Nudist Family Tradition

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My parents were nudists, or naturists, depending on who
you talk to. From the time I was born they were bringing
me to the Nudist Camp several towns away. So as I got
older it seemed like the most natural thing in the

We’d always spend our weekends and the whole Summer
there. Being a nudist wasn’t that much different than
anyone else. I had my friends, we swam, played baseball,
basketball, hide-n-seek, whatever.

Of course when I was eleven I started getting erections,
my parents explained I was starting to notice girls as
girls now [which led to “The Talk”]. Of course the girls
would giggle when any of us boys got hard, since they
hadn’t had The Talk yet.

But as puberty passed the erections weren’t a problem
anymore as the boobs, butts and bush were a totally
normal thing.

But when I was eighteen it was different. That was when
I met my future wife. She was a year younger and as I
did seven years earlier I got a hard on.

She was the hottest thing there.

Of course she’d already been ogling my cock but when I
got hard her face really lit up.

I’d never had a girlfriend before, so nothing really
happened that first Summer. But the next Summer when she
was eighteen we started to spend lots of time alone
together. There was lots of kissing, petting, fondling
and groping that Summer. The next Summer we were oral
sex fiends. But the next Summer she told me she was on
the pill and we started fucking. That’s all we did, was
fuck, fuck, fuck. I was twenty-one and going into my
last year of College.

They say the pill isn’t one hundred percent fool proof.
It seems one of the last fucks we had that Summer got
her pregnant. I got the call from her months later when
she was late and went to see her doctor.

I was excited. I asked her to marry me and we agreed
after I graduated we’d be wed. Nadine was born in May so
by the time we married my wife showed no signs of ever
having been pregnant so most of the guests knew nothing.

Of course I wanted to continue the “Family Tradition”,
so the three of us continue to go to the nudist colony.

My wife and I still loved to fuck, and she didn’t want
to have any more children, so she got her tubes tied.
Good thing, because being naked in front of each other
so much was very arousing, we wanted each other more. It
was unusual for another couple to come across us fucking
or my wife sucking my cock. And it did happen at the
Nudist Camp, we did come across others getting it on
ourselves and was completely allowed.

But we were careful not to fuck in front of Nadine. She
was too young to see her parents going at it, too young
to see anyone go at it, but if she saw anyone fucking or
sucking and started asking us questions we preferred it
not be us our daughter caught in the act.

Fortunately we never had to have The Talk to Nadine,
either she never saw anything or she just never told us.

One reason we dodged the bullet was because of what
happened when Nadine was only eight.

My wife “discovered” religion. We were all sinners and
needed to be “saved”. The worse sinners as far as she
was concerned were the nudists. My wife claimed it was
wrong to walk around naked in front of each other [Hey,
Adam and Eve did it, remember?], but especially parents
in front of children. She said nudism was a perversion
that would lead to other perversions between parents and
their children. One of my wife’s gripes was she caught
Nadine staring at my cock a lot lately and that wasn’t

Myself, I didn’t take her seriously. I’d been a nudist
all my life, and I’d never heard about parents and
children “sinning”, and my mom – who was hot and is
still hot to this day – never tried anything with me.
Not that I saw that as such a big deal, I’d have lost my
virginity much, much earlier then, if anything it
would’ve been something to keep hush, hush, especially
from dad.

My wife wasn’t happy that I wouldn’t give in to her
silly superstitions. She took it so far as to serve me
divorce papers.

She wasn’t after me financially, but she was seeking
full custody of Nadine with no visitation rights for me.

I was furious. How dare that witch try to take my
daughter away from me?!? Who did she think she was? She
definitely was no saint herself!

But the witch quickly reminded me that if I were to
fight her on this she’s tell everyone my dirty little

Now up to that point I never considered my practicing
nudism a secret. But damned if she wasn’t right. No one
in my hometown except my parents knew I was a nudist;
not my friends, not my co-workers, not anyone I’d gone
to school with, no one. And I couldn’t let my parents
get “outted” either.

So I decided to give in to the witch, signing the
divorce papers and relinquishing full custody of my own
daughter to her. After that she quickly disappeared.

