Nichole’s extreme sex story part 1-2

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Nichole couldn’t believe what had happened to her. A month ago she had been a top notch sales assistant for her company, but she was so good that today was her last day and tomorrow she’ll be at the unemployment office. She had been with the company only a couple of years as a sales assistant, mostly a personal secretary for a half of a dozen sales people or so. Most sales assistants only had two, or at most three, sales people that they worked with, but Nicki was very good. She was so excited when she received her promotion from sales assistant to sales person. However, being the newest sales person also meant that when the company down-sized the sales staff, her position was the first to go. She was depressed. She had been in the new position two weeks, had just closed her first new sale, when she got the pink slip. Only it wasn’t pink. It was electronic. An office memo, e- mailed to her, with a signed paper copy also sent through inter-office mail.

Some at the office had suggested that she try to get her old position of sales-assistant back but Nichole just couldn’t bring herself to do that. She worked hard to get out of that position. She also wasn’t willing to accept the loss of pay that would come with the demotion. When people would say, “Some pay is better than no pay,” she would respond that she will be getting unemployment and they will help her get a sales position somewhere. So at 5 o’clock Friday afternoon she walked out the door bidding her final good-byes to the people she had been closest to and headed for home, fighting back the tears.

She decided rather than take the bus to her train, that she would walk to the station, the cold air might do her some good she reasoned. Instead, the more she walked the more mad and upset she got. She hadn’t gotten halfway to the station when she almost walked right into this man. She saw him at the last moment and stopped short and stood there waiting for him to make a move so they could pass. After a moment when he didn’t move she took a step to her left, just then he took a step to his right, still blocking her path. Then she took a step to her right and he matched that with a step to his left. Again she went right and he went left. And again. By this time the man was having a ball and finally said, “Shall we dance, my dear?”

“No we most certainly will not dance, you oaf, get out of my way!” She snapped back, striking at him with her right arm. He caught the arm against his body on her second hit. “Hey! wait a minute! Why are you hitting me?” Then noticing that she was crying he asked, “Why are you crying? Is everything all right? What’s wrong?”

“No, everything is not all right! I’m just the best damn sales assistant in the whole damn city. I so damned good, that I just lost my fucking job.” She started crying in full force now. She leaned up against him. Since he already had one of her arms around her, it was easy for him to take her in a full embrace and start to comfort her. While he was comforting her he started feeling her ass through her skirt and, liking the softness and the firmness that he felt, a plan started to form in his mind. “Everything will be okay. You’ll get another job, a better one.” It only took him a few minutes to persuade her to have dinner with him.

He brought her to a nearby place where he knew most of the staff. Once they were seated, she excused herself to go freshen up her make-up, which was a mess all over her face. He quickly got his waiter’s attention and slipping him a twenty outlined his plan. The waiter was to wait until she returned, then bring a bottle of wine over to the table. When he opened the wine he would “mistakenly” slip and pour it all over her, especially on her blouse under her jacket. Then, very apologetic of course, the waiter would announce that the meal would be on the house, and would ask her if she could give him her blouse and he would have it cleaned. Her jacket would cover her (from the front at least) and he would look for a safety pin or something to help keep it closed. Of course he would not find one. The waiter further suggested that one of the video surveillance cameras could focus in on her. The tape should prove at least amusing, and potentially useful.

After a while Nichole returned to the table, all made up and really looking very nice. While she was walking back, he got his first real chance to get a look at his impromptu date. She was about five foot seven or eight inches tall, slim with nice round hips and a slim waist. Her tits, while not huge by any means were quite ample and firm. Her suit that she was wearing was a dark blue skirt that ended mid- thigh with a matching two button jacket whose lapels met just below her sternum. Under the jacket she wore a shell, a plain white blouse for modesty’s sake. When she sat down, she seemed really nervous. She said, “I do-don’t mean to be ungrateful or anything. This is really ni-nice your taking me out and a-all, But we don’t even know each other. I mean, I don’t even know your name.”

“You’re right, lets fix that, I’m David Talbot, but please call me Dave. I work in real estate, sales and management, and you are?”

“I’m Nichole Dalton, I’m a, I was a sales representative for Med-Scape. Please call me Nicki.”

