Ordeal of Jenny

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Jenny entered the room as the instructions had told her, she walked to the table and immediately began to undress; in front of her on the table she noticed the items she was supposed wear. She shuddered inwardly as her eyes took in the items on the table, she wondered how the hell the purchaser of these items had managed to find her size and if indeed the items would actually fit. As she let her blouse drop into the basket, a strange thought ran through her mind, would she ever see these items again. Quickly she dropped her bra into the same basket and this was just as quickly followed by her skirt and her panties. Now standing naked and alone; a spine tingling chill ran down her back as she wondered just how she had managed to get herself into this, all alone in a strange house and in this particular situation and whether or not she really had the courage to do exactly as she was told.
She now turned her attention to the items on the table and the first item she picked up was a bright red satin Basque, she set this to one side and then began to go through the few meagre items that remained on the table. As promised there was a little bit of choice but not much, she had a choice of the panties that she could wear, whether they were the bright red lacy ones or the navy blue school type. She also had a choice of skirts to wear it could either be a wraparound moderately short mini or a granny type ankle length heavy duty skirt. Of course this was no real choice at all for the 5 foot six slim blonde Jenny, after all she did not want to appear a frump because she always prided herself on her fuller figure and her sexy nature.
So she quickly managed to put on the satin Basque, the bright red lacy panties and chose the short wraparound skirt to complete her appearance. She was amazed that the Basque fitted perfectly and normally this would only have been achieved by having it either handmade or with alterations to an off-the-peg item, likewise the panties were a snug comfortable fit and the skirt was just the right length so as not to show her cunt. As she turned she caught a glimpse of herself in the window reflection and even she nearly let out a whistle of approval, she looks sexy but not cheap and distasteful.
Now her heart raced as she waited for the next part of the initiation to take place, she glanced at the clock on the mantelpiece and its fingers seemed stuck as they did not appear to move while she watched them. The minutes seemed like hours as she waited for the person to arrive who would escort her into another room to face her test. Oh courage to not fail me now she kept saying to herself as she waited and she physically jumped when the door opened and into the room walked a large busty coloured woman who appeared to be wearing a basic French maid’s outfit. The woman was clearly not wearing a bra as almost hypnotically Jenny watched her tits bounce as she walked and she could clearly see the aroused nipples poking out against the white lace of the apron, Jenny suspected that this woman was not wearing panties under the short skirt but did not have the courage to ask her.
As the woman approached Jenny she simply said follow me and then turned and walked towards the same door that she had entered the room by, as she walked Jenny could not help but notice the undulation of the woman’s hips and her swaying of the cheeks of her arse, in fact they seemed almost hypnotic in their effect. Jenny walked 10 paces behind the woman and each step she took she swore her cunt jumped and tingled in excitement. Once out into the hallway the woman led her up a flight of stairs and off to the right before stopping outside a closed door; when Jenny stood beside her and the woman reached forward and gave three loud knocks on the door. With this the woman indicated that Jenny should stay where she was and the woman herself turned and walked off to the left.
After what seemed like ages the door creaked as it opened and a hand beckoned her to enter, as she entered the room she passed the man who’s hand had bade her to enter and suddenly she was blinded by bright lights. A voice from out of nowhere told her to take seven steps forward turn 90° to her right and then stand with her feet 18 inches apart and her hands above her head clasping each other. Jenny simply obeyed and once in place suddenly felt the cold steel of a pair of handcuffs as they locked in place around her wrists, now Jenny became aware of a whirring sound and suddenly felt her wrists being pulled even higher until she was on tiptoe. She was tempted to close her legs in order to stand taller but was glad she resisted when she felt the same cold steel feeling on her left ankle and felt that ankle being pulled to the left, seconds later she felt the same sensation on her right ankle as that was pulled to the right. Jenny now could not move; even worse she was powerless to prevent anything happening to her that the stranger’s chose to carry out.
Jenny was suspended like this for what seemed an eternity but in fact was only 10 min when suddenly the lights dimmed and she was able to look around the room and to her amazement she saw seven men and three women who she did not know. Just as she was about to lose her nerve, she saw a door open and in step someone she did know, Matthew was the guy from her office who had befriended her and on several occasions taken her out for meals and it was to him that she had confided all her inner secrets, which had led to her current position.
The last time they had gone out for a meal Jenny had a little bit too much to drink and had confessed that she fancied Matthew and even worse he had coaxed out of her one of her fantasies, which now led to her being helpless in front of the strangers. Matthew walked forward until he stood in front of Jenny and reaching into his pocket he produced a ball gag, which he quickly and tightly fastened in place. Now not only was Jenny unable to move she was unable to speak also, then Matthew undid her skirt and whipped it away leaving Jenny exposed everyone’s view.
