!” We all did another shot, and then Naomi jumped up and ran into the kitchen. Leah turned to me again, her tongue slowly sliding along her lips as she gave me an intense glare.

“We should not be drinking Tequila without salt or limes,” said Naomi as she came back in with a bowl of cut up limes and a salt-shaker. She quickly poured another round of shots, and then she sprinkled salt on each of us, and then handed us each a lime slice. “Ouch! That’s good shit!” screamed out Leah after licking the salt and sucking on a lime slice. We all laughed together in a drunken state with her remarks, and the party began to hit full swing with the three of us.

Naomi and Leah started talking about things, and I kind of hung back quietly, adding a small remark here and there. The conversation slowly grew sexual, and Leah mentioned to Naomi about her experiences with another girl. I noticed her reaction, but Naomi did not say anything about her own desire to be with another girl. I took it upon myself to open that door.

“Well, ladies, as the senior member of our little party,” I announced in mock formality, “I think it is time to step this up a notch and truly reward our birthday girl. Naomi, if you will do the honors, I think it is time to introduce young Leah into the art of body shots, and how about us filming this special occasion?”

Naomi gave me a devilish smile, leading me to believe that she was following my train of thought exactly. So I aimed the camera and placed it on the nearby table as we stood Leah up between us, and I took the salt shaker and a lime in each hand.

“You are going to love this,” said Naomi as she carefully pulled down the thin spaghetti straps on her sister’s top, so that her chest was more exposed. Her small mounds once again looked delicious. My cock was painfully throbbing away as I watched the two girls together.

“Would you like to do the honors or would you like me to?” Naomi asked with a wink and a smile.

“I think you should continue,” I told her in a shaky voice. “You are doing such a great job so far.”

I held back a groan as Naomi bent over and ran her tongue all over the top of Leah’s chest. Leah stared directly into my eyes as her sister licked the top of her chest, and I heard a slight whimper escape her lips.

“I think she is ready,” said Naomi with a sly smile as she turned to face me. “Be sure that there is enough for both of us.” I stepped over to Leah and sprinkled salt across the top of her chest, her eyes still staring directly into mine. I then asked her to open her mouth, and I placed the slice of lime between her lips.

“I’m first,” squealed Naomi as she faced her little sister. Leah had grown silent, although her body was clearly alive. Her nipples were very visible against her red top, and I felt another twinge shoot through my cock.

Naomi leaned into her sister, placing one hand on her hips. I groaned as she slowly slipped her tongue out and licked a line of salt from her sister’s chest. Leah’s body trembled and broke out in goose bumps everywhere. Naomi took time to savor the taste and feel of her sister’s skin, and then stood up and did the shot.

Slamming the glass down on the coffee table, Naomi wrapped her arms around her sister and bit into the lime that was wedged between her lips. I saw their lips come together around the lime wedge, and then saw Naomi slowly pull back.

“That was hot,” I mumbled as I watched the girls share an intimate glare. Naomi placed another wedge of lime between her sister’s lips, and then told me to go ahead. Leaning forward, I stuck my tongue out and licked up the salt, Leah ‘s flesh burning into my tongue. I licked up all of the salt and kissed her chest, then stood up and stared right back at her. Grabbing the shot glass, I knocked back the Tequila, and then I leaned in to suck the lime.

My hands went to her hips and held her while I sucked the lime into my mouth. I slowly pulled back, and then Leah grabbed me by the hips, the lime falling from her mouth. She planted her lips on mine, and we embraced in a sweltering kiss.

Naomi gave us a minute or two to enjoy the kiss, and then she gently pulled us apart. Stepping in front of her sister, Naomi wrapped her arms around her and kissed her deeply. I was incredibly aroused at this sight and I stood there to enjoy the view.

“Mmmmmm, yeah,” I heard come moaning from their embrace. I was growing more and more aroused watching them kiss and grope each other with their hands. I sat back on the couch to enjoy the view.

“Your turn,” said Leah playfully as she pried her lips from her sister. They were both staring at each other, and Leah pulled Naomi ‘s shirt up over her head, and then turned her around and quickly undid her bra. My girlfriend stood in front of me and her sister topless, and I do not think that my cock was ever harder than it was at that moment.

“Yeahhhh,” whimpered Naomi as Leah bent over and ran her tongue over her left nipple. She beckoned for me, and I quickly moved over to her and ran my tongue over her right nipple. Following Leah’s cue, I stood up and sprinkled salt on the erect little bud after Leah did. While I was sprinkling the salt, Leah also slid a slice of lime between her sister’s lips.

“Happy Birthday to me!” shrieked Leah as she started another shot. She leaned in and sucked the salt from her sister’s erect nipple, slamming the shot back and then sucking the lime from her mouth.

I could not wait to get my turn, and I devoured her salt covered nipple, sucking the shot down and then grabbing a lime from the table and ripping it from the rind. By this time, we were all pretty much hammered. The sexual energy had us buzzing at a high level, but the alcohol was hitting each of us pretty hard. This also led to the next string of events.

“I want to watch you suck his cock,” announced Naomi as she staggered and slumped into a chair. “It’s your birthday, and I am going to teach you how to suck cock. Now get to it.”

