Pleasuring My Granny

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My name is Tim. I am not, nor have I ever been, married. I have never wanted to be married. I know and have known some very special women. They have shown me that there are a large number of women who, through no fault of their own, are stuck in a loveless or at least a sexless life and that they are expected to endure it because of their ages or ‘position’ in life. Quite a few of them do something about it when the right opportunity arises.
I consider myself to be amongst the most fortunate of people on this planet. I was fortunate to be the possessor of a six-foot tall body, strong, healthy, and “un-ugly.” I was also blessed with a large penis and the stamina and constitution of an Ox to use it. I am well aware that size isn’t everything, but you can learn the rest of the requirements! I am addicted to females, I am besotted with breasts, and vaginas’ and I hope that never fades away. There are of course exceptions, but considering the size of the female population, I am happy with the remainder.
I have led a very comfortable lifestyle filled with sex, lust, and love. All of this provided by a woman I have always thought of as ‘Granny’. I may be shallow but I’m incredibly happy!
I am lucky to have an almost photographic memory, if I’ve seen it I can nearly always recall it, no matter how long ago it happened. Unfortunately, my recall for conversations is no-where near as good so although the events I describe are certainly accurate, I have had to fill in some blanks in my memory of conversations with what I believe is a fair approximation of what was said.
For the benefit of those who are easily confused:
Stamina and Constitution have nothing to do with the possession of balls.
Google “Angela Mudge” (She is a world champion mountain marathon runner.)
Also: 10″ is nothing unusual
This is My Story:
Date: February 1965
When I was 19, I moved in with Granny, she wasn’t my Granny, but she quite liked being called Granny. She did say that she had a granddaughter somewhere whom she never saw and although I knew that, her granddaughter was not a nice person, (her words,) I never found out why. Her own daughter and son-in law were rarely ever mentioned, a really closely-knit family they were not, and it was easy to see that it saddened her.
My grandparents were dead; my dad drove long haul trucks all over Europe. One day, when I was 19, he took a truck and the next-door neighbour; we never saw or heard of them again except to learn that the truck, which had been loaded with scotch destined for Russia, was found in a German forest minus its’ load. The next-door neighbour’s wife merely moved her boyfriend in, so I suppose dad had done her a favour,). A month later, my 21-year-old sister joined the armed forces.
Therefore, my mother had to work. Even though I called them mother and sister they weren’t my own blood as I had been adopted. My real mother had been a single mother who had put me up for adoption. My adoptive mother had a bad time giving birth to her daughter and was unable to have any more children. She had always wanted two children so she and ‘dad’ opted for adoption and were successful.
Before her marriage she had been a nurse and that helped her to get jobs as a nanny for the children of wealthy families, but that meant living, and if required, travelling, with the families which meant that I had to find a room somewhere else, not an easy thing to do if you wanted somewhere clean to rent.
Granny had actually advertised for a live-in companion, but, in desperation to find somewhere to live, I answered the ad’ and found the address to be that of a large house in very large grounds on the edge of the city, almost completely surrounded by fields and woods. She was about sixty years old, 5’8″ tall, shapely, lovely legs and very well groomed.
She looked at me for a while then asked me in for coffee and a chat during which I must have passed some sort of test as she eventually said that she had obviously meant a female companion, but what the hell, I would be company so why not a lodger? So there I was. She told me that her husband had died when he crashed his ‘plane on landing and had been dead for nearly three years and she now felt lonely. He’d been ‘something big in oil’ and had at least left her well provided for.
I worked in a large hardware store, but I was home every evening and got Sunday and Monday off. I would never get rich but I wouldn’t starve and I did the house and gardens maintenance, which kept me occupied, and it pleased Granny that I took an interest. Mind you, that was quite a lot of work, as I said; it was a very big house in large grounds.
I sent my address to my mother and she did visit when she had holiday time. Thankfully, mother and Granny seemed to get on well, so much so that she offered her a room whenever she wanted to visit me.
One evening, about 4 months after I started living there, I was sitting reading when Granny came and sat in the armchair opposite me, I couldn’t help seeing that she was wearing absolutely nothing under her loose shorts. I had noticed, over the last two or three weeks, that she was wearing looser and more revealing clothing, and assumed it was because of the warmer weather as summer was approaching.,
Three cheers for warm weather, it was a pleasant sight, as the year progressed, to see the layers slowly come off, revealing a shapely body, nice legs and soft bouncy breasts under her T-shirt. She used to exercise each day for an hour and swam regularly in her pool so was in pretty good shape.
By the time she’d finished hitching around ‘getting comfortable’; my cock was stiffer than a broomstick. She had given me a real hard-on and I guessed, hoped, that she had given me that display deliberately to see if it had an effect. It did! She had really turned me on, not a difficult thing to do when you’re my age, don’t have any girlfriends because you’re very shy and don’t have much money.
As I remember it, the conversation went something like this:
“How long have you been here now Tim?” Granny asked as she lifted a leg to scratch her foot.
Oh how my swollen cock pulses. “Urrg, umph, four months.”
“Do you like living here, so far from the centre of town?”
“Very much so, I enjoy the peace and quiet and I’m not tempted to spend what little money I have.”
“Don’t you have any friends you wish to see?”
From the way she said ‘friends’ I knew she meant girls. “No I don’t, I hardly know any.”
“You won’t meet many sitting here every night.”
“As I remember it, you were looking for a companion. Don’t you like my company?”
“Oh I like it very much and it’s beginning to tell. Have you had any sexual experiences with girls Tim?”
“Perhaps we should change that, at your age you really ought to know the basics, I think you would like that.” Then, “Why are you staring Tim, did I offend you?”
“I just wondered where this conversation is going, that’s all.”
“OK, I’ll show you, will you be honest with me?”
She looked at me intently then she looked down at her shorts. I was certain she knew exactly what I had been looking at.
“Of course I will.”
“You like my shorts?”
“Very much, yes”
“What did you like about them?”
Truth time, I thought.
“I liked the fact that they are loose enough for me to see you’re not wearing anything under them.”
I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, could hear it in my ears. I could also feel my face flushing.
To my surprise, Granny stood up and removed her shorts.
“Does that improve the view?”
I sat there staring at her smooth, hairless, mound. I could see her labial lips; I could see paradise. I moved without any conscious thought and reached for her stomach, which was smooth and soft, I then slid one hand down to her sex and the other around to her buttocks, which were also smooth and soft. She stood still as I explored her and even parted her thighs to allow me easier access to where she knew I wanted to feel. Her breathing was becoming heavier. Then:
“Take my blouse and bra’ off,” she whispered.
I quickly removed her blouse and bra’ to free and feel her lovely soft, proud, breasts whilst also sliding a finger along the cleft of her vulva to part her vagina lips and then began to nibble gently on a very proud nipple.
Granny stood naked in front of me, I knew I was going to fuck her very, very, soon. Granny knew also. She pulled me up and grasped the outline of my hard cock in my pants.
“Goodness, what a size! Now that is a beast worth taming,” she whispered. “It’s a long time since I felt something that warm and hard and I’ve never felt one so large, Oh I am a lucky girl! We will have an enormous amount of pleasure educating it.”
This was fantastic, right out of my fantasies.
“Feel my breasts, mmm, roll the nipples between your fingers, oh yes, yes, suck them, gently, …feel my pussy again, aah, easy, easy, now slip a finger inside it, I know it will go, I’m soaking, Oh, ohh, ohh.”
As she spoke she was undoing my belt and unzipping my jeans.
“Now, get undressed.”
The orders came thick and fast and soon I stood there naked, my hard cock erect and throbbing. She grasped it and led me out of the living room whispering “School time.”
Once upstairs and in her huge bedroom I climbed on the bed and turned to fondle her breasts, but she had an agenda of her own. She pushed me onto my back, grasped my cock, and slid her hand up and down its length, and, for a few glorious minutes, she masturbated me. Her breasts were in my hands, smooth and round and I was in heaven. Then she leaned over me.
My cock was in her mouth and I could feel her tongue moving around it. Slowly she sucked on it and each time she went down she took a little more into her. She gagged on its’ size a time or two, but, finally it was all the way into her mouth, I felt it slide down her throat! After a couple of minutes of just moving her mouth up and down a few inches she pulled away and smiled wickedly.
Then, moving, slowly, she climbed above me and turned to position herself so that our heads were between each-others thighs, I was being introduced to the “69” position. I could see into her vagina as she spread her legs over me. Above her pussy I could see her puckered anus. My cock was again in her mouth, my mouth was clamped on her sex, and once again I was in paradise.
It was never going to last long. This was the first time I had been near a naked female, never mind being given such a fabulous introduction to the joys of sex. My cock swelled, my world exploded, and a fiery river of semen was forced down my cock.
I groaned as my semen squirted into her and Granny almost drowned as I pumped my first sex-fuelled climax directly into her mouth. Granny coped admirably, she gulped a little then proceeded to suck and swallow it all.
Granny kept on sucking as her body started to tremble. She jerked up and down for a few moments then, with loud moans, she climaxed. I could feel my cock pumping cum into her, it was wonderful, never had I experienced such an intense sensation, but was aware that this was only the beginning.
I started to apologise for shooting my load into her mouth, but she stopped me and told me that she had done it deliberately as she knew very well that on my first ‘outing’ I would finish very quickly and probably before I’d even got my cock into her vagina. She also admitted that having her clitoris sucked as my large, swollen, cock erupted in her mouth had triggered her own, unexpected, climax.
Granny lay beside me fondling my cock as I recovered from my first real climax. We lay in this position for a maybe 30 minutes until my cock began to respond to her manipulation. As soon as it was stiff, she opened her thighs, then, with her feet flat on the bed, told me to get between them and insert the head of my cock into her, I was very willing to comply and happily eased into her warm, wet, vagina.
Soon I was thrusting my way to a second climax for both of us, her legs wrapped around my waist and her hands on my backside. She made damn sure I gave her everything I could until I collapsed on top of her as I squirted what little semen I had into her, then we lay there sweating and panting for a while.
I was 19, fit and full of lust. Granny was going to be a very busy woman from now on.
I ran my hand over Granny’s body and she shivered slightly and eased herself into a more comfortable position allowing me access to her moist sex.
“Oh how I’ve missed this,” she said happily as her thighs parted.
I knelt beside her and lowered my mouth to her sex and kissed, licked and sucked her to full arousal once again. I slid two fingers into her, gently teased her love channel, as I licked and sucked her clitoris my own arousal really took hold, and once again Granny had a solid cock in her hand.
She was smooth and warm inside, full of sticky fluid. I loved the tangy taste of it. In response to her urgings I pulled my tongue out, pressed my lips against her clitoris, and began sucking. Her body began to move in all kinds of directions for some time until, finally, she moaned and let go of my cock.
I surprised her by removing my mouth from her vagina and licked gently at her anus, (I will never know where I got that idea from,) and then I pressed my first finger against her anus and gently rubbed until it started to open allowing me to insert my first finger a little way into it.
It wouldn’t go in very far but I found that if I ran my finger around its outer edge it opened a little more allowing my finger to get a little deeper inside her and gently ease the sphincter apart to allow me to probe even deeper inside her.
This was fun! More teasing and kissing and gentle probing until I could slide more of my finger into her anus and then I managed to get my mouth on her pussy so that I could suck her clitoris and pleasure both her sensitive openings.
Granny groaned and lifted her backside slightly to give me easier access to her anus. Slowly I slid my finger further into her, rotating it, and gently pressing on the sides of her rectum. Finally I reached the second sphincter. She gasped loudly then started to hump her lovely soft bottom on my finger and grind her pussy into my face.
After a while she asked me to stop and get on my back, puzzled, I did as she asked and she then positioned herself in the 69 position again. She pushed herself back onto my face, my tongue slid into her hot pussy and my nose went into her anus. I lifted my head and licked my way upwards to allow my tongue access to her anus, I forced my tongue into her anus, licked around it for a few moments to moisten it and then manoeuvred my arms so that I could reach whichever part of her, with hands or tongue, that I wished,
She writhed and moaned for a few minutes, then pulled herself off my face. She moved around and again got astride me, pressing her ass against my cock, and her lovely soft breasts in my face.
“Play with these, nibble them, suck on them, and then fuck me,” she said.
She reached back and guided my cock into her moist, hot, vagina, and then she began moving up and down on my stiff cock, her breasts bouncing in my face. I captured one and guided the nipple to my mouth. Now Granny was squirming and moaning again, and this time I began humping as well, thrusting my raging cock up into her hot pussy. I rammed my cock repeatedly up into her until I could no longer summon the strength to lift my backside off the bed, but much as I wanted to, I could not climax.
Granny could and did, loudly and forcefully, then rolled off me to lie beside me and pant. Reaching out she felt for and found, my cock, then said softly, “Here ends the first lesson, I think you could do quite a few things for me” as she gently teased it.
We lay for half an hour then showered and adjourned to the kitchen for coffee and toast, surprised to find that it was almost midnight. Even then were loath to end this evening. I was encouraged to fondle her breasts as we sat at the table then she took hold of my limp cock and began to massage it back into semi-rigidity. I started to respond to her stroking, realized that I was rampant, and wanted more.
“I’m not done yet,” I said as I moved to kneel between her thighs. Easing them apart I slid my first and second fingers into her soaking sex and worked them in and out for a few strokes before removing them, standing up, and rolling her backwards onto the table.
Once again I knelt and started to lick and nibble her sex. Granny responded by opening her thighs as wide as she could so I took advantage of the unrestricted access to her body and slid my still moist finger deep into her anus and once again applied my mouth to her vagina. This was paradise, but I guessed that Granny couldn’t be very comfortable on the hard table and asked her if we could go back to her bedroom. We could and did.
Granny got on the bed on her knees and spread her thighs wide. I eased my semi rigid cock into her and enjoyed the sensation of slowly fucking her from behind. After a short while I again slid a finger into her, now very accessible, anus.
“Don’t use your finger, use your cock, PLEASE,” she gasped.
I was stunned; she wanted me to fuck her anus! As the realization of what she wanted me to do sank in I thought of the size of my cock and the size of the hole it was being asked to penetrate. My cock, which up until then had been just pleasantly aroused, went into instant, almost painful, rigidity, I could have perforated walls with it. This was way outside my expectations and I’d had no experience of straightforward sex never mind anal so was extremely nervous, but I certainly was not going to turn any request down.
She reached into her bedside table drawer and brought out a packet and a small jar of Vaseline, The packet contained a condom. “Put it on then rub Vaseline on it and in my ass” she said, then lowered her head onto the mattress.
“Did I see a vibrator in that drawer?”
“Yes, but if today is anything to go by I don’t think I’m going to be using it again”.
“Why do you have condoms?”
“To put on the vibrator should the occasion demand it, now stop being so bloody inquisitive and get into me!”
Spreading her thighs she said, “Get behind me and get that cock into me. Gerald used to like doing my anus and I began to enjoy it as well, but he was nowhere near your size she moaned. “She moaned even louder as I, inexperienced as I was, did just that and pushed a good two inches of solid cock into her anus.
“Easy! “ Just work at it slowly and gently, it will slide in.”
It did, it was a very tight fit and that made the sensations even higher, but I couldn’t control myself that well, I pressed myself into her and she shrieked as another three inches entered her. I had enough composure to ease out of her a little and slap more Vaseline where it would do most good then eased my cock deeper inside her until, finally, she had a good 6 inches of me inside her.
I eased myself gently in and out of her body for a while, the sensation of her tight rectal tunnel wall rubbing against my cock was mind blowing and I wanted the feeling to last forever, but lust and inexperience took control and I began to fuck her as hard and fast as I was able. My hands were gripping her hips, pushing, and pulling her off and onto my raging cock until at last I felt a surge of mounting pressure and I jetted a stream of spunk into her wide stretched anus.
As my lust and passion subsided, I eased out of granny, and she slowly lay down flat on her stomach and rolled onto her back. “I can see that I need to teach you a few things about control and safety. The first thing you need to do is get a supply of condoms because wearing one of those is the only way you get to put that lovely big cock of yours into my backside, The rest of me is available at all times.”
“I think there are quite a number of things you can teach me and I am very eager to learn” “I’m going to fuck you every day Granny,” I said.
“I know,” said Granny, even when you think you’re too tired!”
The following day was Sunday so no rush get to work, which meant that having finished breakfast I was able to rummage to my heart’s content through Granny’s clothing until she was totally nude and on the kitchen table, which, this time, was covered by a nice thick blanket, getting her vagina thoroughly munched, sucked licked and finally, gloriously, fucked.
This was followed by two further rampant and exceedingly noisy, soggy bouts of lust filled coupling. Granny flatly refused to take any money from me from that day on! She also insisted on paying for me to have driving lessons so that I would be able to use her car if it ever became necessary.
Apart from going for the weekly shopping she rarely went out. I used to buy the incidentals that we might need on my way home from work so most of the time she wore a loose fitting, button down the front, dress which was incredibly easy to get off, never any knickers and rarely a bra’. In short Granny was always ready for my attentions.
About six months after our first couplings Granny told me about a woman with whom she had become very friendly, in fact they had been having sex together for some time, including up to the present day! Granny said that she had always had a high sex drive and so had her husband so she had been fortunate enough to have the sex she wanted, but the loss of her husband had stopped all that.
Because her husband had suffered a severe stroke, her friend, whom I shall call Jean, never got any sort of sexual satisfaction. She spent so much time looking after him that she was too worn out to look for solace from strangers.
They had met in the city library some months before I came on the scene. Granny had been feeling particularly frustrated and Jean had been provided with a care respite helper twice a month so she didn’t have to worry about getting home immediately. Granny invited her home and, as one thing led to another; they finished up in bed eating each other’s pussies and enjoyed it enough to make it a regular thing, so twice a month they indulged each other. That explained the condoms; Granny could get Jean to give her the occasional reverse thrust!
Granny had told Jean about us and now she was on the ‘phone, suggesting, very carefully, that a little of the real thing just might do Jean some good. The suggestion was turned down flat, but three days later Jean rang and asked if the offer was still open! Granny sorted out the when and how’s and then explained to me that I was about to fuck a perfect stranger who was really nice and very subservient, I was to behave like a gentleman and to make damn sure she enjoyed herself.
“Oh and she has incredibly sensitive nipples, play with those for more than a couple of minutes and she’ll cum all over you!”
The appointed day was a Sunday as I would be free for two days. Granny went to collect Jean mid-morning, she returned with a tired looking and very nervous lady. After introductions, coffee and chat I stood behind her chair and caressed her neck and shoulders, allowing my hands to stray low enough to enable me to feel the swell of her breasts. She tensed then sat up straight and back to allow me greater access. Now was the time so I asked her if she was still willing to have sex with me and if so, had she taken any precautions or should I wear a condom?”
“I started taking the pill again after I decided that I needed real sex and my husband was never going to be able to do that again, I want this more than you can know, but please don’t try to be a lover, I love my husband very much and always will.”
Asking her to stand up, I stood behind her, put my arms around her, and fondled her breasts, which were larger than Granny’s. Her nipples stood out firm and hard. It was erotic and very enjoyable. As I enjoyed myself I could feel her body beginning to tremble and that she was pressing herself back towards me. I grasped her arms and made her lift them so that I could fondle her breasts more easily. She shuddered and softly groaned, so gently, but firmly, I led her from the room.
“Now we go upstairs and introduce ourselves properly.”
Once there I returned to fondling her breasts through her blouse and dropping my hand down to feel her tummy and pubis. I then undid her blouse and removed it. Jean stood still as I undid her bra’ and slipped that off before once again caressing her soft, ample, breasts and rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. When I lowered my lips to her breast and commenced to suck a nipple she moaned quietly and pressed her breast harder against my mouth. I changed breasts and the same thing happened, this was fun.
“If you come here again for more of this, never wear underclothes again! Do you understand?”
“Drop your skirt.” She did.
“Get those panties off.” They came off.
As she complied with my instruction I stepped behind her and removed my shirt and shorts and, because I had no other clothing on, I was soon behind a nicely rounded, warm, and cuddly female with my rigid cock pressed against her soft bottom.
She wasn’t glamorous, just a soft, needy, female in front of a very erect penis. Jean stood quietly as I again reached around her to fondle her breasts and stroke her, gently rounded, stomach and on down to feel her slightly hairy mound. She had a proud cock digging into the cleft between her buttocks and as they were very fleshy and rounded I had a lovely sense of penetration and she had her first inkling of what was in store for her!
NOW, Reach behind you and take hold of my cock.” She did.
“Good grief! Its’ huge! I can’t take that.”
“You can and you will. I promise to go slow, I have no interest in hurting you, I want this just as much as you do, turn round, kneel, and stroke my cock.”
Jean turned to stare at my cock then knelt and fondled my cock and balls.
“I said stroke my cock, if you want me to fuck you then you do as I tell you, understand?”
“Yes, I’m sorry; I’ll do as you say.”
I enjoyed the feel of her hands siding up and down my shaft, which was now beginning to pulse with lust. I asked Jean to get on her back on the bed with her thighs open and knees bent.
As she complied I stood at the end of the bed and asked her to pull her labial lips apart so I could see into her sex. She did as asked and I could see that she was already moist. I moved beside the bed, fondled her breasts, and moved my hands further down to her stomach and slowly down to her thighs on which I spent some time stroking before finally moving my hand to her moist sex. She moaned and her thighs parted even further so I climbed on to the bed, knelt beside her, thrust my head between her open thighs, and started eating her.
