Newly married couple

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This, the first part, of a morning fantasy between a newly married couple and my first erotic story. Hope you like it and look for part two in the future.

It’s Saturday morning and Alexa wakes up suddenly. Looking at the clock, it’s only 5:30 in the morning, much earlier than she was hoping. The sun is just coming up and peering through the eggshell colored blinds of her bedroom windows. She’s hot and sweating slightly. Uncommon for the morning in her home as the ceiling fan is kept on high and AC down to comfortable 74 degrees. She moves around under the sheets adjusting her shirt and panties to a more comfortable position as they’ve bunched up during her slumber.

“What the fuck was I dreaming about?” Alexa thinks to herself noticing rock hard nipples, piercing through her cotton t-shirt and feeling a familiar urge. “Must have been something really good.” Her right hand slides down under the soft light blue sheets, past her tan smooth stomach to her pink panties. She notices that they are also moist and rubs the damp fabric, caressing her clit and lips softly.

Enjoy the sensation she stops suddenly, curious to know if Jordan, her husband, is awake. Quickly she roles over to disappointment as he is still fast asleep, lying flat on his back, one arm up over his head, the other at his side and snoring lightly as he does.

‘Dam, wish he was awake” Alexa thinks to herself. “I’d like to calm this urge that’s taking me over.’ She rolls over to her back, staring up at the fan spinning above them, trying desperately to replay her dream. She only is getting flashes of sexual positions, naked bodies and mind numbing pleasure she knows all to well. Even another woman seemed to be part of the events! This is an uncommon occurrence for her. lately. If she does dream it is of the odd nature or having something to do with work so she finds the event intriguing and her horny demeanor doesn’t seem to be subsiding.

Her broken sexual memories heighten her arousal, promoting the continuation of toying with her body, but quietly, slowly. “Hmmm, don’t want to wake him.” Alexa thinks to herself. “Not that it would matter really, but there is something hot about playing with myself while he’s fast asleep next to me. Will he wake and catch me being naughty?” A sly and sexy smile dawns over her face as she imagines Jordan waking to his lover 3 fingers deep inside herself moaning uncontrollably. ‘What a shock that would be for him.” She thinks laughing to herself.

Alexa runs both of her index fingers along the outside creases of her lower, now swollen, lips, teasing her pussy just a little as her thoughts drift. She closes her eyes as she moves to circling her clit, imagining her hands are Jordan’s. She can feel her love button increase in size through the fabric of her underwear as she caresses it and pinches it slightly between her fingers. Her other hand moves from her side up to her chest caressing her nipples through the fabric of her white cotton t-shirt. She exhales slowly as she pleasures her body. Her pussy gets wetter and wetter with the passing time soaking her panties. She runs her middle finger down the center of her lips, tracing them all the way to her opening and then back again. Her sex dampens her finger lightly.

She slides her hand inside the waistband of her panties, past the small line of dark curly brown hair, finding her clit once more. Alexa squeezes the nub between her fingertips and rolls it around using her own moisture as lubrication. She continues her exploration by extending her middle finger sliding it between her lips, parting them ever so slightly and caressing the opening of her wanting hole. She wants to plunge her fingers deep insider herself but teases her body making her want with anticipation. She moves back up her slit, rubbing her clit from side to side sending shock waves of pleasure all over.

The warmth of her aroused privates counters her cool hand. Alexa slides her finger back and forth slowly playing with her privates, eagerly awaiting the penetration her body is driving for. “Not yet!” Alexa thinks again, as the continued teasing starts to become a game of discipline. Her other hand makes its way under her t- shirt. Her fingers and long nails softly caresses the bottom of her breasts as she moves her fingers to the outside edge and then finds an erect nipple. She rubs the pink taut flesh between her fingers and squeezes it increasing its erect state further. The sensation sends a tingle down her spine warming her pussy and forcing her to arch her back slightly from the intense sensation as the skin on her breats tightens.

Her pleasurable movements engage Jordan to adjust a bit. Alexa freezes as if she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Her eyes dart towards her lover. Jordan goes still again and Alexa relaxes, however disappointed yet again that he didn’t wake. Alexa starts to rustle around under the covers, tossing and turning to kill his state. No luck and disappointment falls on her yet a 3rd time.

