Pervert cousins

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Sue twisted strands of her shoulder length brunette
hair around and around her finger as she talked on the
phone. “A movie and then something to eat? That sounds
nice Jim.”

She listened for a second and then said, “Cool, I’ll
see you at six-thirty then.”

Sue hung up the phone and then fell back on the bed,
staring at the ceiling. She had an honest to goodness
date with a hot guy. A car date. She jumped off the bed
and looked at herself in her bedroom mirror. She
gathered her hair in one hand and swept it behind her
shoulders. Her girl friends had told her that her looks
had really changed, but Sue had begun to doubt that the
guys would notice.

She smiled broadly at herself. Near perfect teeth
gleamed back at her. It had seemed that her mouth had
been full of metal braces almost forever, but as she
looked at those even, white gems, the wait seemed worth
it. She turned sideways and pulled her tee shirt tight
against her chest. She had been worried that she was
going to be flat as a board all her life, but in the
last year she had developed. Sue cupped her breasts and
pushed them up. They weren’t huge but they were
certainly noticeable.

Sue plopped back on the bed. OK, she wasn’t exactly
ugly anymore, but those dateless years when no one
would ask her out had left her with no experience. And
she did so want to impress Jim. He was cute and the
high school football team’s quarterback. He wasn’t an
over-muscled Neanderthal like most of the players. Jim
was smart and fast but of average size. In fact, he was
only and inch or two taller than her. Sue smiled; being
almost the same height would make it easy for kisses.

But then she frowned. Kissing …she had practically no
experience at real kissing. Oh she’d played at kissing
games years ago at her friends’ birthday parties, but
keeping her lips locked tight in case some yucky boy’s
germs tried to infect her with a horrible disease
didn’t count as real kissing. What she needed, Sue
decided, was a date before her date. One that didn’t
count, but one where she could learn something. She
stood up and began to pace around the room. An early
date was just wishful thinking of course. It would be a
miracle for some eligible guy to show up right now. She
stopped her pacing in front of her window and looked
across her side lawn and driveway to the figure of a
young man, who sat reading a book on the porch of her
grandmother’s house. There was her miracle in the form
of her cousin Chris.

Sue had always lived next door to her grandmother; they
called her Gram. And Chris, her first cousin, had
always stayed at Gram’s house when his mother was off
on one of her frequent business trips. Sue and Chris
had grown up playing together despite the fact that she
was two years older. But as girls do, she had matured
faster than Chris had, and when she had tired of their
childish games they had grown apart.

Sue chewed on a fingernail and gazed at Chris. There
wasn’t much childish about him now. Last Christmas, at
a family gathering, she had turned to say something to
Chris and found herself talking into his chest. At
fourteen he was a bit over six feet tall and not bad
looking. Sue took a deep breath. She moved quickly to
throw open her window before she lost her nerve.

“Chris,” she called out. The boy looked up from his
book. It took him a second to find where Sue’s voice
had come from, but when he did he looked at her as if
to ask what she wanted.

“Can you come over for a minute? I need some help.”

Chris didn’t reply, but he put down his book and headed
across the lawn toward Sue’s house. She met him at the
front door.

“Hi,” he said.

“Hi,” she said, suddenly unsure how to proceed.

Chris looked around, “What did you need?” He figured
that Sue would ask him to move a piece of furniture or
do something else that required muscle and then she
would dismiss him once again. He wouldn’t have come
over to begin with, but then she had always been able
to lead him around by the nose. It wasn’t that she
treated him badly, it was just that she had pretty much
ignored him for years.

They went into the living room where Sue took a seat on
the edge of a couch. She patted the cushion next to
her. “Have a seat,” she said.

Chris sat down, but not as closely as she had
indicated. Sue eyed the distance between them and took
a deep breath. “Can you keep a secret?” she asked.

Chris frowned, “What kind of secret?”

“Oh it’s nothing bad,” she said, scooting closer to
Chris. “I need to ask a favor.”