I reasoned that if she enjoyed Granny doing that then she just might enjoy my attempts. She did. She tasted nice, tangier than Granny who was really sweet, so I happily lapped at her sex for a while, nibbling her clitoris and sucking her labia, then I placed my arms between her thighs, and using my elbows to force her legs wide apart and up in the air. I had complete access to her vagina and anus. I was in heaven.
I felt a hand stroking my inner thigh, moving ever nearer to my cock so I raised my left leg and placed my knee on the other side of her body placing us in the classic “69” position. With no urging from me she took hold of my cock and levered it down so that she could suck the head. She writhed and moaned a great deal as I ate her, sucked her and teased her clitoris with a finger.
Just as I had finally managed to insert a finger completely into her pussy, she lifted her backside off the bed and almost screamed as she climaxed, she had certainly been on a very short fuse. I forced her down onto the bed, turned round, placed myself between her widespread, eager thighs, and entered her wet vagina.
I doubt that she had had anything wider than two of Granny’s fingers inside her for a long time so I knew that my six-inch circumference and ten inch length was going to be difficult for her to accommodate straight away. Taking the weight of my body on my forearms, I eased my cock into her an inch at a time, withdrew it, and then slid back in a further inch deeper until I had most of my cock inside her.
Jean moaned, sighed, gasped, muttered, and rubbed her nipples as I fucked her, very, very slowly. She had obviously been expecting me to ram myself into her hard and a couple of months ago I would have, but thanks to Granny’s classroom, I now knew better. I was now a more proficient and patient lover. I took her slowly and gently towards a huge, raging, climax.
“Fuck me, oh please fuck me.” She wailed, then wrapped her legs around my waist, her arms around my neck and shouted, “DO IT, please, DO IT.” I did, very fast and for what seemed a very long time, her vagina was extremely hot and wet. Her tunnel was a little shorter than my cock and I was occasionally banging against her cervix, but she never flinched, I doubt she even noticed. I didn’t climax. She did, twice!
I was still rampant. I eased myself out of her, ran to Granny’s room across the hall, shoved her on the bed, pulled her dress up, got between her thighs and entered her in one sustained thrust and commenced to fuck her, and fuck her, and fuck her until finally, we came, together.
Later, freshly showered, we had lunch. Jean spent part of this time on her knees giving me a lovely slow blowjob and she seemed quite happy with the arrangement. I was ecstatic.
We enjoyed ourselves in this way for a while until I could resist the urge no longer and told her to kneel on the sofa with her thighs apart. She did it immediately, no questions asked.
I stood behind her and caressed her buttocks and inner thighs for a while then entered her sex in one long thrust, then, gripping her hips, I thrust my cock in and out of her. Occasionally I massaged her breasts, pulling and rolling her erect nipples, I stroked her buttocks and running a finger down the cleft of her cheeks and over her anus until she pleaded for me to stop teasing her. That triggered my climax and I pumped what was left of my semen into her love channel before pulling out of her.
Once she’d recovered her composure I asked her if she had enjoyed the sex and was really pleased to hear her say that, despite what Granny had said about me being good, she’d never believed that she could have such good sex or so many climaxes. She felt so much happier and if I’d enjoyed it enough to want to have her again she’d be a very happy sex slave. Could we do it on her next respite day? Could we? We most certainly could! We arranged that our next meeting would be in two weeks’ time, then, after they dressed, Granny drove Jean home.
When Granny returned I took her clothes off and lay beside her on her bed just stroking and caressing her and telling her that, although I had enjoyed the sex with Jean, I still preferred her body. Granny told me not to be so juvenile!
“We have a very good, honest, relationship, based on loneliness, need, lust, and friendship. It is not bondage. Fuck who you want, as often as you want, but just tell me who, so that I know who I might be shaking hands with when you next enter me, and be here when I want you. Now tire me out and make me squeal.” I did.
I came home from work to find Granny and my mother, whom I shall refer to as Pat from here on in, setting the table for dinner. This was a surprise, as I had no idea that she was even in the country.
After the meal, and usual chit chat that goes with visits, Granny said that she had to get us all ‘on the same page’, so we settled down in what she liked to call the ‘drawing room’ and I call a living room, then all was made clear.
“Tim, there has been a lot going on behind your back these last few days and now is the time to get everything out and sorted. I’ve been thinking for a while now about Jean’s situation. You and I rattle around in this huge house, we hardly use any of it and Jean is desperately trying to keep a roof over her and her husband’s heads, well I can and will fix that. I’m wealthy, healthy, and you’ve gone a long way to making me happy. I don’t see why we can’t use what good fortune we’ve got to help someone else be happy as well.”
“Pat has some news as well and it was her telling me the news which made up my mind for me. I’ve decided to turn that unused second drawing room into a long-term care room for Jean’s husband, and then she can give up renting that hovel they’re living in and moves in here with us. It’s large enough to put two beds in there as well as all the furniture she’ll need. Before any of this can take place the three of us need to talk about our own situation.”
Pat then spoke up to tell me that she had recently lost her job, details would come later, but she had asked Granny if she could come and stay until after Christmas then she could seek another post. Granny picked her up at the station and together they’d sorted out the details of the proposed new arrangements.
Pat then went to Granny and kissed her.
“Granny, I already know you two are screwing each other silly. Thanks to the remote for the drive gates, I actually arrived here one day about an hour before I announced myself, I heard a great deal and I’m green with envy, I never knew he preferred older women. I certainly never expected him to be able to make a grown woman squeal as he did with you. I’m not his real mother, you don’t have to explain anything to me, but I give you fair warning, if I can bed him, I will.”
“Err, can I say something?”
“What?” “What?” From the two women who have been closest to me in my life.
“I know I’m only a sex object now, but there was a time not all that long ago when I thought of you as my mother and now I find that you are planning to have me in your bed, I’m getting an erection at the thought, I am to say the least, confused, but incredibly aroused.”
“Are you embarrassed?”
“Are you shocked?”
“No, why do you have to be in bed? I’m all for wherever, whenever and I’ll certainly encourage you.”
“Is that a promise?”
“Yes Pat, that’s a promise and as soon as this pow-wow is over I’ll be happy to honour it.”
We laughed and relaxed over a glass (or two) of wine and I found that Pat was indeed going to be living here as she was to be the care assistant for Jean. I also learned that Jean had no inkling of any of this, but as Granny pointed out Christmas was coming, and it would be good to have a full and happy household at this time.
Granny said that tomorrow we had to plan the move of Jean and her husband. She then stood and smiled.
“I do believe I am tired out from such a busy day so if you will forgive me I’ll say goodnight and leave you two to talk!”
Talk? Ha! It wasn’t long before Pat had my jeans open and was hauling my erection out of my boxers.
She stared at what she’d got hold of and then looked me in the eyes and said:
“I knew you were going to be well hung, but I never thought I’d brought a Rocky(H) up!”
She stood up, and started to remove her dress, revealing what a ripe body she possessed.
“Please, fuck me, now, here.”
She would never be able to wear any of those clothes again and once I’d got her breasts out of her bra’, I was lost. She really did have beautiful, full, firm breasts. She was obviously ready for sex, but she wasn’t ready for ten inches of swollen cock being shoved into her in one thrust and she squealed in much the same way as Granny does, we then settled down to some very enjoyable, inventive and athletic fucking.
After her second climax I confessed that my knees were getting sore and pulled out of her, she sighed and said that that would keep her happy until the morning and stood up. Big mistake, she was on her back on the table before she could blink with my face pressed into her sex. I sat on a dining chair at the end of the table with my arms wrapped around her thighs holding her tightly as I spent a noisy thirty minutes licking and nibbling her clitoris.
My cock was beginning to throb again so I stood up and inserted it into Pat’s soaking sex tunnel then slowly, very slowly, eased it into her until she once again had all of it inside her. I slid gently in and out of her, savouring each fantastic sensation of her vaginal muscles squeezing me as I did so. I could also caress her gorgeous breasts and nip her nipples as well as stroke her tummy.
Eventually the fingers of my right hand wandered down to her clitoris as my left hand continued to tease her erect nipples and soon she was panting and moaning, a glazed look in her eyes as she started to buck uncontrollably before emitting an enormous yell and clamped her legs around me as she climaxed.
I had been surprised by at the eagerness with which Pat removed her clothes and asked me to fuck her. I was certainly surprised that I didn’t feel at all guilty in doing it.
We called it a day at that point and crawled upstairs to our respective bedrooms, Granny was in mine!
I honestly didn’t have the energy to do much, but I needn’t have worried, Granny just masturbated me until I was semi-rigid then climbed on top of me, inserted my cock into her very moist sex tunnel, (she must have been diddling herself as she waited for me) and then leant forward to whisper “Isn’t Pat a noisy one? I’ll always know when you’re in her and that’s for sure!”
She then forced herself down my shaft and rode me, I really didn’t need to move, but the urge is strong and it wasn’t long before I was thrusting upwards to meet her coming down until she started moaning, I had to clamp my mouth on hers until she came. As she slowly subsided onto my chest she told me that if she’d met me when she was forty she’d have left her husband and to hell with the money. I think I was asleep when she left my bed.
I slept late the next day and came downstairs to the aroma of bacon and eggs, but said I had to pass as I was late for work. It was Granny’s week for surprises, she calmly informed me that she’d already rung in to tell my boss that I was having to take extended leave because of unexpected family problems and wouldn’t be returning for some considerable time. That was when I found out just how much I had been appreciated. Granny was told that if I didn’t return to work on the 28th of December, my employment would be terminated.
Before I could react to any of this Granny put a letter in my hand.
“Have your breakfast then go into the study and read that, then we talk!”
I did as she asked but I was not happy. Then I read the letter.
When Granny set out to surprise people, she did not mess about. The letter was from Granny’s solicitor informing me that my salary was £40,000 per annum with a bonus of £25,000 payable each anniversary of my employment commencement subject to satisfactory achievements. All I had to do was stay with Granny and look after her and the house until her death.
When I’d recovered my composure and went in search if her and found her with Pat on the back porch.
“Granny; what is going on? What’s all this about salary and bonus payments. What are you up to?”
The story finally emerged. Granny was not rich, she was astronomically wealthy. She had been lonely and alone after her husband died and then Jean, me and then Pat had arrived on the scene and her life had begun humming again. We never asked anything of her or from her, but we restarted her zest for life and especially in the area of sex.
Apparently, she and Gerald had led a very busy sex life, which included couples from the upper strata of society occasionally coming to their house for weekend orgies.
All that stopped suddenly on Gerald’s death. Granny had decided to restart it except that this time the participants would not have to travel anywhere.
“Tim, you need to have an income and be financially secure, well now you are now a man of leisure, with a house and grounds and a Harem to look after. Pat, have you ever slept with a woman?”
“OK, time for secrets to be aired, yes, twice, she blushed, once a long time ago, never to be repeated. Then not until last September, twice a week after that up to last week, always the same person.”
“What then?”
“Husband had been trying to get into my knickers, but his wife had beaten him to it by two months. We had regular sessions, Tuesdays and Fridays. It kept us both a little less tense. He used to go riding on those days, but one day he fell off his Rocky(H), came home early, and caught us in the act. I got my marching orders and I think she got fucked, which is what we’d both been missing. Why?”
“We are going to be living in close company with each other for some time and I really do think we should be open about ourselves, Tim has fucked all three of us and Jean and I have enjoyed each other a fair number of times, I was wondering if that would give you any problems.”
“Granny, take me to your bedroom and let’s see how we get on, I had a wonderful long fucking from Tim yesterday and I’m still a little tender, a woman’s gentle ministrations is just what I need right now.”
I was left to mull over the days startling events. It was hedonism for me from now on.
Two hours later, sated and showered they returned to the kitchen for coffee and more ‘chat’ from Pat along the line of: ‘how fit and gorgeous Granny’s body was, how sore their vagina’s had been after last night’s debauchery’ and just how much she hadn’t known about having sex with another woman.
“Tim, you’ve never told me about any of your sexual conquests and I’ll bet Granny would like to learn what you got up to.”
“I never had any ‘conquests’; I couldn’t afford to take girls out so that possibility never arose.”
“You never had any sexual contact with girls?”
“That’s right”
“No it isn’t! I remember the time I caught Alice giving you a blow job!”
“She wasn’t giving me blow-job, she was trying to find out what a boy’s cock was like up really close, what it felt like and what happened if you did suck it. I think she was getting ready for a date with some boy from her school; I never got the chance to refuse and never really knew what was going on. I was only eleven!”
It was then that I realised that Pat was blushing again. Things started to drop into place, why I never got into any trouble over the incident, just told to pull my pyjamas up and get to sleep as she ushered Alice out of my bedroom with the promise of a very serious chat tomorrow, which never came.
“Pat! What did you do after you left my bedroom?”
Deep blush, “I took her to my room and got her tell me why she did what she did. She was being pressured by her school mates about discussing sex and experiences and she knew nothing, so she decided to use you to work it all out and you were right, there was a boy she was keen on, I think he’d seen his chance to score and he was leaning on her for a date.”
“We talked about sexual feelings and the dangers of unprotected sex and being pressured to ‘do it’ without a condom. I am ashamed about what happened next, but there I was in bed with a very soft body alongside me. Even at thirteen she had an amazing figure and I hadn’t had any sexual activity for over four months because ‘he’d’ stopped showing any interest. Of course we know why now.”
I started out merely explaining to Alice that it was natural for her to feel the way she did but it would be a lot safer if she found another girl who had a similar situation and together maybe they could find out about their sexual needs. It is quite a common thing these days and could be good fun.”
I was guessing as I’d never done it with a woman myself!
Then I blew it, I asked her if she ever played with herself and she started to cry and said she’d tried but didn’t really know what to do, so never felt anything. I asked her if she’d like me to show her how it all worked and, if she did find a good girlfriend, what they needed to do.
Of course she said yes and all I’m saying now is that she had her first orgasm and I had to stuff my knickers in my mouth to muffle the sound of mine! And before you ask we never had a repeat performance, but I think Alice didn’t waste any time finding, if you’ll forgive the pun, a bosom friend.”
“While were asking questions do you mind telling me why you prefer older women?”
“I don’t mind, I don’t prefer older women, I like them at all ages, it’s just that since I met Granny I’ve been in the seventh heaven. She likes me, she wanted sex, and I certainly did. It was presented to me on a plate; I certainly wasn’t going to turn it down. Granny taught me all I know, she’s also been the cause of getting my cock into two more, very desirable, and available, women. Why would I have wanted to go looking for someone younger, even if I did have the stamina I certainly didn’t have the time or money.”
“Right, Time for lunch, we’ve got to get going if we want to go to Jean’s house and tell her what we want to do.”
“She already knows what I want to do!”
“Behave and set the table.”
We spent nearly three hours convincing Jean that her problems regarding her husband’s care and well-being were over and that she would be amongst friends who would look after them both.
Granny had one final item to attend to; she told Jean that she didn’t want her to have any misunderstandings about moving in with us.
“I’m probably looking at ten to fifteen years of being fit and healthy, then things will start to deteriorate. I intend to see that I enjoy every minute of that time so that means a lot of sex. I know Tim will fuck me silly any chance he gets, but I’ve also enjoyed you and want to keep on doing so, I reckon Tim will be close behind me, if not in front, and believe me when I tell you that Pat can hold her own, or anybody else’s, when given the chance.”
“So, are you prepared to come into a house of debauchery, there will be no half measures, it will be sex on demand and you of course will be able to do your own demanding?”
We moved Jean and her husband in over the next few days and guess who got her in bed first, not me, Pat.
I spent the night pleasuring Granny.
Date: March 1972
Jeans husband died following another stroke so for two or three days the mood of the house was low. Things got back to normal when Jean came into the kitchen one morning in the nude and asked who would be first, I was, and she never did get breakfast, or lunch.
We had an idyllic life. All the sex and love you could handle, and although we were always together we never argued over anything.
We took holidays to warm countries in winter and loafed about our own house and grounds in summer especially round the pool, although the rule was still no sex outside the house, you never knew who might be watching.
Jean turned out to be a real sex fiend once she had no worries. One of her inventions was to conspire with Pat to put me through a bondage session every so often. The one I liked the most involved strapping me to a chair and then taking it in turns to arouse me. They would then mount me and ride me until I almost came, but then stop for a short while. This would be repeated until either they became so sore that they could no longer take my cock or I was unable to produce any more cum juice.
Mind you, with all the fun I was having with soft bouncy breasts and erect nipples I wasn’t about to complain at the treatment I was receiving.
After they’d done that I was invited to take retribution, if I had the strength!
One day I had, I did, and Jean learned all about anal sex. It took the whole of the day for her to experience a large chunk of me inside her anal canal, but I had been in no rush, I wanted her to really enjoy the experience and be amenable to more of the same. It became obvious that she most definitely was.
Another reason for the length of time was that I kept getting distracted by other bits of her body. I learned later that Granny had warned Jean that I would probably have her backside fairly soon because she was asking me not to do it to her as often anymore and she knew I’d got a taste for it now and I’d already said I couldn’t contemplate trying Pat in that way.
Date: June 1978
Granny and I did have sex almost every day, until she passed away at the far too early age of 73, after a heart attack following a fall from a bicycle. She had obviously loved me more than a little. She left the whole of her estate to me, her house alone was worth over six million on the open market, and there was a great deal of money plus other financial arrangements. I was a seriously wealthy man.
I would much rather that Granny was around, even if we’d never had another sexual encounter. She was the most wonderful person I ever knew and did more to shape me as a person than anyone else did.
I moved into what had been Granny’s bedroom and Pat moved in with me. I was tired of having to go visiting either her or Jean whenever I felt in need of sex during the night, mind you, in view of the amount I got during the day it didn’t happen all that often. The end result was that Jean sometimes came and visited us.
When Pat moved in with Granny and me she’d written to Alice and made sure that she knew her new address, so she was beside herself with joy when she got a letter telling her that she was now living in Australia, was married, and had just given birth to a daughter, so Pat was now a grandmother.
The letter contained Alice’s telephone number. Pat rang Alice immediately and it took a long time to prise them apart. (The bill for that call was astronomical but it was worth every penny just to see the happy smile and gleam in her eyes). I knew that it would be no more than a few days before she was telling us that she wanted to go and see her daughter and granddaughter. To celebrate the news, Jean and I took our new Granny to bed, so I am still happily pleasuring Granny.
Three weeks later Pat flew to Melbourne, It was two months before we saw her again, but what a reunion that was. She had really enjoyed being with her real family, but her having to be celibate for that length of time was not easily endured and by hell did we have to make up for her abstinence.
Date: August 1982
Jean had spent a great deal of time searching through ‘contact’ magazines for, as she put it, ‘soul mates’. People like us who think and feel as we do! I wasn’t so sure this was a good idea, but she wanted to look, so she did. She struck ‘gold’, and I do mean ‘gold’. It had taken her about three months to find what she wanted but the time did seem to have been well spent.
She had found a married couple who wanted to ‘expand their horizons’, but in a limited, and of course safe, fashion. She: 32, 5ft.8ins, 8st 10lbs slim body, auburn hair, 36-24-36. He: 6ft, 12st 6lbs, slim & fit.
Over the next month some details were exchanged. It was a slow process, as all mail had to go through the magazine’s post box system to ensure security of personal addresses. She was the personal assistant to the MD of an electronics company and He was a building maintenance manager for a housing association.
Telephone numbers were exchanged and things began to move. They said that they were quite happy with their sex life with each other, but she had been looking at some porn that he had obtained, and she ended up desperately wanting to experience lesbian sex. He was all for it as long as he could watch and if this meant finding a couple as ‘swinging partners’ then so be it (I’ll bet he was salivating at that possibility!)
They had been looking for a couple who were ‘clean and discreet’ and had had no luck. Lots of response but nothing they fancied chancing their luck on. What was nice was that they were in the same region of the country as ourselves so travel would not be a problem for them and it was certainly not a concern for us.
Jean asked them to pick somewhere they were comfortable with where we could have an initial meeting. She also asked them for the name of a large hotel where we could stay ‘should the need arise’. We would be happy to meet in a public place any day/time they chose and only once we had met and learned a little about each other would we move on to the next stage. We did suggest that Friday evening would be a good time for the first meeting, because if we did feel that we were compatible, the hotel would come into play.
It all went surprisingly smoothly: name, and location, of hotel, name, and location, of large pub, and time of meet came almost immediately, as did description of husband, he would not be hard to find.
We met. She was a pretty woman, demurely dressed, but very obviously shapely. He was a handsome bloke. Two hours in and we knew it was going to be a success. It really wasn’t hard getting them to accept the fact that there were three of us. Pat and Jean were the prizes for both of them and she seemed quite relaxed at the prospect of eventually being a prize for me.
They were a little uncertain about moving to the next ‘stage’ immediately until I revealed the rest of the agenda. We were going to pay for them to stay at the same hotel that we had booked into some three hours before our meeting time. If they agreed, I would give them two hundred pounds to cover the bill, they could book in while we remained outside the hotel so we would still not know their names, nor would we be associated with them, we couldn’t be more discreet. I would also give them Pat & Jean’s room number so that they could contact them if and when they were ready to move on. I had booked into a separate room, one floor down but, such is life.
At 10:30 that evening the ‘phone rang in Pat & Jean’s room, It was he. “My name is Brian and my wife’s name is Sally. We’d like to go ahead, this evening.” This did surprise us a little as we thought we’d hear nothing until the morning. I was in Pat & Jean’s room for what-ever was on offer, so at the moment the ‘phone rang Pat was astride me and just inserting the head of my cock into her lovely warm and wet vagina. I knew it was warm and wet as I had very recently had my tongue deep within it.
