Philippine Visit

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I went to the restaurant in the hotel to eat breakfast. The sexy young waitress took my order while we chatted about how beautiful the country is and I love the sunshine. I asked her if she is single but she has a boyfriend for 2 years. But she said she loves foreign men they are handsome. I asked her to meet me for coffee after she done working if she likes to chat more. She said her boyfriend picks her up after work so she can’t meet me. I said its ok I will find another girl to have coffee with I’m sure. I ate my meal and paid leaving her a big tip $600 peso she was shocked and said she never got this big of a tip before. I said you desire it because of our short friendly conversation. If you change your mind about coffee my room number is 258. She smiled and leaned over and whispered in my ear I will tell my boyfriend I’m working an extra shift he will be happy because more money. Then she reached out to shake my hand and put it gently to my semi hard cock then rubbed it on my cock through my pants. Then I smiled at her and give her a wink then left the restaurant.

As I made my way to my room to shower change and get ready to go out sight-seeing. I noticed getting off the elevator I saw a maid entering my room to clean. She had long black hair thin body boobs about a B-cup and a nice tight ass. She went in the room with her cart and I followed saying good morning. She turned and smile then said I can come back later if you prefer. I said go ahead but clean the bathroom last because I will take a shower. That’s fine she said when I was in the bathroom removing my cloths I left the door open a little. Thinking of maybe fucking the maid with my 9 inch thick cock was getting very hard while I was standing in front of the mirror. I could see in the mirror the maid was looking at my body and my hard cock. She had a look of shock on her face so I put my hand on my cock starting to stroke my cock. It was getting her attention she kept watching then I went to turn on the shower then got in. I masturbated in the shower and moaned loud as I cum on the shower wall. Then turn shower off the shower then got out to toweled dry my body. I left the bathroom with a towel around my wait covering my cock. I told the maid I was done in the bathroom so she could clean it. So she finished making the bed then went in the bathroom to clean. I watched from a distance so she couldn’t see me. She cleaned the vanity, mirror and started cleaning the shower. She stopped when she saw my cum on the shower wall. She paused for a few minutes then put her finger in the cum then tasted it then smiled. Then she shocked me by licking my cum off the shower wall then cleaned the shower.

When she came out of the bathroom and I was sitting on the bed with towel on. I asked her how long she has worked here. She said 7 years now but it doesn’t pay much. I said are you married she said yes and she is 3 months pregnant. I said that’s wonderful to have a kid, how old are you? I’m 23 years old. My husband is 30 years old we have been married for 1 year. I said that’s great are you happy to be having a baby. She says kids are a gift from god and I love them. But I’m not sure about having this baby because my husband has no job. I’m the only one working and not making much money here as a maid. I said would you like to make some extra money for your baby I will give you $2,000 peso if you have sex with me. She was shocked and said really you give me that much money to have sex with you I said yes. But I’m married and I love my husband very much but he don’t like sex with me now that I’m pregnant. I love having sex with pregnant women and sucking their breast milk. WOW you’re really different than men here they don’t like sex with pregnant women. Your husband doesn’t appreciate you or your sexy body. Thank you sir, He doesn’t need to know about having sex with me and if he finds out and leaves you call me I love have you as my wife. WOW are you serious because I have always dreamed about foreign men. I watch porn they are handsome and have big cocks. When I was in the bathroom looking in the mirror I saw you looking in the mirror looking at my body and my hard cock. I’m sorry for looking that was bad of me but I never seen big cock like yours only on porn not in real. Its ok I love others enjoying my cock, it was hard because of you. I was thinking of you naked sucking on my big hard cock. Really it’s so big how long is your cock sir. My cock is 9 inches long and 2 inches thick not all foreign men have cocks this big. Do you want to see my cock again up close, come over here? I removed my towel from my waist letting it fall to the floor. Come closer, she did within reaching distance in front of me. Go ahead touch my cock; it feels so warm and hard sliding her hand up and down my cock. I squeeze her hand around my cock but her fingers didn’t touch because I was so thick .WOW your cock feels so big and hard. Do you want to suck my cock until I cum in your mouth, I never had anyone cum in my mouth. You will love it my cum is a bite salty and sweet, ok I will suck your cock so you will cum in my mouth. But first I want to take your uniform off until you’re naked. I’m shy, you see me naked it’s only fair. I will let you see me with my clothes off, I unzipped her dress letting it fall to the floor, and then I squeezed her tits through her bra then unclipped it letting it fall to the floor. Next I put my finger in her panty waist band pulling them down to the floor so she could step out of them.

