Pavitra Incest Saga

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Sujata’s fingers were moving with lightning speed between her thighs, in her love hole and her eyes were glued to the Laptop screen. She was not watching a steamy porn movie but was reading an i****t story, Mom seducing and getting fucked by her son.
She read many Mom son stories but nothing excited and drove her up the wall like the one she was reading, Vanaja’s insatiable i****t. The story was so near to her feelings towards her son, Rohit and the deion of fucking scene so graphic that she almost felt as if she was being fucked by her darling 18 year old son.
Her breath was coming in shallow gasps and suddenly she clenched her thighs, buttocks and stomach muscles and gave a loud moan and series of spasms shook her body as her cunt sprouted jets of juice like a fountain. Then she collapsed like a rag doll and she removed her fingers from cunt, juice was dripping. As she licked the juice, her breathing became normal.
She looked at clock. It was 1130 AM.
She called her brother, Karan.
He picked up “Hello, Didi, how are you?” he asked affectionately.
Sujata replied” Not so fine”
Karan was worried” What happened?” he asked anxiously.
Sujata said “My cunt is on fire. I need my brother’s juice to quench the fire”
Karan laughed” Hahaha. Darling, can it wait for few hours? I am in the middle of something important. I will come after two hours and we can have 2 rounds before k**s come back from college” he said in a low voice.
Sujata was firm” No, it can’t wait. You come over for lunch, anyway it is going to be lunch break for you now. Go a little late”
Karan hesitated “Hmmm, ok I will give some cock and bull story and squeeze out. But make my special dish. I am very hungry” he said and disconnected.
Sujata didn’t bother to dress up. Cook Santosh had already prepared lunch. She had to make few items which Karan liked.
Sujata is a gorgeous, sexy and horny lady in her early 40s, married to a very handsome and successful businessman, Sandeep. She is blessed with a ripe cunt and is proud of her most prized possession, of her clean shaved, reddish plumb hole, nested between heavy voluptuous thighs, smooth as silk her vagina sat proudly, slight protruding outwards with big outer lips. If her pussy lips are opened wide, one would find a fiery red watery inner orifice. Her beauty is enhanced by 38c big boobs with brownish pink nipples and massive shapely buttocks and a cute ass hole.
Regular yoga and aerobics had served her well, her boobs were tight and firm and so was her vagina, she was quietly proud of her body be it with clothes or without, it has magical effect on young and old, people would be extra nice to her trying to win her smile and exclusive company, even after 2 k**s, Rohit 18 and Prema 20, she would give a run for money to even an 18 year old girl. The whole affect was augmented by smooth, marble like skin.
She was happy with everything, husband, family, financial status..only area that left her somewhat unhappy was the fucking department. Her hubby was for ever travelling, his business was booming and he has to be on the move. Though she is happy with that she sorely missed him and his hot throbbing cock on cold nights. She tried to be faithful to a large extent, it was not possible, so she has occasional flings with few friends’ husbands, her brother Karan.
Sujata smiled to herself as her thoughts travelled to 2 decades back as to how she got married to Sandeep ……………………….
……………………When Sujata returned from her fucking session with her cousin brother’s friends, she was taken aback to be hugged and kissed by Jaya Aunty and Mom Gayatri.
Jaya Aunty told Mom “Your daughter is looking fabulous, I am sure Sandeep’s Mom will approve”
Gayatri smiled nervously” I am not so sure, she didn’t inherit my Genes, look at her boobs, so small”
Sujata said defiantly” Not at all small, 34 D, once I have couple of k**s, mine also will be as big as yours, Mom”
Jaya aunty laughed shaking her enormous jugs “True, don’t worry Gayatri, Sandeep’s Mom will like her”
Gayatri looked at her own 40C boobs and her daughter’s boobs. Sujata could make out the glaring difference herself.
She said feebly” May be I should pad up my tits”
Gayatri shook her head firmly” No, boys’ Moms are always shrewd and smart, they can easily make out. If they don’t also, later they will make life hell for you for telling a lie. Leave it.
You are very sexy with right curves in right places” she said.
Jaya pulled Sujata by hand and made her sit next to her.
“Tell me, are you a virgin?” she asked directly.
Sujata shyly lowered her head and said “Yes” in a small voice.
Jaya was horrified” My God, Gayatri, you didn’t train her at all. Tomorrow she will make us all commit suicide by her stupidity” Jaya screamed.
Sujata was shocked, what was wrong in what she said, she could not very well tell them she was royally fucked for last 3 years.
Then for next few hours, Jaya and Gayatri drilled into her the correct responses, art of blushing and smiling shyly and acting innocently.
It seemed the correct response when asked about virginity would be to put a baffled expression and whisper to Mom “Mom, Aunty is asking something I can’t follow” and Gayatri should respond “She is very innocent and well protected. I will educate her just before marriage”
Next day, Sandeep and his parents came to see her. They were all very impressed with Sujata and Marriage Muhurat was fixed after a month.
That night Gayatri called her to her room and bolted the door. Gayatri was a stern disciplinarian and a doting mother. She could go to either extremes a gentle, kind and loving angel or a harsh and firing squad ordering Hitler. Sujata went nervously, wondering what her mood was.
“Young lady, lift up your skirt and lie on the bed and spread your thighs” she ordered.
Sujata gulped and obeyed. Gayatri spread her cunt lips and exclaimed “My God, what have you done to your cunt? I thought you were getting fucked occasionally, it looks like a well fucked randi’s, Your husband need not even put his cock in your cunt, one look and he will know and divorce you” she shouted.
Sujata began to cry. She started fucking few years back, she first seduced her cousin brother, then his friends, cousins and Uncles have regularly fucked her. She never suspected her cunt would become visibly loose. Sujata sobbed uncontrollably “Mom, what should we do? I am ruined. I never thought it would be visible. My friends told me we can always fool our husbands by crying it was paining and spilling few drops of blood” she said haltingly between sobs.
Sujata was terrified her Mom would beat daylights out of her. She was shocked when Gayatri laughed loudly, kissed her on both cheeks and said” My dear, your Mom will solve everything, trust me. I should have known you will take after me. Listen carefully, for next one week you fuck as much as you want and give farewell fucks to all your lovers. You fuck with them for six days and leave 7th day for me. I will give you an unforgettable gift before marriage. But after that you will stop all fucking and only your hubby will fuck you after marriage. Is it clear?”
Sujata nodded dumbly and left, she did not understand how her Mom could make a well fucked cunt transform into a virgin cunt. For next six days, Gayatri arranged a room in backyard and discreetly allowed full freedom to Sujata to get fucked almost nonstop by all her lovers and few new ones.
On seventh day, Gayatri was wondering what Mom had in mind. Gayatri took her to bathroom, shaved her cunt and underarms. She gave Gayatri a most stimulating, rejuvenating oil bath. She put various fragrances and rose petals in water and gave her a hot, steamy bath. She scrubbed her daughter’s every square inch of body and finally when she finished,
Sujata was glowing like a fresh pearl or marble stone in moon light.
After Gayatri towelled her dry, she put a gorgeous saree and jewellery on bed.
Sujata was surprised “Mom, Isn’t it your wedding saree? The jewellery also?”
Gayatri smiled and said “Yes, I wanted to see my beautiful Sujata in my marriage dress”
After wearing the dress ad glittering jewellery, Gayatri led Sujata to her bed room. As they were passing Karan’s bedroom. He opened door suddenly and his jaw fell open when he saw them.
“Mom, What is this?” he asked after he recovered.
“Shhhh. Go and close the door. I will explain later” Gayatri hissed angrily. Through the corner of her eye, Sujata was shocked to see Karan’s hand groping Mom’s tit and Mom slapping it away.
Gayatri opened her bed room door and Sujata entered with head bowed and when she looked up, she almost dropped the milk glass from her hand in shock.
Her Dad was standing there dressed up like a bridegroom. Bed room was decorated with flowers and incense sticks and it was like a suhaag raat. Many sweets and savouries were arranged on a table. The room was filled with a heady, tantalizing fragrance.
“Mom…Mom… but… dad…” Sujata was stammering.
Gayatri laughed “ My darling, this is the best gift I can give you before you leave our house. Enjoy dad’s love and fucking”. She kissed her daughter on forehead and went out and closed the door.
Next second she opened the door and told her husband in her Hitler voice” Listen, I know your passion for anal fucking. If you so much as touch her ass hole, I will cut your cock, roast it and feed you. Fuck her cunt as much as you want but leave her ass alone. Husband has the right to take her virginal ass, we could not give him virgin cunt any way. Did you get it?”
Dad laughed aloud and assured her.
Sujata stood paralyzed as her dad bolted the bedroom door and led her to the bed. She always fantasized about Dad but was now feeling shy like a new bride.
He slowly kissed her and told her how much he loved his small baby and removed her cloths one by one and her jewellery. She resisted the impulse to pull down his pyjama. Already the huge tent was promising a thick, long cock. He made her lie down and then he removed his cloths.
Her eyes widened in shock and she gasped as her eyes took in the huge, thick 9 inch cock.
She pleaded with him in a shivering voice “Dad, please don’t fuck me with that. My marriage is few days away. If my cunt tears, my marriage will be over before it began”
He laughed”My darling, Just don’t worry, more than you I should be worried. Your mother checked your cunt and told me it is sufficiently loose to take my cock. Trust your Mom” he said and lay on top of her and started kissing, sucking he tits.
Sujata slowly drifted and drowned into the sea of joy and pleasure as her Dad’s expert hands and tongue danced on her body and played on the strings of nerves in her cunt and clit. She poured and poured juices finally she begged him to fuck her.
He pulled her roughly to the edge of the bed, spread her legs and with fingers opened her moist cunt lips and slowly pushed his thick dick head. Sujata’s cunt walls smilingly expanded and made way and welcomed the cock that created her. Sujata was surprised that there was no resistance from her cunt. Her dad lovingly and affectionately fucked her. He knew how much he should push and when to stop. Slowly she un-winded and started enjoying, forgetting he was her dad. She kept lifting her buttocks to meet him midway. Dad slowly increased force and speed and pounded her cunt mercilessly. He kept changing positions, Rocky(D)gy, spoon, riding and many more.
He was one of few persons who fucked her while carrying her. He fucked her while he was standing and lifting her up and down on his cock, as when he did when she was a baby and he was rocking her on his knees. She clamped her ankles behind his back and jumped in glee.
Finally he filled her cunt when she was riding him. She had more orgasms than she could remember that night. She could not let go of him, she kept kissing him, making him suck her boobs, lick her cunt and ass and sucking his cock to make it ready.
They didn’t sleep whole night and by the morning, she was barely able to stand.
In the morning, Gayatri came and woke her up around noon. Sujata’s eyes refused to open up and her legs wobbled when she stood up.
Gyatri laughed like owner of a prize bull “See? That is the hall mark of a champion fucker. Remember, if you cannot stand after a man fucks, be grateful. You have been fucked by a super star” she told her.
In the evening, she called Sujata into her room and asked her to take out all cloths. As she lay naked on the bed, there was a knock on the door. Gayatri opened the door and allowed Padma, an old nurse maid (Dai maa) who looked after infants and babies in the household and was there for ages. Sujata screamed and covered herself in a blanket.
“Did you bring what I asked?” Gyatri asked Padma.
“‘Yes, Malkin” Padma told and gave her a small bottle of liquid.
Gayatri ordered Sujata to remove blanket. Sujata reluctantly removed and spread her thighs.
Padma gasped “My god, Malkin, this is a whore cunt, hubby will know if he sees from a distance of 100 feet. What will we do?” she started babbling incoherently.
Gayatri shouted at her. ”Shut up and help me” and Padma placed a pillow under Sujata’s raised buttocks and spread thighs and parted cunt lips. Gayatri poured the contents of the bottle in the cunt and closed her thighs. Sujata held breath expecting some burning sensation, there was only warm tingling feeling as the liquid spread on all areas of cunt walls. Then Gayatri pressed her thighs firmly together o that cunt lips were tightly closed and Padma tied a dupatta around Sujata’s thighs firmly so that she could not part thighs even unintentionally.
Gayatri told Sujata sternly “Now for two hours don’t move even a tiny muscle. You can only move eye lids. Ok?” Sujata mumbled, yes.
Then Gayatri turned to Padma and warned her” If you squeak one word about this, I will personally skin you alive and pour hot molten lead in all your holes, understand?”
Padma shivered like a leaf and pleaded “Malkin, Why will I do that? I took care of Sujata beti since she was days old baby”. Gayatri nodded and gave her a big bundle of notes and locked the door after Padma left.
Then she lay beside Sujata and patted her hair and kissed her.” Now just relax and sleep for 2 hours in the same position.” She told Sujata and sang a lullaby which she used tossing when Sujata was a c***d, patting her head gently. Sujata drifted into sleep.
After couple of hours, Gayatri gently shook her up. Sujata had excellent sleep, she smiled at her Mom who kissed her and asked her to sit up.
Gayatri gave her a hand mirror and asked her to see her cunt. Sujata took one look and her jaw dropped. She was staring at a 10 year old girl’s, smooth, innocent cunt, well-sealed and closed.
Sujata was married to Sandeep, everything went on smoothly, without a hitch.
Sandeep tried for 3 consecutive days to push his cock in his wife’s stubborn virgin cunt. It refused entry. Sandeep’s Mom was panicking, she thought her Daughter-in-Law’s hymen was too thick and needs to be operated. Gayatri advised Sujata to bear the pain and let him open the seal, it would of course be painful, she should remember she had unlimited fucking for many years, it was a small price to pay.
On third night, Sujata gritted her teeth and asked Sandeep to push with all his strength and not to worry about anything. It finally opened the seal and a good deal of blood flowed, enough to cause panic to Sandeep, who wanted to call an ambulance. Sujata pacified him.
Gayatri daily drilled into Sujata to act like a coy bride and not give any hint that she knows everything and let Sandeep teach her everything about fucking.
Sandeep did get surprised that his cock was going almost effortlessly after few days. Sujata shyly told him, hiding her face in his chest that may his expert fucking had made her cunt welcome him……
……..Sujata came out of her reverie when the doorbell chimed. She asked who it was, it was Karan.
She opened the door and hugged her brother, naked.
“Wow, Didi, you seem to be extra hot, today” he remarked as he took off cloths. As he was about to kiss and lick her cunt, she pulled him roughly by hair.
“No need for foreplay. Your didi’s cunt is as flooded as our village roads in Mansoon, fuck me hard and fast” she said as she spread her legs and pushed Karan’s hot cock inside her mushy cunt.
What followed for next 30 minutes took Karan’s breath away. His sister fucked like a lady possessed. She kept shouting, screaming and urging him to tear his sister’s whorish cunt, asking him why he was not pounding harder and changing positions at will. It was like a roller-coaster ride. Finally she asked him to fuck in her ass, she knew he always preferred to fuck her in the ass.