Sally was to come to Pat & Jean I would go to Brian if he would please reveal the number, he did, and the move went ahead. Once with Brian I explained that as this was about Sally’s sexual desire being realized, we would stay away for an hour to give them time to relax her and prepare her, then we would join them so that he could watch his wife being taken up to a full, woman on woman, climax.
I did remind him that the second half of this evenings event was that he was getting the opportunity to fuck either, or both if he had the stamina, of my companions while I enjoyed his wife and I certainly did have the stamina.
He got his wish. When we entered the room Sally was writhing and bucking on the bed. I was right in my observations in the pub’, she had a beautifully shaped body and lovely thighs. We undressed and watched for a while, Brian’s cock grew to a full erection and he was having trouble breathing normally then, with Jean’s soft breast pressed against her mouth, Sally came against Pat’s mouth.
As she shuddered to a more relaxed state Pat moved away and both Sally and Brian were surprised as I immediately climbed on to Sally, inserted my cock into her dripping sex, and slid slowly into her. I heard Brian exclaim that Sally wouldn’t be able to take all that, then, as my cock slid further inside her, Sally opened her eyes wide and said “Fucking hell! How big are you?”
“Big enough to make you come again and cum again, I hope.”
We took each slowly and gently, Sally so that she could adjust herself to my width and rhythm, and me because Sally really was something to look at and, me being a breast fanatic, her breasts really were peaks of perfection and I wanted to fondle them for a long time.
Brian didn’t get chance to watch for long because Pat and Jean dragged him to the other bed, Pat lay down and demanded to be fucked. She was, but Brian had a lot to learn about pacing himself so poor Jean had to wait until I recovered a little from sorting Sally’s sexual demands out, then I fucked her as they watched, because Brian had been well and truly drained by Pat.
All lust sated, we discussed the next step. Were they up for more in a long-term relationship with us? It was a very definite, yes. Then we would like to exchange full names addresses. We found that they lived just over 10 miles away from us; they were a real find.
We told them that we were quite happy to pay their travelling costs for this weekend as they had had to travel fifty miles to ensure their anonymity in this first meeting. We would also like to take them to our home and ensure one day of complete privacy, and anything goes with anyone. We were offering sexual freedom without having to worry about noise, or clothes. They could then really appreciate what we were about to offer them in terms of sexual experiences.
They agreed. We managed a short sleep and then we took them home and indulged in a good fuck-fest, Brian even managed to enjoy both Pat and Jean, but I knew he wanted to do all three. He did eventually but it took him five weekends of practice before he achieved it. It was OK by me; I got to screw a gorgeous creature all to myself until he was able to keep his erection after nailing Pat & Jean.
Date: September 1987
Brian rang, He’d been made redundant and so had to start job hunting which meant they couldn’t afford the time or money to come for the, now, routine, weekend visits. We now treated Sally and Brian as part of the family and we really did enjoy their company, on more than just a sex and lust level.
I told Brian to stay near the ‘phone and I’d call him back, called the ladies, told them the news and then asked them what they felt about me getting them to come and live here. We could set Brian up in a self-employed roll as our house maintenance manager, to make him feel better, and Sally could commute each day or, even better, she could be our house administrations manager.
We always hated the hassle of organizing maintenance and house cleaning when we travelled abroad for the winter. We could afford any amount of staff, but for rather obvious reasons we chose not to!
Brian was almost crying with gratitude when I put it to him, he knew finding another job was not going to be easy, but he had to wait until Sally got home and then ring me back.
Date: October 1987
Sally and Brian were installed. Sally did a marvellous job of ensuring that the house would be properly maintained when we were on holiday. She set up accounts for Brian’s business, as my estate manager. She managed all the boring details of running a household and life was great.
We indulged in sex at the drop of a skirt, or whatever else was impeding progress to ones intended target, breasts were fondled, cocks were sucked or masturbated on request, similarly, vaginas were stroked, licked, chewed, and impaled whenever someone’s inclination arose.
Date: November 1987
We took our ‘contractors’ with us for the winter break. A proper management company had been hired to oversee the work that Sally and Brian had ordered to be done. We had a huge villa to ourselves. We were supposed to have staff to look after us, but we gave the four of them the equivalent of a months’ wages each and told them what day of each week they should come and clean. No cooking, nothing. The villa came complete with car, so we ate out when and if we felt like it.
During that time Sally was introduced to anal sex. This started with gentle kissing and licking at her little puckered hole, then a little more, gentle, teasing, this time with a finger coated in lubricating oil, to finally watching her anus open thus allowing me to get a finger inside her took two days, but I was in no rush, I wanted her to enjoy the experience. Two more days of constant attention and finally I was allowed to insert my condom-covered cock into her delicious bottom. I was aided in all this because Pat and Jean wouldn’t leave Brian alone, they screwed him silly.
He was in heaven and didn’t know that I was there as well! I restricted my activities to only having anal sex with Sally, no vaginal activity at all, for a week. By the end of this period she admitted that although she’d been intrigued at the prospect, she had been extremely reluctant at first, the slow build-up before any penetration had actually been really pleasant and now she wanted it on a regular basis, but would I now, please, fuck her brains out?
She was a busy woman, Brian had been taught all about anal sex by Jean, with Pat’s help, although Pat didn’t do anal sex she certainly knew what went where, and when. So first chance he got he dragged Sally into an empty room and showed her what he’d learned. He was happy, she was delirious, and I fucked Pat to her climax before putting Jean on her side, lying behind her, sliding my cock into her bottom and then playing with her breasts until my cock went really rigid and I came inside her rectum and then went to sleep.
It was time for Jean’s birthday treat. I sat on an upholstered, tall-backed chair, Brian and Pat hauled Jean over to me, turned her back to me, then positioned her anus over my cock and forced her down on to it. As soon as they were satisfied that my cock was firmly inside her they brought Sally in to the room. She watched as I put my arms around Jean and fondled her breasts then slid my legs forward slightly so that Jean was now leaning back against me, Brian and Pat parted Jean’s knees and Sally was asked to kneel between them, the rest was left to her imagination.
It wasn’t long before I was fucking Jean’s bottom as Sally ate her vagina and then inserted fingers into it as she chewed on Jean’s clitoris. Pat was lying on her back behind Sally with her face hard up against Sally’s vagina until suddenly both Jean and Sally were moaning and writhing. Pat got up, pulled Sally away from Jean and told Brian to get his cock into Jean and give her all he’d got.
He did, Jean lasted all of fifteen minutes before she screamed and forced herself off my cock to a standing position. She pushed Brian away, grabbed my hand, hauled me upright, shoved me onto a sofa, got astride me, and lowered her vagina down my shaft until it was completely inside her. She told me to slide my backside forward, then she leant forward onto my chest and told Brian to fuck her anus; He did.
It was wonderful to be inside a woman with the pressure of another cock against mine as she came and came and came, until finally she was spent and so was Brian, he’d been Cumming as she did.
Sally said that was what she wanted for her birthday treat. She got an early birthday present two days later!
I came across Sally reaching up to a bookshelf to take a book down. She was barefooted, standing on tiptoes and stretching for the book, the hem of her, already short, skirt was half way up her buttocks and she was most definitely not wearing anything under that skirt.
I reached round her and fondled her breasts and suggested that she should hold onto the shelf for a moment, which she did, I suppose she’d guessed what was about to happen because she spread her legs, making it easy for me to release one breast so that I could release my cock from the confines of my shorts.
I released the other breast and then spread her soft bottom and inserted my offering into her back door. Once I was comfortably inside her, I returned my hands to her breasts. She would never wear that blouse again because I wanted to feel flesh and I already knew that there was no bra’ under the blouse and the buttons offered no resistance when I pulled.
I now had Sally impaled on my cock with her breasts firmly gripped, so I took a step backwards to remove her grip on the shelf. I now had the full weight of Sally’s body bearing down my erection and she was unable to do anything about it.
“Oh fuck, that is such a fucking turn on, turn round Tim.”
Brian had entered the room and seeing his wife dangling from my cock he was about to join in. In a few seconds, he was naked and standing in front of his wife who was asking him not to do what he was so obviously about to do.
There was no way he was about to stop and Sally became the centre part of a sandwich as he entered her vagina. Brian is the same size as me so he put his arms around Sally and my and we began to fuck her. Her feet were off the floor and two erections were pumping in and out of her passages.
The feeling of his cock rubbing against mine through the membrane separating her vagina from her anal passage and rectum was fantastic and if anything, it made me even more rampant. I now know that he experienced the same sensations.
I had been forced to release Sally’s breasts and put my hands round Brian in order to be able to thrust up into her bottom, it was worth it for the extra sensations my cock was receiving. Pat and Jean came in from their shopping trip and merely stood to watch for a few minutes before disappearing into the kitchen and preparing afternoon tea and cakes and then smacking both our bottoms to ‘encourage’ us to stop.
We did as ordered and Sally immediately went upstairs, reappearing some ten minutes later in a dressing gown.
“Nobody gets any sex from me for the rest of the day, I have never before, climaxed so often in one session and I couldn’t think or speak, all I could see was waves of colour. It was wonderful, but it will be a long time before I want to experience it again, and I am so sore, neither of you apes thought about lubrication.
Holidays don’t come much better than that.
Date: April 20th 1999
Jean died in her sleep, Pat found her this morning when she went to see if she would like breakfast. She’d been in bed with ‘flu for three days and just never recovered.
It was a very quiet and sober house for the next three weeks, but, we move on and Jean will never be forgotten.
Date: May 2002
Sally and Brian are still our contractors but no longer live in the house or participate in the ‘normal’ household activities as they are preparing to turn themselves into parents.
Date: September 2011
Pat was quite agog at seeing her story in print, she is 85 years old now, but still appreciates being invited to watch and give me an occasional hand job. She now has her own bedroom again in order to make room for her (divorced) daughter to share mine, and, as her daughter is living here with her daughter, I am still pleasuring Granny.
I decided not to write part three up to the present day as all the people concerned are very much alive. Sally and Brian are quite happy about my writing Parts 1 & 2 as they can’t be identified from the contents, but, the remainder became increasingly concerned about their exposure and I agreed with them that if I was around, the likelihood of anyone in this area who has read my story realizing where we were was high. Therefore, I was going to remove myself from the scene. I’ve had a fantastic life and wanted to make sure that no one suffered on my account.
This part of my story ends with my having split all my/our assets equally amongst the group. I sold the house and we moved to somewhere warm. Once everything was settled, I moved away. I ring regularly to keep up with their lives but I don’t interfere.
I now own a cottage; actually, it was an ex-farmhouse in a remote location by the sea. I bought it at an auction and as no one wanted a remote farm next to the sea, it was relatively cheap. It came with an old, but serviceable Land Rover, parked in a barn behind the house, which also has my motor home parked in it. Electricity is laid on and I have ‘phone and broadband, my water is pumped from a deep well. It is twenty miles to the nearest town and my nearest neighbour is half a mile away. I love it.
However, events would soon unfold to prove that although my life may have changed, “Pleasuring Granny” has merely taken a new direction.
Date: July 2013
Three weeks after moving into my cottage, I met my next-door neighbour and she is some woman. She is 5’ 9″, slim, short hair, with, as I soon discovered, a pair of small, firm breasts on a hard, agile, body. I did notice a missing finger and a crooked finger on her left hand, but other than that, she looked in fine shape.
I had been sitting outside with my laptop, reading a story from this site when she came up from the beach to say hello.
I had had no idea that anyone was around so, being startled, I just turned round to face her and forgot to close the screen.
We did the usual exchange of names; hers is Brenda. When I told her that I was now the owner of the cottage she told me that she was my neighbour. She did not mess about which was refreshing; she was straight forward and to the point.
I soon learned that she lived with her daughter who worked for a cruise company and therefore was absent for long periods. She had some very good friends in the South, but preferred to live where she did although the remoteness was sometimes a downer, as she did rather like a little company occasionally.
I hadn’t noticed that she could see the screen until she stared at it and finally sat beside me and read until she exclaimed:
“Wow, do you have any more like that?”
I showed her the website and how to choose a story to read then I waited until she’d glanced through a few after which she was looking flushed and kept running her tongue over her lips.
“Are you shocked?”
“No I’m not shocked, obviously I knew that there was tons of porn on the web but I never knew that it was also in text form from peoples own imaginations, that is very erotic.”
Once she’d recovered her composure, I admitted that I’d submitted two parts of a story and asked if she’d care to read it. Of course, she would so I called it up and went to make some tea for us as she read it.
On my return, I received the 3rd degree.
“How old are you Tim?”
“Ha! I thought I’d found a toy-boy and it turns out I’m the toy. I’m 58. Are you married?”
“This will probably freak you out but I have to act now or chicken out. I like you, I’m not a slut, and I know we hardly know each other, but I haven’t had a man inside me for a long time and those stories have lit a fuse. There is no other way to say this and I’m now bloody desperate, would you please take me inside and demonstrate your ability to make a woman scream with pleasure?”
I would, I could, and two hours later, I had.
She had pulled her clothes off as soon as we got into the bedroom therefore I was presented with the view of a lovely tight backside, firm and pert which, for someone of her age, was good going. She had a hard body, but she was a needy, willing female, and I was going to possess her.
I shed my clothes, reached round her and fondled her breasts with my left hand until I felt her nipples stiffen; I could have hung my hat on them. With my right hand I’d stroked her flat stomach and then lower down to feel her completely smooth mound.
She was in front of a very erect penis, which was digging, between her tight bum cheeks. Oh, this brought back so many memories of past times. I had a lovely sense of impending penetration and she had her first inkling of what was to come!
I reached lower down with my right hand to press a finger against her clitoral hood and caress the pulsing bud beneath it. Brenda whimpered and pressed backwards against me.
“Please Tim, do it now, please.”
I hooked my fingers hard against her pubic bone then pressed her upwards and backwards so that the head of my rigid cock slid forward and raked across her anus and on towards her, by now, very moist vagina. That was when it finally dawned on her that what she was about to receive was more than she had bargained for.
She pulled forward and turned round to see my cock.
“Tim! It’s huge! I can’t take that.”
“I’ve heard that before, you can and you will, happily. I promise to go really slowly, I want to have this just as much as you do.”
Picking her up, I carried her to the bed then positioned myself above her; for the next 30 minutes I smelled, tasted, and chewed her warm sex and then teased her vagina by very slowly easing myself forward until I had half the length of my cock lodged firmly inside her.
Now the real pleasure began. I pumped in and out, getting deeper inside her with every thrust, the feeling of; once again, eating and then sliding into, a hot, wet, and eager vagina was wonderful.
She had shrieked, writhed, and moaned at first until she finally got used to the size of my cock forcing her vagina apart, after which she joined in eagerly. If I’d had any condoms and lubrication in the place, she’d have been shrieking about something else.
Maybe next time, if there was to be a next time, I’d be better prepared, so a trip to town was certainly necessary. It was when I nibbled a nipple that she gasped and then tensed before bucking and screaming through an enormous orgasm and collapsing, sobbing, beneath me.
We had a short, charged, rest, although I did make her keep hold of my cock until it responded to her stroking. Inevitably my cock stiffened an once I could no longer restrain my lust I rolled on top of her, prised her thighs apart and inserted what she wanted into what I wanted and we tried to make each other climax. It was a draw I pumped my semen into her hot, tight, hot, tunnel as she shrieked and wailed through another orgasm.
We had another, longer rest after which I took her downstairs. I had intended to make some refreshment but she had other ideas. She knelt and put my now flaccid cock into her mouth, then; gripping my backside; she proceeded to mouth fuck and suck me until she felt me responding.
As soon as the resultant erection was to her satisfaction she stood, turned round and bent over the back of the couch with her legs wide open. She didn’t say anything, words were not necessary; therefore once again I slid into that wonderful, tight vagina.
Just to show her that I could I took my time and enjoyed a long, slow fuck, but I was longing to grasp her hips and just pull her along my cock. I did However, manage to behave myself and leave that delight for another day.
We showered and dressed then sat outside and enjoyed coffee and cake in the afternoon sun.
“Honestly I don’t normally behave like that. That was my first screw for years.”
“That is a shame because honestly I behave like that every chance I get and my fuse doesn’t go out. I reserve that for a few friends though.”
“You have amazing stamina, I honestly expected you to be unable to do me from behind, it was lovely feeling you driving into me as if we’d just started, but I thought you said you’d been seriously ill?”
“I did.”
“Didn’t feel like it in there.”
“Which bit of “full recovery” did you not understand?”
“I suppose you’re wondering about my hand?”
“I’ve been wondering about more exciting parts of your body, but I assumed you’d tell me about it one day.”
“It was an accident at work caused by an idiot of a maintenance engineer not fastening everything he should have.
He said he’d finished the work, but he couldn’t have tested it because the locks were still in place. One of the team took the locks off and pressed down on the weights bar, there was a loud twang and a crack, and I was hit by a piece of metal.”
“That must have been a rough time, did you get compensation?”
“Oh yes, I couldn’t have been treated any better than I was, but I couldn’t do my job any more. I ended up with a very generous compensation package and a disability pension. We lived in a small two bedroomed town house in a poky street and I didn’t want to stay there although it meant leaving two very good friends behind.”
“I can’t be expected to concentrate if you keep crossing and uncrossing your legs!”
“Sorry. My daughter got a good job with a cruise line, when she was 19, and at 21, she was promoted and offered a place in the purser’s office on a liner. She was ready to face the world, I was 43 when she left home, I missed her terribly, but as I said, I have two wonderful friends who kept me sane. The accident happened two days after my 45th birthday. I moved up here two years later.”
So you’ve been here…11 years, yes?”
“Yes, and I love it, mind you the winters are a bit bleak although I’ve only been snowed in once. The old lady who used to live here was very pleased when I moved into my place because she could no longer drive so I used to take her Land Rover to do the shopping for both of us. It is far safer than my car on the ice.”
“It’s mine now, you can use it whenever you like.”
“Oh that is nice of you, thank you. Is that story of yours really true?”
“Yes it is, so now you know what I’m like. Can I take it that the past couple of hours are an indication that you’re happy to know me?”
“Oh yes. After that demonstration, I’m all yours. Those stories are so bloody erotic. I wish I had a computer now, it beats the crossword book.”
“If you like them so much you can come and borrow my laptop any time you feel in the mood, you already know the price!”
“I still feel charged up. Do you know I’ve never seen a cock that size before, can I hold it now?”
Could she? I could hardly get her into the house quickly enough, but soon it was in her hand and being brought back up to a solid shaft again and then her hot mouth was sliding down it until she gagged as the tip reached her throat.
She backed off at that point and concentrated on just bringing me off which she did superbly, but as I had my hands around the back of her head I’m afraid she had some swallowing to do.
“I was going to straddle you, but I’m too sore.”
“Never mind, if you’re willing there’s always another day and you do not have to ask permission to do anything of a sexual nature to or with me, you have full grazing rights.”
“I’m soaking.”
“I can do something about that.”
“Not today you can’t. I must go home now; my daughter will be ringing shortly to make sure I’m ok.”
“What’s your daughter’s name?”
“It’s Carol and I want to ask your permission to tell her that I think I’ve met a wonderful lover!”
“Well, it’s nice to know that you think I’m wonderful and I don’t mind, but why do you want to be so quick to tell her?”
“I have had no secrets from Carol since she was 16, I trust her, and as she sometimes arrives home unannounced it is better that she knows what she might be walking into.”
So saying she kissed me and hurried off before my beast kicked in.
Date: August 2013
Brenda walked into my cottage and stopped, she muttered “oh fuck” and dropped her shorts, which was nice as she didn’t have anything on underneath. She came to my chair, straddled me then grasping my now erect penis she placed it at her sex opening and lowered herself, slowly, onto me.
“Tim, Unnng, I, oo, oohaa, want to talk to you.”
“You are doing.”
“I want, Aaahg, to have a serious conversation and, ooug, I can’t concentrate with your cock, ooooh, buried inside me.”
“Well you’re the one that put it in there, I was calmly sitting drinking coffee until you arrived and stopped me.”
“What do you, UUGH, expect if you sit about in, oohh, the nude when you, Aaaggh, know you’re going to have a visitor?”
“Sex, but it was you who started it! Why is talk more important than that?”
“Please, stop stroking my clit and OOHH fuck, fuck, Nnaggh!!”
She gave up and concentrated on climaxing instead.
“Thank you my sexy lover, I enjoyed that. Now tell me, what was so important that you didn’t want what just happened, to happen?”
“Carol is coming home on Friday for two weeks before her next cruise and I want to prepare the ground because there are a few things I haven’t told you.”
“Should I be worried, scared, or subservient?”
“Don’t interrupt and please stop stroking my breasts, I have to concentrate. Carol and I are lovers! We have been since she was 16, and she seduced me, so don’t go all tut tut on me.”
“I am in no position to judge anyone over their sex lives.”
“She has a very close girlfriend called Pauline with whom she went to school. They started a lesbian affair, which then developed into a plan to seduce their mothers, then each other’s mothers, and it damned well worked. They were, and are, gorgeous and I was lonely and easy meat.
Because of my job I had certain skills that the girls wanted and that’s what gave me the idea to use Pauline to enable me to seduce her mom and then, hopefully, Pauline. Her mom was a push over for all of us, she was ready for soft, female tenderness, and she got it in spades! In fact, she was so ready that I had her before I had her daughter. We didn’t know about her problems with her husband until sometime later.”
I reached for, found, and caressed, a pert breast.
