Pregnant Pause

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The stylish and expensive car pulled to a stop before the
small and modest apartment building. The owner sat
inside, tapping on the steering wheel before putting the
car into park. She remained sitting in the car for
several minutes, still tapping the wheel, trying to get
the courage to get out and deal with this. She didn’t
want to, she really didn’t, but it was necessary and she
knew that. With a sigh, she stepped out, her heels
clicking on the pavement as she pulled herself out.

She started to walk towards the building, a striking
figure that caught the eye of a few passerby’s. Long dark
hair brushing past her shoulders, dressed well in a skirt
that showed off a pair of nice legs and a dark blouse
that showed off some nice curves as well. A pair of
sunglasses covered her face, her beauty still shining
through yet she wasn’t as instantly recognizable as she
could have been, for which she was grateful. She could
see a couple of people giving her the eye, admiring her
figure, her suit a bit more flashy than she normally went

*Might as well enjoy it while I can* Elizabeth Hurley
thought to herself as she headed up the walk. The
gorgeous British actress was a bit careful going up the
stairs. She knew she might have been just a bit paranoid
but she didn’t want to cause injury to herself or her
body. Making her way to the door, she buzzed one number.

“Yeah?” a lower-class accent came over the speaker.

“Um, Harry?” Elizabeth stated. “It’s …. Elizabeth.”

There was a long silence and Elizabeth could tell the man
was shocked by her presence there. “Um, is something
wrong?” he asked.

Elizabeth licked her lips. “I think we need to discuss
that in person. Can you let me in?”

There was another pause and then the buzzer rang.
Elizabeth pulled open the door and went in, making her
way quickly to the elevators, going inside and hitting
the button for the third floor. She tapped her shoe
impatiently as the elevator came to a stop and she
stepped out, making her way to a small door. She knocked
on it and waited once more for it to open.

It finally did, showing off a young man in his early
twenties, somewhat grungy-looking, with long blond hair,
pointed nose and jaw, torn jeans and a dirty shirt. “Um,
hi,” Harry said, seeming amazed at seeing the actress at
his door. “Come on in, come on.”

Elizabeth stepped past him, entering the dingy apartment
the young student owned. It was just as she remembered,
clothes thrown about, table covered with papers and
charts, dishes piled high in the sink. Elizabeth was sure
a few of them were actually the exact same ones she had
seen two months previously.

“Um, I’m glad you dropped by,” Harry said, shutting the
door and rubbing his hands on his jeans. “Can I get you
anything, a drink or….”

“I’m pregnant,” Elizabeth said, turning to him. He stood
stock-still, his face blank at her words. “Yes,” she
nodded at his stare. “I’m pregnant and I’m just about
positive it’s yours.”

“Mine?” Harry stated, staring at her. “But …. but it
was …. it was just….”

“Just one night, I know,” Elizabeth nodded. “That’s what
I thought too, just one night before I was off on the
publicity tour. But when I found out, I did the math and
mentally checked things out. I was on a serious grind at
the time, so much so that the only person I was….
intimate with that way…. was you.”

“But….” Harry stammered. “O-one night.”

“Several times in that night,” Elizabeth said. “And it
was good. And it was enough, seeing as how neither of us
used any protection.”

“So…. you’re carrying my child,” Harry said dully.
“And…. what are you going to do?”

Elizabeth sighed. “If you’re thinking about a hefty
payment for this or marrying me, forget it. I may be a
traditional girl but I am capable of having a child out
of wedlock. And if you’re thinking of taking this to the
press for a massive windfall, I have talked to my lawyers
and I believe we can make sure there will be
repercussions should you go public with this.”

“Wow, you’ve thought this out,” Harry said bitterly,
turning and rummaging through a nearby drawer. “Never
took into account how I’d feel about my own child?”

“What?” Elizabeth said, raising an eyebrow. “You want to
be a part of it?”

“As shocking as it may sound, Liz, no,” Harry replied,
still looking through the drawer. “I’m quite happy with
my single status and I have no wish to be saddled with a
kid and, as much as your movie star salary sounds
wonderful to fall on, I do have bigger plans than being
known as ‘Mr. Elizabeth Hurley.’”

