Nichole Extreme sex adventures

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Nichole finally made it home. Tired and dirty, she heeded a shower and a nap. She undressed and stepped in the shower. At first the water stung on her back where was all scratched up, but then it was relaxing. She decided a bubble bath before her nap would be good She started the water for the bath and added the bubble bath. Once the bath was full, she stepped inside. She wasn’t in her bath five minutes when the doorbell rang.

“Delivery!” A man’s voice called out. “Delivery for Nichole Dugan.” “One minute!” She called out a stepped up to get her robe. The bell rang again.

“One damn minute, I’ll be right there.”

“Don’t keep me waiting, Miss Dugan.” the voice called back. Nichole thought that was impertinent of a delivery boy. She opened the door as much as the chain would allow and held out her hand.

“Let me see you ID, photo ID she said when she got to the door.” She was all set to give him a hard time and stall him as much as possible.

“Okay, here you go,” and he handed her a photograph face down.

“Very funny,” she said at seeing that it was a photograph. Then she turned it over. “Ohmygod.” She exclaimed and closed the door, leaning on it, stunned. It was a photograph of her from the night before One of the souvenirs. It was taken from above, while she was kneeling, with Dave’s cock in her mouth. Her face, her smile, very apparent as her tongue is flicking across his cock head. Very apparent that she was enjoying herself. The belt around her neck looked like a Rocky(D) collar, and the smile on her face looked like a million dollars. There was a knock on the door.

“Better let me in, Nichole. You don’t want me to get upset right now.” She thought a brief moment and opened the door and let him in. She couldn’t let this get out. If her mom found out, if the people at church found out…

“What do you want?” She asked.

“Well, you can start with some of that.” He answered, pointing at the picture.

“No, I couldn’t,” she started.

“No? Very well then, our business is concluded then. I’m sure you can look forward to a lot of people seeing more of you then. Good-bye Miss Dugan.” He got up and started to go.

“Wait!” She said as he started to open the door. “Come back, please.”

He raised an eyebrow, gently closed the door, silently came back and sat down on the couch. When she still didn’t say anything he said, “Yes?”

“How much do you want, I don’t have that much money….”

“I don’t want your money. I want you. I want you to start by giving me a blow job right now. If I get up again, I’m not coming back. And I’m going to get up when I count to three.” He paused, “One.” Another pause, “Two.”

“Okay. Okay, a blow job.”

“Yes, a blow job for starters, then we’ll talk. Take off your robe.” She took off her robe and knelt nude between his legs where he sat on the couch. She reached over and undid his belt, unzipped his fly, opened his pants and pulled his dick out of his shorts. She took his limp cock and put the whole thing in her mouth. She then started to try to bob up and down on it but since it was so limp, nothing was happening. she had to hold the base in her hand and then pull back with her lips. She tried to remember what Dave had taught her about cocksucking and she began to use her tongue around the tip.

“Listen, Nichole,” the guy said, “we’ll be here all day at this rate. Talk to me, tell me what you think about my cock. Tell me how it excites you, you know. Give me something to be excited about. Tell me how much you are enjoying this.” Nichole didn’t know what to do. This guy wasn’t responding and she desperately wanted to get this over with and find out what he wanted. She toyed with the idea of doing a horrible job so he wouldn’t be interested but she didn’t want to chance his ire. If he knew where to mail those pictures… She couldn’t risk it. If he wanted her to talk dirty to him, then dirty talk is what he would get.

“This IS fun, actually.” She began, trying to make it sound not totally fake. “Kinda exciting. Reeeally Naaughty.” She drew her voice out, trying to sound husky. “I don’t even know you, yet you’re cock is right here in my face. I can’t wait to see this cock big and hard. Then I can take it down my throat and taste all your cum. I’ve learned to luv cum. I wonder how yours tastes. Is it hot? Is it salty? Is it sweet. Oh yes, your starting to get stiff. Let me see if this will help at all.” She proceeded to lick his balls. “Yes, you like when I lick your balls. Yes I can tell, it makes you harder. Do you like it when I take your balls fully in my mouth? Mumm, mumm, Oooh I can tell you liked that too. Look at this, a drop of pre-cum. Let me taste it. Sweet, Oh please give me more, give me all you’re cum.” Now she encircled his dick with her lips and started sucking full force. using her tongue and her teeth, pulling him all the way out of her mouth she said to him. “Cum on, big boy, cum all over my face.” She started to pump his cock with her fist and lick the tip with her tongue. This was too much for him to take and he started to gush all over her face. He shot her on the cheek, in her hair, in her mouth, over her chest. When he was done he told her to simply,

“Clean me up. With your mouth, leave yourself alone.” When she was done, he told her to sit up next to her. She did so. The apartment was a little chilly for her, so her nipples tightened up.

Smiling, he began, “First of all, I am only a messenger. I have no information beyond what I am going to tell you now so don’t ask me any questions. This is your replacement blouse and bra from last night.” He handed her a package. “Mr. Talbot felt it important for you to know that he is a man of his word. This package also contains other clothing. Wear everything in this box except the bra tonight. Wear nothing additional except black shoes, with a heel at least four inches high. Meet him at this address at ten this evening.” He gave her a typed address. It was to a bar across town. “I am also to tell you to not be late because he knows where to send these pictures, especially in Canton, Ohio.” At the mention of Canton, Nichole went white, that is where her mother was. “Do you need directions to the address?” She not being able to say anything, shook her head. “Very well then, my discussion with you is finished. I would recommend getting some sleep during the day today. Good-bye.” He got up and showed himself to the door. When he left, he didn’t close the door after himself, rather he left it open fully so Nichole would have to walk up to it to close it. She didn’t even bother, she just laid back on the couch and cried herself to sleep.


Chapter 4, M/F, rape, oral, beast, blackmail setup

It was about one in the afternoon when it came inside. Princess, the neighbor’s male cat with a female name because the kids thought it was cute, had escaped again and this came he came right in Nichole’s wide open door. After walking around, looking for milk he finally found Nichole. He jumped up on to the arm of the sofa and started sniffing her face. He noticed that something smelled different on her cheek where the cum was and he licked it. Not liking the dry and salty taste, he walked down her body to her torso. He smelled more salty cum on her tits and wasn’t interested but he also had a whiff of a different sent. He was so light that Nichole hardly stirred as he walked down to her pussy fur. He felt her fur on his whiskers and liked that, and the new sent was stronger here. He continued down a little more and reached Nichole’s cunt, the source of his aromatic pleasure. He bent and took a lick. Liking this much better he took another and another. When a low moan came from Nichole’s mouth, he stopped and looked at her. It startled him and he was looking to see if this was a time to fight or flee. It was neither. Princess waited, tensed, and then went back to his treat. Neither Princess, nor Nichole realized that his tongue was licking her clit with almost every stroke and that with every lick the pussy was bringing Nichole closer and closer to her very first orgasm.

“Princess,” came a faint call from out side as his teenage owner was looking for him. “Princess, where are you? You nasty boy.”

“Meow” answered Princess before he went back to his treat.”Meow” again, louder this time.

