Night Bay Patrol

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Dale guided the sailboat into the bay. It was past midnight and the lights from town shimmered off the water as they slid silently along. His girlfriend, Jen, was snuggled comfortably into the bunk below decks. Only a few miles left and he could drop anchor and join her. God, he was tired! It had been a long day and they had put in many miles, but they would soon be home.
The sole movement on the water was the twinkling lights from another boat headed out off to the left a mile or so away. “Probably someone headed out early for fishing” he thought to himself. He watched for a moment as the lights skimmed along just above the surface, and cursed when they suddenly extinguished.
Even with just the light of the moon and the reflections from the city, he could see the outline of the patrol boat as it turned and headed across the bay towards him. The growl of the engines slowly increased as the darkened boat approached. “Fucking Coast Guard,” he cursed through his teeth. “Why do they always have to fuck with you when you’re so close?” At that moment, the boats lights came back on along with a bright spot that glared in Dale’s eyes, effectively blinding him.
“US Coast Guard, prepare to be boarded” blared a harsh female voice through the loud bull horn. Dale eased the tiller and the sails slackened. The boat coasted to a stop a few minutes later, just as the patrol boat slipped alongside.
The blinding spot, glaring at Dale was joined by another from the rear of the patrol boat as it bumped into the sailboat. “Secure us alongside” Dale heard the female voice call and two young men in uniforms, with side arms, jumped aboard the sailboat and began to lash the two boats together. Dale could just make out two additional crewman with rifles pointed at his boat next to the spotlights.
A tall woman stepped on to the sail boat. Dale could just make out the lines of her face and estimated she was probably somewhere around 30 years old. She was what many would consider attractive, tall and slender with nice curves, a tight ass, if the way her uniform fit was any indication and a pleasingly large set of tits.
“Well, what have we here, someone trying to sneak in late? Carrying something you shouldn’t?” she queried Dale. Then, without waiting for a reply, she ordered “Check below for others and contraband” and the two sailors ducked through the hatch below decks.
A few minutes later after some scuffling and surprised shouts from below the two emerged from the hatch with a confused, bewildered and nearly naked Jen. They shoved her over to stand shivering beside her much taller companion. Dale stood well over 6 feet and towered taller than anyone on the boat. Jen looked small beside him. Slender and petite with small firm breasts and shapely legs Jen had slipped below to get some rest and stood before them in a pair of brief pink panties and one of Dale’s tank tops. Though 21, her diminutive size and youthful appearance might lead some to believe she was no more than 14. Her nipples grew taught with the cool night air and pushed out against the thin fabric of the tank top. The sailors looked on, lust forming in their eyes.
“Oh, well, smuggling in a minor, are we?” the woman asked Dale. Jen responded for him. “I’m no minor, I’m 21, and you have no right to kidnap us like this” she admonished, glaring at the older woman. “On the contrary,” replied the woman, “you’re on the bay in US waters. I have every right, to stop and search all vessels entering these waters for safety violations and contraband. In fact it’s my duty to do a thorough search” she advised Jen. “Strip search ‘em” she ordered the crew. Jen’s eyes grew wide with fear as the crew members moved forward. Dale pushed in front of Jen and blocked their advance. They drew their side-arms and leveled them with Dale’s chest. “You heard Chief Sloan, buddy” yelled the one on the right his finger dancing just off the trigger. He was average height with a stocky build and a glare in his dark eyes. The ribbon sewn above his uniform pocket read MARKS. “Now off with your clothes, like the chief said” barked the other. He was shorter and slender, but obviously muscular and fit, by the lay of his clothing. With blonde hair and blue eyes, he was actually quite handsome, and Jen could feel herself responding to his vivid blue gaze despite their predicament. The tape above his shirt pocket read SAMUELS.
Jen and Dale reluctantly began to remove their clothing. “This isn’t right” Dale uttered angrily. “I am so going to report this when I get ashore.” “Who said you were ever going to make it to shore?” Chief Sloan asked with a somewhat evil looking grin. “And even if you do report it, who are they going to believe, a disgruntled sail boy who lives aboard his boat or five highly decorated Coast Guard officials?” He had to admit she had a point. He was not the most reliable witness. He had been busted for possession in the past, and actually had a stash of pot on board now, that if they found would be sufficient to land him in jail for quite a while. Maybe if he and Jen succumbed to this humiliating treatment, it would be enough that they wouldn’t get too deep in their search and let them go. He began to remove his shirt and pants.