“Okay, Nicki, I will. I took the liberty of ordering us some wine while you were freshening up. A California burgundy.” Just then the waiter came with the wine. He opened the cork, Dave sniffed and approved, the waiter poured him a taste, again Dave approved. Then the waiter started to pour Nicki’s glass. As he was pouring, a bus boy tried to squeeze past him but instead bumped the him. The waiter went sprawling over the table, and wine poured all over Nicki. After a few seconds, after she was fully drenched with the red staining liquid, the waiter “got himself under control” and was able to stop the flow. But the results were effective. The stains were everywhere, but it was especially bad on her white blouse. The dark blue of her suit help to hide the wine there. Now was the time for the acting to truly begin. But Nichole made it easy, being satisfied with a replacement for the garments, including the suit and the complimentary dinner. Before she went to the bathroom again to remove her blouse while the bus boy went in search of a safety pin, she ordered a magnum of the best champagne in the house.

When she returned from the bathroom, Nichole was carrying not only her blouse, but her bra as well. She turned to the waiter and said, “The bra will need to be replaced also, size 34-C.” She then leaned over the table, giving Dave a wonderful view of those 34-C tits, to get a pen and paper from her purse. “Here’s my address,” she said while writing, “have the replacements delivered before noon tomorrow.” She sat down quickly, turned to Dave kissed him once on the cheek and said, “Now that dinner’s on the house, I don’t feel so bad about letting you take me out to dinner.” Nichole decided to spoil herself rotten. She ordered the most expensive meal on the menu, steak and lobster, even though she knew she couldn’t finish it all. “Just to get back at that stupid fucking waiter, I hope they take it all out of his salary.” Inside Dave was fuming, he vowed to make the bitch pay for every last fucking penny, and he knew just the payment. But on the outside, Dave was all smiles, slowly he got Nichole drunker and drunker, until by the end of the night she could barely stand. Dave even managed to get the bill put on her credit card. A rain storm had come up while they were eating so Dave put his long coat around both of them and with his arm around her, walked her to his place. While they were walking, Dave, using his arm that was around her lifted up her jacket so he had an unimpeded view of her tit. The cold damp air made the nipple stand firm and Dave imagined what would come next.

His place was only a couple of blocks away, and they quickly arrived. Nichole was too drunk to really put up much resistance to Dave’s assurances that, “It would be all right,” and “She needed sleep,” and “It was “much too late” and she was “much too drunk” to be going home alone now. Once inside he hung up his coat and had her sit on the couch. He sat next to her and put on the TV. It was set to a cable movie that, while not hard-core, was definitely for adults only with lots of nudity and sex. While they watched and tried to figure out the plot, Dave put his arm around her. She snuggled a little closer and he was able to put his hand inside her jacket and onto her tit. His fingers started to play with her nipple. At this she turned with a start and faced him. She was sitting so closed that he just leaned over and kissed her full on the lips, when she gasped with surprise, he inserted his tongue. At first she started to struggle, but her strength was no match for his, but then she stopped struggling and kissed him back with full strength. Seeing that she had stopped fighting him and was now giving herself to him he stopped trying to hold her and he unbuttoned and removed her jacket.

With her chest fully exposed, he took a little trip south with his lips. He slowly kissed her down her neck and over to her left breast. When he got there he first sucked on the nipple then he circled it with his tongue a few times. When he took it in his teeth and started to nibble lightly on it she cried out. “Oh don’t stop! That’s wonderful! No one has ever done that to me before!”

Dave was puzzled. He didn’t know what she meant. He wondered if she meant no one ever her made her feel like that before, or did no one ever even suck her tit before. But he wasn’t going to stop just yet, he left her left tit and went to the right one and gave it the same treatment the left one had had a minute before. When he came up for air she held him real tight and said. “Wow, no one’s ever done that before. I never knew what I was missing.”

“No one’s ever done what, made you come by licking your tits before?”

“No one’s even licked my — my tits before.”



“So this is an occasion of sorts for you, you need souvenirs.”

“Souvenirs?” Nicki wasn’t sure she understood.

“Yeah pictures, like when you go some where or do something for the first time. So you can remember it.”

“Kinda like babies first steps.”