Two of the strange men stepped forward and from their own pockets produced pairs of scissors, then quickly they cut the sides of her panties and laughed as the material fell to the floor revealing Jenny’s freshly shaven cunt to everyone’s gaze. No matter what Jenny did she just could not close her legs enough to hide her cunt and to be honest even that was the least of her worries as one of the ladies step forward and quickly reached behind Jenny and unzipped the satin Basque. In an instant Jenny’s tits were free and on view to all and sundry, and Matthew laughingly told everyone that Jenny had confessed to liking her 38 DD tits to be tied and spanked. As if by magic one of the other men suddenly produced a length of soft silk Japanese rope and began to bind Jenny’s tits.
Now not been able to prevent any of this happening to her, did not alarm Jenny in the slightest instead it just cranked up the level of horniness a notch or two. In fact it turned Jenny on so much that her cunt went into overdrive producing juice which was now visibly running down her inner thighs and she thought to herself that if anyone even breathed on her clit she would have orgasm without it being touched. Despite the uncomfortable feeling of her tits been bound her nipples were rock hard and she almost wished that someone would touch them just to trigger another orgasm.
Jenny’s tits now looked red an angry and bloated because of the rope binding them so tight and her nipples had become really sensitive in this situation, so much so that when Matthew told everyone to line up Jenny nearly fainted as she saw them all carrying small strops, she could only guess on which part of her body they would use these but she figured her tits were bound to be someone’s targets. The first person in line was a woman and sure enough the first strike of the strop landed squarely on her right nipple, a short sharp stinging sensation suddenly transformed itself into small electric currents heading directly to her cunt and the sensation was such that another flood of juice escaped her cunt lips, this was not missed by the woman who simply ran her fingers along Jenny’s cunt lips and then tasted the sweet clear nectar.
The next person in the line was a man and he chose to lay his strop across Jenny’s rear and once more the instant pain transmitted as an electric current to her cunt and she felt hotter than ever before and her arse began to glow red from the first strike. It seemed that the people in the line had their own ideas as to where they were going to use the strop on Jenny’s body as her tits, cunt, and arse seemed to attract equal amounts of hits. Each of these hits took Jenny nearer and nearer to an orgasm but it seemed well worked out that the last of the strikes was delivered and as yet Jenny still had not managed to come.
As the pain that Jenny suffered seemed to melt into a warm hazy afterglow, she found that she was still on a sexual high and almost desperate to release the tension that had built up to the point where she still had not come, Jenny was thinking of all the things that she found a sexual turn on trying to concentrate her mind on taking her body over the edge and delivering that orgasm.
She was so preoccupied with this that she failed to notice one of the women approaching from behind her; in fact she only became aware of the presence when she felt the merest touch of the end of the rubber cock that was part of a strap on worn by the woman. Jenny felt the tip sliding along the crease on her arse and lightly dipping into that whirlpool of passion that was her cunt, it seemed that no sooner had the rubber cock entered her cunt than it was gone and was moving up and over her anal ring.
Jenny tried to scream to be allowed to come but the ball gag prevented any audible words being heard, and all around it just sounded like gibberish; but now the rubber cock was about halfway into her cunt before being pulled out and now it paused when passing over her anal ring and began to press against it. This was a new sensation for Jenny because she was an anal virgin and yet her body craved the solid rubber phallus to plunge her anal recess. Suddenly Jenny felt like a baseball bat had been rammed into her arse as the 2 inch diameter rubber mass forced its way past her sphincter muscle, but by the time the full length was up her arse the pain had disappeared and was replaced by an incredible horny fulfilment. The woman wasted no time in slowly beginning to fuck her arse and Jenny felt her passions rising higher and higher and ever nearer to her much needed orgasm.
As Jenny gave herself totally to the feelings that he was now experiencing she failed to notice when a large cocked man approached her and began to thrusting his cock in the general direction of her cunt, again she only noticed the presence when the cock head slipped into her soaking wet overheated cunt. In no time at all the two cocks began to work in unison to drive Jenny into a wonderland of sexual orgasms the like she had never felt before. Jenny experienced major cannons going off inside her brain and even though her eyes were open she saw nothing except bright flashing coloured lights and felt her flesh tingle like it was being hit by tiny electrons which seemed to generate from her tits directly into her cunt.
The delirium she felt continued and continued, and she had no idea how many orgasms she actually experienced but she was aware of the sticky clear fluid trickling down her legs and the fact that she had never felt so alive or so hot and horny as she did now. Both cocks continued to slam into her until the one in her cunt could last no longer and suddenly he pulled out and sprayed the thick white spunk all over her stomach and upper thighs, the Jenny it felt like someone had thrown red hot tar onto her skin and she swore blind she could actually feel it burning into her. Of course it wasn’t and it soon went cold and began to dry against her skin.