Well, well thought Chris. It made him feel good that
his older cousin needed him. “What is it? I’ll help,
unless it’s something too weird.”

“And you won’t tell anyone.”

Now his curiosity was aroused. Chris shook his head,
“No, I won’t tell anyone.”

Sue took another deep breath and said in a rush, “I
have a date tonight and I want to practice kissing.”

“Kissing?” Chris squeaked. He cleared his throat loudly
and said, “Kissing,” in a more normal voice. He was
confused, why would she think that he knew anything
about kissing?

“Sure,” said Sue. “That’s OK, isn’t it?”

Chris gazed at his cousin for long seconds. ‘Of course
it’s OK!’ a corner of his mind was screaming. For years
Sue had been only a playmate. He’d been concerned with
how fast she could run, and not how she looked. But
lately he’d noticed that she was turning into a real
babe. “Yeah, it’s cool,” he finally managed to get out.
“How do we do this?”

Sue thought for a moment. She would certainly wait for
Jim to kiss her tonight so she said, “You kiss me.”

Chris sat up rigidly and slowly advanced his face
toward Sue’s. Her eyes were closed and lips pursed. The
two cousins grew closer, and closer and…and then they
bumped noses.

Sue’s eyes popped open. She put a finger to the side of
Chris’s head and tilted it a bit sideways and then
closed her eyes once again. Chris proceeded and this
time he managed to place his lips ever so lightly on

It was like dry leaves trembling against one another.
Sue backed off and frowned. “That wasn’t very good,”
she said. She made a point of wetting her lips with the
tip of her pink tongue and then she stretched out once
more for Chris.

Chris unconsciously moistened his own lips, and after
he made sure that his nose had the correct trajectory,
he managed firm contact this time. Chris froze in
place. This was his first honest to goodness kiss and
he wasn’t about to ruin it by doing the wrong thing.

They stayed locked like that for long seconds until
someone’s strained neck muscle twitched and the two
kids felt lips moving on lips. It was as if two windup
dolls were suddenly switched into motion. Their lips
brushed and rubbed and slid together until the two
broke apart, gasping for breath.

“Wow,” said Chris.

“That was good,” said Sue matter-of -factly. Clearly,
she was being more clinical about this business than
Chris. “But, I’ve seen couples kiss like, forever. Do
they hold their breath?”

The matter seemed pretty obvious to Chris. “I guess
they breathe through their noses,” he said.

“Oh, of course,” said Sue. She pondered that thought
for a second and then said, “Let’s try it.”

They practically smashed their faces together and
kissed until they were snorting and panting through
their noses. Chris could feel his face growing hot and
there was the familiar ache of a teen hard on in his

They kissed and kissed until there was suddenly the
sound of tires on gravel outside the house followed
immediately by the sound of a car door and the clicking
of a woman’s heels on a sidewalk.

Chris jumped up, “It’s Aunt Mini,” he gasped. He looked
at Sue with wide eyes, “What do I do?”

Sue laughed, “Mom doesn’t care if you’re here.” Chris’s
groin was practically in her face and she could see a
long bulge thrusting against his pants. “Besides, I
think you better sit down.”

Chris saw where Sue was looking and he dropped back to
the couch immediately. He clamped his hands to his lap,
but then he realized how that looked so he grabbed a
throw pillow and covered up his erection with it.

Sue just laughed and said, “I’ll get us something to

As she left the room, her mother, Chris’s Aunt Mini
came in the door. “Well hi Chris,” she said. “How are

“I’m fine,” Chris said weakly.

“Mom,” Sue called from the kitchen. “Guess what? Jim
asked me out tonight.”

“Oh really,” said Mini. “Now just where are you two


It was two weeks before Chris and Sue were together
again. It was at a family reunion. About twenty
relatives of their extended family had gathered at
their grandmother’s house for a picnic type meal. Chris
waited until Sue was by herself and then he casually
walked over to ask, “How did your big date go?”

