On a visit to an adult theatre, I get my cocked rubbed, watch a woman show off then enjoy sex with a couple

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It had been a pleasantly warm spring day, the kind of day
that provides a nice hint of the warm summer weather that
will soon arrive. It was the kind of day that encourages
women to once again wear short skirts and revealing
blouses. I had spent the day taking care of personal
business and now faced the prospect of a two-hour drive
home. It was about five-thirty on Friday afternoon and I
dreaded facing the rush hour traffic that was building a
wall on the freeway.

I began to think of reasons not to join the highway
crowd. I was in no hurry to get home, it would be hot on
the freeway, I felt a need to relax – maybe waste a
little time, etc. I then realized that I was not too far
from the only adult theater in the area.

It is an old neighborhood theater that doesn’t have the
seedy qualities that seem to be associated with some
adult theaters. I had been to this theater a few times
over the years and decided that watching a little big
screen sexual fantasy would beat watching brake lights
flashing on and off in front of me.

Walking into the lobby, the theater looked unchanged from
my last visit a year earlier. Well almost unchanged. My
previous visits had been greeted by a skinny, longhaired
youth sitting behind the candy counter selling tickets
and feeding videocassettes into the player. (The theater
had abandoned real movies in favor of big screen video
long before I discovered it.) The youth had been replaced
by a woman.

I suppose it would add to the story if I told you that
she was barely eighteen, with long blond hair and a
knockout figure. Sorry about that – I have to be honest.
She was about forty, very average looking, and as she
stood up to take my money I could see she was rather
heavy. She was about five foot four with big hips, big
ass and very big breasts, which she seemed to enjoy
showing off.

I smiled and mentioned that it was nice to see a woman
working at the theater and she probably got a lot of
offers of dates from the horny old men that come in. Her
response was a glare and a curt, “Yeah.”

Stepping through the doors into the auditorium was
stepping from day into night. I couldn’t see a thing. I
stood to the side of the door to wait for my eyes to
adjust. On the screen a naked young brunette knelt in
front of an older man. She had his soft cock in her hand,
rubbing it over her oversized silicon tits. The camera
closed for a shot of her hard nipple and the tip of his
cock rubbing around it. I could see the wet splashes of
cum on her and realized I had probably just missed the
`cum shot on the tits’ scene.

I felt something brush against the front of my pants. It
was very gentle, almost unnoticeable at first. I knew of
course what it was. In this theater, there is a standing
area behind the last row of seats. Guys congregate there
to have their cocks played with or to play with a cock.
You could suck or be sucked there in the shadowy light
from the distant screen.

My horny juices started to flow. I watched as the girl on
the screen slowly licked the soft cock into life. I saw
the limp cock stiffen in response to her tongue. I felt a
strange hand become increasingly bold as it felt around
my crotch and discovered my cock. I could feel the
stranger’s excitement as he felt my cock beginning to
thicken and straighten.

I had no intention of getting a blowjob from a guy or
even of letting him jack me off. But I didn’t mind him
rubbing my cock. I knew he could feel my meat throbbing,
could feel it stiffen. The attention, even from another
guy, fed that bit of exhibitionist in me.

“Take it out,” a hoarse whisper pleaded. “Your cock feels
really nice man, take it out. I wanna see it.”

“Not now,” was all I could muster.

“C’mon man, you’re hard as a rock. Le’me suck it.” His
pleadings were accompanied by fervent squeezing and
rubbing of my hard cock hidden away in my pants. My eyes
had adjusted to the dim theater light. I looked at my
suitor expecting to see a middle aged or older male.

In the past it had seemed to me that this was the
population that occupied the land behind the back row. To
my surprise the face was young and cherubic. I looked
down and saw that he had his cock out and in hand. When
he saw my eyes look down at his cock he stroked the short
thick cock in anticipation of my interest.