“Shit, he’s really out.” Alexa thinks to herself. Then a mischievous smile dawns her face. “I know a way to wake him he would never be able to sleep through”.

Alexa removes her hands, turns to her side, lifts the sheets and peeks her head under to see, to her delight, that Jordan is in his typical bed time attire, nothing at all! His groomed pubic hair smashed from sleeping and below that she can just barely see his cock, limp and at peace, resting between his legs. She licks her lips in anticipation, hoping that Jordan approves of the ensuing events as this is new ground for her and nothing she’s ever done before. The thought of her roguish plan adds to her arousal and she feels her private start to ache.

Lifting the covers a bit more Alexa proceeds in head first very slowly. She positions herself on her knees with her head aligned to Jordan’s lap. This gives her a close up view of her target. There is just enough light peering through the opaque sheets for Alexa to see his thick, blue veined circumcised member. She inches closer to him, her soft brown hair laying on his thigh. As Alexa’s head hovers over Jordan’s flaccid dick she finds that his legs, however, are too close together for her to attack her goal. She reaches her hand outward placing it on his lower leg. The hair on his leg is soft and his skin is so very warm. Giving just a bit of force she push his legs apart, carefully. To her delight Jordan obliges in his slumber state, not knowing what his action will allows. “Perfect!” Alexa thinks happily to herself. Now she has more space to conduct her actions on his manhood.

She smiles, licks her lips again and descends into Jordan’s lap. She finds the pink head of Jordan’s cock easily with her tongue and slowly lifts it till she can wrap her silky soft lips around completely engulfing the helmet of his miniature friend. With his mushroom tip secure she slowly eases more and more of his love stick in her mouth reaching the base and burying her nose in his pubic hair. Jordan exhales slightly and Alexa freezes out of reflex, keeping his cock fully covered by her mouth warm wet mouth. She can tell his cock is filling with blood as the space in her mouth reduces. Realizing that Jordan is still fast asleep Alexa gets a bit more comfortable, resting her soft, ample breast on his thigh and goes back to stimulating his flaccid cock with her warm supple mouth. Jordan’s dick stiffens more from the stimulation as Alexa sucks on his flesh tube. The increased stiffness allows her to conduct her motion easier. His hardening member gets her more and more aroused at the same time increasing the aching and wanting in her loins.

She enjoys pleasuring her man and knows how much he will return the favor later on. The thought of how Jordan might wake from her actions runs through Alexa’s head. She grows almost nervous with anticipation as she continues to stimulate his love stick. Alexa reaches the tip of Jordan’s cock and circle the head with her tongue, applying pressure to the opening with the tip and then finally giving the front of his manhood a good long slow licking. She is impressed with herself at the control she has with just her mouth and tongue and her warm saliva slides down his rod to his shaven balls. She loves that her man takes such good care of himself. She lifts the material of her t-shirt up over her ample double Ds. She carefully lays her melons onto Jordan’s legs so she can feel the warmth of his skin tingle her breasts and nipples. Alexa continues to suck his member increasing with speed ever so slightly. Jordan moans and starts to move a bit more with every stroke. She brings her hand up under her chin and starts to fondle his balls.

“He’s waking up.” Alexa thinks to herself with excitement. “Well let’s get him really hard.” She brings her hand up from his sack and wraps it around the base of his cock. She starts to stroke it in tandem with her mouth adding to the pleasure using the saliva as lubrication. She increases pressure adding to the stimulation she’s providing to his most treasured appendage. Jordan grumbles a bit more from the increased attention.

Half awake, not sure if the amazing sensations he’s feeling in his lower extremities are real or part of some very vivid dream, he reaches out under the sheets. His hand finds its way finally colliding with the soft skin of Alexa’s back. Jordan rubs her slowly letting Alexa know that he is conscious, well almost. Her mouth feels so amazing on his cock. So warm, wet and smooth. She slide his dick in and out getting it wetter with her saliva then stroking it from base to tip with her hand. Jordan’s almost 8 inch member is fully at attention so Alexa slowly jerks him as his rubbing motion increases, moving from her lower back to her ample soft ass caressing her cheeks over the soft fabric of her panties. Jordan lifts the covers to the sight of this gorgeous goddess pleasuring his sex stick. She stops and turns to look at him. Jordan gives Alexa a very appreciative smile.

