Payal A Newly Wed Wife lured & forced into submission

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She looked upon her reflection in the mirror and what she saw satisfied her. At the age of 19 she has a perfect slim body with no trace of extra fat. She stood 5’6 which is tall by the Indian standards and her night gown clings to her body displaying the perfect figure. Soft and protruding boobs, standing high like Himalayas even though she was not wearing any bra, round and bulging ass with some extra fat, like many Indian women which only gives an added sex appeal. She brushed her shoulder length hairs and gave a final look at herself before joining her husband Prakash at bed.
Suddenly she heard her mother in law calling her from the adjoining room.
“Coming,” she yelled and without thinking that she was only wearing a night gown which is very much transparent, she went to her mother in law’s room. She was sitting in the bed. She is not too old only 60 but looked older and worn out due to the hard work she did all through her life to bring up her children in the absence of her husband. Prakash was the youngest while her two elder sisters were already married. After the marriage of the sisters the three of them only live in this house. She was handicapped as her knee gave way due to some problem and she is too weak that she cannot even climb on her wheel chair on her own.
“Oh! Look at you, wandering around the house like a slut,” she taunted Payal the moment she looks at her dress. “What a conservative bitch, I hate her,” Payal thought.
“I was just going to bed.”
“I know a slut like you want to show around,” she blabbered until Payal gave her the medicine and water to wash it down with. After that she rushed back to her bed room. Inside she found Prakash already in deep slumber. She sighed, another night….
Payal’s father was not well to do and they had six children to support. Payal was the most beautiful of all her sisters and they always tell her that she would get a prince as husband. However the reality was far from what she always dreamed. She has practically no one to fall back at her parents’ home so she has to bear and live with her always nagging mother in law.
Next morning after Prakash left for work Payal got out of house to purchase some groceries. As soon as she stepped out she saw Hassan, her next door neighbour. He smiled and greeted her as she passed by and she has to smile back. Hassan was a crocked man and it was rumoured that he has connection with the low lying political people and also does some odd jobs for them. He was around 45 and had three children one of which is almost the age of Payal. Due to his connections and crocked behaviour people don’t want to be on his wrong side. He has a lecherous eye on Payal. She also knows it very well and keeps her distance.
As she entered the departmental store she saw that Hassan had followed her. She cursed him and hurried to get her things. She picked up the groceries in the basket and was going between the shelves when he made sure to bump into her from the other side.
“Hi Payal lot of things you purchased, that basket looks heavy.”
“Ya few things for the house,” she replied coyly and tried to get past. He walked with her.
“How you spend your day alone with that old lady,” he laughed, “I can’t stand her for few minutes even.”
I also cannot tolerate her; she thought but did not say anything. His trying to make conversation with her was making her nervous. Because of the morning hours the store was almost empty.
Suddenly something went into her eyes.
“Ahhh,” she closed her eyes and tried to rub it out.
“What happened,” Hassan enquired.
“Something dropped into my eyes, I can’t open it.”
“Let me see,” he took the basket from her hand and placed it on the floor.
“Let me check, try to open your eyes,” he asked.
“Ahhhh it’s in the left eye, I can’t open it,” she forcefully opened her right eye and saw Hassan towering over her. She got alarmed she didn’t want to be with this man.
He grasped her chin and lifted her face up.
“Try to open your eye,” he asked, “I will help you clean it.”
“No.. no.. I am fine,” she said with one eye closed, “I will go home and wash it.”
“How can you walk home with one eye closed, let me clear it,” he offered help.
She was conscious and just wants to get away from him but he guided her into a corner and moved behind her. She didn’t want him to touch her but he was now pulling her head onto his chest.
She became stiff, “It’s ok I will manage,” she wanted to run away, but he had his opportunity after a long wait, how can he let her go.
He looked around and found no one in sight. “Better,” he sighed and pulled her head onto his chest.
“Relax Payal,” he commanded, “or else how can I clear it.”
Suddenly Payal became very nervous and aware of his body touching her from behind. Her head was now resting on his chest. He grabbed her chin and kept her head steady and with his fingers he force open the eyelids of her left eye. She felt him very close as he blows into her eye.
“Now you feel better?” he spoke softly looking down at her.
She suddenly felt the pain gone, whatever was in her eye must be blown out but it was still hurting a bit.
“Ya its better,” she replied.
“Good just keep your eyes closed for few minutes and it will be OK,” he said. One hand kept her head pinned on his chest while the other hand went around her waist and pulled her to him.
“Ok, now it’s fine… I should be going,” she got startled and nervously struggled in his grip.
“You cannot even open your eyes, just give it a minute,” he said while pressing against her.
She felt her heartbeat increased, she tried to force open her eyes.
“Ahhh,” she felt pain
“Look I told you, just relax a bit, let me blow again.”
She felt his face very close.
“No…. no…. please let me go…. I am OK,” she spoke in despair.
“Just relax.”
She felt his breath on her checks.
“Let me go,” she struggled. “We are in a store and what if anybody sees us like this.”
“Don’t worry no one is around and we are at the back of store” he spoke in a horny voice.
