Nikki a finds her Rocky(D) Enzo to be quite the turn on, then her father joins in

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Dirty 18, the best years of a girl’s life. Nikki loved
the outdoors; she loved swimming and most of all she
loved the attention she got from either side of the
Gender line when it came to stares she got when she
paraded in her skimpy shorts on Friday Afternoons on her
way to Soft Ball League. She was well built, sporty,
tanned, her ass was firm and her breasts were supple and
larger than other girls her age. This was something she
used to her advantage. Her deceased mother always use to
say, if you have it flaunt it.

It’s been almost close on 3 years since her mother
passed away, a few months before her 14th birthday, she
can still remember the day her daddy came home from the
hospital and told her. They spent the entire night
crying in each other’s arms. Ever since then she’s been
close to her daddy, he’s her everything. She knows she
can’t ever let him down, and visa versa.

School Exams were starting to come to an end, Nikki’s
written all but one subject and since it was her best
subject she didn’t find it necessary to study. Instead
she spent the next week at home, doing what all 18 year
old girls do. Listen to music, chat to friends online
and chill.

It was a really hot humid day and Nikki’s dad left for
work early in the morning, by around 10am she had enough
of the heat and decided a quick dip in the pool would be
in order. Putting on her little black Bikini bottoms and
top, she grabbed her tanning oil and a towel and headed
outside. Enzo, her dad’s best friend a Rottweiler was
overly excited to have some company when Nikki slid open
the sliding door and stepped out unto the patio. Patting
his head as she always does.

“Hey Enzo, you must be feeling the heat too huh boy? ”
Cooing him a little, she proceeded to the lounge chair,
and laid her towel open on the plastic surface. First
things first, Nikki walks to the edge of the pool and
dove in. The water was refreshing, cool on her skin; she
jetted through the water to the other side and back
before getting out of the water. Enzo was right by her
side, pouncing playfully. Picking up his chew toy, Nikki
tossed it to the end of the garden which sent Enzo
darting off to go fetch it.

A little more relaxed now that she was cooled down some,
she sat down on the lounger. A smile crept up on her
face as a thought crossed her mind. “With Daddy not
here, I could sunbathe Topless. Now that was one hell of
an appealing thought. The neighbours are all at work,
which meant it, was just Nikki, and well, Enzo. But he
wasn’t’ going to tell anyone. Eagerly she tugged the
strings of her top lose letting it fall forward, her C
cup sized breasts swayed as they were released from the
bikini top.

Reaching for the suntan oil, Nikki squirted a whole wad
of oil into her hand, and then started smearing it over
her still cool damp skin. The coconut scent reminded her
of the beach, fun in the sun. She covered her arms her
shoulders, then over her chest, taking both her tits in
her hands, and massaging the oil into the soft skin.
Moaning slightly as the sensation of her hands caressing
her own nipples was awaking a different need. Shoving
the thought aside though, she simply shifted up the
lounger and lay down on her back. Her knees slightly
bent, with her sunhat over her eyes. There was one thing
about sun tanning. It ages your skin, and if she could
keep her face looking 18 forever she’d do that, so she
never spent too much time allowing the sun to bake away
on her satin skin, her face amongst other things was her
greatest asset. The sun was baking down on Nikki, the
heat simmering her skin, her nipples taught as the sun’s
rays caressed them.

All in all Nikki was getting a little turned on by the
idea of being topless outside, and she could feel the
damp trickle in her bikini bottoms between her smooth
shaven cunt lips. She sighed and once again shoved the
thought aside. There’s a time and place for playtime
right now wasn’t it. The more she fought off the urge
the more her cunt was aching. She tried to think of
school work, of things to do, simply to shun away the
thoughts that kept taunting her like an evil delicious
temptation. While busy with her inner turmoil she wasn’t
aware of Enzo’s alertness, he was sitting in front of her
now, his tongue hanging out of his mouth, panting out of
breath, obviously the heat was also contributing to

Nikki shifted her legs, let one leg hand over the edge
of the lounger the other one still posted with her knee
bent. To her surprise Enzo nudged at her crotch with his
nose. “Enzo! “Down boy, I’m not playing now”

Again he nudged his nose into her crotch. Nikki sat up
and picked the chew toy up – tossing it across the lawn.

“Go Fetch!”

Enzo didn’t budge, panting like a wild animal he kept
nudging at Nikki’s cunt. Shifting slightly she sat up
and shifted down to the bottom of the Lounger. ‘What’s
it Enzoy? You feeling hot boy?” once again Enzo nudged
past her hand and stuck his nose between her legs,
sniffing. This time he licked. Nikki’s breath stopped
and she sat there shocked for a moment. Pushing Enzo away
she was a little unnerved at what just happened.

Enzo lay down at the bottom end of the lounger as if he
was waiting for his master’s command. Nikki attempted to
lie back down but her mind kept spinning reeling out of
control. The reaction to what Enzo did was simply
outrageous, but her pussy didn’t think so. Nikki reached
down to her bottoms and slid her finger over her snatch;
it was soaked with creamy pussy juice.

