Obedient husband falls for schoolgirl look

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The following story took place last fall and I’ve finally gotten around to writing it out. While the story fully stands on its own, readers wishing to more fully understand our Loving Female Led Relationship might enjoy my earlier story Nothing More Gratifying.

I hadn’t really meant to arouse him, but I’m so glad I did. I had just gotten a new laptop (thankfully upgraded to Windows 7) and my wonderful husband had agreed to spend his Saturday afternoon transferring all of my old files and software and generally getting me set up. Knowing how these things generally go, I knew it was best for me to get out of the house for awhile so I was scurrying around gathering some things I needed to return and drop off and making a list of things to pick-up while I was out.

I wasn’t quite all the way ready to go. My shoulder length hair was still pulled up in a pony tail waiting to be let down and styled. I was wearing a navy blue vee-neck sweater over a white oxford shirt together with a short khaki skirt. I was planning to put on my favorite black boots, but since it was still a warm fall day, rather than tights or stockings I was wearing a pair of navy blue cable knit knee-hi socks. I hadn’t put the boots on yet so I was scooting around the house in my stocking feet.

I had just sat down on an ottoman to pull on my boots when my husband came into the room and asked, “So are you trying to get me aroused and unfocused before working on your computer or are you just being a tease?”

“What do you mean,” I asked, genuinely surprised as I wasn’t consciously up to anything. “You know, the school-girl look. Pony tail, short skirt, knee-hi socks.”

I hadn’t really intended it, but I could see what he meant. My outfit did have all of the usual trappings of the stereotypical schoolgirl look and knowing my husband’s foot fetish I could see why he jumped to that conclusion.

Taking advantage of the situation, I decided to jump into the role. Affecting a slightly high pitched little girl voice, I said, “Gee mister, I didn’t mean to cause you any problems. Do you like my cute little uniform?”

We both laughed a little at my acting efforts and he said, “You know I do. You’re going to have me thinking about your sweet little feet all afternoon. I just hope I don’t make a mistake and accidently delete any important files.”

“Well we can’t have that can we. Since you are being so wonderful to me giving up your Saturday afternoon to look after my computer, maybe I can help you out with that. Come over here.”

I really did appreciate what he was doing. Anyone who has ever rolled over a computer knows that it’s a thankless job and one which always includes a few unexpected snags. Equally, I knew for one reason or another it had been a while since he had gotten an orgasm from me. Those who have read my previous stories might recall that my husband and I practice a somewhat tame version of a loving female led relationship. Part of that arrangement is that my husband is only allowed to orgasm with my approval and only in a manner chosen by me. By agreement I always allow him three orgasms a month provided he thoroughly looks after my needs. This seemed like a good time to show my appreciation for him.

I continued to sit on the ottoman in my stocking feet as he came over to stand in front of me. Reaching up I unbuttoned his jeans and could see the hardened outline of his cock. He was wearing a pair of light green French cut nylon panties and the tip was just visible at the top of the waistband. One of the fun little “rules” in our relationship is if he wants to get an orgasm he has to be wearing panties, so he almost always wears them on the weekends and pretty often during the week as well.

Reaching inside I pulled out his quickly hardening shaft and blew softly on the tip. Leaning in I put my lips around the head and swirled my tongue around a little bit. In no time at all my treatment brought him to full hardness, all the more so since it wasn’t all that often that I went down on him.

Next I began to bob my head up and down taking a few inches of him into my mouth and providing some gentle sucking pressure. I ran my tongue up and down the sensitive underside of his shaft as I knew this was the area that aroused him the most. I continued like that for another minute or two. While I never seem to get any complaints, I’ve never considered myself all that great at giving head and it had been ages since I had brought him off that way, but I wanted to get him good and excited for what I had in mind next.

Pulling back from him I looked up at his face which was still leaned back in pleasure. I quickly reached down and pulled off one of my knee socks and then rolled it down his shaft like a condom. Once I had the tip of his cock safely nestled into the toe of my soft wooly sock I reached up and started briskly masturbating him.

Knowing what pushed his buttons, I added some verbal stimulation to the physical.