Jen was still hesitating, standing behind Dale. She figured she was naked enough for them to see she wasn’t hiding any contraband. She was, however, quite wrong in her assumption. “You too, honey. Get those clothes off” Chief Sloan said pointing at her. “But,” Jen began. “But nothing, I said strip search, so strip” yelled the chief. Jen bowed her head and began to disrobe. She pulled off Dale’s tank top first and heard Samuels’ sharp intake of breath as her lovely breasts came into his view. Dale and Jen stripped off their last remaining vestige of clothing at the same time, eliciting appreciative remarks from the three watching. “Smith, Bailey, secure those lights and take us in to anchor a hundred yards off shore” barked the chief. The spots extinguished and the two sailors on the patrol boat began moving about. The engines roared to life and they began moving slowly toward shore.
As his eyes adjusted to the change in light, Dale realized he could still see the others quite clearly in the light coming through the hatch from below decks. “Now where were we? Ah, yes, strip search” said Chief Sloan, a hint of pleasure in her voice. “Check their clothing, Marks” she ordered, and he began to carefully search through the pockets on Dale’s clothing. “Samuels,” the chief said as Marks continued “keep your gun on them while I search our subjects.” Jen watched as she moved toward Dale, from the corner of her eye, she saw Marks pick up her discarded panties. He directed his gaze to her as he lifted them to his nose and sniffed. She knew he could smell the scent of her earlier lovemaking to Dale when he smiled and winked at her. Despite herself, she felt wetness begin flowing in her warm pussy.
The lashed boats had come in close enough and the engines ceased. Smith and Bailey set to the task of dropping the patrol boat’s large anchor then slipped back to watch the activity in the cockpit.
By now, Chief Petty Officer Elaine Sloan was approaching Dale. She admired his tall lanky physique and smooth, tanned skin. She was going to enjoy this immensely. Her eyes took in his whole being from head to toe as she moved slowly around him. She noticed his cock was large and even soft as it was now had to measure at least 6 inches. She would enjoy seeing it hard and ready for action. Dale glared at her as she reached forward to touch his solid chest. Were it not for the gun pointed at him, he would grab her and snap her neck, then toss her in the water to feed the fish. But Marks did have a gun pointed at him and he knew he’d never live to make his move. Sloan slid her hand down his chest and across his six pack abs, stopping inches from his large cock. “Raise your arms out from your side” she said and he complied. She moved around behind Dale and slid her hands under his arms from around the back. Once more she stroked his chest, pausing to tease his nipples, then slid her hands down his sides to the top of his hips. “Good, now spread your legs a bit” she ordered. Dale spread his legs to about shoulder width apart and Sloan began running her hands down the outside and then up the insides of his muscular thighs. As she reached the point where his legs came together, she brushed her hands against his balls and then slid her fingers up the crack of his ass, tickling his anus before pushing a finger deep inside.
“Hey! What the fuck!?” Dale yelled trying to dislodge Sloan’s finger from his ass. “Just making sure you don’t have anything hidden in there” Chief Sloan admonished with a sneer. She wiggled her finger around, massaging Dale’s prostate while tickling his balls with her remaining fingers. Despite himself, Dale couldn’t stifle a moan or keep his cock from beginning to rise. Jen looked on in wonder as the older woman, groped her boyfriend. “He’s enjoying it” she thought. “He must like having his ass played with.”
Chief Sloan removed her finger from Dale’s ass and Dale found himself wishing she would continue. He hated her for that. Sloan moved over to Jen who stood nervously watching the chief’s encounter with Dale. “OK, you know the drill, arms out, legs spread” Sloan ordered. Jen assumed the position as a tingle began slowly making its way through her loins. She couldn’t help it. She was wet and aroused, and soon everyone would know it. She noticed Marks had finished searching their clothes and stood rubbing a large lump in the front of his uniform.
