Prince of the street

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Dad raised his hand and was about to hit me. He was drunk as usual and complained that I was costing him too much. He wanted me out of his life. Tears were running down my eyes. I was a young 11-year-old boy living in a city in Russia. My name is Nicholas, and I was a bit small for my age. My mum left us and Dad was unemployed. We lived in a one bedroom flat that had lots of rugs and little furniture. There was a big old sofa that dad and I slept on. Dad never bought me anything. All my clothes were too short or too small, and most of them were clothes he got from my aunt who has a daughter older than me. Dad didn’t even bother taking me to a barbershop, so I had long blonde hair that was wavy and had a few curls that went to my shoulders. Looking at old pictures, I could see that I had hair like a girl film star would be jealous of. It didn’t help that the clothes I wore were old girls clothes and that was the size of a 9 years old. Maybe that’s why I had no friends; everyone thought I was a sissy and a faggot. I was not gay; I thought to fancy another boy was disgusting. Never mind kissing another boy! No, I was definitely not gay.

Dad swung his hand at me, telling me to get out. I ducked just in time and begged him that I could stay. I asked him where I would go! It was obvious that he did not care. I was wearing a tank top that was white and torn shorts that just came below my butt in the back and were at very low in the front. Let’s put it this way, they covered my balls, and that was about it. The shorts had a small heart in the front. I rushed out the door just with the clothes on my back. I walked out of the building and stood below the street. I was cursing my Dad. What sort of dad would kick their child out on the street when he was only 11 years old? I wanted to live with my Mum but didn’t know where she lived. I decided to go to my aunts.

When I got there, her daughter opened the door. She commented on how pretty I was. I never had a good relationship with her, as she thought I was a sissy. Either that or I should have been born a girl. I hated when she said I looked pretty. My aunt came out and said the same. I started crying. I know crying made me look more like a sissy, but I had an excuse. My dad just kicked me out! I told the story to my aunt and told her I had no place to live. She told me to sit down on the sofa and then came back with a necklace. It had a Tinkerbelle (the fairy from Peter Pan) on it. Then she started a long explanation that I could not live with her. She said the necklace was a present and would help me. I wondered how a girl’s necklace would help me; besides, make more people think I was a sissy or a girl. She advised me to go to the park; there were shelters there where I could sleep. I could also ask people if they needed some help in doing things. This confused me as everyone told me not to go to the park, as its nickname was “Pedo Park”. Only pervs came there and they just wanted to have sex with each other in the bushes or look at children in the playground.

I stormed out of the house and cursed my whole family. I didn’t know that 2,000,000 children in Russia lived on the street. I was just another statistic. I walked towards Pedo Park while trying to take the golden girly necklace off. It was locked. I couldn’t take it off and I was not going back to ask my aunt for a key. I tried to break it, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t lift it over my head. A shame as I am sure I could have got some money from it if I could take it off.

I entered Pedo Park, as my heart was beating very fast. I noticed that other boys and girls were there. They were wearing slutty clothes that showed a lot of their body. I noticed a girl that was wearing a tank top. The strap was down so you could see her flat nipple. She was talking with an old fat man. He gave her money and then the two of them walked into the bushes. I walked around the park and felt sorry for myself. The more I thought about, the more I thought that the others probably thought I was wearing slutty clothes, as they didn’t cover much, especially my shorts. I decided to see if I could find that girl and man. Why did he give her money? What did they want to see in the bushes? I walked through the bushes but could not find them. After walking around for some time, I couldn’t find them. I decided to sit below a tree and just cry my eyes out. No one would see me here; no one would think I was a crybaby or sissy. I had a lot to cry over. What would I eat? Where would I sleep? What would happen to me? After a few minutes, the tears stopped flowing. I decided to stay there; maybe I would take a little nap before exploring the park for someplace to sleep.

Just as I was about to sleep, a man stood in front of me.

“It’s not often we see a child whore by the pissing tree,” he said, as he stood there looking at me. I was confused as I really didn’t know what a pissing tree was.

