Peeping Tom is caught by a nasty, fat woman and is sexually humiliated

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Ronnie was a freak. At 18, he was still a virgin. That
was about to change, but he didn’t know.

Ronnie was a pervert. Since he was 14, Ronnie had made
it a nightly habit to peer into the windows of
unsuspecting neighbors, watching the women or their
daughters undress, take baths and even have sex.

You see, he was a handsome lad of about 5’9″ very
muscular packing about 170 pounds on his frame.

But was a special education student who rode the short
bus to school and was taught in the sheds, or the
portable trailers. That was his mark for life. He had
tried everything to get with a girl, but nothing

It was 9 p.m., Friday night. All of his friends were
with their girlfriends getting pussy. He knew it.
That’s why he was all alone tonight.

Ronnie had tried 11 houses that night, sneaking to the
bathroom or bedroom windows, hoping to get enough of a
peek to stand outside and jerk off from. He’d even done
it at his own house, watching his sister Belinda, or
his mom, Jackie.

Ronnie’s last choice was the Scott house, a block away
from his.

As he approached the backyard, Ronnie saw the bathroom
light was on. He was in luck, he thought. There were
four girls in this house, aged 14 through 18. He had
shot so many loads against the wall here, there was a
brown, funky stain from the accumulations of goo he had

Ronnie approached the window and took the five gallon
bucket resting near the hose pipe and flipped it over.
He stood silently, peering through the window.

Ronnie didn’t know it, but the girls were gone for a
weekend with their father 200 miles away. Alma Scott
was home alone.

Alma, a short, fat woman who stood 5’5″ and weighed
about 350 pounds, drove buses 10 to 12 hours a day. She
wasn’t the cleanest woman, sometimes exuding a stench
that flowed around her body because her ass and thighs
rubbed together. She was huge.

Alma, just two days prior had noticed the brown stain
on the wall outside the bathroom. She also had noticed
the ring on her grass that the white five gallon bucket
had left. She surmised someone was peeking in, but
didn’t think much more on it.

Alma walked into the bathroom, shedding her uniform
onto the floor. She was totally nude now and Ronnie was
working his small, 5 inch worm real slowly, hoping to
see some pink before he blasted off.

She leaned over into the bath tub to cut the water on.
Her huge breasts lay in the water. Now she put in
bubble bath and fanned it with her hands as her big
tits flopped to and fro.

Alma got up and placed her foot onto the toilet so she
could pull off her socks. Now she pulled off her
panties. They looked a mess with a long, dark shit
stain running the length of her wide ass crack. The
crotch was all filled with dried, caked up menstrual
blood. To the average woman, these panties would have
been tossed.

But nasty Alma, with short, dirty blond hair, a large
hairy wart on the left side of her nose and slightly
brown teeth, was used to it.

But Alma caught a glimpse of light from the window and
saw Ronnie’s eye peering in. It all started to make
sense now.

But instead of yelling or screaming, she had a plan.

“Oh, let me go and get my soap,” she said aloud,
excusing herself and hoping the peering eye of the
person invading her privacy wouldn’t leave his post.

Had Ronnie smelled Alma or had a clear view of her
nasty panties, he would have vomited, then ran home at
such a nasty sight.

Alma closed the door and went to her bedroom, placed on
a robe and retrieved her .38 snub-nosed revolver. She
walked out of her front door to surprise the peeping

She eased around the side of the house with the pistol
cocked in case the pervert tried to run. She was now
five feet away from the guy who stood squatted down on
the white bucket, intently staring into the window and
slowly jerking his small, five inch, thin dick with his
right hand.

“Hold it right there motherfucker,” Alma whispered.

Ronnie wanted to run, but threw up his hands when he
saw the pistol pointing in his face.

“Ms. Scott!” Ronnie said.

“You? You perverted motherfucker! Ronnie, you’ve been
peeping in my window at me and my daughters! I ought to
shoot the shit out of you, you som-bitch!” she said.
“Or better yet, I ought to call your parents right now.

Ronnie begged and pleaded so quickly that Alma started
to laugh. Then, looking at his hard dick, she had a
sinister plan.

“Get to moving through that door,” Alma said, pointing
with the pistol to her backdoor.

Ronnie opened it and stepped in.

Alma held the pistol to his back, controlling his

“Stop,” she said as she walked by the refrigerator,
reaching inside to grab a six pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon

“You drink boy? She asked.

“Well… I,” Ronnie stuttered.