“Good morning baby. I woke up very horny and wanted you to join me. Thought this would be the nicest way to wake you.” Alexa states dawning that same sly smile from earlier.

“Good morning.” Jordan say with an even wider smile. “I can’t think of a better way either.”

Alexa blows him a kiss, turns back and runs the tip of her tongue up the length of his member, stiffens her tongue and flicks the tip of his cock driving him wild. Jordan’s dick and balls tighten and convulses a bit as his eyes roll back into his head enjoying this gift. He lays back and lets the covers fall down hiding Alexa once more.

“Hey!” Alexa playfully laughs as she turns around under the sheets and pushes her way up Jordan’s body. She pokes her head out from under the sheets. “What the fuck?!” She smiles.

Her slightly exposed breasts are pressed against his stomach, his cock resting against her cool skin. Her breasts and nipples feel better than their sheets ever could and the hard nubs is a tell tail sign that she’s beyond aroused. Jordan’s thoughts drift to caressing and pulling at her milky smooth breasts while he eats her juicy sweet pussy, something he truly enjoys doing.

“BABE!” Alexa shouts, gaining Jordan’s attention once more.

She looks into his eyes and he hers. The love they share makes it seem as if they are the only two people in the entire world. Jordan raise his head and gives Alexa a passion filled kiss. The force almost bruising her lips, to her delight. She wraps her arms around his head and neck as their tongues break the barrier of lips and they caress each other’s mouths in a warm and wet dance. This simple kiss turns into a passion filled make out session as Alexa straddle Jordan’s stomach. He moist warm canter and sex soaked panties take Jordan’s attention for just a second. Knowing how aroused she is adds to his own as a his cock hardens further forcing it stand up on its own and colliding with her lower back. Jordan’s hands find the soft, smooth skin of Alexa’s ass. He rubs and kneads the flesh as they continue kissing deeply. Being the ass man he is, Jordan worships her large derriere. Alexa appreciates his attention as his massage stimulates her nether area slightly. The warmth of his hands bleeds through the fabric of Alexa’s panties, adding to the pleasure. Their mouths free from the action and Alexa bites Jordan’s bottom lip as they separate, teasing him with a little pain. He falls back to his pillow as Alexa places her hands on either side of Jordan’s head and lifts herself up, dangling her exposed breasts at his face, a view Jordan never minds seeing.

His hands quickly make their way up to cup each love pillow. His warm hands squeeze the soft flesh as he lifts them to his face allowing him to take one of her nipples in his mouth. Jordan circles the pink nub with his warm soft tongue getting it wet before he wraps his lips around and sucks, gripping it between his upper and lower lip. Alexa’s nipple gets harder instantly as she softly moans in appreciation. She gets goosebumps from the stimulation. Jordan continues to play with the pink erect flesh to his heart’s content. His fingers find the other nipple and he rolls it between them, tugging at it just a little. Alexa likes it soft and gentle so Jordan obliges by caressing them with care, but attention. Alexa moans again with pleasure as both nipples are now standing at full attention and waves of pleasure fill her body down to her center.

The increased warmth of Alexa’s crotch can be felt on Jordan’s stomach through the sheer fabric of her panties. She grinds her hops and clit ever so slightly as Jordan stimulates her breasts. Alexa’s hand reaches behind her and finds Jordan’s cock. She rubs his sensitive member over the cool sheets, precum bleeds through the fabric making them damp and clinging to the head of his penis like some kind of wet cock contest. Alexa rubs her thumb across Jordan’s mushroom tip as he clenches down on both breasts with his hands, as if trying to make her nipples protrude farther. Alexa releases her man’s member and stands up on her knees, breaking his embrace to finish removing her shirt. Jordan’s eyes’ become fixated on her pink wet panties and he reaches his hand out to pull at them in an attempt to reveal her sexy pussy. Alexa gets her shirt over her head and see’s Jordan’s action. She quickly smacks him, deflecting his hand away.