For a second Sue thought that he was laughing at her,
but then she saw that Chris was sincere. Jim was a nice
guy. They had had three dates in the last two weeks.
But he had only two things on his mind: football and
more football. The only time he wasn’t talking football
was when they had gone to the local lover’s lane and
made out. She had learned a thing or two there and it
wasn’t about football.

She thought for a second and then said with a grin,
“Wait a couple of minutes and then come upstairs like
you’re going to the bathroom.”

Chris was puzzled but did as he was asked. Their
grandmother had a big two-story home. She was too frail
to go up and down the steep stairs to the upper story,
so she lived on the first floor and the second story
was left mostly unused except for when Chris stayed
over and during family gatherings when the upstairs
bathroom got a workout.

Chris arrived just in time to see Sue emerge from the
bathroom. She looked beyond Chris to see if anyone was
there and when she saw that they were alone, she
grabbed his hand and pulled him into one of the
upstairs’ unused bedrooms.

“Do you want to see what I learned about kissing?” Sue

Chris nodded his head enthusiastically.

“OK, do this.” Sue pursed her lips, but left them
slightly parted.

Chris did as he was told.

“And will you please close your eyes?” Sue sighed.

Chris obediently closed his eyes. He felt Sue’s lips on
his. They were just as warm and moist as he remembered.
But then he felt her tongue on his lips and then it
intruded on his mouth. Chris jerked his head back in

Sue’s eyes were laughing at him. “Didn’t you like that?
Jim did it on, like, our second kiss.”

Chris thought about it for a second. A minute ago the
thought of someone’s tongue in his mouth would have
made him gag, but now it seemed like a great idea. “You
just surprised me. Let’s do it again.”

They kissed again. This time Chris joined in eagerly.
Sue slid her arms around his neck and Chris
unconsciously put his hands on her hips, pulling her
against his growing hard on. Their tongues thrashed
around and their hips were just beginning to grind
together when they heard a discreet cough from the
doorway to the room.

Sue and Chris jumped apart as if they were spring-
loaded. They both turned to see their cousin Mary
standing there with a bag in hand. “I’m sorry,” she
said with a smile. “But I’m going to stay with Gram for
a while and she said that I should use this room.”

Chris and Sue both muttered something and worked their
way, red-faced, past Mary and out the door. Once they
were on the stairs Chris looked at Sue as if to ask
‘What are we going to do?’

Sue said, “Don’t worry. I’ll talk to her.” And once
they hit the bottom of the stairs, the two cousins went
their own ways.

A few minutes later Sue joined Mary at the table laden
with refreshment and desserts for the reunion. As they
picked up plastic cups of iced tea Sue said, “Can I
talk to you for a minute?” Mary smiled and led them
over to a corner of the yard that was devoid of

Sue had always been envious of Mary. She was barely
five feet tall with short, dark hair and eyes and a
mischievous smile that lent her an innocent, pixyish
quality. But she was hardly innocent. She did pretty
much as she pleased and at the age of twenty-one she
had already been married and divorced.

Mary stopped and turned. “So, you and Chris are doing
the kissing cousin thing?”

Sue blushed, “Yeah, I wanted to ask you not to tell

Mary chortled, “Oh don’t worry.” She gazed across the
yard to where Chris was standing with his uncles. “He’s
certainly grown up cute. He’s what, sixteen…seventeen

“He’s fourteen,” said Sue, hating to admit it.

Mary laughed out loud. “You little devil.” She examined
Chris with more appreciation. “He’s going to be really
huge when he’s all grown. Is he big uh…down there?”

Sue blushed mightily. “I don’t know. All we’ve done is

“Hmmm,” was all Sue had to say.


