Pleasure Unit

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For as long as she could remember, Gina had wanted to
be a PLUN and a level four Pleasure Unit at that, the
pinnacle of sexual strength and wondrous joy, the
golden and tireless vagina and luscious body. Nothing
else would do. All her anatomically correct Barbies
were PLUNs and all of them were put away with a virile
Space Cadet or well-hung Fleet Warrior between their
shapely legs, his gigantic purple-headed phallus
jammed into their tight-lipped slot.

Her favorite shows were all deep space dramas in which
PLUNs, with gobs of semen dripping from their bulging
pussies, urged on their well-satisfied men to defeat
the aliens or conquer new worlds. The girls were not
only beautiful, they were eager, inventive and always
ready to serve and please, spreading for the fleet
they called it. She had read and reread Fifty Ways to
Please a Captain until it would not display anymore
and then begged for a new copy.

By the time she was nine, she knew the twelve basic
positions in the PLUN handbook and at least two
variations of each, and she had found her older
sister’s sex toys and learned to use them all, even
the painful anal ones that brought tears to her blue

Gina entered sex-service prep school at age ten,
almost two years younger than most of the students and
able to move a foot-long dildo in and out without
touching it and on some days, to rotate it. She
quickly rose to top her class in both physical and
mental tasks, having become the favorite fuck partner
of every adolescent male and most of the girls as
well, for PLUNS, she quickly learned, did not only
serve men. She graduated in three years having enjoyed
several of her younger masters and was admitted to the
Academy at once after having laid a congressmen and
all his male staff members one sunny afternoon.

The thirteen-year-old beauty seduced two instructors
and four cadet officers in her plebe week, doing one
of them while hanging by her knees and another while
studying for her astrophysics entry test with his
notes. At the end of the first trimester her GPA was
4.0, her sex drive level was off the charts, and she
was twice named slut of the session, a rare honor for
a cadet, especially considering how young she was. By
then she was pleasuring four men a day on a graded
basis and had three loyal and eager lovers on the
side, one of whom was an experienced space navigator
with two wives and families.

She slept with a different male almost every night and
posted a sign-up list on her ID page. As she got more
mature she became even more beautiful and more eager
to please uniformed men. Hyper-kegel excises
strengthened her pudenda muscles and improved her
control. Tension training powered her pectorals and
her abs were rock hard.

Her face was angelic except for her full red lips
which always looked ready to suck and usually wore a
shy and knowing smile. Her body was voluptuous and
ultra-show-girl lithe at the same time, with
incredible legs a meter long and a ass as round as a
volleyball. Her luscious breasts, once nearly conical,
were becoming globes of firm flesh that barely jiggled
when she fucked.

Gina, to no one’s surprise graduated near the top of
her class and was immediately assigned to a sub-
cruiser, a new class that operated both under water
and in deep space. She was relegated to the lowest
level as a Pleasure Unit One, and assigned a bunk and
four bunk-mates, ensigns and jg’s who couldn’t believe
their luck.

At age seventeen, Gina stood 1.9 meters and weighed a
well-muscled fifty-seven kilos or about 125 pounds. In
her high-heeled service boots she was the perfect
height for standing intercourse and her long and
shapely legs were ready to wrap about any male needing
solace or encouragement or one who sought to escape
without spending his jism.

Some men had to beg to be freed from her loving grasp.
Narrow-waisted (55 cm/21 in) and full-breasted, a pair
that stood high and proud, measuring 99 cm (39 in),
jutting out and upward, tipped with coral knobs that
could extend like thumbs when properly excited, the
size of ten-pounders as one gunner put it, she was the
epitome of a model PLUN, and her pirated image
appeared regularly in the adolescent sex journals and
even in salacious cartoons.

Atop this curvaceous and luscious body was a handsome
head and pretty face wearing tightly braided golden
hair that when combed out hung half-way down her
muscular back. Except for the ability to hoist dead
weight, she was a physical match for almost any crew
member and exercised regularly with twenty-kilo irons
and ion-powered phalluses. She was fast, supple and
brave as well as very beautiful. In her tiny, clinging
uniform with the vest seldom closed, she was an eye-
opener and erection maker.

In prep school she had become famous for her sucking
and swallowing ability and that reputation followed
her to her first ship. By the end of her third 16-hour
watch, her assignment was changed from engine room to
captain’s staff and her rating to a PLUN2, the fastest
promotion in fleet history. She could not stop
smiling, even when sucking and often pleased three
officers at once since she had mastered both manual
and pedal techniques.

The ship’s captain, an experienced thirty-five-year-
old lieutenant commander, was provided with a PLUN4 as
a matter of course, but when he saw Gina on her first
signals deck watch, he sent his mature lover off to
the crew’s mess and put the voluptuous level 2
youngster in his cot. Gina smiled and nearly cooed
when the Nubian captain stripped off his fatigues and
fondled his immense member as it hung thick and flabby
between his hairy thighs.

She reached out and pulled it to her mouth and took
him in upside down and swallowed with a smile on her
lovely face, her red lips ovaled and tongue in
constant action while he mauled her sensitive breasts,
kneading her flesh like dough. The captain closed his
eyes and shuddered as the young girl’s peristaltic
surges milked his experienced ram and brought it to
rigidity, his testicles throbbing.

She drew his hands to her jutting breasts as she moved
his erection in and out of her lips and when she was
sure he was ready, she pulled and squeezed until he
ejaculated, shuddering and moaning with pleasure and
relief as she quickly raked his massive ram with her
teeth and squeezed his testicles.