“Please, I have to tell you this story so you will understand the situation, it is true, and I think it would be a good one to publish on that website, I really would like to see it in print, but if you do decide to tell it, please change all the names and identifying features.”
I have done that. It forms Part 4 of Pleasuring Granny, and “Brenda’s Story” is the title. What else could it be?
I picked her up and sat her in an armchair with her legs over the arms such that she was displaying her beautiful, smooth pudendum and her tight little anal ring.
“I am now going to fuck you as you have probably never been fucked before. I won’t stop until I can’t raise another erection and even then, I will have your sex until you tell me I own your body. I knelt before her, licked her labia, and pressed my tongue into her sex until her bottom began to lift.
Moving up slightly I began assaulting her clitoris until it was bright red, swollen bud and then I began using my lips to nibble it. Brenda clasped my head to pull me hard against her sex, but I pulled away and moved down so that I could lick the puckered ring of her anus.
Brenda gasped, and then her bottom lifted slightly. I inserted a finger into her vagina to extract some of her juices, then applied it to her anus, and gently pressed. Again, she gasped and again her bottom lifted. I put my finger into her vagina once more and then applied more of her juices to her anus and as I pressed my finger against that little ring, I applied my mouth to her clitoris.
Her sphincter opened, my finger slid into her rear and I suck her clitoris.
Brenda shrieked, she wailed, she bucked, but she also grabbed my head and pulled it hard against her sex. I licked, sucked, and nibbled her dripping labia as I finger fucked her anal passage. Soon I was able to get two fingers into her back passage and I knew that she was completely mine.
I backed away from her and raised myself until I could insert my erection into her vagina and fuck her until she was moaning and sobbing for a rest. I had a rest and brought her a drink of fruit juice, but I insisted that she remained where she was because I wasn’t finished with her.
“Please Tim. I can’t take any more now. You can have me whenever you want; I want to have that done to me again.”
“Do I own you?”
“Yes. Oh Yes.”
“In that case you may get up. I feel that I should tell you that the only reason you’re not still being assaulted is that I don’t have any condoms here. If I had, you would be experiencing anal sex and it would have taken some time. You have a beautiful pudendum, but that bottom is very enticing and I promise you that I will have it and I also promise that you will grow to love having me do it to you.
Carol and Pauline, two lovely temptation centres over which a great many teenage boys were stroking their erections and fantasizing had also begun to experience strong sexual feelings. They had the great fortune to love each enough to spend many evenings together, exploring each other’s bodies and finding out what they liked or did not like.
It was about 8pm. The girls were in Pauline’s room, naked. Carol lay on the bed with her legs spread wide apart to enable Pauline to kiss her labia. She was also teasing the opening of her vagina with a finger, occasionally using it to stroke her clitoris. This treatment finally brought the result she was trying for. Carol climaxed for the second time that evening, her vaginal juices running freely. They were the perfect image of hot young females, sex in bloom.
Finally sated they showered and dressed then discussed the plan they were hatching. They desperately wanted to get themselves fucked, although they really enjoyed their sex sessions with each other they were also very much aware that better things could lay around the corner, and if they played their cards right, they could be experiencing them soon.
They had a wish list: First, to have sex with their mothers, and then try to be fucked by Brian, Pauline’s step-dad. There was also an option to be fucked by Pauline’s 20-year-old half-brother Tony, but they weren’t hopeful, as he never seemed interested in them. Their fantasies about sex games now had to the stage that demanded very, very, careful planning if their intentions were ever going to be realized.
Carol’s mother Brenda had been widowed when Carol was six, her husband had died in a ‘plane crash whilst in the air force and she had never remarried. She had tried to find a replacement, but the experience had soured her so she’d never looked at any man again. She had a decent job with a salary sufficient for their needs, there wasn’t much in the way of extras such as a car, but Brenda had a happy, beautiful, daughter and that was enough for her.
Pauline’s mom, Jean, was 40 years old. She had been divorced and had married Brian when her daughter was 4 years old. She had a very well paid career as a research chemist and could easily have looked after her daughter on her own but she had decided that a child really needed two parents. It was a decision she had regretted. Her husband Brian was 45 year old, was also a divorcee, and had custody of his son Tony, because his mother had been a drug addict. The two men rarely spent much time at home; they were always out at the weekends fishing or cycling and frequently out in the evenings at the sports club.
Carol had realized that her mom was lonely when she started getting more and more physical with her. She never missed a chance to sit close to her daughter or just stroking her in passing. If she was entertaining thoughts of a sexual nature, she was having more success than she realized because Carol was turned on by this behaviour and, because of her experiences with Pauline, she now thought that she could, and would, seduce her mother in the very near future.
Carol confided this to Pauline and was pleased on two counts:
One: Pauline wanted to help and she would love a chance to have Brenda. Two: Pauline wanted to have sex with her parents and would need all the help she could get. “We will have a super sex family said Carol, everybody will be satisfied, just think, sex on tap.”
Three days later the first part of the plan went into action.
It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, Carol had showered and dressed in a short skirt, and thin T-shirt then suggested that they watch a DVD. The one she chose had, as she well knew, some steamy lesbian scenes. They were sitting close together on the couch watching a woman licking a wet vagina when sure enough, Brenda’s hand slid gently onto Carol’s leg. A cue if ever there was one she thought.
“Mom, may I ask you a personal question?”
“Of course you can darling, what?”
“What’s it like to have sex? I know it is supposed to be nice, but I’ve heard girls say that it hurts and boys are so rough.”
Brenda was quiet for a moment then she asked Carol if she’d ever heard of girls having sex with each other.
“Yes I have, but that’s not real sex is it?”
“Sex is about two people giving and receiving carnal pleasure, they can be of the same sex. Don’t confuse sex for fun with the sex act for procreation. A woman can give tremendous pleasure to another woman without worrying about precautions against pregnancy and that helps one to relax and it certainly isn’t painful.”
“Mom, you sound as though you’ve had some experience of lesbian sex!”
“I have, it was some time ago, and I’m not ashamed to say that I really liked it. You have to do these things to find out if they are of interest to you as a person.”
Brenda slid her hand upwards until she was touching Carol’s bare arm then, in a strained voice, said:
“If you promise not to talk about this I’ll show you what I mean.”
A tingle of anticipation ran down the girl’s spine as she felt her vagina react to the thought.
“I promise mom, I won’t tell anyone, are we going to have sex?”
“Only if you want to my love, we’ll stop whenever you say, but I meant it when I said that you should try it before rejecting it.”
“I just wanted to say that maybe we should close the curtains if we’re going to get undressed, and I think we are.”
“Oh you thoughtful girl, do it, you close them, I have something to do.”
By the time Carol had closed the curtains Brenda had left the room and on return was wearing only her knickers, but clutching a small tube and was sitting on the couch again. She’s a 38-year-old woman with a slim figure; her small, firm breasts were in no need of any support, she had a firmly muscled and rounded rear, shapely hips, and slim legs. She was not a ravishing beauty but very easy to look at. Most of this was the result of working in a spa and gymnasium and being able to use the equipment free as the benefits of the job.
“I think you should be aware that clothing gets rumpled during this activity love.”
Taking the hint Carol removed her skirt then sat beside her mum who immediately slid a hand slowly up her thigh, over her stomach and up over her daughter’s chest to feel the soft mounds through the thin material.
“Oh love, I’ve thought about this moment for such a long time.”
Gently she fondled Carol’s right breast and then moved to caress her left breast, pausing only to lightly kiss her daughter as she did so. Taking hold of Carol’s hand, she placed it on her own, bare, breast and asked her to caress it and tweak her nipple. Carol happily did as she was asked, then leaned forward to suck both her nipples, which were now solid erections on her breasts. She began moaning softly so Carol quickly stood to remove her own T-Shirt and bra’ and then decided to take the initiative.
“Mom, please stand up and fondle my breasts.”
Brenda quickly did as she was asked. Mother and daughter were soon hugging, kissing, and caressing each other’s necks, breasts, and nipples until Brenda, no longer able to contain her desire, dropped to her knees and eased Carol’s knickers down over her hips.
“Are you going to put anything in me? I’m a virgin and I don’t want to lose my hymen, yet.”
“I will only use my tongue my love until you say I can use a finger and I certainly won’t take your virginity. You do know that your hymen has got one or more holes in it don’t you?”
“Yes but it can tear.”
“Only if it is roughly treated and even though a finger can often pass through it I’m not going to go that far'”
Carol didn’t wait for Brenda to tell her what to do, she was close to letting her mom know that she had a tiger on her hands so she lay down on the floor and placed a cushion under her bottom. Spreading her thighs wide and bending her knees, she placed the soles of her feet on the floor. Now mother could study daughter’s sex and have full and easy access to where she wanted to be. It would not be long before Carol would be where she, and Pauline, intended to be on a regular basis.
Brenda was in heaven. She licked and stroked her daughter’s sex; she teased her small anal opening and massaged her full, soft, breasts and nipples. Gently she eased Carol’s labia open to see the pink interior of her vagina then softly teased her clitoris with warm breath and a moist tongue. Next, she opened the tube of lubrication that she had secreted in a kitchen drawer in case she was ever lucky enough to find a sexual partner.
Spreading some lubrication onto her finger she then began running a moist, slippery, finger around the edge of Carol’s anus until it began opening then, lowering her head, she commenced to suck gently on her clitoris, at the same time slowly easing a finger past the first sphincter of Carol’s tight anus. Withdrawing her finger, she applied more lube on it then replaced it in Carol’s anus, but this time she pushed it a little further in until she reached the second sphincter then she stopped and concentrated on her daughter’s wet sex with her mouth. At the same time, she used her other hand to molest Carol’s now stiff nipples.
“Oh mom that’s fantastic, please, put it in, but slowly.”
Brenda came up for air smiling and gently did as she was asked, sliding her finger deep into Carol’s rectum. She kissed Carol at the same as she slowly finger fucked her. They stayed in this position for several minutes, each enjoying the sights, sounds and sensations that they were experiencing, but Brenda knew that the time had arrived for her to give her daughter a surprise. Moving her mouth back down to Carol’s swollen clitoris she sucked on it as she hooked her finger inside Carol’s rectum and twisted it. Carol climaxed with a gasp, grabbed her mom’s head, and pulled her face into her wet, pulsating, sex.
Brenda waited until Carol’s spasms subsided then told her to turn over. Once on her stomach Carol felt her buttocks being massaged and pulled gently apart until she knew her anus must be in full view of her mom’s gaze. She was right.
Brenda moved to get above Carol, legs either side of Carol’s head and face above her bottom she lowered her mouth until it was around Carol’s anus then she inserted her tongue into the wet hole and licked in and out. Carol’s anus widened a little more with each insertion and rotation of her mum’s tongue. After a minute or two of this, she removed her mouth, used the lube tube to coat her fingers and Carol’s rectal passage then inserted two fingers into Carol, and commenced to finger fuck her again. Carol bucked, moaned, and writhed until with one final gasp, she had another enormous climax and rolled over, forcing Brenda to lie on her back on the floor.
They lay there for a short while until Carol got onto her knees and began to caress her mom’s breasts and especially her nipples, which she now knew to be very sensitive. After a while, she kissed her mom and asked her how it was that she had had such an immense climax from the stimulation of her anus and rectum.
Brenda told her that there were more nerve endings in that area than there were in her vagina and if treated with love and tenderness would respond with pleasurable results.
“Does that only work for fingers and tongues, what about a man’s cock?”
“If he takes his time, is very patient and does it how you want it he could have you climbing the walls with lust and desire to get him inside either of your holes. Please my love, don’t be in a hurry to have a man, you have your whole life ahead of you and making a silly mistake now could ruin your future.”
It sounded good to Carol and now her vagina had ceased pulsing she was determined to have her mother, so without ceremony she dragged Brenda’s now soaking knickers off, pulled her thighs wide apart, and stared at her smooth, bald, vulva and labia. She kissed her way down Brenda’s Mons pubis and on to her sex then commenced to stimulate her into wave after wave of climaxes, they weren’t huge, but they were frequent. It took two hours to get her mom to plead with her to stop and allow her to rest and have some food. She had made a deal with her mom though.
Brenda had had to promise to get Carol’s vulva and labia completely bald. More to the point and a major part of the plot, she had agreed to do the same for Pauline. It had never occurred to Carol, prior to getting between her mom’s thighs, that this was the way for herself and Pauline to realize their all their desires, especially for Pauline to have her way with Brenda, by next week!
As Brenda lay in bed that night, she relived the events of the day and decided that she had no regrets about her actions. She had been surprised at the ease with which Carol submitted to her manipulations and concluded that, on balance, it was she who had been seduced and rather enjoyed the thought that she had been manipulated.
The next morning Carol had set off to cycle to Pauline’s house to go cycling for the day with Brian, Tony and Pauline so Brenda rang Jean, Pauline’s mother, and asked if she minded talking to her about a delicate, but to her mind, important matter concerning their respective daughters. Their girls had been close friends ever since they started school so they families knew each other very well. Jean was of course intrigued and said that as Brian and kids were out cycling and would be out for ages she would drive over straight away.
Once they’d settled with a coffee Brenda explained about Carol asking her to do a depilation on her and then being asked to do the same for Pauline, as part of a belated birthday present.
“I do that treatment regularly as part of my job, in fact I’ve done it on myself, and Carol has seen the result and wanted to try it. What I am uncertain about is doing it to someone else’s daughter without consent from her parents. I know we’ve been friendly for years but that doesn’t give me any rights over your daughter.”
Jean was quiet for a while and then said:
“I realize this is delicate but, why did you remove all your pubic hair?”
“Not just pubic hair, all around that area and round my nipples. Because it is so much more comfortable and healthy, especially in hot weather and does allow you a far greater choice of light underwear.”
Jean seemed more interested in Brenda’s hair removal than anything else did.
“I know this might sound intrusive, but I’ve never seen what a fully shaven vulva looks like, I just have to ask if you would show me, especially as I have to decide whether or not to allow Pauline to have it done.”
“Oh I’m not shy said Brenda.” She stood up and asked Jean to follow her upstairs as she didn’t want to bare her all in the lounge.
In the bedroom, Brenda removed her clothing so that Jean could see what the effect of a hairless body was.
The effect was startling! Jean stared at Brenda and said:
“Oh Brenda, you’re gorgeous! Obviously I know you that you look good in clothes, but I really never thought about how you look naked, you look a damned sight better than me.”
Brenda smiled a thank you and said that she didn’t believe for one minute that she looked better than Jean in the nude, but a little tingle ran down her spine and her vagina suddenly made its presence felt.
“I take it that you’ve kept your pubic hair, but do you at least trim it? I know it’s a delicate subject, but considering our present situation I presumed you wouldn’t mind.”
“Of course I don’t mind, look, you do this sort of thing for a living; I think I’d like your professional guidance.”
Jean blushed and then said that although she was nervous she was rather beginning to enjoy this morning. Quickly, she stripped her clothing off and revealed that she also had a very shapely figure for a 39-year-old woman. She had also revealed a very hairy pubic area, of which she was suddenly beginning to feel ashamed.
Brenda’s pulse quickened as she thought to herself, never mind the professional job, I want this woman and now is the time to let her know it. She placed herself in front of Jean and cupped her full breasts.
“Let’s start at the top.”
Her fingers just gently brushed over Jean’s nipples, which immediately began to rise.
“You have a few hairs around your aureole which should go.”
Dropping to her knees she ran her hands down over Jean’s torso, especially her soft tummy, and then slowly down to her pubic mound.
Jean was now breathing heavily.
“Well you know that forest needs removing. Open your legs.”
Brenda smiled as Jean speedily complied then, lowering a finger down to Jean’s vulva, drew it across the swelling to feel the moistness that was present.
“You need a good moisturiser cream and a regular massage.”
Again, she gently teased Jean by drawing a finger across her vulva until it just reached the tip of her clitoral sheath.
“I honestly think you would be better off with it all off.”
A sudden sexually charged thought crossed her mind;
“I do believe it is also appreciated by lovers as well although I only have that on hearsay.”
Jean was looking hot and had a glazed expression so Brenda took the bull by the horns and decided to force the issue that was now obviously occupying both of their minds. She said that the main idea had been for her to view Brenda’s hairless pubic mound and pudendum so that she could decide about the question of Pauline’s depilation. So saying she moved to the bed, lay down across the width and spread her legs wide to reveal her smooth labia, she then bent her knees up so that her anus was also in full view.
Jean gazed at the view for a minute or two then said, in a strained and unsteady voice;
“That is so erotic I could kiss it. I’d like you do that to me.”
“Kiss you?”
Jean blushed.
“I meant remove my bush.”
“Oh, ok, but feel how lovely and smooth it all is, no clothing is going to snag on there and perspiration is nothing to speak of.”
Jean felt all that was on offer and was lost! Her trial feeling was definitely turning into an explorative expedition. She was now at the top of a very exciting and joyous slope, she just didn’t know it.
Brenda stood up and started to dress.
“I think a light lunch is in order now, it is going to be a full afternoon” I shall have you….as smooth as a billiard ball by the time you leave here. What about Pauline?”
“Yes I think she must have it done as well. Will she go through the same process as me?”
“Do you mean looking at my sex and feeling it to see if she wants to have it done?”
“Jean, I rather think our daughters are ahead of us in this game.”
She paused for this to sink in.
“I have a feeling I’ve been manipulated by my daughter, but I do think they’ll discuss and sort out their own texture testing.”
After lunch, the kitchen table was turned into a work bed and Jean soon lay on it in the nude. Brenda had all her own tools and worked rapidly and efficiently to get Jean’s body hair off her breasts, torso and all the nooks and crannies of her vulva with Brenda making sure it was made as erotic and arousing as possible.
“This next bit is a little invasive Jean; let me know if you feel uncomfortable.”
Having said that she commenced to remove every hair from around Jean’s anus, making very sure it was as gently intrusive as she could. Jean’s anus was her total undoing, by the time Brenda had finished Jean was sobbing and begging Brenda to relieve her. Brenda placed her mouth over Jean’s anus and pressed her tongue against the puckered hole until she felt it open slightly. Removing her mouth she told Jean that she was about to instigate sex with her, was that what she wanted. Jean merely nodded.
Brenda got Jean off the table and led her upstairs onto her bed then she very slowly and deliberately placed herself over Jean in the 69 position. Lowering her face to Jean’s sex, she let Jean make up her own mind about what she wanted to do.
It became apparent that what Jean wanted to do was eat Brenda from her vulva upwards.
They licked, probed, sucked, and chewed each other for a very wet hour before Jean was allowed to experience what she had been seeking and climaxed in one shattering convulsion and collapsed in a wet heap. Eventually they allowed the world back into their consciousness and swiftly showered and dressed. Just before leaving, Jean asked Brenda if she was one of a queue.
“Fair question Jean love, no you’re not. I had sex with my mum ten years ago, twice, both times after I treated her to a depilation; I never knew she had turned after dad died.”
She thought for a moment and then said:
“I think I should warn you that I honestly believe Pauline is going to try and seduce you. Carol did with me and I didn’t try to stop her because, quite apart from wanting it to happen, I think that it is wiser to guide them through their sexual experiments and desires rather than not know what they get up to while they sort it all out.”
“Has Carol had sex with you?”
“Yes Jean she has, yesterday. Think what you will, I’m glad she chose stranger rather than some male, female or me and with me she still has her virginity. If Pauline tries to seduce you, I really believe you should let her. I’m sure the girls know a lot more than the basics about lesbian sex and if this afternoon is anything to go by I reckon you’ll both be happy people.”
“I probably will have sex with Pauline but I do want to do this with you again Brenda, soon, and probably often. I can’t remember when, if ever, I’ve had such an enormous orgasm.”
“I actually envy you your chance to have a stiff cock inside you whenever you want, I’m not a confirmed lesbian, I used to enjoy heterosexual sex until Peter died, but until Carol breached the dam yesterday I’ve not had any sex for years and now I look forward to enjoying both you and Carol occasionally.”
“Not occasionally Brenda, regularly, I promise. I will have Pauline and I think it would be fantastic if we can get the girls with us for a regular foursome. I’m beginning to get turned on by the mere thought of that happening, it does sound exciting. Just think. A few hours ago I was a total innocent and now I can’t wait to have my own and someone else’s daughter in my bed.”
Jean pushed her hand down inside her skirt and felt the smoothness and the dampness, Wow I must go home to see if this has any effect on Brian, and I’ll ring you with results, Bye!”
She was gone and Carol came downstairs with her clothes off and a tube of lubrication in her hand.
“I’ve been home ever since you two were in the shower, now I want some pressure release and the full, unedited version, of events!”
As she spoke she was undoing Brenda’s blouse, that accomplished she removed it then cupped her mom’s breasts and gently licked her nipples until they were erect and Brenda was moaning softly. Next, she undid her mom’s skirt and removed that then quickly slid her knickers over her hips and down her silky smooth legs. Kneeling before her mother, she put her hands between her legs and raised them up towards her vulva. Pressing her hands outwards as she did so made Brenda open her thighs thus enabling Carol to lean forwards and smell her. Brenda was totally unresisting, and when Carol then asked her to sit and hook her legs over the arms of the seat so that her thighs were wide apart, Brenda knew she was going to climax yet again. As soon as Carol has her in the position that she wanted she pressed her face against Brenda’s vulva and inserting her tongue as far she could.
Brenda tried to concentrate on telling Carol about the day’s events but the treatment her daughter was giving her made it impossible. She gave up and pulled Carol’s face hard against her soaking sex. Thirty minutes later Brenda was on her back on Carol’s bed with Carol above her, stroking and kissing her breasts, her stomach and her labia before pressing her sex over Brenda’s mouth.