Sujata was helpless, as in her mind, she saw herself getting fucked by her son Rohit and all scenes from story were playing in her mind’s screen with she and Rohit fucking , instead of Vanaja and her son Rahul.
Finally he shot his warm cum in her ass and they collapsed panting heavily from exertion. As he lay sucking her tit, she affectionately patted her brother’s head, running fingers through his hair.
She didn’t get fucked by him before marriage, maybe she had too many cocks to think about him. But after marriage. Suddenly there was only one cock and that too infrequent fucks as Sandeep was travelling most of the time to expand business. Her cunt was crying out to be pounded.
Three months after marriage, Karan visited his sister. Sandeep was away, she hugged him and cried out, sobbing how lonely she was and how she missed everyone. He consoled her and kissed her and she felt his cock give a kick ……….and they ended up fucking. He was crazy about anal fucking and she also was hooked to it slowly.
Sandeep looked at his watch and exclaimed “ Didi, let us have lunch fast, I have to rush”
They sat naked at dining table and as they were having lunch, Sujata asked Karan” Did you fuck Mom?”
Karan shook his head and was about to say ”No”, changed his mind and said “Y….Yes. how did you guess?”
Sujata shrugged her shoulders and said” I suspected all along, that night when Mom was taking me to Dad in bridal dress, you opened your door and grabbed her tit. Did you seduce her?”
Karan burst out laughing “Are you crazy? Seducing that Hitler lady? No, once she caught me masturbating and asked me not to spill that and sucked me. Later she opened her dress and asked me to fuck her. That was how it started” Karan said.
“Hmm, are you still fucking her?” Sujata asked.
“No, stopped 3 years ago. As suddenly it started, it stopped also. She told me enough is enough” he said sadly.
Sujata was curious” Does she fuck well?” she asked.
Karan again burst out laughing “Fuck well? Understatement of the year. Mind blowing, super duper. She can make a man faint with pleasure. Please don’t be angry Sis. You are also super fucker, you also have excellent cunt muscle control. You can grab the cock in your cunt like with a fist. But Mom is like a flutist or Sitar player. She can massage a cock in different ways with her cunt muscles. She will talk and do such erotic things that you can’t imagine from that Hitler lady. That day Dad was fucking you, she was at her horniest best. She neither relaxed for a minute not allowed me. We fucked nonstop whole night. I think it is her massive boobs that she uses to good advantage. How was Dad’s fucking?” he asked.
As Sujata described to him, both became very horny and fucked on the dining table and kitchen slab. He called his office and told that he and urgent work and would come late.
Finally he left reluctantly after an hour.
k**s came back from college in the evening and went to their room.
Now Sujata was more determined than ever to get fucked by her son.
She hesitated, switched on her computer and sent a friend request to Raj, ISS author.
He promptly came to chat and said Hi.
Sujata: Hi, your Vanaja story is excellent.
Raj: Thanks but all credit goes to Vanaja. If she didn’t tell me how can I imagine?
Sujata: Hmm, you know, I started reading and enjoying sex stories but always felt revulsion about i****t. I used to skip them but I read your i****t story long back and then I am hooked. I am addicted to Mom son stories and especially all your stories. I am a big fan.
Raj: Wow, thanks. How many c***dren you have?
Sujata: 2, Girl, 20, Boy 18.
Raj : OK
Sujata: After reading Vanaja story, I am determined to get fucked by my son. I was having vague thoughts but was undecided.
Raj: Do you think he is interested?
Sujata: Yes, I think so. He keeps staring at my cleavage, ass and I act as it I don’t notice.
Raj: You don’t wear bra, panty at home?
Sujata: No, why do you ask?
Raj: If you have small tits, it won’t really matter. But big boobs and ass can drive a young man crazy.
Sujata: Hmm, you are indirectly asking my boob size. 38C and I have got an ample ass also.
Raj: So what are you waiting for? Seduce him and get fucked.
Sujata: I don’t want to look like a slut for him. I have no patience like Vanaja to try out all the things you pointed out. I want to get fucked fast.
Raj: Hmmm, I can suggest one thing, Take a print out of Vanaja story, write a note on top as if you are giving it to a friend, like “Dear Preethi, read this story. So hot. I envy Vanaja. Wish I also have such luck.. etc” and leave it on his reading table as if by mistake when you give him Tea or something.
Sujata: Hmmmm. Great idea. But do you have any other story where only Mom and son fuck? Vanaja is fucked by too many cocks.
Raj: Ok. I am forwarding you a story “Bang bang with seduction angle”. This story I wrote long back when I thought ladies are horrified by crude language and words like “fuck, cunt etc” so you will find very moderate language. Later all lady fans told me they love dirty words, dirtier, the better. I suggest you modify the story add horny, dirty words, delete paras where son fucks sister and take a printout. This story is tailor made for you, heroine’s name is also Sujata. She also has 1 boy 1 girl.
Sujata: Great. Thanks. I received story. I made changes and have taken a printout. I wrote note to my friend. Will you be here? I will leave it on his table and come back.
Raj: Sure, will wait.
Sujata took the print out after deleting bro sis fucking scenes and added’ Fuck, cunt…” liberally, wrote note to friends and carried Tea and snacks and went to k**s’ room.
Prema went to friend’s house and Rohit was in bathroom. She kept Tea, snacks on the table and left the story on his reading table and called out to him” Rohit, come fast, tea is getting cold. I am taking your cloths for washing”. He said, ok mom.
She left Rahul’s room with cloths for washing, leaving an impression to Rohit that she left her printout on table by mistake as her hands were full of cloths. Then she typed.
Sujata: Raj, I left the story. Now what?
Raj: Now we watch his reaction. Ok dear have to go. Bye.
Sujata had second thoughts about the scheme, she went back to Rohit’s room to take back the story and was undecided. Then she came to a firm decision and tapped on bathroom door.
Rohit turned off the shower and shouted” Yes, what is it, Mom?”
Sujata told him” Honey, I am going for shopping with Aunty and will be late. You and Prema have early dinner, study and go to sleep early. Don’t wait for me”.
He said ok. She dressed up quickly and went out. She wanted to avoid two things, first was, Rohit could return the story even without glancing at it saying she forgot some documents in his room. Worse, how to face him after he reads her note and story? So she went to Karan’s home, spent 4 hours with his family had dinner and returned.
It was 11pm when she returned………………………………..
………………….What she failed to gauge was the effect her action left on Rohit. When he came out from bathroom and picked up his tea cup, he noticed the story.
“Mom, you forgot some document in my room” he shouted and then recollected she had gone shopping and glanced at it. His heart hammered fast as he read his Mom’s note and the story. The story was very erotic and electric, the effect on him was several times more profound than it had on Sujata. She lusted for her son since last one year after she started enjoying Mom son stories. But Rohit’s infatuation started several years back.
In fact, he vividly remembered his desire to grab her boobs when she showered and scrubbed him when he was a small boy. He distinctly remembered her wet big bouncing boobs with large nipples as he splashed water on her. His Mom never wore bra or panty at home and she seemed to have no idea what havoc her boobs and ass were playing with her son. Since last few years her nighties were becoming more transparent, more revealing and his torture and torment were increasing with the amount of cleavage she was exposing which was tantalizingly becoming bolder.
There was only one factor which helped him in resisting the urge to grab Mom’s boobs and express a desire to fuck her and his success in exercising self-control. That factor was Prema, his sister.
As if on cue, that Factor walked in gave him a hug and kiss and said “Hi, Bro, what’s up? You are hard like a rock? Where is Mom?”
He quietly slipped the print out of the story into his college bag and told her “Mom went for shopping and won’t be back for few hours”
Prema smiled naughtily” So you have been waiting for me with hard on? You could have called me” she said taking off her T shirt and bra. She was endowed with beautiful, well rounded, firm boobs with pink nipples. Rohit also got out of his shorts and T shirt and roughly pulled away her leggings and panty, almost tearing them
Prema slapped him playfully and asked “Hey, what is the hurry? In the night also we can fuck after she sleeps?”
“Didi, can’t wait, this is an emergency, I have to fuck you without foreplay, apply oil in cunt if you are dry” Rohit said and pushed her on bed, parted her thighs and felt her cunt.
“My God, you are also wet and ready, why? What is your reason for being horny?” he asked pushing his hot cock in.
“Hmmmmm, this is heaven, I went to Riya’s house to get notes. As she was giving me, her Dad came in, said Hi to me, lay in her lap, lifted her T shirt and started sucking her tit. She was explaining to me as if everything was normal, cradling her dad’s head in the crook of her elbow. Ohh, it was so erotic, I wet my cunt as if I peed” Prema told, lifting her crotch and meeting her brother’s thrusts. Her voice was breaking due to the powerful thrusts.
“Hmmm. Where was her Mom?” Rohit asked, increasing pounding.
“She was there only, seated in the sofa next to her, watching TV. But why are you so excited? Don’t tell me same old story, you saw Mom’s nipples jutting out and saw her wet patch near cunt in nighty?” Prema said, squeezing her own tits and pinching nipples.
Rohit hesitated, though there were no secrets between them, he was reluctant to tell her about the story Mom left on his table.
He nodded and pulverized her cunt. Like Sujata, he also was fantasising he was fucking his Mom. In the story, by strange coincidence, heroines name is also Sujata, she also had a son and a daughter. She was also as sexy his Mom. So he was visualizing scenes in the story and was fucking hard and fast. Prema was also surprised, he was fucking her with more than normal vigour and force.
Finally he spilled his cum in her cunt and collapsed on her.
They went, had dinner, switched off lights and fucked once more. As he lay on her breast and sucking her boob as he drifted to sleep, Prema was patting his head gently, as affectionately as a mother. As she looked at his handsome face, she recollected what a tough time she had in seducing him.
Most of her friends in college were being fucked by brothers and few of them by Dads also and as they daily exchanged excitedly their fucking details, her cunt used to flow and itch. She started to reveal her cleavage and thighs in sleeveless T shirts and short skirts to Rohit. His eyes used to pop out, he would avert eyes and look at her when she was not watching.
In the nights she started to expose complete boobs and cunt by hitching up dress as if in sleep and she was frustrated by his inaction, he would watch and go to bathroom to masturbate. Finally she told her friends who took him aside and told him that his sister was exposing to him to make him fuck her.
Finally he gathered courage and squeezed boobs, she opened her eyes, smiled at him and kissed him.
“Hmmm, finally you have understood. Come on let us fuck” she told him and they fucked. She didn’t bleed much but both suffered pain and discomfort for few days. Her friends kept encouraging them not to give up.
Prema knew Rohit was excited by something he was not revealing. He was unusually horny as he got up again and started fucking her…………
……………….When Sujata returned at 11 pm, lights were off and k**s were sleeping. She was about to go into her bedroom when some muffled sounds from her k**s’ bedroom attracted her attention. She went close to the door and listened attentively, there was no doubt that they were fucking. She could even hear soft moans of Prema “ Hmmmm, bro, Honeyyy… tear your didi’s cunt…harderrr…. Fuck me faster…..mmmmm”. She turned the handle of the door. It was locked.
The clicking sound of the door handle stopped the fucking. Suddenly there was silence.
She went to her room and sat on bed in a daze. She always suspected that they were fucking, on few occasions she found their door locked. But knowing for certain was like a blow a boxer feels even when he is prepared for a punch. Her thoughts were in a whirlwind as she switched on her Lap top.
Raj was on line.
Raj: Hi, dear. Did Rohit read the story?
Sujata: He must have, he was fucking his sister so hard.
Raj: How do you know?
Sujata: I always suspected. I found their bedroom door locked on many occasions. Prema’s boobs and ass are becoming bigger and rounder and sometimes her gait is like that of a girl fucked really hard. But today I knew for certain, I heard sounds and when I turned their bedroom door handle, the sounds stopped.
Raj: Ohhh, are you upset?
Sujata: No, not really. My feelings are mixed.
Raj: I know, you were hoping for a virgin son’s cock.
Sujata: May be. Wait. I will call him and have a talk with him about fucking his sister.
Raj: Do you intend to fuck him now?
Sujata: No, I plan it for tomorrow. I want him to fuck me like my Dad did, in Bridal attire.
Raj: ok . Suhaag raat with son?
Sujata: I sent an SMS to him to come.
Raj: What are you wearing?
Sujata: Nighty. Why?
Raj: Transparent?
Sujata: No. You think I should change into one?
Raj: Yes, so that there is no need to beat around the bush or cunt.
Sujata: OK, now I changed into a pink nighty. Nothing is left to imagination. Even my mole on side of boob is visible.
Raj: Great. He had not seen you in this before?
Sujata: No, this is only for hubby. Wait. He is coming.
Raj: OK dear then I will leave, all the best. Don’t scare him away.
Sujata: If you want to know what happened, wait for 15 minutes.
Raj: OK
Sujata shouted. ”Come in” when Rohit knocked timidly on door. Rohit entered and saw his Mom in all her naked splendour, the pink nighty she wore was enhancing her naked beauty rather than hiding it.
With great difficulty he wrenched his eyes which were feasting on her naked beauty. Sujata sat in lotus position on bed and stretched her hands out and laced her fingers behind her head, her boobs rising high and nipples looking at ceiling. He was helpless as his cock instantly became stiff and set up a tent in his shorts.
“Come, sit here” she asked him to sit a foot away from her. He sat down, still looking down.
“Many of my friends’ sons and daughters are fucking, so it is no big deal. Are you fucking Prema? Don’t try to lie, I heard the fucking sounds now” she told him in a gentle voice.
He gulped, he didn’t know if she was using this strategy to force out a confession.
“Yes, Mom. It happened accidentally, but I will stop it, promise” he said in a low voice.
Sujata got down from the bed, hugged him, pressing his head to her bosom. His face warmly crushing her boob, nipple poking his cheek.
“Honey, it is ok, do it but don’t overdo it. Ok?” she kissed him on his head.
He could not believe. ”Thank you, Mom” he said and hugged her even tighter, his erect cock poked her thigh.
She drew away and asked him” Show me your cock”. He stood up and pulled down his shorts.
She glanced admiringly at his proud manhood bathed in Prema’s juice.
“Wow. Quite impressive. You are fucking her without condom?” she asked him running her hand lovingly on the length of the shaft, causing him to moan. His body shivered in joy.
“Prema told me it is her safe period” he mumbled as she licked his dick head and the love hole on the tip.
“You naughty boy, when you came in your cock was flaccid, now you want to fuck Momma also?” she teased him.
“Mom, really? Can I fuck you?” he asked eyes shining.
“Hmmm, may be. Now you go and fuck Prema and go to sleep early.” She kissed him and sent him off.
She told Raj everything.
Raj: But why? Why didn’t you allow him to fuck you now?
Sujata: I wanted him to suffer agony and also I wanted to get fucked in bridal attire as I did with my Dad.
Raj: Ohhh I see. See you dear. Please give me details. Good night. And he logged out….