“Feel it man. I’m as hard as you are,” he said, offering
his cock to my hand. I recoiled more from the foulness of
his breath than the prospect of mutual jack off time. I
wondered how many cocks he had sucked today and why he
didn’t have the good sense to bring some mouthwash with

“Sorry fella, but I’m waiting for a lady to show up. I’m
more interested in nice tits.”

“Oh yeah man, that’s cool. You waiting for Jackie to come
in huh?”


“Yeah, the chick at the counter.”

“Yeah that’s it,” I said as I eased into a seat in the
side section. It still didn’t register that he was
talking about `Miss Cold Shoulder’ at the counter.

About a half hour later, out of the corner of my eye, I
saw Jackie come in. She sat in the row behind me. I
turned to verify that I had seen correctly and sure
enough it was the ticket taker who was immediately joined
by a couple of men who had been nearby.

I was now turned so that I could somewhat discretely
watch her as well as the movie. A few more guys moved
into the row behind her and another guy arrived in my
row. Without hesitation she pulled her sweater up over
her huge tits, then unsnapped her bra freeing the two
huge jugs. She lifted her tits up, rolled them around in
her hands, obviously enjoying the rapt attention of the
men around her. She had those huge tits that only heavy
women are capable of having. Big heavy pillows of tit
meat. Mountainous masses crowned with huge aureole.

I watched as she rolled her nipples between her fingers,
tempting the men. She released her tits and placed her
hands behind her head. The huge prizes were now open for
all to sample. The men behind her reached down to fondle
and squeeze her tits. The men on either side rubbed her
tits and stomach. She spread her legs and the men worked
feverishly on the material covering her cunt.

Finally she spoke. “Suck `em. Suck my tits.”

The men on either side forced their faces past the hands
that were pinching her nipples. The men in the rear
relinquished their hold on her huge jugs and were reduced
to being now mere spectators. The sucking noises were
loud as the big nipples succumbed to the lips of her
suitors. Her tits were large enough that each man had his
hands and mouth full with just one big breast.

“Bite them, Oh shit, suck `em, bite `em.” she began to
moan. I could see the hand of one man rubbing her cunt
through her white pants. I could see his finger press
deeply into her cunt slit, forcing a deep groove in her
pants. I watched as her hips rocked back and forth.

She pulled her hands from behind her head. She unsnapped
her pants and pulled them down to her knees. Her large
stomach rolled down to meet a huge mat of black pussy
hair. Immediately a finger plunged into her cunt as the
man resumed sucking her nipple. The man sucking on her
other tit took out his cock and stroked it firmly as he

“Eat me. Eat my pussy,” she said as she pushed the man
finger fucking her down to her cunt. He dropped to his
knees between her legs and began working his mouth into
her hot cunt. She again placed her hands behind her head.
One man standing behind her seized her now free tit. His
other hand stroked his cock as he stood behind her. She
looked at the hard cock being stroked by her face. She
watched the hard shaft, seeming to enjoy the sight of
pounding meat near her face.

She moaned as her pussy was reamed by another man’s
tongue. She began to moan and grunt and raise her legs.
Then she grabbed the head of the man eating her. She
ground her pussy into him, holding him tightly against
her cunt. A few more cries of passion and she stopped.
She pushed the men away, pulled up her pants, snapped her
bra and returned her sweater to her waist. She got up and
walked out. The show was over.

By now I was horny as hell. I returned to watching the
screen, but was thinking that the best voyeurism is
watching the real thing. I was now hoping that Friday
night might bring in a few couples that enjoyed
exhibitionism. It seemed like a long shot since the last
time I had been here it was only guys in the theater.

It was getting close to eight o’clock. I looked around
the theater. I could see maybe a dozen shadowy figures
standing in the rear. Seated in the rest of the theater
were probably twenty or thirty guys. Just then my heart
skipped a beat as a couple came through the doors. They
paused for a few minutes as they accustomed themselves to
the darkness. As they strolled down the aisle past me I
could see that they were young, probably early twenties.