“Princess, are you in here?” The boy called from the open doorway, “hello inside, anybody home?” He knocked gently on the door frame, and not hearing any response other than princess’ meow he ventured through the open door. “Princess” he whispered walking down the hallway. When he got to the opening for the living room he looked in. Then he saw Princess. Then he saw Nichole. What he saw was his first naked lady whose pussy was being licked by his cat. His fifteen year-old bone suddenly got rock hard as he looked at her. Her head was propped up by pillows in the corner of the couch between the back and the far arm. With her butt on the seat of the couch her right foot was up on the back of the couch and her left was on the floor. She was moaning louder and louder with each lick. He was very glad he had his camera with him, he had been taking pictures of Princess for his little sister, when the cat ran away, and he took it out. He snapped a couple of full length shots of Nichole then a couple of close ups of her tits, face and especially her pussy being licked by his pussy. Eventually the flash or the camera noise woke Nichole up and Princess jumped off the couch and into his master’s hands. Nichole was waking up slowly, but was awake before he and Princess could leave.

“Stop!” she cried out. “What are you doing in my house?”

“You left the door wide open and my cat came in here, I came looking for him. I found him, I got him and now I’m leaving.”

As he turned to leave, Nichole saw the camera on his hip. “You bastard!” she exclaimed and got up and ran after him. He couldn’t run very fast carrying Princess and trying to keep the camera from bouncing on his hip so she was able to catch up with him as he was about to get out of the house. She tackled him in her doorway, knocking him to the ground. As he fell, Princess jumped out of his arms and ran away and the camera hit the floor, breaking the lens. She straddled him on the floor and grabbed the camera opened it up to expose all the film. That being done, she relaxed. However, he was pissed. He didn’t like getting knocked to the ground, but he figured he deserved that, but she broke his camera That camera was his future. A present from his grandfather, it was the means to his photo- journalism career. He stood up, throwing her of him, and slammed the door.

“You are going to be sorry you did that, you whore, very sorry you broke my camera.” She was sitting on the floor, backing away from him when he slapped her full across the face. “Did you like Princess licking you pussy? Did you? Let’s see if you like my cock as much you liked my pussy.” He picked her up and carried her to her bedroom where he through her onto the bed. As she began to get up, he pulled his hand back to slap her again and she sunk back on to the bed.

“No! Please don’t hit me. Don’t do this”

“Shut up, you whore.” He took off his pants and shorts and mounted her. Her pussy was still wet from the licking Princess gave her so he went in easily. “Shit, you’re tight.” He exclaimed and began to pump her with earnest. Nichole just lay back motionless until he was finished. He didn’t take very long to dump his cum inside her. “Clean me off” he told her. He hadn’t meant with her mouth, but after she experiences last night that is exactly what Nichole thought he meant. So she turned around on the bed and started to lick his shaft clean, swallowing his cum and her juices that were on his shaft. He was very surprised and quickly was aroused again.

“Please leave me now” she whispered when he was clean.

“No, finish what you started here,” he said indicting the blow job. Sighing, she returned her mouth to his cock and balls and brought him off. She was very glad that he was responding and that she wouldn’t need to talk to him to get him off. When he shot he held her face buried against him so she couldn’t even breathe as he deposited his second load down her throat. Then he got off her put his pants back on and left. This time Nichole made sure the door was closed.


Chapter 5, blackmail, exhib

That evening Nichole thought about not going, not meeting Dave, but the thought of her mother and everyone back home seeing those pictures convinced her to go through with it. She only hoped he grew tired of her quickly.

She looked through the items he gave her to wear. A pair of black stockings; black, crotchless panties that had a ring of rhinestones around the hole; a garter belt; a short, black mini-skirt, but a loose one with pleats, not the tight hip huggers; a simple, sheer white silk tank top and a buttonless black jacket, and of course, the bra she was told not to wear.

As the appointed time approached, she got in her car and drove to the bar. She decided to park about a block away so that her car would be handy but Dave wouldn’t know that. As she entered the bar she saw the sign and wondered what Saturday: “Amateur Night” meant. She had arrived early so she took a seat where she could see the door. After she was seated, a waitress came by for her drink order. She absent-mindedly ordered her margarita before she even looked at the waitress. While she was waiting Nichole brushed off four or five guys who tried to hit on her. When the waitress brought back her drink she said. “Your boyfriend is waiting for you in the back, on the left.” Nervous, Nichole took a big sip of her drink then picked it up and walked to the back. She tried to ignore the stares and whistles as the crowd parted its ways for her. She couldn’t help noticing the crowd was almost all men but their reaction toward her let her know this wasn’t a gay bar.

She saw Dave smiling as she approached the table. When she got there, she reached for the empty chair, but he reached under the table with his legs and pulled it in. “Not yet Nichole.” he said. “First I want to know that you are wearing everything I told you to, and nothing more.”

“I am.” she answered weekly.

“Yes, but I want to know. Flip up the front of you skirt so I can see.”


“Flip up your skirt, I want to see the panties and the garter.”

“I don’t believe this.”

“Or don’t” He said, “See if I care, I’ll just mail out those envelopes.” Reminded of why she was here, she held up the front of her skirt so he could see. This caused all the men behind him to give out a cheer as they saw her jewel encrusted pussy. After he had seen enough Dave said, “Thank you, you can sit down now.” When she had seated, she took another big swallow of her drink. “Here, take a look at these.” He handed her a large, fat envelope. With trembling fingers, she slowly opened the envelope. There were several pictures there within, the pictures of her posing for Dave, the pictures of her sucking his cock with the cum shooting in her mouth, and her cleaning him off with her tongue. There were some pictures of her in the restaurant, with her tits plainly visible as she talked and ate dinner in an obvious public place. There were also some tapes, a video and an audio tape. She was afraid to ask what was on these. As she picked them up Dave explained to her that the video was from when they fucked and the audio is from when she blew the messenger.

Stunned, she asked, “What do you want?”

“Very simply,” he replied, “your obedience. You do what I say, when I say it, and we’re fine, tick me off, and I mail these. Take a look at these addresses.” He handed her a list of addresses. It included her whole life, past and present, from her high school sweetheart who dumped her after the prom when she wouldn’t sleep with him, wouldn’t even let him touch her tits through her clothing, to her ministers, in her home town and locally, her parents, and all of her past professional jobs, her references and more. “If you do as I say, I will promise to not let you be hurt in anything I have you do. Do you understand?”

“Don’t I get one of each of these each time I do what you want or something?” she asked.

“No.” He said rather straightforwardly.

“Then when does this end?”

“It doesn’t, or maybe I guess when I get tired of you or something.” Seeing her frown, he added, “No deal? I should just mail these now then and get it over with, yes?”

“No!” She said, “No, don’t do that. We got a deal.”

“Good, you’re the opening act and you’re on in five minutes.”

“What? What act? I don’t have an act.”

“It’s amateur night, and your striptease is the opening number.”

“My what?” When she saw him frown, she thought better of it. “Okay, what do I do?”

“Give the deejay this tape, tell him its your music for the first number tonight. It’s the normal bump and grind. Take off your clothes, your jacket, blouse and skirt. you can leave the rest on. Do it slowly. Make it interesting, you’ve got four and half minutes to kill, if you’re nude after 30 seconds, they’ll be bored and you’ll get booed off the stage. If you win, you can keep the hundred bucks prize money.”