She had placed her arms between Brenda’s legs and forced them apart and back to expose her vagina and anus to what was to become a sustained onslaught, at the same time doing her utmost to stop Brenda from getting a third finger inside her anus. She failed, two very exhausted, and gloriously sated women slept in each other’s arms until the alarm clock heralded the start of a whole new day and probably a whole new life.
What they didn’t know was that although the first part of the girl’s plan had proved to be very effective, the timescale had shortened considerably.
When Jean got home, she was surprised to find her family had returned early because Tony had a badly lacerated leg, he hit a tree root in a wood and parted company with his bike. It didn’t take Jean long to realize that Carol must have been at home for some time, almost certainly during the time she and Brenda had been showering, so she must have heard all that had been said.
Jean managed to get Pauline alone for a few minutes and told her that she had got Brenda to depilate her, that she had given permission for her to have it done.
“Oh mom that’s fantastic! Oh thank you. Before we set off for our ride Carol showed me her vulva, wow it’s smooth.”
Realization struck her:
“Mom, you’re smooth down there as well, can I see? Can I feel? Does dad know?”
“Yes you can see and feel it, no your dad doesn’t know, yet. You and I need to have to have a very serious talk and very soon so think of a reason why we should get out of the house for an hour.”
“I know!”
She ran into the lounge.
“Dad, is it ok for mom to take me to Carol’s place? I’ve left some collage books there and I must do some revision this evening?”
“Well if your mom doesn’t mind taking you, you don’t need my permission, but don’t be late for dinner, Tony and I would like to go to the club.”
Pauline slid a couple of books under her coat and out they went.
Once in the car they drove a few streets away and parked.
Jean told Pauline that she had just had sex with Brenda. Then she told her that she knew all about the plan to seduce her, which was fine with her as she was looking forward to it. She said that she’d never touched a woman in a sensual way and had been shocked at how quickly she’d succumbed to the lust that Brenda had aroused in her and how much she had loved it. She then told her that Brenda knew that Pauline and Carol were having sex with each other and had guessed that Carol had told Pauline that she and Brenda had had sex together.
“It would seem to me that a natural progression from the current situation is for you and Brenda to have sex with each other, then if Carol agrees, for me and Carol to have sex, and after that we’ll be able to indulge with whoever we want, even group sessions. Have I missed anything out?”
Pauline sat quietly, pink faced and wide eyed. Jean smiled, and then leaned forward to kiss her.
“I love you daughter dear and if you love me as much then we may as well show each other just how much we care. I’m really flattered that you want to get into my knickers and I’ll tell you now, it won’t be long before that happens because I want to get into yours.”
“Mom, I do love you and I do want to have sex with you, but don’t think I’m a lesbian, what I really want is a man inside me for the first time, I have to know what that’s like. I’m not going to do it with just anyone, but I know who I want to do it with.”
“Is that a secret or can you tell me who the lucky boy will be? I’m asking because I’m not happy about you having intercourse, you’re too young for that, and you know what the pitfalls are. You get pregnant, either that or he just wanted a trophy screw, and then he’s gone.”
“This one won’t do that mom and I am certain of that and I do know about contraception and the morning after pill so have no worries on that score.”
“Pauline I think this has to be brought to a head quickly, I want you to say that you feel ill in the morning then I’ll ring the college to say you’ll be absent and I’ll ring work to explain that you’re ill and I’m staying home to care for you.”
“Mom that’s brilliant! Are we going to have sex?”
“Yes love, we are. I want you to show me everything you know and everything you’ve got, OK?”
“OH yes mom, OK! But you’re lovely and smooth around your sex and I have hair around mine.”
“You’ll not have that for long my love and then the fun really starts. Let’s get home now as we have a very busy day tomorrow.”
Morning finally arrived and the first part of the plan was carried out. Brian and Tony set off to their respective workplaces; Carol was rung on her mobile to alert her in case any questions came up at school.
Now they were ready!
“They headed straight upstairs to Pauline’s room where she had the honour of removing her mother’s clothes, not that there were many as she hadn’t seen the point of wearing any underclothes. Once undressed her daughter fondled her breasts and kissed her then slowly ran her hands over Jean’s body until she reached her smooth sex slit.
“Oh that is so smooth and sexy. Open your thighs mom.”
As Jean did so, Pauline knelt before her and licked her labia and into her clitoral hood, then before Jean could react she stood and removed her dressing gown and pyjamas. Jean she knew she had a beautiful daughter, but had never appreciated just how sensational she was, and her knees suddenly went weak from desire. She reached for her daughter and fondled every bit of her gorgeous body then quickly got her to lie on the bed so that they could lay together and see, feel, taste, smell, then finally, finally, have their respective sex organs against their respective mouths.
Daughter wriggled, moaned, and worked around until she was underneath mother with her head between her soft thighs and she could smell the aroma of her aroused sex. From there she had a perfect view of her mom’s smooth hairless sex and anus, which, surprisingly, she wanted to interfere with first. Pauline knew where her parents kept the lubricant in their room so she’d transferred it to her room earlier. Reaching under the pillow for it, then smearing her finger with some she proceeded to kiss and lick Jean’s anus and then run her oily finger around her sphincter until it relaxed sufficiently to allow her access to her mother’s inner recess.
It didn’t take much time to remove her finger, squirt a little oil into her mom, then recoat her finger and this time insert it all the way up her rectum and finger fuck her as Jean sucked and licked her vagina into a shattering climax. Pauline came at the same moment as Jean, and they drowned the noises they were making, in each other’s sex orifices.
The rest of the day went past in pretty much the same way except that Pauline found out that Jean had learned a trick or two from Brenda that she hadn’t known and that her mom was a very turned on woman, life was beginning to look being very exciting and exhausting,
As they tidied up the house before the men got home Jean let Pauline know that she intended to try Carol and Brenda together and as she hoped it to happen when Pauline was having her depilation treatment then there could soon be a foursome in the scenario.
It was pouring with rain on the Saturday and extremely windy. Brian and Tony had planned a cycle ride but obviously that was no longer an option so they were particularly grumpy and short tempered. Making certain that Brian and Tony could hear her, Pauline asked her mother if today was a good day to have Carol’s mom show Jean and herself how to do the “special exercises” to keep them fit.
Obviously today would be an excellent day for the exercises so Jean rang Brenda, and within the hour, they were on their way, leaving the two men to do whatever they fancied. The men were suddenly a great deal more cheerful than they had been previously.
When Jean and Pauline arrived, they found that Brenda and Carol were wearing bathrobes. They were also looking a little flushed, which led Jean to believe that they had been having a warm up session. They also had hot drinks waiting so the four of them sat and chatted, but the atmosphere seemed a little tense until Brenda laid down some ground rules for what lay ahead:
1. First names only when with each other. 2. Always respect each other’s boundaries. 3. This is a terraced house so please keep the noise levels down or the neighbours may want to join us. On one side is a police sergeant and on the other side we have a member of the 7th Day Adventists church. That is no problem during the week but they were likely to be at home at weekends 4. We have two bedrooms, my partner and I will always use the one at the front, guess who takes the one at the rear. 5. If there is to be a group session it will take place down here.
“Does anyone have any questions? Yes Jean, what is it?”
“It’s not a question, but I’m thinking that this is hopefully going to take longer than an exercise session would do, so I’m going to ring Brian and tell him that we’ve decided to go into town and we’ll have lunch there. They can then do as they please and eat when they feel like it.”
“Good idea Jean, will they be happy with that?”
“Oh yes, they’re quite capable of entertaining and feeding themselves.”
Right then, let’s get ourselves sorted out, the agenda today is as follows:
Pauline and I will be busy removing her fluff; Jean and Carol already know what that entails so they will have to make their own amusement upstairs. After that we move into what will be our normal behaviour, which is; Do what you want when and where you want with whoever is available and willing, OK? Now let’s enjoy the day.”
Brenda put an arm around Pauline and led her into the kitchen, which had a large blanket and sheet covering it. She removed her robe revealing a lithe body with small, pert, breast from which her already erect nipples were protruding.
Without hesitation Pauline stepped forward to kiss Brenda and fondle her breasts, admitting that she had wanted this to happen for so long that she ached with desire. This was music to Brenda’s ears, but in her most professional tone Brenda instructed her to strip and then lie on the table.
“Business before pleasure young lady, first you have the treatment you need, then you get the treatment you want and I will make certain that I get the treatment I want. OK?”
“Oh most definitely OK”
Pauline climbed onto the table, lay back and lifted her bottom thus enabling Brenda to place a pillow under her, and then, over each leg, she slipped cloth slings over her legs which were then attached to cords hanging from the laundry drying rack suspended from the ceiling, raising the rack lifted Pauline’s legs high and wide apart.
“That will stop you having to strain to keep your legs in the air.”
It would also serve another purpose, but she would only learn that fact later on.
Brenda commenced her work.
As Brenda and Pauline left the room Carol moved behind Jean and pressed down on her shoulders to prevent her from standing. She slid her hands down the inside of Jean’s blouse and under the material of her bra’ to feel the soft, smooth, swelling flesh of her breasts and to rub her fingers over already aroused nipples.
“I know that Pauline is desperate to get mom onto a bed, I know that she knows that I am equally as desperate to have you. I am having great difficulty in preventing myself from ripping your blouse off so I think we’d better do as mom suggested and go upstairs.”
She removed her hands from under Jean’s blouse and led the way to her bedroom. On entering she dropped her robe and turned to find that Jean had discarded her blouse and bra’ on the way upstairs and had already undone her skirt fastenings. Reaching out, she cupped Jeans breasts and kissed her. She did not resist when Jean cupped her breasts and kissed her nipples before moving a hand down her body to feel her vulva and then forcing her backwards onto her bed then rapidly pushed her mouth to her sex and commenced lapping her juices and insinuating her tongue into her vagina. Jean moved to straddle her and pressed her vulva down so that Carol had no choice but to eat her best friend mum’s labia and suck on the pink clitoris now exposed.
This was raw sex from a very aroused and needy woman. Carol loved it. She was being devoured and for her part she had the delicious Jean’s sex at her mouth and the aroma of Jean’s arousal was all she had dreamt it to be. She came; suddenly, violently, and despite her mothers’ warning, noisily. She almost fainted because the sensation was so strong.
Jean rolled of her and turned around to kiss and fondle her breasts as Carol murmured that she wanted to do that again and again.
“I’ve had many orgasms with Pauline, but none of them ever came close to the one I’ve just experienced. Please do it again.”
“I’m afraid it’s your turn to finish me off, you came so quickly I was just starting and I desperately wanted to come on your face.”
Carol needed no second bidding. She had straddled Jean and forced her legs apart before the sentence was fully out of her mouth. She quickly had a finger in Jean’s anus and her mouth hard against Jean’s vaginal passage while at the same time forcing her sex against Jean’s mouth exactly as it had been done to her. The result was the same, Jean exploded into a climax that almost shook Carol off her, but by grasping Jean’s thighs she managed to ride out the storm until Jean subsided into a soaking satiated heap. The two happy females lay cuddled together on Pauline’s bed and drifted off to sleep.
Meanwhile, back on the kitchen table, Brenda had completed the enjoyable task of producing a very smooth, and extremely aroused, Pauline. She had confirmed that both results had been achieved and was now seated at the table with her head between two deliciously soft thighs, her tongue lapping furiously into and around Pauline’s labia and clitoris.
Pauline was writhing, moaning, and thoroughly enjoying the experience of sexual torture, because that was what she was enduring. Brenda had fixed soft cords under her table and had looped the free end around one wrist, then done the same on the other side; Pauline was well and truly at Brenda’s mercy because of the procedure carried out on Pauline’s legs prior to commencing her treatment.
Brenda tasted, nibbled and chewed Pauline for long, delicious, minutes before lowering her sights slightly and licked gently around Pauline’s little, puckered, anal orifice. Changing tactics she placed her lips against the opening, which was forming and kissed it, and then she placed her mouth over it and sucked before inserting her tongue and driving Pauline into a frenzied plea for release.
The release she craved was granted, Brenda stopped her onslaught. Standing up, she moved to the side of the table and climbed onto the table then straddled Pauline’s head she lowered her sex onto Pauline’s mouth, and once she felt her labia being nibbled, she leaned forward onto her forearms and lowered her mouth to Pauline’s soaking sexual orifice.
The two rampant women spent around 15 minutes devouring each other before Pauline’s orgasm swept through her and the force of the spasms caused her wrist restraints to come free from their fastenings under the table. Her first clear thought was retribution and to achieve this she wrapped her arms around Brenda’s thighs to prise them further apart.
Pauline’s mouth immediately locked onto the puckered hole in front of her then the chewing, sucking, and licking began. Brenda responded in kind but Pauline claimed victory because she removed her mouth and inserted two fingers into Brenda’s vagina, searched for, and found her ‘G’ spot Brenda’s reaction was an almost immediate orgasm of the same intensity that Pauline had experienced.
“That was fantastic, I loved it, even if you did torture me, but it wasn’t the way I expected it to be. I had been thinking about a long, slow, seduction on a big soft bed with lots of kissing and cuddling and exploring of our soft bits.”
“Pauline my love, that was exactly as I wanted it to go as well, but I’m afraid the situation rather got away from me. We will just have to try again. There will of course be plenty of occasions for that to happen.”
They decided that they should sneak upstairs and spy on the other two. Entering Carol’s bedroom proved to be a surprise as the occupants were fast asleep.
What do you do when you are in the room of two voluptuous and naked females and you are in the same category? You know they’ve been making love, you’ve been doing the same, and the sexual urge is still smouldering in your body. What do you do?
You decide to find out if the same state is present in the two sleeping forms, that’s what you do. Therefore, the two recumbent figures were gently stroked and fondled in various tender and sensitive parts of their lovely bodies. This was carried out in a slow and insidious manner until the two sleeping forms were on their backs with thighs apart and damp sex openings awaiting more attention.
Before taking advantage of the sleeping pair, Brenda and Pauline kissed and fondled each other until their own juices were flowing then Brenda mounted Jean and Pauline took Carol into the 69 position. Both sleeping women were gently roused and definitely aroused. The sex was long, hot and very intrusive, Partners were swapped until it was just a sex driven daisy chain writhing on a wrecked bed and at some stage a vibrator was inserted in several openings, but not into the vaginas of the two younger members of the group.
Eventually the women sorted themselves out. They showered and dressed before returning bedding and furniture to their normal state of tidiness’
Finally subject of food was broached and Jean announced that she was taking them into town for a meal.
“Hurry up and put some finery on we can all go to our place for Pauline and I to change, I’ll tell Brian that you bought some clothes, we’ve dropped those off at your place and now were off for a meal and girls night out. There expecting to feed themselves anyway so it won’t bother them.”
They were soon at Jean’s house and as they walked up the drive Jean commented that the men must have some friend over because there was a strange car parked there.
As they came from the entrance hall into the living room they entered a scene from a porn movie. A naked woman with legs wide apart was on their dining table being fucked by Tony, what was worse was that Brian had his cock sliding in and out of his son’s anus.
Before anyone had time to react the door of the downstairs toilet opened behind them and a voice said:
“Hello then, have we got fresh recruits? You’re good for surprises Brian; I didn’t think you could get hold of any talent at such short notice. I want to fuck the tall blonde girl first, come here love, and let me help you to get that kit off.”
Carol’s arm was grasped and she felt herself being pushed towards the couch she turned to see a huge naked man one hand on her arm and the other trying to grab Pauline.
He didn’t get far, there was a dull thud, he dropped like a stone, and Brenda said.
“Time to leave girls.”
She threw the marble bust at an advancing Brian, grabbed a terrified Carol as Jean and Pauline ran for the front door. Brenda and Carol kicked off their high heels, sprinted down the drive to Jean’s car and out into the street they went.
“No one will chase us for a few minutes Jean; they have to put some clothes on first so where do we go?”
“Brenda we just have to go to the Police, That thug was talking rape, besides which I daren’t even go back to my own home with Brian and Tony around. I don’t trust them and I never want to see them again.”
The Police quickly sorted everything. Brian gave them the name of the couple and the male went into custody that same evening. Jean refused to have anything to do with her husband and stepson. Their clothing was dumped on the drive along with a couple of suitcases and the four women locked themselves in the house.
The following day all the locks were changed. The house was Jean’s, she had inherited it from her parents. The men’s belongings were collected by a removals company on the Monday and Jean’s solicitor arranged for the men to collect it. It was a messy time, but eventually the dust settled and a divorce was speedily accomplished.
Carol took some time to recover from the shock of such a close encounter with forced sex, Pauline was horrified that she’d seen the man she’d hoped would take her virginity was involved in such activities, but with the help of three very close friends, the experience faded away.
Brenda and I were returning from a supermarket-shopping trip, the weather was foul, there was a high wind, and it was pouring with rain. Rounding a bend on the narrow country road, we saw a car in the ditch, with a woman standing in the road waving us down. She was soaking wet through, traumatised, but uninjured.
Her name was Doreen; she had been visiting her husband in hospital. He had been admitted a few days previously and had just been diagnosed as having pancreatic cancer. She was distraught because she’d just been advised that her husband’s illness was terminally and he was unlikely to be returning home. She was so distracted by events that she’d failed to see the bend until it was too late and into the ditch she went, but at least she hadn’t been travelling at high speed so the impact was minimal.
As we drove she chattered, telling us that she was 55, he was 60 yrs. old, they were married when she was 18 and he was 23. They had a married daughter and a 14 yrs. old granddaughter living in London whom she rarely saw except at Christmas time.
Doreen lived in a village, three miles after our track turn off, and as we didn’t think she should be on her own in her present state we took her to Brenda’s house to dry her clothes. Because of the conditions Brenda said that Doreen should have a shower and a meal and stay overnight. Doreen seemed relieved at this offer so I dropped them off with Brenda’s shopping then went on to my place to unpack and store my groceries, have a wash and return to Brenda’s cottage for a meal.
When I arrived Doreen had been given a sedative to calm her and was fast asleep. Well, nature being what it is, Brenda and I were downstairs having sex on her sofa bed. I had persuaded Brenda to get on top as I enjoyed her riding me, it meant I could feel her breasts and nibble nipples whilst manipulating any fingers I’d managed to inserted into her anus.
Although it was a very slight noise, we both heard it. Doreen, having come downstairs without us hearing her, was watching us and what she saw had aroused her to the point that she’d removed the pyjama’s that Brenda had loaned her and begun to rub her clitoris. She looked as though she was still drowsy from the sedative Brenda had given her, but it hadn’t dampened her sexual urges. I stood up and went to her, then, putting her hand on my cock, I began fondling a lovely soft, ample, breast and asked if she would like to join us as she was obviously very aroused and we would love to help her relax.
From the way she grasped my cock I didn’t think she’d need any convincing, I was right. Both of us fondled her slightly overweight, but very nicely rounded and soft, body. We lay her down on the sofa bed and spread her soft thighs wide apart. Brenda went down on all fours to taste her sex and finger her anus.
Doreen tried to sit up and said that she had never had sex with a woman and wasn’t happy with the situation. Brenda stopped what she was doing and told Doreen that what she was about to experience didn’t hurt, it was fun, and that some women preferred it to having a man and she should be grateful that she had the choice of either sex or both sexes for fun and sexual release.
“I like both options but I have to admit that I’ve only ever had two men and Tim’s the second. Give it a try before you condemn it.”
I fondled her breasts and stroked her belly whilst this was going on, and then reached down to rub her wet, swollen clitoris. She certainly liked the attention her body was receiving and happily lay back as Brenda repositioned herself between her thighs and set about teaching Doreen just what delights could be had from another woman.
I wanted some of this so I moved to be behind Brenda then knelt and slid my cock into her and slowly fucked her as she finger fucked Doreen.
After a while, Brenda allowed me to get at Doreen. I told her that I had had a vasectomy many years ago so if she was even remotely able to become pregnant she needn’t worry. I instructed her to kneel on the sofa bed and began fondling her big beautiful round backside. She was positioned in such a way that her head was resting on the covers, but as she was kneeling, her backside was high in the air so that I could mount her. It surprised me when my cock slid all the way in without any problem and I was overjoyed when she begged me to fuck her, hard.
Obviously I complied. I slammed my cock up into her soaking, clinging vagina. It was a glorious feeling having the walls of her vagina trying hard to suck my semen from me and I wasn’t about to rush things. I caressed her glorious buttocks and teased her puckered anal entrance then Brenda came with some lubrication and helped me for a few minutes. Eventually I eased my finger into her rectal canal then slowly, very slowly, worked my way into her.
Although Doreen whimpered a little she was certainly not averse to the treatment her body was receiving. Brenda whispered that she thought I should use something larger than my finger, she meant the dildo which she held in readiness so was a little surprised when I pulled out from Doreen’s dripping, vagina.
She caught on fast, brought a condom, rolled it down my solid cock, and placed the head against Doreen’s anus and I gently eased it into her. Doreen was full of surprises, and cock! Her anus gradually opened to allow my cock full access, it was a tight fit, but soon I had half my length in her. Holding her breasts tightly I slowly fucked her anus. She grunted, panted, felt for her clitoris and then began rubbing it until she squealed in ecstasy and climaxed.
I released my grip on her breasts and allowed her to lie on her back on the sofa bed for a little while just stroking her soaking sex and telling us how wonderful that had been. She said that she hoped that there would be opportunities to repeat the event. We were told that before her husband had been taken ill they’d had a fantastic sex life, but that had been over three years ago and she had missed it desperately.
