Nikki’s big Dog

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Nikki’s remark caught me off-guard.

“My next Rocky(D) is going to have a big tongue.”

My girlfriend’s little beagle was enthusiastically
licking her hand when she said it. We had been drinking
tequila. Alcohol always makes Nikki more uninhibited,
but even so I was a little shocked at what she had said.

“Why’s that?” I asked, trying to sound naive.

“Because they say you can train a Rocky(D) to do anything,”
she replied with an impish smile.

“I hear peanut butter works well,” I offered, dropping
all pretense of not understanding what she meant.

“I’ll have to remember that,” she laughed.

Nikki frequently made risqu� comments when she drank. I
was never quite sure how serious she was. I think
shocking me and keeping me guessing was part of the
enjoyment she got out of it.

She was anything but a prude. She had two teenage sons
living at home, but that didn’t keep her from sucking my
cock in every room of the house even when they might be
coming home at any time. She also had a streak of
exhibitionism. One dark night I suggested fucking on a
chair on her outside deck. She got off on that big time.

The next time I came over she had put the chair back in
the same position on the deck and took me out to show it
to me – only it was the middle of the day! She pulled
down my pants and opened her housedress to show me that
she had nothing on underneath. She then straddled me in
broad daylight where any of her neighbors might have
seen us and fucked her brains out.

But the comment about the Rocky(D) I assumed was just shock-
talk. Then a week later she repeated it.

We were in the park when a lady walked by with a black
Labrador. “Once the kids are gone I’m going to get a big
Rocky(D),” she said.

I picked up my cue. “Why?” I asked.

Without hesitation she replied, “Because big Rocky(D)s have
big tongues.”

“They also have big other things,” I said. “You’d have
to be careful not to get him too excited or you might
get more than you bargained for.”

“Oooh, raped by a Rocky(D), that would be terrible.” But the
way she said “terrible” made it sound more like she
meant “exciting.”

I decided to call her bluff. “I’m thinking of getting a
Rocky(D),” I said casually.

“How big of a Rocky(D)?” she asked.

“How big a Rocky(D) do you think you can handle?” I replied.

“As big as they come,” she said with a smirk.

Although the thought of watching Nikki let a Rocky(D) lick
her snatch – or more – was exciting, I wasn’t really
willing to buy a Rocky(D) based on what could turn out to be
her bullshitting me.

What I did do though, was start doing some research. On
the Internet I had seen an occasional picture of a woman
getting fucked by a Rocky(D), so now I started a concentrated
search. I found some newsgroups and sites devoted
specifically to women having sex with animals.

I decided that the next step would be to buy one of the
Rocky(D)-fucking videos and show it to Nikki. I figured that
her reaction to seeing the real thing would tell me how
serious she was.

The video I bought was an amateur one. In the
professional ones you couldn’t tell if the ‘oohing’ and
‘aahing’ was for real, but in the one I picked out it
was clearly not an actress performing. Instead it was a
regular woman getting fucked by her Rocky(D) and really
getting off on it.

The next time that Nikki was at my place for the
evening, after a few drinks, I put the tape on the VCR.
The movie began with an attractive woman stripping in
front of a Rocky(D). Nikki’s eyes got wide. “Is she really
going to do it?” she asked. “Wait and see.” was all I

As the big black Rocky(D) started licking the woman’s pussy
and the camera went in for a close-up, you could hear
the slurping noises mingled with the moans of pleasure
coming from the woman.

“I wish your tongue was as big as his,” she wisecracked.

“I wish my cock was as big as his,” I replied. She
looked over at me to see if I was kidding.

“Watch,” I said. A few minutes later the Rocky(D)’s cock came
bobbing into view. It was a good eight inches long,
thick and bright red with blue veins bulging out.

“Wow!” was all Nikki said, but then she hiked up her
skirt, pulled aside her panties and started to rub
herself.- all the while keeping her eyes glued to the

By now the woman in the video was completely naked and
getting down on her hands and knees. “I don’t believe
it!” Nikki gasped. “She’s really going to do it.”