She sensed it when his checks rubbed against her checks.
“Aho,” her voice was muffled as he placed his mouth on hers. She was stunned for a moment. He bunched her hairs and grabbed them turning her face to him. He sucked her lips forcing his tongue inside her mouth. She started to tremble, not with fear but with strange sensation. She had dreamed about situation like this when she was forcefully grabbed by stranger. Whenever Hassan leered at her she had secretly imagined a situation where Hassan has forced himself upon her. Never had she thought it could happen in real. She felt numb as if all her strength is gone.
Hassan took full advantage of the opportunity and quickly grabbed her boobs. “Ahhh,” she moaned in his mouth as he pinched her nipples over her dress. She grabbed his hand but he continued to molest her, forcing his tongue inside her mouth and squeezing her boobs.
Her body was on fire and the heart was beating so fast that she feared her chest will burst.
“Paya, let’s move to the store room behind, no one will disturb us there,” she felt his growing hardness pressed against her ass.
He pulled her to the store room. She found herself in a small dark room full of various items of shop. Large bags of grains were also stored in the room and she found herself pressed against the pile of bags.
Hassan pinned Payal’s both hands above her head and leaned her on the bags.
“No!” she panted, “let me go,” she was unable to move under his grip.
“Shhh, Payal don’t worry nobody can see us here…… relax…” he kissed her lips softly. Her heart started to race fast. He paid his attention to the high rising mountains on her chest and quickly bunched her Kurta over her chest. He grabbed the bra and pushed it over her boobs. Hassan saw her naked breasts standing tall challenging him.
Payal grunted loud as Hassan placed his mouth over one of the tities.
He sucked on the soft flesh and flicked his tongue over the erect nipple, and then taking it between his teeth he sensually bit it.
“Ugg… Ugg… Ugg…” she arched her body.
Payal’s breathing was heavy as electric current flow through her body. She felt her body vibrating to treatment he was giving her.
“Please…. ahhh…. please….” her arms and legs felt as if drained out of blood.
Hassan looked at the sweet girl lying on the bags, half naked and knew that he had her in control. He took turns to suck on both the boobs before pushing his hand down.
She sucked in air as he grabbed his pussy and mauled it. Payal felt him untying the knot of the cord of his salwar but felt too weak to stop him. He pulled the salwar and it bunched on her ankle. Hassan quickly pushed his hand inside her panty and grabbed her swollen pussy lips.
Panty also joined the salwar on the ankles. Payal breathed hard and watch him adjust over her, kicking her legs wide. Payal closed her eyes, her chest was heaving and she waited. She knew, now she cannot escape, whether she wanted to escape, she was not sure.
Hassan fumbled with his zipper. Hot and hard meat touched Payal between the legs.
Suddenly there was some noise from outside. Someone called, “who is there,” he was the owner of the store. He appeared on the door of the room and looked inside.
“What’s happening?”
Hassan, still on top of Payal replied, “It’s me Hassan, you wait at the counter and I will be there in few minutes.”
“What’s going on!” he was startled.
“It is none of your business , you go back,” Hassan retorted.
“I know what you are upto, this can’t happen here Hassan, you better come out or I will call police.”
Clenching his teeth he straightened and Payal slipped out of his grip. She quickly adjusted her clothes.
Hassan was arguing with the owner when Payal ran out. She was so ashamed that she cannot face anyone.
She reached home where her ill mouthed mother in law was waiting in her bed. Her heart was beating fast and she felt ashamed of herself for being so aroused and cursed herself for being in such a situation. Lala the store man had seen her in such a compromising position. He knows me, she thought, how can I face him again; he must be thinking what a slut I am.
She was not herself throughout the day. In the evening she heard Hassan in the house
“Hello chachi how you doing,” he spoke to her mother in law.
“How can I be, just passing my days in this wheel chair, can’t even get on this chair without help,” she kept on and on blabbering about her life how miserable it is.
Payal stayed in his room until she called.
“Arey, have you got any manners, Hassan is here for so long, at least you can get him some tea,” she barked.
“It’s alright, I had it just few minutes back,” he spoke looking at Payal who was coming out of her bedroom. She walked straight to the kitchen and put the water on gas to boil. As soon as she went to the kitchen, Hassan excused himself to go to the toilet. The toilet was towards the kitchen and instead of going there he slipped in the kitchen.
“What! Why you come here?”
“Payal don’t be angry….. I wanted you for so long…. I wanted to grab you in my arms and want to feel that ass on me,” his voice was horny.
“Don’t come near to me,” Payal backed off as he walked towards her, her back touched the wall.
He grabbed her, “No…. no… leave me,” she whispered as she didn’t want her mother in law to hear anything.
“I want you,” he kissed her on lips and grabbed her round ass, “come to me, you need a man to make you a women, you are still a little girl,” his voice was hoarse.
“Let me go,” she panted and felt him pulling the cord of her salwar, her bottom was ready to come down.
“Mummy!” suddenly she shouted. She did not want a repeat of morning.
“Ya what happened,.” her mother in law replied and Hassan stops in his tracks.
“Where is the suger,” she stepped out of the kitchen trying the cord of her salwar and walked towards the room.