“Exactly! Let me get my camera.” Dave was estatic. He was hoping to get some nude pictures of her after she went to sleep to blackmail her with, but live action, with her consent, in the act photographs would be a killer. And especially since she was still a virgin, she must have some reputation to protect. He got his camera and quickly loaded it with high-speed, low-light film.

“Give me a big smile.” She did. Click. “Okay, Nicki, why don’t we just do a whole shoot, we’ll use up the film and have some fun.” When she didn’t look convinced, he walked over to her and gave her a hug and a kiss and said softly. “Com’ on, it’ll be fun for both of us and it’ll make me very happy.”

“I donno, Dave”

“It’s easy, here’s what you do. Climb on the couch. Kneel down. Smile.” Click. “Okay, lean forward. More. More. Smile.” Click. “Okay, go down a little more, put your hands down on the couch, pick your butt up in the air, rock forward.” Click.

“See this is easy.”

“I feel easy today.” She replied in a very husky voice.

“Let’s try some two person shots. Let me get closer. Slowly, undo my belt buckle. That’s a girl. First feed the belt back through the loop.” Click. “Unclasp it.” Click. Pull the belt all the way out.” Click. “Keep pulling.” Click. “Put the belt around your neck and through the loop.” Click. Click. “Not too tight. Okay put your face close to my prick.” Click. “Smile.” Click. “Okay, on three, slowly pull down my shorts. When you see my dick come out smile with a big wide open mouth smile. And when my shorts are all the way down give it a big kiss.”

“I-I can’t do that.”

“Sure you can, it’s easy. Just like a lollipop when you were a little girl. Ready?” She nodded. “One, two and three.” Click. “There you go, slowly.” Click. “Big smile now.” Click. “Open, open your mouth.” Click. “Okay, now kiss it.” Click. “Kiss it.” Click. “Again, use your tongue this time.” Click. “Now, like a lollipop, lick it.” Click. “Look up at the camera and smile.” Click. “Good girl, just a couple of more times.” His first shot of come came out without any warning. He deliberately didn’t give her any because he didn’t want to scare her off. The blowjob wasn’t especially good, but the anticipation of what the pictures would allow to happen was more than enough to compensate. His first cum shot got her right on the check, right below the eye. He caught it perfectly with the camera. The surprise of that caused her to pull back and he got the next two also on her face. The third went right into her still open mouth. He got that one on film also. After that he started coming all over her chest. He had a lot of come to shoot and she was quickly drenched with his sticky white stuff.

“Now lick it up.” He commanded.

“What? NO!” She backed away, revolted. He grabbed the end of the belt that was around her neck and pulled her to him, her face to his groin, his prick against her cheek. The belt tightened so much that she literally could not breathe. Her hands went to her neck to try to pull the belt away from her skin but to no avail, panic stricken she looked up at him. She didn’t know what was happening or what to do. A moment ago she and Dave were having some fun and all of a sudden he had become a monster. She was sure he was going to rape her now. She didn’t want to lose her cherry this way. She started to think that maybe if she was willing to do for him whatever he wanted, he wouldn’t hurt her, wouldn’t force her. She looked at his shrinking cock and took it in her hands, bent her head down and started to lick it. As she did so Dave relaxed his hold on the belt so she could breathe again. While she was licking and cleaning him, Dave started to stroke her hair.

“I’m sorry, Nicki.” He cooed. “I don’t know what came over me there for a minute. Let’s take this belt off you.” He leaned down and unfastened the belt and through it over to the couch. Nicki felt relieved. She really thought Dave was going to rape her, but now she knew that he had just gotten excited. After removing the belt he lifted her up so she was standing facing him and he embraced her fully. Her tits pressed flat against his chest, His soft cock against her skirt between her legs. “I’m so sorry, that will never happen again.” Nicki knew that for sure. This was going to be the last night, the last time he was going to see her. He led her over to the couch where they sat down. A new movie was coming on so they started to watch it. It was about a night watchman who starts sleeping with the wife of the house, the her husband gets killed in the living room while he’s in bed with her. Turns out the wife’s lover killed her husband, and she was sleeping with the watchman just so they could frame him for the murder. They both figured out the plot very early and spent most of the movie mocking the characters, especially during the bedroom scenes. The movie didn’t end until almost 1 am so Nicki decided that spending the night at Dave’s was a lot safer than facing the city streets alone at that time of the night

Dave turned off the TV and the lights. The room was pretty dark, the only light coming from the bathroom down the hall, whose light was left on. “Well what did you think of the movie?” He asked her, not ready to go to sleep just yet.