………………….When Rohit went dazed to his room, Priya was waiting nervously. She was scared Mom must have beaten him black and blue and next would be her turn. To her surprise Rohit removed his shorts and T shirt in a jiffy and buried his cock in her cunt without pause.
Her cunt was also very wet and mushy since she read the ‘Bang bang with seduction story’ when he went to visit Mom. She saw him pushing it into his bag when she came and guessed it had something to with his nonstop and furious fucking.
When he settled into a nice, steady rhythm she asked “What did she say?”
Rohit’s pace increased as he said” She was sitting almost naked with legs spread and tits jutting out. She asked me if I was fucking you, I said yes. She asked me why I have erection when I saw her, do I want to fuck Momma also”
Pooja was also excited and started giving fast upward thrusts” Hmmmmm, why didn’t you grab her boobs and fuck her?”
Rahul told excitedly” She told me to fuck you, she will plan for tomorrow, I think”
Pooja turned him on his back and started jumping on him “Bro, great news, from tomorrow we can fuck freely, no need to do it in secrecy” ……………………………..
……………………………….Sujata gets up early in the morning, even if she sleeps late. So when Rohit and Prema got up, brushed teeth and came for morning tea to kitchen, they were shocked to see their Mom radiant and fresh after a nice shower….and resplendent in her naked beauty, she was wearing a light blue nighty which had no intention of covering any of her fabulous assets.
She hugged and kissed her k**s and wished them good morning. Rohit wished her and lost control, he hugged her tight, kissed her passionately and mauled her tit and ass with each hand. Sujata pushed him out and asked him to behave.
She pulled his cock few times catching it above his shorts and told him” You have to wait till night for your gift. Now behave, get ready and go to college.”
He protested and nagged her like he did for a toy when he was small, for a quick fuck. She pushed him into bathroom and told Prema whose eyes were popping out of sockets at the sight of new transformed Mom.
She shook up Prema ” Prema, listen, can you bunk class and accompany me to beauty clinic for bridal make up and mehendi? I want to present myself like a bride to Rahul.” She asked. (She didn’t add, like I did with my Dad). Prema was overjoyed, she hugged and kissed her Mom. Prema bunked college after first period and came home. Mom and daughter went to beauty clinic then to florist. They spent entire afternoon decorating Sujata’s bedroom with flowers, incense sticks, fragrance sticks like for a nuptial night.
When Rohit came from college both were in their normal dress. Rohit was as impatient as a horny bull during mating season.
“Mom, should we have to wait till 8 pm? Is there any muhurat for fucking also?” he kept pestering her as he squeezed and played with her boobs and ass.
Finally. After dinner Prema took her brother to Mom’s bed room and made him put on Bridegroom dress and asked him to wait for his lover.
Then she returned to their bedroom and helped Sujata in her bridal dressing and jewellery adorning. Sujata preserved her first night saree which she wore and decorated her body with all her wedding jewellery and looked in the mirror.
“Wow, Mom. You look fabulous, bhai is so lucky” Prema admiringly complimented.
Sujata was chatting with Raj and she told him that she was going to fuck her son and to continue chatting with Prema. Prema was also thrilled to chat with the author of that erotic story which triggered Mom son fuck.
Sujata then entered her bed room with a big glass of milk. They asked Prema to stay back and participate but she refused. She told them to call her after first fuck and left.
Surprisingly, Sujata felt shy. Her son lovingly removed jewellery and clothing patiently and led her to bed and made her lie down. Then he undressed and lay beside her and kissed her tenderly.
“Mom, darling, do you know how many years you have been tormenting me? Do you know how many buckets of cum went down the drain?” he said kissing and sucking her tits.
“Hmmmm, honey, I did not know, you should have asked me, did I deny anything to my darling son? My poor baby, how much you have suffered? Now, take it on me, fuck me as hard as you can, show no mercy” she bit his ear and licked ear lobe and whispered in his ear.
She was experiencing a new high, an excitement she never felt before as his hot lips kissed her entire body and finally landed at her love hole and place of his birth.
He parted her cunt lips and was staring into her wet, throbbing cunt, its pink walls, juicy clit and the shining juice.
She pulled his hair” What are you staring at honey? Drink the juice and fuck”
He smiled at her “Mom, let me pay respect to my birth place. Let me devout the beauty with eyes, then I will smell the musky, heady scent and then I will taste. I have to satisfy all organs not just cock.” He said and placed his nose inside her cunt and took a deep breath. Her whole body shivered. As he finally inserted his tongue and started lapping the juices, she could feel the pulsations in cunt as it responded by producing more.
She shivered like a malarial patient and pulled him by hair.
She told him huskily” Honey give me your cock to suck while you lap up my juices”.
He got up, straddled her face and her vision was filled with his enormous, thick cock.
“My God, he inherited my Dad’s cock” she thought as she took his dick head in the mouth. Both were in seventh heaven……..
…….Meanwhile, Prema was chatting with Raj and told him how she seduced Rohit and how her friends told him to fuck her when he was not moving and how he is infatuated with Mom and her beauty and how he always talks about her boobs and ass before climaxing.
Raj: Why are you not with them? You don’t want to see their fucking or participate.
Prema: No, I want to leave them tonight alone, let them enjoy.
Raj: So next step is your fucking by Dad?
Prema: I don’t know. Mom has to decide.
Raj: Do you hug and kiss Dad daily?
Prema: Yes, he hugs me also tight, my boobs are crushed against his chest. He also pulls me and makes me sit on his lap when watching TV.
Raj: Even now? Can you feel his cock harden and poke you?
Prema: Yes. Several times, I get a mad urge to pull out his cock and push it in my cunt.
Raj: You will do it soon enough. Don’t worry. Your loving Mom knows needs of her k**s Do you have many friends who are fucked by brothers and Dads.
Prema: Many, but mostly by brothers, few are fucked by Dads.
Raj: Can you see what they are doing? They didn’t lock the door?
Prema: No, they kept it open. Wait, I will see. Ok. They are in 69, not yet started fucking……
………………….Sujata poured out juices quite fast as she was also highly excited and asked him to fuck her. Rohit kissed her, made her lick and suck all traces of juice from his mouth , lips and chin, spread her cunt lips and pushed his hot cock into her mushy cunt. She moaned loudly as his cock travelled rubbing cunt walls. He kept telling her how much he loved her and how he longed her and increased pace and force and he also came in five minutes, buried his cock deep inside her and filled cunt with his lava. As he lay beside her and kissing her, she called out to Prema to come and lick and clean her cunt and brother’s cock.
Prema bid goodbye to Raj and went in and licked Rohit’s cock clean of all his and her juices and licked her cunt and took out his juice, kissed and transferred to Mom’s mouth.As she was about to leave, Sujata stopped her.
“Baby, stay here, I want you also, suck my other tit” she invited Prema. As Prema also grabbed her tit with both hands and started sucking hungrily, Sujata sighed contentedly.
Rohit was hard again and wanted one more fuck.
“Did you fuck Prema or any other girl in the ass?” Suajta asked Son.
He shook his head.
“Do you want to fuck your Mom in the Ass?” She asked Son.
“Wow, Mom. But I don’t want to hurt you, your ass hole is so small” Rohit said.
Sujata laughed as she got up and bent on her elbows on the bed and spread buttocks wide.
“Honey, I sometimes love anal fucking more than in cunt, don’t worry, fuck me, Prema, suck Rohit’s cock for few minutes and cover it with saliva and don’t go. Stay back and watch, as I want you to give your virgin Ass as gift to your dad” she told them as she spread her ass cheeks with both hands.
Rohit and Prema were stunned.
“Mom, what are you saying?” Prema asked after she recovered.
Sujata turned back and looked at her” Don’t tell me you don’t want to get fucked by Dad after I made all arrangements” She asked her.
Prema said hurriedly” No, Mom. I love to get fucked by Dad, only it was so sudden” and sucked Rohit’s cock. Rohit licked Sujata’s ass hole and fingered as he was instructed and then pushed cock into her ass hole. It was marvellously tight, he started enjoying fucking her ass and watching her massive buttocks and tits shake with each impact.
“Prema, after watching for some time, come and give your cunt to lick” Suajata ordered between moans and grunts. Prema who was watching fascinated as her brother’s cock was vanishing and re- emerging from her ass and was fingering her cunt, reluctantly left and lay on her back and presented her wet cunt to her Mom.
As Sujata started licking Prema’s cunt, Prema asked Sujata” Mom, how did you convince Dad?”
In between slurps, Sujata told” Same technique as for Rohit. I asked Raj to send me a story of Dad fucking virgin daughter, he sent me “Sandhya’s i****t invasions”. I typed on top as if you have written to your friend that story was so hot and you wished your Dad also fucks like that. I scanned the story and sent to your Dad, and told him that I found it among your books. I told him, if we can’t give c***dren what they want they will try to get outside and spoil their lives and our reputations. So I asked him to fuck you after he comes back”.
Rohit was fucking faster and faster and asked Sujata “But he must have surely asked about you and me, fucking?”
Sujata replied” He asked. I told him we will decide about it after you fuck Prema. So, k**s, we have to act our parts very well. It should look like I and Rohit are fucking for the first time after your Dad gives green signal and you k**s are also should act as if fucking for the first time after we give you ‘Go ahead’ signal. Understand?”
Both said, yes. Prema’s cunt was flowing like a river as she visualized her Dad fucking her and started moaning and squeezing her tits with one hand and Mom’s with the other.
“Mom, Dad is shy and may not move forward, I cannot because he will think I am a slut” Prema said.
“Hmm.. you have any friends who are fucked by Dads?” Sujata asked, her voice was breaking due to the pounding.
“Yes, my best friend Ruchi is fucked by her Dad and her Mom gets fucked by her Mom’s brothers” Prema said.
“Fine. We will invite them for dinner and group fucking few days before your Dad arrives. Then we will plan, you and Dad will go to Ruchi’s house and accidentally see Ruchi fucked by her Dad. That should drive your Dad” Sujata said and Prema clenched her buttocks and let go spurts of fountain in her mouth and Rohit filled her anal channel with loads of piping hot cum……………………..
…………………………….After that day, all three lovers had a rocking time. Rohit would fuck them in hall, dining table, kitchen slab, bathroom and everywhere and anywhere. Prema would come out with innovative ideas like fucking with Rohit seated on a chair or fucking in rain on terrace etc.
Raj asked Sujata to write her story in her own words so that he will have material to build the story on. Sujata wrote 20 sentences and showed k**s when they came from college.
“Wow, Mom, super, I will also add few sentences” Rohit said and wrote about the beauty of his Mom’s cunt (which I used in first part to describe her cunt with her permission). As he was writing, he was getting terribly excited and horny. He completed, stripped off his cloths and made Mom and Sister sit on Dining table and fucked them mercilessly. He was pounding one cunt while fingering another.
Prema stared dazed as he fucked them ferociously, as if wanting to rip their cunts apart. Finally he shoved cock full in Prema’s cunt and flooded her with cum.Both ladies were rattled. This was unusual for them, this wild fucking.
When Sujata was working in kitchen, after 20 minutes he came behind her, bent her on kitchen slab and roughly pushed cock in her cunt and started ramming. Prema was watching wide eyed in shock, Sujata gestured her not to come near as he was in an uncontrollable horny mood and might tear her cunt.
While fucking her, Rohit was showering choicest abuses, “You dirty whore Mom, how dare you torment your son by shaking boobs in his face? Take this and take this..” and kept slamming cock with such force to force out air from lungs in gasps.
Then he started slapping her buttocks hard “Slut Mom, tell me, who is owner of your whore cunt? Answer me, my Randi mom” he shouted harshly.
Sujata cried” Honey, my whore cunt is yours, take and do what you want with it..hmmmmm” . Prema was terrified and speechless as Rohit slapped Mom’s buttocks alternately until both were red like monkey’s ass. He pounded, pulverized her cunt with such force her mind was singing in joy, fear, pain and lust.
Finally he filled her cunt with jets of cum and removed his semi hard cock. Sujata heaved a sigh of relief and stood up but her relief was short lived.
“Hey, Mom whore, climb on kitchen platform” Rohit ordered Mom harshly.
“What?” Sujata asked puzzled.
“Do you have only wet cunt? No ears? Climb on the kitchen platform” he shouted. Prema came forward to talk to him. He warned her “Randi Sis, stay away, I will take your cunt later”
Sujata climbed on kitchen slab. “Now squat on the sink and pee on my cock” he ordered her holding his cock below her cunt. She was so nervous she let go a warm golden jet of piss immediately and showered his cock. After the last drop, he quietly went to wash himself in bathroom.
As Sujata got down, Prema hugged her and asked her if she was ok. Sujata’s legs were wobbling.
Sujata assured her she was fine.
“More than fine, I am ecstatic and proud. I am proud of my son’s fucking. Great fucker” she gushed out as Prema gave her puzzled looks. Sujata didn’t tell her daughter what her Mom told her. “If you are unable to stand after a fuck, remember you are fucked by a super stud”
When Rohit came back after five minutes, he was shame faced, embarrassed. He hugged his Mom and apologized “Sorry, Mom ,I don’t know what came over me. Reading your story in your words drove me crazy”
Sujata kissed him and told him that this was the best fuck of her life and when she is in mood for wild fucking from him, she knew what to do….
……………Everything went according to plan. Dad and Prema saw her friend and her Dad fucking, then they went home and fucked, Sujata and Rahul conveniently went to a Movie.It was just a matter of time before Rohit fucked Sujata and Prema with his Dad’s approval.
Now they are a happy i****t family…………………
Once her son Rohit started to fuck her, Sujata’s sex life transformed over night. Prior to that her brother and husbands of few friends’ used to fuck her.
Now suddenly flood gates seemed to have opened and almost drowning her in a sea of cocks, sperm and cunt juices .
It all started on the second day Rohit started fucking her. She was riding his cock as Prema, her daughter sat on Rohit’s face and was getting her cunt licked.
Sujata’s mobile phone rang, She asked k**s to be quiet and answered.
“Hi, dear, how are you?” it was Ragini, her college friend. She was widowed two years back when her husband died in a tragic accident. Sujata and her friends were getting her fucked whenever she desired.
“Hi, dear. I am fine, tell me” Sujata said, slowing down her riding speed so that her voice didn’t break.
“I want to thank you. The cook, Santosh, you sent is amazing…superb….”Ragini was gushing.
“Ohh, is he cooking so well? In my house, he was just ordinary” Sujata asked, surprised.
“Who is talking about cooking? His fucking is terrific..he is an anal expert…I can’t describe…I am calling you as he is fucking me… ahhhh” Ragini moaned.
“Ohh, I am so glad. Now you have fucking on demand. I wondered why your voice was breaking. But with me, he was always well behaved. Even when I showed lot of cleavage and lot of flesh through see- through nighties, he just would look the other way” Sujata also started to increase speed as she was getting excited. Rohit was also getting hornier, listening to his Mom talking so freely.