Gina brought him back to full arousal with foot
massage that kneaded his balls to a high state of
tenseness and then laid him back and mounted his
standing phallus and screwed herself down while
arching up, jaw clenched, her back bent and her hands
on his knees. She keened and he moaned as their bodies
melded. In his whole life, the captain had never
managed three climaxes before, but he would this day.

Once mounted, she gave him the full 360� treatment,
taking him “around the galaxy” twice. She left him
emptied and sated but still excited and anxious for
more as she rubbed her luscious body against his
muscular frame. She lay in his arms, his shrunken cock
in her hand and licked his nipples and sucked his neck
until he was once more ready. Then she spread herself
and urged him to mount her, wrapped him in her long
legs and kept him humping until they both were spent
and had to rest.

When that first voyage ended and the sleek ship was
docked, the captain sat at his desk filling out crew
evaluations with Gina keeling between his legs and
pleasuring him gently and thoroughly, preparing for a
farewell fuck. He recommended she be promoted to PLUN3
and, after several calls, had her assigned to his
admiral-father’s pulse battlewagon which was due to
launch from refit within the week.

Her new ship had a crew of nearly a hundred men and
five PLUNs including a very experienced level 4 who
served the captain and the flag deck. Gina was
assigned to engineering. She stripped, braced herself
on a bulkhead, leaned back, spread her long and
shapely legs, hooked her boot heels on a rail and
invited all of the ratings, 22 of them, to enjoy her
body before they sailed.

It took nearly two hours as she did three or four at a
time, using her mouth, hands and feet as well as her
talented vulva, and the girl was sore when she
finished, but she had made a new spacenav tale that
quickly spread throughout the fleet. Twenty sailors
and two chiefs emptied without a stop. The captain
heard the tale, interviewed the luscious girl, enjoyed
her while reclining his is favorite leather chair and
assigned her to his cadre. The next month she was on
the cover of Bupers slick publication and was invited
to make a series of instructional tubes for training
purposes. They were quickly pirated and widely

By the end of the first rotation, even before the new
ship ventured into space on a trial cruise, several
bridge members asked to transferred out to less
strenuous duty and the ship’s doctor ordered the
captain to limit himself to one coupling in each 24-
hour rotation. The man wept.

That was when I met her. Fresh out of the Academy, it
was my original assignment and Gina was my first PLUN
although I had enjoyed a number of young women and a
few professionals. She slithered into my tiny quarters
which I shared with three other jg’s and ensigns,
rubbed her luscious body against my almost bare one
since I was in the process of donning fatigues and
shedding my dress blues.

I held her and kissed her, fondled her and kissed her
some more as our tongues tangled and my hands explored
and petted her warm body. I eased my middle fingers up
into her sinuous slot. Then I laid her back on my
narrow bunk, pulled off her tiny uniform and went down
on her, a skill I had been taught at home by my randy

My educated tongue soon brought her to heaving climax,
her knees clamped about my head and her hands pressing
me into her seething groin. I delved deeply, pulling
on her wide lips and eventually found her stalk-like
clit and produced another squalling crest. She
actually gushed on my face.

“No, no, no,” the lovely girl under me gasped as I
licked and sucked her vulva, “I should be doing you.
Let me up, please, please.”

I licked her plump thighs, nibbled at her outer lips,
probed her navel and kissed my way up to her startling
breasts where I kissed and sucked and nibbled until
she wept and kicked, achieving her third body-spasming
orgasm. I left her sobbing and curled up on my cot,
dressed and reported to my duty station, pleased with
my performance. It had been well within the bounds of
what my sisters regularly demanded of me and had since
I was twelve.

Once again in her miniscule uniform and high-heeled
boots, her pussy wet and warm and her hard-nippled
jugs bobbling in and out of her open vest, Gina found
me at my gun station, getting to know my men. They
stopped and gawked as she approached, hugged me and
leaned on my shoulder. I led her out on deck and faced
her after a quick kiss. “Is there a problem?” I asked
the red-faced beauty, as I rubbed her nipples in my

She nodded. “I am to pleasure you. You are not
supposed to, to, to do that to me. It’s against regs.”

I smiled and kissed her nose. “It’s is how I was
raised. Men should pleasure women. It is not a one-way
avenue. Didn’t you like it?”

She shook her head, tossing golden curls. “Come,” she
said, “I will show you wonders.”

“No, we both have our duties. I’ll probably see you at
chow time.”

A tear came to her eye so I reached inside her vest
and stroked and pinched gently and then went back to
my work, leaving her startled I am sure. My cock was
aroused but I ignored it.

It was well after lights-out when Gina came to my rack
and rolled in beside me, warm and eager, her slot
dripping and nipples hard. “You ignored me, avoided
me,” she whispered since there were three other men
sleeping in the small open space.

I entered her from behind, driving my rigid ram all
the way up into her while I held her ripe body to me
and crushed her breasts. “Ahh, ahh yes,” she gasped as
I held it deep and she massaged it with muscles I was
not aware any female possessed.

“You could leave the service,” I whispered, “and marry
me, become my prime wife and serve me alone.”

She chuckled deep in her throat as I drew my thick
member slowly back. “You are very selfish. I would
kill you, exhaust you.”

I eased it all the way back in. “A fine way to die,
but I doubt it. I am, so I am told, multi-orgasmic and
almost tireless. We can do this all night if you

She squeezed and rippled along my thick shaft. “Sorry.
I signed on for twenty. I want to be a Four and then,
perhaps a CPO. That is my ambition.”

I drew back again, pausing along the way to produce a
few whimpers. “Your sterility can be reversed. You can
have children.”

“I’ll be thirty-eight or nine when I retire. I can
still do that.”

I plunged into her again, closed my mouth and we
merged, our young bodies melded together. I had run
out of arguments.

Gina smiled as she pleasured me.

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