We put the sofa bed back into sofa mode then had a couple of drinks, Doreen and Brenda taking it in turns to suck or masturbate me. I spent time fondling Doreen’s tits, stroking her belly then down to her hairy vulva so it wasn’t long before she had her thighs wide open again. I stood on the couch and offered my cock to her mouth, which she sucked, and at the same time rubbed her fingers around my anus.
The back of the sofa bed was speedily readjusted to bed mode and Doreen found herself once again on her back. Her feet were now high in the air and Brenda’s 10-inch vibrating dildo entered her oiled anus. Doreen gasped then reached down to hold it in place as I dropped to my knees, replaced my cock in her mouth and joyfully fucked it whilst Brenda sucked her labia and clitoris, she then pleasured her own anus with the dildo as my cock slid in and out of her mouth.
We took another rest with a couple of drinks and lots of fondling. Doreen gave Brenda a lot of attention and asked if she can eat her sex, obviously Brenda’s ministrations had gained another fan, of course she can, so upstairs to Brenda’s comfy bed, Brenda lay down on her back and Doreen got into the 69 position and they start to drive each other wild. Doreen moaning and slurping on Brenda’s smooth labial lips and saying how fantastically erotic that is.
I stroked myself to another hard erection and entered Doreen as Brenda adjusted her position to allow me the space I needed whilst keeping her tongue on Doreen’s clitoris. Doreen grunted and thrust herself backwards to get as much of me inside her as she could. Once everyone was comfortably positioned we concentrated on enjoying ourselves until, eventually: we climaxed, subsided into a sweaty heap, and fell asleep.
Morning arrived all too soon We showered, breakfasted and dressed, telephoned local garage (10 miles away) to have the car towed for inspection. We phoned Doreen’s insurance company, and as she talked to her insurers I stood behind her fondling her buttocks then reaching round to fondle her breasts, I felt her nipples stiffen, so I lowered my hands down to her pubic area, she’s lost! She ended the conversation as quickly as she decently could; went to the couch removing her dress as she did so, stretched herself out, and asks me to fuck her again, and told us that she wants us to use her until she can’t take any more. We do!
At one point I was sitting on a chair with Doreen straddling me. My cock was buried deep inside her vagina when I saw Brenda putting on her latest toy. This was a 10-inch dildo attached to strapping so that she could take a male role. She got behind Doreen and gently pressed her forward thus giving me chance to hold two lovely soft, bouncing, breasts against my face, and to enable Brenda to access her anus.
With one finger she was applying lubrication to Doreen’s anus and with the other hand she was guiding the head of her dildo to the puckered ring. She quickly prised Doreen’s buttocks apart and then eased her groin forward and inserted at least half of her protrusion into Doreen who immediately tensed, uttered a long, low moan which grew louder as she quickened the speed with which she rode my cock.
Doreen was panting, moaning, and thrusting herself rapidly down my shaft and each time she got all of me in her, Brenda rammed her strap-on dildo up into her rectum. I was in heaven; my rigid cock was being massaged inside a vaginal sheath whilst I was being fucked by a sex-starved dynamo.
Doreen did very well. She managed to ride me for at least 30 minutes before she climaxed, which was fine by me as I was pumping what little semen I had left into her love tube at the same time. I’m pleased to say that her vaginal muscles are incredibly strong.
Much later we took Doreen to her house. We have exchanged telephone numbers and, arranged to come and collect her for a rerun in a couple of days’ time. She says that she is more than willing, but wants Brenda to depilate her.
It did occur to me that it didn’t matter where you were in the country, there was always an opportunity to pleasure a granny.
Carol’s Holiday Part 1 (Lust, Arousal, 1st,)
September 2013
I heard the car door slam and went to see who was there. A vision of pure beauty stood at the fence and all manner of lustful, erotic thoughts chased themselves around my head, but I managed a civilised greeting:
“Hello, I’m Tim. I think you must be Carol, your mom has spent days telling me how gorgeous you are, but she never came close to the actuality. She also told me to behave myself so I’ll try, but it will be hard. Brenda has gone for swim as she doesn’t expect you until this evening.”
“Hi Tim, mom said you had a silver tongue, but thank you for the compliment.”
“Oh come on, are going to tell me that you don’t know the effect you must have on anything that breaths?”
Carol was around 5′ 10″. Very shapely figure, the bottom half was wearing jeans so I could only see that her legs were long. Top half was a T-shirt trying desperately to cover a pair of exquisite breasts and succeeding in merely emphasising the fact that she had them.
“I do, but I’m not used to people I’ve just met admitting that I’m having an effect.”
“I’m not shy, if I think something is worth saying and is unlikely to upset anyone then I’ll say it, come in and I’ll make you something to eat.”
Brenda arrived shortly afterwards and after all the kissing and cuddling of greetings, immediately asked Carol if I’d been behaving myself, on being told that I had been a perfect gentleman Brenda told her to remember the occasion because it was unlikely to happen again. They left soon after that and I didn’t see them for two days, I could certainly guess why but thinking about that merely made me sweat so I tried not to.
Brenda and Carol arrived in Brenda’s car which I thought was strange until she told me that Doreen had rung her saying that she was feeling strange and could Brenda come to see her as she didn’t like to be alone when she felt ‘funny’. She thought that Carol and I would be able to amuse each other until she returned. Then off she sped.
Carol sat down and giggled, which was a lovely sound.
“Do you think you could decipher that?”
“Has your mom told you anything about Doreen?”
“No, she’s never mentioned her.”
“Doreen is a lady we found after she crashed her car during a heavy rain storm, she wasn’t injured, just scared. We brought her to your mom’s place as she was soaked to the skin and really upset. We cheered her up, warmed her up looked after her needs and became almost instant friends. Now she wants Brenda to go to her house and be extremely friendly with her and Brenda is quite happy to oblige.”
“Oh my mother is such a kind person, how friendly is extremely friendly?”
“Very, very, friendly.”
“She’s very friendly with both of you? That is friendly!”
“Yes, Doreen seems to like us both.”
“I should also say that I believe there to be a sub-text in your mother’s message along the lines of” while I’m away doing my good works, you two should get to know each other!”
“Well she has told me a great deal about you two getting it together and I’m not so ecstatic about events.”
“Assuming Brenda has told you all, why are you upset?”
“I’m not really upset it’s just that I know my mom hadn’t had a man since dad died, I know you know we’re lovers, but has she told you about our little group?”
“Yes, I almost salivate at the thought.”
“We have been a group for 19 years, just mom, me, Pauline, and her mom Jean, that way we don’t hurt or get hurt. We look after each other’s needs and the sex is always fantastic because we really do love each other. Now you’ve become a major player in her life and I worry about the effect you could have.”
“I can see your mother hasn’t told you quite everything about me so now I’m going to try and put your mind at rest. Has she told you about the erotic stories website?”
“Yes, but I haven’t seen it.”
“I think you should read the story I wrote, I have it on my laptop so read it before we go any further and while you’re doing that I’ll make us a drink.”
She did as I suggested and then came the question I was expecting.
“Is this really true? You had all those women anytime you wanted and you had group sex with them?”
“Yes it is true, the opening tells you what I am, and I’ve not changed.”
“Aren’t you even a little bit ashamed of your behaviour?”
“Why should I be ashamed? All the people involved were there because they wanted to be. Granny seduced me; for which I’ll be forever grateful. After that, people made their own choices, and I haven’t changed. I just want to have as much sex as I can get. I would never, ever, force any woman to do anything she did not want to do and I would never do anything to hurt a woman.
Your mom knows this, she, and I just use each other for our pleasure. It isn’t love and it’s more than just lust, but believe me it is fantastic. I’m not going to take your mom away from you, I am certainly not going to try and persuade you that following your mom’s example might give you a very pleasant surprise.”
“That is just as well, I’m a virgin. I’m 35, I’ve seen a man’s cock but I’ve never touched one, mom says that she thinks you’d be the ideal man to take my cherry, but I don’t feel happy about losing it just because it might be good.”
“I know, and I know why. I’m not like that. Obviously what you and Pauline saw would affect you, but why allow what happened to spoil your life? Anyway, it’s your choice. Would you care for more coffee?”
“Yes please, what is the name of the website?”
“I told her and explained how to navigate through the site then left her to it.”
When I came back into the room Carol was standing by the table. She took our drinks, placed them on the table, and asked me to sit down on the chair she’d been using, her face was pink, and she was sweating and looking very nervous.
“Don’t say anything please, just do as I ask. Take your trousers and pants off then sit down.”
“Do it.”
I did as she asked and I also removed my shirt, oh boy was going to enjoy, this I hoped.
Carol knelt before me and stared at my cock, which even as she watched grew harder and longer until it was fully erect. Gingerly she put out a hand and touched my penis, and when it didn’t bite her she put her hand around it and then looked up at me and said:
“This is solid, and I couldn’t get that in my mouth never mind in my vagina.”
“It wouldn’t go in anywhere if it wasn’t stiff so moving on to the next part of that sentence, you’ve read the story, you know your mother has no trouble with my penis, why do think you are any different to anyone else?”
As I spoke she began slowly sliding her hand up and down my now aching shaft, so I abandoned my attempt to get her to rationalize her feelings and instead concentrated on not coming in her face. She squeezed my cock a little harder and asked me if that hurt me, I said no so she kept that pressure and began masturbating me until she achieved her goal and I pushed her away from the firing line as a stream of semen spurted into the air and slopped over the carpet where, moments before, she had been.
“Well that was a sight to brighten a girls day, said Brenda from the doorway, Can I take it that you two are having fun?”
“I was, but I think Carol is still unconvinced.”
“Mom have you been taking all that up both tunnels?”
“Oh yes my love and boy I would miss it if I had to stop, I did tell you he is really well hung and a so gentle with it. He really is a wonderful lover. You wouldn’t believe his stamina. I just know you’re going to have a wonderful time with him, and me!”
“There is no way I’m letting that monstrosity inside me, I’ll masturbate him, I may try and fellate him, but I will not fuck him, I think I’ll keep my hymen intact thank you.”
“Ah well, we have 10 days to sort that out.”
“There is nothing to sort out.”
“Oh yes there, is! You said; I may try and felate him! That tells me that you are little more interested in that cock than you’re willing to admit to. Believe me, when the mood is right you will be very willing to do it.”
“Excuse me for interrupting,”
“Tim, don’t interrupt! Just get your kit off, and get in that armchair.”
I know when to give in gracefully and this seemed like the time to prove it, and it could be fun.
“Mom you’re not going to get me to…”
“I’m not going to get you to do anything my love, this is my playtime now. Make yourself a drink and get comfortable? I may be a while.”
It did not take long to get me erect, especially as Carol was sitting on the couch watching her mother stroke me then bending her head forward to kiss the tip of my penis. Brenda stood up and rapidly stripped before returning to my cock and slowly, slowly, allowing me to enter her hot mouth. Once the head of my cock was inside, she paused for breath, then lowered her head an inch before withdrawing completely away, and again took my cock in her hand and gave me a slow masturbation.
Brenda carried out this activity several times and each time she sucked me into her mouth my cock went a little deeper. This was marvellous and I had to resist the urge to interfere by pressing her head down, after all, it was her show.
When I managed to look away and observe Carol it was apparent that the show Brenda was putting on was having an effect.
She had abandoned her drink and was leaning forward, and watching intently and I could see her tongue moistening her lips as her arousal increased.
Finally, my cock was all the way in, it was down Brenda’s throat. She lifted her knees off the floor to enable herself to have a direct line to thrust along it then she began to give me the most fantastic face fuck. I was in paradise.
Much better was to follow. Brenda made sure I kept my semen to myself, what she did do was genius level psychology. She pulled away from me, gave me a lovely warm kiss, and then walked over to Carol. Without saying a word she took her hand and led her out of the room heading towards the stairs, as she passed through the doorway she put her and behind her and beckoned me to follow. I followed; I did not intend to miss any of this.
I arrived to find that she already had Carol across my bed and was busy removing Carol’s skirt and a very lacy pair of briefs. Having dispensed with them, she moved onto the bed alongside Carol and began to kiss her and fondle her breasts through the material of her T-shirt. After a while, her hand slid down over a smooth, flat, stomach coming to rest on her daughter’s Mons pubis and Carol’s thighs parted slightly in response. Brenda left Carol’s side and dropping to her knees, she spread carol’s legs wide apart and commenced to eat her daughter’s sex. Oh the sight, however short, of that smooth virgin pudendum before Brenda’s head obscured the view, it was so erotic that I damn near came there and then.
“Mom, I don’t want to do this with…aaahhh.”
Carol had ceased, almost immediately, to complain about my being present as her mom’s tongue found its mark.
What a sight. Carol’s long and tanned legs were high in the air and wide apart, Brenda had used her hands to keep her thighs back and apart thus placing the entrance to her vagina in an easily accessible position as she pressed her face against the smooth, fragrant, labium of her daughter.
Carol’s hands were holding her mother’s head in order to keep her face in that position and I felt my cock stir, and once again, slowly stiffen into a solid, aching shaft, and even though Carol was in the throes of ecstasy from her mother’s attentions, she was aware of my arousal. She managed to gasp out that this was what she loved so she still was not in any hurry to lose her virginity. Then I stood up.
Brenda’s bare backside was in front of me and I was going to put what I had into what she had and very soon. As I walked towards them, Carol’s eyes widened and she tried to sit up, but she was in no position for speedy movement so my hands were lifting Brenda’s bottom up before Carol could move. Brenda knew what was about to happen, so she opened her thighs as I slid my cock between her buttocks, and into her wet vagina. As I did this I applied gentle forward pressure to Brenda’s back, she took the hint and pressed harder against Carol’s sex and began to suck and lick Carol towards an orgasm.
I was still fucking Brenda with a steady rhythm when she reached behind her and touched my lips then pointed to Carol’s sex, I nodded and pulled out of Brenda, she stepped rapidly to one side as I dropped to my knees and had my first taste of a virgin vagina, albeit one in the process of reaching a climax. It was deliciously soft, and even through the aroma of sexual activity, fragrant. I knew I had to keep her from becoming afraid so I kept my hands close to her thighs where she could feel them, but as her sexual excitement increased, I suspect that she could no longer think of being afraid. I moved crabwise such that I could lay across her right hip and keep my mouth on her labia, then eased my left leg up and over her body to end in the classic 69 position.
I bent my arms to lower my body to hers so that I could now get my hands around those soft thighs and keep them wide apart as I licked and sucked her sex. By this time, Carol was in a frenzy of lust and in dire need of sexual release, but I prayed for a little more time as I felt Brenda’s hand take my cock and place the tip of it against Carol’s lips. She did no more than place it there and Carol did the rest. She opened her mouth and licked my penis and I could feel her vagina spasm as her climax began, and then she sucked half my fat, solid, cock into her furnace of a mouth.
She climaxed, and to my shame, so did I. I just managed to get my penis out of her mouth before my semen spurted out, splattering her face and T-shirt, but I doubt that she noticed as she shrieked and shuddered to a gigantic orgasm. I remove myself from her body and then Brenda set about lowering her sex onto Carol’s mouth to receive her share of oral satisfaction.
I took a condom from my bedside cabinet and rolled it on then I kissed and licked Brenda’s anus knowing that Carol could see me do it. Next, I inserted a finger into her anus, shortly followed by another one and Carol heard her mother groan and tell me to do it, now! I was now fully erect again so I complied thus enabling Carol to have a close up view of her mother receiving, and enjoying, anal sex.
I knew that this would be a step too far for Carol at the moment, but I thought that it might be a good idea to enable her to watch it happen because it may well be next on her menu as it didn’t threaten her beloved hymen. Carol lay under her mother and watched as my hardened cock entered her and she began to take the full length of my shaft. She also started to rub Brenda’s clitoris with one hand and her own clitoris with the other until all three of us came again, with more of a whimper than a bang, but still a very pleasant experience and one that I hoped would be repeated.
After a quick shower we returned to the lounge, Brenda and I were relatively smart, Carol’s T-shirt was a stained mess, and her skirt was crumpled so they would both need a wash and ironing. It was then I realized that I still hadn’t seen, much less felt, her breasts. Oh well, that was something else to look forward to.
I made steak and onions with chips for us all, and then Carol, who had remained very quiet throughout our meal, said that she wanted to return to Brenda’s cottage to change and consider the day’s events in peace and quiet so, having been given the keys to Brenda’s car, she left.
Carol’s holiday to be continued in Part 7
Brenda had told Carol not to expect her back until tomorrow, as she would stay with me for the night. Oh boy!
After Carol had left, I put my arms around Brenda to cuddle her and kiss her neck. This was a nice warm feeling and I treasured it, but my masculine urges will not stay quiet for long when I have a female body in close proximity. Undoing the buttons of her blouse I eased the garment down her arms until I was able undo the clasp of her bra’ then slid my hands back to lift the cups off her breasts and enjoy the erotic sensation of her smooth mounds as she pressed back against me. We stood in this position for a while just enjoying the sensations we were giving each other, than with a sigh she turned round within my arms and I could see the tears running down her cheeks.
“Brenda! What’s the matter? Why are you crying?”
“I’m sorry Tim, but I have to say something that I never expected to say to a man and it will ruin everything.”
“Oh dear, that sounds heavy, take a deep breath and then tell me.”
“I love you! I don’t think it, I know it, and what we have is supposed to be fun and lust and no strings attached sex.”
“Brenda, I realized that I love you ever since you told me about your relationship with Carol and her friend’s mother. Oh yes, and her friend. I did not intend to tell you this, but I have to say that it was easier for me because I can still have sex with other women without it affecting how I feel about you. I know I would never have to watch you have sex with another man because, believe me, that would hurt, and that has never entered my mind before. I am amazed that you could fall in love with a person like me, and I’m really happy that you have, but I do understand that it must be hard for you to have to watch me enjoy other women and If you feel that you must end our relationship because of this I will be extremely unhappy, but obviously I wouldn’t try to stop you.
“Idiot! I don’t want to end our relationship; I was frightened that you would. Do you really love me?”
“Yes I do. I have to say that this admission does not include an offer of marriage or even just moving in together. I don’t want live with you, I just want you to know how I feel about you, and I don’t want to change a thing.”
“Take me to bed. Please.”
When I finally entered her body we just lay and marvelled at the sensation of being really together. However things did get a little more frenetic on more than one occasion. It was a tiring night.
Carol arrived around 10am the next day. She seemed a little on edge and her first words were tersely spoken:
“I suppose you two are tired out.”
Brenda put her arm around Carol’s shoulders and asked if there was any reason that this should not be the case. Carol responded by sobbing and saying that she was sorry for sounding so bitchy but she was upset about the events of yesterday. In particular, she objected to her having been subjected to having oral sex with me.
In a very firm voice Brenda pointed out that although she may have done things to her, I certainly hadn’t done anything of my own volition.
Carol was still upset until Brenda pointed out that Carol herself had insisting on masturbating me. She had organized everything else. She pointed out that I had merely done as required by both of them and it was Carol who had opened her mouth for me, so what was she complaining about?
“No one is trying to coerce you into having sex with Tim, but I would be a happy mother if you did.”
Carol said that she had spent a long time thinking it over and realized that she had wanted reassurance that I would be the right person to take her virginity and that she knew she was now frightened of having a man after so many years.
“You’ll never, ever, find another man who won’t want to nail you to the bed the moment he gets inside you. I think I’d feel like that myself if I went near you wearing my strap-on. You are a gorgeous woman and it’s like a red rag to bull seeing you naked.”
“Excuse me; she is like a red rag to a bull in any state of dress. I do realize that this is a mother and daughter thing and I hate to be a cold shower, but I have just spent seven hours with a rampant, demanding, woman and I…….yes love, I’ll be quiet.”
The ‘phone rang, it was Doreen saying that she had got her car back and had been to visit her husband in hospital. His condition had worsened further and he was not expected to last through the week. She is upset and wished to come to us for company.
I told her that she was welcome any time and that she need never ring first for permission to visit. She said that she didn’t want to interrupt anything.
“Doreen, after your last visit here just what makes you think you’d be interrupting? I’d make very sure you were involved, come on over.”
Brenda said that this sounded like a good time to withdraw as she and Carol had a few things still to sort out and anyway she was too tired and sore for fun and frolics with an obviously needy woman.
Doreen Part 2.
Brenda and Carol left and shortly afterwards Doreen arrived. I checked over her car and agreed that they’d done a good job then I suggested that we go inside so I could check her over. She seemed amenable to this so in we went.
Once inside I faced her and reached forward to feel her breasts. She took a deep breath and sighed as I felt and fondled her soft, ample breasts and tweaked her swelling nipples.
“Oh Tim it so good to have this happen again. My husband used to take me in at the most unexpected moments because he knew that if my nipples were aroused he would be able to anything he wanted with me. I like the fact that you don’t pussyfoot around.”
I was starting to get an erection as she spoke, and broaching the subject that was uppermost in my mind, I asked her if she was willing to have sex with Brenda and me on a regular basis.
“Before you answer, think about the implications. I am talking about sex with both of us, single or as a threesome on a permanent basis. I know you’ve had sex with Brenda and even though you’ve had little experience of sex with another woman she enjoyed it and you appeared to enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed having you, but now we are talking about a long-term association. Are you certain you want to get involved?”
“I can’t think of anything I want more. I’m about to lose a husband whom I love dearly and we used to have a very full sex life, both us were sex addicts and I still am. Incidentally his cock was as big as yours and I want it inside me.”