“Yes, he would look other way and masturbate in bathroom. He told me that he was scared of you. Anyway, shall I bring him to your house, he is crazy about you, he wants to fuck you.
He imagines you while fucking me….he has been begging me to ask you….. ahhhh … I am cummingg” Ragini screamed so loudly even Sujata’s k**s could hear.
“Ok, bring him in the afternoon after k**s go to college” Sujata told her and disconnected.
Rohit turned her over and fucked in Rocky(D)gy and filled her cunt. Then they got dressed up, kissed her, had breakfast and left for college.
Sujata was busy with her daily chores and by the time she finished all work and freshened up, door bell chimed. Ragini and Santosh were there.
“Namaste, Memsaheb” Santosh folded hands and wished her in a low voice.
“Come. Come. Why, Santosh? Why were you scared of me? Do I look like a demon?” Sujata asked him, laughing.
“No, Memsaheb, you look so beautiful and sexy, it scared me, why would you get fucked by a cook? I thought you would bash me up and kick me out.” Santosh said.
Sujata hugged and kissed him and gripped the bulge in his pants. He was all over her like an angry a****l, squeezing her tits and buttocks and sucking her tongue. As she was leading him into bedroom, Ragini shyly asked “Dear, can I watch? I wanted to discuss something else also”
Sujata laughed and said “You require an invitation? Come and join”, as Santosh removed her nighty and pushed her on bed. He pulled her roughly by ankles to the edge of bed, disrobed impatiently and buried face in her cunt and started squeezing tits roughly. Sujata moaned, spread her cunt lips with her fingers, giving him better access and clutched his hair and pushed his head more firmly to her cunt.
Ragini asked her in Punjabi “No. I can’t join. I have trouble sitting also, he fucked me so hard, can we talk in Punjabi? Do you think he understands?”
Sujata was in seventh heaven, his licking was driving her crazy and he was lightly biting clit also.
“Hmmm …. ohhh .. push tongue deeper.. and lick sides also….. ahhhhh … Ragini… I don’t think he knows Punjabi, even his Hindi is broken,,, he is from South… Santosh, do you understand Punjabi?” Sujata asked him in between her moans.
He didn’t want to speak.. he shook his head without stopping licking…
“Well….Sujata…you told me some time back about seducing Rohit. Did you do it?” Ragini asked hesitantly as she watched her friend climaxing…rising her buttocks.. clenching thighs and ejecting juice spurts in Santosh’s mouth.
Sujata didn’t reply until Santosh buried his cock in her cunt and started fucking steadily.
“Why do you ask?” she asked Ragini.
“In our college days, if we cheated in exams, we felt better if others also cheated, So I will feel better if you also seduced your son” Ragini told her shyly. Sujata stared at her.
Is she the same shy, virgin girl who used to lecture others about morality, ethics?
“Wow, tell me… when .. and how?” now Santosh was pushing cock in her ass in Rocky(D)gy after licking and fingering.
“No, you tell me first. Did you seduce Rohit?” Ragini was adamant.
Ragini was not lying. Santosh had special skills. While ramming her ass, his fingers were playing like on a piano, on her waist, spinal cord, shoulder blades, arm pits and buttocks. He was driving her crazy with ecstasy, he would catch her by surprise by slapping her buttocks hard….it was a roller coaster ride…
Sujata was screaming, shouting, moaning… “Hmm.. fuck me harder….. deeper… bury in your bitch…tear my ass….. ahhhh” and was giving back thrusts meeting him with equal force.
Finally he moaned loudly, clutched her buttocks tight and filled her ass with loads of hot cum.
“Santosh, where did you learn to fuck like this and show heaven with fingers?” she asked him as he buried his cock and was pumping warm wads of juice.
“Memsaheb, I learnt Acupressure and my Guru taught me the sensitive nerve points and how to fuck” Santosh told as he withdrew his cock.
Ragini clamped her mouth on her ass and licked all the juices as they flowed out. As Sujata lay on her back later, exhausted and panting, both sucking her tits, she remembered about what Ragini asked.
“Ragini, I am sorry I was completely absorbed, you asked if I seduced Rohit. Yes, in fact, I was riding him when you called me in the morning. Is Ajay also fucking you?” Sujata asked her, patting her hair.
“Almost.. “ Ragini replied.
“Almost? Either he fucks or he doesn’t.. what do you mean… almost?” Sujata asked, puzzled.
“Well… I seduced him, we got undressed.. and then I saw his huge cock…. My God, it is like an Anaconda. .. I was scared…I said No” Ragini said, twirling Sujata’s nipple between her thumb and forefinger.
“Wow. You lucky Mom…did you measure his cock?” Sujata asked, after she recovered from shock.
“Yes, 10.5 inch and this thick … and I am not lucky Mom..I would trade places with you. A normal cock would have been fine. I am scared that it will ruin my cunt forever.” Ragini said, laughing bitterly.
“What is there to be scared? He came out through that hole only. His cock surely won’t be as thick as a baby’s head?.. or as long..” Sujata dismissed lightly.
Suddenly Ragini left Sujata’s boob and got up and shook her excitedly” Really? Do you mean it? Will you get fucked by that monster cock? If I know it won’t tear my cunt beyond repair, I would love to get fucked.” Ragini was smiling ear to ear.
“Sure, why not?’ Send me his cock pics after you go home” Sujata said lightly.
“Wait a minute. I have pics in my mobile” Ragini said, got up and brought her mobile and showed pics.
Sujata’s jaw dropped as she saw the monster cock’s pics. Suddenly she was also scared. More than the length, the thickness was scaring her.
“Poor boy, he remains a virgin… all ladies seduce him, want to get fucked until they see his cock…and then they run away. My poor little darling, he is so frustrated. Thanks dear.
Tomorrow come to my home after k**s leave for college. Bye” Ragini kissed her on both cheeks and left with Santosh.
Santosh wanted to have one more session but Ragini told him that guests were coming for dinner and he had lot of work. He reluctantly left her.
Sujata cursed her bravado. She should have agreed to get fucked after seeing the cock pic. She cursed her over confidence and called all her fuck friends. None of them had been fucked by a huge cock.
She started computer and was looking at mail when suddenly Raj’s message popped up.
Raj: Hi, dear. How are you?
Sujata: Fine. Listen, I am caught up in a dilemma. I agreed to get fucked by my friend’s son. Later she showed me her son’s cock pic. It is huge, now I am scared.
Raj: Why should you be scared? He is fucking his Mom. So it must be ok.
Sujata: No, that is the problem. She is also scared of size. So I volunteered.
Raj: You volunteered before seeing? But he must have fucked many ladies, so don’t worry.
Sujata: No, he is a virgin. All ladies are running away after seeing his cock.
Raj: Hmmm, yes, I can understand. When is the schedule for your fuck?
Sujata: Tomorrow afternoon. I asked all my friends, they told me they had only seen pics of such cocks. They have not seen in real life, let alone get fucked.
Raj: Hey, wait a minute. Now Swati is on line, you remember? She is the heroine of “Bang bang with monstrous cock”. She was fucked by 14 inch cock of a South African. I will ask her if she wants to chat with you.
Sujata: Thanks, dear. I will wait.
After few minutes, he gave Swati’s mail ID and asked her to share her fuck details later and logged out. Sujata sent friend request and Swati promptly accepted.
Sujata: Hi, Swati, how are you?
Swati: I am fine dear. Raj told me about the big cock boy. Do you have pic of his cock?
Sujata: No, his Mom showed me on her mobile. Tell me, did you enjoy getting fucked by such a big cock?
Swati: Yes, but my cunt pained for next 3 days. I had tough time explaining to my hubby why I was not allowing him to fuck.
Sujata: ohh, there is no danger of permanent damage to my cunt?
Swati: Hahahaha, No, dear, our cunts are very elastic. David was very considerate and loving. He did not fuck me roughly. Since your big cock boy is a virgin, I think you can handle him easily. He will follow your instructions.
Sujata: What is your advice?
Swati: Don’t be in a hurry. Get to know him, have few drinks, relax. Play with his cock and balls and suck and slowly you will overcome fear. Ask him to lick you and once you are fully wet and completely relaxed, apply little gel and ask him to push slowly. I am sure it will go smoothly…. and enjoy fucking.
Sujata: Thanks Swati.
Swati: I read your story, your fucking son, did it happen exactly as he has written?
Sujata: Hahaha, yes, almost. You know Raj. He adds lot of masala.. but with my consent only. After David, were you fucked by such cocks again?
Swati: No, but once I and hubby went to a massage salon. I was attended by a stud and he by a lady in same room. We had a nice group session. After few days, I called Massage salon and asked them to send a stud. You know I was very disappointed when I saw the Masseur. He was tall, thin, not my type. I called them, they assured me that I would be so happy with his services and to give a try.
You know what, his cock was normal but dick head was like a tennis ball. It was almost as thick as David’s. So don’t worry, your cunt can take.
OK,dear. Have to go, my son has come back from school. Byee…
…..and she logged out.
Sujata invited Ragini and her son Ajit to her home for lunch next day. She had to tell Rohit and Prema about her plans since both overheard her conversation and both were worried. They pleaded with her that they will stay back and ensure she was not injured or harmed. She laughed and pushed them away.
Whenever doubts loomed, she reminded herself that her father’s was also a 9 inch cock and when he fucked her she was in her teens. Now she had two k**s and was fucked countless times, so her cunt should easily take Ajit’s massive cock.
Door bell chimed and Sujata opened the door and invited Ragini and Ajit. Sujata wore a sleeveless transparent nighty with nothing underneath and a light make-up and splashed perfume her hubby brought from Paris. The heady fragrance never failed to arouse him.
Ragini hugged Sujata and complimented her on her beauty and fitness. Ajit wished her and touched her feet. Ajit was tall, lanky and … horny.
“My… Ajit, you have become a Hulk.. I still thought you were a small boy…” Sujata exclaimed and hugged him, pressing her boobs on his hard chest and felt his cock give a jump.
They were all seated in the hall, Sujata brought Scotch, soda and water and snacks. She poured two stiff drinks and gave one to Ragini. Ajit refused, he would have beer.
Ragini was seated in a single sofa, Sujata sat next to Ajit, her thigh and naked arm pressing against his.
“Cheers” Sujata lifted her glass.
“Cheers and may my darling son’s car find a garage today. ‘ Ragini gave a toast.
Sujata laughed. “ Don’t worry, from today he will daily park in your garage” and sipped. Slowly Ajit was getting bolder, he encircled his arm round Sujata’s shoulders and was pushing his hand in her nighty. She snuggled closer, giving him more access and talking normally to his Mom.
Ajit was wearing shorts and Sujata could make out from the increasing size of tent that indeed his cock was huge. By the time they finished two stiff drinks, Sujata’s cunt was flowing like a tap, Ajit overcame his shyness and was mauling her tits and nipples and rubbing her cunt mound.
“Would you like to have lunch first?” Sujata asked them.
“No” they said in unison.
“…..Unless you are hungry, Aunty” chipped in Ajit.
Sujata laughed, stood up and pulled him up and kissed him.
“Yes, I am hungry…. but not for food” she told him and pulled him by his cock into their bedroom. Ragini followed them and sat on the bed.
Sujata removed his T shirt and shorts and gasped. His rigid steel rod like was frightfully long and thick. The nerves were like coiled ropes and throbbing.
She was still staring at it as Ajit removed her nighty and pushed her on her back on bed. He buried his head in her crotch and started slurping her juices and squeezing her tits.
Within minutes she screamed, lifted her crotch and spurted juice in his mouth, as her thighs and buttocks quivered.
“Mmmm .. darling.. fuck me now..” she pulled him by his hair and kissed him, licking her juices….. it made her hornier.
“Aunty.. should I put on a condom?’ he asked shyly.
“No. But put that gel liberally on your cock and apply in my cunt….and push it slowly…stop when I tell you to stop…then … fuck me… but don’t push more than I can take…..I think about 2 inches will be outside..ok?’ she said and parted her thighs and placed a small pillow below her buttocks.
Ragini got up and was looking anxiously as her son rubbed his thick cock head on Sujata’s wet cunt lips and entrance.
Sujata was totally relaxed, eagerly awaiting the steaming hot cock to enter her wet and salivating cunt. Ajit spread her cunt lips and slowly inserted his thick cock head. Ragini was anxiously watching Sujata’s face and cunt. Sujata knew that if she screamed, Ragini will forever seal her cunt to her son.
So she forced a smile as her cunt walls were yielding to the invader, protesting and stretching out. Slowly his cock entered and once cunt lips and walls expanded to receive, pain subsided and rubbing hot cock was sending pulses of pleasure.
She moaned “Hmmm… Ajit darling, this is heaven… push some more…..”
Now Ragini’s eyes were riveted on Sujata’s cunt.
“Oh, Sujata, it is awesome …. amazing …. your cunt is expanding to take it.. you know, it is like they show in discovery channel, snake swallowing a big a****l ….wowww… dear” Ragini was gushing, fascinated.
“Hmmm …. Ajit, dear … stop now ..I think you reached the end point. Ragini, how many inches are left out?” Sujata asked.
Ragini measured with her forefinger and told” About 2 inches…My god, you did take it in…”
“Now, you fuck slowly to this length. When I tell you increase speed, slowly increase.. ok?” Sujata told Ajit who nodded. He was very happy and thrilled. He never expected such joy was there in cunt fucking. His Mom and few girls gave him blow job… they were even scared to do it.
He pulled out cock half way and pushed again. Within 3 strokes, he gritted his teeth to control but failed and his hot cum filled her cunt in jets. He was crestfallen.
‘I am sorry, Aunty….” he was apologizing as he was withdrawing.
Sujata hugged him and told him” Ajit, that was fantastic…. you are and will be a champion fucker. You are born to give pleasure and show heaven to cunts. Next round, see how you will fuck” she told him as Ragini wiped her juices, his cum and gel and started licking his balls and cock.
He was sucking Sujata’s tits and fingering her cunt and within minutes he was ready. This time, Sujata’s cunt knew what to expect and was ready. Ragini was thrilled as her son fucked her friend expertly and Sujata guided him how to slow down when to stop and when to increase pace. Ragini was constantly cautioning Ajit not to get carried away and tear Sujata’s cunt.
Finally, after 10 minutes, he again filled her hole as Sujata also peaked and kept cumming…..
They had lunch later and Ragini thanked Sujata for her help. Ragini and her son hugged and kissed and promised Sujata they would tell all details of their fucking.
Rohit and Prema bunked classes and came home early. They were scared if their Mom and her holes were all in one piece.
“Wow, Mom. Your cunt is all red and swollen.. is it paining?” Prema asked as she parted her Mom’s cunt lips and peeped in.
“No, darling. Little burning sensation. Rohit, darling. I think your Mom’s cunt needs rest for a day or two” Sujata told them smiling.