Several days passed. Sue was in her room when she heard
a car in the drive that ran between her house and her
grandmother’s. When she looked out, Sue saw Chris
getting out of his mother’s car. He waved to her and
then went into his grandmother’s house carrying a bag.
Sue realized that her Aunt Heather must be on another
business trip and that Chris was going to stay
overnight. Sue grinned to herself. Chris would probably
be over here in a few minutes, looking for another
make-out session. She found herself eager to see Chris.
He’d be ardent to see her, and not self-absorbed like

A few minutes passed and then a half-hour. Sue went to
her window, wondering if Chris was going to show up.
Then she saw Mary’s car in the drive and remembered
that she was at home with their grandmother. Suddenly,
Sue remembered how Mary had looked at Chris during the
reunion and she felt a twinge of jealously. She knew
that was silly, but in a few seconds she found herself
entering her grandmother’s home.

Her grandmother was in the living room watching a soap
opera as she knitted. “Gram, are Chris and Mary here?”
she asked.

“I think they’re in their rooms, dear.”

Sue quietly climbed the stairs to the upper story. When
she reached the top, she peeked into the bedrooms. They
weren’t in their rooms, but the door to the bathroom
was closed, and she could hear muffled voices from
there. Sue walked quietly on tiptoe to the door, and
after taking a look around, she knelt down. The house
was practically ancient and the doors in it had the
old-fashioned skeleton key locks. As a result there was
a genuine keyhole that she could peek through.

What she saw took her breath away. Chris was sitting on
the closed lid of the toilet. His legs were spread and
between them, her knees on a folded towel, was Mary.
She had a hold of Chris’s erect cock and as Sue
watched, she slid her lips over the head of his cock
and began to bob her head up and down.

Sue couldn’t believe it. She’d heard about blow-jobs
and sucking guys off, but she thought that was
something pathetic girls did to hold on to their guys.
She also couldn’t believe how turned on she was
getting. She moved her hand to her crotch and began to
massage herself through her shorts.

Chris stared, unseeing, at the top of Mary’s head.
Occasionally, he would take a deep breath and let his
head roll back. Mary took her mouth away from his cock
and began to jerk her fist over the head of Chris’
cock. “Do you like that, big boy?” asked Mary.

“It’s unbelievable,” gasped Chris.

“Your cock is pretty unbelievable too. You’re bigger
than any guy I’ve ever seen, and I bet you’re still

“Uh huh,” agreed Chris. “Please put it back in your
mouth.” Mary laughed and did as she was asked.

Now Sue was rubbing the fabric of her shorts against
the slick surface of her panties. She couldn’t get much
friction, but the pressure rolling back and forth over
her clit was maddening.

Mary’s hand once again replaced her lips and she began
to jack his cock even faster and faster. Chris stared
at her with wide eyes. His mouth hung open and he was
gripping the toilet seat as if he were about to be
thrown off. As Sue watched, a string of milky white
stuff jetted out of Chris’ cock and fell back on Mary’s
hand. That happened several more times as he grunted
and gasped. Finally Chris’ stiff body relaxed and Mary
released her hold. “Look at all this stuff,” she said
in awe as she stood and moved to the sink. As she
washed her hands she said, “I want you to know that
your load is already bigger than average too.”

“Is it?” said Chris. He was busy wiping even more cum
off his cock with tissue.

“It certainly is,” said Mary as she walked back to
Chris. She took his arm and pulled until he was
standing. She twirled around him and took his place on
the toilet lid. “Now it’s your turn.” She quickly
slipped off her shorts and panties.

Chris made a face and said, “Uh…I don’t know…”

Mary crooked a finger at him. “Come on now. If you
learn how to do this right the girls will love you for

Chris reluctantly got to his knees between Mary’s
thighs. She spread her knees and lifted her legs until
her feet rested on Chris’ back. Mary reached down and
pulled apart the lips of her hairless pussy. “See how
pink, almost red, and wet that looks?” she asked.


“That means I am hot and horny,” she said with
certainty. “And do you see this little flap and this
bump that’s under it?”

“Uh huh,” said Chris, staring in wide-eyed wonderment.

“That’s my clit and that’s where most of the action’s
at for women. Treat it like I did the head of your
cock. Well, more gently than that. OK?”

“OK,” said, Chris and he dipped his head downward. It
took some coaching from Mary before he had just the
right touch and rhythm, but it wasn’t long before her
hips were rolling around in time with his tongue.