Of course people talked. Because the divorce was public
people assumed my wife ran off with another man, taking
my daughter. Let them think that, fine with me.

For me, life went on.

My wife and my daughter were gone, leaving two holes in
my life, but things were mostly intact. I had survived
eighteen years before I’d met my future ex-wife, I’d
survive again.

I just acted like nothing was wrong, like everything was
the same, and I went on with my life. And slowly any
pain of loss disappeared. After five, six years I could
make myself believe I’d never been married, I’d never
had a daughter. And it did get easier.

Fourteen years passed.

I got a phone call.

“Hello?” I said after I picked up the phone.

A very attractive female voice spoke, a voice I’d never
heard before. But the words made all the difference.

“Hi, dad,” was all she said.

And everything came crashing down on me like a tsunami.

It was my little girl. Only she wasn’t little anymore by
the sound of her very grown up voice.

“Nadine?” I said in shock and surprise.

“Yeah, dad, it’s me,” She said sounding ready to cry.

“How have you been, kiddo?” I asked.

“Uhhh, fine, I guess… I just graduated College, dad.”

“Congratulations, sweetie! Has it really been that
long?!? I can’t believe my little girl is twenty-two

“Yeah, dad, your little girl is twenty-two now,” Nadine
said. I could hear the smile in her voice. And when she
said “little girl” it wasn’t with scorn, she sounded
pleased that I called her that.

“If I’d known I’d have come to your graduation,” I said

“I know, dad, and I know mom wouldn’t have been happy to
see you.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right…”

“Dad, I have a graduation request to make of you,”
Nadine said seriously.

“Anything you want, sweetie,” I promised her.

“I want to finally come home,” She said. I could hear
the ache in her voice, the sadness.

“Do you mean it?” I asked hopefully. “Do you REALLY mean

“Yes, dad.”

“Then come home.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can!” She said eagerly, and
hung up.

I wasn’t sure at the moment how long “as soon as I can”
would be. I was starting to wish I hadn’t kept the house
as neat as a pin so I’d have something to do as I

Of course I lived in the same house I did before my ex
left me. I had debated selling the house, friends
encouraged me to do so, as did my parents. But
eventually I nixed the thought.

I knew my daughter knew exactly where the house was,
even if she spent the last fourteen years who knew

When Nadine did show up, it was quicker than I expected.
It turns out after she turned twenty-one she’d moved out
of her mother’s house, her mother telling her she was of
legal age to do what she wished. So she transferred to a
local College for her Senior year.

“Sorry I didn’t tell you, dad,” Nadine said. “I was sure
mom would show up at my graduation unexpected, but she

“It’d all right, I’m just glad you’re back.”

I marveled at how grown up my daughter now was, from the
moment I opened the front door after she had rung the

At eight, she had been tiny, curveless and hairless.
Except on top of her head of course. Nadine’d had her
mother’s dark, dark long wavy locks back then.

But now tiny was not a word that was fitting for my
daughter. Sure, she was short, maybe 5’2″, but she was
no longer curveless, even under her beige blouse, grey
blazer and matching below the knee skirt I could tell
Nadine was now very curvy.

The dark locks were now gone. No, she didn’t shave her
head, my daughter was now a platinum blonde. My hair is
yellow blonde itself.

“I’m so glad to be back home, dad,” She sighed as she
hugged me. It was obvious that my daughter was pretty
top heavy now too, the way those major mams became
crushed against me as Nadine. hugged me tight. “I missed
you. I missed my grandparents. And I missed the Nudist

“Oh, really?” I teased. “You missed the Nudist Camp?”

“Yeah, dad,” She nodded eagerly. “You’d been taking me
there since I was born. It was like a second home to

“Are you sure about that? You don’t think it’s a
‘perversion that’ll lead to other perversions’?”

Nadine laughed.

“Of course not. I’m not mom. And I resented her taking
me away from you.

My life became a living Hell, without and the complete
change in how mom had raised me before then. I was glad
when I turned twenty-one, looking forward to making up
for lost time with you, dad.”