“OK my love; you’re now officially a sex object. Welcome to Hedonism.”
As I spoke, I was undoing buttons and clasps, unzipping zips and divesting her of her clothing. Once I had removed her knickers, I told her that she should never wear underwear when she visited us, as it was certain that she would be fucked. I continued my inspection of her breasts and nipples until she reached for my semi-erect cock.
“Stop teasing me, fuck me.”
I led her into the kitchen and told her lie on the table which I had already prepared by covering it with two thick blankets and a sheet. Once she was comfortable on her back, I spread her legs apart and rested her feet on two stools. Pulling up a chair I sat between her legs, my mouth was an inch away from her newly smooth, hairless, vulva.
“Did you enjoy getting that done?”
“I enjoyed paying for it.”
I commenced to lick, suck, and nibble her vulva and labia until she reached down and pulled open her sex thus enabling me to suck her clitoris, which visibly swelled at this treatment. Responding to the oral stimulation her round, soft, bottom lifted up off the table and as my tongue invaded her vaginal tunnel, two of my fingers invaded her rectum. This was fun and I had her constantly moaning and bucking and pleading with me to fuck her.
Eventually my own arousal grew to the point that I could no longer ignore it. I removed my fingers from her anus and my mouth from her soaking sex then stood up, guided my cock to her opening, and steadily drove all ten inches of my cock into her. Once fully inside her I reached forward and fondled her breasts, two soft mounds of sexual attraction topped with hard, erect, nipples.
Using her breasts as anchors I withdrew my cock until the helmet was at her opening then I pulled myself forward to thrust into her now oozing vagina. This was repeated for some minutes with my thrusts getting faster by the minute. Loud squelching and slurping noises were emanating from her as her vagina tried to suck my semen from my rigid shaft.
I eventually released her breasts and asked her if she wanted me to fuck her to an orgasm or would she like to try a different position.
“Please, fuck me, just fuck me, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”
I got hold of her thick waist just above her hips and pulled her onto my thrusting shaft then pushed her back as I withdrew to repeat the action, thrusting harder and getting faster with each thrust. I was in my heaven, my cock disappearing inside a hot, willing, and wet; vagina with two wonderful mounds of pink-tipped flesh bouncing about in front of me was all that I could ask for.
Finally, Doreen shrieked, her legs wrapped around me with her heels pressing me forward preventing my cock from leaving her tunnel, then she convulsed into the loudest and most intense orgasm I have ever been connected to. I swear her vaginal spasms put a ridge in my cock that took three days to disappear.
When she had finally done clinging to me I gently explained that Brenda and I had been having a very intense sex session for most of the night and I now desperately needed some sleep, Doreen immediately got off the table and told me to get to bed, she would tidy everything up.
I woke up sometime later to find Doreen had climbed into bed with me and lay, fast asleep, beside me.
Carol’s Holiday Part 4.
Brenda and Carol returned to my cottage to find us asleep. Not in each other’s arms, just asleep, side by side.
Brenda tells me that what happened next was Carol’s idea. All I know is that I was drowsily aware of a hand sliding up and down my cock and this had started to impinge on my brain, which was still under the impression that Doreen was alongside me.
It was wrong! Brenda had roused Doreen by stimulating a nipple and stroking her vulva until she opened her eyes and was immediately beckoned to move off the bed. Carol took her place and started her manipulations. As she stroked me to full arousal, she was gently pressing her body against mine. Her magnificent breasts were now inches from my grasp and I didn’t know it!
She had her right hand around my erection and used her left hand to hold my thigh and pull it towards her as she moved her leg away. I was half laying on her and nature took over. I confess I was still hardly awake as my hand pushed her left leg further away so that my body could roll into the space between her now wide open legs and of course she was doing all she could to facilitate my endeavours.
As the head of my cock angled downwards, it was now lodged between her anus and the bed so she took the wise course of deciding to wake me. I heard a voice saying:
“Slowly Tim, go slowly.”
Now up to that point my soggy brain was about to fuck Doreen, but even it knew that that wasn’t her voice. My eyes flew open and I had an angelic face with a wicked smile about three inches from mine. Honestly, my first thought was, is she naked?
My eyes went down to her breasts and the wait had been worthwhile. She was! They actually jutted up as if placed there by a sex obsessed potter. They were magnificent. Size? I know not. Probably 36C, not that it mattered, they were creamy pyramids of perfection with tight little buds on each peak. I knew that up until now, only female hands had caressed and teased them, so I had to, I just had to feel them, and that was it really.
I fondled; teased, licked, sucked, nibbled and all the while, her knees had been bending and her bottom lifting until she was very nearly an arch. All my birthdays came at once when, in a strangled voice, Carol gave me the one instruction I thought I would never hear.
“Tim, please fuck me, now, please Tim, now.”
Carol was desperately trying to get her hand down between us to get hold of my cock. I helped her by lifting myself up and moving forward which enabled her to grasp me and guide the head of my cock to her sex. Slowly my cock slid between her labia and into the opening of her vagina. Pausing to look her in the eye, I asked if she was certain that she wanted me to fuck her.
“Oh Tim, stop asking silly questions and take me before I change my mind and mother hits you.”
“Where is your mother?”
“I’m right over here, now get on with it, I’m soaking here.”
Oh hell, an audience! That’s all I need.
God she was tight. It took some time for her vagina to relax, but eventually I was able to slowly ease myself gently and gratefully into a wet, but very tight, tunnel. I was informed later, by a very watchful pair of lecherous ladies that there was merely a tiny tinge of red after my cock’s first insertion and Carol said that she had felt no pain.
I was gentle, but I was insistent, and Carol was a wreck after four hours, but I was not alone in causing this state of affairs. We had been joined by Brenda and Doreen at some point and I know I invaded all three of them during this time and I know that I was not always on top.
Having finally managed to get off the bed, we quickly showered and went downstairs into the kitchen. Brenda then introduced Carol to Doreen. I know this is Topsy-Turvy, but that’s life as it happens.
We had a meal, we talked, and we kissed, fondled, caressed, licked, and sucked any part of anybody that came within reach. Carol and Doreen introduced themselves all over again, this time they introduced tongues, fingers, and lips to labia, and nipples.
We had a ball. It was at this point that Carol told us that she has the hots for the ship’s navigation officer! That caused a silence. Then she admitted that the post is filled by a 5ft 10ins Swedish woman.
Doreen’s husband died the following day, but she was prepared for it, and we made very sure that all the arrangements were done without her having to worry about a thing.
Even during this time, we managed to ensure that we enjoyed some wonderful, relaxed days, full of laughter, sex, walks along the coast, sex, and then more sex until Carol had to return to her ship.
We are unlikely to forget them and I hope we shall repeat them.
Doreen’s car was already parked when I arrived at Brenda’s house. I let myself in and as I entered the living room, I could hear soft sounds coming from upstairs so onwards and upwards climbed the intrepid adventurer.
Through Brenda’s bedroom doorway I could see Doreen on her back, pillows under her backside lifting it well clear of the mattress, her legs were high and wide apart, with Brenda’s arms between them pulling them back.
Brenda was in her favourite 69 mode, her head down to allow her to eat Doreen’s labia, and invade her vagina with her tongue.
Doreen of course had her face between Brenda’s thighs. Giving thanks for a superb central heating system, I eased my trousers and underpants off and added them to the pile of clothing on the floor then I advanced with my stiff cock at the ready. Lifting Brenda’s head up, I motioned her to retreat, but Brenda, as always, had a different, but good, idea. She said, to Doreen:
“I bet you’d enjoy having something hard sliding in there now wouldn’t you?”
Doreen replied that she didn’t want Brenda’s vibrator inside her, she’d been promised a long session of Sapphic sex for her birthday and she was thoroughly enjoying herself eating Brenda’s sex without any interruptions, thank you!
Brenda replied that she rather thought that Doreen would enjoy having this inserted as it was a birthday surprise and anyway because Doreen had been promised as much sex as she could cope with, that was what she was going to get!
At this point, I climbed gently onto the bed so that Doreen wouldn’t feel any undue rocking.
Brenda reached for and held my erection then commenced moving slowly backwards as I moved forwards with Doreen still unable to see me because Brenda’s body was above her face, but finally Brenda was able to insert the head of my erection into the entrance to Doreen’s vaginal passage.
Doreen was in the middle of again, telling Brenda that she did not want her to use her vibrator, when Brenda scuttled backwards as I leant forward and thrust myself into her, my arms at either side of her head. Doreen couldn’t help herself, her legs went round me, and her heels pressed against my back.
I enjoyed Doreen’s body slowly for 45 minutes with a steady rhythm, just for the sheer pleasure of feeling a vagina gripping my cock and for the pleasure of seeing her breasts bouncing and rolling around and knowing that it was giving Doreen pleasure. Except for the slapping of my groin against Doreen’s vulva, her soft grunting, and the slight squeaking of the bed, there was no sound.
To give me a breather at that point, I stopped thrusting and concentrated on massaging her large, soft, breasts and teasing her hard, erect, nipples.
At this point, my lovely assistant Brenda came in with some soft cord and handcuffs with the words:
“I think we should practice restraint in these proceedings.”
She slipped a soft handcuff over one of Doreen’s wrists, clipped the cord to the ‘cuff, threw the other end under the bed, and carried out the same manoeuvre to her other wrist. Straps were fastened around Doreen’s thighs and then cord once again used to connect them. I was told to get off Doreen, and very reluctantly, I obeyed. We left Doreen there and went downstairs to the kitchen, made ourselves coffee, got some biscuits and a glass of milk with a straw, then returned upstairs to sit in chairs at the bedside.
We sat, and as we had our snack, told each other how exceedingly erotic the scene was and what experiences we thought Doreen would like her body to have now. Brenda wanted to eat Doreen again whilst I said that at some point today I wanted her standing up because she was going to experience sex in an upright position instead of whilst she was laid flat on her back, kneeling or bending.
Doreen told us that we were being cruel because she couldn’t move and she would like something to eat and drink as well.
I explained that today she could have only milk until midday after that she could have whatever she wanted, providing that, until then, Brenda and I could have whatever we wanted. Doreen muttered under her breath about retribution being exacted, but she did agree therefore we allowed her to sit up a little to have her snack, but while she was having her snack Brenda was teasing her clitoris and I was fondling her soft, and oh so pliable, breasts.
When Doreen had finished her milk and biscuits, she lay back; and once again, Brenda straddled her, applied her mouth to Doreen’s now very wet labia, and then lowered her own sex onto Doreen’s mouth whilst I amused myself playing with all the soft and interesting bits belonging to both of them.
It was inevitable that I could remain in the presence of so much arousal material without actually inserting something into somewhere so I did what I am programmed to do. Brenda was assaulted from behind. Doreen was now getting a close-up view of a very large, solid cock, disappearing steadily, albeit slowly, into Brenda.
I had climbed onto the bed, and introduced my erection to Brenda’s soft and silky opening, and she very obligingly opened her legs wider to provide me with better access. In the end, the strain of keeping her mouth clamped on Doreen’s sex whilst simultaneously granting me full access rights to her proved too much so she settled down onto Doreen’s stomach, which was a comfortable place to be, and concentrated on extracting as much enjoyment as she could from her situation.
Of course, this left Doreen in a bit of a quandary, should she keep trying to lick Brenda’s clitoris or should she just lay back and watch? She licked and generally interfered as much as she could with Brenda’s equilibrium. It was a glorious end! Brenda climaxed in a spectacularly loud fashion at the same moment that I lost control and came.
Having recovered a little composure we untied Doreen and escorted her downstairs, she was still nude and with her hands now fastened behind her back. I kissed her and explained that I still had not had several pleasures from her body and one of them was fucking her standing up which was an omission I was about to rectify.
Some time ago Brenda and I had screwed ring hooks into the top of the kitchen doorframe, but had never got around to using them so Doreen was about to become our tester. We untied her wrists, but before she could move away, we guided her to the kitchen and tied her wrist cuffs to the cords already in place on the rings. She was now standing in the open door way with her arms up and outstretched. A perfect position for playing with a woman’s body. She is a warm, soft, well-endowed woman with breasts and vagina that just love to be used, and they were certainly going to be used today.
We spent time playing with her body, we stroked her breasts and nibbled her nipples; we pulled and flicked her nipples until they were hard and standing proudly from her tits. Brenda played with Doreen’s clitoris as I played with her anus, then we changed places and did it all again. I eased my erection against her labia so that she anticipated penetration but she didn’t get it. I rested the head of my cock against her anus and gently pressed into the opening, but only for half an inch, then I withdrew.
She was moaning and begging us to fuck her. Brenda put her strap-on on and did exactly as I had done with the added bonus that if she was at Doreen’s front door then I was knocking on the back door then we’d change places again.
I went and brought a single bed mattress down and laid it on the floor in front of Doreen then covered it with a sheet and placed some pillows there. I went to Doreen; kissed her, fondled her, and slipping a finger into her vagina, which was literally running with juices, I asked her if she would like some sex now. She told me exactly how eager she was for that to happen and begged me to fuck her, so I had to explain that I hadn’t meant to imply that she was going to get the sex, she was going to be allowed to watch Brenda and I indulging in it.
We lay side by side on the mattress for a while, just cuddling and kissing, but gradually the intensity of the cuddling and kissing and fondling and stroking grew. Brenda lay on top of me and allowed me to guide my cock to her labia then by lifting my buttocks I got half my length into her vagina. At that point we rested, merely a gentle rocking movement to keep my cock interested while I turned my attention to her breasts.
They got a great deal of attention nearly every day, but they never seemed to tire of it. They were fondled; squeezed, sucked, nibbled, and pulled, with each passing minute the moaning and panting got louder and lasted longer, and that was from both women!
The moment arrived when Brenda could contain herself no longer, she sat up straight to enable her to lower herself down my cock, which she did with a look of extreme bliss on her face.
Finally, I was in up to my groin in soft, warm flesh. It never ceases to amaze me that it is said that only the first 2 inches of a vagina is actually sensitive to sexual stimulation and that most vaginal sheaths are only around 6 to 7 inches in depth. Well, I do not claim to have had a whole host of sexual partners, in fact those that I have had are all in my complete diary, but of those that I have had the pleasure of pleasuring, three of them could take my full length with little more than a grimace on the first few encounters, and after that there was no problem at all.
The first 2 inches of sensitivity may well be correct, but just think what a sensation that must be for the length of time that excitation lasts just going in, and then the return journey begins! What every one of them definitely loved was the girth. It appears that the fatter, the better, wins it.
Brenda allowed me to soak for a few moments then began rotating her groin so that my cock received a first class massage. Brenda’s face suddenly took on an expression of pure lust and I knew that playtime was now at an end, she placed her hands on my chest and raised her body until my cock was about to leave her vagina then rammed herself downwards and grunted as my cock head hit her cervix. She repeated this action again and again, the time between each cycle becoming shorter and shorter as her climax drew near.
I reached up and held her breasts for a moment and that was all the time I had because the moment my fingers touched her nipples she screamed and exploded into a tremendous blur of motion and I felt her juices beginning to run down my still rampant cock. Brenda was a spent force! She collapsed in a sweat soaked heap onto my chest, and after a few moments, rolled off to the side, gasping for breath.
I had to do something about my own situation so I got off the mattress, went over to Doreen, stroked, pulled, and sucked her nipples whilst running a finger over her clitoris and into her virginal passage. Once I was certain that she was suitably attentive I removed my finger and mouth from her body; brought my old tubular fold-up sun bed from the store room, slid it under her, lay down on it with my head between her thighs to enjoy the wonderful, close-up view of her labia and clitoris.
They were within easy reach of my fingers and mouth, which I demonstrated immediately. I spent a long time just teasing her, but as always, my faithful assistant had joined the party, and now had her mouth clamped on my erection, which began to make my concentration wander. I could wait no longer, so I stood up and removed the sun bed then undid the ankle ‘cuffs and used my hands to keep her thighs apart.
Asking her to excuse me for being so abrupt, I bent my knees thus allowing me to get between her legs and insert you know what into the entrance to you know where. I then got my hands under her thighs and lifted her up as I straightened my legs.
Once I had a firm grip, I began to slide one rigid cock into one wet vagina and then lowering her down it to commence using her soft body for my own carnal pleasure. I didn’t feel ashamed because I knew that although I was taking her, it was exactly what she wanted me to do, just not necessarily in the manner in which I was doing it. She would remember this for a long, long, time. So would I!
These women were always thwarting my carnal designs. Doreen wrapped her legs around me, squeezed me tightly with her thighs to make certain I couldn’t pull out of her, and then Brenda’s hands appeared and unfastened the handcuffs which allowed Doreen to wrap her arms around me and hug me close.
She turned into a rampant, lust driven, limpet! She used me as an anchor so that she could lift herself up and then ram herself down in order to take control of the situation and fuck me until I could hardly stand up. Brenda had very kindly opened up the sofa bed, and put the mattress and the sheet on top so it was at a good height for me to carry her to the bed and lower myself onto it.
I was now on my back with a very rampant, demanding, lust driven, woman forcing me to impale her.
I do not know how long she rode me for, I do know that I was having the better of the exchange because Doreen was the one putting in all the effort, I merely had to lie there and watch her lovely breasts bounce up and down
Eventually she ran out of steam. She stopped moving, and with an expression of sheer pleasure on her face, she sighed and leaned forward to lie on my chest with her legs apart and my still rigid cock buried inside her. Once again, I was hold a soaking wet woman in my arms as her sex juices ran down my cock. It was nice and warm where I was, but my cock slowly deflated, leaving me happy, although a little frustrated.
I would love to be able to say that I then extracted my own sexual release from either; or even better, both, of my companions, but I have to admit that I didn’t really have the energy.
It had been just after midnight when I left Brenda’s bed, and we hadn’t been sleeping, so I told them that they would have to excuse me as I was heading home for a shower and a rest. I reminded them that I was expecting them at my place for coffee and cake in the afternoon and then Doreen could have the presents that Brenda and I had bought her.
The wind had risen and the rain had really started to make its presence felt when they arrived at my place, they had to dash in from Doreen’s car, not that I minded if they felt the need to strip off their wet things. Unfortunately, they had been inconsiderate enough to have wet weather gear on, so no luck there.
Brenda set the table while I brought the coffee and cakes out, bought cakes I hasten to add, as I’m no use at making such things.
We gave Doreen her presents. A laptop, a wireless router, and a printer. I had spent the previous week showing her to work it all on my own set-up so she wouldn’t be at a complete loss. She knew how to put it all together and the ISP had been sorted so she was ready to run, we hoped!
They went back to Brenda’s so she could change as we were going to a good country hotel for a birthday treat dinner. I changed and drove myself to Brenda’s then followed them in Doreen’s car to her place so that she could drop off her presents and change.
While she was getting ready, Brenda and I set up Doreen’s new toys then off we all went in Doreen’s car to the hotel and had a good meal and entertainment. I drink very little so they had taken the opportunity to let their hair down and consequently I drove two very merry women back to Doreen’s place. I don’t really know what was going on in the back, but it did sound more like something was coming off, and the effect had met with approval.
Brenda and I were supposed to carry on home in my land rover, but there had been a change of plan hatched on the drive back so I ended up with just a little surreptitious fondling and a goodnight kiss, and then away I was sent.
I had an idea of what I might find when I got home and sorted. I switched my laptop on and I wasn’t disappointed. They had taken a few revealing pics and e-mailed them to me. That was not fair, now I was getting a hard on and nowhere to spend it.
Revenge would certainly be sweet!
Sometime ago had Doreen noted that a house opposite, which had been vacant for some time, now had curtains, so after a few days she went across to introduced herself and offer to provide help and local information should the new occupants need any. It turned out that that the new occupant was a single woman and was indeed needing help and information.
They liked each other and became good friends. Doreen has just rung to say that last night they became ‘very’ good friends. The ‘phone call also included the fact that her new friend is a gorgeous 48 year old, has a firm body and has admitted that she is very happy to share it with selected friends and that Doreen had already been ‘selected’.
Ruth enjoys sex, Doreen enjoys sex and it didn’t take them long to recognize a kindred spirit. Ruth arrived at Doreen’s house one evening and as soon as she had settled, she asked Doreen if she would be averse to a sexual encounter.
Doreen had wondered about Ruth because of occasional remarks that she’d made about Doreen’s’ lovely rounded figure’. The phrase ‘right here and now’ rang Doreen’s bell and without further ado she steered Ruth up to the bedroom and commenced to show her what skill she had acquired in removing another woman’s clothing without ripping anything.
Doreen admitted that the evening had been a roaring success. Ruth had taken the lead from then on and had proved to be a very needy, frustrated, dynamo who, although wanting to have a soft, willing, woman in her grasp, actually wanted that woman to drive her to a frenzy of climaxes. Doreen could do that to a statue so they both enjoyed the tryst.
They separated around 2 am and then Doreen got to thinking about the pleasurable possibility of introducing her to us.
Brenda had shown a distinct interest in the ‘Dynamo’, but only if I was in the mix. If Ruth was really up for sex, then it had to be under the same rules that Doreen had joined us because ‘a bit at a time’ just wasn’t on. Doreen hadn’t said anything to Ruth about our involvement in matters sexual; she just asked if Ruth would be happy to meet a couple of friends of hers.
November 24th
We met Doreen’s friend, Ruth, yesterday evening. She is a divorcee, has a very ‘interesting’ body and a surprisingly frank attitude to discussing matters of a sexual nature. She and her ex-husband had had a steady relationship with another couple, but the two females had grown so fond of each other to the point that the males started looking elsewhere for sex. Her friend’s husband decided that he really wanted his wife back so they moved away, but Ruth’s husband had decided he was having more fun without her and they split up.