“Not so fast Mr. I’m not done so you’ll just have to wait.” She says with a sly smile on her face as she tosses her t-shirt to the ground. Her teasing only makes him want her more.

“Not done?” Jordan playfully questions. “What else do you have planned?”

“Let me show you” Alexa states

Alexa moves off of him, turns around and slides the covers off of Jordan’s body revealing his fully erect cock, begging for more of her attention. She grabs his member with her hand and slowly starts to stroke it. Precum is released again adding lubrication to her action. She pauses and runs her thumb back and forth over his tip and opening. The sensation almost makes Jordan blow his load right then and there as his balls tighten. Alexa releases his cock and it falls slapping his stomach and leaving a splash of moisture on his skin. She lays down on the bed beside him so she can resume her original action fist licking up the little bit of precum o from his body. Her stiff tongue comes in contact with the skin and moves the discharge to her mouth. She swallows and licks her smiling lips in delight to its taste.

‘Hmmmmm’ She hums as she descends into Jordan’s lap. Lifting his cock up she wraps her warm, soft mouth around his dick once more. Jordan lays back on his pillow enjoying the pleasure to the fullest.

“That feels absolutely amazing baby.” Jordan tells Alexa. “How did I get so lucky!?” She increase her speed slightly while Jordan resist the oncoming eager to ejaculate in his lovers warm mouth.

“Wow babe, slow down, you are going to make me cum.” He begs. Jordan is always a quick draw in the morning so Alexa slows, remove his cock from her mouth and while holding it with one hand she grabs his balls and massage them outward with the other to still his orgasm.

“Let me worry about you cumming!” She says with authority. Jordan loves it when Alexa takes control like that.

Alexa’s ass and legs lay resting to Jordan’s side, knees together, as she pleasures her man. Jordan’s hand reaches out and caressing her panties and buttocks. Jordan kneads the flesh between his hands and massages her cheeks and legs. Jordan moves his hand under the fabric. The warmth of his hand feels amazing against the cool skin of her cheek and the attention sways her focus slowing her motion on his rod.

Jordan continues his massage moving closer and closer to her warm, moist pussy lips. She parts her legs slightly beckoning him to make contact with her wanting honeypot. He releases his grip and runs his hand up the inside of her thigh from her knee reaching his target allowing his fingers to find her wet center. His fingertips play with her clit as his thumb caress her opening in a slow circular motion. She spreads her legs wider and arches her back a bit so her ass sits up and pushes backwards. Jordan’s fingers poke into her and Alexa coos with excitement. Jordan continues to rub her pussy feeling every detail of her gorgeous cunt through the now soaked panties.

“Take them off baby.” Alexa says in a begging fashion.

Jordan reaches out grabbing the sides of her waistband and pulls the garment over her ass. He maneuvers them down as moisture from her juices has caused them to stick to her lips. They peel away from her and he slides them down off her legs. Her sweet odor fills his nostrils. He pauses for a moment to admire her beautiful pussy in all its glistening glory. Her bald center puffy lips evenly together with her clit poking out just slightly seemingly trying to escape. Her cute, tight starfish winking at him from between her milky soft cheeks. Once the panties are over her feet, Alexa sets up on her knees, spreads them apart and gives Jordan a more then perfect view of his eventual treat.

“That’s much better” Alexa purrs reaching between her legs and giving her privates a rub then spreading her lips open wide, showing off her bright pink center, teasing her lover’s eyes. The wetness from her arousal bleads out from her cunt and drips down the inside of her her thighs. She releases her grip, reaches back and slowly runs her hand over her muff then gives her pussy and clit a few nice pats.

His hand cups the inside of her thigh and lower ass cheek. Jordan massage the flesh and spreads her lips with every motion as her sex makes a sticky sounds from his action. The teasing sensation shoots straight through Alexa’s pussy making her want his touch badly. She spreads her legs farther. Jordan’s other hand finds her remaining cheek and he massages the flesh in a deep slow circular motion, paying close attention to the connecting areas of her buttocks and privates. His hand pulls back and gives her a slight smack. She jumps forwards just a bit and squeals, then purrs as he rubs the assaulted area.