“What did I think, let me think. Well, the plot was paper thin, the acting lacked, the writing was trite, but the location was good and it was damn sexy.”

“But did you like it?”

“Yeah, it was fun. Good for a laugh. But I think it was the company that made it bearable.”

“Thank you my thoughts exactly, so all three of us liked it.”

“Three of us?”

“Yeah three of us, you me and my prick. It was standing practically the whole time to get a better view.” She looked down at his crotch she could barely see the outline of his cock in the dim light.

“He doesn’t seem to realize that it’s over yet. He still standing tall.” She reached down and started to gently stroke him with her hands.

“I think he’s jealous, he wants some of the action he was seeing.” Nicki was horny. She didn’t know that that was what she was feeling for she had never felt this way before but she was horny. She bit her lip as she started to think. Dave had been such a gentleman except for that one moment, and he apologized for that. Maybe this would be a good time.

“Nicki, Nicki, you in there? Whatcha thinking about hon?”

“I’m think about you, and you big fellow here,” she continued to stroke him, “and maybe I can help him with his problem. I’ve never done this before, be gentle with me.” “I’ll very gentle with you tonight. Thank you.” He couldn’t believe his luck, before she changed her he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

Nicki was nervous. She was grateful that she was on the pill to lessen her P.M.S. In his arms she whispered that to him as he carried her. But she was still nervous. The first time was supposed to hurt, and it wasn’t supposed to be any good either. Well, at least she would get it over with. He laid her down on the bed and went over to the closet to hang up his shirt. He also turned on the video camera aimed at the bed, but Nicki didn’t know that. He always kept the camera loaded and plugged in, focused and aimed at the bed.

He came to the bed, nude and crawled up on top of her. He kissed her and placed his hands on her tits and played with her nipples again. When he brought his lips to her nipples again she started to cry out with pleasure. He reached under her and unfastened her skirt, lifting her hip he pulled it down and off of her. He looked down and was very surprised to find her in stockings and garters instead of pantyhose. Pleased, he removed her panties, but left her stockings on. Noticing that his cock had softened up a little bit he said to Nicki, “Better take him in your mouth, you’ll lubricate him up so it will hurt less. Make your mouth into a circle, lean forward. Take it in your mouth and stop when you start to gag. Take a breath and take a little more in. Okay a little back and forth here.” This was mostly for the camera anyway, just to get some of this on tape. After a couple of minutes he pulled out. “Good, this will still hurt a little bit, but I’ll be gentle.” He spread her legs wide so that her cunt faced the camera and mounted from a high angle, again the camera in mind. Then putting his hands on her tits so that she bore his full weight, he wasn’t actually trying to be gentle at all, he boldly went where no man had gone before, Nichole’s pussy. He went slowly until he found her hymen, then pulled back and with a single thrust drove himself to the balls. Nicki screamed in pain and he started to pump her in earnest. When it came time for him to actually come, he again pulled out and straddled her from way on high so that the camera had a good view of her through his legs. He shot all over her body getting as much on her face and tits as he could. When he was done, he sat back and pulled her up to a sitting position. He also held her hands so she couldn’t wipe herself and let the camera get a good view of her. “I’m sorry that hurt so much.” He lied to her, “For some people it just does. Next time will be better.”

“If it feels like that, there won’t be a next time.” She panted, “But if everyone keeps on doing it, it can’t be that bad. But I’m really sore now.”

“It’s time to get some sleep. Lay down, I’ll wake you in the morning.”


Nichole woke up before Dave the next morning, but not wanting to disturb him and just wanting to think she lay there with her eyes closed. She thought about the events of the previous night. She got laid. It was not really a big deal. It was only significant because it was her first time and she now wouldn’t be a virgin when she got married. Most guys don’t expect that anymore anyway. She was sore, her breasts and especially her cunt ached. Well, that was Dave’s fault. She simply wouldn’t see him again.

