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Parenting my Crush

28 Min Read

Let’s start off with a little about me: My name is Matthew, I am a lawyer in the midwest. My main area of focus is corporate law. I travel all around the world helping large businesses acquire/merge with other medium to large businesses. I married my wife Lex 3 years ago. I spoil the hell out of here, have brought her home from working in corporate America, bought her a new set of DD tits that she loves showing off and we have an unbelievable sex life. Lex is 5’4 120lbs soaking wet. She was a soccer player through high school and college so she has just the perfect amount of curves with all the sexiness of toned muscle. I am 5’7 185 pounds, brown hair worn high and tight and always styled, and a 6.5inch long, and 4.5in thick cock. Alright, enough about that… let me get into something that happened that has changed my life forever.

Lex and I were out to dinner at our favorite steak house. Lex hates to cook and by the end of a long day of talking on the phone, meeting after meeting, and paperwork there is no way that I want to go home and cook a meal. We were sitting in our corner, a booth that is usually waiting for us because we go in here so much. We were wrapping up and I was just about to pay the bill when from across the room I hear my name yelled out… “Matthew, Matthew from Westchester High, is that you.” I looked up and the second I saw her, I knew EXACTLY who it was. It was Lauren, a girl that I ALWAYS had the hots for in high school but was never good enough to have a chance. She got closer and I could tell that she was a little drunk. “Oh my god, Matthew!! How have you been? What have you been up to? What are you doing nowadays? Who is this young lady?” Lauren asked, or I guess slurred. “I have been good. I am actually an attorney. I run a firm that does mergers and acquisitions. I work a lot, but nothing really new. This is my wife, Lex.” I replied. “Oh, wife. Look at you Matty boy” My wife glared at me. At that point, I should’ve ended this conversation but I couldn’t believe a girl that I had the hots for, for so long was this close to me and actually talking to me with interest, so I asked her the same things she asked me. “Well, I am a CFO of my brother’s company. I just left my dirtbag ex-husband. Do you remember Jake? Yeah, I married him. What a waste of 4 years of my life.” She then went on and on about something but I couldn’t even tell you what it was. She was so damn hot I wasn’t paying attention. Lauren is blonde about 5’5, probably about 145, curvey, thick ass, great tits, and piercing blue eyes. She was wearing a black dress with a v cut down of cleavage, it was tight enough to be sexy and show off all the perfect things about her body, but also just the right amount of classy that she can wear it into the board room and probably own every cock in there. After a while of talking Lex shut it down visibly annoyed and maybe even jealous. I handed Lauren my card and said that I would love to talk to her brother about his business and his exit plans and walked out with my wife. Hand in the small of her back, showing off she is mine, but also showing off my wedding ring, diamond cuff links, and a great Rolex yacht master. Hoping Lauren would notice and realize that I may have been the nerd in high school, but I was the nerd who grew up to make a damn good living.

I love when lex gets jealous, she always has to mark her territory after a girl actively flirts with me. I have learned that it is best to act like I had no idea that it was happening and let it play out for me. I get lex in the car and I go around and get in the driver’s seat. INSTANTLY she latches onto my face, kissing me passionately, rubbing her hands all over, and says “Get me home and fuck my brains out. You need to remember that, that big cock belongs to one person and one person only.” I start making the way home. Briefly chatting about whatever came up, hand on her thigh, reminding her I was proud to be her husband. I pulled into the garage, and start to walk inside, and instantly I am attacked. Lex is rubbing all over me, kissing all over me, breathing heavily, I pick her up and take her to the bedroom. I rip her dress off of her and take her bra off, all while still holding and kissing her. I throw her on the bed and start kissing her tits, and down her body. I get to her thighs and start kissing and nibbling, hearing her moan ever so softly “Ohhhh fuck, baby” I move just a little bit. Lex has the PERFECT pussy, only ever been fucked by 3 guys including me, perfect lips, and always completely bald because of the laser hair removal I pay for. I am the type of partner that always likes her to cum first before I slide in, I get off on making a woman cum. It EXCILERATES me. I run my tongue up and down, slowly, teasing almost, I slowly slide a finger in, and latch onto her clit sucking. At this point Lex is moaning louder then she normally does. “Fucking suck that pussy. This is your pussy. You don’t ever get to suck no one’s pussy like this. This one is yours.” That is how I know she is really tuned up. Her dirty talk gets nasty, she gets territorial, and I love it. She lets out a long moan/scream and a stream of juices hit my face. I never stop sucking, licking, and fingering. I want it all. When she recovers she sits up, looks at me, and tells me to lay back, I lay back she grabs my cock and lines it up with her pussy. Normally she would blow me a little bit, but all bets are off. She is really turned on and really wants me to remember who I am married to and who I need to be fucking. I would be lying if for a few moments I wasn’t thinking about Lauren and what it looked like under that dress. I snapped out of it those when she put her hands on my chest and really started bouncing on my cock, her breathing picked up, and I could feel it. It was coming. I grabbed her neck and started choking her as she started to really hammer up and down on my cock. Then we both let out a loud grown, came together, and she collapsed right on my chest. Eventually rolling off of me and drifting off to sleep, naked as the day she was born. I soon followed suit.