“Then we’re agreed,” Elizabeth nodded.

“Not quite,” Harry said, turning around, his fist
clenched around something but Elizabeth couldn’t tell
what. “You see, Liz, I just can’t shake the feeling that
when that child comes, you’re going to feel very maternal
and in the family way and maybe get it into your head to
insist that I help you raise the child. And as I said,
that could hurt my status around town.”

“Some status,” Elizabeth sniffed, looking about the dingy
apartment. “I don’t see woman falling over themselves
coming here.”

“You’d be surprised,” Harry said. “Which brings up the
biggest problem. I get involved with you, I’m in the
public eye and all those paparazzi hounding my every move
for dishy dirt could put a crimp in my activities. So,
Liz, I’m afraid we’re going to have to take some more
drastic steps to make sure this whole thing is kept

“What?” Elizabeth asked, frowning in puzzlement. “A
signed agreement?”

“Something less public but more binding,” Harry said,
holding up his fist. He opened it and out dropped a shiny
gold pocket watch attached to a chain, which he
immediately sent swinging from side to side. Instantly,
Elizabeth’s eyes widened a bit, her frown leaving her as
her eyes began to track the watch’s movements. Her arms
slowly slipped down to her sides, her face starting to go
blank as she watched the watch swing.

“That’s right, Elizabeth, watch the watch,” Harry said in
a flat tone. “Just keep watching it, Liz, just keep
watching it swing, back and forth, back and forth, just
keep watching it swing, Liz, back and forth, back and

As he spoke, watching Elizabeth begin to fall into a
trance, Harry’s mind flashed back a few months before, as
what he had thought would be a dream come true was
turning into a major headache.

It had been a simple night out, just a drink at the pub
after work, then a quick trip on the Underground to get
to his flat, that was all, the same routine Harry had
done a lot of times. At least it usually was, but there
was something on this night that made it far more unique.

The train halting midway through the tunnel was nothing
new, that had happened a few times before, especially
given the power problems London had recently endured. It
was a late night and the car wasn’t too full, just Harry
and a couple other passengers, most on the far side of
the car, Harry near the back along with a beautiful

It had taken him a while to realize that it was Elizabeth
Hurley under the rather normal clothing. She didn’t
exactly look the movie star type at the moment, just a
regular shirt and jeans but Harry could still feel a rush
of lust towards her, dreams of having this gorgeous
creature in bed flooding over him. Only he could make
them more than dreams.

Maybe it was the couple of belts in him already or just
the rush of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but Harry
could feel his hand going towards his coat pocket,
feeling the watch inside. He had experimented with
hypnosis before, with great success, getting a couple of
women to spend a night of passion with him before. But
never anyone as famous as Elizabeth. Still, she looked a
bit tired so he was willing to take the chance.

He carefully walked over to where she sat, glancing
absently out of the window, tapping her foot as she
waited for the car to start up again. Harry sat on the
seat before her, trying to be nonchalant as he pulled his
hand out of his pocket and revealed his prized gold
pocket watch. “Excuse me,” he said, trying to keep his
tone light. “Do you have the right time?”

Elizabeth looked at him, the fatigue in her eyes showing
a bit and giving Harry another boost of confidence.
“Excuse me?”

“Sorry,” Harry smiled. “I guess you’re a bit worn out

“I am,” Elizabeth sighed. “A meeting ran long, dinner ran
long, I just wanted to take a normal route back to my
hotel but that doesn’t seem to have worked very well.”

“I can relate,” Harry said, giving thanks for the entire
break-down as held up the watch. “I just wanted to ask so
I could make sure my watch was on time. Is it?”

“I believe so,” Elizabeth said looking at the watch.

“Are you sure?” Harry said, giving it a little tug and
letting it swing lightly back and forth. “I mean, are you
really sure? Maybe you should take a longer look at it,
you know? Just take a nice long look at it, just look at
it carefully, just look at it carefully, just take a nice
long look. Just look at it swinging there in the air,
just look at it swinging there back and forth, back and
forth, just look at it swinging there, just look. Just
take a nice, long look, just take a nice, long look, back
and forth, back and forth, just take a nice, long look.”