Sue rubbed furiously at her crotch. Her legs ached with
the effort of holding her position at the keyhole, but
she couldn’t take her eyes away from the scene in the
bathroom. Mary had this sort of dreamy expression on
her face and it was obvious from the way that his head
bobbed back and forth that Chris was working on her
clit. Then Mary’s back arched, her face grimaced and
she inhaled in short little gasps. She was cumming but
she didn’t tell Chris. She squeezed her thighs about
his head and said, “Harder baby, a little harder.” A
minute later she was cumming again.

Sue felt that she might burst into tears with the
pressure in her pussy. But then Mary’s orgasms seemed
to trigger her own. Finally one of her sensual waves of
ecstasy took her over the edge and she felt her pussy
clinch and contract in sexual pleasure. Her aching legs
quivered with passion and she had to steady herself
against the wall to keep from falling over.


Sue rushed through dinner that night. She couldn’t wait
to get back to Gram’s house. She knew that Mary spent
most of her evenings out and she couldn’t wait to get
Chris alone. She alternated between hoping that he
wasn’t worn out from his encounter with Mary, and
worrying that he might find her too tame after being
with the older woman.

Sue found Chris, Mary and their grandmother in front of
the television watching a game show. Gram had the TV
turned up so loudly that any sort of conversation was
out of the question.

“Hi,” Sue practically yelled. “What’s up?”

Gram smiled at her; Chris gave her a little wave, and
Mary just gestured at the TV as if that explained
everything. Sue took a seat and wondered when Mary
would get tired of this dull group and leave. But Mary
didn’t seem inclined to go anywhere and the three young
people ended up fidgeting in their seats, stealing
glances at one another. Finally Mary jumped up and went
to an end table where she opened a drawer and pulled
out a deck of playing cards.

“Gram,” she said loudly, waving the cards. “We’re going
to play some cards.”

Gram just nodded and waved at Mary to go on. Mary, in
turn, looked at Sue and Chris and pointed up the
stairs. Once they were in Mary’s room, the three
situated themselves on the bed. As Mary shuffled the
cards, Sue sighed and said in a resigned voice, “Well,
what are we going to play?”

Mary grinned at her. “What’s the matter? Did you want
Chris all to yourself?”

Sue could only blush.

Mary said, “Why don’t we liven things up? Let’s play
strip poker.”

“Hey, now there’s an idea,” said Chris
enthusiastically. He looked at Sue in encouragement

Sue shrugged, “OK, how do we play?”

Mary started to deal the cards, “It’s plain old draw
poker; the worst hand takes off something, and there’s
no put backs.”

“No put backs?” asked Chris.

“You can’t put on clothing, even if you win the hand,”
said Mary as she finished dealing and picked up her

Sue looked at her hand; she had five spades, a flush.
She glanced over at Mary to see her give a wink. Sue
wasn’t sure what that meant but she didn’t take any
cards. Chris lost the hand and he took off a shoe. In
fact, Chris lost the next three hands and ended up with
bare feet.

Sue lost a hand and she took off one of her shoes.
Chris lost his shirt next. Sue hadn’t seen Chris’ bare
chest in years. He had the smooth, hairless skin of
most boys his age, but he wasn’t shapeless and skin-
and-bones thin. Sue could see the faint outline of his
pec’s and ab’s. He definitely had the beginnings of a
broad chest tapering down to a narrow waist.

Mary finally lost a hand, but instead of taking off one
of her shoes, she made a little production of removing
her shirt. She was wearing a pink plunging bra that
covered mostly the outer halves of her breasts. They
weren’t all that large, but the bra pushed her tits up
and in to show as much cleavage as possible.

“Oh, I think Chris liked that,” Mary laughed.

Chris blushed and said, “I’m just glad you finally lost
a hand.”