She took the tape and gave it to the deejay. When she filled out the disclaimer/entry form she signed her name “Marsha Smith”

A few minutes later the Emcee walked up to the microphone and welcomed everyone to amateur night, “And without further ado, our first act, from across town is Nichole.” Nichole turned bright crimson red. But she walked on stage to the applause of the crowd. She had thought about her routine while she was waiting and started with her back to the audience. She gave the sign to the deejay and the music started “Dah dah dun, Dah dah dun….” As soon as the music started and was recognized the crowd started hooting and hollering. She started pointing her right foot out straight ahead of her and back in time with the music so that her calf muscles were drawn tight, give everyone the best view of her leg, After doing that a couple of times she switched to her left so the people on the other side would get the same view. Then very slowly she took the right lapel of her jacket in her right hand and pulled it out to her right side. Then she did the same with her left, so that from the rear you couldn’t tell if there was anything covering her chest, but you knew her jacket wasn’t. Somebody yelled out “Take it off!” She did. First she shrugged her right shoulder so that the jacket slipped off then the left. then arching her back backward, she slowly lowered the jacket down so that she was only holding it by the cuffs. The she let go with her left hand and swung the jacket off and around so that she was holding it in her right hand only. During the swing she also turned to face her appreciative audience. stepping to the front of the stage she threw the jacket into the crowd. Now she spread her legs wide and leaned forward onto her hands. The men in the front row were able to look down her tank top and see the cleavage gravity caused on her braless tits. She fell to the ground and rolled back up to where she was facing away from the audience again and leaned forward to her hands again. This was giving a few men a view between her legs and up her top. Then she stood with he hands across her body as if she were hugging herself and her fingers curled under the hem of her tank top. She slowly started to lift it up. once the men saw what she was doing, they began to chant “Take it off. Take it off” She did not disappoint them. Once she had her top past her nipples, she removed the entire thing in on quick motion, throwing it behind her into the crowd. Then she again leaned forward so the men could see her tits through her legs. The cheers in the club were so loud she couldn’t even hear the music coming from the speakers. She quickly stood up straight and turned around, again giving herself a hug, and using her arms to press her tits close together. Only the club’s bouncer standing by the stage kept some of the men from charging up there to grab those tits. After parading around the stage for a while, she glanced at the clock and saw she only had about a minute left if the song was a full four and a half minutes long. So she turned around again and with her back to the audience she once again leaned forward this time she used one hand to lift her skirt up so her panties would be plainly visible to all. Then she unfastened her skirt and lifted it all the way over the top of her head, tossing it to the back of the stage. Then as the coda began to end the song she rolled head over heals backwards. twisting so she ended sitting on the edge of the stage with her legs spread wide and reaching over the end. This caused quite a stir as the whole of the audience, especially the first few rows were able to see her bare cunt, surrounded by a circle of rhinestones.

The emcee walked on stage while the audience gave her a standing ovation. He offered his hand to Nichole and lifted her to her feet. Then he gave her back her skirt that he recovered from the back of the stage. Giving her a kiss he ushered her off the stage. It wasn’t until she was off stage and putting her skirt on that the crowd began to quiet down. The emcee asked the judges for her scores. For originality she got a ten, a ten and a ten, perfect score. For presentation she got another ten, ten, and ten. For Lip-synch she got a zero, a zero and a ten. The judge who gave her a ten said, “She didn’t get any words wrong.” The next karaoke piece was a guy, Ted doing Billy Joel’s “Just the way you are.” About fifteen seconds into the act someone started a chant of “Take it off! Take it off!” To which someone responded “Please don’t! Please don’t!”


Chapter 6, MMMMMMM/F, blackmail, gang-bang Nichole sat back down with Dave and realized she was still topless. Sitting down she looked to see if there was any way to cover herself. She hadn’t been sitting more than a moment when a waitress brought her a drink, a shot of whiskey from some guy on the other side of the bar. She downed the shot, but did not even look at the guy. Then another waitress brought her a beer and shortly after the first waitress brought her a strawberry margarita and another shot. Someone tapped her on the shoulder and said, “Excuse me, I was thinking you might want this back, what’s left of it at least.” He handed her back her jacket, it had been torn about halfway down the back and both sleeves were gone, the seem under one of the seems was torn too. “I had quite a fight to get this much of it, had to cut off the sleeves to get it away from the men tearing it.”

“Thank you very much,” she said and she put it on. It barely covered her, but at least looking at her straight on her tits were covered. Any one who wanted to could still maneuver to get a good look at most of them

“Yes, thank you.” Dave repeated, “Stay until after closing and I’m sure Nichole will really thank you properly.”

“Is that right, Nichole?” he asked her.

She looked at Dave who only nodded and strummed his fingers on the pictures. “Yes, that’s right stay until after closing and I’ll be thanking you properly.”

“Well, aaallrighty then, I’ll see you after closing.”

“Good, now get lost until then.” Dave told him. Then to Nichole he said, “my, you seem to have a few admirers in the audience,” indicating the alcohol surrounding her. “when any one comes over and requests ‘favors’ from you. Tell them what you just told him, that you will do whatever after closing. Got that?”

“Yeah, I got that.” Nichole took another drink of the margarita in front of her.

“Go ahead and drink, but don’t pass out. Don’t get sick either. I put something in your purse while you were dancing. A shopping list.” You need to have all of those items by the day after tomorrow.

“What items?” She asked.

“Doesn’t matter, you have to get them all anyway, you can look at it in the morning.”

Nichole spent the next couple of hours getting drunk, dreading what would come after closing. A few men came over asking her for a dance. To all of them she and Dave told them to wait until closing.

Finally closing time came and the bartender locked the front door. Nichole and about 6 men were left inside. “Okay Nichole, Party time.” Dave said “Take off your skirt and jacket.” Then turning to all them men he continued. “Here’s the rules. It’s nine-ball. Standard rules. Except: Winners get to have Nichole. We have two tables. Two games play, First to win can have Nicki’s mouth or cunt, second winner gets leftovers. Losers go to the back of the line with blue-balls. Winners can have her until there is a winner in the next round. Then they go to the end of the line.” The man all lined up to play choosing their cue-sticks. While the first games started, Dave took Nichole to the side. “Open up that pretty little mouth of yours. Take out your tongue and lick it good.” After she licked him good and hard, he lifted her up and put her on all fours Rocky(D)gie style. He dicked her from the rear. He barely got to shoot into her before the first game ended.

“Nine-ball!” someone screamed, “I’m going to get me some o’ that there pussy.” Shortly after that, the other game ended and Nichole was being pumped from the front and the back. The night became a blur to her. Between the alcohol and all the men, all the dicks, she couldn’t focus on a thing that was happening to her. It seemed to her to be an endless stream of men, of cocks. First a white, one then a black one, then a small, then a thick, then a long one each plunged itself into her mouth or her cunt. One by one the men started dropping out, unable to get it up anymore. Thanking Dave for the use of his slut, they each headed home. When all the men gave up Dave carried her to her car and left her there, sleeping stretched out across the front seat.


Chapter 7, blackmail, MM/F, oral

The two men spotted Nichole’s car at about five in the morning. They sat in a diner and ate breakfast watching it. Seeing if anyone claimed it, if anyone was watching it. By six-thirty they decided it was time. It had been left for the night and now was the time to take it before the owner returned. They paid their bill and crossed the street to the alley where Nichole had parked. The older went to the driver’s side door and opened it, to his pleasant surprise it opened. Not pausing a moment, he opened it all the way and got the shock of his life when he saw Nichole’s nearly nude body. Her head had been leaning on the armrest of the door so when it was opened, her head fell straight back, her chin in the air, her mouth wide open. She was still wearing her stockings from last night but they had runs and tears everywhere, the hole around her cunt had been torn even wider, few of the rhinestones remained. Dried cum covered her face, her hair, her tits and her cunt. At first the guy thought she was dead. He was about to take off running when he heard her snore. “Shee-it, this cunt’s alive” he whispered to himself. He gently lifted her head and slid onto the seat under her. When she didn’t wake, he beckoned over to his partner. “Climb in the back.” He told him.

