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Pissed Boyfriend Fucks Me Wildly

9 Min Read

Hello everyone, this is a true experience with my boyfriend. We love each other madly and that’s what make us fuck wild.
Well, we had many wild experiences but this one is my favorite.
So, the thing is, we both work in the same office. Before leaving for the office, he came to pick me up and saw me wearing a long slit skirt in grey and a black shirt. Along with that, I wore red lipstick as I knew he hated it.
My bf love my lips and can’t resist it but when I wear red lipstick, he hate it because it draws all the attention to my lips. And for him, my lips were nothing but a toy to kiss, fuck with his hot dick or be given deep blowjobs.
So, I opened the door and asked him to give me two minutes to pack up. As soon as I went in, he came behind me and pulled me to the wall. I could see the lust in his eyes. He said, “You are not supposed to look so hot in the office”. (Well, just to tease you a bit in here guys, I am a fair Indian skin toned girl with size 34-26-34).
Before I could say anything, my boyfriend started softly kissing my lips. I really couldn’t resist his soft big lips. And eventually, I started sucking it hard.
He was licking my lower lip softly, opening up my hair and making me feel easy and comfortable so that I can lose track of time. I didn’t realize but that Rocky(D) actually licked my hot red lipstick off and made my lower have an actual red mark because of hard suck along with that soft lick which made me ask for more.
My boyfriend threw me back hard to the bed. That movement, I realized that we were getting late. But the lust in his eyes made me feel I didn’t want to miss the pleasure I was gonna have.
I was fighting with my own thoughts and suddenly, my bf pulled my entire skirt up and started removing my pantie. Aah..My heart started pumping really fast. I could actually imagine him running his soft tongue on my hungry pussy. He was looking directly to my eyes and licking me completely from the start of my pussy to my clitoris.
Aah aah..I was trying to stop him and but was moaning with the imagination of what was going to come. He opened up my pussy lips with his finger and the movement he felt how wet my pussy was just by kissing. “Aah..You are already so wet, you bitch”, he said.
My boyfriend didn’t know how hungry his bitch was for it and what was already going in her mind. I really love when the wetness of my pussy actually makes him go more mad for me.
The movement my boyfriend’s tongue touched my fucking wet pussy. “Aaaaaaahhhhh..”
I lost my senses for a fraction of second and all I could feel was pure pleasure. I was loving the calmness my pussy felt from it own hotness because of his soft touches on the inner side of my pussy lips.
My boyfriend pushed his tongue suddenly in my pussy and made eye contact. My one hand was holding his head so as not to actually let him go away from my pussy by any means. All I could see was eyes, his complete nose, tongue, and lips were deep in my pussy. That sight made me shower him more and more with my pussy juices.
I was enjoying this and suddenly, I realized we were getting late for the office. I said, “Jaana..stop..We have to go..” He said, “yeah”.
I felt relief thinking that it was over. But I was not aware that the climax was still to unfold. My boyfriend suddenly pushed his finger deep in my pussy and started flicking it deep on my g-spot.
“Aaaaaaaaahhhh…Oh god…” I started moaning loudly. I was losing my voice in between because of the intense pleasure my boyfriend’s finger was giving. Then his second finger came, making me lose my control.
I am not an easy girl to get an intense orgasm, but I have a hidden spot which I can’t resist getting an intense orgasm from if stimulated. And my boy knew that fucking very well!
I asked my boyfriend to fuck me hard. I wanted to hug him naked against my bare body and feel his nipples against mine.
“Ahhhh”, I felt his bare shoulders and kissed his neck and felt his hard dick fucking me deep in my pussy and making me his bitch with every thrust.
I removed my shirt, opened up my bra thinking it will make him fuck me harder as won’t be able to resist. But whenever I asked him to fuck me hard, he actually made me moan even louder instead.
I could see how badly he wanted me to come. I could see the hunger on his face to feel my juices flowing out of my pussy. And that Rocky(D) was just fucking me hard like a vibrator with a lifetime battery.
Soon I lost my track of time. I just moaned loudly and finally had an orgasm which actually left me lying on the bed half dead.
I actually took a few minutes to have my little energy to get up.
He said, “Get up you bitch, we have office. We are already late.”
Somehow, I managed to get up from the bed and saw myself in the mirror. I was looking like a horny bitch who just got a mind-blowing orgasm.
And to add that, the Rocky(D) said, “Dare you to wear that red lipstick again. And never try to mess with your boss again.”
Then he left the room. (that fucking Rocky(D) is my boss as well)
I saw myself again in the mirror. I had swollen lips, messy hair, and untidy skirt. I looked completely tired but still so satisfied.
I thought I was making my bf go mad for me, but I never realized the fucking ball was in his court always. But I decided the day will end according to my wish and not his anyway.
At the office, just recalling what just happened a few hours back made me completely wet again and I was ready to get a nice fuck. I gave my wild boss my pantie which I was wearing and warned him for what was gonna happen next.
Do let me know any of your such experiences, I would love to hear it. Feedback would also be taken positively.

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