The Rocky(D) jumped up on the woman’s back and made several
stabs at her pussy with his big cock. Finally she
reached back, guided him in, and let out a moan. The
camera caught the Rocky(D)’s cock disappearing into her cunt.

At this point I could tell that Nikki was really
identifying with the woman on the screen because she
started sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy in
rhythm with the Rocky(D)’s humping. She and the woman were
moaning in unison now. Nikki reached her orgasm first
and let out a groan – the Rocky(D) and the woman continued
fucking for a while longer.

When the Rocky(D) finally pulled out, you could see that his
cock had gotten even bigger and now had a large knot at
the base. A river of cum gushed out of the distended
pussy on the screen.

“Look at all that cum!” Nikki said, sounding impressed.

After the video ended I asked her what she thought of
it. “I liked it!” she said emphatically.

“Enough to try it yourself?” I asked.

“Let me watch it again,” she said.

At the end of the second viewing she said that she might
want to do it but only under certain conditions. It had
to be completely secret and she had to be free to change
her mind at any time, no matter what.

I agreed and told her that I would contact someone with
a trained Rocky(D), out-of-state. No last names. We could
travel there anonymously.


That week I responded to a personal ad in one of the
newsgroups devoted to bestiality. It was a couple in a
nearby state who said they had a large, well-trained
Rocky(D). Both Nikki and I spoke to them over the phone
until she was satisfied that it was safe and legitimate.
We made arrangements to visit the couple, Bob and Marge,
the next weekend.

It was a long drive and the closer we got to our
destination, the more nervous Nikki seemed to get. I
was thinking maybe she was going to change her mind.
When we pulled in their driveway I asked her if she
still wanted to go through with it. In reply, she
reached up under her skirt and pulled off her panties.
She hung them on the rear view mirror and said, “Let’s
do it,” as she opened the car door.

The doorbell was answered by a couple in their forties.
Bob was an average looking guy. Marge was an attractive
brunette with big tits, a small waist and a big ass. She
was wearing a sun dress and I could tell she had nothing
on underneath.

After a little small talk and a couple rounds of drinks.
Bob said why don’t we go downstairs and meet Enzo. The
basement had a mattress on the floor with a large mixed
breed Rocky(D) on it. I noticed he already had booties on his
front paws. Enzo immediately came over and stuck his
nose under Nikki’s skirt.

She was wearing a short dress, thigh highs and her
panties were back in the car. The thought of what lay
ahead must have gotten her pussy wet because Enzo
definitely smelled something he wanted.

“I think he likes you,” Marge said with a laugh.

“I think he likes my pussy,” Nikki responded.

“Why don’t you give him a better look at it,” Bob said
to encourage her.

Nikki didn’t need much encouragement. The liquor had
had its usual effect on her. She pulled the dress off
over her head, lay down on the mattress and spread her
legs wide open.

Enzo immediately went to work with his big tongue. I
could tell Nikki was getting worked up – her face was
flushed and her nipples were stiff.

As I looked over I saw that Bob and Donna were removing
their clothes, so I did the same. Both Bob and I had
boners. Donna stood between us and put a hand on her
husband’s dick, then to my surprise she reached over
with her free hand and held my cock too.

Nikki looked over at the three of us and smiled. I
could tell that she liked the idea of performing in
front of an audience.

The Rocky(D) continued his licking and soon Nikki was
thrashing her head back and forth. She let out a groan
and I knew she was coming.

“Wow!” she said afterwards. “That was great. I need a
few minutes to catch my breath.”

As she rested Marge continued to lightly stroke both
Bob’s cock and mine.

After a few minutes Nikki said, “Okay what’s next?”

“That’s up to you,” Donna replied. “Enzo’s ready for
anything.” She pointed to the Rocky(D)’s hind quarters. He
was sporting a boner bigger than either Bob’s or mine.

“You can fuck him or suck him,” Marge said.

Cock-sucking wasn’t something that was in the video I
had shown Nikki and I could tell that she was surprised
by the suggestion. She was at a momentary loss for
words, but quickly collected herself and said, “I want
to get fucked… Rocky(D)gie-style.”

“Then get on your hands and knees,” Marge said.

