Naukrani ki Saza Diya

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My name is Vicky I am a resident of Delhi and live with my parents. I am 5’7 toned body not that muscular but I have the cuts etc. From working out. Life has always been good to me, I have had a nice row of gf’s and kept them happy but things in the end would not work out for unforeseen circumstances. My father is business man and my mother a housewife cum teacher. I had been away from the country for a while and didn’t know what was in store for me when I came back.

On returning, mother was out of town visiting her relatives, I was suppose to go and join her but I was not able to, which turned out to be nice in the end. My father use to leave for work in the morning leaving me and the maid in the house till evening when it was her time to leave. When I saw the maid the first time in the house I thought to myself let me try to get into her saree and fuck her brains out but didn’t know how to go about it.

I guess this the time I describe her to you all, no stupid or dumb descriptions of others, no offense guys but your descriptions just to lame and standard. My maid is about 5’3 20 yrs old, ample size breasts could enough to cup in your hands and play with, married but no children, brownish complexion, kept herself clean.

As days progressed (2 – 3 Days) everything was normal, I didn’t show any hints to her that I was interested in fucking her but I kept a vigilant eye on her and her body when she worked. On the 9th day of my return I had to go and do some errands for my father and some of my personal work as well, thus he gave me some cash and I left telling her that I will be back in the evening so you finish up the work and leave.

After I reached my place I had to make some payments thus took out the money which was given to me, when I checked my purse I am short of 1000 Rs, and I was like “what the hell? ” “Where the fuck did the money go?” I kept thinking where I spent it and made a tally of my expenses and still I was sure that I should have ample amount of cash with me. Then I thought to myself and was sure that the maid had taken it. This was it I had got the chance I was looking for to catch her red handed and make her my sex slave. Of course she was not going to admit it that she stole the money but I had a plan per say to get her to admit it.

That same night I kept my wallet in the other room, and counted the money exactly i.e. How many 10’s and how many 50’s and how many 100’s. The next morning when I got up my father had already left, and the maid was working, I was quite happy and anxious to get her under me so I quickly went to the other room and checked my wallet and I was right she had stolen some money. This was it, “Yes! I am finally gonna fuck her” I said to myself, by the thought of it I was getting a hard on. I lit up a smoke and called her to the room and asked her “Hansa (name changed as well) did u take any money? “

“Nahin bhayia, kaun se paise? “ she replied.

“Dekho jhoot mat bolo, agar paise liye hai toh batao” I quickly replied.

“ Maine koi paise nahin liye, pakka bhaiya” she insisted.

I told her had X amount of money here and some of it is missing and I know how much I had in my wallet, coz I noted it down and showed her the paper. She was quiet and knew she had been caught but I wanted her to admit to it so I can take my plan to the next phase.

“ haan bhayia maine paise liye hain …” she finally said

“ kyon liye paise, tum yahan kaam karne aati ho ya chori karne?” I was furious, but a bit horny that I am getting her in my grasp.

She pleaded we exchanged words on why did u do this etc. And she said she needed the money, I was sitting on the bed my cock half erect but constraint by the shorts I was wearing, she noticed it. I took her hand and said if u needed the money why you didn’t ask me, she said she didn’t know if you would give it or not.

I told her I am calling the cops and turning you in, and then the game had started she pleaded that no please let me go, im really sorry I would do anything for you, I have no one in my life apart from my husband who has quit his job recently I needed the money. I said no I don’t believe you, and was calling the police; she tried snatching the phone from my hand and was pleading with me.

“ Tum kuch bhi karogi?” “ Haan main kuch bhi karoongi!” I came close to her and took my fingers and squeezed her blouse, she took a step back, I said tum yeh karlo mere liye aur main kisi ko kuch nahin bataonga.

“Nahin bhayia mat karo, mujhe dar lag raha hai” “ tumko yeh sochna thaa pehle jab tumne chori ki, ab meri baat suno yaa jail jao.” “ theek hai bhayia main aapki baat snoongi, lekin kisi ko kuch batana mat”

I locked my room door and made her sit on the bed, and started undressing her slowly, she was nervous but cooperative. I guided her hands towards my raging cock which was burning to be free, while I played with her breasts through the blouse. She held it tightly and started jacking me off, while I took of her blouse and started massaging her breasts slowly and nicely. I wanted her to love every moment of it so she asks for more and more later on.