I beamed with pride.

“But why didn’t you call me a year ago?” I inquired.

“I knew if I came back before I graduated I’d never want
to go back to school. I wouldn’t want to leave you

I almost cried at those words.


“So, dad, you do still go to that Nudist Camp, don’t

“I sure do. Religiously,” I winked.

We both laughed.

“Good! I can’t wait to get back there. I’m tired of
hiding my body under all these clothes.”

“I don’t know… You’ve grown up into an amazing young
lady. If you look this great dressed, I can only imagine
how the young man will react when they see you

“Oh dad,” She laughed, waving dismissively. “My dad is
the only man I could care about at this point in my
life. And I have fourteen lost years to make up for.”

Nadine looked around.

“The house hasn’t changed much since I was last here.
It’s definitely a lot cleaner, though,” Nadine pointed

“No, I pretty much kept thing the same inside, but the
backyard and deck I’ve made same major changes on, even
put up a wall around the yard.”

“Practicing nudism at home, dad?” She winked.

“Let me show you,” I said, then lead her to the back of
the house.

Opening the sliding doors, we stepped out into the shade
of the deck overhead I had built. But passing through it
and entering the sunlight my daughter was able to marvel
at our new-and-improved backyard that I’d been slowly
upgrading for the past five years.

“It’s amazing, dad…” Nadine gasped.

The backyard was an array of gardens, fountains and
miniature waterfalls. There was even a greenhouse out of
sight among the foliage where I grew exotic plants.

“I thought you’d like it, I’m glad you got to see it,” I
smiled. “Let me show you the deck.”

The stairs to get up to the deck were at one side of the

The deck was massive in proportions, running the full
length of the house. And you couldn’t get to it from
inside the house.

Part of the deck was open so I and any guests can work
on their tans. The other part was enclosed from the
elements, so as to not damage the expensive furniture

A solid wall divided the two halves of the deck. A part
of the wall slides inward, a hidden door, to allow you
to gain access to it.

“Dad, this is so cool!” Nadina gaped.

The enclosed part of the deck had very large heavily
cushioned sofas for guest

to fully lay out on and relax. My daughter chose one and
sat down on the edge, sighing as she sank into the

“Oh, dad… I love it here!”

“Let me go back downstairs and get some iced tea while
you relax,” I said.

“Thanks, dad,” She said, laying back, her skirt rising
above her knees.

I left the enclosed part of the deck, passed through the
open part and went back down the stairs and inside.

I already had a pitcher of iced tea in the fridge, I
love iced tea.

Lemonade too.

I put the pitcher and two glasses on a metal tray and
took them back outside and back up to the deck. When I
finally emerged back into the enclosed part of the deck
I was in for another surprise, the first already being
the return of my long, lost daughter.

I nearly dropped the tray when I say my daughter in all
her glory:

Nadine smiled at me, leaning back on the edge of the
sofa she was sitting on.

“I thought it was long overdue for me to get back into
nudism,” She said.

When I met her mother all those years ago, I knew right
away she was the one. The erection was the dead

But my daughter surpassed her mother in pure beauty.
Nadine’s body was perfect, flawless, smooth, as white as

But it was her breasts that truly drew me in. The huge
breasts I felt press into me as we hugged earlier. Her
mother’d had amazing breasts, but not as large as our
daughter’s. It was obvious she took after my own mother.

Nadine’s breasts were high and firm despite their size,
and obviously nature. Her areolae were round medium in
size, a medium brown with a hint of red in them.

Her thighs were firm and slim, almost coltish, and
between them her womanhood was unshaven, covered by a
sea of dark, dark curls.

“Dad, are you going to join me?” She asked. I wasn’t
looking at my daughter’s face but I could hear the smile
in her voice.

I cleared my throat.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea,” I retorted.

“I already know you’re hard for me, dad,” She chuckled.
I looked up from her body to her face. Nadine looked
very pleased, and the look on her face made me fall in
love with her in a way I never fell in love with her

“I never told you and mom, but I used to see couples at
the Nudist Camp…do stuff. All kinds of stuff. I know
mom saw me staring at your…equipment very often. It
was because you had the biggest out of all the men
there. And I was so proud because you were my daddy.