She rose up out of bed, still dressed in only her stockings and garter. She found her panties and skirt on the floor, picked them up and decided to leave the panties behind. They were still damp and smelly and there was no way she was going to put them back on. She figured Dave might even like them as a souvenir. As she was putting her skirt on, she heard Dave start fidgeting in the bed. He blinked his eyes open. “Good-bye, Dave.” She said.

“Ya leaving already? See ya later, babe.”

“Not likely.” She said and left the bedroom, closing the door behind her. Dave closed his eyes and smiled. “That what you think, babe.” was the last thought he had before he went back to sleep. In the living room Nicki put on her jacket took her purse and left, locking the door behind her. As soon as she stepped outside, she felt the morning chill in the air. Her body felt it too, her nipples getting all tight and tingly again as they felt the cold air. She took the bus to get to the rail station. The bus driver looked her over, especially her cleavage as she was fumbling through her purse for exact change. The bus was totally empty as this was near the beginning of its run and she took a seat in the back. A few blocks later three teenage boys got on. She could tell by their jackets that they were all varsity letter men at the local school. After paying their fare, they also went right to the back and sat on seats surrounding her. “Good morning lady!” One of them said, “Aren’t we looking fine today.” “Must be a little chilly in that outfit though,” another said. “Yeah, but it is so so pleasing to the eye.” the third said. She started to stand, but the first put his hand on her shoulder to stopping her. “Where are you going, lady. We’ve only just met. It would surely be rude of you to walk away from us when we’re only being friendly.” His smile was friendly enough, but the hand on her shoulder didn’t wavier a bit until she sat back down. “That’s a good girl. Now tell me, what is your name?”

“Just leave me alone, please.”

“My what an unusually long name, Miss Please,” the second one chuckled. “Or is it Alone-Please? Mine’s a lot shorter, I’m Horny, and I’m very, very pleased to have met you.” He held up his hand as if to shake hers. This brought a loud round of laughter from the guys. One of the guys started to stroke her hair. Nichole didn’t take his hand and instead just closed her eyes and gently shook her head. After a moment of waiting, “Mr. Horny” reached between the jacket’s lapels and grabbed her right tit with it.

When she felt him touch her, she opened her eyes in shock and slapped him hard across the face. The sound stopped all the laughter. “That wasn’t very nice, Miss Please,” he snarled and he slapped her with a right that almost knocked her off the seat and onto the floor. She kicked back at him, but succeeded only in enraging them more. They threw her to the ground and ripped her jacket open, popping off the buttons. Then they started to bite and maul her tits. She was unable to cry out because one of the guys had covered her mouth with his hand. Then one of them, “Mr. Horny” reached under her skirt. “Hey this whore isn’t even wearing any panties!” He whispered and raised her skirt so that the others could see. “She’s ready to get it, and I’m ready to give it to her.” That guy climbed between her legs and had undone his belt. He lowered his pants and shorts and rammed his cock all the way in. Nichole thrashed so much that part of her cries made it past the hand over her mouth.

When the bus driver looked in his rear view mirror to see what the commotion in the back of bus was he didn’t notice anything at first because they were all below the seat line. One of the guys took out a switchblade and held it next to her throat. “You’re next sound will be you last, bitch.” He the proceeded to take his cock out and dangle it over her mouth. “Make me come, bitch. Suck my cock. And if you even think about biting me, you’ll pay.” So Nichole had three well-hung athletes at once, one guy fucking her, another with his cock in her mouth and a third sucking on her tits. It wasn’t until the guy who was fucking her started to come and he started yelling out that the driver pulled the bus over to see what was going on. “Shit, man, the driver’s stopping the bus, let’s get out of here.” Even before the bus came to a full stop the guys had opened the rear emergency exit and fled down a side street.