“Make sure you tell me when you get close. You still need to ask.” “You like this don’t you. You like me stroking your cock inside my cute little knee-hi socks.” “Yessss. Yesss I do. Thank you,” he replied. “You’re welcome. I’ll take care of you now since I appreciate what you’re doing for me this afternoon and I want you to concentrate and do a good job. Tonight you can pay me back with your very loving best efforts o.k.?” “Yess. Ok. Mmmm that feels so good. Please don’t stop.” “Oh I’m not going to stop. I want you to cum in my cute school girl socks. I want you to shoot a big sticky load all inside of them. Will you do that for me? Will you come in my socks.” “Yes. Please. I’m close. Please can I cum.” “You want to cum in my sock?” “Yes, please.” “Be specific what you want to do. Do you want to cum in my sock” “Yes please. Please may I cum in your sock.” “My cute little school girl socks? Tell me.” “Please may I cum in your cute little school girl socks.” “Are you ready love? Ask me one last time.” I had been working him for several minutes now and I could tell by the way his cock was twitching in my hand that he couldn’t hold out much longer. “Please. Please let cum in your pretty school girl socks. Please. Please….” “Go ahead. You can cum now. Cum hard for me. Mmmmmm I can feel you pulsing in my hand. Keep shooting. Give me all of it. All of it. Keep filling my school girl socks.”

By the time he finished his legs were a little wobbly so I hugged him around the waist in part to show my affection and in part because I wasn’t sure that he hadn’t cum so hard that he was going to fall over. Looking up at him I could see a contented loving smile across his face. “Thank you,” he said. “That was so hot. I can’t believe you just did that.” “Don’t worry sweetie, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll get my turn tonight and I know you’re going to take really good care of me.”

I then surprised myself with what I did next. I reached up and pulled my sock off his gradually softening dick and put it back on.

“Someone’s going to need to clean my tootsies tonight. I can feel your sticky cum all up between my toes. Its all soft and squishy. Its really getting me hot. After these toes are cooped up all afternoon inside these boots you’re going to have a big job. By the time you finish that I’m sure there will be a bunch of other spots that require some tongue attention as well….”

He stood there gaping not saying much as I first pulled on my cum filled sock and then next as I pulled on my black boots and finally undid my hair and shook out my pony tail. I gave him several smouldering glances as I did this and I have to admit I felt very sexy as I did so. I felt very flirty and gave him a much hotter than usual kiss good bye as I gathered my things and headed off for an afternoon of shopping and errand running.

The whole time I was out I was incredibly aroused. Feeling as I did I made a couple of extra purchases that I planned to put into play that night.

By the time I returned home it was just after five o’clock and my wonderful guy was relaxing with a beer having gotten my new machine completely up and running. We talked for a few minutes about our afternoons and it was then that he reminded me that we were meant to have dinner with some friends that night and that we’d need to leave by 6 in order to meet them in time.

Dang! As much as I liked our friends and knew we’d have a fun time, it wasn’t really what I had in mind. Knowing I’d need a little relief before going out I said, “Come on up stairs and help me get ready.”

My guy is no fool and he wasted no time extracting himself from his chair, even leaving his half finished beer behind, and following me up to the bedroom.

Laying back on the bed with my legs dangling over the side I said to him, “Before I do anything else I need you to take off my boots and massage my tired feet. After that I’m going to have some more work for you to do as I’ve been thinking about our little episode from earlier all afternoon.”

Knowing he didn’t have a lot of time to work with, he knelt down on the floor in front of me and got to work unzipping my boots and removing them. He was very gentle about it not least because I’m sure he was anxious to catch a whiff of the beautiful smell of warm feet being removed from inside of soft leather. I knew he loved that smell and the fact was I sorta liked it too, as I had long since associated it with the hot sex that usually followed.

“Start with the right foot, the one you came all over,” I said as he bent to his task and began kneading my instep and soles with his thumbs as he caressed the top of my foot with his fingers. I let him do that a minute or two, but when he began occasionally kissing my toes right through my sock, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I hiked up my skirt and slipped a couple of fingers into my already soupy slot.

“Go ahead and take that sock off sweetie. Now kiss and lick my foot. I want you to taste your cum and clean it off my sweaty foot.” He was going at it in earnest now, kissing and licking all over, around and between my toes while continuing to rub and caress my arch, sole and heel. His enthusiasm for the task caused me to reflect that he too was probably horny all afternoon thinking about our earlier quickie.

“That’s it baby. It feels so good, but I need your tongue up here now.” As he straightened himself up I shucked off my damp panties. No sooner had he buried his face in my bush than I reached down and pulled his head tight and firm up against me. I could feel the bridge of his nose against my clit. His tongue was caressing my inner lips and wall and I could hear the squelch of my juices as he sucked them in.

I rode his face for a minute or two but I knew I wouldn’t last long. As I ground against him I remembered my kinky school girl role play, sucking his hard cock and him helplessly shooting his load deep inside my knee socks. He was starting to suck my clit now and all at once I felt the energy of an orgasm rush through me. As usual I let out a shriek and a gasp as the full weight of my arousal overtook me.