‘Don’t worry, Mom. You just relax and take rest. I will fuck Prema and her friends” Rohit kissed her and assured her.
That day evening, Ragini told Sujata that Ajit started fucking her and she thanked her profusely…
.Rahul was so infatuated with Sujata that he could not have enough. Immediately after waking up, before going to college, after returning…some times in the night…he kept fucking her. Sujata also was thoroughly enjoying her son’s love and fucking.
But she was feeling little uneasy about Prema. Though Prema kept saying she didn’t mind, Sujata knew she must be feeling left out.
“Prema, do any of your friends fuck brothers?” she asked Prema when they were having dinner.
“Yes, Mom. You know Riya, my best friend, her brother Vijay fucks her” Prema told.
“What? Vijay? He looks like a lamb” Sujata asked, surprised.
“Hahaha. Riya’s Mom also must be feeling same about Rahul. But Vijay fucks real great. Mom” Prema gushed happily.
“He is fucking you also? Where do you get the chance? At Riya’s house?” Sujata asked.
“No. Mom, he fucks her on college terrace” Rohit told coolly.
Sujata was shocked. It took her few minutes to recover.
“On terrace? In full public view?” she asked horrified.
“No, Mom. We have 3 water tanks on terrace. We fuck behind those tanks. We leave our books, bags or a friend to warn that the place is occupied. After we finish fucking, next couple will go” Prema told as if she were talking about her dance class.
“Of course, only quickies. Either Rocky(D)gy or boy sits on a cement slab and girl rides him” Rohit added.
Sujata thought for few minutes and came to a decision.
“From today, you can bring Riya and Vijay or any other couples home and fuck. Only conditions are when dad is on tour and no strangers. I should know those k**s and their parents personally. I won’t allow strangers” she told them.
They shrieked and hugged her. They excitedly called Riya and Vijay asked them to come over and talked to their Mom that they wanted to do combined studies for some project. Riya’s Mom had no reason to suspect. She said Ok.
Riya and Vijay came after an hour. Sujata knew the k**s since they were toddlers and wondered when they transformed into sexy sirens and handsome hulks.
Riya was like a model with right curves in right places and a dazzling smile. Prema was also downright sexy, she oozed sex in any dress and any posture. She was helpless, she has no switch off button.
But Riya can transform from innocent c***d to sexy tigress in seconds. Vijay was tall, handsome and very shy. He touched Sujata’s feet and took blessings. She hugged and kissed him and said “Wow” when his cock jumped and poked her.
After few minutes of uneasy small talk, they went into bed room. Sujata told them to enjoy but not to lock the door. She finished her chores and switched off lights. As she was going into her bedroom she quietly opened the door and looked in and her jaw dropped.
They were fucking like a****ls. As she watched, Riya was riding Rohit and Vijay was fucking her ass. Prema was sitting on Rohit’s face and getting cunt licked. Vijay was mauling Prema’s tits.
Riya was shouting “ Mmm …. tear my ass .. bro … wowow .. Vijay ..fuck me harder.. deeper..”
Prema was complaining “ Riya.. I am pouring like a tap, dear… let me ride Rohit.. I am cumming….” and screamed and clenched her thigh muscles and let go torrents of juice.
Riya reluctantly pushed up and took out Rohit’s cock from cunt and shifted to side with Vijay’s cock still buried in her ass.
Rohit’s cock was jumping like mad all wet with Riya’s juices. He got up and pushed Prema roughly on her back, parted her thighs and buried his cock in her cunt in one movement. As Prema was screaming in ecstasy and Rohit was pulverizing her cunt, Sujata quietly closed the door.
Just as she was closing, she saw Vijay was looking at her all the while from the mirror though his back was to her…
Sujata had a disturbed sleep. She was used to hot fucking by Rohit and sucking her daughter’s voluptuous tits before going to sleep. She tossed and turned and had a fitful sleep, finally got up, freshened and went to kitchen to boil milk and make coffee.
“Hello, Aunty. Good morning” Vijay wished her, making her jump.
“Ohh, Good morning,Vijay. You gave me a scare. Did you enjoy? “ She said and turned back and gasped. Vijay was standing few inches away from her, completely nude and his thick, long cock was throbbing.
He coolly switched off the burner, hugged her tightly and kissed her. She tried feebly pushing him away, murmuring “ Have you gone mad? Let me go….. leave me… I am your mom’s age..”
Vijay didn’t reply, he kissed her forcibly parting her lips with his tongue and pushed his tongue and explored her mouth, with one hand he gripped her buttock and tit with another. Sujata melted and became putty in his hands as he removed her nighty and led her to the hall.
He sat in a dining chair and pulled her to him and clamped his mouth on her tit and sucked hungrily like a baby. She moaned and clutched his hair and pushed his head firmly into her tit. She ran her hand on his hot cock slowly feeling the bulging nerves and juice filled heavy balls.
She could control no longer when his fingers probed her flowing cunt and teased her clit. She straddled him and parted her cunt lips and sat on his cock. It went smoothly and she moaned softly… “Hmmm ….Ahh ….. Vijay …. fuck your aunty ….. tear her cunt apart…”
…and started riding, slowly at first and then gathered speed. Vijay also started giving upward thrusts, mauling her tits and biting and chewing nipples.
Sujata was half scared that her k**s may come and see her fucking and half wished that they did, the chance of being seen was making hornier…. causing her to jump faster….Suddenly her eyes fell on the clock and she bit Vijay’s ear and whispered in his ear” Darling, you have to cum fast, I have so many things to do. I have to prepare breakfast and k**s may wake up any minute”
“Aunty, then I have to fuck you in the ass” Vijay pushed her up and Sujata rested her elbows on sofa back rest and offered her ass. Vijay’s cock was already wet with her juices, still he pushed two fingers deep in her cunt , scooped her juice and wet her ass hole. He pushed his cock into her inviting asshole and started ramming like an express train.
“Hmm.. Aunty …. I wanted to fuck you since I was a boy…you slut… you always made me masturbate with your cleavage, nipple show..” he kept saying and slapping her buttocks .
She was moaning with pain and pleasure… and finally he buried cock full and filled her with hot, jets of lava. As soon as he removed his cock, she put on the nighty and he went and dressed up.
“Where are you going so early in the morning?” she asked him as she brought two cups of steaming coffee.
“Aunty, I won’t miss tuition classes for anything, though I desperately want to fuck you and keep on fucking you” he said sipping coffee.
Sujata smiled.
“Why me? You have two young, tight fabulous cunts begging to be fucked?” she asked with a naughty smile.
“Mom fixation, Aunty. I am crazy about my Mom. I see Mom in you” he said shyly.
“Ohhh. Did you express or hint your desire to her?” Sujata asked curiously.
“My God, No. She will kill me” he said, horrified.
“May be she won’t. May be she also wants it. Does she flash cleavage?” Sujata asked.
“Hmm, sometimes but not intentionally, I think. Aunty, will you help me? Rohit is fucking you so please convince my Mom” he pleaded with her.
Sujata nodded and his face lit up like a thousand watt bulb, he kissed her and dressed up and left.
Sujata completed her bath, pooja and daily chores. As she was completing preparing breakfast, Riya came into kitchen and wished her.
“Good morning, Riya, had good sleep?” Sukata asked her.
“Sleep? I thought my brother was horniest. Rohit is worse, he kept pounding me on and on” she said smiling and accepting cup of tea.
“Are you complaining?” Sujata asked, smiling.
“Oh my God, No. Aunty. I loved every minute of it. It was fabulous. You know, they fucked me in both holes at the same time.” She said.
“I know. Yesterday I peeped for few minutes as they were fucking you” Sujata said.
Riya blushed and was silent for few minutes.
“Aunty, I read your story in ISS. Is it true, your dad fucking you?” Riya asked.
“Yes, dear” Sujata answered.
“Gosh, you are so lucky” Riya sighed.
“Ohh, your dad is very strict? Did you try to seduce him?” Sujata asked.
“Actually there is no need for that. I am confused how to proceed. My dad hugs me, kisses me and when he watches TV he pulls me and make me sit in his lap” Riya said, drawing circles on Dining table.
“Do you feel his cock poking you?’ Sujata asked.
“Yes, Aunty. All the time. I act innocent, as if I am not noticing, he massages and pats my thighs and neck….so far he didn’t touch my boobs. Getting fucked by him may not be difficult but it will break his heart when he knows I am not a virgin” Riya said.
“Ohh, is that your dilemma? Your Mom knows you and brother are fucking?” Sujata asked.
“ No, I don’t think so. We are very careful. Vijay is crazy about Mom. He fantasizes her when he fucks me” Riya said.
“Yes, he told me and asked my help in convincing your Mom. Tell me, we ladies are more observant, do you think your mom also desires Vijay? Does she flash cleavage or wear revealing cloths when he is around?” Sujata asked.
Riya’s eyes widened.
“Yes, of course. Now that you mentioned, it is clear to me. Until Dad goes out, Mom wears normal nighties and then she moves without bra and panty. I remember getting irritated when her boobs almost pop out when she serves to Vijay, maybe she is doing unintentionally” Riya said.
“OK. Both are scared of what the other’s reaction would be. I will talk with your Mom and then after they start fucking, we will plan your fucking with your dad. We have to plan very carefully, it should appear to your dad that he fucked you first…. and then he would consent to mom son fuck. Men are so possessive and egoistic” Sujata said thoughtfully.
Riya shrieked and hugged her.
“Aunty, thank you so much. But how can you overcome the problem of dad not suspecting I am not a virgin?” she asked,
Sujata smiled and patted.
“I will train you. My hubby will never believe that I was not a virgin at the time of marriage even if my Mom tells him. You should know how to act and talk. “ Sujata assured her.
Riya dressed up and freshened. As she was leaving, her mobile phone buzzed.
“Hi, Mom. I am coming home. Bhai went to tuition directly from here, yes, we had breakfast… wait a minute, Neha aunty wants to talk to you” Riya handed over phone to Neha.
“Good morning, Aarti, how are you?” Sujata asked.
“Fine, Neha. Thanks very much for looking after my k**s so well” Aarti replied.
“Come on, they are like my k**s. Listen, can you come after lunch, I have something important to discuss with you” Neha asked.
Aarti panicked “My God, what have my k**s done? Hope it is not serious?” she asked anxiously.
Neha laughed. “No, don’t worry, nothing is the matter. If such is the case I won’t be talking to you on Riya’s mobile.
Relax and be here after lunch.” Neha assured her.
Aarti told her that she would be there and disconnected.
An hour after Riya left, Prema and Rahul Sujata shook up Prema and Rohit. Both were grumbling, complaining and unable to get up from bed. Sujata had a tough time dragging them from bed.
As they were having tea, Sujata told them “ Prema, you go to college, Rohit, today you will bunk”
Prema was curious”Why? Mom, did you miss out bro’s fucking last night? You could have joined us”
Sujata smiled and told them” No. I want him to have heavy breakfast and take rest. I called Aarti after lunch, I want him to fuck daylights of her”
Both stared at her.
“Mom, are you crazy? She is a very strict disciplinarian, She will kick my ass blue and black” Rohit said after recovering from shock.
“Supposing she is willing?’ Sujata asked.
“Wow. Mom, that would be dream come true. She is stunningly sexy. Have you seen how thick and long her hair is? Or how she gyrates her buttocks as she walks? Once I rang the bell, she opened the door in a wet nighty with a seductive smile… I think she was expecting uncle. You know her nipples were thick and this long and looking into my eyes. She immediately closed the door saying Vijay was not at home” Rohit said dreamily.
“Yes. I remember the day. He fucked me non- stop whole night” Prema said, laughing.
“Then eat heartily and hit the sack, dreaming fucking your sex queen” Sujata told him, naughtily..
Aarti’s mind was in turmoil. Though Neha assured her nothing was the matter, there must be something disturbing she wanted to share. Aarti had no doubt that it was about Riya.
While taking Riya’s cloths for washing, Aarti observed a strong smell from Riya’s panties, she knew it was the smell of sperm.
That was eight months back. Aarti didn’t confront Riya. She was afraid that her daughter may become defiant and stay out nights also. At least, now she was staying nights at home.
Aarti would gently lecture her about conduct, character etc.
Now, Neha must have seen Riya kissing or getting her tits mauled in a movie theatre or a park.
Aarti sighed, there was nothing she could do now, only plead with Neha to keep it a secret. She had no such doubts about Vijay. He seems to be well behaved all the time, no late night parties, no partying…. he stays mostly at home, studying. But, again, since last eight months, she saw him look at her lustily when she was not watching, at her cleavage and her nipples which protrude out from her dress if material is thin. She could feel his hot gaze on her buttocks and it made her feel strangely excited.
She found herself showing more cleavage and flesh…… all harmless fun, she tried to justify herself. She knew the Mom son stories she was reading were slowly causing a change in her.She brushed off all thoughts and had light lunch and proceeded to Neha’s house…
Sujata welcomed Aarti with a big hug.
They sat in sofas in the hall. Sujata asked what Aarti would like to have.
“Nothing dear. I just had lunch” Aarti said. Still she was nervous.
“Relax. Let us have two Patiala pegs of scotch. Once in a while we should unwind. We are running like mice in a wheel in experiments.” Sujata said pouring scotch in two glasses. She added soda, water and ice as Aarti wanted.
“My God. She is preparing me for the shock. It must be really bad. What have they done, my k**s?” Aarti wondered as she sipped after saying ‘Cheers.’
They talked about all topics including their fuck experiences, Neha was aware of Aarti’s frolics with her neighbors and their cooks, drivers and watchmen.
When they completed first peg and Sujata was making second one, Aarti lost patience.
“Sujata, stop beating around the bush. What is on your mind? Spill it out” Aarti asked as Sujata was handing over her glass.
“ Hmm, ok. Do you think your daughter Riya is a virgin?” Sujata asked.
Aarti laughed heartily.
“My God, You need 2 pegs to ask that? Of course, I know she is fucking. What is the big deal? All girls are fucking. I am always lecturing her, indirectly telling her to be careful, to fuck with condoms and not to get preggy or contact STDs. Girls of today are far wiser.” Aarti felt a surge of relief as she said. She felt like draining her drink in one gulp.
“What about Vijay?” Sujata asked.
“He is a very well behaved boy, no night outs, no late night partying, no drinking. I think he is a virgin” Aarti said, smiling.
“OK. Now hold your glass tight. Your k**s are staying at home all the time because they are fucking each other and fucking others in college” Sujata dropped bomb shell slowly.
Aarti’s jaw fell open. She was stunned. It took her a minute to recover.
“How do you know?’ she asked.
“Yesterday night they were fucking here only .That was their project” Sujata said, laughing.
Aarti was suddenly angry.
“You bitch, you knew it and encouraged them. Why? Would you do it with your k**s?” She shouted.
Sujata was unruffled.