Hassan sighed and went to the bathroom.
“How can I tell where the sugar is, I never go to kitchen…. what a lady, don’t even know where her things are,” she started blabbering and Payal smiled at her small victory.
Hassan went back that day but has left a very horny Payal behind. She can tell this to no one as she didn’t want any trouble for her husband. She knew Hassan is not a good man and can do any harm to Prakash.
Hassan was upset. Payal was the hottest girl he has seen and he got her into submission so easily. He cannot believe that this morning he was so close, she was under his control but Lala spoiled everything. I will set him right, he vowed to himself. Only if I can get her alone, he thought, she will be mine to fuck.
He understood that Payal can be manipulated and put to great use once he gets his cock up her pussy. Not only can he fuck the hottest meat but can also use her for his own benefit. He kept a watch on her and waited for his opportunity.
Two day passed and he could not do anything. At night he was strolling outside his house when he saw her husband Prakash going out. He waited as Prakash kick start his motorcycle and roared away. The door was still open he quickly slipped inside. The mama was inside her room and he saw Payal was climbing the stairs going to the roof. He closed the door and followed her. As she was about to step out on the roof, she saw Hassan.
“Wohh!” she jumped in surprised, “What are you doing here”
“Why are you ignoring me for last few days,” he asked coming close to her.
“Why are you harassing me, please go away,” she begged.
“Harassing! I love you and I want you badly,” he looked into her eyes.
“No…. please,” she stepped back as he came closer.
“You was so nice in the store, you allowed me to love you, why are you backing now.”
“I don’t want to talk about it, you forced me and you insulted me,” she was red faced.
“Come to me,” he stepped closer.
“Please, Hassan, my mother in law is down stairs,” she felt herself weak again.
Even though she knows this is not correct, whenever she was close to Hassan, she feels a sensation weakening her. Ever since the day he caught her in the store, she was not able to concentrate on anything and the memories arouse her to no extant. What if lala had not interrupted, she had already submitted to a man of his father’s age.
Hassan moved an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer. “Payal I will fuck you, I will fuck you now, right here,” he whispered in her ear. Words alone shook her whole body which started to vibrate.
Suddenly engine of motorcycle roared outside.
“My husband is back,” she whispered.
“Ohh! hell with him,” Hassan got frustrated.
“You come to my house, tomorrow afternoon,” he said and quickly kissing her.
“I will wait for you.”
Payal nodded and quickly went down to open the door for her husband. Hassan later slipped out.
He waited for Payal but she never showed up.
During next several days Hassan came back to her house but never got any chance with Payal. He talked with her mother in law and went back more frustrated.
One afternoon it was hot, so Payal decided to have a bath. She was in the bathroom unaware that Hassan has come home and was chatting with her mother in law. After the bath she came out draped in just a towel. She stepped into her bedroom and then realized that her Kurta was lying in her mother in law’s room, so absent minded she walked just in towel to the other room.
She came to the middle of the room when she realised that Hassan was there, staring at her in disbelief.
“Ohhh! look at this slut,” her mother in law shouted, “a man is in house and she is moving around naked.”
She felt so ashamed that she wanted to just disappear. She ran to other room. In her haste she collided against the wooden frame of the bed and tripped. She felt flat banging her knee on the floor.
“Aahhh, mummy,” she cried out in pain and tried to get up when she saw both of them looking at her in awe. Then she realised her towel was stuck in the wooden frame of the bed and was hanging above. She was stark naked, revelling her sexy body in full glory. She tried to get up but cried in pain. Suddenly Hassan came near and pulled her to her feet by grabbing her hand.
He looked at her naked body with wide eyes admiring every curve, droplets of water still shining between her boobs.
“Arey, have some shame!” old lady cried, “go to the other room,” she told Payal.
Hassan pulled her to other room and grabbed her naked body in his arms.
“Hassan you come back,” mama shouted from other room.
“She is hurt chachi, let me check her knee.” He cannot believe his luck. He admired the hot body in his arms.
Payal found herself in his strong grip. She was still stunned. It all happened so suddenly that she could not think. Her mind was blocked. She saw his hand cupped one of the breasts and fingers gripping the soft white flesh, digging in hard. A sharp pain mixed sensation ran though her boobs to her groin.
“Aray, Hassan beta, she will take care of herself you come here,” voice from the other room sounded desperate, “she is a stupid girl.”
“Don’t worry chachi I will take care of her.”
Payal could not believe what was happening, her mind is playing a trick, this is all a dream, but the sensation was real, her eyes were closed and an involuntary moan escaped her mouth as he feverously squeezed and pinched her tits.
“Leave me,” her voice barely came out of her mouth. But he cannot take any of that. She felt waves and waves of sensation hitting her. The voices of Hassan and her mother in law seemed to come from a distance.
‘Let her wear clothes and you come back here,” mama looked concerned.
“Just shut up old lady,” suddenly Hassan shouted, “or I will come and kill you.”
“What a nice piece of ass you have,” Hassan admired her body and pushed her on the bed.