“Stop teasing me.” She thinks to herself anticipating her lover’s touch. Jordan release his hold on her rear, Alexa stops, removing his cock from her mouth, she strokes it slowly waiting eagerly for him to make contact with her, begging center. His fingertips find their target as Jordan runs his middle finger up the crease between her lips parting them and reaching her clit. Chills travel through her body as she finally gets some satisfaction.

“Ooo, yea baby that feels soooooo good. Keep rubbing me, please, I need it.” Alexa says through shallow breaths. “She’s been begging for your touch.”

Jordan does as Alexa asks allowing his fingers to fondle her slit and labia as his thumb caress the opening. She is so moist and smooth. She wants him to drive his fingers deep inside her now, but lets him go at his own pass. The pleasure makes Alexa get wetter and wetter as his playing continues, giving up plenty of lubrication to Jordan’s actions.

“Wow, you are really wet baby. That must have been some dream to get you this horny” Jordan states.

“It was”. Alexa admits as she goes back to sucking his pole. She now has a single goal of making her lover cum and tasting his salty juices. She slowly sucks down every inch she can and back up giving him the full ride, her hand stroking the base of his cock for added stimulation and pressure. Jordan continues to play with her nether region getting her warm juices all over his fingers and hand. He inhales deeply taking in her sent.

“You want me to fuck your sweet, tight pussy baby?” Jordan ask, knowing full well the answer.

Alexa hums a very agreeable yes as she continues to suck his cock. Jordan’s concentration goes to holding back his own orgasm as he slides his middle and index finger inside Alexa’s love hole. He goes very slowly but she bucks back forcing him in further, not wanting to wait another second. She’s so tight, warm and wet enough that his fingers slide in with ease. Jordan loves how tight her pussy feels, like every time is the 1st. She moans with pleasure as Jordan finalizes his dissent. He starts out finger fucking her slowly, letting Alexa feel every inch of his appendages. The inside walls of her cunt being ever so slightly stretched as he slides in and out. Jordan increase speed putting his thumb into position to caress her taint and asshole lightly with every stroke, then adds a 3rd finger to Alexa’s delight. Jordan’s finger fucking is amazing and brings Alexa to an additional level of arousal. It will not be long now before she cums hopefully multiple times. They both continue their acts of pleasure, slowing down when they feel the other tense up, not to spoil the sensation, just yet.

“This has gone on long enough.” Jordan thinks to himself. He’s had it with this early foreplay and wants to taste her sweet juices. He remove his fingers, licks the sweet moisture from them, grabs her thighs and starts pulling her ass towards him. Alexa moans at his abrupt action.

“Wow!” She says pausing his motion. “What do you think you are doing?” A slight pause sets in the room.

“Do you want to taste my sweet pussy baby?” Alexa asks playfully.

“Yes, I do, if you will allow me?” Jordan returns with the same demeanor question.

The two often play this Q and A game for fun adding to their pleasure. Alexa gets better situated by straddling Jordan’s chest and slides her ass towards his face rubbing her clit across his stomach and chest.

“Well, I guess so if you really want to.” Alexa concedes.

Jordan pulls Alexa the rest of the way and the tip of his stiff long tongue dives in her opening, parting her lips wide and getting his 1st taste of her. His warm tongue sends chills down her spin as Jordan licks her from button to hole. She taste so sweet, Jordan loves the taste of Alexa’s juices and laps at them like a wild animal. The sensation of her lovers touching deep inside her brings on a light orgasm and Alexa’s body tenses up and shakes slightly.

Jordan continues to eat Alexa’s pussy, stopping at her clit to flick it aggressively. His tongue rimming her, vagina gushing with pleasure. She really enjoys how much Jordan loves to lick her pussy and appreciates how good he is at it. The pleasure is almost too much again as Alexa goes back to licking and sucking his manhood. They spend what seems like forever pleasuring each other until Alexa goes as far down on Jordan as possible taking almost his entire cock in her mouth. The sensation is more than Jordan can handle.