“Take off your shorts little girl and your top. I don’t have all day.” He said once again. I was about to get mad and say that I was not a girl, but I thought he could see the bulge in my panties when I took my shorts off. I don’t know why I stripped; maybe I have always been a bit submissive. But I slowly took off my clothes and sat back down in my panties. I forgot that I had white panties on with a picture of the little mermaid. I couldn’t see any bulge when I looked down. My dick was hiding. The man told me what a pretty girl I was, and he liked my necklace. I was about to tell him I was a boy when I see him pull his zip down and pull he cock out. I just stared at it, in shock. It was long and fat. Why was he showing me his cock? I was not gay! I was about to tell him this when he pointed his cock at me and started pissing. That’s right; his piss started flowing down my chest. I never thought that someone would ever think of pissing on someone else. But here was I feeling his warm piss flowing down on me. He wasn’t satisfied with my chest, he pointed it at my face and I felt the warm sensation as well as a bit smelly. I kept my mouth shut tight as well as my eyes. Deep inside, I wanted to run away. But how would I run through the park with a pair of girl panties on me and piss dripping off of me? After a bit, he stopped and told me to open my mouth. I refused at first, thinking that he would piss in it, but when he told me that he didn’t like saying things twice, I opened it. I closed my eyes once again, thinking that piss would taste disgusting. Then I felt something soft, but hard enter my mouth. I opened my eyes and could see that he stuck his cock in my mouth. It didn’t taste like much, mostly skin. But the sensation was weird. It was like having a snake in your mouth that went in and out, that was hard but the skin was soft. I kept saying to myself that I was not gay, but to be honest, I was afraid what would happen if I didn’t suck. I decided that I could make it quicker if I used my tongue and move the cock around in my mouth. It seemed like ages, and the guy kept pushing his cock more and more in, so sometimes I gagged if it touched my throat. He called me a good cocksucker. I didn’t consider this good, as it meant that I was acting gay and being good at it. After a few minutes, he started squirting in my mouth. I knew what it was. Boys at school called it baby juice. He squirted several times in my mouth. I started gagging and coughing and trying to spit it out.

“If you want to be a better girl whore, you have to learn how to swallow,” He said

“I am a boy”

“Yea right, a boy with girl clothes, a girl face, girl panties and that lovely necklace. You are so funny, little girl!”

He walked away and threw some money on the ground. I just looked at him. He thought I was a prostitute. Then it hit me, I knew why that man gave the girl some money. I knew now what a pissing tree was. I took off my panties and threw them away. They were wet and smelled like piss. I put my shorts and top on and picked up the money. I know had money to buy something to eat. I decided to go to the train station. Maybe I could sleep in some corner there.

The next few days went fine. I was getting more and more used to living on the streets. I quickly found out that other children got money from stealing or selling themselves. I spoke with a few, but I didn’t admit that I sucked a man already. I decided that I would never steal. It didn’t matter, as I had enough money to buy food. During the daytime, I just walked around talking with others. They were a bit surprised when they found out that I was not a girl. They said that tourists loved sissy boys, but I was a natural and didn’t have to put makeup or things like that. Some warned me not to cut my hair, as it will only mean that I would be wanted less. My only reaction was to laugh and say that I was not a whore. They would smile and said that children were forced to do things they don’t want to, in order to survive. I quickly found out that this was true. The money disappeared after a few days.

I had to bite reality in the lips. It was either steal or to sell my body. No matter what I did, I would end up in hell. I didn’t want to steal. I would be too afraid to and would probably end up being caught. I walked through the park and only noticed a few other children that were older than me. I suppose any child would not be stupid enough to enter a park known as Pedo Park. There were a lot of men though; many looked like they were tourists. I kept my head high and walked towards the pissing tree. No one was there. This time, I would be ready. I took off my clothes and walked around the tree. The feeling of being naked in the open nature excited me. The breeze against my skin was like being in heaven. It also excited me that people could see me naked. I looked down at my body, and I must admit, it looked nice. It was smooth and clean. My dick was sticking out. It had no hair yet. I tried wanking off, but I could never make any cum. My aunt said my bum was nice and round, any girl would be jealous of it.

Some people walked by from a distance. I just stood there and let them stare at me. It was like I was an exhibition in a museum or something. I could feel their eyes glued to me and this made my dick stick more out. I also got a funny feeling in my bum hole. It felt like it was itchy. I noticed two teenage girls staring at me. They started discussing if I was a girl or boy, and then they looked down and they got the answer. They were telling each other how cute I was and how brave I was that I would stand naked in the middle of nature. An old couple walked by a bit later, and it looked like the old woman was disgusted. Her husband reminded her that her son always walked around just in briefs. The old woman was still disgusted and muttered that I should get my hair cut.