He quickly got rid of his clothes and climbed over her. She felt her body dwarfed under him. He patted her boobs; she saw an animal like rage in his eyes while gripping them in his fingers hard so hard that her eyes opened wide and a cry escaped her mouth.
“Ahhhh….. Mummy….. No…..” she grabbed his hands and arched her body. “Please leave me.”
He climbed over her chest, his meat hard and ready. Hassan put one hand below her head and pulled it up to his cock.
“Open your mouth,” he commanded.
Payal had never sucked before. Prakash never asked for it. She closed her moth tightly.
“Open up!” he shouted and pushed her head onto his cock.
Payal did not know what to expect as she opened her mouth.
“Arey, Hassan what are you doing,” an horrified voice came from the other room as she realised what was going on. “Leave that girl she is so young, must be your daughter’s age.”
Hassan pushed his cock into her open mouth.
“Ahhhh….” he throws his head back as the hot mouth closed over his shaft.
“No…….. Hassan let her go….” mother cried out in desperation, “What are you doing….. She is so young and innocent….. Just married 3 months back….. Why are you destroying her?”
Hassan looked at the innocent and sweet girl under him. He saw his cock engulfed in her mouth, wide open to accommodate his large shaft. He smiled and looked pleased at his achievement. Hassan did not move; he let Payal take her time getting used to this. He waited; watching her lovely face, caressing her hairs, letting her wet his cock with her saliva.
“Payal, suck it, slowly using your tongue,” Hassan guided her. She slowly flicked her tongue around the head of the cock.
“Ugghhh,” Hassan moaned and pushed himself an inch deeper. Payal felt the shaft grow big in her mouth, completely filling her up. She took an inch more in with each stroke until she had 6 of his 8 inches in her mouth.
“What are you doing? You rascal, let her go,” the old lady kept on ranting.
Payal was pushing Hassan’s waist back so as to stop him from entering deep into her mouth. Her heart was pounding so hard that she can listen to her own heart beat. She was feeling ashamed at being so vulnerable and yet aroused. She looked at Hassan with her half closed eyes and saw him moaning with ecstasy. Waives after waives of sensation ripped through her body. She closed her lips tightly around the velvety hard shaft in her mouth and sucked for the first time in her life.
Hassan was in heaven. He pulled back and slipped in again, picking up a rhythm he started to fuck Payal’s mouth. Her quiet sucking sounds grew louder and slurped as she tried to keep up with his strokes. Hassan cannot control himself, he didn’t know if she can take it or not, but in the ecstasy he didn’t care and yanked her hand from his waist, allowing himself full entrance into her sweet throat. She gagged, her eyes gone wide, she looked at the face of Hassan who was begging to fuck her deep and she wanted him to use her in any way he pleases.
She was determined to take him. She breathed difficultly through nose making gurgling sound as he buried his full length into her throat. She had never given head before nor taken anyone into her throat, neither anyone came in her mouth. She knew that all this was about to change. Hassan twitched and moaned loud as she tried to swallow the cock giving good massage to it by her throat muscles. She didn’t even feel it when the first shot hit at the back of her throat. She continued to suck, accepting his cum directly into her belly. Hassan kept his cock buried and let her suck till it softens.
“This was great Payal,” he was panting. He kissed her on lips, “don’t move I will be back in few minutes, let me take care of that old lady.”
Hassan stepped into mother’s room
“You bloody….. you rascal…..” mama shouted the moment she saw him. “What have you done….. She is your daughter’s age….. How is my little child,” she cried.
“She is great, absolutely great,” he replied thinking about how she sucked him, “she needed a man like me so she got it and not someone like your son, a wimp.”
“Why you married your son,” he continued, “you know very well he doesn’t need a girl rather he wants men.”
She continued to cry. “You are spoiling the life of your daughter in law. Now shut up, she will be taken care of very well,” he smiled as he said that.
He got up and moved towards Payal’s room.
“Where are you going,” mama looked worried.
“Just shut up and stay quiet, I am going to her,” he made an obscene gesture of fucking.
“Listen, listen,” he spoke hastily, as he stepped towards the room. “She is so young and innocent you already had your way with her, now please leave her.”
“I have just started, Chachi ,” he smiled as he walked into Payal’s room.
Payal meanwhile was not listening to the conversation between them and was lost into her thoughts about what just happened. She was still naked except that she had pulled over a blanket. She saw Hassan pulling off his clothes for the second time this afternoon and slipping into the blanket beside her.
He pulled her into his embrace and kissed her softly on the lips. “Payal you were wonderful.” He grew hard again and his cock brushed against her thighs.
His hand moved between her thighs and found her soft mound. Payal moaned and felt her sensation building again. Unknowingly she spread her legs allowing him full access.
Hassan knelt between Payal’s legs. She is gorgeous and a fabulous woman to fuck, he thought. A thin sheen of sweat had her naked skin glistening. Hassan ran his hands over her skin, kneading her tits and stroking her thighs. Payal moaned and arched her body. He couldn’t wait to fuck this 19 year old woman. He hooked an elbow under each of Payal’s knees. She was wide open to him and helpless. He bent her in half, pressing her knees back to her shoulders.