No sooner had the man moved away than the woman unceremoniously pulled the rubber cock out of her arse and they both moved away. Within seconds they were replaced this time by two men who again slipped a cock each into her cunt and arse and began pounding away if anything even faster than the previous two. Each continued until they too reached the point of no return and ended up spraying their loads all over her body only to be replaced by a man and a woman, this time the woman slipped her strap on up Jenny’s cunt and the man took Jenny’s arse. On and on and on Jenny’s orgasms tumble each one merging with the previous one until her cunt ached and her arse felt red raw, but still the number of pairs of people continued to switch and to assault both of her holes.
It was only when all seven men and three women had taken turns at fucking Jenny in each of her holes, did the action come to an end, individually the action changed only when the male counterparts actually reached their own orgasm and no one took into account how many times Jenny actually came because as far as they were concerned she was just an expendable toy. Jenny’s body was literally a mess, she had cold dried spunk covering her arse, lower stomach and legs, her tits were the colour of beetroot and the nipples ached and were still stiff. Suddenly the coloured woman appeared again and this time she was carrying a large plastic bowl.
As if from nowhere a table was placed beside Jenny and the plastic bowl was placed on it; Jenny was still in her haze of post climatic wonderment, which was suddenly destroyed by the freezing cold cloth the coloured woman unceremoniously dabbed at her cunt. From her side Jenny heard Matthew’s voice telling her that the best cure for an over active slut’s cunt was ice cold water. For the next ten minutes Jenny was washed down by the coloured woman with exactly that, freezing ice cold water, not just over her skin but pressed deep inside her cunt and well used arse.
For Jenny there was some comfort though as the ice cold sensation seemed to ease the stinging in her still bound tits; that was until as a parting gift the coloured woman suddenly reached in with her head and literally gave each nipple a firm bite between her gleaming white teeth. Bad enough you may say but the sadist woman literally scraped her teeth along her nipples as she withdrew her head. Jenny tried to scream out in pain but the ball gag blocked the strangulated sounds from being comprehensible.
All Jenny could hope for was that they had sated their lust and that she may now be allowed to go home, but she was mistaken, for her hands were lowered and she was then tilted back as a low bench was slid under her spine. Then her hands were refastened this time to the floor similarly to her ankles. From her new head position she had an upside down view of the world and almost panicked when she saw eight stiff pricks all seemingly pointing at her.
Suddenly her head was gripped and the ball gag removed but before Jenny could beg to be allowed to go a mouth spreader was inserted and her lips forced wide apart. Instantly Jenny’s jaw ached and no matter how she tried she could not close her mouth. Next her head was laid in a grooved stool and her forehead bound down preventing her from turning her head, she now stared straight up at the ceiling and feared for the worse.
Out of the corner of her eye she saw movement, not the movement of the men as she expected but a trolley was being moved towards her and on top of the trolley there appeared to be what can only be describe as a large funnel or a large flattish dish with a chute underneath it would be more accurate. The trolley was wheeled over Jenny’s face and suddenly a piece of wood was pulled back allowing Jenny to get a distorted view once more of the ceiling. The view was distorted by the optic distortion caused by the optical distortion of the clear plastic dish come funnel.
Jenny felt the lip of the lower edge of the funnel touch her tongue and realised that they could now pour whatever they wished into the top of the dish and it would drain directly into her open mouth and she would be powerless to prevent it. It suddenly hit her then that she would ultimately have to swallow whatever they gave her or drowned in trying to refuse it.
The distorted images gave Jenny no real clue was to what was happening but in fact all eight males were now jacking off into the top of the dish and delighting in watching their spunk slowly slither down towards the funnel directly into Jenny’s mouth. The first Jenny realised that she was being used as a cum bucket was when the first slither of spunk touched her tongue. Suddenly she was told not to swallow or she would be severely punished. More and more spunk congregated in her mouth and still she was not allowed to swallow when suddenly one of the men began to piss into the bowl and Jenny felt tongues licking at her nipples and cunt and she just could not help herself as she began bucking in the throes of her orgasm and she literally gulped the mixture of spunk and urine down into her throat and ultimately her stomach.
This water torture of sorts went on and on and Jenny swore her stomach must be bloated with the amount she had swallowed but it was not, however she began to seriously panic when one of the men suggested using her as a toilet because he really needed a dump. The man was led away much to Jenny’s relief but the tongues assaulting her fiery tits and cunt persisted and Jenny’s mind swam in a myriad of colours and shapes as she almost lost consciousness.
When she actually came round she was alone and free in the room. An envelope rested lightly on her tits, inside a note read that her clothes were where she left them and money was left on the table for her to get a cab home, she was warned not to tell anyone of her test and to expect a phone call within a few days. A weary well used and exhausted Jenny picked herself up and slowly made her way down to the first room she had been in. Sure enough as the note had described her clothes were there and so was £150 which was far more than she needed for a cab. After dressing Jenny left the house and as she walked to the corner of the street she had the weirdest thought, she was a whore; she had been paid £150 for sexual services and had been used and abused just like a common street whore but the really weirdest thought that hit her was; she loved it and hoped it would be repeated real soon.

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