“Well, you gone need one tonight when I get through
with your ass. You can bet that,” Alma said, popping
the top on a beer and guzzling it down on the spot. She
tossed that can onto the counter and handed Ronnie one,
urging him to drink.

As Ronnie sipped the beer, Alma dropped her robe and
kicked off the lime green house shoes that were filthy
in the bottom.

Ronnie smelled a funk like he had never experienced.
Alma’s bloody pussy and her asshole smelled like
sardines left in the sun for four days that had been
mixed with rotten eggs and shit. She stunk!

Walk with me boy,” Alma said, making her way to the

Alma laid down her pistol and pulled six or seven large
towels from the closet. She arranged the towels onto
the bed in layers.

Now she laid her huge ass down on the bed, placing the
pistol on the opposite pillow.

“Why you standing there looking? Get busy eating pussy
or get shot!”

Ronnie wanted to puke. Alma knew it. Her huge pussy was
bleeding. She removed the bloody tampon and dropped it
into the garbage can next to her bed. Ronnie froze, not
knowing whether to bolt from the room, or do as she

He had a choice. Risk getting shot if he didn’t, or
having Alma tell his parents. He knew his dad would
kick his ass unmercifully if he knew his son was a
peeping tom.

Ronnie sat on the edge of the bed, dropping his face
down toward this huge, stinking, bleeding cunt. The
smell made him want to vomit as he stared into the 8
inch long crevice whose black hair was matted with
dried blood.

Alma opened her legs wide, placed a pillow beneath her
ass and said, “Get going bub!”

Ronnie licked one time and pulled his head up, looking
at Alma with puppy Rocky(D) eyes that begged, “Please don’t
make me.”

No luck.

Alma pushed his head back down between her legs and
said, “stick your whole tongue in there boy.”

Ronnie started licking. First he had to force his
tongue through the matted up hair, caked with menstrual
blood. The blood tasted horrible as the thick hair
grinded into his tongue.

Alma started to squirm around and say, “Oh yea. Hell
yea. Lick it boy.”

Without warning, Alma started grunting, pulling her
stomach up, so she could look at the head of the boy
eating her nasty cunt.

“Hot damn!” Alma said, as cum gushed into Ronnie’s

Yep. Alma was a gusher. When she cummed it came in
volumes. It was a liquid squirt that seemed like piss
it was so heavy. But it had a consistency of oil, and
it tasted salty to Ronnie. He continued on, licking,
bringing her to orgasm after orgasm.

Alma glanced at the clock as she weakened. She had
cummed seven times in 56 minutes.

Alma pushed Ronnie’s head out from between her meaty
thighs and sat up on the edge of the bed. Ronnie’s dick
was purple and the veins stood out. It was the smallest
dick she had ever seen. Alma opened another beer,
swallowed it down and stared at Ronnie again, this time
laughing uncontrollably.

“Ever eat asshole boy?” Alma asked.

Ronnie didn’t answer, sitting there on his knees in the
bed, face bloody, the blood and cum covering his tan
tee-shirt and the front of his pants.

Alma gobbled down a second beer and belched. She got
onto her knees and elbows in the bed, telling Ronnie to
lick her crack.

Ronnie was so horny that he obliged right away, putting
his face into her ass, licking it. Then he stopped. The
hair around her crack was filled with little balls of
shit. They looked like bb’s, dangling from the hairs
around her anus.

“Can I wash it first,” Ronnie asked.

Alma turned around grinning.

“Wash it with your fuckin’ tongue boy,” she said.

Ronnie began again, licking around the asshole.

“Put your tongue inside it boy,” Alma barked.

Ronnie grabbed her huge ass and opened it as wide as he
could. He began licking the crack, then poking his
tongue inside it.

Within minutes, Alma moaned and cummed again. This time
Ronnie rubbed her pussy as he licked her ass.

The feelings were too much for Alma and she cut loose
with orgasm number 9.

“Come on and fuck me now boy. That’s what you want,
ain’t it?”

Ronnie quickly dropped his pants and stuck his dick
straight into Alma’s huge pussy.

Ronnie was working with all he had, trying to find a
wall., a crevice to get his dick into to create some
friction. It was no use. Alma’s pussy was so big it was
like fucking a barrel of water with his very thin 5-

Alma knew it because she could feel him just slightly.
She wanted a substantial dick, like that of her
children’s father, or the black man, Willie Johnson,
who came over from time to time and filled her deep,
hot hole with that long, hard black dick.