“Yes. My k**s Rahul and Prema are fucking for last 1 year. I came to know recently. I gave them freedom. I asked them if any of their friends were also fucking brothers and sisters. They told about Riya and Vijay” Sujata told coolly.
Aarti was getting strangely excited, she was aware of her cunt oozing juices and felt her nipples getting tighter.
“Now I know it was your plan, last night’s combined studies. Why did you do it?” Aarti had cooled down.
“Hmm, I asked Prema if Vijay was fucking her and Rahul was fucking Riya, they said that they were fucking on college terrace.” Sujata told her.
Aarti’s eyes widened in shock. She gasped.
‘Oh, My God. In front of all, in public?” She whispered.
“I was also horrified like you. They assured me that they fuck behind water tanks. One of their friends stands guard and prevents others going there. After they finish fucking, next couple will go. Then I decided to allow them to fuck at home. Before I completed my sentence, they called Riya and Vijay to come over. I did not have time to discuss with you. I am sorry” Sujata explained.
“Did you watch them fucking?” Aarti asked, helplessly aware that cunt was now pouring.
“Yes, before going to sleep, I just peeped. Riya was getting fucked in both holes and Prema was getting cunt licked. It was awesome” Sujata said dreamily.
Then Aarti asked the question Sujata was waiting for.
“Don’t tell me your son Rohit also is fucking you?’ Aarti asked after slight hesitation.
When Sujata nodded, Aarti screamed, rushed and sat beside Sujata and held her hand.
“Wow. How, when? I thought it happened only in stories, I masturbated so many times reading such stories.” she asked enthusiastically.
Sujata told her story and when she finished, Aarti exclaimed “ Ohh, don’t tell me the story “Sujata’s i****t saga” story is yours? My God, I don’t know how many times I masturbated reading that story”
“Imagining your son, Vijay, no doubt?” Sujata pressed her hand and asked naughtily.
Aarti’s face turned beetroot red as she averted her face and remained silent.
Sujata laughed and hugged her “ I called you to talk about that only. Vijay madly and crazily wants to fuck you. Riya says he imagines you while fucking her.” She said.
Aarti covered her face with both hands.
“Chee….whatever gave him such ideas? How can I face him now?” she said in a low voice.
“Why not? He also reads Mom son stories and Riya tells me you remove panty and bra after your hubby leaves home and show lot of cleavage when serving him food. Poor chap, can you blame him” Sujata said laughing.
“I thought it was harmless fun, just teasing him” Aarti said and downed her drink in one gulp.
“So do you want to get fucked by Vijay?” Sujata asked directly.
Aarti got up little unsteadily, poured herself another drink and sat beside Sujata.
“I am confused. It is not right. Do you think I should?” Aarti was still not looking at Sujata.
“I think you should. You will lose inhibition and shyness if you see us fucking” Sujata told and shouted “ Rohit, see who has come? Say hello to Aunty”
Rohit came from inside and said ”Nmaste, Aunty “ and touched Aarti’s feet. When his fingers touched her toes, an electric current passed through her veins and she shivered.
She blessed him and asked “ Rohit, you bunked classes?”
Rohit smiled and said “Yes, Aunty. Mom asked to stay back. She said that I am needed for some urgent work. What is it Mom?’
Sujata got up, hugged and kissed him “ You have to fuck your slut Mom’s wet cunt….Aarti wants to see” she told him and pulled down his shorts in a jiffy, exposing his steel rod like Cock and juicy balls.
Aarti got up in panic and stuttered” No, Rohit, I never said that…..” and fell back in sofa as she watched mesmerized, Rohit removing Neha’s nighty and making his Mom sit and push his cock in her mouth, all the while mauling her tits and tweaking nipples.
Both were naked as Rohit removed his vest also and was fucking her mouth. While Rohit closed eyes, still he was feeling shy, Neha was all the time looking at Aarti.
After five minutes, she took out cock from her mouth and smiled naughtily “Who will lick my juices? Let us go to bed room. Aarti, are you coming?” She stood up in her splendid naked glory, her big tits turning pinkish with the mauling and her juices were glistening like dew drops on her smooth shaved cunt. Just before she got up, Aarti had a glimpse of her thick cunt lips.
Aarti got up like a Robot and followed them. Curtains were drawn and sun light was streaming through windows. There were no shadows, Aarti had clear view of all nooks, corners and crevices of Mom and son. Aarti’s cunt was screaming for attention and her tits were getting heavier and tighter.
Mom and son kissed briefly, Rohit sucked and squeezed Neha’s tits for few minutes and then they went into 69 position. Rohit lay on his back and Neha straddled him, offering her pouring cunt to his lips and started licking his cock from base to tip, fondling his balls. Neha never took off eyes from Aarti and this was driving both ladies crazy. Neha peaked within minutes, screamed loudly and poured jets of juice in her son’s mouth and collapsed on him, breathing heavily.
After few seconds, she got up and lay on her back “Now fuck the hole from where you came…. tear your mom’s cunt… show no mercy… come on pound me….. I am your slut….Ahhhhh… mmmm” she kept shouting as her son pushed his cock and started fucking vigorously.
Aarti could not bear the torture any longer. She finished her drink and impatiently removed her blouse, saree, petticoat and lay next to Sujata.
“Rohit, I am also like your Mom. Come On, fuck me” she asked him. She was feeling light headed, happy and careless. She regretted for not shaving cunt for 2 weeks. Rohit needed no invitation.
He removed his cock from his mom’s cunt, it was shining with her juices, spread Aarti’s thighs, parted her cunt lips with fingers and buried his cock in her cunt in one go ……. and lay on top of her and kissed her.
Aarti held his head in both hands and licked Sujata’s juices from her son’s chin, cheeks and lips and then from his mouth, exploring his mouth with her tongue and drinking her friend’s heady cunt juice. Meanwhile, Rohit unhooked her bra and removed and cupped her tits and squeezed.
His throbbing cock was sending pulsations to her cunt walls, driving her crazy. She wanted him to fuck her. But he broke her kiss and rose on his elbows and exclaimed “ Mom, see her nipples? I told you, aren’t they gorgeous?’
Suajata stared wide eyed. Indeed, Aarti’s nipples were like Baby Milk bottle’s nipple. Thick, long and fat.
“Wow” she said and latched onto her friend’s boob like a hungry baby.
Aarti laughed and pressed Sujata’s head more firmly on to her shapely boob.
“Rohit, I thought I closed the door quite fast…how did you see my nipples?” she asked as he was pinching her nipple and mauling her left tit.
“Not fast enough, Aunty. The picture of your nipples is printed in my memory. Were you expecting uncle that day?” Rohit asked and pushed tit in his mouth and started sucking, simultaneously withdrawing and pushing his cock in her slippery cunt.
“Hmmm.. No. I was expecting my son, Vijay. The shock of exposing nipples to you unnerved me. I went into a shell. I didn’t expose nipples to Vijay. Rohit darling, you can suck as much as you want later but fuck me hard and fast. You can’t do both together. Your Mom will take care of my tits…Mmm . .Ahhh .. this is heaven… push deeper..faster… tear your slut’s cunt…”
Aarti started screaming and moaning and she and Rohit pounded and pulverized her cunt and they reached peak at same time…he collapsed on her like a rag doll.
Sujata dutifully licked her sons’ cock and drank his cum from Aarti’s cunt as they were kissing and playing with each other. Within minutes he was hard again.
“Let me ride you darling, you must be tired” Aarti told him smiling and got up.
“Aunty, wait a minute” Rohit said and removed the hair band that was holding her luxurious hair in a pony tail. Her thick long hair cascaded like a black water fall reaching middle of her back.
“Wooow” both Mom and son were spell bound as they watched her hair bounce sexily as she straddled Rohit and sat on his cock. As she started riding, her boobs were shaking seductively, her luxurious hair was bouncing. As Rohit tried to catch nipples, his mobile phone rang.
He smiled at them. “It is your daughter Riya” he said and answered before Aarti could snatch it.
She stopped riding and pleaded with him silently not to tell her.
“Hi, Riya. Congratulate me, I am fucking your mom or rather she is fucking me, she is riding me. She is awesome, I have not seen such splendid nipples, not even in net” he said and started lifting Aarti by her buttocks and dropping back on his cock.
‘Wow. Vijay, come here, Rohit is fucking Mom.” Riya screamed so loud all could hear. Aarti reached forward and snatched and switched off his phone.
Suddenly Aarti was angry.
“What is this nonsense? Why did you tell my k**s?’ she shouted and got up and reached for her cloths. Sujata hugged and pacified her and made her lie on the bed,
As Sujata kissed and soothed her, Rohit spread her legs and started licking her cunt and then kissed her ass hole. Aarti purred like a kitten and her anger was doused in pleasure and lust.
“Hmm … Rohit beta… you are killing your Aunty with pleasure ….. Ahhhh.. this is heaven” she murmured as Rohit licked her asshole.
Sujata was kneading Aarti’s nipple as she told her “ Aarti, I planned all this. Vijay begged me to convince you let him fuck you when he was fucking me yesterday. I knew you would resist, so I called you. Once you had few drinks and watched Rohit fuck me, I knew you would melt”
As Suajta was talking, Rohit finished licking and turned Aarti on her back, pulled her to the edge of the bed, made her bend and started fucking in the ass..
Aarti’s heart was thudding like an express train as she turned key in the lock and entered her home.She tried to act as if everything was normal as she asked her k**s how their day was. They were watching TV.
Both jumped, ran to her like they did when they were school k**s, hugged her and dragged her to the sofa and sat beside her.Aarti could not face her son. She felt as shy as on her nuptial night. Her husband had a tough time making her disrobe. She resisted so much that he was afraid she would scream ”****”. After meeting all her demands like switching off lights, closing eyes until she covered herself with bed sheet and then getting inside the bed sheet, her husband managed to kiss her.
Now Aarti felt similar shyness and embarrassment engulf her.
“This is nonsense. He is my Son. He should be embarrassed’ She thought and stole a glance at him. Her face turned deeper pink as she saw he was gazing lustily at profile of her tit, her nipples were so long and big, it was difficult for her to conceal them.
“Mom, tell us from beginning. How it went?” Riya asked excitedly, taking her hand.
Aarti feigned anger.
“Are you not ashamed to ask your mother? Anyway, Rohit must have given you all the details” She said, tight lipped.
“Ohh, Mom, you disappointed us. We thought you will tell all the details” Riya pouted her lips and complained.
There was uneasy silence as they watched TV She found her son slipping hand behind her shoulders and trying to push hand inside blouse. She was about to slap his hand away angrily but remembered Sujata’s caution” Flirt with him. Don’t show anger, he may become scared.”
So she snuggled closer to him so that his hand had more access and he could cup her tit and pinch her nipples. She also remembered that Sujata wanted to talk to him. Vijay started squeezing her tit vigorously and tried to kiss her.
She playfully slapped him “Don’t be naughty. Suajta wants to talk to you. Call her” she told him, smiling.
He called Sujata while mauling Aarti’s tit with other hand.
“Namaste, Aunty” he wished her.
“Hi, Vijay. I have good news for you. Your Mom said ok. “ Sujata told him.
“Wow. Aunty. Thank you. ..”he gushed happily involuntarily pinching his Mom’s nipple harder, causing her to yell and slap him.
“Don’t thank me yet. There are some conditions. First is, you have to wait till tomorrow night. Second is, you are not going to fuck your sister Riya or make her suck till you fuck your mom. I want you to save juice to fill her cunt. Third is, she is not going to be naked until tomorrow. You can squeeze tits and finger her cunt above cloths. Is it ok?” Sujata asked him.
“Awww.. Aunty. I am so horny, I wanted to fuck her now..” he complained.
“Those are her conditions. She was feeling shy. So I told her I will talk to you. Come on, she has done so much for you. Can’t you wait for one day” Sujata admonished him.
Ok, Aunty. I will wait. I will be a good boy… until tomorrow” he told her and disconnected.
It was a real torture for both Mom and son. Aarti’s motherly love almost made her lose resolve and hug and offer herself to her loving son. But her shyness prevented her. Vijay was so horny, he kept poking her thighs with his hard on and fingering her cunt above saree and squeezing tits above blouse.
Riya was enjoying their discomfiture and offered her tits to brother to suck and cunt to lick. While they slept on the same bed, Sujata watched stunned as Riya stripped and made Vijay suck and lick. She was amazed by her daughter’s beauty.
Vijay remained dressed and slept on the one side of bed, Sujata at other end and Riya in the middle.
Next day, after k**s went to college, Aarti went to a beauty clinic suggested by Sujata and got waxed, shampooed, manicured and general beauty enhancement treatment. She turned down Sujata’s dvise about getting her cunt shaved. She came home, shaved her cunt and underarms and was ready for evening.
Vijy and Riya tried to manage their excitement and stay cool after they returned from college. Prema came to their home which was the signal that everything was ready at Sujata’s home.
When Vijay and Aarti arrived at Suata’s home, it was getting dark. Sujata was very nervous and shy. The very thought that her son’s cock was about to ram his birth channel was sending waves of excitement as well as panic. Vijay was also sweating and trembling slightly.
Sujata welcomed them, s was wearing a very transparent nighty which was not concealing any of her immense assets. Her nipples were poking out and cunt mound outline was also visible. Her son Rohit was dressed in shorts and T shirt unabashedly flaunting tent in his shorts.
“Would you like to have few drinks?” Sujata asked .
“No. Let us get this over with” Aarti said tensely. She was feeling as if the ordeal was best if it was over quickly.
Sujata smiled and led the way into bed room. They could not take eyes away from her seductive swaying hips.
Sujata asked Vijay naughtily “ Vijay, do you want to fuck your mom?”
Vijay answered “ Yes, Aunty, ever since my cock became hard”
Sujata asked” Aarti, are you ready to get fucked by your son?” as if she was conducting marriage rituals.
Aarti couldn’t speak. She nodded.
“Ok, boys now disrobe your Moms” Sujata ordered.
Aarti’s heart was hammering in her chest as Vijay’s trembling fingers undid her blouse hooks and removed. His breathing became faster as his eyes feasted on her glorious boobs and thick, long nipples. She purposely didn’t wear bra and panty.
He removed her saree folds and then….undid knot of her petticoat. Sh resisted impulse to cover her cunt as it fell in a heap at her feet. Boys needed no instruction to disrobe.They became naked quite fast, threw their moms on bed and started kissing, sucking tits and fingering cunts. Aarti found herself melting and felt dizzy with pleasure as her son sucked her tits after many years. She hugged and moaned…
Sujata was observing Aarti. She knew she couldn’t delay further. She might lose nerve.
“Ok, boys, Now time to fuck your moms.” Sujata told boys and spread her legs.
Rohit buried his cock in her cunt in one stroke. Vijay was shivering, Aarti was also trembling as Vijay was rubbing his cock on her cunt lips.
Suddenly she panicked and pushed her son away.