“Hey!” the bus driver yelled after them. “Get the fuck out of here you assholes! Stay the hell off my bus or I’ll kick the living shit out of you!” One look at the driver showed that he could do it too. He reset the emergency exit and went to the back of the bus and looked over Nichole top to bottom and top again. He looked at her shapely, stocking covered legs; her exposed, pantiless cunt; her tits covered only by cum, still young and firm; her pretty face without any makeup or adornment except for the come splattered on her cheek and lips; and long straight blond hair. “Man, I should’ve joined them, not chased them.” He thought to himself. “You a whore?” He asked her bluntly. Stunned and still dazed she managed to shake her head. “Well you’re only asking for trouble going out dressed like that. You better get up I going to get the bus moving again. I wouldn’t bother calling the police, they’ll never find those guys. I didn’t get a good enough look at them to help you and there were no other witnesses. And besides, even if they do find the right three guys, they’ll get a bunch of their friends to lie for them so they’ll have a rock-solid alibi.” It took every ounce of self control that he had not to physically “help” her up, but he didn’t trust himself and his marriage didn’t need this. His cock was already straining itself against his shorts. As he sat back down in the driver’s seat and drove the rest of the his route he began to fantasize about the nearly naked blond in the back of his bus.

Nichole moved up closer to the driver, which caused his fantasies to run even wilder. He thought about her blond hair and soft lips. He imagined her kneeling between his legs as he drove the bus, her head bobbing up and down his long hard black shaft. He could practically feel her teeth scrape the underside of his prickhead, her tongue licking around and around his sensitive tip. He pictured her sitting on his lap while he was driving, looking over her shoulder. She was bouncing up and down, and just as he pulled up to the stop outside the convent where all the nuns got on, she started to come, screaming out at the top of her lungs. Then when the shift was over he take her back to the rec. room in the bus yard. There would be some definite recreation in there that day. He pictured laying her over the side of the Lazyboy and giving it to her Rocky(D)gy style while she took another driver in the mouth. He would drive her to the hilt over and over again while those lips of hers would kiss the guys cock. She would lick his balls, taking one and then the other and then both balls into her mouth. Finally when they couldn’t stand it anymore he would enter her straight from the mouth and they would double pump her, timing their strokes together. She would start to climb to a climax. The guy in her mouth would shoot first. She’d begin to take it down the throat, but then she’d gag because she was too distracted by the fucking she was getting to swallow so he would pull out and dump the rest on her face. She’d start to cry out as her climax neared, “Yes. Yes! YES! Fuck me! FUCK ME! Fuck me bus driver, oh Mr. bus driver. Yo, Mr. bus driver”

“Mr. bus driver.” Nichole called out. “Yo, Mr. bus driver! That was my stop you just passed!” She really was calling out to him, but not with sexual excitement, but with anger. He quickly pulled the bus over.

“This isn’t a stop, so you’ll have to exit here out the front of the bus. Sorry about that, my mind got wandering a bit there.” He apologized to her. “Wandering about you,” he thought to himself. “And what I’d like to do with you. Well at least I’ll get to see you one more time.” As she walked down the steps and out of the bus and his life, he called out, “Be careful out there.” Shaking his head he drove off.

Nichole walked the five blocks to the terminal. When she got there, she felt cold and dirty. She got to the station checked the schedule, and knowing that she already had her ticket and had about a half hour until her train left she went to the ladies’ room to clean up some. In the ladies room the first thing she did was wash her hands and face. Then she soaked some paper towels and started to clean off torso. As she was washing, another woman came into the bathroom. “I’m sorry, I was just cleaning up a bit, I’ll be out of your way in a moment,” she said to the newcomer.

“That’s all right. What happen to you doll? You’re a mess.”

“That’s for sure, it’s been a tough morning. I don’t want to talk about it. I just want to clean up a bit and go home.”

“Well, let me help you with your back, you’ve got some dirt in some scratches and you wouldn’t want it to get infected, now would you.”

“Thank you. I was wondering what I would do about that. My name is Nichole. Here’s some paper towels.” Nichole passed her some damp paper towels.

“Thanks, I’m Leigh. I think we’ll need to take your top off,” Nichole did as asked and Leigh continued, “leave the bra on though. Oh, never mind about the bra I guess.” Leigh started to gently wipe Nichole’s back taking the grime from the floor of the bus off. They both sighed with contentment together. Nichole was pleased for this small pleasure of having someone else care for her. Leigh’s hands were soft and gentle on her torn flesh. The fingernails deftly removing the pebbles that were across her back. Leigh was delighted to have a half-naked pretty girl in her hands. She could tell by the materials and workmanship of Nichole’s clothing that she was just some bag lady using the bathroom for a shower. Her skin also had the softness of one who bathed daily. Leigh pulled the band back on Nichole’s skirt to clean under there and noticed the lack of underwear. “I like not wearing underwear too.” Leigh told Nichole. “It feels so naughty having just a thin dress between my most privates and the rest of the world. It makes it very easy to remove too. Do you always go around without underwear?” Nichole wasn’t listening to what Leigh was saying, just enjoying the comfort of her hands and murmured an agreement to whatever it was Leigh had said. “Me too. I just came in to the city to some shopping and just the thought of being so close to all those people while wearing so little keeps me damp all day long.” Nichole didn’t know what to say, but

she certainly didn’t like the direction this conversation was going. She decided that it was time to leave.