Harry wondered if Elizabeth had been hypnotized before,
she was apparently going under already, eyes glazing a
bit and blinking as she followed the movements of the
watch. “Just keep watching it, Liz,” Harry said, grateful
that using her name didn’t appear to throw her too much.

“Just keep watching it swing back and forth, back and
forth, just keep watching it swing, Liz, just keep
watching it swing, back and forth, back and forth, just
keep watching it swing, Liz, just keep watching it swing
back and forth, back and forth. You’re feeling very tired
now, Liz, very tired as you watch it swing, back and
forth, back and forth, so tired as you watch it swing,
Liz, so tired as you watch it swing, back and forth, back
and forth, so tired, Liz, so tired, aren’t you tired,

“Yes….” She whispered, eyes focused on the watch,
slumping a bit in the seat, Harry risking a glance back
to make sure none of the other passengers were watching
before continuing. “Yes, Liz, you’re very tired, you’re
so very tired, so very tired, Liz, so very tired. You
want to sleep, Liz, you need to sleep, you need to sleep,
you’re so very tired, you need to sleep, Liz, you need to
sleep. Close your eyes, Liz, close your eyes and go to
sleep, just go to sleep, Liz, just go to sleep….”

Liz’s eyes drifted shut, her head slumping forward as
Harry continued to whisper to her. “Just let yourself
drift further and further into sleep, Liz, just drift
further and further into sleep, further into sleep,
deeper, Liz, go deeper, go way, way deeper, Liz, go way
deeper, so deep that you’ll listen to whatever I say,
you’ll do whatever I say, so deep….”

“Thanks for the walk,” Elizabeth said as she and Harry
came up to his apartment. “I needed a break from the
whole grind.”

“My pleasure,” Harry smiled. He couldn’t believe how well
it had all gone. By the time the train had started up
again, Elizabeth was so deeply under, she was more than
ready to follow Harry’s little suggestions.

When she awoke, she remembered only that she had talked
to Harry and that she felt an infatuation with the young
man, one that would grow as they walked around and by the
time they reached his apartment, it would come to a point
where Elizabeth would want nothing more than a night of
passion with him.

Harry could tell it was working, Elizabeth growing closer
to him as their walk and talk progressed. She had talked
about her career and such but he pretty much tuned it
out, instead giving little touches like a light caress to
her ass or “accidental” brush against her chest, which
usually got her a bit excited. Now, it was time for the
acid test as he led her to his apartment.

Elizabeth didn’t really notice the grungy decor of the
place, she was too interested in the huge arousal she
felt towards Harry. She couldn’t explain it, she just
felt so alive around him and vibrant and wanted to be
with him in all ways.

“So,” Harry said carefully, looking towards Elizabeth.
“Can I get you….” He broke off as Elizabeth moved to
him, pulling him into a passionate kiss, her hands
reaching down to squeeze his ass a bit as the kiss
continued. She broke off enough to look at him and grin.
“I’ve been wanting to shag you for hours,” she whispered
in a husky tone. “You up for it?”

“Sure,” Harry got out, pulling her towards the bedroom.
The bed was covered with loose clothes and dirty laundry
but a yank on the spread threw them all on the floor.
Harry pulled off his shirt and undid his pants before he
remembered there was Elizabeth to contend with. He
glanced towards her and could feel his cock go hard at
the sight of her.

Her clothes were already on the floor and she stood in a
red bra and panties, the sensuous curves of her body
shown clearly. Smiling, she came forward, kissing Harry
again, the two falling back on the bed as Elizabeth
worked herself on top of him, loving the feeling of the
man on her. Harry pushed her down on the bed, moving down
to her chest, pushing aside the lace fabric to expose her
gorgeous breasts. He kissed one nipple, rubbing the other
tit hard with one hand, causing the actress to moan in
pleasure at his work. He pulled the bra away from her
breasts, pushing them together hard as he kept on working
down her body.