I looked at Naomi in disbelief, thinking that this surely must be a dream, but she nodded at me and demanded that I drop my pants for her little sister. Naomi stood up and pulled my pants down, pushing me back so that I was sitting on the couch with my cock sticking straight up.

“You should get naked as well,” she stammered to Leah, helping her little sister take off all her clothes. She then whipped off her own pants, and the two girls stood naked in front of me. I also joined the fray by pulling my top off, and the three of us were now completely naked in the living room.

“Get down on your knees, between his legs,” she told Leah, completely blowing my mind. She was teaching her sister how to give a blow-job, using me as the practice model. “Now, lean in and wrap your hands around his cock. That’s it.”

I groaned out to both of them as Leah’s fingers wrapped around my pulsing shaft. Naomi had sat down and was watching us, her hands slowly rubbing herself between her legs as she instructed her sister in the art of sucking my cock.

“Use one hand to rub his balls, and use the other on his shaft,” she told her, her legs spreading wider as she rubbed herself. Leah listened to her sister, and gingerly rubbed my balls while pumping my cock with her hand. “That’s it, nice and slow and up and down.”

“Wow……this is not going to take very long,” I mumbled as the sensations exploded throughout my body.

“Ok Leah, stop pumping him, that’s it, OK, time to use your mouth,” she told her, telling Leah to pepper the head of my cock with little kisses. The sensations were amazing as she covered the tip of my cock with her kisses, her tongue snaking out to lick me as well. I was doing everything I could to think of something else and prolong my orgasm.

“You can kiss and lick all along his cock, especially along the underbelly, and along the flare of his cock head,” continued Naomi. I was squirming in my chair as Leah kissed my cock and I looked up to see Naomi fingering herself. Naomi saw the look on my face and knew that I would not last much longer.

“We are going to lose him soon, so I want to show you how to take his cock in your mouth.” Naomi came over to us, clamping her hand around the base of my shaft, and holding it for a moment to dispel my oncoming climax.

“Here, put your lips on his cock and slide your head up and down while sucking on him,” she instructed her sister, who proceeded to wrap her lips around my rigid shaft and slide them up and down. “That’s it…slide them all the way down. Relax your throat and breathe easy….Try and take it all in.”

“Unggh…I can’t,” complained Leah as she pulled her mouth from my cock. She had slid her mouth down as far as she could go, but she could not get my entire cock into her mouth. She looked over at her sister with a resigned look, my hard cock standing up, slick with her saliva.

“Here, let me show you,” announced Naomi with a tone of authority. She held my cock straight up with one hand, and then looked out of the corner of her eye at her sister and slowly sucked my cock into her mouth. She took her time and took the whole length down into her throat, making sure her sister had seen.

Leah tried again, but was unable to get it all down. At this point I was nearing the bursting point again, and I warned them of the oncoming climax.

“I guess we can work on getting that right later,” said Naomi, very aware of the position I was in. “I want you to put your lips on his cock and slide your head up and down as fast as you can until he cums. You will love it.”

Leah looked at me and licked her lips. Naomi moved behind her sister, the two naked sisters directly in front of me, and I cried out to both of them as Leah wrapped her lips around my pulsating cock. I clenched my eyes closed and thought of everything but sex in a vain attempt at prolonging the inevitable.

I opened my eyes when I felt Naomi reach for my hands. She placed my hands on Leah’s head, keeping them together as we both pushed her face down onto my cock. I stared into my girlfriend’s eyes, and I smiled to her as she pushed her hips forward, grinding her naked pussy into her sister’s ass. She moaned with me as Leah ‘s head began to bob up and down on my rigid shaft, our hands guiding her way.

“God…yea…oh yeah…oh yeah,” I mumbled in ecstasy, my body more alive with sexual pleasure than I could ever imagine. Leah’s lips and mouth were sucking all over my cock, her face sliding up and down and Naomi eyes had not left mine. I began to squirm in my seat as my climax exploded, my hips jutting up and forcing my cock into Leah’s mouth as I came and came.

“YESSSS!!” I screamed as my cock unloaded blast after blast into her hot little mouth. Naomi pushed her sister’s head down, forcing her to take all of my cum, and I could hear Leah trying to negotiate the loads of cum that were overflowing.

“Unnggh…unggh…ummm..yes,” whimpered little Leah as my cock slipped from her mouth. Naomi released my hands and her head, and Leah looked up at me, her face sprinkled with my cum. She had wrapped a hand around my shaft, pumping my cock as it spurt and shot all over her. She held it below her chin, my cum dribbling down all over her hand.

“That was so hot,” whispered Naomi as she pulled her sister backwards by her shoulders and leaned in and kissed her. Leah leaned backward against her sister, her hands releasing my cock and reaching up for her sister as they locked in a fierce embrace.

I saw their mouths open to each other, their tongues racing together as I sat back and watched. My cock fell down between my legs limp, still shiny with Leah’s saliva and my cum. I whispered to them as I watched Naomi ‘s hands begin to knead Leah’s breasts, her fingers working my cum into her chest.