I was trembling and shaking as wave after wave crashed through me. It felt so good and every part of me became hyper-sensitive. I could feel a warmth move through my body as my juices flowed out of me into his waiting mouth. Gradually I felt the shocks begin to recede and then I felt my muscles unclench. Gently I drifted into a wonderful post orgasmic glow with my husband still between my legs exhaling his warm breath on my still sensitive skin.

We stayed just like that for a little while, but there was no time for an encore as we had to get ready to go meet our friends. Still feeling sexy I decided to wear my shortest little black dress, which came just past mid thigh along with a pair of patterned black stockings that I knew would keep my guy on edge all night long. I accessorized the look with a flirty leopard skin scarf and of course my hottest black pumps. It was one of those rare times where I looked as sexy as I felt.

The evening itself was a lot of fun. The couple we went out with we have known forever and we quickly fell into a festive rhythm punctuated by loads of laughter, lots of smiles and plenty of drinks. The night ended very late and while my libido would have loved another round of lovemaking to cap a perfect day, the combination of food, drink and fatigue overwhelmed me on the ride home and I nodded in and out of sleep.

My ever loving husband helped me up to the bedroom and gently helped me out of my clothes and into my normal boring nightclothes and then spooned up against me and held me all night long. As I drifted off to sleep I could feel his hardness pressed up against me and I knew he was just as aroused as I was by the day.

The next day, as we lazed our way through a quiet Sunday morning I couldn’t get the prior day and all its sexy fun out of my head. By the time I finally made my way upstairs to get a shower and change I had hatched a little plan — I was going to try out the school girl look again and see what happened.

This time I dressed in a red sweater top and white collared shirt and wore a red and black plaid pleated mini skirt. This time I purposely pulled on a pair of red knee-hi socks and instead of boots wore a pair of flats that sorta looked like mary-janes. Instead of a pony tail, I parted my fairly short hair right down the middle and made a pair of pig tails on each side. To make the look complete, I also wore the pink lip-gloss and a pair of cotton panties with teddy bears on it that I had picked-up at the store the day before.

Just getting ready and thinking about what was likely to happen next was enough to start the first little tingles of arousal. I hurried downstairs and found my husband in our “office” where it looked like he was paying some bills. That’s where I started our little role play.

His back was to the door as I moved into the open doorway and gently knocked, “Professor? I was wondering if you had a few minutes to talk about my grades?”

As he turned around from facing the monitor he gave me the once over from head to toe and his eyes got really big. It only took him a second to figure out what I was up to and his big grin told me he was amused by the idea. Although I couldn’t see it from where I was standing, I had no doubt that his trousers were starting to get a little tight in the crotch.

Hardly missing a beat, he fell right into his role. “Ahh Ms. “Jones.” Its good that you came in today as I was just getting ready to send a report to the dean. Your results on that last test were not very good and I’m afraid you are going to be put on double secret probation.”

I tried not to giggle, but I couldn’t help myself, it was all so clichéd. “Ohhh no. Not double secret probation. There must be something I can do to get some extra-credit. Can you think of anything? Please, I’ll do anything?” Hamming it up I batted my eyes, licked my lips and brought a finger up to my mouth as though I was thinking.

“Anything you say? Well I have something I think you can work on. It’s a very hard problem. Come around behind the desk.”

We were both giggling now at the totally lame double-entendres as I made my way into the room and behind the desk. He had unbuttoned his jeans and had pulled his nearly fully hard cock out of his light blue panties.

“Ohh my goodness professor. That is a hard problem. I’ve never worked on a problem so hard before. Let me kneel down here and see what I can do.” Although we were both nearly laughing at our ridiculous charade, I quickly got down on my knees and for the second time in as many days began to give my husband head.

I started by kissing the head of his swelling cock and from there began to gently lick up and down the sides. He repositioned himself slightly and I began to run my hand up and down the shaft while I began to suck firmly on the fat head. Occasionally I slipped my tongue out and gave him a few licks on the sensitive underside, just below the head. I knew that was his most sensitive spot and I figured that some gentle licks and firm sucking would get him off in no time.

I could tell from the way he was moving his hips and the way his cock was beginning to twitch that it wouldn’t take much more rubbing and sucking to bring him off. That’s when I decided to turn the tables.

Pulling my head back off of him I said, “Professor are you wearing panties? I’m sure you wouldn’t want everyone to find out about that. Maybe its time you did a little something for me? Maybe I should be up on the chair and you should be down here taking care of me?”

