Piss Whores in Training

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We lay on the floor at Dani’s for a while, letting the feelings of recent orgasms subside, with Dani still curled up next to me, whereas Karissa rested her head on my chest. It was actually quite comfortable there, the shop had a thick, brown carpet that was soft enough to lay on, and coming down from the high of a wonderfully depraved and perverted fuck was just the best feeling. After a while, though, I noticed a different feeling, and stretched, my body suit now clinging tightly to my skin. I looked around at my new lovers and asked, into the silence of the shop: “Any of you girls hungry?”

It was getting close to lunch time, and Karissa didn’t have anything else to do anyway, so she was in. Dani had the look of a woman, whose hunger for lust and adventure had just awoken, and so she was intrigued and asked if she could accompany us. Of course I agreed, having hoped for her company anyway, and so soon the three of us were walking down the street, whatever wetness on our clothes remained was quickly drying in the sun.

I headed us towards a small pizzeria nearby, which I picked out for the great food they served, but also because I knew they had a small back room that would give us some privacy, and Gina, the owner, didn’t ask too many questions. On the way there, I called my boyfriend on the phone. “Hey Triss,” I said, as he picked up. “Wanna meet up for lunch at Gina’s? I’m bringing friends…” Of course, he had no objections, so I told him to bring a few ‘utilities’ from home. “You know, my favourite, and maybe something else you think we might need. Three girls have a lot of room, after all…”

Dani and Karissa looked at me puzzled, but didn’t ask. Maybe they thought it was too private, or maybe they liked the feeling of being already part of a plan, and the unknown made it all the more exciting. Whatever it was, I was sure we’d still have a lot of fun to come before the day was over.

Gina was a nice woman in her 50s, her black, curly hair showing many grey streaks, but her smile was always fresh and young. She was short and thin, almost wiry, with a great shaped body for her age, and a busy attitude. Just as we arrived, she greeted us already. “Ah, a table for the girls?” she asked welcoming. I nodded. “Yeah, can we have the room in the back, to be a little… undisturbed?” I asked. She looked at me for a moment, then smiled broadly. “Of course,” she said. “Just tell me if there’s anything else I can do.” And with that she led us through the small restaurant into a chamber that barely had room for one table. A small, stained glass window let in some light.

We sat down on the benches that lined the alcove and giggled still, as we went through the menu. Just as we had ordered, Triss entered. The girls looked at him, partly suspicious, but partly intrigued, as he’s quite an attractive man – tall and thin, with just a hint of a belly, receding dark blonde hair that he had brushed back in a fashion that’s been 40 years out of style, giving him an air of old-school coolness. He also must be the last man on earth to still own (and wear) a jeans jacket, but in a way it looked good on the white t-shirt and faded jeans he was wearing.

He greeted us with a nod. “Hi,” he said, “I’m Triss.” I smiled at him, then said: “Triss is my boyfriend. I hope you don’t mind if he joins us.” Maybe they were a little too perplexed, because they didn’t answer right away. “Mmm… not at all,” Dani finally said as he sat down on the bench next to her. “I’m Dani,” she told him, holding out her hand. He took it and looked her in the eyes for a moment. “Nice to meet you. I assume you and Kat are friends?” he replied. “…With benefits,” Karissa said, giggling. “I’m Karissa,” she introduced herself, also shaking his hand. He nodded. “I see,” was all he said.

While we were waiting for our food, I absently stirred my empty espresso cup, looking into Dani’s eyes, who was sitting across from me. “Well,” I said casually, “why don’t you two girls get below the table and have a little appetizer until the food gets here?” Dani looked puzzled, but Karissa slid down immediately and crawled underneath the table. I felt her rub against me, orienting herself, as Dani suddenly understood and with a wicked smile at me and Triss she squeezed herself down on the floor as well.

I couldn’t see what they were doing down there, but after a moment I could feel someone’s hands on my legs, running up to my pelvis. They skilfully opened my pants and, with a little help from myself, pulled them all the way down, immediately followed by a tongue, licking up the insides of my thighs. I felt soft hair brush along my legs, and slender fingers pulling my bodysuit aside, combing gently through my pubic hair and scratching slightly across my clit.

