Newlywed Submits to Stranger

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My husband and I have been married a little over six months, I am 22 years old have just finished my first year as an elementary school teacher and my husband is 29 and works with a large firm that sells products all over the world. I was raised in the Midwest (Iowa to be exact) in a small farming community where everyone seemed to know everybody and after I graduated college last year got a job at the elementary school there teaching second grade.
I met my husband when I was a junior in college at a church retreat where several churches were involved. My parents liked him and he has always been a gentleman to me. My parents were always strict on me and never let me date much and they always instilled high moral standards in me and expected me to live up to them. With that being said I should tell you about myself. I am 5ft 2in tall weigh 105lbs I have natural blonde hair 32b breast and a petite figure and very shy. I was always popular in school and maintained a very good reputation. I was class president my senior year and also homecoming queen.
I never dated anyone I was serious about until I met my husband he is very good looking and successful and is very good to me the only thing he is very jealous and protective of me. He bought a house in my hometown so I could teach school there and also be close to my parents even though he had to drive almost 50 miles to work everyday. We were married at Christmas last year with a big wedding. Everything seemed great and our sex life was good but as I said I didn’t have much experience at all.
About a week after school got out my husband found out that he had to go to the Carolinas for about 6 weeks to help start up a new plant there and that the company was willing to rent him an apartment there so I could go with him. I was a little reluctant at first because I had never been that far from home before and I didn’t know anyone there but after he pleaded with me and promised to take me to the beach since we would be so close I finally agreed to go.
We drove to the Carolinas in our car and after we got there his company gave him a car to drive back and forth to work. Everything went OK for the first couple of weeks. The only big difference from home were the number of black people and how all the black men stared at me it made me extremely nervous but no one bothered me. It was ok but I had not made any friends and there was not much to do and my husband didn’t want me going out anywhere by myself and he still hadn’t taken me to the beach. After the first couple of weeks they fell behind schedule and my husband had to work very long hours. I mentioned to him about taking me to the beach and he apologized and said he didn’t think he would have the time. He came home very tired every night and usually went to bed as soon as he got home.
I was very disappointed that I was not going to get to go to the beach. After about another week of being by myself I decided I would look it up and see how far it was to the beach. I was excited to find out that it was only about an hour away and it was just about all interstate. I was nervous about going by myself and thought several times about asking my husband if it was ok to go by myself but decided against it thinking he would be mad so I didn’t ask him I felt very guilty about it because I had never done anything like this before.
I thought about it for several days I was so nervous about it I almost talked myself out of it but I really wanted to go. Finally one morning after my husband left for work I decided I would go I was so nervous I put on a pair of gym shorts and a t shirt since I didn’t have a bathing suit. I was so nervous on the drive down but everything went ok. After I got there I walked along the beach and visited a few shops. I didn’t stay to long I wanted to make sure I got back in plenty of time before my husband started calling as he does most afternoons.
I started back on the interstate and about 30 minutes later my check engine light came on in my car. I panicked and got off at the first exit not wanting to call my husband because he would be very furious I decided to see if I could get it fixed ,at the stop sign I noticed steam coming from under the hood. I noticed a sign for a convenient store 1 mile with an arrow pointing in the direction. As I came into this little town all I seen were black people and when I pulled up to this convenient store I was the only white person in around. I nervously got out and went inside there was a black lady working at the counter and I asked if she knew of anyone who could look at my car.
She was very friendly and said her uncle was a mechanic and she would call him for me. When she hung up the phone she said that he wasn’t to busy and would be there in a few minutes. I was so relieved I went back outside to my car. In a few minutes an old truck with the name Leroy’s Garage pulled up and 2 men got out. The older man introduced himself as Leroy and the younger one was his helper I didn’t get his name.
Leroy had a half smoked cigar in his mouth he was probably around 60 not very tall maybe 5ft 7in, very dark skin he looked what I call pudgy and something about his looks frightened me he looked very mean with a dominate attitude about him and he talked down to his helper when they talked. As they looked at my car Leroy kept staring at me that made me even more nervous. After they started it up. Leroy said it needed a water pump. I asked how soon he could fix it and as he stared at me he said probably about an hour they weren’t to busy that they would have to take it to his shop down the road to work on it.
I was relieved that they could fix it so quick and told them to give me just a minute that I wanted to thank the lady in the store, so I went in and thanked her and when I came back out I noticed my car was gone. I was shocked I was thinking I was going to drive it to the shop. Leroy was standing there and said his helper had drove it so he could start to work on it that I could ride with him. I was very nervous I didn’t know what to do not that I had a choice. I nervously got into the dirty truck as I noticed Leroy staring at my body.