“Why the fuck do I got to ride in the fucking back?”

“Shh!, Keep it quiet, I’ll explain.” The second guy came over and climbed in the back seat. He saw Nichole and whistled.

“Is she dead?”

“Nah, she ain’t dead, see her breathing? She’s just out cold.”

“Great, Let’s get the guys and have some fun.”

“No, I got a better idea, lets get her keys to the shop. They might be in her bag there, by her feet.”

The guy in the back climbed over the seat and quietly got her keys and wallet out. They drove a couple of blocks to a garage and quickly copied all of her keys and made copies of all her credit cards and driver’s license. They also saw the photo.

“Shit, look at this. This bitch is giving some guy head.”

It was the photo the messenger used when Nichole had asked for ID. She was smiling, as a cock was spurting into her mouth. She had already been blasted in the cheek and was taking a stream full into her mouth. That they kept and put it up in the shop. In under a half hour they had everything copied and Nichole was still out cold.

“Now lets take her home.” The driver said.

“What? Take her home! If your mom sees us with her they’ll be hell to pay. No, lets take her to someplace no one can hear us. Then, no one will hear her scream.”

“No. Lets take her to HER home.”

“What she’s just going to lay us out of gratitude?”

“Maybe, you saw the picture. But even if she doesn’t her credit cards will still be good. You can buy yourself a whore with those. And anything else you might want.”

He thought about that for a moment and agreed.

“The whole thing is we have got to seem like good neighbors, just helping her out and not taking advantage of her. This way she’ll never suspect that we have her cards of her keys. We’ll get ours. We’ll just get it a little later. But we’ll get ALL of it.” He started the car and headed toward the highway. Nichole rolled onto her side so that she was facing directly into his crotch. He could feel her breath against his jeans warming his meat. He was quickly becoming erect, his prick pushing against his fly. “I have an idea, maybe we can get all of it later AND some of it now. When we get to her place let me do the talking.”

“Anything you say, I just want some pussy.”

It was only a 20 minute drive to her house. When they got there, he pulled into the driveway, and they started to wake her up. He gently stroked her hair. “Nichole” He whispered. “Nichole, it’s time to wake up. You’re home.”

She awoke with a grown. She had the biggest hangover of her life. Nichole had only gotten drunk twice before so for a moment she didn’t realize what was happening.

“Good wake up slowly. Don’t sit up. There are neighbors around and you’re not wearing anything.” Nichole started to remember some of last night. “My friend here and I, we found you like this in your car and thought it best for you if we drove you home. You know before someone else found you and did God knows what to you”

“So I’m home now?”

“Yes, We’re in your driveway.”

“Can you bring the car into the garage for me.”

“Yes, I think we can do that, for a price.” When she started looking for her purse, he said, “We don’t want your money. We could’ve taken that if we wanted it, but we saw from your picture while we were looking for your keys, how much you like sucking cock and you’ve been breathing on my prick the whole way over here. So we’d like a little bit of that. Or, we’ll just take your keys and put them in your mailbox. Then all you have to do is walk to the curb and you can get your keys and drive your car in yourself. Of course it is Sunday morning, lots of kids are outside playing, the neighbors are mowing or gardening or washing their cars, you know like any other sunny Sunday.”

“This is black-mail”

“Yep, I guess it is. What’s it going to be, blowjobs or mailbox?”

“Blowjobs” she whispered. Nichole couldn’t believe what was happening.

“What did you say? I couldn’t here you”

“Blowjobs! Fuck it I said blowjobs! You can fuck me too if you want!” She yelled at them. Some of the neighbors stopped what they were doing and tried to see where the shout came from but not finding the source, they assumed it was just teenagers and went back to whatever they were doing.

“Good Enough.” The guy in the back seat jumped out of the car and opened the garage and then the driver pulled the car in. “Let’s go to the bedroom where we can be comfortable,” he said.

Once inside Nichole was all business. “You,” she said pointing at one of them, “sit on the bed, I’ll blow you while he fucks me from behind, then you’ll switch.” The guys quickly stripped. The driver laid back on the bed and let Nichole engulf his prick with her lips. The other guy pried her legs wider and entered her pussy. Nichole felt hands on the back of her head as she bobbed up and down. She swirled her tongue around the prick She pulled her lips back so that her teeth would scrape along the skin. She backed her head so that just the tip of the head was still inside her mouth. then she puled up on it with her lips, so the cock would be as long as it could be then she relaxed that and licked around the tip with her tongue. The guy in her twat was fucking her for all he was worth. he pulled back and slammed in over and over again. He reached under her and grabbed her tits and used them to pull her into him. The guy she was blowing grabbed her head and forced her to take his whole cock into her throat. Nichole thought she was going to throw up. Then she thought she wasn’t going to be able to breathe, but then she felt his cock spasm in her mouth and she knew he was about to spew. Knowing that the blowjob was about to end she just relaxed and waited for it. once the guy had shot into her the other who was fucking her rolled her over, onto her back. He climbed on top of her and took one of her tits into his mouth. He didn’t just lick her nipple, he didn’t pinch the nub with his lips or even her teeth he sucked on them as if he was trying to get milk out of them. It wasn’t long before her breasts ached as the rest of her did. Her pussy was still very sore from the night before and the headache she had just wouldn’t go away. Shortly the guy stopped humping her and emptied his spunk into her. Once they were done, they got dressed she put on her robe and showed them to the door, being very careful to lock it behind them. Then she went into the garage and double checked to see that that was locked too. Only then did she go to her room and cry herself to sleep.

Chapter 8

Nichole slept until after 2 the next day. When she awoke to the sound of her doorbell, dragging herself out of bed, she grabbed her robe and started putting it on as she went down the hall. Briiinnnnggg! The doorbell rang again. “One minute!” Nichole called out. “I’ll be right there!” She looked through the peephole as she finished closing her robe. She saw Tommy and Carmen. Tommy was a something more than just a friend and Carmen was someone she barely knew from church. Nichole figured Tommy wanted to come by and see if she was okay since she had missed church and Carmen was his ride since his car was in the shop. Nichole secretly suspected that Carmen was jealous of Nichole’s and Tommy’s relationship and it made their relationship pretty icy.

Nichole looked herself over to be sure she was decently covered and opened the door. “Come in, come in please,” she said, ushering them inside. Sitting them down on the couch in the living room, she asked, “Can I get anyone something to drink, some coffee, or some soda?”

“No thanks, we really must…” Carmen began.

“I’d love some…” Tommy began at the same time.

The telephone interrupted them both.

“I’ll be right back, got to answer that,” Nichole said as she dashed to her bedroom to get the phone. As she took off Tommy couldn’t take his eyes off her. With her quick movements, the robe loosened and partially opened. Tommy was able to see her thighs considerably higher than the top of her stockings that she still had on from the night before. Looking upward, the top opened enough to show him that she wasn’t wearing anything under her robe above the waist. Tommy continued to think about Nichole and how beautiful she was. His thoughts continued to wander thinking about the size and color of her nipples. How soft they would feel in his hands, how they would taste. His erection grew to the point where he feared that it was noticeable. After a few minutes, he excused himself to the bathroom where he hoped either peeing or some cold water would bring it down.

Nichole went to the bedroom to answer her phone, after the third ring she picked it up, “Hello.”

“Hi Nicki,” It was Dave.

“What do you want?” Nichole whispered.

“Some respect for starters. Don’t snap at me. I think I would be the last person you’d want to upset.”

“Yes, you’re right. I’m sorry. I’m just distracted at the moment, what would you like?”