I was sliding forward on the seat, lolling on the bench as I tried to spread my legs wider, giving better access to the area between my legs. I did not go unrewarded. My clit was clenched between teeth, munched on, sucked on, licked all over and flicked with the tip of a tongue. Whoever was down there, she definitely loved to give pleasure with her mouth. I looked across the table and saw Triss getting a similar treatment. He was trying hard not to show anything, but sat slouched down in an almost uncomfortable position, with loud sucking noises emanating from underneath the table, only interrupted by the occasional gagging and moaning.

Knowing him, he probably tried to hold back as much as possible, not wanting to blow his load too soon, and so he grinned back at me, closing his eyes and humming quietly as he enjoyed the treatment. The girl between my legs went on to bring her fingers into play, and so the inside of my pussy began to get caressed by the gentle prodding and twisting of two slender fingers, exploring the musty secrets of my fuck cave. As her fingers probed me, the girl licked long and slow all over my pubes, which is one of the many little things that get me instantly wet.

In the middle of all this, Gina entered with the food. If she noticed anything, she did a great job at hiding it, as she only sat it down on the table and wished us a good appetite. Karissa and Dani both just got a salad, whereas I ordered pizza. Triss didn’t order anything except for his espresso. “Thank you,” I said, smiling up at Gina. “Can you do us a favour and make sure nobody comes in here for the next 30 minutes?” She raised her eyebrows, but knew better than to ask and only nodded. “Of course,” she answered, leaving us quietly and pulling the door closed behind herself.

“Come on out girls, it’s time to eat!” I said as she had left. The fingers pulled back out of me and soon, Karissa and Dani came crawling out from underneath the table. “Now, I think I need an appetizer as well, and since Karissa already got so much good stuff to drink today, maybe she can share it with us?” I said, motioning her to climb on top of the table. “Did you bring what I asked for?” I asked Triss as I watched get onto the table top, her skimpy mini skirt barely covering her butt. He nodded, reaching into the deep pockets of his jacket and pulling out my special favourite strapon dildo.

I leaned forward and dove between Karissa’s legs, who knelt on the table, arching back as I sucked hard on her delicious, soft labia. Her mini skirt slid up, baring her shaved pelvis when I already had my mouth full of pussy, clit and juice. Looking up, I could see Dani bending across her, kissing her passionately as she played with her tits. The small devil enjoyed getting all this attention. “So what is it?” I asked, slapping Karissa’s naked butt sharply and maybe a little harder than she expected. “Are you going to fill my mouth, or what?” She looked down, lowering her eyes as she pulled back her clit with her hand, making sure her pee hole pointed right at me. “Yes, miss,” she whispered.

Her pussy began to drip, then run, forming a small puddle underneath her on the table. Then it gushed, becoming a firm, strong, yellow stream. I dove, hungrily, between her legs again, feeling the warm, tart liquid in my lips and chin, before I collected it in my mouth. I swallowed a few gulps, enjoying the taste, thinking of how it was mostly from the piss she had drunken earlier, when both Dani and myself emptied our bladders in the piss-whore’s mouth. No wonder she squirted like she was about to burst!

When my initial thirst was satisfied, I collected as much pee in my mouth as I could and quickly pulled back, grabbing the dildo and blowing it through the little hole at the top into it’s rubber bulb, which can be used to squirt it back out. As I did that, Karissa sprayed her stream across my tits, unable to hold it in anymore. Quickly I moved back down, catching another mouthful and depositing it into the dildo as well. To my surprise, Dani moved close to my side and started taking turns at Karissa’s splattering cunt, bathing her face in the warm urine while I filled the dildo pump from my mouth. She seemed to enjoy drinking pee just as much as Karissa did, while also making sure to get it on other parts of her body as well.

As she stood there, bent across the table, her head between Karissa’s legs, slurping luxuriously on her snatch, I saw Triss get up and move behind her. His long, hard member was standing firm and erect, reaching almost all the way up to his belly button, gleaming wet from saliva. He grabbed her butt with both hands and pushed her skirt up, ripping down her panties with a quick pull, then reached across the table, grabbing the small bottle of olive oil, letting it run down on her buttocks. The oil slowly ran into her crack and down, dripping off her pubic hair. He rubbed the head of his cock between her buttocks, covering it as well, before pushing in hard.

Triss being Triss, he didn’t waste much time and took her straight up the ass. Dani shrieked surprised at the sudden intrusion, as his thick cock split her sphincter open, forcing it down the long way into her colon. She grabbed onto Karissa, squeezing her tit hard with one hand while leaning onto her leg with another, as she tried to steady herself against his assault, bravely pushing back at his enormous rod taking her unexpectedly and mercilessly. He didn’t play around, and fucked her raw, grinding his teeth as he rammed inside her, his cock all the way up her asshole after just three strokes, his balls slapping against her sopping muff.