“Stick it in my crack boy. Go on,” Alma said.

Ronnie didn’t need to hear it twice. Ronnie rose a
little higher as Alma rested her head on her hands,
staring into the mirror to see his entry.

Bam! right in his dick went. Ronnie began thrusting
away in her asshole. It was much tighter than her
pussy. As he thrust into the ass, the smell of feces
filled his nostrils. He didn’t care. He needed to cum
and cum now. Ronnie’s grip on the handles of Alma’s ass
tightened as he prepared to cum.

“Ooooh. Ooooh,” Ronnie howled as he cut loose his load,
clutching Alma’s ass even tighter now, reducing the
length of his stroke and rolling his dick around in the
puckered brown hole. Alma cummed again. It was number
10 for the night, after two hours and 27 minutes that
they had been at this.

Ronnie’s dick remained hard and he started again,
thrusting into her ass as Alma started babbling.

“Oooh boy. That feels good. You love my old asshole,
don’t you,” she said.

Ronnie wasn’t saying a word, focusing his eyes on his
dick as it slammed in and out of her wrinkled ass. It
was shit stained, drawing out the brown fluid from her
crack, which ran onto her pussy as he jammed in and out
of Alma.

Seven minutes had gone by and his thrusting got more
intense. They both cummed and Ronnie lay his head on
Alma’s back.

They both breathed hard to catch their breath, their
bodies sweating like hell.

Alma was so weak now that she could hardly move. She
needed to feel once more, that long tongue licking her

“Baby you got to lick it clean now,” Alma said, with
dreamy eyes looking at Ronnie.

Ronnie licked her ass, taking up the cum he had
planted. It was stained with shit and smelled like
shit. But he didn’t care. He had gotten his first fuck
with a woman. It wasn’t the pussy, but he had cummed

As Ronnie licked her asshole and tongued it, Alma
released a fart that cleared her bowels. A small turd
and the remainder of Ronnie’s cum flowed free.

“Eat it dammit,” she commanded. Ronnie did as he was
told, licking the foul tasting mixture and holding his
breath long enough to swallow the 3-inch turd.

“You gone need something to wash it down with boy. So
suck my pussy…my whole pussy while I piss,” she
commanded, as she flipped over and once again lay on
her back.

Ronnie stuck his mouth over Alma’s pussy and started to
suck the entire hole, like he was trying to extract

Alma held his head firmly in place as she pissed and
Ronnie swallowed every salty drop. Then a clot of
menstrual blood broke free.

“Eat it you nasty ass, shit eating, pussy sucking,
peeping tom ass, sorry motherfucker,” Alma barked, as
Ronnie struggled to swallow that nasty, stinking blood

“Now put your clothes on and get the fucking, hell out
of my damn house. You sorry som-bitch get your ass out
of my fucking house before I shoot you,” Alma said.
“And if I ever catch your motherfucking ass looking
through my windows again, I’ll put the police in this
shit after I kill you motherfucker.”

Ronnie put on his pants and drawers and asked if he
could wash up.

“Hell, fucking n’all, you motherfucker. Wash up at
home,” Alma said as she sat on the edge of the bed, too
weak from the orgasms to lift her huge body.

“And you lock my damn door when you leave you nasty
motherfucker,” she said.

When Ronnie closed the door, Alma laughed, tossed the
heavily stained towels to the floor and laid back,
instantly falling asleep. She had never cummed so much.
She was completely drained and immediately started to

As Ronnie walked out of the house, his first step into
the streets, fresh air into his nostrils, he vomited
violently. After clearing his stomach he observed the
mess that he was.

His face, his clothes, covered in shit, piss, cum and
dark red blood. He stunk worse than any dead animal he
had ever smelled. There was nothing left in his stomach
to puke out anymore. But the reflexes kept hitting him,
making him imitate the motion though his heaves were
dry. His stomach hurt. His head ached. His neck and
back were sore from being locked into the pussy licking
position for so long.

Ronnie knew he needed to sneak into the house and dump
his items into the washing machine quickly. It was just
about midnight. Everyone should be asleep, Ronnie
thought as he quietly entered the house through the
backdoor, holding it firm as the high winds howled.

Ronnie stepped in and his parents straightaway stepped
around the corner, drawn into the kitchen by the putrid
smell that the wind had blown into their bedroom, just
near the kitchen.

They all locked stares at each other as his parents
yelled, “Ronnie!”

Yep. They knew now, their son was a freak.

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