I was finding a new side to my personality. I was enjoying people looking at my naked body. But it was not good enough. No one was paying me for it. I sat down thinking that I would go to bed hungry tonight. It was at dinner time, and most people have gone home to eat their dinner. I was about to give up hope when two young men appeared before me. They started by saying that I was the cutest boy that they ever saw. They asked me if I was gay. I didn’t answer and just put my hand out and said in a low voice that if they wanted to play with me, then they would have to pay. They laughed and said I was a sissy whore. They found some money and put it in my hands. It was twice the money as I got the other day. I put the money in my short pockets that were next to the tree and just smiled. They just took out their cocks. They were already hard and they were very long and thick. The men smiled and informed me that they were not gay, but loved feminine boys. Before I could answer, I could see the taller man start pissing. I knew what to do. I closed my eyes and mouth. To be quite honest, it was not as bad this time as the first time. The other man also started pissing. They joked and said that it was great that they drank some beer earlier. Then they told me to open my mouth and stick my tongue out. This sounded disgusting. But it was part of being a prostitute. You sell your body and for a few minutes and paedophiles can use it the way they want. My job was to give them pleasure. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out as far as I could. It helped that they thought it looked very cute. I, on the other hand, could taste the bitter taste of pee on my tongue. It was like lemon juice, but more bitter. Some went into my mouth, so I tried closing the back of my throat. After a few minutes, I was drenched with piss all over me.

Then the man with the longer cock told me to get on my hands and knees. I was a bit confused. Was I not just going to suck them? Why did they want me on my hands and knees? Were we going to play Rocky(D)gy? They were commenting on how pretty my ass was. I looked over my shoulder and could see one man putting cream from a tube on his finger. Then I felt a cold finger go between my ass cheeks. I looked forwards again confused at them wanting even to feel my ass. I gasped as the finger went in my hole. I never thought about anyone putting anything in my hole before. There was a sharp pain as the finger entered, but it actually also felt quite good. The man kept pushing his finger in and out. At one point it touched a certain point that made me moan loud. The man fingering me laughed and shouted that I liked it. The other man just laughed and called me queer. Then they stood up and flipped a coin. These men were definitely weird. One man smiled as he obviously got what he wanted. He then disappeared behind me and I could feel him spreading my ass cheeks. I could feel something hard and long go between the ass cheeks. Then it stroke me, the man was going to put his cock in my ass. He was going to fuck me! Before I could have second thoughts, I could feel his cock enter me. It spread my asshole to the limits. I screamed out with pain as I thought his cock would split my ass into two. But he just continued pushing it in and in. At least he was slow about it. I had a few seconds to adjust before every thrust. I felt like I had to poo, and I had images going through my head that his cock will go through my body and out my mouth. Still I found that the pain was becoming less and less. As soon as he had his cock far in as he wanted, he started going in and out. I was starting to breath heavier, and after a bit, I wanted him to push his cock back in again. I ended up moaning which made me blush. Here I was being fucked. How more gay could I be? I convinced myself I was not gay; I was just renting my body out. The other man stood before me, His long hard cock was in front me his cock hanging out. I opened my mouth and let my tongue hang out. He seemed happy with this and stuck his cock in my mouth. It was hard to concentrate, but my tongue went to work as I started sucking a cock in my mouth, while another cock was fucking my ass, or as the man called it my boy pussy. This continued for some time, as both men agreed I was a good cocksucker and a good fuck. I could feel the man behind me speed up and then suddenly stop, and then everything felt warm. He spermed in me. I was now carrying his baby juices. I smiled as I thought it was good that I couldn’t become pregnant, but I did not have time to think about it. The man started cumming in my mouth. I tried to swallow the thick white salty cum, but it seemed like he spermed gallons. I swallowed as much as possible.

The men quickly put their clothes on again. They were talking to each other how I was the best fuck in their lives, and I was also such a good cocksucker. They were telling each other how this was one of the best days of their lives, as they just played with the prettiest boy that they ever met. Then one man gave me a kiss on the lips and told me that I had a beautiful necklace. The other man gave me a kiss while he told me that he will tell all his friends, so I would never need money again. I smiled and sat down as I started putting my shorts and tank top on again. My body was tired, but it was once again mine. I now had money for a few days again. I just needed to take a shower down at the train station so I didn’t smell like sex and piss.

I was about to go when a boy came up to me. He looked like he was 16. He was tall and strong. In a way, he was not even cute, as his face looked very old. I had to stop thinking like a gay boy. I shouldn’t care if a boy looked cute or not.

“Hi. My name is Alex. I saw you in action with the two men. At first, I thought you were a girl, but I could see that you are a boy. Do you like being gay?”