“I actually called to give you some good news. You know that list I gave you.”

“List, what list? I don’t remember any list.”

“Look in your purse.” Nichole started digging through the handbag she brought with her last night. “It’s a white piece of paper. Got it yet?” Nichole found it.

“Yes, I got it.”

“Now, I told you to have everything by tomorrow, but I’m going to give you a break. You have until Wednesday. But I also want you to shave your pussy hair. And keep it shaved always. Understand?”

Nichole swallowed, “Yes, shave my pussy, I understand.” Nichole’s hand went down to touch her bush, instinctively, almost protectively.

“I would suggest you do it today so you won’t be as tender on Wednesday. Also, you may already own some of the items on that list. If so you don’t need to buy them. But you still might want to because we will be making some, how should I say it, ‘alterations’ to some things.”

While she was talking, Tommy went to her doorway to ask her if she had any soap but before he got a word out, he just stood and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Nichole was standing with her back to the door but the full length mirror in the corner of the room gave him a full view of her. She would also have an easy view of him if she looked in the mirror, but she was facing the other way, towards her phone on the desk. Her robe had almost completely opened and he had a good view of her left tit. When she reached down with her right hand to cover her muff, he was rewarded with an even better view as her other tit became totally uncovered. Tommy decided that he couldn’t risk being caught staring and decided to knock.

Nichole turned as she heard Tommy’s knock. She took her hand away from her muff and held it up to him with one finger up to indicate to Tommy to hold on a second. Tommy was more than happy to wait and look at her standing there in her partially open robe. When Dave paused for a moment she asked him to hold on for a moment and nodding to Tommy, she asked, “What is it Tommy?”

“Gosh, you are beautiful,” was all Tommy could say, and that was barely a whisper. Nichole saw his eyes traveling up and down her body and realized how much her robe had opened. She quickly closed it, and blushing, asked again, “Tommy, what did you want?” As Nichole closed her robe, Tommy regained his composure and asked about the soap. “There’s a bar in the shower. I should be out in just a moment. If you can’t find it, I’ll help you then.” When he was gone, she spoke into the phone, “Sorry about that, I’m back.”

“Who’s Tommy?” Dave asked.

“He’s a friend.”

“What type of friend, a boy-friend?”

“No, not exactly.”

“What do you mean, ‘not-exactly?’ I’m not making a Hertz commercial here.”

“We know each other from church, we’ve gone out a few times, nothing exclusive.”

“Have you ever kissed him?”

“A couple of times, goodnight kisses after a date.”

“Have you ever slept with him?”

“No, I told you, you were my first.”

“I want you to sleep with him.”


“I said, ‘I want you to sleep with him.’”

“But he wouldn’t do that, he’s a Christian.”

“You better hope he’s not that good a Christian, because if you don’t sleep with him by the end of the night, he’s going to get a little package from me, kabische?”

“Kabische. How am I supposed to do that? What if he won’t?”

“Convince him, seduce him, hell, rape him for all I care, but I want you to take his cock in your pussy tonight. Hell, you’re an attractive lady. He probably would give his right arm to get in your pants, especially if he hasn’t had any in a long time. Just let him know you want to, he’ll probably do the rest.”

“I’ll do my best.”

“You better hope that’s good enough.”

“It will be.”

“I’ll see you Wednesday, bye now.”

Nichole hung up the phone gently and wondered what she was in for. Thinking quickly, she decided that she really didn’t have any choice but to seduce Tommy. The first step in that was to get him away from Carmen. She went to the bathroom where Tommy was just drying his hands. “I see you found the soap.”

“Yes, it was right in the shower, like you said. Look, Nicki, I’m sorry for looking at you.”

“Tommy, don’t be ridiculous.”

“Really, I should’ve looked away.”

“And I shouldn’t’ve been standing right in front of you mostly naked. It’s my fault, really.”


“No buts about it, Tommy.” Then very quietly, she said, “Actually, I enjoyed it.”

“You enjoyed me looking at you like a piece of meat?” Tommy was stunned

“I enjoyed your appreciation of me. I was very complimented. It’s been a long time since anyone has looked at me like I was a beautiful woman.”

“You are a beautiful woman, Nicki, very beautiful.”

“Thanks.” Nichole bent over the sink to wash her own hands and face. She looked up at him through the mirror and asked, “Are you and Carmen going out tonight?”

“No, she’s dropping me off at home before she goes home for Sunday dinner with her family.” Tommy moved up next to the sink so he could face her. This view also provided him with a great view down her robe as Nicki leaned forward to wash her face.

“Would you like to hang out? Let me know what I missed, have some dinner, maybe watch a video? I could give you a lift home later.”

“Sure, that would be great. I hate spending Sunday evenings alone with the TV. Carmen invited me over to her place for dinner, but I didn’t want to meet her folks and start any rumors.”

“I know what you mean and I know how easy it is for rumors to get started.”

“So where would you like to go to for dinner?”

“Why don’t we eat in? If you don’t mind running to the store for a couple of things, I can get started while you are out, take a shower. You can take my car.”

“Sure, what do you need?”

“A bottle of red wine and some ibuprofen, I don’t care what brand. Generics are fine.” Nicki reached for a towel causing her robe to open a bit more again. “Oh, one more thing.”


“Thanks,” she said and then she quickly kissed him on the lips.

“You’re welcome. What was that for? whatever it was I want to do more of it.”

“You were complimenting me again.”

Now it was Tommy’s time to blush, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay, really. I don’t mind when you appreciate me like that. It’s kinda nice to be noticed. Now let me get you my keys, so you can get outta here and I can shower and get dressed. Scat, I gotta pee, then I’ll be right out. Go tell Carmen about the change in plans.”

“Oh, lucky me.”

“No, I’m the lucky one, I get to be with you tonight. Now scat.”

As Nicki peed, she could hear Carmen’s not-so-pleasant reaction to Tommy’s news. Apparently she had told her folks that she was bringing him by for dinner. This got Tommy all upset since he had told her no. It didn’t take Carmen long to storm out of the house threatening to “never do anything nice” for Tommy again. After she heard the door slam, Nicki got up and went to the living room. She saw Tommy pacing the floor and asked what happened as she sat on the couch.

“She’s a bitch.” This surprised Nicki. She had never heard Tommy cuss before. “That’s what happened. She’s a fucking bitch. Even though I told her that I didn’t want to come, she told her folks that I was. She was going to fucking try to convince me that I owed her for the ride or some shit like that. Fucking bitch.”

Nichole stood up and stood behind him and started to massage his shoulders. “She really got you all worked up. You’re muscles are so tight. Why don’t you go to the store for us, I’ll clean up here and after dinner I’ll give you a proper massage.” Nichole thought about trying to get him to fuck her while he was so agitated, but then she remembered all the cum still on her from last night and thought better of it. She figured that she could always get him upset at Carmen again without to much prompting, if she needed to.

As she massaged him, Tommy started to relax a little bit. “Okay, but only if you promise to continue with that when I get back.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll finish what I started here. I’m willing to continue your massage tonight until you can’t take anymore. Let me get you my keys.”

Nicki’s words went right over Tommy’s head as he was thinking about what a nice girl she was as opposed to that bitch Carmen. He was still thinking about how nice Nicki was, how soft and strong her hands were, how smooth the skin under her robe looked when Nicki came back and gave him her keys. Nicki gave him a quick kiss, before she closed the door after him. Nichole quickly jumped into the shower to clean up and get ready for the evening.