Sue lost the next two hands. The best she could do was
a pair of threes. She took off her other shoe and then
as she took off her tee shirt Mary winked at her again.
Sue couldn’t tell if Mary was cheating or not, but she
decided that she would never play her for money.

Sue looked down at herself and said, “Sorry Chris, I’m
not wearing anything fancy like Mary.” She had on your
basic white, full coverage utilitarian model bra.

“That’s OK,” said Chris, who had his hands locked in
his lap and his eyes fixed on the bedspread.

“Well,” announced Mary as she shuffled and dealt the
cards, “this should be interesting.”

Sue had two kings and drew a third one. Mary had three
queens, the second time she’d had those cards, and
Chris could only come up with a pair of fives. He
turned sideways on the bed and slid off his shorts. Now
he was wearing only a pair of briefs. Chris was trying
to cover himself up, but it was obvious that he was
aroused. There was a long bulge sitting crosswise in
his shorts with a wet spot at the end.

It certainly didn’t surprise Sue when Chris lost the
next hand also. He quickly said, “OK, I lost. What’ll
we play next,” as he reached for his shirt.

“Oh no, big boy,” said Mary. “You’ve got to shows us
what you’ve got.”

Chris glanced and Sue and hesitated for a second, but
then he stood up and whipped off his briefs. His cock
sprang free and stood nearly straight up from his
crotch. Chris had to fight to keep from covering
himself with his hands. But his modesty gradually left
him as the two girls stared at him in admiration. Chris
put his fists on his hips, threw his shoulders back,
and posed there with his cock twitching slightly with
his heartbeat.

“Alright,” said Mary with enthusiasm. “We’ll just have
to take care of our poor looser.” She scooted to the
edge of the bed and ran her hand up the underside of
Chris’ cock. A glob of clear liquid of appeared at tip
and Mary quickly spread it around his cock-head. As she
wrapped her hand around his cock and began to jack him
off Mary turned to Sue and said, “His precum makes him
slick and easy to do this. But do you know what else
you can do?”

Sue could only shake her head. She was so turned on
that she was speechless. She watched as Mary slid her
lips over the head of Chris’ cock.

Chris ran his hands through Mary’s hair and then held
her head steady as he began to fuck her mouth with
short rapid strokes. Sue pulled down one of her bra
cups and began to fondle her nipple. Her other hand
went inside her shorts in search of her clit.

Mary glanced over at Sue and when she saw how hot the
girl had become she backed off from Chris and said to
Sue, “I think you need this more than I do.” She
wrapped an arm around Sue and urged her to the edge of
the bed.

“I…I don’t think I can put my mouth on his…his
thing,” said Sue in a trembling voice.

“You have to start somewhere,” said Mary as she took
the other girls hand and placed it on Chris’ turgid
cock. “You hold him here and then move your hand so
that it sort of bumps over the head.”

“Like this?” asked Sue.

“Oh yeah,” chimed in Chris. “That’s it.”

Sue couldn’t believe what she was doing. Chris’ cock
felt so firm it was hard to accept that there really
wasn’t a bone in there. And at the same time his skin
felt soft and feverish with heat. She felt the bed move
and watched Mary as she slid off her shorts and
panties. She laid back and spread her shapely legs wide
on the bed. Then she put a finger in her smooth pussy
while her other hand made quick little circles on the
hood of her clit.

Sue felt a warm liquid flowing over her fingers. She
wondered if Chris was having his orgasm, but he simply
stood there, his eyes locked on Mary, his hips pumping
in time with her hand. Seconds passed and suddenly
Chris gasped. A string of cum arced out of his cock and
landed hotly on Sue’s exposed breast. As she watched,
the glob ran down her breast and onto her bra. Then
another full blast hit her bra directly and yet another
landed on her shorts. Sue managed to get her clothing
out of the line of fire of the spurting cock while
another half dozen shots wet her arm and hand.

“Oh yeah, look at all that cum,” panted Mary as her
fingers flew in and out of her leaking pussy. As Chris
and Sue watched, Mary’s back arched and her hips
pounded the bed with her own climax.