“I am not gay. I just needed the money”

“I see. I think you are very brave and you look like you are good at it. You are very pretty, just as pretty as a girl. You are the prettiest girlie boy I ever saw. You can make loads of money being a sissy whore.”

“I am not a sissy. It is just the way I look”

“I know. But listen it can also be dangerous. Some whores get beaten up and even killed. I have a business proposition for you. I live in an old abandoned war shelter hidden in the park. It is next to the stream so we can take baths there. I live with 2 other boys. They are 8 and 9 years old. I am 16. We take care of each other. We are like a family. We love each other and protect each other. The 8-year-old often gets pains in his stomach, but we never have enough money for medicine. I will ask if you want to be in our family. We will always make sure that you have clothes and food and a warm place to sleep. I will make sure that you don’t get hurt when you whore yourself. We won’t ever tease you because you do gay things or look like a sissy. It means that you will also help us. The money you get will be given to me. Then I will buy food and other things that we need. You will have an important job, as you will be the one earning money. What do you say?”

I could feel that my eyes were watery and a few tears were rolling down my cheek. This was a chance to have a home that was an abandoned shelter? This was a chance to have a new family that would protect me and like me. This was a chance to help smaller boys that were in the same position as me. I would have to be a whore boy, but I would be using my looks and body to help other boys, so they didn’t have to do it. I agreed to the chance and told Alex that I was glad that he asked me. On the way home, he told me about his plans. I would be a prostitute on Rose Alley or as everyone called it Sissy Street. He explained it was a place where boys dressed as girls and sissies and paedophiles came all the time. Alex said a lot of men came there, and he was sure that I would be the prettiest boy of them all. He would also come, as he would protect me if the men started being violent. When we got home, I was introduced to my new brothers. They didn’t laugh at me or tease me. The oldest boy told me there were loads of clothes in the corner if I needed to change. I took some army trousers and a t-shirt with a Rocky(D) on it. I gave what money I had to Alex. Then I went out to wash in the stream. It was the first real bath I had since I was kicked out. I put on the trousers and t-shirt. Alex welcomed me back and said that it must be lovely having boy clothes on. I told him that it was the first time that I ever wore boy clothes. In a way, they felt weird. We agreed that I could wear girl clothes when I was working, but when I was home, I should wear the clothes I was comfortable in. I told them my life story, and how I ended being kicked out and ended some a whore boy. Then each boy started telling their story. Their stories were just as sad, if not sadder than my story.

I spent a few days getting used to my new family. We got to know each other quite well. I was happy. I felt that I had a new loving family, I had enough food and I had a place to sleep. After a few days, I told Alex it was the time I started earning some money. Maybe if we made enough, we could buy some medicine so our little brother was not in pain. I found pink baggy shorts and a Barbie t-shirt, as well as stockings that came to my thighs. Alex was amazed that I could look so pretty. He felt sorry for me that I had to offer my body so they could eat. I said that I wanted to earn our family money and I was good at it. We walked to Sissy Street. There were a few other boys there that were a year or two older than me. Looking at them I could see they wanted to look pretty, but some boys just looked strange, especially them that had makeup on. I wore no makeup. It most likely made me look more natural and younger. Still, I made many friends there. I knew that these boys were forced to be street prostitutes. It was because we all needed money for food. One man stopped in a grey car. He put his window down and told me to come over to him. I was then given some money, while he told me to stand sideways. This was a strange request. I just wanted to hop in the car and let him fuck me. That’s right; a part of me wanted a cock in me. I just stood there as I felt his hand go down my shorts and started massaging my ass. Within a few minutes, he was fingering my ass. I moaned as it felt so good. He then started speaking dirty in English. I understood what he wanted me to admit. “My name is Nicholas… You can call me Nikki… I am a boy pussy whore (moan)…. Oooh…. I am a boy, but I am a sissy (moan)….. I am a girl… I like being (moan) fucked and I am a cocksucker. Please don’t stop” I was aware that the other boys could see me being finger fucked as well as me admitting those things. I don’t know if I meant them, but I knew the man wanted to hear them. I would be embarrassed at everyone looking and hearing me, but it also made me excited that people could see it. I must be so weird; I got excited because others can see me being humiliated.