“No. Sujata. I am not ready yet to get fucked by him. Let Rohit fuck me” Aarti said.
Sujata didn’t protest, asked her son to pull out cock and fuck Aarti and asked Vijay to fuck her.
Aarti was watching Vijay as he pushed cock in Sujata’s cunt and started fucking hard and fast. With each stab, her breath was coming out gasps and Sujata’s fabulous tits were shaking.
Rohit also started fucking her steadily. But Aarti’s mind was in turmoil.
“My son’s cock should be pounding my cunt. Ohhh… how I wish” her thoughts were churning as she watched Vijay was also looking at her tits and nipples.
Sujata immediately understood and told Rohit “ Rohit, stop fucking and switch off lights and come and fuck me. Vijay, in the darkness your Mom will not resist you. Fuck her nicely”
As Rohit switched off lights and the room was plunged into darkness, Aarti felt her son lay on top of her and kiss her.
“Mom, I love you so much…..” he whispered and bit her ear and licked her ear lobes.
“Hmmm.. I know darling…. I love you more than my life. Take me … I am also dying to feel your hot cock in my cunt….” she murmured.
She felt his kisses on her tits and his licking her nipples and…. felt his hot throbbing cock enter her wet cunt, slowly rubbing her cunt walls. Immediately her cunt went into spasms and she cried out loud as she reached peak …. and multiple orgasms racked her body.
These impulses triggered and excited Vijay to an extent , he ejaculated after few minutes of vigorous fucking and filled hot lava in his birth channel.
Suddenly the lights came on. Rohit was fucking his mom in Rocky(D)gy.
Hey clapped and congratulated Aarti and Vijay.
“Ok, fresh lovers, enjoy your fucking in peace. Now we are going to other bed room” Sujata told them and they left room in the same coupled position.
Now Aarti was no longer feeling shy. She was feeling lusty. She closed the door and kissed her son.
“What a terrific cock you have. I am so proud of you and sad that I missed your fucking all these years. Come darling…. now tear your Mom’s cunt” Aarti kept kissing her son and repeating.
“Hmm… Mom.. I want to fuck you whole night and every night… “he said licking her cunt.
“Hmm …. Ahhh … what a magic tongue you have, Vijay … push tongue deeper, ahhh ….” she purred happily as she pressed his head closer.
And he did fuck her whole night. After second fuck he asked shyly if he can fuck her ass. In answer she bent, parted her buttocks and offered her ass hole…
Next day Suajta went on the terrace to dry the cloths. Rohit accompanied her to help her. As she bent to take cloths from bucket her splendid boobs almost popped out. She saw Rohit staring, laughed and shook boobs provocatively. Within seconds, he was behind her, rubbing his cock on her buttocks and squeezing her tits. Through the material of her nighty and his shorts, she could feel the hardness and heat of his cock and her cunt flowed.
“Mom… I want to lick you” he said, pinching her nipples.
Sujata pushed him” Are you mad? Anyone might come. Leave me ….” she protested.
“No Problem Mom, you can hear footsteps, then we will move out” Rohit pleaded, lifted her nighty , parted her legs and clamped mouth on her wet cunt.
“Hm … Ahhhh ..” Sujata moaned softly as she spread legs wider and bent further, taking more weight on bucket.
They were so immersed and lost in their world that they didn’t hear footsteps until too late.
Sujata came into this world with a start when she heard a sound and saw Nandini, who stayed on 3rd floor and her 16 year old son,Vishal, staring at them wide eyed. Nandini dropped her bucket of cloths in shock.
Sujata dropped her nighty, gave a murderous look at Rohit and silently left. Rohit also was red faced as he came behind her. She fired him and warned him not to touch her any more.
She was scared, she did not know whom Nandini would tell.
Prema also fired her brother” Why you had to be so stupid? Mom and I are opening and giving all holes to you all the time, why couldn’t you wait till you came back home?”
Rohit had no answer, except that he could not control.
They completed dinner silently, when door bell chimed. Sujata opened the door.
It was Nandini. Rohit and Prema vanished into bedroom when they saw who it was.
Sujata asked her to be seated. They were silent for several minutes. Sujata was wondering what Nandini had to say.
Finally Nandini cleared her throat and said “ Sujata, I don’t know how to start. But you are the only person I can confide in, after seeing you on terrace”
Sujata was curious” Tell me, what is it?”
Nandini lowered her eyes” It is about Vishal. He is just 16 but for last few months he is masturbating in my bra cups and panties. I tried indirectly to make him stop but he steals my bras and panties from my cupboard. When I sleep, many times I saw him try to look at my nipples by lifting nighty.”
Sujata laughed “I am the last person you should seek advise after what you saw on terrace”
Nandini also laughed” But strangely, I am also getting excited. I am controlling, I want him to turn 18 before proceeding. But after your terrace show, both he and I are on fire. He gives normal hugs and kiss on cheeks. But today, he hugged me tight and kissed me on lips and squeezed my tits and buttocks, When I shouted at him, he was scared and ran away. I called his friend, he is at his friend’s house. When did you start fucking your son? What is your advice?” Nandini asked her.
“I don’t blame Vishal. You are so sexy and provocative. Moreover, I am sure you must have been generous in flashing cleavage and flesh” Sujata told her.
And it was true. Nandini was slim like a ramp walking model, tall, with long shapely legs…and unlike, those pencil thin models, she was endowed with very generous, tight tits and had shiny thick, silky hair. She was dark but it had a shiny, glowing texture…overall effect was awesome.
Nandini blushed and said” It is a great compliment, coming from a sex goddess like you. Thanks but tell me what should I do? Is he too young? Should we put him in a hostel until he completes inter exams?”
Suajata asked her “ How are his grades?”
Nandini sighed and said” Sliding. From 1st rank he is sliding down. Why do you ask?”
“Isn’t it obvious? He is unable to study because he is seeing your boobs and ass in the pages of book. He is masturbating imagining you and in unable to concentrate. I have seen him, he looks like a fully grown teenager. I think he is ready to fuck you” Sujata said.
Nandini was silent and was studying her nail polish.
“Your husband is at home?” Sujata asked.
“No. He went to attend his cousin’s marriage and will return after 3 days” Nandini said.
“Call Vishal and ask him to come over to my house and tell him not to worry, Sujata aunty will give counseling” Sujata said.
Nandini called from her mobile but Vishal’s mobile was switched off. Then she called Vishal’s friend and told him “ I know Vishal is there. Just pass on a message, Mom says everything is OK and come to Sujata Aunty’s house, tell him I am waiting for him”. His friend said, ok Aunty and disconnected.
Sujata told her k**s to stay in their room she was helping Nandini and Vishal. They said ok.
After 10 minutes there was a timid knock, Sujata welcomed him with a big smile. He smiled nervously, twiddling fingers and stole a glance at his mom, expecting her to breath fire but sighed with relief when she smiled at him.
He ran and sat beside his Mom, hugged her like he normally did and kissed her on cheek and blurted out “ Mom, I am very sorry, I will never do it again, don’t be angry…”
Sujata smiled and said” Your Mom will be angry if you don’t obey my commands. Follow me” and led the way to her bedroom. Vishal realized that she was wearing a very flimsy nighty with nothing underneath. He had an instant hard on as he watched her swaying hips. They followed her into bed room.
“Do you want to squeeze Mom’s boobs?” Sujata asked him. Vishal was stunned and looked at Mom. He expected Nandini to shout at her. Instead, she was smiling.
‘Y,,,yes…. Aunty” he stammered.
“Then what are you waiting for? Pull her boobs out of blouse and start” she pushed him.
Vishal was shaking and Nadini was also nervous and looked undecided.
“Hmm.ok. You need some push, Rohit, come here for a minute. Ask Prema to study” she called Rohit on mobile.
Rohit was there in few seconds with a hard, throbbing cock which was jumping in his shorts.
“Nandini, Vishal. I know you are shy. We will assume we are alone and we will start fucking. This should make you lose inhibition. We will not look in your direction. Rohit, come darling, fuck your momma” Sujata said and hugged her son.
Rohit lost no time in pulling out her nighty and getting out of his cloths. He did not expect his Mom to cool down so fast and the way he pushed Sujata on to bed and jumped on her reminded Nandini of a tiger jumping on a prey in Discovery channel. But here, the prey, Sujata, was moaning and groaning seductively “ Hmmm…my darling….. suck momma’s tits…. bite and chew my nipples… hmm.. love you baby…”
Vishal also was mesmerized but was getting hornier by the second. As he saw wide eyed, Rohit spreading his Mom’s cunt lips and shoving and burying his cock in her cunt in one stroke, he lost control. Viahal hugged Nandini and kissed her, he was half expecting her to slap him but she hugged back and kissed him deeply, taking his hand and placing on her tit.
Within seconds he disrobed her and she pulled his shorts and T shirt and the naked couple joined the others on bed.
Nandini’s tits were really awesome, Rohit looked at her tits being mauled and sucked by Vishal and his strokes had become faster, harder and Sujata was gasping for air as his cock seemed to expel air from her lungs.
Nandini’s cunt was overflowing, she impatiently pulled Vishal by hair and told him “Dear, you can suck tits while fucking also… fuck me …now”
Vishal got up and Nandini spread her legs wide and opened her cunt lips and rubbed his throbbing virgin cock on her lips.
“Hmmm.. push it…” He slowly pushed as if his cock was entering a mine field and Nandini peaked and felt orgasms flooding and rocking her body as her son’s hot cock went in rubbing her cunt walls. Vishal thought he would faint with pleasure.
On his fifth stroke, he gave a loud cry and filled his Mom’s cunt with hot liquid, Nandini felt his pulsations and loads of cum flooding her in seemingly nonstop jerks.
Sujata pushed Rohit away and reached Vishal in two strides.
‘Take it out” She ordered him. Vishal was unhappy that he came so fast and removed his tool, crestfallen.
Sujata hugged him and told him” Don’t worry. You did great. I was watching your Mom. She had multiple orgasms. Now give your cock to her, she will suck and make it ready for next fuck”
Before Nandini could protest, Sujata clamped her mouth on Nadini’s cunt and started lapping juices. Rohit started fucking Sujata in Rocky(D)gy and told Nandini “ Don’t worry, Aunty. Mom is crazy about virgin boy’s sperm. She won’t let a drop go waste”
Nandini was in seventh heaven as she was licking and sucking her son’s cock, the heady mixture of her and his juices and Sujata’s expert licking was driving her crazy. Within seconds, Vishal was ready and Sujata left the cunt to him and Rohit continued fucking Sujata in Rocky(D)gy.
This time, Vishal was in better control and fucked nicely, stopping in between for a short while to suck and maul her tits.
Prema was feeling dejected, being left out. Though she was getting fucked by brothers of her friends and other boys on college terrace, she was sorely missing her brother’s daily hot fucks. Rohit was totally hooked to Sujata.
As she was watching TV with unseeing eyes, Vishal came out of bed room naked and was startled to see her and was about to rush back.
“Vishal, come here, don’t feel shy, did you enjoy?” she asked him.
“Yes, Didi. They asked me to bring sweets, samosas, milk and fruit juice” he said shyly, trying to shield his cock with hands.
“Come, I will give you” she led him to kitchen.
“Now what is happening? She asked him as she arranged all items in a tray.
“ Bhai is fucking both moms in Rocky(D)gy alternately” he told her.
He had to remove his hands to hold the tray. Prema exclaimed when she saw his tool.
“Wow. Vishal, I thought you were a small boy. You have a good cock, it has become red, are you having pain?” she ran her hands on his cock and balls and asked. He shuddered as if electric shocks passed through his body as her warm hands massaged his cock.
“Hmm, didi, little pain but feeling great” he murmured.
Prema took tray from his hands put it on table, removed her nighty and bent on the kitchen platform.
“Now fuck me fast, they will not miss you” she said parting her buttocks and showing a very wet cunt. He needed no invitation. He held her waist and buried his cock in one shot and fucked hard and fast, her ankles were shifting in air with each blow. He fucked her tight cunt and as he filled her hole with hot cum, he wondered if he was dreaming or he actually fucked 3 cunts in 3 hours…
Prema looked at Riya curiously. They were seated in college canteen.
“What is wrong with you? Last two days you are not coming on terrace for fucking?” Prema asked.
“Your Mom told me not to fuck for 5 days” Riya said.
“My Mom? Why? Your periods are not due for 2 weeks?” Prema asked.
“My mom and your Mom are training me and preparing me to get fucked by my dad. Dads always want their daughters to be virgins and innocent. Do you remember your grandmother filled your Mom’s cunt with a herbal paste before marriage to make it virginal like?’ Riya asked.
Prema was shocked.
“My God, don’t tell me my Mom is putting that stuff in your cunt. My dad tried two days to fuck mom and cunt was not opening. My dad panicked and was about to take her to a hospital, when Grandma told Mom to bear pain and ask hubby to fuck. She bled a lot. So don’t try that. Instead act as if it is paining” Prema pleaded with Riya, clutching her hand.
Riya laughed and said” Don’t worry, your Mom put only a layer. It will give little resistance to convince dad. They taught me how to act coy and what to say and what not to say or do”
Prema felt a pang of jealousy” You lucky bitch, My Mom is arranging your fuck with your dad but is ignoring me” she said, sadly.
“No. Your dad will come only after 10 days. But she told me already she has plans and will start implementing. Don’t worry dear, my dad will fuck you” Riya told her friend.
“Hmm. When is it planned? Your Suhaagraat with dad?” Prema asked.
“Tonight. Mom told Dad that she was going to Chennai for her best friend’s daughter’s wedding for 3 days and Brother told that he is going on a picnic trip with friends for 4 days, both will come and stay with you. I and Dad will be alone and free for 3 days.” Riya said excitedly.
“Wow. Great, I hope they will fuck me also, I don’t know why these boys are mad after Moms?” Prema asked, puzzled.
“Hmm.. I will be able to tell you tomorrow if we daughters also will be crazy about Dads” Prema told naughtily…
Sudhir was unable to concentrate on his work. His mind kept on replaying images of his daughter Riya’s curvy structure and the soft feeling of her buttocks on his thighs and warmth of her cunt mound on his cock when daily she sits on his lap when he watches TV in evenings.
Right from her c***dhood that had been the routine, she would sit in his lap, kiss him and hug him and tell about the events of the day. After her puberty, his wife admonished him and her for that and Riya confined to light hugs and pecks on cheek.
But about a month back, he playfully pulled her onto his lap and ticked her in the ribs. She giggled and squirmed in his lap, rubbing her warm buttocks on his lap, causing an embarrassing erection. She didn’t seem to notice and when she heard her Mom’s footsteps, she jumped up, kissed him on the cheek and said” You naughty daddy, I love you”.
Since then, it has become a routine, when they were alone, either he would pull her or she would sit in his lap. He would kiss nape of her neck and rub sides of her thighs and ask her about studies and friends. She also replied normally but all the time rubbing his crotch with her buttocks. She would get up instantly if she spotted her Mom.