Although I’m sure he was frustrated after I had brought him so close, my husband was well trained enough to know that even though I might have started our little game, he was going to have to take care of me before I took care of him.

With lusty smiles we changed places and I positioned my butt near the edge of his big black leather chair and hiked up my skirt so he could see my cute little teddy bear panties.

“Do you like my cute little girl panties professor? Mmmmm they are already so damp. Why don’t you take them off for me?”

He reached up and started to pull my panties down and that’s when he got my little surprise. While I was upstairs getting ready, I took the opportunity to completely shave off all of my pubic hair.

I wasn’t normally all that hairy down there, but I had always maintained a neat little patch of reddish brown hair and didn’t really think anything about it. This morning though, when I was thinking about my little game I thought it might be fun to see his reaction so I decided to take a few minutes while I was in the shower and make my self bare.

The process itself was pretty arousing, but I started to really get into it once I put on my panties. The cotton fabric of the tight little panties rubbed directly against my much more sensitive outer folds as I moved around and got ready. Combined with my already aroused mood, I had been getting wetter by the minute. Now after giving some head and seeing my husband kneeling before me, my flower was beginning to open and I expect moisture was beginning to seep out of me.

His reaction was instantaneous, “Ohhh my, that is so fucking hot.”

Immediately he buried his face directly inside of me, leaving my panties stuck about half way down my legs. He feverishly began to lick and kiss my exposed labia. It was so much more sensitive without the hair it felt amazing and I could feel the energy start to soar inside of me. Next he turned his attention to my clit. His tongue danced across it and waves of pleasure began to surge inside of me. I had never felt his mouth so fully on me. It was amazing. The soft pleasure of his tongue and the urgency of his kisses and licks was lighting a serious fire in me

Just as my whole body began to vibrate to the feeling of the tongue lashing he was giving me, he brought his hands up and began deftly running them over my moistened outer lips. He made gentle circles all around me with his fingers as his tongue continued to dance everywhere on my sensitive skin. I began to orgasm and he responded by sticking a couple of fingers deep inside of me and sucking hard on my clit.

That pushed me over the edge and my body erupted with the tremendous force of hours of pent up sexual energy. I screamed. I gasped. I shook. I don’t know how he held on and kept his face buried inside of me but some how he did it and the pleasure just kept washing over me again and again and again.

His tongue lapped and slurped at the juices pouring out of me and his mouth kept firm pressure on my throbbing clit. It was unbelievable, he was not content to provide just one orgasm, he continued to lap away and my body responded with one climax after another. As I learned later, he just couldn’t get enough of my hairless slot.
Finally I pushed him away. His face was covered in my juices which were also all over the seat of the chair. His cock was still sticking out of his pants and was fully extended. No doubt he stroked himself a time or two while he was attending to me.

I wanted to revert to character, but couldn’t. I knew that he wanted a foot job and after the orgasms I had just had he more than earned one.

Without a word I kicked off my shoes and moved my feet towards him. He straightened himself up a bit and moved his cock towards my wooly red knee socks. Cupping my feet each side of his shaft he slipped his cock in between my soles and I began rubbing the soft fabric up and down his hard unit.

“This is what you want isn’t it. You want to fuck my pretty feet don’t you.” “Yesss….please yes.” “Ask for it. I like to hear you ask me for it.” “Please let me fuck your feet. Please,” he moaned. “That’s good. But just like yesterday I want you to tell me what you want. Do you want me to pump you with my pretty red socks? Do you want to cum on my schoolgirl feet?” “Please fuck me with your pretty socks. Please, I want to cum on your pretty red schoolgirl feet.” “That’s it sweetie. I like when you ask for it. I bet you liked my clean shaven crotch didn’t you. Beg me some more…” “Mmmmm I can’t last much longer. Please. Please let me come on your schoolgirl socks. Please, I loved eating your bare pussy. It made me so hot. Please let me cum. Please.” I knew I had taken the game as far as I could so I gave him permission. “Go ahead then. Cum on my socks. Cum on them really hard and then I want you to clean them all up. Go ahead now. Cum on my pretty red schoolgirl socks.”

He erupted immediately, splattering his milky white cum all along the inside of my soles. Some of the shots went up my calf a bit and you could see the sticky white blobs clinging to the wooly socks. Suspended there by little threads waiting for his tongue to come and suck them away.

He thanked me, as usual, for his orgasm and then got to work cleaning my feet. While he did that I slipped a middle finger inside of myself and gave my clit a few rubs enjoying the afterglow of hot sex and laying plans for my next little schoolgirl adventure.

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