The man then opened the door and told me to kneel on the pavement beside the door. I, of course, lowered my head on it while my tongue started playing with the top of his cock, then slowly the cock entered my mouth., slowly until it was touching my throat. The man did not have a big cock, so I didn’t have to worry about deep throating. I bobbed my head up and down, now used to having a cock in my mouth. I was starting to think that sucking cock is actually fun. I was good at it. The moans and praising me as a cocksucker obviously meant that he was enjoying the blowjob. Within no time, I was swallowing his cum. I closed my mouth as much as I could around his cock and tried to make sure nothing escaped. The man was relieved and asked would I be here again? I said yes. He gave me more money, even though he already gave me money.

I walked over to Alex, fixing my shorts and rubbing my mouth. Some other boys were laughing as they were jokingly asking if I liked a finger in my ass, or if I loved a cock in my mouth. They were joking that it looked like I enjoyed it. I didn’t understand their hostility, as they were doing the same. Alex was in a giddy and happy mood as I gave him the money. “So much! Wow! You were amazing. I am not in gay sex, but you let than man finger you. I wonder what it’s like having a finger in your ass. It must hurt. Then you sucked him and you swallowed all his cum. On top of that, you talked dirty to him. You are really the best whore I ever saw. It looked like you enjoyed it. Are you sure you’re not a faggot?”

“I don’t think so. I don’t mind being fucked or sucking. Its sorta is nice. Anyhow now we have the money for our little brother, so he can get some medicine and not be in so much pain”

“Well, you are good at acting like a faggot. Maybe you will turn into one. I will still love you as a brother and respect you; after all, you earn money so we can eat”

The next few weeks started to have a routine. At home in our shelter, I would wear the boy clothes. Every few days I would put the girl’s clothes on and go to Sissy Street. I started being more daring with the clothes. I started to like skirts and especially tights and stockings. I tried on high heels but did not like them. I think the men that liked me preferred me to look like a little girl anyhow. My new little brothers teased me that I had a smooth body and legs and bum like a girl, and of course my hair. They made me admit a few times that I liked girl clothes and even liked doing gay things with pedos, as well as I liked when people saw me naked. When I was a prostitute, I would kiss, or suck or get fucked and fingered. I started to love it! This made me afraid that I was actually gay. I started to go to Sissy Street every night. We didn’t need the money, but we could buy things that we needed. I even cut my hair; Like Aaron Carter looked like when he was my age. I looked more like a boy, a feminine boy.

One night, I was wearing a white fluffy skirt and a strap over the shoulder top and white stockings. I felt like a real princess, and I liked when people would try looking, hoping the wind would lift my skirt. This van stopped. It was the standard that Alex talked with the clients or pedos as I called them. He would see if they looked safe and after getting some money I would come over and do my part. Sometimes I was lucky to get an extra tip. This time was strange. Alex gave me permission to go in the van. I was ready to be abused again. However, there were 2 men. One was holding a TV camera and the other was sitting on a sofa in the back of the van. I thought they would tape it. I never tried this before. I sat between the men and looked as innocent and pretty as I could be. He didn’t do anything. He just started asking me questions. I told him about my dad and how he kicked me out. Then I told him how my aunt would not take me in so I was forced to live on the street. I went on about how I was forced to be a whore and my first experiences with sex. Then I told him about how Alex saved me and gave me a home. Then I explained my new family life and how I continued being a sissy whore so my younger brothers did not have to be prostitutes or steal. He then asked me if I was gay. I paused and thought about it. I told him that I didn’t think I was gay. I just liked when men looked at me, especially naked and it made them horny. I also admitted I liked sucking and being fucked with a finger or cock. There was a pause, and I said that I only did it because I lived on the street. I told him that no boy here would sell their body if they had a loving family. They did it to survive.