A couple of weeks past, nothing really out of the ordinary for my life. Work, Drinks with clients, fuck my wife repeat, but oh boy was that about to change. It was a Tuesday afternoon. I step off the elevator and into our main lobby. Every time, I come into the office I can’t help but stop and think to myself how proud I am of my partners and me for coming this far. When you look around the lobby you see a sign with all of our last names on it, marble floors, water features, a huge maple reception desk, and my personal favorite, our summer intern from college, Mallory. Mallory was an absolute smoke show. She was 21, from my alma mater, wanting to study law, long flowing brown hair, sparkling green eyes, long perfectly toned legs, (I would guess volleyball.) tits that sat perfectly on her chest. So perfectly that there are sometimes I swear she isnt wearing a bra and an ass that you just want to bury your face in. Every time I stepped off the elevator I was always greeted with the sexiest “Hello or Good morning Mr. Robertson” this time though it was different. It was almost frantic. “Mr. Robertson, uhhh uhm uhhh.” “Mallory spit it out! What?!” I looked at her. She is terrified, I cant tell of what, but I think it is me. Which makes me laugh in the back of my mind. “Uhm there is some lady in your office. She insisted on seeing you, marched her way back to your office, and told me that you were an old friend of hers and would mind if she waited on the couch in your office.” She meekly responded. “Mallory, next time that happens you call building security. That is not acceptable and my schedule is too busy for interruptions. Now get back to work I will handle this.” As I turn around and start walking towards my corner office, on the 35th floor overlooking the entire city I am rattling my brain as to who would have the balls to march into MY office like this and think I would accept them talking to my team in this manner. I approach my office and look in and I shouldn’t have been shocked as to who was sitting on the giant leather couch against the wall, adjacent to my desk. “Good morning, Lauren. You know I told Mallory that if you march in like that again she is to call building security.” “Oh Matt, you wouldn’t do that to me would you?” Her tone was a little whiney, a little flirty, and a whole lot of sexy. “What can I do for you Lauren, I have a jammed back day and I have a phone call in 20 minutes.” “Well, I guess I will get right to it. I got your card, and I had no idea that you were as big of a hotshot as you are. My brother and I are looking to add some companies into our portfolio of assets under management and we would like your help finding the right ones.” At this point, I had taken my suit jacket off, sat down in my hair, and was resting my head on my fist and my elbow on the desk. Lauren had gotten up and was standing at the other side of my desk arms braced out and bent just a little bit. Giving me the perfect view of her cleavage and I wasn’t complaining. I realized that she had stopped talking and was looking at me looking right at her tits. “Well, I see something just don’t ever change.” She smiles and giggles as I turn bright right. “So what do you say? Will you help us grow? Plus it would be super fun to work together.” She walks over to me as she is talking, we never break eye contact. In the back of my mind, I am screaming “You FUCKING IDIOT!!! STOP HER TELL HER NO!!!!! REFER A PARTNER TO HER!!!!” the other part of me just can’t stop starring, can’t stop thinking about all the things I have wanted to do to her for all these years, the way I wanted to punish her for turning me down all those years ago. Then it happened while thinking about all those things, my dress pants began to tent. She saw it, starred at it, and hit her knees. “Looks like someone is in agreeance we should work together.” She pushed the chair back far enough so she was out of view if someone walked by and looked in, I grabbed a contract off of my desk so it didn’t look out of place the way I was sitting, as Lauren undid my pants and let my rock hard cock fly free I couldn’t believe it was happening. “Wow! If I had known your cock was this nice, I would’ve done this a LONG time ago.” She looks me in the eyes as she rubs her hand up and down it, she never stops starring. Then it happened.. She put my cock into her warm wet mouth and all I could do was let out a moan. It felt so good, the way she was rubbing her tongue over my cock head, her mouth up and down the rest, her hand at the base. She started going to town, it took everything in me to focus on what was going on. I couldn’t believe this was happening, let alone in my office, with my door open, with all of my associates right out there working on the cases that I set out for them. Right as she adjusted and put my entire 6.5 inches down her throat, Mallory appeared at the door “Mr. Robertson, your wife is on the line for you. She says that it is something to do with your house…. Mr. Robertson you ok?!” Shit, I didn’t respond out loud, I was so caught up in what was happening. “Thank you, Mallory. I am really focused on this uhhhhhh brief here. Please let her know I will call her back.” “Okay, Mr. Robertson. Are you sure you are ok?” “Yes I am, Mallory please close the door on your way out.” After Mallory closes the door, Lauren stops and is giggling. “Wow, that was fucking hot.” “Wow that was close” was all I responded as she started sucking again. It wasn’t long after that, I couldn’t handle it anymore. I started to grunt and moan out “fuuuuuuuuuck. That feels so good” then squirt after squirt after squirt of cum hit the back of her throat and she swallowed every drop. I slump down in my chair as she stands up, licks her lips, and says “Yummy. Does that mean you are in? Do we get a little bit of a break on your fees?” “I am in. Come back tonight after 7:30. Everyone will be gone and we can talk more.” She kisses me on the cheek and she is gone.