He came to her red panties and reached up, pulling them
down to expose her pussy, which was already wet. Inhaling
the wonderful scent, he pushed his face to it, his tongue
reaching out to tickle her clit, causing Elizabeth’s
moans to grow, the actress withering on the couch as
Harry’s tongue licked at her soaked womanhood, his hands
squeezing at her breasts through it all.

Harry broke off the pussy-eating to move up, pulling down
his underwear to expose his hard cock and moving it
towards Elizabeth. An accented moan filled the room as
Elizabeth felt him push his manhood into her and start to
push it in and out of her, her mouth open and moaning as
she felt him go at her. His hands pressed hard against
her tits as he did, loving the cries from Elizabeth as he
pinched the nipples every time he pressed her breasts

Her legs were spread around his waist as his cock slammed
in and out of her, Harry getting ready to let go, hoping
it would be worth the wait. His hands grasped and
squeezed Elizabeth’s breasts hard as he slammed his cock
into her with one huge thrust, feeling his seed erupt
inside her.

Elizabeth shrieked in pleasure as she felt him let go,
another shriek coming as she climaxed herself. Harry
moved down onto her, his mouth going back to her chest as
he got ready for their next orgasm, the first of many
that night, neither aware of just how monumental this
really was.

All those memories flashed through Harry’s mind in an
instant as he looked down at Elizabeth. He was seated on
his couch, his fly open, Elizabeth’s mouth around his
cock. Her dark hair fell around his lap, hiding it as he
head bounced up and down, her lips tight around his hard
shaft as her tongue tickled the penis, her hands
squeezing at his balls.

Harry couldn’t believe how dumb he had been. It was his
ego, that was it. His ego had led him to decide that it
would be better to send Elizabeth home with memories of
her night with him, believing it to be one of the best
sexual experiences of her life. The only suggestion Harry
had left was that if she ever saw the swinging watch
again, Elizabeth would fall back into a trance state but
otherwise he had left no controls to keep her from
remembering him.

Not wiping her memory entirely of the event did seem to
be a mistake, Harry owned. She had put it together and
figured out he was the father, which could have been a
disaster if anyone else knew. Luckily, after going back
under, the hypnotized Elizabeth had told Harry that she
had told no one of her suspicions or of her night with
him at all, so his secret was safe.

Harry’s musings were interrupted by a rush of sheer lust
as he felt himself come, his semen exploding into
Elizabeth’s mouth, all swallowed and licked away by the
hypnotized actress.

After making sure all his cum was gone, Harry pushed
Elizabeth off him and redid his fly. He held the watch
back up, watching Elizabeth slump into the seat, staring
at it blankly. “Listen carefully, Elizabeth,” he stated.
“When you get back into your car, you’ll enter a much
lighter state of trance. You’ll drive home safely, no
accidents or anything. When you get home, you’ll wake up
and remember nothing about this. Nothing about me,
nothing about meeting me or anything about who the real
father is. You won’t remember I’m the baby’s father.”

“I won’t remember…. you’re the baby’s father….”
Elizabeth whispered. “You’ll forget all about me.”

“I’ll forget…. all about you….”

“You can choose who the baby’s father is,” Harry smiled.
“Just pick a likely suspect and stick to it no matter

“Stick to it…. no matter what….”

“Go, Elizabeth. Go and forget.” Harry sat back and
watched Elizabeth robotically rise to her feet and walk
towards the door, shutting it behind her. Harry sighed
and leaned back in his seat. Live and learn, he supposed.
He’d have to make sure his “subjects” had the right birth
control and he had plenty of protection before he made
his big move.

It was a shame, because Elizabeth was a tigress in bed
but he supposed it was for the best. The public eye would
make it harder for his hypnotic liaisons to continue. He
smiled as he thought of the poor bastard Liz was going to
announce was the father of her child. It would mean a lot
of heartache for Liz.

Who knows? Maybe Harry would try and set up a special
version of “visitation rights” for her and her child in
the future. And maybe the baby wouldn’t be the only one
sucking on Mom’s breasts for a treat.

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