Oral In The Kitchen

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He pushes her up against the wall, encircling her stomach with his strong hands which slowly stretches up toward her breasts.

She lets out an involuntary moan and he pushes his manhood against her. His warm lips float down her neck, leaving a trail of goose bumps.

Not being able to bear any more of this sweet torture, he grabs her butt and lifts her to the bedroom. But they don’t make it there.

With all their frantic kissing and touching the best bet was the kitchen counter.

Laying her atop it, he stripped his shirt from his body, but kept his jeans on. She arched her back the moment his tongue circled over her nipple. Kissing lower, from the chest to the abdomen, he blew warm breath on her sweet spot.

‘Please’ she begs, spreading her legs wider for him.

He gives into temptation and lets his tongue slide over the pink flesh.

‘Ah!’ she screams, not knowing how sensitive this was actually going to be. She felt like she was drugged. Drugged with euphoria.

The kitchen table was slippery, so she couldn’t grab on to anything regardless of how desperately she wanted to dig her nails into something.

He surprised her by enclosing his whole mouth on her mound, sucking, teasing and nipping.

This was it. She was on the edge.

Once he inserted his tongue she’d thought she’d gone mad.

Raking her fingers through his long hair she pulled him closer, causing him to thrust deeper.

‘I’m coming!’ she yelled, then exploded into hot white cream all over his face.

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