Older Women can be Awesome

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‘Yes,’ Gramma answered, ‘But not now.’ She took my cock in her hand and slowly stroked it. ‘Right now, I want you cum on it. Not in it.’ She pulled me closer and rubbed her clitoris with the tip of my prick. ‘I want to feel your hot cum spurting on my clit and running down between the lips of my pussy.’ She moved my cock up and down, sliding the crown up and down her slit.

I awoke with a full blown hard-on and an urgent need to pee. I jumped out of bed and hurried down the hall to the bathroom I shared with my sister. I was glad I beat my sister to the john and I stepped into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind me. I pushed the front of my boxer shorts down, freeing my erection and pointing it down at the toilet. The stream of urine hissed out of me and gurgled into the standing water inside the bowl. Once the urine stream ended, I began stroking my hard-on, happy that my sister was not yet pounding on the door.

As I rubbed my prick, the vision of my grandmother floated through my mind. It had been more than a week since we had sex for the first time and Gramma had become my favorite fantasy.

Her name was Marilyn and she was fifty-eight years old. Her face was beginning to show her age but she was still pretty. She visited the gym three times a week and it showed. Her body was firm and tight, not like a twenty year old but there was very little sag or droop anywhere on her body.

There was a knock, an almost gentle knock, on the door. I knew it wasn’t my sister, because she knocked like the police serving a warrant. ‘I’ll be right out,’ I called.

‘Let me in,’ I heard my grandmother say, ‘I want to show you something.’

I pulled my shorts up and unlocked the door. Gramma came in wearing a white, floor length dressing gown. ‘Do you mind?’ she asked.

‘No,’ I answered, backing up to let her in, ‘Not at all.’

Gramma stepped into the room and locked the door behind her. As she turned to face me I noticed her eyes were drawn to my boxer shorts. ‘Cute shorts,’ she told me.

‘Thanks,’ I said.

‘I’ll bet what’s in them is even cuter,’ she said, reaching out and gripping my erection though the material of my boxers. ‘And its already hard.’ She was smiling.

BANG-BANG-BANG my sister pounded on the door. Gramma visibly jumped at the noise. ‘Let me in,’ Holly yelled.

Gramma put her finger to her lips to shush me, unlocked the door and cracked it open. ‘What’s wrong,’ Gramma asked, ‘Is the house on fire?’

‘Sorry, gramma,’ Holly answered, ‘I thought Matt was in there.’

‘Its just me,’ Gramma said, ‘Since I’m in your washroom, why don’t you use mine? Everything you need is there.’

‘Alright, Grammy,’ Holly said happily. Gramma’s shower had a seven head spray which Holly loved.

Gramma closed the door and turned back towards me. ‘Take those off, will you?’ Gramma said.

I shoved my boxers down and as soon as my hard-on was free Gramma took it in her hand. ‘I’ve been thinking about you,’ Gramma said, ‘But it seems every time we’re home together either your mother or your sister is home, too. This afternoon will be different.’ As she spoke, Gramma moved her free hand down to fondle my balls. ‘Isn’t this better than doing it yourself?’

Knock-Knock- ‘What the hell,’ Gramma said under her breadth, Again, she raised her finger to shush me. ‘Yeeeessss,’ she said. Gramma opened the door a few inches and peered out through the opening.

‘Are you talking to someone in there?’ my mother asked.

‘As a matter of fact, I am,’ Gramma told her daughter, ‘I have several friends in here with me.’

‘Why is Holly in your bathroom?’ my mother asked.

‘Because I’m in here,’ Gramma answered. Without looking, Gramma reached out, found my cock and slowly stroked it as she talked to my mother.

‘Why are you in here?’ my mother wanted to know.

‘Holly is in my bathroom,’ Gramma said,’ so I came in here. Do I have to explain everything?’ Gramma asked.

‘You’re not explaining anything but alright,’ my mother gave in, ‘Where is Matt?’

Gramma slid her fist back and forth on the shaft, from the base of my cock to the crown and back. ‘I haven’t seen him,’ Gramma said.

‘What are you doing in there?’ my mother tried again.

‘What do people usually do in the bathroom,’ Gramma snapped back as her hand slid back and forth on my rod.

‘Alright,’ my mother gave up, ‘If you see Matt tell him I’m looking for him.’

‘I will,’ Gramma promised as she closed the door. She turned to face me and said, ‘Your mother is looking for you.’

‘Thanks,’ I said, ‘but I think—I’m gonna—cum.’

‘Not yet,’ Gramma said, releasing my cock, ‘I want to show you something first.’

Gramma leaned forward and unbuttoned her dressing gown from the waist down. She spread the robe open, exposing the self supporting, dark grey nylons that encased her legs, from her high heeled shoes to her naked hips.

‘Do you like this?’ she asked. She leaned back against the sink and spread her legs, displaying her hairless vulva.

‘It’s beautiful,’ I told her, reaching out to touch the puffy lips of her freshly shaved pussy.

‘Would you like to christen it for me?’ Gramma asked.

‘You want me to fuck you?’ I asked.

‘Yes,’ Gramma answered, ‘But not now.’ She took my cock in her hand and slowly stroked it. ‘Right now, I want you cum on it. Not in it.’ She pulled me closer and rubbed her clitoris with the tip of my prick. ‘I want to feel your hot cum spurting on my clit and running down between the lips of my pussy.’ She moved my cock up and down, sliding the crown up and down her slit.

I put my hands on Gramma’s shoulders and closed my eyes as my muscles tightened. ‘I’m cumming,’ I told her, ‘Holy fuck, I’m gonna cum.’ My entire body pulled tighter and tighter until suddenly the dam broke and my cum spurted. Gramma gasped as she held my cock, directing my flow of cum onto her clit and naked mound.

‘Oh, sweety,’ Gramma crooned, ‘I love when you cum. It’ so hot. And so much.’ She began swirling the fingers of her free hand in the lines and pools of my semen, smearing the hot, thick, creamy stuff all over her mound and pussy as she milked the last few drops of cum from my still hard cock. ‘Does this thing ever go soft?’

‘It wants to fuck,’ I told her as I unbuttoned the top of her robe.

‘Alright,’ she said, sitting back on the edge of the sink, ‘But make it quick in case your mother comes back.’

‘No problem,’ I assured her as I spread her robe open., exposing her nude torso. I cupped her breasts, squeezing the firm flesh and pinching the hard nipples. Gramma moaned as I played with her tits and she reached down to pull my cock into her. ‘Ohhh, Jesus!’ she gasped as I pushed my hardness into the tight, hot wetness of her cunt.

She put her hands on my hips and pulled me closer as she separated her thighs even further. ‘Fuck me, baby,’ she said, ‘fuck me hard.’

I thrust into her as deep and hard as I could, making Gramma grunt each time. ‘Yes, baby,’ she groaned, ‘Make me cum–OH, FUCK, I’M GONNA CUM! YES, BABY, YES, I’MMMM CUMMMMMING!’ ‘

Gramma pulled our lips together and we kissed as my hot cum spurted and flowed into her pussy.

I pulled back and Gramma put one hand between her legs, letting my cum, as it dribbled out of her pussy, pool on her fingers. ‘Do you have to work today?’ Gramma asked.

‘No,’ I told her, ‘It’s my day off.’

‘What do you say we get out of here this afternoon.’ Gramma said, watching the creampie drip onto her hand.

‘Where would you like to go?’ I asked.

Gramma lifted her hand to her mouth and said, ‘Anywhere we can fuck.’ She winked at me and slurped the semen from her fingers.

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