When she came back to earth, Mary saw Chris and Sue
staring at her. She smiled and noticed the wet stains
on Sue’s skin and clothing. “That’ll teach you; you
need to get naked during sex,” she laughed. “Especially
around Chris. That boy can really pump out some stuff.”
She stood up and waved her fingers at Sue. “Come on,
let me have your clothes.”

“Why?” asked Sue.

“You don’t want to go home covered in boy cum do you?
I’ll rinse that stuff off. You’ll look like you
splashed some water on yourself.”

“Oh, OK,” said Sue. She and Chris had already used a
number of tissues to clean themselves off. She pulled
off her bra and shorts and handed them to Mary, who
promptly disappeared out the door on her way to the

Sue suddenly felt shy. She crossed her arms across her
naked breasts and sat down on the bed. “Well, doesn’t
this feel awkward.”

“Yeah, kind of,” he said. “Just a minute ago we were
having all kinds of fun.”

Now that Sue had Chris alone to herself, she couldn’t
think of anything to say. Then she blurted out, “I saw
you and Mary this afternoon. In the bathroom.”

“You did? What were you doing, peeking through the

“Yeah,” Sue mumbled, ashamed of her admission.

Chris sat on the bed beside her. He put his arm around
her shoulders and casually strummed his fingers across
the nipple of her breast. He ran his tongue around the
shell of her ear and whispered, “Did it turn you on?”

“Yes,” she whispered back. “I came. Right out there in
the hallway.”

Chris turned Sue’s face to his and practically buried
his tongue in her throat. She returned the favor and in
a second Chris could feel his slightly wilted cock
begin to swell and twitch its way back up his groin
like the second hand on a clock. He dragged his tongue
away from Sue’s sucking lips and said, “Let’s fuck.”

“Oh hell yes,” she said enthusiastically, and before
she realized what she was doing she grabbed Chris’
steel hard cock, and as she lay back, she stuffed it
into her pussy. She had been so wet and excited that it
slid in easily and naturally.

With his feet on the floor and Sue’s legs wrapped
around his waist, Chris began to pound his cock into
Sue’s pussy. He couldn’t believe the sensation. It was
like moving his cock around in some hot clinging
liquid. He stroked her harder and harder, trying to get
enough friction to cum again.

Sue had thought that her first sexual experience would
be traumatic, but this was wonderful. Chris’ cock
stretched and filled her, but it was thrilling, not
painful. She felt a jolt on her clit every time his
groin pounded onto hers. She loved the way her legs
locked around his waist, with her smooth skin on his.
Even his hot breath blowing against her sensitive
breasts felt erotic as hell. Abruptly, her pent up
passions exploded in an orgasm and then another and

Chris didn’t think anything could feel as good as Sue’s
burning pussy around his cock. But then she groaned and
came and it suddenly felt like a dozen little hands
were pulling and milking at his engorged cock head. He
continued to pump her as hard as he could as she
thrashed and writhed on the bed. Finally, she grew
quieter after what seemed like a dozen cums and Chris
thought he was about to shoot a huge load into his
cousin when the door opened and Mary reentered the

“Damn,” she cried, staring at Chris, “I thought I was
going to be the one who busted your cherry.”

Chris pulled out of Sue and his cock made a squishy
slapping sound as it sprang back against his groin. “I
didn’t cum yet,” he announced. “Does that count?”

Mary threw Sue’s cleaned clothes onto an empty chair,
took a couple of quick steps and then bounded onto the
bed. She walked across the mattress to where Chris was
stroking his cock at the edge of the bed.

Mary reached out and smacked Chris on the top of his
head. “Quit jerking off. It’ll count if you spray your
cum all over the room again.” She grabbed his head with
both hands and pulled his face to her pussy. “Now get
me hot and wet, baby, then you can fill me up.”

Sue opened her eyes and watched as Chris eagerly buried
his tongue in Mary’s pussy. She wondered what that felt
like and she knew that it wouldn’t be long before she
found out.

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