“Fuck Enzo, look what you had gone and done” Nikki sat up
again, Enzo barked, sitting up and looking at Nikki.

“You’re a naughty Rocky(D)!” Nikki scolded Enzo, but didn’t
attempt to move away, instead she took her finger ran it
into her bottoms and held it out for Enzo. Enzo went crazy
lapping the juices off Nikki’s finger. Biting her lip,
she looked around for any sign of life. The walls were
high, so the neighbours wouldn’t see anyway. Daddy was
at work too, so what harm is there in trying this. Her
heart was beating fast as she spread her legs slightly
pulling her bottoms to the side.

“Here boy!” She patted her pussy, and Enzo moved closer
nuzzling her pussy.

“Oh fuck Enzo” she uttered under her breath, as he
started to lick at her cunt. His tongue ran into her
folds over and over, hitting her clit hard. His wet
snout was pressed up against her. Nikki leant back on
her elbow, and used her other hand to part her cunt lips

Exposing her now throbbing clit. Just like that Enzo
pulled away and ran to fetch the chew toy. Nikki was
breathless and shocked at the same time. Her thighs were
trembling; nearly climaxing Enzo just left her out cold.
Frustrated she laid back and shoved 2 fingers deep into
her cunt, finger fucking her, one hand cupping her tit
and squeezing the nipple. Euphoria was starting to take
over as she moaned audibly, images of Enzo’s tongue
fucking her swimming around in her mind. As if Enzo knew
what his mistress wanted, he ran back and again started
lapping her cunt. This time his tongue ran up from her
puckered asshole to her fingers where they were
vigorously pounding in and out of her.

Pulling her fingers out she brought them to her mouth
while Enzo took over. His tongue delving deep into her
pussy, licking her walls. His racing breath was huffing
unto her sensitive clit as he ate her out. Nikki’s head
was spinning out of control as she came, once, twice,
three times.

A power failure at Leslie ‘s work place prompted him to
rather head home and work from there instead of ambling
around with nothing to do. Casually opening his brief
case, he happened to look up witnessing Nikki topless
out back. His mouth went dry and a very unfamiliar
twitch ran through his nether regions. Cursing himself
he pretended not to see Nikki tanning topless, it was
his daughter for god sakes, his little girl. Even though
Leslie felt like a paedophile he couldn’t help but
constantly glance out the window to watch Nikki.

His cock was rock hard in his pants. He hated feeling
this way towards his little girl, but everything about
her was so hot, so damn teasing. Leslie watched his
little girl rub lotion unto her firm young tits and his
cock jerked, he watched her lay down on her back and for
a moment he visualised being able to touch her, suck her
taut pink nipples into his mouth. Pulling his cock out
of his trousers he was unable to control the urge to
jack off, gripping his cock in his hand he slowly
stroked it up and down, while he watched his little

“A fuck Nikki” He uttered softly to himself, as I ran
the tip of his thumb over his piss slit.

Leslie needed a cold shower and he needed it now, this
was insanity, and what sort of a father would he be
jacking off to his 18 year old daughter?! He stuck his
cock back into his trousers and stood up, just in time
to see Nikki push Enzo away, then he saw Enzo moving in

“What the hell?” He thought to himself as he watched his
Rocky(D) persistently nuzzle his little girl’s pussy. Then to
his utter amazement Nikki sat up and moved to the edge
of the lounger, he couldn’t see much at the angel she
was at, but he was sure she had just patted her pussy.
Leslie scampered off to the Kitchen to get a better
front view of Nikki. He had to hold onto the counter to
steady himself as he saw Enzo’s tongue flick out to lap
over Nikki’s smooth pussy.

“She shaves?!” Leslie was beside himself. He couldn’t
stand any of this anymore. Unbuckling his trousers he
pushed them down over his hips, exposing his cock. He
watched as Nikki wriggled under the assault of Enzo’s
tongue, he watched how she breathed, her tits bouncing
as Enzo lapped at her pussy. Leslie ‘s cock was about to
explode and he didn’t give a fuck. His baby girl was
letting his Rocky(D) tongue fuck her, and as wrong this was
he was totally turned on by this entire scene playing
off before him.

When Enzo moved away from Nikki, Leslie cursed silently
at his Rocky(D).

“Get back there you mutt, go lick my girls pussy” He
knew no-one could hear or see him, so he continued
jerking his cock, watching his little Nikki shove her
fingers deep into her own cunt.

“That’s it baby, let daddy see that pussy stretch open.
Ah fuck!” Leslie continued talking dirty, wishing he was
really there. He wanted a piece of his little girl, and
he’d give anything for it. But for his sanity and moral
peace of mind he comforted himself in the fact that no
one has to know. This was his secret and his alone.