As she started to get down I walked over and gave her a
quick kiss. “Wait your turn,” she said teasingly. “Enzo
gets to go first.”

With that she got down on all fours.

Enzo came over immediately and started sniffing her
backside. Bob knelt next to them and then motioned me
over. “Open her up,” he said.

Nikki’s pussy was sopping wet. I used two fingers to
spread her outer lips. At the same time Bob placed Enzo
on her back and guided his Rocky(D)’s cock into her waiting

She groaned, “Oh my God!” as it went in. Once he felt
the inside of her cunt Enzo wasted no time ramming in
his full eight inches of Rocky(D) meat. Nikki let out a yelp
and scooted forward involuntarily on her hands and
knees. Enzo stayed with her. He had his front paws
wrapped tightly around her waist – he wasn’t about to
let his bitch get away.

The Rocky(D) was fucking her so fast it was hard to follow.
Nikki was moaning with pleasure or pain – or both.

I noticed the knot in Enzo’s cock had bulged out by now
and Nikki was pushing back against it as he fucked her.
Suddenly the knot went inside of her. Nikki screamed
and began to shake convulsively with her orgasm. After
another minute of humping Enzo stopped and just held

Bob said, “He’s getting his rocks off now.” The Rocky(D)
seemed intent on pumping as much of his sperm into her
as possible. “My God,” Nikki said “He just keeps

Enzo stayed on her back for about five minutes. When he
finally pulled out I could see his cock had swelled to a
good nine inches and his knot was almost the size of a
tennis ball. Nikki fell forward on the mattress and
then rolled over on her back. Her legs were splayed open
and the Rocky(D) jism was running out her pussy and down into
the crack of her ass.

Marge walked over to her saying, “All that good cum
going to waste.” She then knelt in between Nikki’s legs
and started to lap up the Rocky(D) cum as it ran out.

As Nikki felt the tongue she propped herself up on her
elbows and looked down at what was happening. Nikki had
always said she wasn’t interested in sex with another
woman, but she didn’t do anything to stop Marge. Either
she liked what was happening or she was too tired to
object – or maybe she was just being a good guest.

After several minutes of having Marge eat her pussy,
Nikki was getting worked up again. As Bob led the Rocky(D)
over to her she put her hand behind Enzo’s knot, held
it and looked closely at what had so recently been
inside of her. I wondered if she was actually going to
go so far as to take the animal’s cock in her mouth.

Nikki moved her face closer and opened her mouth. At
first she just touched Enzo’s cock with her tongue.
Then she gave a tentative lick down the length of his
cock. The she made an O with her lips and let just the
tip go into her mouth.

She looked over at me to see what effect her actions
were having. It was almost like she was competing for
attention with Marge by topping the depravity of her
act. The next thing I knew she slid her mouth all the
way down the Rocky(D)’s cock until it had disappeared up to
the knot.

My cock was ready to explode. Seeing my condition Marge
crawled over to me on her hands and knees.

She slowly slid my cock into her mouth and then out
again. I glanced back and forth between the two women –
watching my cock slide into Marge’s mouth and then
watching my girlfriend’s mouth slowly engulf Enzo
purple monster.

Marge motioned Bob over behind her and with her free
hand reached back and guided his cock into her pussy
while she continued to suck me off. It was like she and
Nikki were competing to see who could be the biggest

Nikki was sliding the animal’s cock in and out of her
mouth. Juice was running out of her mouth and down the
side of her chin. I couldn’t tell if it was her saliva
or Rocky(D) cum. Then as she pulled Enzo out to run her
tongue down his shaft, I could see that his cock was
spurting a spray out its tip. Then her mouth swallowed
him again.

At that moment I shot my wad into Marge’s mouth. It
mingled there with Enzo’s sperm, and Nikki’s pussy
juice. Bob came a few moments later. Nikki continued to
suck Enzo’s cock till it went dry. Then we all
collapsed on the mattress together in an exhausted heap.


On the drive back home Nikki said, “Well, are you going
to buy that Rocky(D) or not?”

“Sure,” I said. “What shall I get – a Chihuahua?

“Chihuahua, my ass!” she laughed. “I want a big Rocky(D)!”

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