A loud cry filled the room as Hassan pushed his cock into her pussy.
“Ahhhhh……mummy…..” Payal clinched her fists and hit the bed in despair. The fat cock tore inside her. “Ahhh…. ugghhh ….” she grunted with each thrust until he was buried fully inside her. She saw him above her, holding her knees in place and closed her eyes. He pulled back and started to fuck her. Payal was panting heavily now and letting out a grunt every time her body was slammed into. She couldn’t move as she was crushed under him.
“You have a real tight cunt Payal, I really like to open it up, you seem to be so ready for it. I will fuck you throughout the day.” His words alone now brought on the tremendous vibrations through her body. Payal could only grunt with each push. “Ugh,…Ugh,…Ugh,…”
An orgasm started to built inside Payal which she had never experienced in her life. Her breathing was laboured and noisy, as if having a heart attack. She put her arms around Hassan and clings to him tightly. She grunted loud as it started in her legs. Her stomach rippled and vibrated. She shook her head side to side. Her whole body was shaking as the orgasm washed over her. Hassan saw her shudder and rammed hard until he cannot hold anymore and deposited his seed deep inside her.It was now one month since Hassan first fucked Payal. She has no regrets about it as she knew it was bound to happen someday, she can’t avoid it for long.
Payal could not face mama that day, Mama was also strangely quiet. Just before Prakash was due to come home she called her and talked to her. She spoke to her like her mom and explained that she should not tell this to Prakash as this will lead to trouble. She cannot agree more, neither did she wanted to tell Prakash. She advised her to avoid Hassan and stay away from him. Payal was not sure if that could happen.
She was right; Hassan barged in the next day and took Payal into her room. Her mother in law watched helplessly. Hassan never closed the door in between and let mama hear Payal’s moans and cries. The rooms were small and every word can be heard on the other side. Hassan enjoyed it even more, knowing that she is listening to everything. However Payal despised it and to avoid it next time she simply went to Hassan’s house.
Later Payal learned that her husband Prakash is indeed a gay and he married just to avoid social stigma attached with being a gay. During the first three months he hardly had sex with Payal three times. Now after Payal learned what sex is all about she knew Prakash could never be the man for him. She confronted him one night and he admitted to being a gay. She has no choice as she cannot fall back on her family and divorce is a big stigma in Indian society. Anyway she was getting her physical needs satisfied from Hassan.
After coming out open to Payal, Prakash felt much better, especially as Payal didn’t make any noise about it and accepted it. He even told her about his male friends and one of them was Hassan.
Hassan increased his control over Payal and fucked her whenever he wanted. Prakash was happy in his own world and his mother was no problem. Payal realised that she all along enjoyed it and even look forward to it. She loved the feeling of a hard cock in her mouth, little did she knew that she will have plenty of that very soon.
Hassan on the other hand was very happy to have her under his control and was planning to use her for his benefit. Hassan at that moment was with Pradhan, a local politician who helps Hassan secure good government contracts.
“You are a lucky bastard, Hassan, I don’t know how you manage to get these beauties without brains,” Pradhan laughed.
“This one is comparatively easy, she loves sex and gets horny the moment you grab her,” Hassan spoke, “and moreover her family is not at all trouble. You won’t have any trouble putting that cunt to good use.”
“I can’t wait to fuck her, the sooner she is ready the better, I have people coming over next week,” Pradhan spoke.
Next afternoon Hassan was with Payal at his house. He was lying on the bed and Payal was bent between his legs, trying to swallow as much of his cock as possible. Hassan was enjoying the magic of her tongue over his shaft.
“Payal, next Saturday I have a party and you have to be there with me as a host,” Hassan informed her while grabbing her hairs and bouncing her head over his cock.
“Ugg,” she tried to answer but as her mouth was full nothing could be understood, however it didn’t matter she has to follow what he says.
On Saturday night Payal was exited as it was a big party and lot of people were invited. Most of the people were business associates of Hassan and not known to her. She went to party with her husband Prakash. At the party Hassan quickly separated her from Prakash telling him that she is the one who has to manage the party being the host.
Payal took special care to dress up for the party. She wore a yellow colour Saree with matching blouse. The blouse was backless and tied behind with strings only. Her long and slender back was naked. The hairs reaching upto the middle of back were partly blocking the view. As she walked around, the movement of her hairs causes more skin to be visible, making men to drool over. Due to the backless blouse she cannot wear any bra. Her boobs were tightly held by the blouse, producing an exotic cleavage. The Saree was worn below the navel giving a great view of her smooth abdomen.
“You are looking hot in this dress, I bet every man in this party wants to fuck you,” Hassan whispered as she walked with him. She smiled feeling somewhat proud.
“This party is very important for me, I have important guests for my business and you have to take good care of them,” he explained. Payal didn’t think anything about it and nodded.
The party was being held in a big hotel and he guided Payal out of the party hall. She looked questioningly towards him.
“They are in a separate suite booked for them,” he told as a matter of fact. Payal felt uneasy.
“I have to be alone with some unknown people in a separate room,” she was hesitant.
“You won’t be alone my daughter Saira will also be there,” Hassan assured.
