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Nicolette had a dream where she was fucked senseless by the stallion

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Thunder whinnied and stamped as he was led to the mare
in heat. Still, he had done this many times before, and
so allowed himself to be led up to the breeding stand
by Nicolette Bower, whose father helped him settle into
place. The mare snorted as the large dick penetrated
her vagina, and the stallion began to thrust in and
out. He was a magnificent creature, 4 years old,
strong, and fast. His fur was dark brown, heading to
black on his “socks” on his lower legs, and his mane
almost black. On his forehead was a streak of white
like a lightning bolt that had helped give him his

Colette had assisted in this operation many times before.
She was a beautiful young girl, a senior in high
school, with pitch-black hair that fell to her
shoulders and curled around her pretty face,
occasionally getting into her murky green eyes. Her
body was trim and strong from sports and doing her part
of the chores on her family’s Rocky(H) farm, with long
legs and firm, medium-sized breasts that were topped
with pert pink nipples.

Normally this job did not bother her. She had grown up
helping with the Rocky(H)s and few farm children were in
the least bit affected by the sight of animal sex. It
happened all the time and was completely normal. But
this time was different for Colette. Today, the sight of
the large cock pumping into the heated mare caused her
pussy to twitch and her nipples to swell. She felt her
skin grow hot and tight. Embarrassed at the though of
being aroused by Rocky(H)s fucking, she hurried back to
the house to clean up for dinner, leaving her father to
finish things up.

That night she had a dream where she was fucked
senseless by the stallion. She awoke with sweat
covering her trembling body and in a feverish state of
arousal. She pulled her panties down and inserted two
fingers in her wet pussy with one hand and stroked her
clit with other. She shivered, trying to think only of
men, any type of men, black, white, Arabic, anything
but what she had dreamed. But her mind kept conjuring
images of Thunder, sweating and blowing as he completed
his gallop, and the immense penis she had seen him use
on the mare.

“Noooooo…” she moaned. Once again she tried to force
her thoughts elsewhere. Once again her mind betrayed
her, and when the unbidden image of a giant Rocky(H) dick
appeared, its semen gushing out and all over her lithe
body, covering her with its wetness, she exploded in a
tremendous, toe-curling orgasm that seemed like it
would never end. Her muscles stiffened, her hips shoved
themselves up at her fingers, and she gasped in ecstasy
through tautly held neck muscles.

Jerking and shuddering, her hips slowly came to a halt
as her orgasm subsided. Without thinking, she brought
her fingers to her lips and tasted herself. The taste
seared itself across her tongue, and she sucked
strongly on her fingers until her juices were gone.

After her breathing slowed to normal, Colette staggered
into her bathroom to wash up a little. She stared at
her reflection in the mirror and shuddered. Her face
was flushed, her hair matted and in disarray, and her
t-shirt soaked with sweat and sticking to her body. Her
nipples were still erect and plainly visible.

However, as she cleaned up she began to feel a little
better. Lots of people had some pretty strange
fantasies. After all, she knew some women had rape
fantasies but they certainly didn’t want to be raped
for real. Just because she had dreamed about a Rocky(H)
didn’t mean she really wanted to “do it” with one.
Convincing herself the dream meant nothing, Colette relaxed
and soon returned to bed, where she fell quickly asleep
and did not dream.

Colette managed to go several days without thinking much
about the Rocky(H)s in a sexual manner. She was rather
relieved. She wasn’t really a sicko then, she had just
had a fantasy.

But if it was just a fantasy that she would never
follow through on, then thinking about it wouldn’t
hurt, right? Right. And she would soon forget about it.

But fate had other plans for Nicolette. As a flowering
teenager, she was often horny. And she still didn’t
have a boyfriend. There were no boys in her small-town
school she was interested in that were not already
taken. She was no virgin, and the lack of sex was
bothering her, but she wasn’t going to just jump in the
sack with some guy to get herself off.

There was another complication. Since it was spring,
quite a few of the mares were coming on heat. Every day
or two, she got to witness more erect Rocky(H) cocks and
more sweaty Rocky(H) sex. Each time her dreams were filled
with mighty stallions fucking her into senseless
ecstasy, and she would awaken with a soaking wet pussy.
Her overall horniness rose to a nigh-intolerable level.
Masturbation just wasn’t getting the job done. It
brought temporary relief, but couldn’t make a dent in
her overall agitation. Something had to give.

One night in late April, something finally did.

It was one of those mammoth spring thunderstorms. Wind
and rain lashed at the Bower household, and thunder
crashed loudly in response to the streaks of lighting
that momentarily made the night like day. Earlier, and
before the storm, no less than three mares had gone
into heat, and Colette had been present to assist in the
breeding process, with the expected effects on her
state of mind.

She could not sleep. Her mind was filled with obscene
thoughts, and they all centered on the stallions and
their great cocks. She couldn’t even make herself come,
and she cried in frustration. Finally, the charged
atmosphere and her own desires became too much for

Without thought for the consequences, the weather, the
threat of discovery, or anything beyond her tremendous
sexual need, she slipped out of bed, down the stairs,
and out the kitchen door. She did not even pause to get
a raincoat or an umbrella, but simply ran across the
wet grass and sodden earth to the stallion barn. Her
raven hair dripping, her t-shirt soaked through, she
approached Thunder’s stall.