I didn’t look at the guy, but the woman had on a short
skirt and high heels. She wore a tight sweater and
clearly had fairly large breasts. She was definitely
dressed to arouse. They walked almost to the front of the
theater then took seats in the center. As they walked
down, a crowd of about ten guys streamed out of their
seats and fell in behind the couple. Whatever thoughts I
had had of enjoying some more real action voyeurism were
dashed. I had been far to slow in deciding whether to
follow them. The men had filled all of the seat!
s surrounding the couple.

But my slowness quickly paid a benefit. About ten minutes
later I saw the door open as another couple came in. With
almost no hesitation they strode down the aisle past me.
They were older, maybe forties. All I noticed was that
the woman wore a dress and seemed to be slightly full
figured. They quickly settled into seats on the side
section about two-thirds of the way down. It was almost
as if they knew where they were going to sit.

This time only a few guys followed them down and
strangely enough no one sat in the row in which they sat.
The side section has four seats. The man had sat in the
farthest seat, the woman next to him leaving two empty
seats in their row. I walked down and sat in the aisle
seat, which left an empty seat between the woman and

I tried to discreetly watch out of the corner of my eye
and also watched the three guys sitting in front of them.
I figured that if they turned around it would be a signal
that the couple was playing `peek-a-boo’ games. Within
minutes the man had his arm around his wife with his hand
dangling down rubbing her breast. The dress she wore fit
snugly with buttons from the neck to the hem. The top few
buttons were open revealing the swell of her breasts. I
could see the profile of her tit as his hand cupped it.

When she crossed her legs I saw that the bottom few
buttons of her dress were also undone so that the dress
dropped away at her knee. The man became more obvious in
the squeezing of his wife’s breast, giving it long slow
strokes and rubbing around the nipple, which now could be
seen poking against the material. The three guys sitting
in front of them had turned slightly sideways in their
seats. It was clear that these guys were now dividing
their viewing time between the movie and my exhibitionist

From the row behind, two guys sat up as tall as possible
in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the beginning show.
The woman glanced quickly my way and saw me staring at
her round breast being massaged by her husband. She
appeared to whisper to hubby then his free hand undid the
upper buttons of her dress. He pulled the dress away to
expose two grapefruit size tits with no bra to hold them.

He now began a slow manipulation of her nipples. In the
glow of the screen, her nipples looked extremely dark and
large. Her little audience now gave her their undivided
attention. I could see the guys in front now stroking
their cocks as they watched hubby pinch and pull her
nipples. She moved her hand to his lap.

The sound of his zipper caused all eyes to snap toward
his crotch. I also leaned forward, peering in the silver
light to watch as she pulled his limp cock from his
pants. He assisted her by opening his belt and
unbuttoning his pants, pulling them completely open. He
wore no under shorts. His cock was a bit on the small
side but he had huge balls, which she lifted and

A third man joined the rear gallery, all three now
leaning over to watch as the woman seemed to enjoy
working her husbands cock to a hard state. She played
with it as if she were showing it off, milking the
foreskin back, then waving the slender cock back an
forth. I and the other men watched intently, fantasizing
that she was stroking our cock. Perhaps even secretly
enjoying watching another man’s cock.

She laid her head on his shoulder. I saw his right hand
move to her knee, then fumble with a button. The button
yielded and her dress opened a bit to expose more of her
leg. He rubbed her leg, and then moved to the next
button. He now had most of her thigh exposed. Her leg was
still crossed atop her other leg. He caressed her thigh.
Then undid the remaining few buttons. Her dress fell

She uncrossed her legs; spread them wide, revealing she
wore no panties. She slipped out of the dress and spread
wide her now completely naked body. She sat there showing
her tits and pussy to the delight of the assembled
voyeurs. Hubby now massaged her pussy with one hand and
her tits with his other.

