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Please fuck me

11 Min Read

It’s late at night, and I’m restless in my own skin with a throbbing need between my thighs that I want tended to. My clit is hard, my cunt went and my nipples rock hard as all I can think about is your hot mouth and hard cock servicing me.

I give up trying to sleep and grab my phone to send you a text; “Get your ass over here. Don’t you say a word? Knock on the front door in 30 minutes. And make sure your cock is ready for stud service.”

I make sure to set out some water while I wait; I plan on us having a hell of a workout. I turn the lights down and set out the lube and toys on the bedside table, visions of us using it all dancing in my head as I smile, the silk of my robe swishing over my nipples making them tingle and throb.

You finally knock on my door and I pull it open, my robe gaped open slightly in front, covering only my tits, the rush of cool night air sliding up my legs, tickling my pussy. I notice the bulge in your pants, your eyes already devouring me as I grab your shirt and yank you through the front door.

You lean in to kiss me and I grab the back of your head, my fingers viciously gripping your hair as I jerk you to the floor, shoving your face into my dripping cunt; “Lick. Suck my wet pussy.” Your breath is hot as you comply, your tongue drawing circles around my hard clit nub, lapping and suckling at it as I grind my hips on your tongue. You reach around, under my robe to grab my ass, kneading the soft flesh as you continue to devour my hungry cunt. I keep my hands on your head, pushing you harder as my moisture coats your face, my breathing getting harsh.

“Enough,” I say as I wrench you from my sticky pussy, your face gleaming with my juices in the low light. “I want you to worship my tits now,” I quietly hiss as I lay back on my couch. You slowly smile as your tongue snakes out to try and lick my juices off your face.

I let out a low sigh as you slowly begin to worship my body, beginning with my feet. You suckle on my toes, the red polish bright in the light as I wriggle them, your hands slowly kneading and caressing my bare feet. You take your time, pressing into them as you rain soft kisses and licks down on them, your hands sliding up my legs and down, rubbing and massaging.

I relax into your touch as you take your time, your tongue now gliding up my legs, swirling patterns on my flush skin. I can feet your hot breath as it skims over my naked cunt and I quiver, a jolt of fire racing through me, my need for your hard cock meat in my tight hole almost overwhelming as you continue your journey upwards on my body.

Your fingers find my rock hard nipples first as you tease and torment them, twisting and pulling on them as my back arches, my throaty moans filling the room; “Oh yes, like that,” I groan. My hands reach around your back, my nails flexing, digging in as I skim them up your back in pleasure, my long legs wrapping around your waist as I grind my wet cunt against your jeans, feeling your cock throbbing and straining for freedom as you continue to torment my tittles.

You nuzzle at the soft mounds of my tits before finally suckling on the left nipple, your tongue lapping and flicking it hard, your teeth nibbling as I continue to hump your hard bulge.

Your right hand dips down my belly, seeking the hot depths of my cunt, grinding against my hard clit as I gasp and moan beneath you. You know just how to drive me crazy, bringing me to the edge, my cries filling your ears, my nipple in your mouth and your fingers beginning to drive into my hot, dripping cunt.

“Now, damn it. Give me that hard cock. FUCK ME!” I hiss in your ear. I feel you fumble as I continue to grind, my pussy already starting to open in anticipation of your hard cock fixing to stuff me full.

You chuckle quietly as the head of your cock nudges my cunt, and I whimper like a bitch in heat as you tease me with it, refusing to put it in me.

The tables turn; “Beg me bitch” you whisper in my ear. “You know you want this rock hard cock. Beg me to fuck you with it. Come on, you know you want Daddy’s cock. No one can fuck you like I can. No one fills you like I do. Beg me you fucking cunt. Beg for it and maybe I’ll fuck you with it.”

And I do want it. I want you to fuck me hard and fast. Pump my pussy with that fuckmeat. Slam fuck me and make me sore.

“Oh yes Daddy! FUCK ME PLEASE!!” I manage to cry out, and still you torment me. A fast stroke in, which makes my entire body tremble as you withdraw, leaving me hollow and empty where just before your cock filled me.

“Oh now, I don’t believe you,” you whisper in my ear. “Prove to me how much you want this cock.”

And you get up and walk away from me, a sardonic smile on your face as you watch my quivering form on the couch, your proud cock jutting out from your jeans as I lick my lips at the sight of that tasty manmeat I want so badly.

I slide off the couch and crawl over the floor, and you laugh, that low and seductive laugh, “Needy bitch on the floor.”

And your hands grab my hair, yank me upwards and jam your cock down my throat so I choke on it, cutting off my air as the thick head fills the back of my throat.

I struggle to open my mouth wide as you use my mouth, the thick spit from the back as perfect lubricant as my saliva splatters my tits.

“Keep that mouth open wide, fuckhole. I want to feel your throat each time I thrust, do you hear me? If I don’t, you won’t get my cock.”

I try to relax my throat muscles so you can gain better access and you groan as you f***e my head down, my mouth tight against your body as your cock fills my mouth, my air totally cut off.

You yank me off your cock and slap me across the face with it, my spit and your precum covering my face as you smear it around. “Filthy slut,” you mutter as you slap me across the cheek with your hard cock.

You grab my hair and drag me into the bedroom, as I hurry on my hands and knees, crawling.

“Get on the bed cunt. You wanted to get fucked so badly, now you’re going to get it.”

I almost leap onto the bed as you grab my hips to the edge of the bed. I barely have time to adjust as in one fast move, you plunge your dick deep into my hot cunt. Instantly I am filled with your hard fuckmeat as my back arches, my pussy stretching around you, my wetness dripping down my ass crack.

You begin hammering my cunt, your thrusts vicious and brutal, and your balls slapping my asshole as your fingers twist and tweak my nipples. Your cock slams into my cervix again and again, and each time I let out a breathless cry.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck me god please!!!” I start to howl, feeling my orgasm coming. Gasping and twitching.

You reach down to assist, once more rubbing my aching clit and immediately, I cum, my muscles so strong they push your hard cock from my cunt as my juices spurt all over your balls and cock and dribble down your legs. I thrash and howl as I keep cumming, my whole body tense until finally my orgasm subsides.

You stroke my hair as I try to catch my breath.

“Good girl. Now that we’ve gotten that out of your system, it’s time for you to spend the rest of the night pleasing my cock. And maybe, if you’re good, I’ll let you cum again. Would you like that?”

All I can do is nod, while my cunt spasms and flutters, envisioning the rest of the night to come.

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