“Incredible…you guys look incredible,” I told them as I watched them together, their naked bodied intertwining as they kissed and touched each other. Leah ‘s body took on a shine as Naomi massaged my cum into her. I slowly slid from the couch, pulling Leah ‘s legs toward me.

Naomi got the idea, and she laid her sister back, their mouths still pressed together. I positioned myself between Leah ‘s legs and started to feast on her tight little twat. She pressed her hips into my face, gyrating her hips as my tongue danced across her steaming pussy, and I could hear her moan into her sister’s mouth.

Naomi eventually slid her mouth from Leah ‘s, and kissed her way down her neck to her chest. I looked up and saw her tongue slipping out to tease her nipple, and I heard little Leah moan and groan. Her body began to shake, and I knew that a climax was soon in coming. I zeroed in on her clit, causing her to shriek out in an explosive climax.

“Yes…yes…don’t stop…please don’t stop!” she begged as we worked on her fully aroused body. I continued to lap away at her pouting pussy, and Naomi was busy with her tongue and her hands, both working on her hot little chest. Glancing up at the two of them, I watched Naomi slide herself over her sister’s face, her ass towards me.

Naomi had sat up on her knees, spreading her legs and pushing her pussy down at her sister’s face. I stared at my girlfriend’s back as she sat on top of her sister. Her back was slender, and her stomach flared in just above her hips. The soft dimples of her back made me groan to her, and I watched as she rocked her hips on her sister’s face.

“Yeah Leah, lick me. Yes, just like that,” she mumbled to Leah, who in turn was moaning into Naomi ‘s pussy while I licked her pussy. I had my hands on Leah ‘s legs, pushing them apart as I munched on her sweet little pussy.

The juice bubbled from her steaming little twat, and she shook in orgasm as the three of us played together. My cock was once again way past being hard, and I slid myself up to my knees as I prepared to enter her. I did not say anything to Naomi, who was enjoying her own sweet ride, but I slowly placed the head of my cock against Leah’s puffy pussy lips.

“Unnggghhhh!!!” moaned Leah as she pulled her mouth from her sister’s pussy. Naomi turned around to see that I was about to fuck her sister, and she quickly switched her position, turning her body around so that she was still on her sister’s face, but facing me. “That looks so hot . . . go ahead and FUCK her,” whispered Naomi to me, her nipples erect and sticking out from her chest. Looking between her legs, I could see that her mound was soaking wet and I could also make out Leah’s lips and tongue as she dove back into her sister’s muff.

“Yeah…fuck…tight…yeah,” I grunted to them both as I shoved my cock into Leah’s pussy. She was very hot and very tight, but she was also very wet and quite ready to be fucked. Naomi tilted her hips and leaned forward, kissing me and reaching down with her hand to massage Leah ‘s clit.

The combination of everything was too much for Leah, and she shrieked in an explosive climax. I felt her pussy clamp all around my cock, pulsing and throbbing around my length as it slowly slid into her hot little body.

“Oh fuck,” I grunted as Naomi ‘s fingers slid down on either side of my shaft as it slowly entered her sister. There is nothing in this world like being touched by someone while you are fucking someone else. I was blown away by the sensations, and I drove my cock into Leah to the hilt.

Reaching for her legs, I lifted them up and pushed them back a little, forcing her pussy to open even more and opening her up for more of me. I began to thrust into her with my cock, pushing all the way in and then pulling almost all the way out. Naomi continued to rub both of us with her fingers, and an explosive climax was not too far away. “Yes, fuck her…fuck that hot little birthday pussy,” moaned Naomi, happy to play the role of the leader while we all fucked. “Fuck that hot little cunt.”

Her words spurred me on, and I drove deep and hard into Leah, her hot little pussy grabbing at my cock at every inch of the way. The three of us were a moaning, mumbling mess, and Naomi soon joined Leah with her own orgasmic shouts.

Sliding off of her sister’s face, she laid down next to us, urging us on and rubbing herself as we fucked. Leah was covered in her sister’s juice, and her face glistened up at me. Looking up at me, Naomi asked me to cum. I nearly exploded from her words, but I managed to hold off her a few more moments of pleasure.

“Cum for me, cum all over her,” Naomi begged, Leah’s face still wet and gleaming from her sister’s pussy. “Fuck her and cum for me!”

I moved my hands to her sister’s hips and drove into her rapid fire, very hard and very deep. Leah grunted back at me with each movement, and her tight little pussy exploded all over my length. As I felt my climax nearing, I ripped my cock from her twat and sat up between her legs.

“YES!!” screamed out Naomi, who quickly wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked me to climax, my cock shooting and spurting all over her little sister as she pumped me. Her hand ran up and down the length of my shaft several times, draining all the cum from my body, and directing it all over her little sister.

Leah grew silent and just laid there in a pleasurable trance, her body overcome by everything that had transpired. Naomi continued to pump my cock with her hand, her fingers now drooling with my cum. She did not stop until every drop was pulled from my body and splattered all over her little sister’s body.

I sat there on my knees, my girlfriend’s hand on my cock, and her naked little sister laying before me, her body covered with my cum. “Happy Birthday to YOU!”

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