I moved cautiously to the vacant seat that separated me
from her. Somewhat uncertain I whispered to her as I
moved, “Okay if I move over?”

She just smiled and nodded. My cock was now out and hard
as I stroked it. She looked down at my cock, watched it
for a minute then directed her husband’s attention to it.
I noticed her husband lean over and watch as my hand
worked slowly up and down my hard meat. She spread her
legs, pushing one leg against my leg. I felt the heat
from her leg radiate into me.

Her husband raised her breast and wiggled it towards me.
Taking this as an offer, I slid a hand under her breast.
She raised her arm, which gave me better access. My cock
was throbbing as I softly kneaded her full tit in my
hand. My fingers brushed across her large nipple, it was
as hard as a pebble. I pinched the little knob between my
finger and thumb, rolled it around, felt her quiver. I
pulled it out, stretching the dark aureole into a cone.

She leaned down and began to suck her husband’s cock,
then she rose up a bit with her ass and pussy presented
to me. I slipped my hand between her legs, felt her full
bush of hair. My finger slid into her slit, it was very
warm and extremely wet. She wiggled her cunt at my touch,
and my finger dove into her hot hole. I rose to stand
behind her, my cock hard as a rock rubbing against her as
I finger fucked her with one hand. My other hand was
pinching and pulling on the nipple of her hanging breast.

In the row behind us, three guys were now standing with
their cocks completely out. They were jacking off as they
watched this show. The row in front contained four guys,
sitting turned askew in their seats so they to could
watch. Each of them was pounding their cock. The man and
woman watched the cocks around them. Both seemed to enjoy
seeing the cocks beating off for them.

I felt a hand touch my hard cock as it rubbed against her
leg. It pressed my throbbing shaft against her warm thigh
and rubbed it a bit. I at first thought it was her hand
then realized it was the husband’s hand. I looked at him
and he whispered, “She wants to fuck” With that he handed
me a condom. I slipped my hand from her sopping cunt and
fumbled with the condom. Rolling it on was difficult, as
she kept rubbing her ass against me.

Condom in place I rubbed my cock up and down her slit.
Then I felt that familiar hand again on my cock. He
grabbed my cock firmly and rubbed the head roughly around
her waiting pussy. Then he fed my cock into her waiting
hole. It slid in easily and I began fucking her slowly.
For the moment I had become oblivious to the fact that I
was in a theater with dozens of eyes watching me fuck a
stranger while she sucked her husbands cock and he
fondled my balls.

Or perhaps it was precisely the facts of the situation
that made the fuck so much fun. As I fucked her I rubbed
a finger over the rosebud of her asshole. My finger was
slippery with her pussy juice. I slid my finger in her
ass and found that it was well lubed. She ground her ass
into my finger as I finger fucked her ass while my cock
rammed into her pussy. With the finger in her ass I could
feel my cock. I slid a second finger into her ass and
heard her moan. Her cunt squeezed my cock, her husband
rubbed my balls.

In front of us, one guy stood up and played with his cock
in front of her face. It looked enormous. She reached out
and began to jack him off. I could see her hand slide
down the shaft. Within a few seconds she had him cumming.
In the silver light, the white cum glowed as it shot from
his bulbous cock head. She milked his cock until he
groaned and collapsed in his seat.

I pumped my cock furiously into her as my own hot cum
burst out of my pounding pump. Even with the condom on,
she seemed to feel and respond to each squirt of cum. Her
cunt walls wrapped around my shaft, milking cum from me.
She pulled free of me and sat down in her seat. She and
her husband looked around at the assembled cocks in her
gallery. They whispered briefly. She pulled on her dress
and casually buttoned up. Without a word they got up and
left as quickly as they had arrived.

The assembly dispersed into the theater. I remarked to
one of the guys, “Shit, that was really hot!” He replied,
“Yeah, they come to the movies about once a month and go
through the same routine.”

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