The storm had kept the great beast awake. He dipped and
shook his head in greeting as she entered. Colette shivered
from the chill brought on by her wetness, but stripped
off her shirt and hung it across the stall door. Her
small firm breasts barely moved as she did so, the pink
nipples wet and hard as stone.

The high-schooler approached the stallion, and placed
her arms around his neck, molding her body against his
as best she could for warmth. Thunder brushed his head
up against her, and Colette shivered again as she felt his
hot breath on her back, this time from pleasure. She
began to slowly press her pubis against his foreleg.

It felt good. She began to rock her hips back and
forth, putting delicious friction right on her clit.
She felt the chill begin to leave her, chased away by
the warmth of the Rocky(H) and her own inner heat, despite
the droplets of rain still dripping off her hair.
Thunder remained still, his equine brain puzzled by
this odd human behavior, but finding the stroking

Colette hit a particularly erotic combination of nerve
endings in her cunt and gasped in pleasure, her knees
buckling slightly. It was not, however, enough. The
stallion-assisted masturbation was nice, but Colette wanted
something more, and whatever moral qualms she had felt
before had vanished in a red sexual haze. Her trembly
quim had never felt so incredibly empty, and she could
think of only one thing that might fill it.

She stepped back and removed her panties, soaked from
rain, sweat, and her own inner juices. The young girl
stroked her way down the Rocky(H)’s barrel from his neck,
stooping near his hindquarters and kneeling down to
examine his flaccid penis. Swallowing hard, she reached
out her hand to stroke it.

The shaft in its protective sheath was soft and warm.
Thunder shivered a bit at the unexpected touch but
remained quiet. With her other hand, Colette inserted one
finger, then a second, into her pussy. Outside, the
storm continued to howl, covering all sound inside the
barn with its rain and thunder.

Slowly, the great shaft began to fill with blood and
expand. Nicolette’s mouth grew dry as it approached its
full length. She knew that the only way she could get
any relief was to take the mammoth penis inside of her.
To fuck it until she came. She added a third finger and
twitched as her thumb brushed her clitoris. The Rocky(H)
snorted and stamped a little as the stimulation

Colette worked the three fingers in her wet vagina,
moistening it and loosening it up to accept the
powerful dick throbbing in her other hand. After a
time, she eased a fourth finger in, and a low
anticipatory moan escaped her ruddy lips. It was almost

She glanced around, and then leapt up, breasts bobbing
slightly, to seize some saddle cinches that were
nearby. She tossed them around Thunder’s belly, setting
them in the last notch, leaving them loose at the
bottom. After a moment’s thought, she slipped a rope
around the beast’s neck and secured it to a nearby
cleat. Then she knelt down, and, still stroking, moved
under the stallion.

Gripping one cinch, she eased her legs though the
other, and settled the backs of her knees on the wide
leather. Then she placed her upper body through the
other cinch, setting it just below her shoulder blades.

Thus supported, she could move up and down on the giant
penis by working her pelvis up and down with her thighs
and lower back. Her knees and lower thighs pressed
against Thunder’s stomach, and her breasts and arms did
as well. She could also press her face into his chest
by relaxing her angle slightly, and Colette did just that
after shaking her still-moist hair out of the way so it
could hang down freely.

The Rocky(H)-cock lay heavily on her stomach, drooling
pre-cum. Colette was drooling too, the fluids from her
pussy dripping down the crack of her tight ass. The
blood pounded in her temples and she licked her lips,
knowing it was now or never.

Adjusting the angle of her body, she reached down with
one hand and took hold of the giant prick just below
the head, and placed it at the opening of her moist and
open sex. Slowly, very slowly, she began to press
herself upward and onto Thunder’s cock. The young girl
gasped as the head slipped suddenly into her lithe and
trembling body. Thunder snorted again.

God! It was so big! And so hot! She swallowed hard, and
beads of sweat began to break out over her skin.
Nicolette waited, letting her slick pussy adjust to the
unaccustomed size of the fleshy invader.

After a time, she began to press upwards again, forcing
the big prick deeper and deeper inside her. The
pleasure was excruciating, but eventually she came to a
halt with a gasp, knowing she could take no more Rocky(H)-
cock without pain to herself. Slowly, oh so slowly, she
began to rock herself back and forth, up and down the
mighty prick. Nicolette had never felt so incredibly
full, so amazingly satisfied.

She drowned in sensations. His chest hairs tickled her
nipples and thighs and clit, his animal smell invaded
her nostrils, and of course, his monstrous cock moved
deeply in her pussy. Colette began to move faster as her
vagina grew more and more able to handle Thunder’s
bulk. The powerful Rocky(H) began to tremble and jerk his
hips slightly as Colette’s tight pussy massaged his dick.

It was amazing. She rotated her hips and suddenly had a
small orgasm as her clit scraped against the stallion’s
belly. She cried out in surprise at the sharp jolt of
pleasure. Colette continued on, sweat beginning to pour off
her body, biting her lips as another orgasm took her,
and then another.