“Thank you, Leigh, but I have to go now to catch my train.”

“Can you take the next one?” Leigh asked. “I’d really like to spend some time with you. I think we so much in common”

“No, I don’t think we have that much in common, at all. I just want to go home, excuse me.” She stepped around Leigh and marched right out of the bathroom without her jacket. She hadn’t gotten five steps when the ruckus that she caused made her realize what she had done. She stopped ion her tracks not sure of what to do. She just stood there, circling in place, listening to the noise. Some teenagers there started cheering and clapping. The construction workers doing station improvements stopped and whistled, beckoning for her to come over and hold their tools for them. The parents tried to hide their children’s eyes. While the children tried to see what was going on. “Mommy, what is that woman over there walking around without a shirt on?” She heard one little voice ask. “I thought girls always wore their shirts.”

“Don’t look over their, Suzie.” Was the reply. “She’s a bad girl. Good girls always were shirts. She’s a floozy.”

After just a minute or two, Nichole came back to her senses and ran back into the bathroom. Leigh was their waiting, holding Nichole’s jacket draped on one finger, smiling. “Thought you’d come back for this doll, but I’m not sure why though. Without its buttons it won’t do very much to cover you, honey.” Nichole grabbed the jacket out of her hands, put it on, picked up her purse and with her hands thrust deep in her pockets to keep the jacket closed, stormed out of the bathroom. She walked to her train ignoring everybody she passed, trying, unsuccessfully, to not blush to deeply. She went to the deli counter and ordered herself a bagel with butter and a coffee. She may have ignored her jacket opening when she took her money out of wallet, but the fifteen year-old sales clerk didn’t. He never took his eyes off her chest the entire time she was at the counter. His dick was hard as a rock since this was the first live bare tit he had ever seem. As soon as she left, he took a bathroom break to relieve himself.

She looked up at the board as her train was announced. She went to the track and took a seat in the rear of one of the cars. The car was empty when she got on and nearly so when it left. The only other people were a couple way in the front and a guy setting a few seats away. Since hers was the last stop and she wouldn’t miss it, she put her head back to take a nap after the conductor checked her ticket. She settled down quickly and soon was snoring At the first stop the couple got off the train and that left sleeping beauty alone in the car with someone who definitely wasn’t prince charming.

He noticed that she went to sleep and he, being bored got up and walked down the isle to take a look at her. He was surprised when he got a good look at her. Her left tit was totally exposed as she slept because the jacket had opened on that side. He quickly went to both ends of the car and locked the doors so no one could walk in on him. Then he went back to her. At first he was content to just look, but again he got bored and gently stroked her face with his hand. At his touch she shifted in her sleep. This caused her skirt to ride up so he could see the top of her stockings. After she settled back down, he reached for the hem of her skirt and slowly lifted it up. Once he saw her uncovered pussy he laid the skirt down around her waist. His boner was rock hard and he decided to do something about it. He took off his jacket and his pants and shorts and with on swift motion he covered her face with the jacket pushing her head back.

Nichole snapped awake. She couldn’t see anything but she felt pressure on her face. Before she could react she felt her lags being separated and a dick entering her cunt. She tried to cry out but all she could manage was a quiet squeal because her jaw was being pushed closed. “Just shut up.” She heard a man’s voice. “I’m just giving you what you wanted you half-naked nympho-whore. Why else would you go around — unh — without a shirt — unh — or — unh — underwear on.” She could tell that the guy was about to come and she prayed it would all be over soon. It was and he dumped his come into her. Then he hit her with a right across her chin and knocked her out cold.

Nichole woke up a couple of stops later, alone and very cold but her stop was coming up and she was very glad when she got the rest of the way home without further incident.

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