“Because you were my daddy and I loved you so much, and
because you had the biggest, I wondered what it’d be
like to do the same things with you, dad. And I know
that wouldn’t be a perversion.”

Hearing my daughter’s word had an effect on me. I put
down the tray of iced tea and began to undress. The wall
that divided the two halves of the deck may have been
solid, but the two walls overlooking the backyard were
all tempered glass. The whole world could see us naked.

Of course as Nadine’d said I was hard. Very hard and

“Mmmm, dad… It’s so much bigger hard… I love it!” My
daughter cooed. “Come here,” She motioned.

I came to her. Nadine’s hands slid around me, grabbing
the backs of my legs below my butt cheeks and pulled me
even closer. At the same time she leaned forward and
began to take my cock into her mouth.

I groaned.

Slowly Nadine took my length further and further into
her warm mouth. I felt the head of my cock hit the back
of her throat. Nadine started to bob her head up and

Her mouth slid along my cock erotically, her lips and
tongue raking over my shaft.

Slowly she increased her pace. Moaning around my cock,
my daughter sucked it faster and faster as she massaged
my balls gently.

I gritted my teeth. I knew my climax was so close, and I
couldn’t stop it from coming. I lasted hardly eight
minutes. Gasping, I began to jizz in my own daughter’s

Nadine moaned and swallowed down my first spurt. And I
kept right on spurting into her mouth heavily. I hadn’t
cum in fourteen years, believe it or not. I jizzed into
Nadine’s mouth sixteen or seventeen times before my
balls were emptied.

She slipped her mouth off of my cock with a slurping

“How did I do, dad?” She asked sheepishly, expectantly,
stroking my cock.

“Well, sweetie, to be honest that was my first,” I said.
Smiling, I added “But it was so amazing. Thank you.”

Nadine smiled back.

“I’m glad I pleased you, dad. You might not believe it,
but…I’ve never been with a guy before. I’m still a
virgin, dad.

After the things I’d seen at the Nudist Camp, and after
mom took me away from you, I was determined to come back
to you someday and give you my cherry.”

“And I’m honored that you’d give it to me and gladly

Her stroking had helped my cock stay hard. Nadine lay
back and spread her legs. I was so much reminded of my
first time with her mother right then.

I climbed up and mounted my daughter. Taking hold of my
cock, I slid it along her wet pussy, coating it with her
juices. Then I took aim and pushed it in her.

The head was soon butting her hymen.

I looked up into my daughter’s eyes. I saw such great
desire in her eyes. It warmed my heart.

“I love you, Nadine,” I said.

She smiled up at me.

“I love you, dad.”

Letting go of my cock, I slammed forward. Nadine let out
a little noise before she gritted her teeth and threw
back her head. Her hymen was no more, and I kept
pounding in and out of her pussy rapidly.

Soon the pain registering in her young face dissipated.
And she began to moan.

“Ohhh, dad… Mmmm…”

Her pussy was hotter and tighter than her mother’s had
ever been. And it was even wetter too.

It wasn’t long until I made my daughter orgasm for the
first time. Later she admitted it truly was her first

Her body thrashed as her pussy spasmed, Nadine screaming
as she came.

Her mother never came so hard, and never came as much as
Nadine did. My daughter came often, and even more
intensely. She multi-orgasmed as well too.

I fucked my daughter, only the second woman I’d ever
penetrated, a good fifty minutes before I cried out and
pumped my second load into her, this time into her

I creamed her pussy good, my jizz already pushing out
past my thrusting cock before I was even halfway through

I spurted into my sweet daughter about twenty times,
gasping and groaning as she whimpered and accepted my

Finally spent, I rolled off of Nadine and lay beside
her. Soon she was on top of me and kissing me
passionately. My hands slid down to cup her firm,
rounded ass.

“Ohhh, dad! I love you!

And I’m all yours!”

No more beautiful words have I ever heard. But it was
her next words that really had the keenest effect on me:

“And dad, I’m not on the pill…”

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