The rest of the day I couldn’t focus on a thing. I couldn’t believe that had just happened. I loved Lex. I had never been unfaithful to her. Had I looked at another woman? What guy has not? Had I had the chance to cheat on her before? Yes. Did I? Didn’t even cross my mind. What was it about Lauren that I couldn’t control myself? Why did I allow her to have such control over me? Around lunchtime, Mallory knocks on my door “Mr. Robertson. I am going to get lunch, do you want your normal from the deli across the street.” “That would be great. Thank you, Mallory” and the door closes. “Shit, lunchtime already? Where had the day gone? I had gotten nothing done and had to be on a call in 25 minutes. I opened up my laptop for the first time all day and fired off an email canceling the call and checked other things that needed to be followed up on, but I was virtually zoned out. Mallory returned with lunch. She walks in and closes the door, which is weird she never does that. She gets me all setup and just stands there. “There something else I can do for you, Mallory?” I inquisitively but sternly ask. “Uhm well you see sir, this is awkward, but I need to tell you this so that it doesn’t happen again.” Oh shit, I thought. She knows. “Uhm well that lady that was here, when I came in to tell you that your wife was on the phone, I saw her bag sitting on the couch, and you were acting weird, so I looked down and her heels were hanging out from behind just a little bit. I just wanted to let you know just in case next time it isn’t me.” She is bright red, looks at me, and runs out of my office. I slump down in my charge and think to myself “I am fucked. She is going to tell everyone, my wife is going to find out, I am never going to recover from this. I am ruined.” After I was done with my little pity party I pull my bootstraps up and start rounding out the day.

Finally 7:30 rolls around. The office is a ghost town and I am working away because of how far behind I got due to the events of the day. I saw Mallory a couple more times throughout the day and it was business as usual, so I figured I would be ok. Boy was I right about how “OK” I truly would be, but that is for another story. I texted my wife that I would be home late tonight as I had a lot of things to do and calls got backed up, and I had a client coming into the office for a late-night strategy session. This was nothing out of the normal for me or lex, so I got a simple text back of “Okay babe. I am hanging with the girls. I will see you in the morning. Love you” Right as I was typing “Love you” back I heard the elevator ding and instantly I perked up. I knew what was about to appear in my doorway, but boy had I really underestimated what was there. Lauren appeared in my doorway, looking at me “Hi, handsome.” She was wearing 5in stilettos, her hair flowing down around her shoulders, a long tan coat, pink lipstick, and showing slight cleavage. “Hi, Lauren. Come on in. I have a couple ideas for you. We need to weigh every pro and con.” She smiled, walked into my office, closed the door, and dropped her coat. My jaw about hit the floor. She was wearing some of the sexiest lingerie I have ever seen in my life. Black lace, with a nude undertone, that hung tight to her body in all the right places. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at it. She walks over to me, pulls my chair away from the desk, and says “Look, big boy. I do actually want to do business with you, but tonight…. I want to feel you deep inside of me. She pulled my chair away, grabbed and undid my belt, and slowly started sucking my cock. Working hard to Get it nice and hard. I wasn’t going to let her do all the work again this time, so I picked her up, put her on the desk, and started slowly eating her pussy. Licking her pussy, sucking her clit, teasing her ass. As her breathing started to change I started fingering both of her holes. In and out, in and out. I wanted her to cum. I wanted her to think about all the times she turned me down and what she could have been having. I went back up to her soft lips and kissed her passionately. I wanted her to taste herself. I wanted her to know what her womanhood tasted like and why it drove me crazy. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to the edge of the desk and I slid my cock into her slowly, her jaw drop, she let out a gasp, her eyes rolled back into her head and she let out a “fuuuuuck”, so I just held there for a second lightly stroking her clit with my thumb. Her pussy was so tight. I couldn’t believe the way it felt around me. I started to slowly pick up the pace, kissing and biting her neck, she was moaning slightly then looked me right in the eyes and said “I need you to fuck me good. Show me what I was missing all these years.” I needed no more…. I put my hand around her neck and gently started choking her then I started to pick up the pace…. Eventually slamming into her. I wanted to light choke her because on the off chance someone had come into the office to grab something, I didn’t want them to know what was going on in my office. After a few minutes of rubbing her clit and fucking her like that she started to moan louder, eventually letting out a cry all of the sudden like nothing I had ever seen before she squirts all over. All over me, all over the chair, all over the desk, everywhere. I didn’t stop. I needed her to remember this. I wanted her to remember my cock, I wanted her to remember who is the one that could make her so wet, so horny, and cum like she never has before. I eventually grabbed her flipped her over and bent her over the desk. I grabbed a fist full of hair and started fucking her from behind, sliding my thumb into her ass. I felt it coming, I knew I needed to pull out, I knew I shouldn’t fill her up, but she clamped down on me, and said “Fill me up” say no more. I took one last stroke and I came like I never came before. It ran out of her, down her legs, all over the desk, and all over the floor. At that moment I looked up and I saw my office door closing. I knew I had been watched. To be continued….

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