We started down the road and didn’t go far and we turned onto another road. I noticed Leroy kept glancing over at me and outwardly playing with his crotch I was so scared. Finally Leroy said I see your married. I said yes and he asked what’s a pretty little girl like you doing out here by her self as he continued to play with his crotch . I said my husband had to work I am on my way home. Then we turned down a dirt road I started to get scared and I asked Leroy is this where your shop is and he replied NO!!! I was very scared as we turned into a drive and pulled up to an old house. My heart was pounding in my chest as Leroy shut off the truck and looked over at me and said YOU SURE ARE A SEXY LITTLE bitch!!!
I was speechless no one had ever talked to me that way before I was so scared as Leroy reached over and touched my hair and said in a dominate voice I LIKES THAT HAIR WHY DON” YOU SLIDE OVER HERE AND SIT BESIDE OLD LEROY!!! I softly said I can”t I”m married besides your black were not supposed to be together. Then Leroy said I guess you don’t know about black men do you. I softly said I don’t know what your talking about.
Then Leroy said well why don’t I just show you and started to unbuckle his pant’s I said NO this is wrong please don’t . Leroy continued to pull his pant’s down as I pleaded with him. I turned my head away from him and said this is wrong we can’t do this. Then Leroy said in a dominate voice LOOK AT ME BITCH!!!
I nervously turned my head and gasped when I seen his cock it had to be at least 9 inches long and thick with veins sticking out all over it and the head was huge. Then Leroy said NOW SLIDE OVER HERE BITCH!!! I said please I can’t but for some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock as Leroy was slowly stroking it with his hand. I didn’t even realize when Leroy took my hand and begin to guide it to his cock I softly said please I can’t. My breathing was becoming real heavy as he slowly took my hand and placed it on his cock. His cock was very hard and very hot to my touch as he worked my hand up and down his cock and he said you like that don’t you I knew you were just a little SLUT look at that little white hand stroking my cock.
Chills ran through my body when he called me a slut no one had ever talked like that to me before. I was mesmerized by the sight of his cock.
My body was shaking out of control I had never been in this kind of situation before and Leroy was so dominate and aggressive I wasn’t sure how to handle the situation. I tried pleading with Leroy to stop and tried to pull my hand away several times but he held it tight and kept working it up and down his cock. Leroy’s other hand kept stroking my hair as he talked dirty to me he said what do you think your husband would think if he knew you was playing with another mans cock. I softly said please don’t talk like that. But It seemed to make him want to talk dirtier to me because he knew it embarrassed me. Then he said does your husband know your a little slut I bet he don’t know you like playing with other men’s cocks does he, especially his little blond wife playing with a black mans cock.
My breathing was out of control I really didn’t know what to do, then Leroy said why don’t you and me go in the house. I said NO!!! I can’t please . Then Leroy angrily released my hand and pulled up his pant’s and said well if you don’t want to come inside then you can just walk and get someone else to fix your car. I said but I don’t know where I am!!! Leroy said I guess that’s your problem.
Leroy got out of the truck and walked toward the house I couldn’t help but notice how disgusting he looked as he walked toward the house. I was stunned I didn’t know what to do I didn’t know where I was and my phone and purse was in my car. I sat there for a few minutes before finally deciding I didn’t have a choice as I slowly walked toward the door I was hoping I could convince him to take me back to my car. When I finally reached the door I slowly opened it, the house looked very dirty and cluttered and Leroy was standing there with a beer in his hand I could noticeably see he still had an erection.
I softly said please Sir will you take me back to my car. Leroy just grinned and arrogantly said I seen you looking at my dick I don’t think you want to go back yet do you. Then Leroy sat his beer down and walked over to me, for some reason I was frozen and shyly looked away from him. When he got to my side he again touched my hair and said I think you wanted to come in here didn’t you. I think you liked playing with my cock didn’t you I believe you liked stroking that black dick with your little married white hand didn’t you. I was so nervous I could hardly talk as I softly said please stop.
Then Leroy boldly said TOUCH IT!!! My hand was shaking as he gently moved my hand toward his cock. As my hand touched his cock he said that’s it I knew you wanted to play with it some more. I don’t know why but I didn’t resist this time and when he took his hand off of mine I kept rubbing his cock. Leroy seemed to gain more confidence and said I knew you were just a slut your husband don’t treat you like a slut does he and you know you needed to be treated like a slut don’t you.