Tommy got into Nicki’s car and started driving to the shopping plaza, but his mind never left her. He started thinking what could’ve happened if Carmen wasn’t there. He started thinking about when he walked into her bedroom. She could’ve hanged up the phone and turned to him. Looking directly at him she would take her robe completely off and ask, “Do you like what you see?”

“Yes very much,” he would answer, reaching out to her with his hand. He would pull her in close, her nude form up against his body. He would kiss her very deeply, probing the corners of her mouth with his tongue. Her soft breasts would press against his chest. He would run the fingers of one hand through her hair, and with the other he would feel the soft-firmness of her butt. After a moment she would work her hand between them and start to unbutton his shirt.

She would work her way down his shirt until she reached his belt. Without a moment hesitation, she would undo the belt, snap and zipper and lower his pants to the floor. She would sink to her knees and lower his boxers. She would then look up to him and ask, “Tommy, may I kiss it?”

“Yes, of course you –” HAAAAOOOONK!!!!

Tommy was suddenly taken out of his fantasy by the horn of a Mack truck he was heading straight for. He quickly swerved back to his side of the double yellow line. After taking a moment to for his heart to slow down a bit, he looked down to his lap where his erection was so large, it was painful. There was a spot on his slacks at the tip where some pre-cum had soaked through his boxers. He focused very carefully on his driving the rest of the way to the store and arrived there safely a few moments later.

Tommy sat in the car for a few moments after he parked hoping his erection would subside. He thought about what he was getting but everything made him think of Nicki, of her massage, of her tits, of her soft lips on his cock. Finally, he just shook his head and erection and all headed into the liquor store.

Tommy walked into the liquor store and stopped just inside to get his bearings. It took him a couple of moments as the store was very dark, especially compared to the bright sunlight outside. At first he thought the store was empty, but then he noticed the blonde girl on the floor in front of him. She was on her hands and knees, facing a mostly empty shelf of wine bottles. She had about a dozen bottles of wine on her left and an unopened case on her right. In her position, Tommy could see most of the backs of her thighs as she was wearing white knee high hose and a mini skirt that pulled it self up in this position.

Loni was the girl in the liquor store. This was her first day alone in the store from opening until closing. Her uncle wouldn’t officially hire her until her 18th Birthday, which had just passed the previous Tuesday. She already knew how to run the store as she had been “helping out” her uncle since she was 15. So when her uncle had a chance to go to the game with a friend with season tickets he jumped on the opportunity to finally take a day off on the weekend. This left Loni alone in the store. At first she was a little scared about robbers, but her uncle told her, “Don’t argue with a gun. If someone points a gun in your face, you give them what ever they want.” The day had been real slow and Loni had almost finished everything on her things-to-do list. She was just finishing the last item, which was to put out a few new cases of some foreign wine when Tommy walked in. When she heard the bell ring with Tommy’s entrance, she turned her head to face him. She noticed his erection and decided to have some fun.

“Er, hi, do you work here? Could you help me?” Tommy asked the girl on the floor. She turned to face him, staying on her hands and knees. When she lifted her chin up to look at him he was able to look down her all the way to her navel! Her small tits were hanging free, unrestrained under her blouse.

Staying on her hands and knees Loni turned to face him. When she lifted her chin to look at him, she watched his eyes and she knew he was looking down her shirt. It had gotten warm in the store so she had unbuttoned the first three buttons on her plain white blouse. Originally she wanted to wear a tee-shirt to work, but her mother didn’t allow it. So when she told her mom she didn’t have any clean blouses to wear, her mother gave her one of hers. Loni was only a size 4, but her mom was a size 8. As a result the blouse was much too large for Loni, and with three buttons being unbuttoned, it was a wonder the blouse was even staying on her small frame.

“Whatever you want, just name it and take it; it’s yours.” She licked her upper lip as she waited for him to answer.

“Wha-what do you mean.”

“Well, my uncle told me not to argue when there’s a gun in my face, and that’s either a gun in your pocket, or you are really glad to see me.” Loni smiled at him and lifted one hand up toward him. “Help me up?” She asked.

“Sure.” He took her hand and pulled her to her feet. Loni didn’t really need the help so she used her hand that he took to guide his hand to her tit. With her other hand she cupped his balls and started to massage his shaft through his slacks. When she was standing tall facing him she pressed her lips against his. In surprise he opened his mouth and she inserted her tongue. Instinct took over Tommy and he started to massage her breast through her blouse and kiss her back fervently. It had been years since he had held a girl like this but everything came right back.

When they broke their kiss to get some air, she looked into his eyes and just quietly whispered, “Wow, do you have a girlfriend?” Before he could answer, the bell for the door being opened rang and they quickly but a couple of feet between them. “What can I help you with today?” She asked him in a professional tone as another customer came in.

“I need a bottle of red wine for a dinner.”

“Sweet, dry? Domestic, foreign?”

“I don’t know, what would you recommend?”

“Is this a special occasion?”

“No, just hanging out over dinner?”


“No, just a friend who is a girl.”

“Good. Try this, it’s good, but not too expensive.” Then in a much lower voice she said, “I wouldn’t want you to make too good an impression on her.” Back in her normal voice she continued, “Will that be cash or charge?”

“Cash, please, thank you.”

When they got to the register Loni wrote her phone number on the back of the receipt. “What’s your name?” She asked in the low voice.


“Hi, Tommy, I’m Loni, but everyone calls me Lolly because I like to suck on things, you know lollipops and such. Call me, please. I’m off every evening and all day Fridays and Saturdays.” Then back in her normal voice, she continued. “Here’s your change and receipt. Have a good day.” Tommy thanked her and turned to leave. He looked over his shoulder as he was leaving and Loni gestured to him and mouthed the words, “Call me.” Then Tommy left the store. He then went to the drug store to get the ibuprofen and drove back to Nicki’s place.

Nicki had a surprise for Tommy planned when he got back. She put some dinner on. She decided to make baked-ziti so it could sit in the oven keeping warm without burning the house down all night if necessary. Then she went and showered. When she was done showering, she shaved her pussy hair as she was told to do and went to her room. In her room she put on her robe, leaving it open and turned on her blow-dryer. Then she added a drop of perfume to her newly shaved pussy area, which stung like a bitch, and waited for Tommy to get back. It wasn’t too long a wait before she heard her doorbell ring. Rather than answering the door, she hoped he would eventually use her key to just come in. After waiting a couple of minutes, ringing the bell, he did do just that.

When Tommy let him self in, he called out to Nicki, when she didn’t answer he ventured further into the house, continually calling out to her. As he approached the kitchen area, he smelled the ziti baking. He went over to the oven, and opening it, took a deep breath. Liking what he smelled, he went to go find Nicki. He put the wine in the fridge and held the Advil in his hand as he walked down the hall toward the back of the apartment. As he went farther down the hall he could hear her hair dryer. When he approached her bedroom he could hear her drying her hair so he called out in a loud voice. “I’m back, I’ll go wait in the living room!” He then turned around and went back to the living room. He sat down, trying to wish his boner down. As he sat, he thought about her standing in her room, naked and drying her hair. He imagined her pointing at him and curling her finger, beckoning him inside where they would lock in an embrace and she would slowly drop to her knees, open his pants and start to kiss his cock. Circling its head with her tongue she would look up at him and whisper, “Tommy, I’m thirsty.” Looking back at her he would answer, “To she that is thirsty, I will give to drink.” Then he would take her head in his hands and fill her mouth, her throat with his prick. He would pump her face, in and out, in and out, over and over until he would be ready to come, then pressing him fully into her, holding her nose in his dickhair, he would unleash his load into her. She wouldn’t have any trouble swallowing it all because he would be so far down her throat he would be shooting it directly into her stomach. When he was done, she would slowly release his prick from his mouth and say, “Delicious”

“Delicious” Nicki said as she came out of her bedroom, “It smells delicious,” she continued as she walked down the hall into the kitchen. Noticing that Tommy was in the living room, she looked at him. “Hi Tommy, find everything okay?”