She started moaning a little, “ kya tumhara miya tumhe aise maze deta hain? “ “ kya karta hain tumhare saath?” “woh bas mujhe chodta hain aur kuch nahin karta” “ toh tumhe ye accha lag raha hai? ” “ haan lag raha hai”

I made her lie down on the bed and undressed her completely and pushed her down and she understood and took my dick in her mouth and flicked her tongue on the head of if and licked my balls and started sucking me and she kept spitting on my dick to make it very wet, it had been a while since I had got my cock sucked so I was loving every moment of it and didn’t want it to stop. I got on her face and started fucking her mouth with my dick and she nicely deep throated it.

Now it was my turn I sucked her nipples for some time and bit her belly and went down to her clean pussy with no hair, absolutely smooth, I spread her lips and inserted my fingers inside her one by one and pumped in and out. The cunt was so tight as if she has not been fucked at all, I was so lucky that I will making her cunt a bit more open for easy insertion later on, she was wriggling with ecstasy.

“ Bhaiya kuch karo na, bahut maza aa raha hain” “ Kya karoon?” “andar dal do, aur nahin ruk sakti” It was obvious that her husband was dumb in bed and with me barely touching the surface of the world of sex she was already in 9th heaven. “ Kya daloon?” “ kya kehte hain usko?” “ land kehte hai bhaiya, bas ab daal do na” she was moaning immensely, “ oooooooooo hhhh, aaaaaaaaaaah” I could feel her juices dripping on my fingers which were inside her pussy, she was hot and was dying for a hard fuck.

I quickly placed a condom on my 6.5” cock and placed her at the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide for insertion. But I didn’t insert it I wanted her to crave for it more, make her more restless and horny, and suffer of ecstasy for stealing money. “ Daaal do bhaiya pls, daal do mat intezaar karwaon, aur nahin ruk sakti main”

I held her with her waist and gave her a good nice shot and half of my cock went inside the tight pussy of hers, she cried in pain bhaiyajiiii aaaiii aaa! Aahhhhh….ooooohhh…h….uuuuuuii iii maaaaaaa meri phat gayi nikaliye jaldi se hai bahut jal raha hai phati jaa rahi hai please niklye, it was obvious her husband’s cock was not as big as mine so she was feeling a real cock inside her for the first time. I didn’t pay an heed to her suffering and wanted her to feel the pain as well as pleasure.

I started stroking her slowly, the room was full of her moans, the bed was making noise, she kept pleading “ aur zor sai” “ tez karke chodo” with that I kept fucking her hard, her boobs moving in random with no sense of direction, she was enjoying it as much as me. After 10 min of continuous pumping I changed my position and made her sit on top and planted my cock at her pussy and jammed it in, she screamed with pain, I quickly covered her mouth with my hand and kept on pumping her faster and faster, “ haaan bhaiya aur karo, ruko mat” “ Maza aa raha hai” “tumhara miya aise chodta hai?” “ nahin aise nahin chodta, aap usse ache ho chodne main”. I could feel her reaching her climax and I was still a while away since my stamina in bed is quite good.

“ Bhaiya kuch nikal raha hai?” She was cumming; “ nikalne do, iska matlab tumhe bahut maza aa raha hai, aur nikalne do” I kept pumping in her faster and faster. I wanted to cum now as well it had been 30 min and she was getting tired and I could see it, thus I made her get up from my cock, her juices were all over my condom, I told her to take it off and suck me till I cum.

She quickly took it off and started stroking me, and sucking me. I didn’t want it to end it was amazing the way she sucked cock, even though she told me it was her first time (I got to know later on). I could sense I was near to cum as well, I told her to stroke faster and faster, she complied and stroked me with two hands I played with her small perky nipples while doin so and sucked them as well.

“Hansa mera nikalne waala hai, mat rukna” “ haan bhaiya nikalo, jaldi nikalo mujhe chahiye” as I started cumming I quickly inserted my cock her in her mouth and made her eat all of it, she licked it clean and ate the rest which was spilled on my body from the initial spurt. We rested for a while and told her that not to steal any money and u have to allow me to fuck you whenever I want, otherwise I will turn u over to the cops. She agreed and quickly went to the bathroom to clean up but not before I played with her boobs for a while and pinching her nipples and sucking them

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