Payal know Saira, she had met her once. She is a beautiful woman around 26 and stays in the same town with her husband. She was still not sure; Saira was not the ideal woman to be with. She had heard disturbing rumours about her that she uses to be the slut of the locality when she was not married and stayed with Hassan. Payal was hesitant when she entered the suite.
“Don’t worry, just spend some time with them, give them some company,” Hassan assured her.
She didn’t felt comfortable, she saw some four men in the room talking and drinking. Saira was also with them with a glass in her hand and was talking to them as if she knows them from long time. As both of them entered the room they looked up at the hot young woman with admiration.
“Hello,” Hassan greeted cheerfully, “she is Payal my very helpful neighbour,” he introduced Payal to everyone at one go and then guided her along to introduce them to her.
“Philip and James,” he introduced the two white foreigners, “they are the directors of Harig Corporation and have landed today from USA for a big deal with us.”
“Hi,” Philip shook hands with Payal while she was trying to fold hands in traditional Indian Namestay greetings.
“Hello,” James was grinning, “Indian women are very beautiful.” Payal blushed.
“He is Mr Ravi, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and also has a very big business of Iron and Steel and he is Mr Pradhan, the leader of our town,” Hassan explained.
“Come… come,” Pradhan welcomed her with enthusiasm and placed one hand around her shoulders, “lovely girl, must be a very helpful neighbour.” Payal felt uneasy in his strong grip, he guided her along to the couch and sat with her.
All of the four were in the age group of late forties. Pradhan was a big and strong man who has risen from a humble beginning to reach to the present powerful position. He has strong liking for young housewives and looking at Payal his desires increased. He had already fucked Saira on several occasions. He was glad that Saira was there to take care of the guests and he can have Payal for himself.
Payal was flinching, feeling shy as Pradhan was hugging her. She looked at Hassan who was grinning.
“Please excuse me I have to attend to the other guests at the party, you all enjoy,” Hassan spoke and started to leave.
“Uhh, I should also come with you,” Payal tried to get up.
“Where are you going,” Pradhan held her, “stay with us for some time or do you think we are a bad company.” Pradhan has no intention of letting her slip away.
“No, no, I didn’t mean that, I thought I could help him…., ” Payal tried to be polite.
Hassan signalled him to stay and left the room. Payal was worried, at the same time arguing with herself that there is nothing to get alarmed off. Saira was sitting between Philip and James and was comfortable, laughing at some joke. Payal’s heartbeat increased being left between the strangers. Saira was no comfort because she was openly flirting with the two Americans. She can see the lusty faces of the men in the room. Strangely she found out that instead of feeling annoyed, she was feeling aroused at the possibility that they might try something sexual with her.
“Hey Ravi give the lady a drink,” Pradhan asked Ravi.
“I don’t drink,” she looked at the alcohol they were consuming.
“Don’t worry, this is only lime juice,” Ravi spoke and mixed Vodka with the lime juice. He handed over the drink to Payal and sat beside her. Payal took the drink and hesitantly sipped, it felt strange but she was not able to figure out that it’s spiked. Pradhan started to have innocent conversation with her without rushing anything. He was expert and he let Payal settle down and relax. The drinks kept flowing and Payal soon shed her initial inhibition. Saira played some music and invited James to dance. James took the opportunity and took her in his arms and started to sway to the music in the small place they have.
“Saira is a nice girl, knows how to entertain the guests,” Pradhan spoke.
Saira was sensually swaying her hips to the music while James tried to keep up with her. Other guys in the room whistled and encouraged her.
“Wow, sexy ass,” suddenly Philip stood up and decided to be part of the action. He grabbed her ass and quickly pulled her long skirt. Before Saira could react he pulled it up above her waist and her red panty clad ass was visible to everyone in the room. Saira quickly pulled it down and stepped back.
“Ahhh, stop it… you naughty,” to Payal’s dismay she was smiling and playfully pushed Philip away who was again trying to grab her. Everyone in the room burst out laughing including Payal. Saira again started to dance with James.
“You want to dance,” Pradhan looked towards Payal.
“No.. no, I don’t know how to dance,” she felt shy.
“Don’t worry, I am not going to pull your Saree,” he said laughing. Payal flushed and her face turned red. “You are too pretty and innocent for this type of obscenity,” he looked seriously into her eyes, “Saira is too open minded and is ready to enjoy with any man, but you are a doll,” he hugged her tightly and kissed on her forehead.
Payal felt relaxed and somewhat proud of herself for being the better of the two girls. Her heart beat increased as Pradhan hugged her and kissed on forehead. The two of them now had Saira sandwiched between them. Philip was hugging her from behind and the movement of her hips was making her ass grind over his groin. Payal was getting aroused with the effect of Vodka and the scene before her.
Pradhan knew that Payal was getting ready and he can move further. He brushed aside her long hairs and placed his palm over her naked back. Payal shivered as she felt his hand slipped over the small of her back. She looked at him as if accusing him of his action.
“Nice dress,” he spoke softly and slipped his hand lower on her back. Payal flinched trying to remove his hand. Her mouth felt dry and she took a big gulp on her ‘lime juice.’