“Yes, I just went down the the center.” He answered from the couch. He didn’t stand, because he was sure that if he did his pants would have stood out like a tent until he adjusted them.

“I made some baked ziti. I hope you like it, cause I made too much for one person, but I love it so much that I’m sure I’ll eat too much unless you have your share. And I can’t afford to do that, I’ve got to keep my girlie figure.” With that she gestured her hands around her curves. She was wearing a simple summer dress that buttoned down the front and sandals with a short heel. Nicki had been hoping that Tommy would walk in on her again in the bedroom where she could throw herself at him and let his lust take over. She knew that if she came on to overtly to him, he would run like a bandit, so she was trying to keep his lust up, while appearing to be innocent the whole while. She chose this outfit because the dress was short, not even reaching halfway down her thighs, and the top would often gap away from her breasts. She would never have worn this dress without a shirt and bra underneath it normally, but these were not normal circumstances. If necessary, she was even planning to see to it that a button or two ‘accidentally’ opened.

“Baked ziti sounds great, I took a smell when I put the wine in the fridge, it smelled wonderful. And as for your girlie figure, you are just fine.” As he said this, he stood and approached her, listening to her talk about food got his boner down enough so he could walk to her. “Yes just fine indeed.” He said as he traced the outline of her hourglass shape with the palms of her hands.

“Do you really think so?” She asked.

“Yes I do, Nicki, you are a beautiful woman.” He leaned his head down to kiss her. He was surprised when she parted her lips, and even more so when he felt the touch of her tongue, but he simply parted his as well and allowing her tongue to enter his mouth, he breathed in deeply. In doing so he took air from her lunges, into his. The sensation of her breath being drawn out of her was something that Nicki had never felt. She felt as if he was kissing her deeply, as deep as her heart where she could feel the air being drawn from her chest.

When they finally parted, Nicki was really weak in the knees, and as Tommy held her up she smiled and whispered to him, “Wow, that was some kiss.” She decided that she wanted Tommy to take her. She wondered what things he could do, especially if he could do that with just a simple kiss. She wondered what wonderful things he would do to her body once his manhood filled her womb. These were her thoughts as she asked him to help get dinner served.

During dinner they talked a lot. The talked about different places Nichole should interview and which of their friends were dating whom, etc., etc. They didn’t talk to much about church itself, neither of them particularly wanted to think about such things with the thoughts going on in their heads. After dinner, she didn’t have to try real hard to persuade Tommy to stay for a movie. Earlier she had looked though the listings and found a sexy movie called “L.A. Goddess” that was on cable so she set the channel and curled up next to Tommy on the couch. The movie was pretty simple with some hot scenes in it, but it ended really sweetly with the young, beautiful, smart screenwriter being proposed to by the young, handsome, rich movie producer.

After the movie, Nicki was lying across the couch, with her head in Tommy’s lap, and she looked up at him and wondered aloud, “I wonder what it is like.”

“What what’s like?” Tommy asked.

“You know, being married. Having a life long friend. Waking up with the same person every morning. Making love with someone who loved you. The whole bit. I wonder sometimes.”

“Sex ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

“Not sex, making love.”

“Yes, there is a difference there.”

“A BIG difference. Or so I expect. I’ve never really made love to anyone.”

“Have you ever had sex?”

“Yes, once. It was more like ‘date-rape’ than anything else.”

“Did you report it?”

“No, I just never saw him again. When he kept calling me, I threatened to report it. He just stopped calling then. So I never reported it. What about you? Have you ever had sex?”

“Yes, lots of times in college, not in a few years though.”

“Have you ever made love?” Nichole asked in a voice that was barely above a whisper.

“Yes.” Tommy was nodding and smiling as he answered. “I did make love several times to this one girl.”

“How was it?”

“Wonderful. Don’t get me wrong sex wasn’t about love. It was mostly about maneuvering positions, I wanted sex, she wanted companionship, or a good looking man on her arm when she’s with her friends, or just someone to not be alone with on Saturday night, or whatever else it was she wanted. Sex was the price for it, almost like a deal. Making love was different. Making love was about her. It was her pleasure that was important. It was a gift from me to her. And for her it was about me. It was totally selfless, and it was wonderful.”

“Tommy.” Nichole heart was racing in her chest. She knew now was the time to ask.

“Yes, Nicki.” He looked down on her, hoping against hope she would ask, not believing she would and ashamed of himself for even wanting her to.

“Tommy, I –, I want to make love with you.” It seemed like an eternity before she heard him answer.

“Nicki, I want to make love to you too.” Tommy answered, and he lifted Nicki up into his arms and carried her to the bedroom.

Nichole’s heart was beating a mile a minute as he carried her into her bedroom. She was nervous, excited and scared. She was scared about sleeping with him. Scared about what everybody would say if he told them. Would he tell them? She was scared about not being good enough at sex for him, not making him happy. But she was also happy. When she told him that she wanted to make love with him, she was telling the truth. Now it wasn’t just the threat from Dave that had her going into her bedroom with Tommy. It was truly her desire.

When they got to the bedroom, they slowly undressed each other. When Tommy unbuttoned enough of Nicki’s dress, he slipped it off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. He then gently rubbed a finger across her nipples, then he cupped her right breast and raised it to his lips. He gently took just the tip of her nipple between her lips and kissed it, causing it to stand fully erect. Then he very gently licked the nipple with his tongue. By this time Nichole had removed Tommy’s shirt, and she arched her back in pleasure at the gentle attention he was giving her tits. Tommy and Nicki, lowered themselves to her bed and he lay on top of her with her legs wrapped around him. Tommy was in no rush. He knew from previous experience that, for Nicki to fully enjoy herself, he needed to be slow. He spent a lot of time on her breast. When he thought he had spent enough time there, he went back and spent more. Then, when he again thought he had spent enough time there, he again went back and spent more. When a third time he thought he had spent enough time, he then switched to her other breast and repeated the process. After visiting each breast in this manner three times, he headed south, down her body. When he reached her navel, he kissed it very thoroughly. He inserted his tongue into it, swirling it around.

Nicki was going crazy. Never had anyone done such things to her. Even her belly button being played with was driving her crazy. She was thinking to herself how wonderful it was and how she wished Dave had treated her like this. When she felt Tommy fingers in the waistband of her panties, she lifted her hips so he could slide them off her. She felt his tender kiss trailing over her skin, so lightly until they came to the lips of her pussy. She was very glad she had perfumed herself. As soon as his tongue pressed into her she lost control.

Tommy was somewhat surprised when the panties were removed and he saw that her pussy was shaven. He had just seen it earlier that evening covered with hair, and then, when he smelled the perfume, he knew beyond a doubt that this wasn’t some unplanned activity, but that she had set him up. He wasn’t exactly sure how he felt about this. He didn’t like being used, and it was obvious that Nicki was using him to learn about sex. Maybe even trying to force him into marrying her. Well, he would have nothing of that. Any girl who would manipulate him like this was either a slut or a whore and he wouldn’t have any bit of either. Well maybe he’d take a bit of ass, but that’s all she was going to get from him. He also knew that he better be sure that she didn’t try to blackmail him. He figured the best way to protect himself from that was to confess everything to his minister, emphasizing her seduction. Having decided that he decided to give her the fuck of her life. He stuck his tongue into her snatch and played it across her clit. The moment he touched her clit she came. Having made her come, Tommy figured that he fulfilled his promise to her making her cum, and was ready to take her. He stepped away and started to undo his pants.