Then Leroy said lets go to the sofa and guided me toward the sofa when we got to the sofa he made me sit down and he started to take his clothes off. My heart was pounding in my chest as I watched him take his clothes off. I couldn’t believe this was happening I didn’t understand why I had allowed this to happen I had always been a real good girl and now I was allowing a stranger to control me. Leroy removed his shirt first exposing his big gut and curly hair on his chest and when he removed his pants his big cock sprang out again as I got a better look. It seemed bigger than it was in the truck and his balls were huge.
Then Leroy sat down beside me and said now play with it bitch my hand was shaking as I slowly moved it to his cock with out him forcing me to this time as I touched his cock it seemed very hard and hot as I gently begin to stroke it I noticed my hand wouldn’t fit half way around it. Leroy put his arm around me and pulled me to his chest so I was looking directly at his cock and said you like that don’t you, your just a little married whore and you know it don’t you. I had never been talked to this way before and every time he talked dirty to me it sent chills through my body. I couldn’t help but compare the size of his cock to my husbands it had to be twice as big in length and girth.
Then Leroy begin to push my head toward his cock and said kiss it bitch I had never done anything like that before, I was hesitant at first but as me head got closer I kissed the head and begin to lick it. Leroy said that’s it girl lick that black cock you know you want to. Leroy continued to make me lick his cock for a few minutes before finally making me stop and stand up.
Leroy sat there looking at my body while stroking his cock in front of me and said IS YOUR CUNT HAIR BLONDE TOO!!! I was shocked when he asked me that and then he said ANSWERED ME BITCH!!!
I slowly nodded my head yes. I don’t have much hair there anyway its an area about the size of a tennis ball and is not thick and very little on my lips. Then he said TAKE OFF THEM CLOTHES AND SHOW ME THAT PRETTY LITTLE WHITE. MARRIED BODY OF YOURS!!! Again no one had ever commanded me to do things like that before as I slowly started to obey him. I took my tee shirt off first and then my gym shorts as Leroy stroked his cock and stared at me then I removed my bra. I noticed my nipples were very erect as I removed it then I took a deep breath and slide my panties down.
I could see the lust in Leroy’s eyes as he stared at me, he made me feel so cheap. Then he leaned forward and took his hand and placed it on the inside of my thigh. As he touched me he looked at me and said you like this don’t you slut you want me to touch that pussy don’t you his hand slowly slid up my thigh. My body was shaking out of control. Then Leroy said spread them legs and show me that married little pussy. I slowly spread my legs as his hand gently touched my pussy. My hips jerked as he rubbed my pussy and he said LOOK AT THE PRETTY LITTLE MARRIED WHORE HER PUSSY IS REALLY WET.
Then he found my clit and begin to massage it roughly, my hips jerked erratically as he played with me I had never been used this way before, All of a sudden Leroy took a finger and shoved it up in me I had never felt anything like it before as I had my first real climax. Leroy said LOOK AT THE LITTLE MARRIED WHORE CUM.
I felt so ashamed I had never done that before then Leroy grabbed me and pulled me on top of him where I was straddling him and he took one of my nipples and begin to bite it and suck on it real hard as he played with my butt. He continued this for a few minutes his huge cock was against my belly and he raised me up and pointed his big cock at my entrance and said YOU READY TO GET FUCKED BY A REAL MAN BITCH!!!
I had never been asked if I wanted to get fucked before as he lodged the head in my pussy. It felt so big as he begin to work it inside me he pushed it in and then would pull it out and push more into me I didn’t think there was no way I could take it all as I have always been tight there. The feeling of pain and pleasure was more than I could handle as I came again before he was totally in me. Once finally got it all in me he made me go up and down on him as he talked dirty to me again. HE SAID THAT’S IT BITCH GIVE ME THAT MARRIED pussy fuck ME LIKE A LITTLE WHORE!!!!
I had never felt anything like it before his cock touched me in places I had never been touched before it seemed like he fucked me for several minutes longer than my husband had ever gone. Then Leroy took his finger and stuck it in my ass I had never allowed anyone to touch me there. As he done this Leroy said YOU MY LITTLE WHORE!!! I was to embarrassed to answer and Leroy said again YOU MY LITTLE WHORE!!! I still didn’t answer and Leroy said again ANSWER ME BITCH YOU MY LITTLE WHORE. I softly said yes as my body shook all over from the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced and then I felt Leroy tense up as he begin to shoot his load deep inside me. I thought oh no I had never allowed that to happen before either but for some reason I couldn’t stop him as I felt his hot cum begin to fill me up.

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