When Enzo returned to once again lap at Nikki’s cunt,
Leslie exploded, his cum ran down over the edge of the
counter, his legs were weak, his grip on his cock didn’t
subside as he pumped out each drop of cum while he
watched his little girl lose herself too, her little
body writhing under Enzo’s control.

Gathering himself, and cleaning up quickly Leslie
decided it best to go to the other end of the house,
maybe the garage and pretend he’s been there all along
while Nikki got decent. An hour or so later, he entered
the house.

Nikki was in the kitchen making herself a smoothy with

“Hi daddy! You’re home early?” Smiling she turned off
the blender and went to kiss her daddy hello. Leslie
fought against his evident hard-on with all his might,
kissed his daughter, made small talk and then excused
himself telling her he has a report to finish. He
vanished into his study for the rest of the day, while
Nikki went about her usual everyday doings.

Night had fallen and Nikki had her usual relaxing bath,
the images of earlier in the day kept creeping up on
her, filling her with need. Enzo wasn’t allowed in the
house and Nikki now wished that she could sneak him into
the house, but this was impossible.

Instead Nikki decided to spend her evening in her room,
she had worked herself up so much she was all hot and
wet again, and her pussy throbbed for attention. Seated
on the edge of her bed she slowly stroked her slit with
only the tip of her finger, the sticky cunt cream
spreading like butter over her shaven lips. Her need was
like desperation, driving her on, she had to have Enzo
tongue fuck her again, maybe this time she could return
the favour.

Imagining his pink Rocky(D)gy cock in her mouth nearly sent
her over the edge again. Unable to withstand the urge,
she quietly made her way downstairs, first peeking into
the living room to see if there was any sign of her
daddy. Thankfully there were none, she then snuck out
the sliding door and patted her leg to call Enzo. Wagging
tail and all Enzo came charging to Nikki, his excitement

Nikki went down on her knees and let Enzo sniff her
fingers, which just earlier were eagerly playing with
her cunt. She patted Enzo down his side, sliding her hand
further down until she reached his Rocky(D)gy cock. Taking it
in her hand she gently squeezed it. Enzo whined just a

“Good boy, you like that Enzo?” She stroked his Rocky(D)gy
cock again, the pink tip started pushing forward, it was
warm and wet. Nikki wanted to taste it so bad.

Leslie had followed Nikki to the patio. Standing by the
sliding door, and watching his little girl playing with
Enzo. He was beyond sane and help. He has to have some of
Nikki’ pussy. Her nighty was hitched up over her firm
ass, and as she went on all fours to lean over to flick
her tongue over Enzo’s Rocky(D)gy cock, Leslie took his
chance. He quietly moved in behind Nikki.

“Ugly jezus baby,” his cock was rock hard. Nikki jumped
and turns to look at her daddy her eyes wide with shock.

“Oh my god daddy! I didn’t, I didn’t know… you…”
Mid-sentence Nikki was interrupted as Enzo nudged his
face into her crotch his tongue darting out to lap at
her soaked cunt.

“I saw you earlier today baby, and I can’t stand not
having a piece of you” Leslie had his cock in his iron
grip, jerking it while he was seated on his knees.

“Why don’t you go ahead and give Enzo what he wants and
let Daddy shove his cock into your tight pussy, no one
has to know”

Trembling with fear and some form of awakening, Nikki
nodded and pushed Enzo to lay on his side, she slowly
bent over him and took his Rocky(D)gy cock in her mouth.
Leslie moved into place behind her at first slowly
stroking the tip of his cock against her sexy clean
pussy lips, groaning as she nudged her hips back.

“Fuck me daddy, make me your bitch.”

Leslie s body shook as I heard his little girl’s plea.
With one hard thrust he drove his thick cock into his
daughter’s wet cunt, stretching it. It was so tight, he
had to fight the urge to pump his cum into her womb
right there and then.

Nikki’s body shook, her mouth covered Enzo’s Rocky(D)gy cock
as she started to suck him off. Her one hand moved to
her pussy where she rubbed her clit, while her daddy,
her own daddy fucked her.

Nikki sucked until Enzo spewed his load into her mouth,
the sticky clear liquid dripping down her chin. Leslie
was riding his cock into his daughter over and over, The
tip of his thumb pressed against her puckered asshole
while she continued whimpering.

“Fuck me daddy, fuck your little slut, and make my pussy

“Ah my little girl, you’re all daddies now.”

Nikki came, hard ‘ her pussy tightened its grip around
her father’s big cock which drove Leslie off the deep
end. He shot his load into his daughter’s womb, pumping
each drop deep into her, when he pulled out, Enzo was
there to clean up the mess, he licked all of Leslie ‘s
cum out of Nikki’s cunt, making her cum again and again.

That night Nikki spent the night in her daddy’s bed,
fucking him, sucking his cock. Daddy agreed that Enzo
could join in. Enzo took turns licking daddy’s cock and
Nikki’s pussy – until morning.

Things in this household would never be the same.

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