He bought Ruth’s share of their printing business and moved out. Ruth stayed, but after a year, the business started to fail and he began a hate campaign via email and ‘phone, so she sold the house and moved up here. She had chosen this area because it was fairly secluded, but after the city life, she had begun to feel lonely and Doreen had been a real friend in need.
Ruth had said that she had hoped for another quiet night together, but Doreen merely said that Ruth would enjoy the evening and that they would have plenty of chances to enjoy each other in the future.
When they arrived at my place, my first thought was that Doreen must have meant ‘dynamite’ because this woman was exactly that. Ruth took a quick look round then said to Brenda that she had a lovely home which brought a grin to Brenda’s face as she explained that she was also visitor, just on a more permanent basis.
As they chatted and settled down in the living room, I examined the surprise package that had landed. She was some package. Blonde hair cut short, slim, lithe figure. Her height was around 5′ 2″. Under her blouse were high, firm looking mounds and I couldn’t see any indication that she was wearing any support, just filmy lace. She wore a figure hugging skirt from which two smooth, shapely, legs protruded ending in two small feet.
She was a small version of Brenda, a gorgeous doll. The difference was that where Brenda was quietly attractive, Ruth was rivetingly sexy. I could see why the term ‘hot’ came to be used to describe a woman’s appearance.
It soon became apparent that I was now the subject of conversation because Ruth had started glancing in my direction. Brenda stood up to remove her sweater, she was wearing a blouse beneath it, but I wasn’t fooled, she had put it on just prior to Doreen and Ruth’s arrival claiming that she was feeling cold, so she was plotting something.
Doreen rolled her eyes meaningfully in the direction of the kitchen so I took the hint and set off to get wine and small goodies to munch whilst Ruth was given what information was deemed appropriate about ‘our’ group.
When I returned to the plotting, sorry that should be living, room, Ruth was sitting on a stool in front of my laptop, but she was staring at me as I came through the doorway.
“Doreen tells me you’ve had rather an active sex life.” She said.
“I’m still having one and so are Brenda and Doreen. Of course, there is always the possibility of convincing others that it is a pleasant way to live, but I wouldn’t dream of trying to rush anyone into anything. I take it that you’ve been invited to read my diary so you can gain some insight into our hedonistic lifestyle?”
“Yes, do you mind?”
“No I don’t. You would do well to start around the middle of last year. If you want to read what happened before that you’re welcome to comeback anytime and do so.”
Ruth started to read and Brenda stood behind her.
After a short while, I could see a flush of pink on Ruth’s neck and cheeks then Brenda rested her hands on Ruth’s shoulders and very gently began to stroke her shoulders and neck. Soon her hands wandered a little lower down Ruth’s front. Slowly, but carefully she was able to cup Ruth’s breasts and gently massage them. Ruth responded by sitting a little more erect with her shoulders pushed back against Brenda’s midriff.
This was all the signal that Brenda required, deftly she undid a button on Ruth’s blouse each time her hands passed over Ruth’s breasts until it was time to stop any subtle moves and undo the lower three buttons, open the blouse and slide it back off Ruth’s shoulders and then down her arms and off altogether. Her next action was to undo the flimsy lace ‘bra cupping two proud breasts. They were little more than a lace curtain because they certainly weren’t supporting anything.
Doreen had moved behind Brenda and as Ruth’s ‘bra was being removed she was removing Brenda’s blouse and skirt and as she hadn’t been wearing a ‘bra or knickers she was now nude.
Brenda put her hands under Ruth’s breasts and applied upward pressure, which made Ruth stand up. Now Doreen could remove the stool and Brenda could unfasten Ruth’s skirt and allow it to drop to the floor revealing the fact that she wore a tiny thong. Ruth had long since stopped trying to read the diary; she was just leaning back against Brenda. I could see the soft mounds topping her breasts begin to grow into two hard, erect nipples. She was lost in a world of lust and so was I.
Doreen had come back to my chair and knelt before me to undo my trousers and prize my erect cock out of the constricting material. She stroked me for a few short moments and then rapidly dropped her skirt, straddled me and reached down to guide my cock between her labial lips and then lowered herself down my erection.
I looked across at Brenda and Ruth to see that Ruth no longer wore a thong, revealing a smooth vulva. Brenda was using one hand to tweak a nipple whilst a finger on the other hand was being used to infiltrate between her labial lips. Ruth had opened her thighs slightly to ease the finger’s path as she stared at my cock disappearing into Doreen.
“I want to do that.” She said.
“You could be in luck then, but you’ll have to contain yourself. I’m only just getting started. I think it’s your bed time so I’m about to take you upstairs and I very much doubt that you’ll be available for a while yet.”
Brenda held Ruth’s hand and guided her upstairs, treating me to the sight of two very firm and desirable backsides. From behind, they looked just like a mother and daughter. Seeing that I was currently holding a slightly larger, but definitely softer, backside, which was impaling itself on my cock I returned my attention to its owner and managed to loosen her grip on my shoulders so that I could fondle her full, soft, and bouncing breasts.
After a while nature took over and I needed to become the driving force, I now wanted desperately to fuck Doreen vigorously and so I asked her to please get off me and get on her back on the couch and spread her legs because there wasn’t going to be any foreplay. She giggled and did as asked. I towered over her soft and very willing body for a moment before lowering myself onto and into her. I fucked her for an hour and although she came, twice I didn’t and my erection was undiminished.
This sometimes happen when my brain is just full of sexual desire and lust drives my body. I turned Doreen over and rammed my cock into her from behind. I thrust into her clutching vagina and held her soft breasts to prevent them from swinging and bouncing so much that the action would hurt her.
Finally, she came again so I pulled a condom from the packet in the small drawer of the occasional table beside the couch, put it on, coated it and her anal opening with lubricant, and began to enter her anus. She moaned softly and asked me to go slowly. I tried, I didn’t want to hurt her but soon my lust was driving me again and soon I was thrusting hard into her. Doreen was into her stride now so she was able to take my cock and began thrusting herself backwards as I thrust forward. I held her hips tightly, using her as an anchor as I rammed her into another climax.
We separated and headed for the wet-room to clean up and cool down then into bathrobes and back into the kitchen for a coffee. We sat in the kitchen quietly relaxing when it became apparent that somebody was definitely not relaxing.
From upstairs came a series of screeches and wails of what can only be described as sexual ecstasy. Ruth was pleading with Brenda to let her climax, but after listening for while we discovered that Brenda was deliberately bringing her to the edge and then stopping whatever it was she was doing to Ruth until her urge to come had subsided then she’d wind her up again. This treatment was driving Ruth wild, but Doreen told me that this was just the sort of treatment that Ruth wanted.
I had looked at the clock when they went upstairs; I looked again and was surprised to find that it was 1130pm. Two and a half hours had passed and they were still having a ball up there.
My erection had finally started to be less intrusive until Doreen suggested that we should go upstairs and see what, exactly, it was that Doreen was doing to Ruth. My cock immediately started to become extremely hard again, which was very noticeable when I stood up. Doreen certainly noticed it and grasping my member firmly, she set off in the direction of the stairs.
“You really are keen to get into Ruth’s charms aren’t you?” she asked as we ascended the stairs.
“Right now I’m keen to get her out of Brenda’s clutches so that you can take her into the other bedroom and give her all the attention she can cope with for as long as you can manage. Give her a night she will never forget. What I want to do is to bury this erection in Brenda and keep it in there until dawn.”
“Are you telling me that you don’t fancy screwing Ruth?”
“Certainly not, I most definitely want to screw her, But that will happen tomorrow afternoon, I have no idea how long I will manage it for but she will certainly know it happened.”
Saturday night became Sunday morning as we entered the master bedroom.
Ruth was face up, her shoulder resting on the bed with her hands tied to the foot-end bedposts. Her body sloped up over Brenda’s body as she sat between Ruth’s widespread legs, her face level with Ruth’s sex. Her legs were hooked over Brenda’s shoulders and her ankles tied to the head-end posts.
I could see the last inch of her vibrator protruding from Ruth’s vagina and that its effects were being enhanced by the smaller model projecting from her anus. Brenda was caressing Ruth’s breasts and rubbing over her erect nipples the result of all this stimulation being that Ruth was rocking, rolling, and bucking in a paroxysm of lust and ecstasy.
Doreen and I stood beside the bed watching Ruth’s body writhe in the most erotic manner and this obviously triggered an urge in Doreen. She’d decided that she had to add a little something to the scene so, dropping her robe she knelt and began to masturbate me until I was forced to stop her before I came over the two sweating bodies on the bed. She then turned her attentions to Ruth. Kneeling over Ruth’s face with her back to Brenda she lowered her sex over Ruth’s mouth and told her eat her until she came.
Brenda took this opportunity to reach around Doreen and fondle her full breasts. This was all very nice but my cock was a raging rod of hot muscle and I was rapidly losing control of my self-control.
I did lose my self-control. I removed my robe then undid the ankle restraints on Ruth, put my arms under Brenda’s armpits and knees then dragged her off the bed and carried her to the single divan bed that I’d recently installed for just such overflow eventualities.
I wasn’t particularly rough but I wasn’t about to wait any longer to get my cock into the one body it really wanted, and needed, to be inside. Her eyes widened as she saw the look on my face as I parted her thighs and went down on her labia to lick and suck her sex opening and clitoris.
Once I was certain that she was sufficiently wet to take my engorged cock with very little ceremony, she experienced exactly that. I thrust myself into her. In an extremely short span of time, she had gone from being the master of someone’s body to being mastered.
Brenda allowed me to use her body to take away some of the blind lust I was feeling then gradually she tightened her grip around my back and wrapped her legs around my waist with her ankles crossed to lock herself to me.
The tables were turned. She had been experiencing the same urgent desire to fuck as I had and now she was in charge of the proceedings and was fucking me from underneath. She kept the pressure on my lower back with her ankles and held me there as she rammed her labia against my groin. We may have been driven by lust and love, but we are no longer young enough to be able to keep up a sustained, vigorous, activity such as the one we were performing, for long periods.
As we slowed down to a more sedate pace Doreen’s voice cut through the red fog of lust which caused us to actually stop what we were doing and turned to look at the two women on the bed.
I had omitted to refasten Ruth’s ankle ties when I removed Brenda, and as Doreen had undone Ruth’s wrist ties in order to fondle Doreen’s breasts, Ruth had naturally taken advantage of the freedom.
Being, fitter, stronger and more wiry than Doreen, she had brought her legs up to hook Doreen’s arms and then forced her backwards so that she was now on her back with Ruth’s mouth against her sex. Ruth had managed to remove the two vibrators from her body and was inserting the larger one into Doreen’s vagina as she simultaneously nibbled her clitoris.
Because she was stronger than Doreen was, she was able to keep her under control. Doreen had been begging Ruth to let her up, but Ruth was not listening. She carried on with her ministrations until Doreen climaxed, noisily and violently but finally she collapsed and Ruth extricated herself from the wreckage of the bedding.
She looked across at Brenda and me and with a huge grin, she said. “Can I join your club? Please”
Brenda smiled at Ruth. “We are not a club. We are a group of friends enjoying healthy activities. Don’t be in such a rush; you may not like all the exercise activities. This heap currently resting between my thighs has a set of exercises arranged for you this afternoon. “We would appreciate it if you took Doreen downstairs for a while, the heap and I have some business to finalize and I would be really happy if it was concluded in the very near future.”
Ruth did as asked and I did as instructed until Brenda shuddered her way to a rather quiet climax. Mine wasn’t.
We had intended to go downstairs and have some scrambled eggs with Doreen and Ruth, but, to put it bluntly, we were knackered and opted for sorting out the bedding on my bed, a quick wash and teeth cleaning in the bathroom then snuggle up together and lights out.
When my lights came back on it was 9:15am. Brenda was still asleep and I had the pleasure of just observing her for a few minutes before attempting to slide out of bed without disturbing her. I didn’t wake her, but unfortunately, I managed to drag the duvet off her upper body revealing her pert breasts.
I’m only human I just couldn’t resist having a little fondle and then the duvet slipped a little more, revealing a flat stomach, just a little gentle stroking wouldn’t wake her and before I knew it my hand was over her vulva and Brenda was beginning to react and so was my cock.
A little more pressure and a moist tongue on a now erect nipple and her thighs were parting. Now there was no going back. I slid a finger between her labial lips and gently caressed her moist clitoris. Thighs now wide apart and soft moaning told me all I needed to know; I positioned myself between the gateposts and entered her.
Brenda’s arms came up and her hands clasped my buttocks and forced me even deeper into her than I had intended to go. It was short, it was hectic and it was noisy, but it was also bloody lovely. The applause from the doorway indicated that it had also been appreciated by our audience who, they claimed, had merely come to ask what we would like for breakfast.
During breakfast, we heard more from Ruth. She is 5ft 2in tall, weighs in at 112lbs. and is a serious marathon runner, but she prefers the wild terrain running rather than just pounding road and paths. She said that she ran for 3 hours every weekday and took the weekends off. No wonder she was so wiry and fit. Athlete or not, for a small person she could certainly manage to put away lot of muesli. Doreen, Brenda, and I made do with a full English breakfast.
After breakfast Doreen and Ruth drove home to change into clothes more suitable for outdoors as we intended to take a walk along the beach and then across the moorland to a small village which had an inn with a large fireplace and therein, a large fire. The inn also had a large selection of liquid refreshment from which to choose along with a superb ‘home cooked’ menu for lunch. We arrived back at my place in a very merry frame of mind.
Doreen and I made coffee as Brenda and Ruth settled on the couch. I came back into the living room just as Ruth’s jeans were tossed over the back of the couch, it seemed that her sweater and ‘bra had already made that journey, her knickers followed shortly thereafter.
I never had chance to interfere. Brenda’s ‘I’m in charge’ voice advised me to sit in my armchair and enjoy the view and my coffee, so I sat and enjoyed my coffee and the view. Doreen had removed her clothes as soon as I’d left the kitchen so she came in wearing nothing but a smile and carrying a tray with their coffees and placed them on the coffee table. She then sat down beside Ruth and leant to nibble an erect nipple.
The three women took gentle pleasures from each other as they sipped their coffee. I sat across from them and smouldered. They caressed breasts and parted thighs to allow vulva’s to be cupped and labia parted.
I released my stiff and aching member from the confines of my trousers and stroked it gently as I watched. Doreen suggested that I could at least enter into the proceedings a little more whole-heartedly and get my clothes off. I did as asked and watched Ruth staring hard at my hard.
I was also capable of putting on a show so I crossed the room to stand before Ruth and then began to stroke my cock; she managed to contain herself for around 5 minutes before she surrendered to her urges.
She sat forward and began trying to get my erection into her mouth, but soon realized that she would need time and patience to manage that so she opted for grasping my cock and treating it to a wonderful tactile inspection that soon had me panting.
As I reached out to hold her head, but she sat back on the sofa and slid down so that there was room for me to what she wanted me to do. I complied with her unspoken request and dropped to my knees in front of her, pried her knees wide apart and leant forward to taste her sex.
Even though it had experienced quite a few internal probing’s since yesterday evening she still had a tight slit and I enjoyed a very close up inspection of her delightful entrance before extending my tongue to a taste her sex.
She responded magnificently by opening her legs as wide and as high as she could get them and lifted her buttocks, which provided me with complete access to her then, lowered her legs onto my shoulders and then pulled my head hard against her.
Ruth was more than happy to let me eat her but she had an even stronger desire to satisfy. I heard her say “Please Brenda, get the chair” and before I could really assimilate the information, I was being ‘encouraged’ to get to my feet and then moved backwards until my knees hit the chair which had been placed behind me.
Pressure on my shoulders indicated that I should sit. I did so, my arms were immediately pulled behind me, and my wrists fastened together by the handcuffs I’d bought for Benda and me to use on Doreen. In the circumstances, I could hardly complain at my being treated in the same manner.
It was obvious that there had been a discussion beforehand because the next thing to happen was that Brenda moved in front of me and knelt to suck my cock (‘felate’ seems such a cold word in this situation) and then Doreen took her place.
Next came Ruth, but she didn’t kneel, she climbed onto the chair. Feet placed either side of my legs she pressed her sex against my mouth and her hands behind my head to pull it forward against her groin and then the other two devils commenced to masturbate me. It was fantastic.
Thankfully, Rose remembered that I also needed a little air with my snack so she eased away from my face and climbed down from the chair. This gorgeous little doll had positioned herself over my lap with her hands on my shoulders as my erection, held by an acolyte, was guided to the gates of paradise, which were being held open by the other acolyte.
Ruth sighed and started to rotate her hips, each time she completed a circle she applied a little more downward pressure and so, slowly but surely, she descended my pole until she reached her limit and I still had round about an inch to go.
At this point, she ceased her downward pressure and commenced thrusting her pelvis forward and back. Heaven, it was absolute heaven. I now have a pair of lovely breasts, each one topped with an erect nipple, at mouth height and in mouth’s reach; I made the most of the offer. She was so tight around my cock I could feel every ripple of her vaginal muscles, and then she started to gyrate her hips as she thrust back and forth.
Ruth began panting and her movements became frenzied until, very slowly, she descended that final inch. I was deeper inside her than any other person had ever been and she gasped this news out to us as she came. Loudly, very loudly, she almost blew my ears off and her vaginal muscles almost chopped my cock off for her to keep as a keepsake.
My hands were tied, but not my legs. I stood up and my arms slid up the chair back. Ruth had no way of preventing me from walking into the kitchen with my erection buried inside her, she couldn’t get off so she had to hang on which she did even though the engorged nipple of her left breast was nibbled as she bounced up and down on my cock until I lowered her onto the kitchen table. At this point, Brenda came and unlocked the handcuffs allowing me to press her gently back until her shoulders were against the wood.
I slid my hands down over her lovely breasts, I was tempted to linger, but I had urgent business elsewhere and I was reasonable certain that other opportunities to play with those beauties would present themselves. My intention was to get hold of her hips and then use them as hand holds to enable me to fuck this lovely creature without having her slide all the way off my cock. It worked, I was careful not to ram myself into her too hard, so we both enjoyed the next lust filled twenty minutes until she climaxed again and the tight clamping of her vagina caused me to follow suit.
Whilst I waited for my erection to collapse I fondled her breasts and stomach until she asked me stop otherwise she would be demanding more of the same. I knew I would be unable to satisfy her a third time at such short notice so I reluctantly eased myself out of her body, helped her to her feet and led the way to the wet room. I was not allowed to soap her; she said that was because she didn’t trust herself to behave in a lady-like fashion if I came into close contact with her at the moment. She’d never know how grateful I was for that decision.
Having finished our shower we returned to the living room and dressed, Brenda and Doreen were busy upstairs, it was hard to tell quite what they were busy at, but it the sounds we were hearing suggested that it was enjoyable so we left them to their frolics and made ourselves useful by tidying the room.
I heard the upstairs shower pump start up and then Doreen appeared wearing a bigger smile than when I last saw her and headed for the wet room. Once we were all in the living room, I told them that I would like to treat them to a meal in a good restaurant in town and enjoy someone else’s cooking skills.
Doreen and Ruth went home to change and dropped Brenda off at her place, which they had to pass on the way to the main road. I change into suitable clothes and then drove down to collect Brenda. She was in her bedroom trying to decide which of three dresses she should choose. I chose one for her and then helped her dress.
After about ten minutes of being helped, she pulled her knickers up and told me that I’d be a lot more help if I waited downstairs. When we arrived at Doreen’s house, she was in the same situation that I’d, found Brenda in and this time I didn’t get my marching orders but I had to get my suit off before I fucked her. She hadn’t had her knickers on and as Brenda had been messing about by groping my cock as we travelled, I was in need of an outlet for my aroused state and the sight of a bare backside was the entire trigger I needed.
Doreen, bless her; didn’t argue. She saw my face and the fact that my trousers were already undone and just turned to kneel on the bed, spread her thighs and lowered her head. Ten inches of hot cock slid into a warm and moist vagina. It was quick, it was lust, and it was wonderful.
Having satisfied my urge I let Brenda decide which dress Doreen should wear. Ruth arrived as they came downstairs so off we went. On the way to town, I asked Ruth if she was still keen on joining our group. She said she was even keener now that she had been privileged to see how much we were at ease with each other. Brenda explained our rule about undies when visiting us, or being visited by us.
“We don’t expect you to travel about without any undies, but you must remove them as soon as you arrive. You should always be ready to give or receive sexual pleasure. We really do live to enjoy each other’s bodies at any time or in any place, but only as a group of friends, we don’t have one-night stands with others. ”
“Are you happy with this?”
“I have one reservation, I’m happy with everything, except anal.”
“Duly noted my love, now are you happy?”
She was.
This was just as well because, after a very enjoyable meal during which they emptied two bottles of wine, we arrived at Doreen’s house. Doreen and Brenda went into Doreen’s house and I escorted Ruth to her house and then upstairs where I undressed her and put her into bed. I went downstairs, opened the door to let Brenda in, and then locked the door and the two of us went up to the bedroom and undressed then climbed into bed with Ruth.
Ruth said, in a very drowsy voice.
“I don’t care what you do, but please remember Tim, I don’t want anal sex.”
“Are finger’s accepted?”
“I’ll try it.”
She wasn’t drowsy for long and anal sex was the only thing she didn’t experience that night.

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