Chief Sloan noticed Marks’ arousal too. She also saw that Samuels was likewise sporting a large bulge in the front of his uniform. She decided this was turning out to be one very fun shift. She stepped up to Jen and began to stroke across her breasts, pausing a moment to pinch Jen’s taught pink nipples. Jen closed her eyes and bit her lip to stifle the moan that threatened to escape. The chief continued sliding her hands lower on Jen’s belly stopping to stick a finger in Jen’s navel and then running her hands down to the top of her shaved pussy. Sloan moved to Jen’s side and slid one hand around to stroke Jen’s firm round backside, slipping her fingers into the crack between the smooth toned globes of her butt. Simultaneously she began to slide her hands down. One hand slid down the crack of Jen’s ass toward her puckered brown anus while the other slid slowly down the front of Jen’s pussy. Jen could feel the chief’s breath on her left shoulder and smell the faint scent of apples. She could feel the beat of her heart throbbing in the lips of her aroused pussy.
Jen jumped slightly as Sloan’s fingers grazed her clit and slipped between the lips of Jen’s wet slick pussy. “Oh, someone’s a little aroused” the older woman said as she felt the slick moisture in Jen’s cunt. The girl groaned as the chief slid two fingers into her cunt and another from the other hand into her hot asshole. She nearly passed out as Sloan began to finger fuck both holes, all the while rubbing Jen’s clit with her thumb. The chief continued for several minutes and Jen soon felt the familiar feeling of an approaching orgasm. She couldn’t stifle her moans or screams as she came in response to the older woman’s frenzied fucking of her holes. She collapsed on the deck as her knees buckled from the orgasm surging through her body. Chief Sloan had removed her fingers just in time or they might have been broken as Jen collapsed. Dale had watched as his girlfriend reached her ecstasy at the hands of the older woman. He now stood, fully aroused, his cock jutting out from his body to its full nine inches.
Chief Sloan walked over to Dale, grasping his turgid member in her hand. That same hand she had used to rape Jen and was now coated in his girlfriend’s pussy juice. She began slowly stroking his hard cock as she spoke. “So, how about it sailor? You let my boys here have some fun with your young friend there and share some of this hardness with me while we watch. Then we leave you to complete your journey and we go on to finish our patrol. Does that sound like an equitable arrangement, or should I have my guys strip your boat in search of anything we can find?” Dale nodded. “We’ll do what you want” he replied hanging his head. He knew she had them, but he also knew he wanted to pound her so hard she’d never forget him, or walk straight again. “Let’s all go below then and have a little fun” Chief Sloan said with a smile.
Marks and Samuels helped Jen up from the deck and escorted her through the hatch to the space below. “After you” Chief Sloan said to Dale, indicating the hatch. Dale bent low and climbed down the ladder to the lounge. As she followed Dale, Sloan beckoned Smith and Bailey to follow. They were all too eager to obey, having expected their chief had forgotten to include them in the festivities.
Down below the cabin was surprisingly quite spacious. There was ample room for Jen, Marks and Samuels on the main berth across from a comfortable settee, where Chief Sloan sat beckoning to Dale to join her. Dale slipped forward and slid in beside the chief as she began to unbutton her uniform shirt, Dale couldn’t help but stare as the tops of her large firm breasts came slowly into view. “Uniforms, gentlemen, Samuels and Marks hand your side-arms to Smith and Bailey” the chief said as she continued to strip. Samuels and Marks complied handing over their side-arms and began to remove their uniforms.
Jen sat on the large berth and watched as the sailors disrobed. She found herself becoming more and more aroused as their well-muscled bodies were revealed. She began to absently stroke her wet, slippery vagina. “You want this, don’t you, honey?” Marks said to her as he noticed Jen’s stroking. Jen looked him straight in the eyes an rotated her hips lewdly as she slid two fingers into her cunt hole. Dale watched mesmerized as Jen teased and toyed with her cunt. Marks and Samuels also watched as they stripped off their underwear, their hard cocks slapping against flat stomachs.
Jen’s eyes opened wide as she gazed at the meat treat before her. At 7 inches Marks’ cock was shorter than Dale’s but every bit as thick, and Samuels’ big prick was longer and thicker than her boyfriend’s. Marks stepped toward her pulling her head toward his turgid man-meat. Jen leaned toward him, still fingering her hot cunt hole, and licked the purple head of his hot cock. Marks moaned loudly and pushed his cock against her lips. “Suck it, bitch! Suck it and drink my cum” he groaned. Jen parted her lips and easily sucked half his huge prick into her mouth. “Oh, fuck!” he groaned, “you got one sweet mouth, Baby Doll.”