“O baby, you are going to make me cum”. Jordan pleads ‘Slow down!’

Cum is exactly what Alexa wants him to do. She sucks him off in the same fashion a few more times, deep throttling his love stick and gagging herself, then removes his cock from her mouth to jerk me vigorously.

“Cum for me baby, I want to see that hot man juice of yours poor out of this gorgeous cock.” Alexa orders.

Jordan spreads Alexa’s ass wide, trying to resist. He dives his tongue deep inside her pussy in an attempt to stop Alexa from her mission. His nose rubbing her cross section. The pleasure takes hold of her for a few seconds, pushing Alexa over the edge but it’s a failed effort. Jordan does everything in his power to hold back his irruption. She jerks him off with extreme intent, sliding her hand up the length of his member to the tip and then back down to the base. His balls jumping up then falling slapping his ass, extinguishing any further attempts of holding back.

“O, I’m Cumming baby, I’m Cumming so Hard for you!.” Jordan announces.

Jordan’s balls clench and his cock pulses rapidly. His legs lock at the knees as a warm stream of seaman shoots out the tip of his dick, splashing Alexa’s tits. She continues to stroke him as the second release exits his member running out over her hand. She loves to make him cum and watching as his warm salty fluids leave his body, splashing wildly from the pulsing and jerking movement. She slowly continues to jerk the remaining amount of cum from his fleshy tube as Jordan lays back, slightly exhausted enjoying the sensation. Alexa switches hands and brings her cum covered appendage to her mouth. She runs her tongue along her hand and fingers tasting his salty treat.

“Yummmy, that was incredible!” She declares grabbing one of her tits and licking the additional fluid off her skin and nipples.

Gaining his composure and now on his own mission, Jordan pulls back her hips sliding under Alexa so she can sit on his face his still hard cock flopping around from the motion. Alexa rises to her knees allowing him easy access to her tasty center. Her other hand rubs the reaming cum on her tits into the skin and nipples. Jordan once again assaults her wet hole with his tongue and mouth.

“O yea baby, your mouth is amazing, keep your tongue right there, Oooo yea that’s the spot” Alexa coos.

She places her hands on his chest for support as Jordan massages her pussy with his mouth and tongue. She starts to grind her hips riding his face like a cowgirl. Jordan sticks his tongue deep inside her love hole and Alexa sits down still as Jordan explores her sensitive insides as deep as possible.

“Oh yea, yes, that feels amazing, don’t stop baby please don’t stop. I want to cum all over your face! Please let me cum, I need to so bad.” Alexa pleads.

Jordan’s hands move beneath her thighs so he can lift Alexa slightly, allowing him to tongue fuck her pussy moving his head up and down. She paws at her tits and digs her nails into his chest as the overwhelming orgasm reaches higher and higher. Jordan licks from clit to asshole adding additional stimulation to his oral gift. Alexa falls forward a bit, placing her hands between his knees for support. Jordan drives his fingers deep inside her hole while vigorously licking her clit.

“Holy Shit, I’m so close, keep it up baby. I’m going to cum so hard. Don’t stop please, please, please. Fuck me, harder, Harder, HARDER! O, O, ooooOOOOOO YEA, I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming, I’m CUMMMING!”

Her body tightens and releases as a gush of cum rushes once Jordan removes his fingers. Her sweet juices cover Jordan’s mouth, lips and chin as he continues to lick her, tasting every drop of his sweet reward. Alexa convulse slightly, falls to the bed and clenches her sensitive center.
Jordan rubs his lovers back as he cleans away her juices from his chin, lips and face.

“Wow baby that was intense.” Alexa states. “Definitely helped with my ‘situation’. I’m exhausted”

“And what a way to wake up. Jordan says. “Can’t think of a better way to start our day.”
Jordan pushes his lover’s legs off of him rolling her over on her back, then lays beside her to give her an appreciative kiss. His still wet lips touch hers and she can taste her sweetens. The passionate kiss is an ending point on what would be only their 1st sexual climax of the morning.

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