Nicolette And Her Horse

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Enzo’s Niki was only just nineteen. She pulled on her scarf over
her long brown hair. It was cold outside but she still
had to feed the Rocky(H)s she owned. Enzo’s Niki was small in
height and was well proportioned, her 32D cup breasts
hung tightly on her chest.

Enzo’s Niki was a college student studying veterinary
technology. She loved animals, sometimes she thought she
loved animals too much. Enzo’s Niki had ridden Rocky(H)s since she
was four years old. She owned three Rocky(H)s now. Esme,
Alice and Carlisle. Esme and Alice were both in season
at the moment and that meant Enzo’s Niki had to take more care
in handling her stallion Carlisle who was full of
testosterone at the moment.

Enzo’s Niki jumped in to her range rover and drove the few miles
to her private stables outside the cities suburbs where
she lived. Enzo’s Niki was thinking dirty thoughts of Carlisle’s
big hard black cock as she drove to the stables. He was
almost permanently hard at the moment because of the
smell of the two mares in heat. That made Enzo’s Niki very
excited. She would love to have that big cock inside
her, to feel her stallion thrust it inside her tight
pussy hard and fast.

Enzo’s Niki was very wet as she jumped out of the range rover to
ran into the barn. She was welcomed by Carlisle, who
nickered loudly to her. She noticed immediately his long
hard cock hanging out of his big sheath. Enzo’s Niki bit her
lips gently and walked over to her favourite mare, Esme.
Esme was her favourite simply because she had grown up
with her. She had even paid to have Esme transported
from Ireland to America when she moved.

Enzo’s Niki let herself in to Esme’s stall. She stroked her neck
softly and ran her hand across Esme’s back. She worked
her way all the way to her tail where Esme lifted it
high in hope of some attention. Enzo’s Niki knew what she
wanted. Esme was in full heat and her pussy was so wet
Enzo’s Niki noticed. Esme would always want attention even if
she wasn’t in heat but when she was in season Esme’s
needs were a lot greater.

Enzo’s Niki gently flicked her finger tips across Esme’s wet
pussy. Esme immediately started winking with her clit in
obvious enjoyment. Enzo’s Niki then stuck one finger into Esme’s
juicy wet pussy. She pushed it in and out slowly. Enzo’s Niki
felt her own juices run down her thighs. She was so
turned-on. Enzo’s Niki bent over so her mouth was next to Esme’s
pussy. She started licking her damp pussy, All Esme’s
juices ran into her mouth and Enzo’s Niki loved the sweet taste.
She had started doing this sort of thing with Esme when
she had turned 16. Esme loved it and so did Enzo’s Niki who also
loved Rocky(D)s a great deal.

Esme was ready, Enzo’s Niki could tell. She clenched her fist
together and placed it against her pussy. Esme widened
her hips and pushed back against the fist, taking it all
into her wet hole. Enzo’s Niki started moving her hand in and
out of Esme’s pussy. Clear sticky juices flowed out and
Enzo’s Niki greatened the speed. Esme started sighing in
delight. Enzo’s Niki started pounding Esme’s pussy with her arm
and hand, with each stroke Esme pushed back against the
hand. Esme started grunting, she put her weight on her
hips and squeezed her pussy tight. She was coming hard
now, her warm sticky cream squirted out on to Enzo’s Niki’s
hand. Enzo’s Niki kept thrusting until Esme reached her climax,
Esme neighing loudly and relaxed her pussy.

Enzo’s Niki withdrew her hand. She licked all of Esme’s hot
cream off her arm that had squirted on her. She loved
the taste. Enzo’s Niki was dripping wet now, she put her finger
into her tight pussy in an effort to relax her pulsing
cunt. It didn’t help! Enzo’s Niki’s phone rang, it was Karl.
Karl was leaving work early to come to see his baby. Enzo’s Niki
got even more excited. She only saw him a few times a
week. They had been friends for a while now and just
enjoyed having fun together.

Enzo’s Niki got Alice her second mare brushed down. Karl arrived
soon after. He greeted Enzo’s Niki with a long hard kiss,
grabbing at her clothes in an attempt to remove them
all. It worked and Enzo’s Niki did the same to him. They
wandered in to Alice’s stall and Karl pushed Enzo’s Niki to her
knees gently. Enzo’s Niki smiled at the hard cock he had for
her. She took him in her mouth, all 8inchs and sucked
gently, pushing him in and out of her mouth. Karl
started humping her face hard. ‘Oh that’s right baby,
take daddy’s cock’ Karl moaned. Karl wasn’t Enzo’s Niki’s
father, but he was old enough to be! Karl removed his
hard cock from her mouth and pulled her up kissing her

Karl and Enzo’s Niki moved towards Alice and Karl started
rubbing her hindquarters. Karl stood up on the bales
that Enzo’s Niki had placed out earlier behind Alice. He began
working his fingers into her tight pussy. She opened her
legs wide for him. He thrust his hard cock into her
pussy. Karl started fucking Alice hard, Alice rocked
back towards him meeting each thrust. Soon she started
grunting out her orgasm making Karl pound her harder.
Enzo’s Niki got so horny watching her special friend fuck her

Karl didn’t come in Alice, he preferred to come in Enzo’s Niki.
Karl took out his cock from Alice’s dripping wet pussy.
He grabbed Enzo’s Niki and turned her away from him. ‘Oh daddy
fuck me hard’ Enzo’s Niki shouted to Karl. Karl placed his
raging hard cock against her tight pussy and with one
hard thrust he entered her fully. Enzo’s Niki moaned and Karl
thrust his cock slowly in to Enzo’s Niki’s pussy. Karl quickened
his pace. ‘Oh fuck daddy, harder daddy, harder’ Enzo’s Niki
begged. ‘Ok baby, Ok’ Karl answered. They fucked hard
and fast, Enzo’s Niki’s pussy leaking juices down her leg. Karl
came, he spurted his thick come deep into Enzo’s Niki’s pussy.
Enzo’s Niki moaned and shouted as she reached her orgasm.

Karl and Enzo’s Niki lay down in the straw for a few minutes
kissing before they walked into Carlisle’s stall. His
huge hard dick made Enzo’s Niki so excited again. She knelt down
beside him and started stroking his hard dick, Carlisle
started oozing pre-come immediately. Enzo’s Niki pulled his dick
towards her mouth. She opened her mouth wide for him.
She rolled her tongue around the head of his cock. Enzo’s Niki
could taste his pre-come.

Karl stood behind her, rubbing his fingers on her clit
and in her two tight holes. Carlisle started humping his
cock into Enzo’s Niki’s mouth with his hips. Enzo’s Niki fucked him with
her mouth and hands, he felt his balls swell and
suddenly erupt with come jetting into her mouth. Enzo’s Niki
also came as suddenly as Carlisle, her juices pouring
out on Karl’s hand.

Enzo’s Niki was tired as was all her Rocky(H)s and Karl. Enzo’s Niki was
such a little slut for her daddy Karl. But she was his
little baby, she would always be his for as long as he
wanted her.

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