Nude wrestling

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Tom had scouted round the scene for a worthy opponent for his favorite lady wrestler, the lovely Miss Busty Zoe. He really did begin to think no-one would even come close when he found Jenni. At 5’11” she was an inch taller than Zoe and had quite a big body at 44″ though when they were together Zoe’s delicious size K boobs looked considerably bigger than her opponent’s. Jenni’s short, dark hair contrasted with Zoe’s vivid shoulder length blonde. Jenni was a little younger but Zoe had more experience of both skilful wrestling and rough fighting, whatever the situation demanded.
The girls had chatted for a while over a bottle of wine and as the bottle was empty they both went into different bedrooms in Tom’s place
They came out at the same time looking now far more serious. Jenni wore a pretty see-through set of blue-green bra and knickers, while Zoe wore the sexy pink bra and pants she knew Tom adored so much.
The ladies stood inches apart in the centre of the room staring menacingly at each other. Tom told them he wanted a hard but fair fight. They shook hands quickly and turned away from each other as Tom asked them to go back to their corners and come out wrestling.
Zoe came out cautiously showing the experience gained from her previous fights while Jenni came out quickly on the attack. It was Zoe who connected first as her fingers jabbed sharply into Jenni’s left breast which was instantly marked. Zoe now took early control of the fight and yanked Jenni forward by her hair, using her much bigger boobs to smother her opponent. Jenni’s arms were flailing around, landing the odd slap, but Zoe had her head clamped in her cleavage. It was as if the blonde amazon was putting the young woman firmly in her place. When Zoe did finally release the head lock, Jenni’s was breathless and scarlet-faced. Before Jenni could find a way back Zoe smashed her forearm across Jenni’s face, sending her crashing on to the carpet. It looked like the match might already be over as stood proudly, hands on hips, probably expecting to be called the winner. Jenni, however, launched herself suddenly and butted Zoe in the stomach. Zoe rolled on the floor holding her tummy in pain, while Jenni felt her neck which got the full force of the blow. Jenni saw her chance to take control, she clasped her hands together and hammered them down into Zoe’s bruised tummy. Zoe lurched up to try and escape but Jenni took a fistful of her blonde hair and dragged her back down to the floor. As Jenni tried to punish Zoe further, Zoe took Jenni’s hair in one hand and knickers in the other, then shouted angrily and she threw Jenni off her and across the room. Each woman now took a few seconds to draw breath. Each slowly stood up, wary of her opponent and wincing at the pain she’d already endured. Jenni ran forward but Zoe was ready for her and brought her knee up to smash into Jenni’s belly. As Jenni fell Zoe pounced. Zoe dropped on to the brunette, digging her knee into the small of her back. Zoe nastily tugged at Jenni’s bra strap, trapping her boobs and making it hard to breathe. Zoe now reached under Jenni’s chin to try for a headlock but her opponent was too smart and quick. She bit horribly on Zoe’s fingers! Zoe screamed in pain and rolled away, it seemed now Jenni was in charge of this ever-changing fight.
As Zoe was on her knees wringing her chewed finger to rid herself of the pain, Jenni dropped on to her troubled opponent and applied a vicious headlock just like the one on her at the start of the match. Jenni now locked in the hold by wrapping her strong, chunky legs around Zoe’s tummy and squeezing for all she was worth. Zoe panted for breath and wriggled, trying to break free.
After what seemed like an age Zoe got a little space and she slammed her elbow back into Jenni’s ribs, just under her breast. Twice more Zoe used the back elbow and Jenni’s grip began to loosen. As Jenni lost the holds Zoe could take a hold of her right foot. Zoe was now free and stood up while keeping her grip on Jenni’s foot. Jenni yelped and moaned as her foot was twisted in every direction. Zoe now had the younger woman just where she wanted her. Zoe dropped her full weight on the weakened leg. Jenni stretched forward in a desperate bid to fight back but Zoe harshly slapped her face and kept her on the floor. Jenni kicked out with a deafening scream but it did no good at all.
As Jenni conceded defeat Zoe finally relented and the fight was over. Zoe helped her defeated opponent onto a chair and the girls hugged in mutual respect and admiration.
Tom had the joy of helping each lady to towel down and plotted in his mind who should feature in his next fight

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