Meanwhile Samuels knelt between Jen’s legs and pulled her hand away from her sopping wet pussy. He leaned forward and began licking and sucking at her juicy cunt. Jen gasped as his tongue grazed her clit, almost choking on the cock in her mouth. She was so close to cumming, she could almost taste it, and then Samuels sucked her clit in between his lips. Jen’s head flew back as Marks’ cock popped out of her mouth. She began to thrash and shake, bucking her hips against Samuels’ face. She couldn’t believe the intensity of her orgasm. It continued for what seemed minutes as waves of pleasure radiated throughout her young body. “Oh, my fucking gaawwwd!” she screamed as her pussy juices flowed out her cunt and over her puckered asshole. “Fuck me now!” Jen screamed after she had cum. “I want some cock in me” she added. Samuels climbed up behind the young slut as she pushed her ass in the air once again sucking on Marks’ cock. Samuels slid his rock hard cock into her cunt and Jen groaned out loud.
Dale watched in awe as his sweet girlfriend turned slut egged on the sailor to fuck her. Chief Sloan stood and bent over in front of him. “OK, give me some of that big cock now” she begged. Dale stood and shoved his full 9 inches in to the hilt and began pounding the bitch for all he was worth. “Oh, ahh, SHIT!” cried the chief as Dale mercilessly pumped his dick in her cunt. He reached in underneath her grabbing a nipple in each of his hands and pinched hard. “Awwwgggg!!” she groaned as his rough treatment sent shivers of pain and pleasure throughout her body. Dale didn’t know it, but he was giving her exactly what she wanted. She loved being used and used hard. She couldn’t get that treatment from her sailors. They were all afraid of her and her other lovers all wanted to treat her sweet. She had longed for someone to plow her without mercy. Now she was getting it while watching a fine show!
Smith and Bailey, watched as the live porn show evolved before their eyes. It was un-fucking-believable! Samuels had rolled to his back, pulling Jen on top of him and sliding his cock deep into her ass. Marks had moved forward, and was now pushing his thick prick into Jen’s slick hot pussy. Jen was moaning and screaming for them to fuck her silly. Chief Sloan was groaning and grunting as Dale continued to pummel her cunt with his big fuck stick. The chief had already groaned twice she was cumming, and by the look on her face, the men could tell she was nearing orgasm again. Just then Dale changed things up and pulled his big prick out of her cunt, immediately slamming it full depth into her tight puckered asshole. “What the fuck?!?!” screamed the chief. “Just checking to see you haven’t got anything hidden there” sneered Dale as he continued to pound her ass. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer, but he wanted to leave her hurting. He was hurting her all right, but it was just the pain she needed to trip another body wrenching orgasm. Sloan began to buck and thrash beneath Dale as her orgasm took control of her body. Her thrashing and clenching ass triggered Dale’s own and he started pumping rope after rope of thick hot cum into her slutty ass. “Oh, fuck” he yelled as he shoved his dick hard and deep into Sloan’s ass.
Bailey and Smith, had seen enough and decided it was time to join in the fun. They began to disrobe as they watched the fuck fest in front of them. Dale noticed them removing their uniforms and also noticed, much to his surprise, that his cock was not softening. It was as hard as when he had started fucking Sloan. He moved around in front of her pulling her face toward his prick. “Suck it, bitch!” he ordered. The chief began slipping her lips around his still turgid cockhead, as Dale silently beckoned Smith to fuck her from behind. Smith slipped up behind his commander and stuffed his 8 inch member into her hot cunt. Sloaned groaned around Dale’s cock, not caring whose prick was in her. She was just relishing the feel of hard prick inside her and hairy balls tickling her clit.
On the main berth, Jen was still being double fucked by Marks and Samuels. She was once more nearing orgasm. Her heart raced, her breath rasped through her dry throat, as pleasure built in her body. Marks began pumping harder and faster in her cunt. “I’m gonna fill your tight little cunt, bitch” he told her through gritted teeth. “Here it comes, ahhgggg” he groaned as his cock pumped a load of cream deep in Jen’s pussy. “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming” Jen cried and began bucking against the cocks impaling her. It was all Samuels could take and he also groaned as he shoved his cock deep and spewed ropes of cum in Jen’s ass. As Marks climbed of Jen, a flood of their mixed juices ran from her cunt and down over Samuels’ now deflating cock still buried in Jen’s ass. His balls were sticky with the mixture.