It took Nicki a moment to recover from her first ever orgasm. When she did, she saw Tommy was just stepping out of his slacks. Wanting to give back to him, she sat up on the edge of the bed and started to remove his boxers. Once he stepped out of them She took him into her mouth. She gave him everything she had learned so far. She sucked. She gently used her teeth. She played with his balls. She would pull off of him and talk dirty to him. Thanking him for sucking on her pussy, for letting her make love to him, for letting take his dick into her mouth.

Tommy couldn’t believe the slut that Nicki was. He decided he didn’t want to come in her mouth, at least not yet. He had her get on to the bed face down bent at the waist with her legs hanging off the edge. Then he stood behind her and entered her from behind. He was fully in her in three strokes and started pounding her full throttle. While he was fucking her he could hear her building to a second climax, crying out,”Yes!, Yes!, Yes!” over and over again. He figured that her clit was rubbing against the bed in this position. He slowed himself down just a little bit so as to time their climaxes together. The moment he heard climax begin, he let himself go and emptied his load in her. Spurt after spurt of his cum dumped inside of her as his cock spasmed again and again. He was still spurting when her orgasm finished and she moved off his dick and turned around to swallow him. As she was approaching him, one last spurt came out and hit her in the face before she could engulf him. She wiped it off with her hand and licked herself clean. Then she started to clean Tommy off the way she had been taught. Tommy just shook his head. He couldn’t believe what a slut sweet Nicki was.

Nicki was in ecstasy being fucked by Tommy. She didn’t know the bed was rubbing her clit, she just thought it was Tommy making love to her that was making it so good. Over and over again he would thrust into her and she would fell herself rising to a second orgasm. Then it happened and she was cumming again. Once she finished, she realized that Tommy was cumming too and she wanted to be sure he would be happy so she turned to take him into her mouth. He shot once more onto her face. She wanted Tommy to know how much she loved him, how much she loved making love to him, so she took his sperm off her face and licked it up, making a little show of it for him. Then she took him into her mouth to clean him off and get him hard again. When she was done cleaning him, she sucked a little harder to get him hard again and thanked him for making love to her and asked her what was next.

Tommy couldn’t believe his ears. This slut wanted more. “Well baby, we’ve already done your mouth and your puss, there’s only one more place to go. Unless of course you want to stop.”

“No Tommy, don’t stop.” Nicki was practically begging at this point.

“Okay, Nicki, then ask me for it. Tell me where you want me to put it.” Tommy wanted to be sure that she asked for him to fuck her ass. If push came to shove, he wanted to be able to pass a lie-detector test about it.

“In my butt, put it in my butt.”

“Nicki are you sure? We could just stop.”

“No! Don’t stop! I want you to make love to my butt. Stick your dick up my hole, please.”

“Okay, you asked for it. Twice.” He turned her back over, and lined his dick at her asshole. He placed the tip of it in her hole. He realized that she was so tight he needed to loosen her up a little bit so he took a finger and soaked it in her pussy then placed it at her hole and began pushing it into her.

“Christ, you are so big,” she screamed out.

“That ain’t nothing yet, baby, that’s just my finger to loosen you up a bit. When I put my fat cock in there, you’ll know.” He worked his finger in there, then added a second. Once he was able to do both fingers at a time easily he decided it was time to enter her. He didn’t want to make her too loose for his prick. So he lined up at her hole and pushed himself into her. He was only able to get about 2 – 1/2 inches in on the first push. After a moment to let her body get used to him, he pushed again and gained another inch. He repeated this until he was buried into her all the way to his balls. He sat like that again for a moment.

“Christ, you are so big.” Nichole screamed.

“That ain’t nothing yet, baby, that’s just my finger to loosen you up a bit. When I put my fat cock in there, you’ll know.” Tommy answered

Nichole was beginning to be afraid of this. No one, not even Dave had ever fucked her in the ass before. But she didn’t want to stop. With all the pleasure Tommy had given her, she didn’t want to say ‘no’ to him. She could feel his fingers in her. Then she could feel him put his cock into her. He was right she could definitely tell, it was so much bigger, she could feel herself stretch as if she was taking a really big shit, only backwards. She wanted to cry out again, but she didn’t want Tommy to be unhappy, so she just gritted her teeth and sobbed quietly while he entered her.

Tommy was fully in her and about to start pumping her ass when he noticed her sobbing. He thought about stopping, telling her that she didn’t have to do this, but he thought about how she had set him up and decided to fuck her and to fuck her hard. He pulled back an inch or so and thrust forward, and again, and again, slowly increasing the length of his strokes. When he pulled out he could see his cock glistening with shit from her asshole. He smiled to himself thinking about Nicki cleaning him off after this, licking up her own shit. Before too long Tommy was able to almost pull out the entire length of his cock and drive it back in.

When he started doing this, Nichole’s clit started rubbing up against the bed again. Combining that with the pain subsiding as her asshole got used to his penetration, she started to climb to another towards another orgasm. With each full length thrust she felt a shudder pass through her loins. Tommy was almost ready to cum when she had her third orgasm.

Tommy couldn’t believe it. He was fucking her asshole and she got off on it. He couldn’t take it anymore and emptied himself into her asshole. After he was finished, he lay across her back and shriveled up inside her. He came out of her and lay on his back next to her.

She looked at him. She would have called it love in her eyes, but Tommy knew it was just lust. She rolled over to him and kissed him deeply. She continued kissing him down his chest. When she got to his nipples, she played with them with her tongue the way he did to her. Then she looked him over. When she looked at his cock, she almost gasped in surprise, “My you’re a mess,” was all she said.

“I sure am a mess.” Tommy began but then stopped as he saw her head moving toward his prick.

Nichole thought for a moment about cleaning off Tommy. She didn’t really want to do it, but she didn’t want him to think that she didn’t love him. This was ‘making love’ it was about his pleasure. So she took a deep breath and took his shit and cum covered cock into her mouth. It was all she could do to keep from gagging but eventually she got him cleaned up. Tommy was beginning to grow again, but she decided to stop before his hardon was complete. So after he was clean, she climbed up next to him to snuggle.

Tommy couldn’t believe what Nicki was doing. She was actually taking his cock with her shit on it and eating it. He was so grossed out he wanted to puke. After she was done, she climbed up next to him and again he wanted to throw up when he smelt her breath. He turned his back to her and lets her hold him from behind for a moment. Then he spoke, “Nicki.”

“Yes love”

“I really must be going. My roommate isn’t expecting me out this late. We wouldn’t want anyone asking questions about tonight, would we.”

“No we wouldn’t” Inwardly Nichole breathed a sigh of relief that he was as desirous of keeping this a secret as she was. “Can’t we wait another minute two?”

Tommy wanted to scream, “No, you filthy slut. If I spend one more minute with you, I’m going to retch you filthy whore” but instead gently said, “No, because a minute or two never is just a minute or two.”

“You’re right. Let’s get dressed.” So Nicki put her dress and sandals back on and Tommy got dressed as well. As they were getting ready to go, Tommy asked if he could drive. Nicki was more than happy to let him drive.

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