To his discomfort and pleasure her dresses was getting skimpier and her acts bolder. He could make out that she was not wearing bra or panty. He could sometimes feel her wetness and heat through clothing.
He was restless because his wife was going to Chennai for 3 days and son to Picnic for 4 days with friends, leaving him 3 full days with Riya. He called wife, she told that train had just left platform and son had left much earlier.
Sudhir got up, told his colleagues that some urgent matter had come up and he had to leave. He drove very fast, in fact, recklessly, and reached home in record time. With thudding heart, he opened front door and entered. He felt like a deflated balloon when he saw Riya was not at home.
He changed into shorts and T shirt and switched on the TV.
After 10 minutes, key turned in lock and there was his precious Riya came in, panting and gasping, it was obvious she came in a rush and running. She screamed and hugged him.
“Dad, when I called your office, they told me you left on an urgent work. I knew what it was, I skipped classes and rushed home. I love you. Dad. I will change up and come” She kissed him full on lips and ran into her room.
She came out after few minutes, wearing a very thin sleeveless nighty, outlines of her splendid boobs and curves were tantalizingly visible. It was apparent she was not wearing bra or panty.
She walked to the door seductively shaking her hips, engaged cross bolt to Main door so that no one could open from outside, came back, smiled at his massive hard on and sat in his lap. Before she used to sit in his lap with her back to him but now she sat across, with legs stretched out on sofa and hugged him, pressing her boob on his chest.
He kissed her and with shaking hands gripped her boobs.
“Hmmm …Riya.. I love you darling” he whispered as he felt her squirm to allow his cock to rub her cunt.
“I love you dad. Hmm… you are driving me crazy, dad….can I ask you something?’ she said, acting shy.
“Anything, my love” Sudhir said, he was in seventh heaven.
“Dad, will you teach me sex? I have difficulty in pushing even a finger in my pussy, how does a thick cock enter? I won’t die with pain?” She whispered shyly in his ear, as he was mauling her tits.
“No, baby, your pussy is very elastic, shall I show you? Come, let us go to bedroom” he said.
“Dad. I am afraid” she clutched him tighter.
“Don’t worry, honey. Your dad loves more than anything. Will I do anything to hurt my little darling?” he said pinching nipple.
“Ouch, dad, you are very naughty. Ok, then carry me” she said.
Sudhir carried her to their bed room and gently lowered her. She covered her eyes with palms.
“Dad, please switch off lights and draw curtains” she told him, shyly.
He switched off the lights and room was plunged into darkness as he drew thick curtains also.
He lay beside her and removed her nighty while kissing. He removed his cloths while switching off lights. Riya’s cunt opened tap as soon as her dad’s warm body pressed on hers and his hands squeezed her breasts.
“Hmm … daddy… I love you…” she purred, as she kissed him. His hands hungrily groped her, feeling all her body. When his fingers rubbed her cunt mound and rubbed on cunt lips, her body shivered.
She remembered Sujata Aunty’s warning “Don’t let him lick you. That herbal paste has a pungent taste”
Sudhir sucked her tits and as he was about to travel down to devour her cunt, she pulled him by hair.
“Daddy… please…put your thing in me… I am very nervous and scared….if you delay, I may run away” she told huskily.
Sudhir laughed and said “ Ok, my love”, got up and applied gel liberally on his cock and in her cunt, he used the gel while fucking his wife in ass and kept it handy near bed.
He kissed her and talked soothingly as he parted her cunt lips and pushed gently. Herbal paste which glued her cunt walls refused entry to his cock. Riya did not have to act, it did cause pain and she shrieked “ Daddy, please remove, it is too painful”
“It is ok, darling. Bear it for few minutes” He soothed her and pushed more firmly. It yielded and reluctantly gave way. He slowly pushed until it went in full, lay on top of her and kissed.
“How is it?’ Are you ok? My love” he asked.
“Hmm…daddy..It is paining… but it also feels good. Dad, be gentle… please..” she kissed him.
In answer, he gently pulled out and slowly pushed in. After 10 strokes, her cunt became ok and she wanted hard fucking.
But she remembered her Mom’s warning, to be patient and act innocent and let dad teach everything. So she kept purring, moaning and sighing as he steadily pounded.
“Darling, I have to fuck you fast now, can you take it?” he asked her.
“Dad, I came from your cock, my body is yours, you do as you please, yes, fuck me hard now…” she whispered.
Sudhir was also excited by the tight, hot, wet feel of his daughter’s cunt and by the feeling that he was fucking her and started pounding really hard.. and suddenly shouted” Baby… I am cumming ….. ahhhh”
Riya also moaned” Hmm .. darling daddy…. I don’t know if this is cumming….I must have cum million times ….. ahhhh.. daddy … cum inside me….fill me …”
Suddenly Sudhir realized he was fucking her without a condom and tried to remove cock in a panic but Riya clamped her ankles around his back and pulled him with force, the sudden thrust buried his cock and he spurted thick wads of cum in jerks and collapsed on her.
As soon as she released grip, he took out cock and asked her in an anxious tone” Dear, Why did you ask me to cum inside you? It can be dangerous”
Riya giggled and pulled his mouth on to her tit and told him” Dad, I may be innocent but am not a fool. I know how to count and when is safe period. Don’t worry, for next 5 days you can fuck me without condom”
He winked at her and said in awe” My God, my baby is grown up” and after five minutes felt his cock becoming hard again…..
When Riya told her Mom and Sujata later, both were thrilled.
“Great, but don’t forget what we taught you. Act innocent and let him guide you, don’t suck cock and show initiative. Wait for me to come back” Aarti told her daughter as both boys were fucking her both holes.
Sujata warned her” A lot depends on you. You have to do exactly as we taught you. If you don’t it will back fire”
Riya said Ok and disconnected and looked at her dad. He was sleeping peacefully after a hard fuck. She logged on to net and found Raj on line. She told him about her fuck with dad.
Raj: Woow. Perfect, everything went according to plan.
Riya: Hmm, thanks to you. Dad is fucking like a man possessed, he applied for 5 days leave and I have bunked college, we are doing nothing but fucking, eating and sleeping. I don’t think he fucked Mom as much in their honey moon. In fact, she told me so.
Raj: Great. I was just a match stick, I ignited fires in Sujata and your Mom’s cunts. I didn’t expect this large scale fucking.
Riya: Hahaha. This is just tip of ice berg. After Mom comes back, Sujata aunty wants me to persuade Dad to force Mom and Bro to fuck and then group. Later Mom and Sujata aunty are planning for a grand 5 mom and 5 son group.
Raj: My God, it looks like any man’s dream paradise. 5 Moms and 5 daughters, 10 different cunts, tits and asses.
Riya told him her dad was getting up and had to go. She promised him that she would update and said bye.
After Aarti and Vijay returned, Sudhir and Riya’s freedom was curtailed, they had to steal moments and be content with quickies. Sudhir was getting hornier and would take Riya in car and fuck her in secluded places.
Next Sunday, Aarti said that she wanted to visit her sister and would come back in the evening and Vijay went to play cricket match. As soon as she left, Sudhir and Riya started fucking on the bed. It was a luxury they were missing, a leisurely fuck.
Riya was riding him hard and fast and he was mauling her tits, when suddenly bed room opened and Aarti walked in saying “Riya, did you see my mobile charger? I forgot and came back….” and stood stunned and shocked like a deer caught in car lights. Her jaw fell open and eyes were like saucers as she looked disbelievingly at them.
Then she blew her top, as Riya and Sudhir hurriedly got up and put on cloths.
“You shameless whore, how could you do this? And you, Sudhir, are you not ashamed to call yourself a father…..” she blasted them for 10 minutes and left, banging the door.
Sudhir’s meek rejoinders that it happened by accident and Riya’s promises that it would not be repeated were washed away in her onslaught.
There was an uneasy silence when she returned in the evening and prepared dinner. Vijay tried to find out what was the problem but no one talked to him. He finished his dinner and went to his room.
Dad, daughter and Mom finished dinner in silence. Aarti cleared table with Riya helping her. As Sudhir was getting up, Aarti told them “I gave a lot of thought. If both of you really like and want, go ahead but I have some conditions”.
Riya shrieked in joy and hugged her Mom” Mom, you are the best Mom in the world. Anything you say, we will do”
Sudhir also was beaming ear to ear as he also hugged Aarti and covered her face with kisses, thanking her.
She pushed him away and told them “ Rule one, Riya should not get pregnant. Two, fuck in moderation, I don’t want her cunt to be loose like a Randi’s at time of marriage. Three, I want best marks and grades from Riya, I don’t want her to be a doctorate in fucking and a failure in academics”
They assured, promised her and went into bedroom and closed the door. Aarti slept on the sette in the hall. Before that, Aarti arranged hot Milk, sweets, savouries and decorated the bed room with flowers, incense sticks like a suhaag raat. She dressed Riya like a bride and sent her with a glass of milk.
Sudhir became emotional, he hugged Aarti and almost cried, he thanked her for being such an understanding wife. She just smiled and pushed him into the bed room.
That whole night Riya was fucked many times by her insatiable dad. When he was about to fall off asleep at 4 AM, Riya told him “ Dad, I have something interesting to show you”
He yawned “ Sweety pie, can’t it wait till morning?” he complained.
“No, it can’t” she told firmly, went into bathroom and returned with a bra and gave him.
“It is your Mom’s bra, so what about it?” he asked puzzled.
“Look into the cup” she asked him and showed him the wet patches.
“That is bro’s sperm in Mom’s bra cup. He masturbates imagining fucking her. Since you are fucking me, why can’t bro fuck Mom?” Riya asked fondling his cock and playing with his balls.
The way his cock became rigid, she knew he was getting excited. He was shocked.
“Your Mom will kill us both if we even mention” he said, after recovering.
“I think Mom also lusts for him. The minute you go, she will change into transparent sleeveless nighties, and shows lot of skin. Poor bro, he just pretends he is not watching and masturbates in her bra cups and panties.” Riya told him and yawned.
“What should we do?” he asked, puzzled.
“I don’t know. You leave for office and come back after an hour and see if what I tell you is true or not. Then you decide. Now, let me sleep for few hours. I have an important class” she told him and went to sleep.
Sudhir’s sleep evaporated. Complex emotions, lust, guilt, excitement and little anger ran through him.
When he went into the hall, Aarti naughtily smiled at him and gave his morning coffee and news paper. She was neatly dressed, not an inch of skin showing, even wearing bra and panty. Riya got up after an hour and ran out saying she has an important class. Vijay wanted to bunk classes that day as he was very tired after a hard day’s cricket match and wanted to sleep off.
Sudhir kissed Aarti and left for office and whiled away time for an hour in shopping mall, purchased sexy bras and panties and returned. He didn’t press buzzer, but silently opened the front door with key and entered and though Riya prepared him, he was shocked and rooted to the spot.
His wife has changed into a sleeveless nighty, it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra since her long nipples raised small tents. She was serving to Vijay, bending forward and showing ample cleavage to son. He was staring into his plate, fighting the urge to peep.
They also saw him and both were paralyzed. Aarti recovered first, sat in a dining chair and crossed her arms across boobs.
“Ohh, you didn’t go to office? Your health is ok?” she asked, concerned.
“I just felt like taking off for a day. Can you give me a cup of tea?” he asked her as he sat in the sofa.
He watched as she went into kitchen, her seductively swaying hips told him she was not wearing a panty and a wet patch that she was horny.
Until she came back, he talked to Vijay about his picnic, studies. Aarti gave him tea and sat beside him, again crossing arms across her chest.
He finished tea and stood up and walked to Vijay and placed his palm on his shoulder.
“Vijay, do you love your Mom?” he asked.
“Of course dad, do you have to ask?” Vijay asked, puzzled.
Sudhir asked him to get up, Vijay was reluctant since he still had a hard on. Sudhir acted as if he didn’t notice and with his arm around his son’s shoulder walked to Aarti. He asked her to get up.
Both Mom and son were puzzled as Sudhir put his other arm around her shoulder and hugged them both.
“Then why are you hesitating to show her your love? She is screaming for your attention, showing cleavage, nipples and ass….and darling, are you blind not to see his massive erections and his cum in your bra cups?” he asked them, as he led them to the bed room.
“What are you talking about? Are you mad?’ Aarti screamed.
“Dad, please, Mom will kill us both” Vijay said in a shaking voice, frightened.
He pushed them both into bedroom and closed the door firmly, saying “ I am bolting the door from outside , I will open only after you have finished fucking” They feebly banged the door for few minutes and then it stopped.
Sudhir sat in the hall, watching cricket. After 2 hours, there was a mild knock on the door. He opened the bolt. Aarti came out, her face was flushed and she hid her face in both hands.
“How was it? Did he fuck well?”he asked her.
“How shameless can you be? Asking a Mom about her son?” she murmured as he hugged her.
He forcibly removed her hands and looked fascinated at her flushed face.
“Hmmm, darling, it is ages since I saw you blushing, my son must be really great” he exclaimed, kissing her.
She pushed him away.” You go out and come after a couple of hours. He says he can’t face you” she told him.
Sudhir laughed and went away. Aarti immediately called Sujata and told her excitedly everything went according to plan.
That was the beginning, they were fucking behind closed doors. After 2 weeks, slowly they opened up, overcame shyness and started fucking on the same bed.
Sujata took a longer time, she took out a print out of ‘Sandhya’s i****t invasions” and asked Prema to write on top “ How lucky Sandhya is? Wish my Dad also seduced me “ .
She scanned the story and sent to her husband and he was very upset when she talked to him.
She told him” I think it would be a good idea if you fucked her before she goes out and fucks all the cocks in the neighbourhood and college”
“Are you insane?” he asked.
“OK,.don’t blame me later” she told and disconnected.
He cut short his trip and came back in two days. Sujata didn’t have time to make her daughter’s cunt tight like Riya’s.
Sujata made phone calls to Riya, Aarti, Sudhir and made plans hurriedly.
“Dad, can you take me to Riya’s house for few minutes? I have to collect notes” Riya asked her dad.
‘Sure , let us go” he took out car and drove her. He wanted to talk to her but found he was tongue tied. He had a hard on as he watched her heaving bosom through corners of his eyes.
Aarti opened the door and welcomed them.
“Dear, I have to rush. Riya is in her room, her dad is teaching her statistics. Please don’t mind, I have to go to my sister’s place” she said and rushed out.
Prema and her dad opened Riya’s door, looked inside and were stunned.
Sudhir was lying flat on his back with head towards door. Riya was riding his cock, her back also was to the door. They did not notice the door was opened.
Prema stepped back as if in shock and her dad’s hot, throbbing cock pressed warmly on her buttocks. She pressed harder and felt his hands cupping her tits. She closed the door silently and led him to the second bed room.
Needless to say, Sujata’s family also ended up on same bed within days.

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