“It’s OK, Payal, relax,” he hugged her tightly. He looked at Ravi who watching all this and signalled him to go to the other group. He didn’t want anybody sharing his lovely dish tonight. Ravi understood and moved to the three of them trying to dance. Now all three of them held Saira between them, who was giggling and having hard time fighting them off. James already had his hands up her skirt, while Philip was struggling with her blouse.
“I want to go,” she got hold of Pradhan’s hand. She knew where all this is leading to with Pradhan’s hand feeling her naked back from top to bottom. If she did not get out now, she will not be able get out at all. She struggled to get free but Pradhan was too strong. He was not letting her go now. Payal looked at Saira enjoying herself and thought if Hassan knows about this, if he has deliberately put her into this situation. Pradhan was meanwhile expertly caressing her, feeling her entire body. She was leaning onto him when he moved his hand inside her petticoat and grabbed her ass checks. She gasped and buried her head into his chest.
With her head buried into his chest she exclaimed as she glanced at Saira and saw her kicking her skirt out of her legs, “She is totally shameless! How can she….. ”
She watched with a lump in her throat as the three of them started to pounce on her like vultures on a piece of dead meat. Her clothes were being pulled out quickly and she was enjoying it. Payal did not expect this, while she was watching Pradhan untied the strings holding the blouse. In an instant the blouse opened and hung loose on her shoulders. Payal let out a screeching cry and covered her boobs with both hands to stop the blouse to fall off.
The group in front stopped their activities and looked towards Payal trying to hold her blouse. When they realised what happened they burst out laughing.
“Pull it out,” Philip shouted and encouraged Pradhan.
“ please,” Payal panted and begged Pradhan. She looked into his eyes and saw raw lust, her heart pounded hard and she knew that she would be soon naked like Saira. She looked at the other guys who were eagerly waiting for the blouse to be out of way.
“Please…. I don’t want all these people to see.”
“Just a little glimpse,” he encouraged. Payal shivered feeling slutty the grip on the blouse loosened. Pradhan quickly pulled aside the Saree draped around her chest and tugged the blouse. Amongst the cheering from the guys she let him slip it out her head. The round C size boobs fall out in the clear view of the waiting audience. They stood tall not requiring support of any bra, nipples erect with excitement. The group erupted into a loud cheer. Payal sat motionless as if hypnotized, she watched the awe struck faces of the guys who were whistling and cheering for more. Pradhan moved his hand under her arms and grabbed both the globes and rubbed them for the view of audience.
“Ahhh…,” she let out a gasp as he massaged the perfect orbs and squeezed the nipples. Her face looked like a maze of agony, her arm hung loose on sides, unable to resist. The four of them were watching her fixedly. Payal’s mouth was open and was breathing hard, pain mix pleasure arose from kneading of the boobs and rippled through her body. Pradhan pulled her up in standing position facing Ravi.
“Payal, you have a hot body,” Pradhan spoke moving his hand around her navel. He humped his groin into her and let his hard dick poke on her ass, “Remove your Saree.”
“No….please,” she was barely able to speak. She looked at Ravi with her half closed eyes and saw him looking at her with wanton lust, begging her to remove her clothes. As if in a spell she moved her hands to the waist and pulled the Saree out of the petticoat. She let it fall on the floor.
“Good girl, now remove the petticoat,” Pradhan whispered and she obeyed him without hesitation and let the petticoat fall on floor. Ravi was sporting a big bulge in his pants watching her undress. She never felt so much aroused, it felt dirty to display herself like this. She needed no further instructions as she inserted her fingers into the waistband of the panties and pulled them down her smooth ass. She stood stark naked, her sweet pussy hidden between the swollen lips. Ravi was rubbing his crotch looking at the innocent young women giving a strip tease show.
“Enough of the show,” Pradhan suddenly pulled her to the adjoining room and pushed her on the bed. He looked at the hot beauty lying on the bed, perfectly aroused and knew that his night was going to be exciting.
He started to undress quickly. A strong body unveiled. Payal let out an audible gasp as the fully erect cock came into view. It was a perfect example of manhood, around eight inches in length, veins bulging around the whole length and the slit at the tip looked like a large eye, oozing precum.
He stepped onto the bed his cock dangling sideways. He placed her hand onto it. It was hot filling her palm completely. He caressed her hairs and let her play with his cock. She was so near, she could smell him, she breathed in as it touches her nose, it was strange smell, not repulsive. She rubbed the entire length of the cock and kissed it at the bottom with a flicker of tongue.
“Ahhh, Payal,” he moaned.
It felt so erotic, she started to kiss the entire length of the shaft, slowly rubbing the red head and kissing the bottom. She licked the bulbous red head again and again until it was completely wet.
“Payal suck it,” he moaned and pressed her head. She opened her mouth wide getting down on him, it was thick, she groaned as the head slipped in. Pradhan looked at the sweet hot lips stretched around his hard shaft; he could not help but jerk forward pushing deep inside her mouth.