I got up and quickly strapped the dildo on while he grabbed her and lifted her off the table, turning around to give me good access as well. He held her up by her legs, his cock still lodged firmly inside her ass while he leaned back against the table, half-sitting on it until she could rest her feet at the edge and lean back against him. She began to ride as he held her by her waist, moving her lithe body up and down his cock. I stepped in front of her, the thick, 9 inch long dildo hovering threatening above her crotch.

I grabbed her hair, pulling her head back to make her look up at me as I clenched my teeth, hissing: “You like getting my boyfriend’s fat fuckstick up your ass while your worthless empty cunt just drips down on his balls, slut?” She did not expect that treatment, and didn’t know what to say right away, but it clearly turned her on some more, as her nipples stood unbelievably hard, peeking through her dress. “Answer me!” I said louder, slapping her square across her face. She looked befuddled, but whimpered: “Y-y-yes miss.” Smack, another slap, her cheek glowing red. “Yes what?” I asked demandingly. “Yes miss,” she squealed, “I like… I like getting fucked like this… in my ass…”

I grinned. “So your cunt IS worthless, and you agree you just deserve getting taken in your asshole?” I asked provocatively. She bucked as Triss arched his hips up, thrusting in deep. “Aaaah, I… I…” she stammered. I raised my eyebrows. “Oh,” I said casually, “or maybe you want to get fucked in your piss slit too?” She gasped for air for a moment, drooling slightly, before she could answer. “Please miss,” she begged. “Please fuck my cunt.”

I stepped forward and just shoved the strapon, dry and hard as it were, into her smacking twat. Triss leaned back, pulling her down with him as he lay down on the table, balancing Dani on his crotch, still pushing up inside her. She threw her head up, moaning and panting, degraded to nothing more than a fucktoy for all of us to use. I held her legs up and pounded her raw, shoving the big pink dildo up her cunt until it hit her cervix, filling her all the way, my pubic hair rubbing against hers.

Karissa, who so far had only watched us, came crawling over to us and began to kiss her gently, letting her saliva drip into Dani’s mouth, spitting it, landing some on her face, and licking it up again. I slapped her butt. “Go sit on her face,” I ordered, “make sure she’s got her mouth full as well.” Obediently, Karissa straddled Dani and lowered her crotch down on her mouth, until she covered it. Leaning forward into Triss, she began to slide her soaking pussy all over Dani’s face, smearing her with cunt slime.

We pounded her in time, filling her from both ends like she’s never been filled, fucking her violently, giving her the treatment she deserves while Karissa gagged her with her snatch, stifling her screams and feeding her more pussy juice and pee. She came. And then she came again. And again. Her legs were shaking in my hands so strong I could barely hold them, but I wouldn’t let on, not with Triss still pounding the crap out of her ass. We kept at it, not caring how exhausted she was, and just used her as we wanted, until finally, he reared and groaned, shooting a massive, long built-up load high up her asshole.

I grabbed her hips, and thrusted the dildo in with all my strength and then, just as she was filled all the way, with the warm, sticky sperm oozing down her ass, I pushed the bulb and squirted the piss out of the dildo into her cunt. Karissa lifted herself up as Dani yelled, whimpered, gasped and breathed heavily, creating inhuman groans interspersed with little whiny noises. The pee came spurting out the sides of her pussy as it was filled beyond capacity, and just as I was slowly pulling back, her eyes widened and she moaned in disbelief: “Oh my god, oh my GOD!” as Triss released his bladder inside her ass.

Looking down at him, I knew instantly what he was doing, as I remembered him giving me that same, big, warm, wonderful, bloated feeling. I reached over the table and grabbed one of the salad plates, holding it underneath her as I finished pulling out. Her pussy seeped slime and piss onto the plate, followed by a thicker stream of sperm and pee as Triss finally unplugged her ass. She lay exhausted on top of him, feeling orgasmic bliss run out between her legs as she regained her strength. I knelt down, sucking the last, thick drops of cum out of her anus, holding them in my mouth for a while, savouring the taste.

I kissed her, and Karissa, sharing some of the cum with them, just as we shared the salad later on, as the most delicious, naughty, perverted lunch I had ever had.

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