The boat reeked of sex and Sloan was still being pounded at both ends. Dale grabbed her head and was ruthlessly fucking her throat while Smith pounded her slick cunt. Jen rolled off of Samuels, her ass and cunt still leaking cum. “Not so fast, honey. You got another cock to service” taunted Bailey as he moved up behind her. Jen groaned her fatigue and looked back over her shoulder at Bailey. What she saw shocked Jen. Bailey walked toward her his immense dick swinging side to side. It was huge, at least 10 inches and big around as a soda can. Her fear grew as he pushed her forward and slipped the purple head up to the lips of her slippery pussy. Had she not been freshly fucked, she could never have taken Bailey’s cock. As it was, she moaned and grunted at the intrusion as he began to slowly inch it into her tight cunt. With each inch, she felt herself stretched further than she ever had before.
Finally Bailey had his cock buried to the hilt in Jen’s hot tight cunt. She felt fuller than she had ever in her life. The sensation was amazing, though slightly painful. She was most definitely stretched to her limit. Bailey began to slowly draw his cock out of her cunt. Her pussy lips dragged on the cock as if trying to hold it in.
Dale, still fucking Sloan’s face, watched in awe as the huge cock withdrew from his girlfriend’s pussy. When only the head remained in her cunt, Bailey suddenly shoved it back in to the hilt slamming his balls into Jen’s clit. The force of his thrust knocked Jen of her elbows and her face pushed into the mattress. He began to withdraw again, slightly faster and then once more forcefully thrust back in to the hilt.
Bailey continued fucking Jen, slowly increasing his pace until he was fucking with a frenzy slamming his cock in and pulling it almost all the way out over and over. Jen was grunting and groaning as her pussy endured the pounding Bailey was giving it. She was lost in the feeling of pleasure emanating from her deliciously tortured cunt. She was so near orgasm she could almost taste it when Bailey shoved two fingers into her sweet asshole. That was all Jen needed, the feeling of her ass being filled along with the fullness of her cunt pushed her over the brink and she cried out as her pussy began spewing juices and clamping down on Bailey’s turgid member. He soon shoved his dick deep and pumped rope after rope of man cream into Jen’s pussy.
As Jen and Bailey were crying out their ecstasy, Dale began pumping his load down Chief Sloan’s now raw and ragged throat. She couldn’t help but swallow his seed as Smith continued his frenzied pounding of her juicy cunt. She could feel Smith’s balls slapping against her heated clit. Soon Smith was grunting and groaning as his cock began pumping his load of hot sticky cum deep inside her. Sloan felt the splash of heat inside her and groaned. She needed just a little more to come. She reached between her legs and rubbed her clit hard until she soon was cumming once again. She moaned as pleasure engulfed her and then, all was silent save the ragged breathing of the seven, each recovering from a night of complete sexual satisfaction.
Marks was first to recover and donned his uniform while taking control of his and Samuels’ side-arms. Soon thereafter Sloan and her crew were all back in their uniforms and ready to depart. “Just like we said earlier,” Sloan said looking at Dale they filed out of the cramped cabin, “we’ll continue our patrol and you continue on home.” She turned to head up the ladder, but paused and looked over her shoulder “I’m sure we’ll all remember this night for a while. I know for certain I will.” She slid her hand down the inside of her pants over her shapely ass and pulled it out her fingers dripping cum. “Oh yeah, I’ll remember.”
Sloan and her crew climbed off the sailboat onto the patrol boat, released the lashings holding the two together, fired the engines and moved away continuing their patrol. The sailboat began to drift as Dale and Jen recovered below. Soon Dale managed to drag himself topside and moved forward to set the anchor. There was no way he could set sail and move the boat the last couple miles. They would be safe here for a few hours. He climbed back down below decks and lay down next to Jen on the main berth. He pulled her close looking deep into her eyes. Soon they were locked in embrace and kissing. Neither was thinking of sex, only being close and comforting each other. They drifted off to sleep in still locked in their lovers’ embrace.
On the bluff above the bay, Gene watched as the patrol boat pulled away leaving the sailboat adrift. He had noticed them as the two boats came together farther out in the bay and had taken the opportunity to check out the new lens he had just purchased for his camera. He had gotten some excellent shots of the strip search. He was disappointed when the parties moved below decks, was surprised at how much he could see and photograph through the cabin windows on the sailboat. He was going to enjoy using these photos to have some fun with that nice looking boat commander…

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