“Uggg…,” she groaned loudly and opened wide to accommodate the huge pole, it rubbed against the tongue and palate until it touched the back of her mouth. She was able to get at least the half of it inside before pulling back. As she pulled back the saliva ran out of the mouth wetting his balls. She sucked the head hard before he again pushed her head and his cock slipped deep inside. A slow motion built up as she continued to go up and down on him. Every time he pushed it slipped further touching the back of the throat, she sucked and try to hold as long as possible for the gag reflexes and them pull out.
“Ahhh, you are wonderful,” he was moaning, “suck it hard…. yeah my baby.. take it, ahhh…” Pradhan looked at the sweet naked girl happily bobbling up and down between his legs, Hassan was right she gets aroused easily, he thought.
“I would love to fuck that throat, but not now,” he pulled back. Payal looked disappointed.
“Baby let me open up you cunt,” his voice was hoarse; he pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs wide. Her sex box was open. The pink clit exposed as the lips parted. He quickly kneeled between the legs and rubbed his cock on the wet pussy.
“Ahh, ohh….,” she moaned throwing her head back and pulled her legs up to give him better access.
Payal watched him with her half closed eyes. In one sudden thrust Pradhan banged his entire length inside her.
“Maaaa…. aahhhh…,” her eyes popped wide and she pushed him with full force.
“Slowly…. Mummy…. No.”
Panting, he spread her both legs wide in air and started thrusting deep strokes. Payal gasped for air as her pussy spread wide to accommodate him. With each thrust she let out a moan and arched her body in ecstasy. Pradhan moved his hand below her and grabbed her slender waist. He lifted her hip up at least two feet in air and pulled her onto his thighs impaling his manhood deeper inside her. Payal moaned loudly and humped back clinching the sheets. He held her svelte waist and effortlessly moved it over his shaft simultaneously moving his hips, to impale deep and hard. The cock was glistering with her juices as it moved in and out of the honey pot.
“Uggg….uggggg… you are tearing me… ohhh.. mummy….,” Payal was gasping for breath while Pradhan was ramming like a madman, unable to hold back any more.
“Ahh…. I will flood your pussy with my cum…. take it… ohhhh,” he twitched and groaned as he pumped his load inside her.
He slumped besides her breathing hard. The room went quite except for the hard breathing noise of the two. Payal was lying face down on the bed when she felt someone pulled her ass high up by grabbing her waist. She turned her neck to find totally nude Ravi behind her. His hard cock touched her sloppy wet pussy. She moaned and raised her ass up on her own accord. He pushed and his eight inches slipped inside her with ease. She threw her head on the bed in ecstasy. Slowly he started to move his cock and in just few strokes his shaft was wet with the juices. She accepted the fucking without question and arched her ass back to meet his strokes.
He looked at the open ass and rubbed his thumb on the puckered hole while letting her fuck herself on his tool. She moaned louder as he rubbed harder, feeling his thumb pressing hard opening up her sphincter.”Ohhh….maaa…,” she felt dirty letting him play with his anus. Ravi slowly pulled his cock out and placed the head at the entrance to her raised ass. She knew what he was upto and he felt like a wanton whore being used for the money paid. White pain flashed through her body as he pushed the well lubricated shaft.
“Ahhhh….Uggg…..,” she dug her face deep into the bed and bit hard on the sheets, muffling her scream. Payal fought hard to control the pain but she cannot take anymore and cried out to get away from the anal intrusion, but he held her tightly.
“No…. leave me….please…it’s so big…. it won’t fit in,” she panicked feeling it will damage her. However Ravi already had the head inside and within a minute full eight inches was inside her. Ravi kept up bent into Rocky(D)gy position, ignoring her cries. He looked as his cock buried fully into her tight hole. It turned into a painful wail as he eased his cock out of her ass and then forced it all the way back in. Ravi smiled as her tight hole opened up and he began ass fucking.
With Ravi ass fucking her precious body, her face was in anguish. Tears formed in her eyes and ran down her cheeks, she felt totally helpless as Ravi started to bang her arse feverously. Pradhan watching this grew hard again, when he knelt down in front of her she knew what was coming. She pleaded with him and her tears were running freely but he lifted her face and brushed them away. He slapped her face with his cock and wiped it on her open lips. Her tongue touched the shaft that was in her pussy just few minutes back, she found no escape. She let him push it inside her mouth.
The two of them picked up a rhythm between them. Payal felt her ass got used to the invasion and the cock was moving with ease. She could feel the men pushing harder and faster at both ends. She could feel Ravi thrusting deeper and more forcibly into her anus and when she felt him tense and momentarily pause, she knew that he was about to ejaculate. She shuddered as she felt Ravi’s cock throbbing in her anus and releasing his spunk. As Ravi let her go, Pradhan held her head and started to face fuck her with a vengeance, thrusting long and deep strokes. He was on the verge and he came hard for the second time tonight. The jism of cum hit her on the back of the throat. She unwontedly swallowed a lot of it and the remainder dribbled out of the corner of the lips.
She slumped on the bed totally exhausted not knowing if she was through for the night. The two men looked at each other satisfied.
“She is one hell of a hot woman” Pradhan smiled, “looks like we are going to meet more often.”

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