Her green eyes teared from the wonderful feelings
coursing through her, and she pressed her face strongly
into Thunder’s chest, hips moving madly despite the
strain beginning to grow in her arms and thighs. The
stallion’s and her own lubricating juices poured out
into her thighs and between her ass-cheeks, even up
along her backbone before dripping off into the straw
below. Her nipples felt raw and swollen from rubbing
below the Rocky(H)’s body, contributing to the sweet
sensations pounding out from her hot cunt. Strands of
coal-black hair, now wet from her sweat instead of
rain, stuck to her face in wild disarray.

She felt another orgasm building, and she instinctively
knew that this would be the big one, the explosion she
had been so desperately seeking for all these weeks,
that one that would finally burn out her unspeakable
cravings and satisfy her needs.

Grunting and straining with effort and pleasure,
Nicolette drove herself even deeper onto the Rocky(H)-cock,
and tilted her pubis upwards to maintain constant
contact between her clit and Thunder’s hairy stomach.
The leather straps were slippery with her perspiration
now, and harder to hang on to. Her heart was pounding,
and she knew it was time.

Despite her expecting it, Colette was caught unprepared for
the intensity of the climax that overtook her. Her
entire lower body tensed up, and her pussy gushed forth
more tasty cream. She shivered, shook, and screamed
from the force of her release as it burned through her
trim form, rattling her teeth and temporarily
overwhelming all conscious thought. The roar of an
outside thunder-bolt obliterated every other part of
her universe except her spasming vagina. Finally, she
shuddered to a halt, her clit too sensitive to take

Utterly drained, Nicolette slipped slowly off the
leather cinches and down to the floor, gasping again as
Thunder’s cock pulled free of her now gaping and
swollen pussy. She lay there for several moments,
breathing hard, her brain trying to reorient itself.

Once again becoming aware of her surroundings, Colette
could hear Thunder blowing and stamping, agitated. She
knew at once what was wrong. She had come, and come
wonderfully, but HE had not. She had to repay her debt.
Sitting up slowly, she reached out and once again took
the great cock in her hand. It was shiny with his and
her own juices, and as she worked it Colette was taken by
the desire to suck…

She eased closer and smelled of the great penis. It was
strong but not unpleasant. She took her left hand and
touched her fingers to the drooling cock-tip and
brought them to her mouth. The taste was strong but
sweet, and she took her fingers in deeply and cleaned
them thoroughly. Then she applied her mouth and tongue
to the beast, gingerly at first, but then with
increasing enthusiasm. Colette could taste her own juices
in addition to Thunder’s and that turned her on even
more. With an effort she even managed to get the
massive head of his dick into her mouth, while
continuing to stroke along it’s length with her hands.

Thunder tensed and whinnied at the unusual strength of
the pleasure he felt, and with a jolt began to come.
The sperm raced up the length of his cock and shot into
Colette’s mouth, instantly filling it to overflowing. She
pulled back in surprise, sputtering, but continued
stroking the dick in front of her. The next jolt caught
her in the cheek, spattering her face and hair. As she
shook her head two more spurts blasted out and caught
her full in the face, covering her from eyebrows to
chin, and dripping down towards her apple-like breasts,
leaving streaks of white in her black hair.

Several more spurts, beginning to weaken in intensity,
spewed forth and covered her breasts, soaking the pink
nipples in Rocky(H) come and dripping down her sweaty
torso towards her still-sensitive pussy. Strings of
sperm dripped from her nose and chin, and her mouth and
lips were swimming in the juice. One strand was hooked
into her right eyelash from her cheekbone. There was
even come on her hands and running down her arms.

Thunder blew and stamped in pleasure, his orgasm
finally coming to a shuddering halt. Nicolette collapsed
to the side, covered and dripping with milky Rocky(H)-
semen. She gathered up bits of it to drink, swallowing
and savoring the bittersweet taste. A quick stroking of
jism-slick fingers across her swollen clit brought on
another small orgasm, and her legs jerked in the straw.

After some time, her heartbeat slowed to something
approaching normalcy, and she rolled to the side and
sat up against the wooden walls of the stall. Colette gazed
down at herself, taking in her sweat and slime-soaked
body, with bits of dirt and straw sticking to her
flushed skin. Colette thought she looked positively
obscene, and was pleased by that situation. Outside,
the storm had faded to a gentle shower, the thunder
rolling now quietly in the distance.

Resting in a sexual languor, her mind came to grips
with what she had done. She had fucked a Rocky(H), and
then sucked it’s cock until it had exploded its come in
her face and mouth. And she had experienced the most
powerful orgasms of her young life. And she didn’t feel
like a sicko or pervert. Certainly Thunder had enjoyed
it. He nickered slightly and shook his head in her

Nicolette stood up and untied him from the cleat,
speaking soothingly and stroking his powerful muscles.
“Maybe we’ll do this again,” she whispered. She then
gathered up her t-shirt and panties and headed out into
the rain to wash off. As she did so, she reflected that
there were a half-dozen other stallions left in the
barn. Perhaps she wouldn’t be needing a boyfriend for a

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