I stood up facing her standing close, I squeezed her tits and drops of milk were on her nipples. I used my finger to wipe the milk off then sucked my finger I moaned, you like my milk, yes very much can I suck yr nipples before you suck my cock, ok. I put her left nipple in my mouth then squeezed and sucked like a hungry baby. The warm milk filled my mouth with each suck and squeeze. She was moaning pulling my head closer to her tit, I sucked more and more until the tit was empty. Her nipple was very hard as I released it from my mouth, I then put her right nipples in my mouth sucking her nipple while squeezing her tit milk once more filled my mouth I swallowed every last drop. She pulled my head to her tit as I sucked moaning with each sucking motion.

After I finished sucking her tits dry it was her turn to suck my cock. She got down on her knees in front of me. I could feel her breath on the head of my cock which was very hard like steel and she stroked my cock up and down. Then she look up at me as her tongue lick the tip of my cock it felt amazing. She licked my pee hole then her lips kissed my cock head which had pre cum on it. I put my hand on the back of her head as I pushed my cock in her warm wet mouth. Then fuck her mouth in and out she chokes a little but I keep fucking her warm mouth. Then I feel my balls getting tight I know my cum is on its way. Push my cock deep in her throat as squirt of cum enters her mouth, then another rope of cum, then 4 more until I was empty. She swallowed every drop of my thick juicy cum. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and sit on the bed because my knees are weak but my cock is still hard. She say that was amazing even better than my husband, his cum is two drops it’s amazing he got me pregnant. His cock is small to like 4 inches I could love your cock all day.

She says will you fuck my pussy but go slow because I’m tight and your cock is very big. You are still hard my husband goes soft after he cums and he cums fast like in 3 minutes not like you 30 minutes or longer. I watch in lust seeing her bald pussy like a young girl. I stand up then lay her down on her back and she spreads her legs wide for me. Her pussy lips open all wet with pussy juice I kneel down between her legs then lick up the middle of her pussy lips from bottom to the top 3 or 4 times stopping each time to suck her clit hard. Her moans are increasing the more I suck her clit and lick her pussy lips. Then I rub my hard 9 inch crock between her pussy lips covering my cock in her pussy juice. It was making my cock harder and she was moaning more with excitement. I then directed my cock to her pussy hole that was small compared to my big purple cock head. I pushed my cock in slow she saying it hurts please stop I told just give it a minute then I push harder fast then my cock was inside. She said that feels better but very tight yes it will get better the more I fuck you. I pushed in inch by inch stopping so her pussy could adjust to my big cock. Her pussy was tight like a teen virgin as I push in I lean over kiss her lips then putting my tongue in her mouth while squeezing her right boob. I was still pushing my cock in at the same time, she was moaning in my mouth. My cock was all in hitting her cervices. I released my kiss she says you feel incredibly big in my pussy I never would think a big cock would feel this good. I love your big cock fucking my pussy keep fucking me. I slowly pulled my cock out then back in a little faster. Again in and out faster, harder holding her hip I fucked her she was arching her back saying yes yes more. Fucking her pussy faster than feeling my balls tighten as I knew it I was starting to cum in her pussy. She was screaming as she cum same time more than once. I keep fucking her tight pussy as I changed position to fuck her Rocky(D)gystyle my cocks in deeper in this position. I fuck her faster; faster as I put my finger in her ass she began to scream I’m cummings again. We fuck faster, faster until i cum filling her pussy and feeling it run out onto my balls. I collapsed on her exhausted, when I recovered she said I need to get back to work or they will fire me. Ok here your money wow that’s more then I make in a week, I said you are very sexy girl even if you’re pregnant. You can fuck me anytime you want my husband will never know because I’m good at lying to him.

All the maids want to fuck you the one you fucked yesterday told us that you have a big cock and are a great lover. Even the young girl at the front desk you saw when you checked in. If you want I have 2 virgin sisters who I can convince them to fuck you do you like virgins? I said I love all women young and old, virgin, pregnant, married, or single. Even young boys who are virgins. My mom is separated from my dad for 10 years and no boyfriend since my dad. She is 65, looking after my 1 preteen sister and my other teenage sister. My little brother is young but he just learns to masturbate from his friend. You have a nice family I would love to meet them they are poor. I help when I have extra money like I do today thanks to you fucking my tight pussy. When I give my family the money my mom will ask me where I earn so much money then I will tell her. I know she will not be mad at me for cheating on my husband because she knows he is lazy and don’t support me. She will be more than happy to fuck you and offer her kids to you if you provide support. I’m willing to help them out for the sexual pleasure let me know what your mom says. See you next time and let the girls know I’m here for 30 days, so lots of time for them to pleasure me. Some are married or have boyfriends. That doesn’t matter to me but they might not be willing to fuck you but I’m sure you can convince them. Bye for now my favorite lover you’re the best man ever.

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