The man said the Interview was over, but he and the cameraman wanted to make another film that they would sell over the internet. The man put the TV camera on a stand and started taking pictures. The interviewer told me to take off my clothes slowly. I did it as he said, posing in the sexiest way that I could. It was a strange experience being taken pictures of, but I also thought it was funny. Then the interviewer got naked and told me to sit on his lap. We started kissing. I could feel his tongue explore my mouth. I let him. I was his sissy sex toy. I knew my place. After we kissed for ages, He told me to get on my knees. He stood up and told me to open my mouth. I expected him to put his cock in my mouth, but he started pissing on me. I was of course humiliated but I tried it before. In fact, as he was pissing I thought it was good that I didn’t have to clean the van afterwards. Pictures were being taken and the TV camera was rolling. He actually didn’t piss that long but stuck his cock in my mouth. I smiled up at him. Not only was I sucking a cock, that my mouth loved, but another man was looking and taking pictures. I looked over at the cameraman suddenly noticed that he was naked. How did he do this while he was taking pictures? Within no time, sperm was flowing in my mouth. I swallowed every drop. It was not over yet, the man told me to lie on my back on the sofa. He then tied my hands to some bars that were at the end of the sofa. Then men changed positions. Now it was the cameras man turn while the interviewer will take pictures. He raised my legs and put some cream on my butt. I closed my eyes and knew what would happen…I felt the head of his cock push against my hole. Then I realized that it was probably the largest cock that I ever tried. I could feel how hard it was in my ass. It seems like the pole was entering my ass. The man didn’t notice or care the slight discomfort I had, and was quite aggressive, plunging his cock in and out. The man was breathing hard and I could feel his sweat drop. After a few minutes, I was so horny that I loved having his cock in me. I loved the way he was pumping me. The man who started taking pictures insisted I was gay. I didn’t care what he said. It was hard to deny it with a huge cock in my ass. Especially when Alex opened the van door and said the time was up. I shouted back at Alex to close the door, “Not now, mmmm, big cock in me. I need it. Ohh… Alex shook his head and mumbled that I was a pussy boy and closed the door. We just continued fucking and then I could feel his stall. I knew he was about to try to make me feel pregnant. I could feel his warm baby juice squirt in me. It was time for me to leave. I put my clothes on. Just as I was about to leave the van, the interviewer touched my shoulder. He gave me more money was he gave me a French kiss. He told me that I had a nice necklace.

On my way home, Alex said that we had enough money and he wanted me to take a few days off. He was bored of standing around seeing me flirt with paedophiles and end up having sex with them. I did as he wished and spent the next few days taking a break. It scared me that my body and even mind was craving after a pedo cock. I knew that this meant that I was no more than a pussy boy. I was a gay boy!

One day, my little brother told me to come with him. We went out of the park and to a TV shop. We went in and pretended we were looking at the TV. After 10 minutes, there was a special report about me. I was shocked when I saw myself on TV. I heard myself explaining to me being a sissy and a faggot, and getting money to be with men. I could feel my face going red, knowing that my dad and my family and old school friends would see this. The story went on to explain that I was also the world’s most famous child porn star. They showed the front page of the hidden internet page that showed my face and my fairy necklace. I tried putting my hand on the back of the necklace to take it off. It was stuck. The story showed that thousands of men have paid to see me getting fucked and sucking. This was proof that everyone I know could see that I was just a pussy boy. I sat down thinking how many thousands of men and women saw these pictures. It was obvious that the journalists that have had sex with me put the pictures and videos on the net. I made them rich. One of the people seemed to recognize me, and I hurried out as my little brother was joking that I was now famous. I decided that I no longer will be gay. I wanted to be normal.

Alex didn’t understand why I didn’t want to be gay. He said I was a sissy faggot and might as well get paid for it. I put my foot down. Our money and rations quickly disappeared and he told me that. Alex tried to beg for money without having sex in Sissy Street. He was disappointed after a few days and said that he was not cute enough. I would have to beg or they would starve. I tried doing it, but every time a man spoke with me, he recognized me and hurried off thinking the police were keeping an eye on me. Some other boys gathered around me later and started teasing that I was a porn star. I tried denying it but my fairy necklace was proof of who I was. They were mad at the end, saying that I was scaring the other men. I was chased out of Sissy Street.

Two days later, Alex said that I had to be a prostitute again and sell my sissy body. I refused but he said that was not an option. I was silent but he just shoved me on the ground and started taking my clothes off. I tried screaming but he put some panties I was wearing in my mouth. He raised my legs and smiled as he seen my boy pussy and muttered that it was now his turn. He thrust his cock into it without any lubrication. I wanted to scream. I even wanted to die, but all I can let out was a moan and a grunt. He then started telling me to admit I was gay and missed being a sex toy for real men. Tears were running down my eyes, remembering that Alex promised that he would protect me. Now he was raping me with the little boys looking on. After he spermed in my ass, I collapsed and he asked would I sell myself? He told me that Sissy Street was impossible, as I would be killed. I would have to be a boy whore in the park.

I put on some panties and a small mini skirt and a tube top that had the words “sissy” on it. I proceeded to loiter around a tree and look provocative. I could see other children stand around and some disappeared in the bushes or some car. Some of them looked afraid. I felt sorry for them. It was probably their first time.

This man came up to me. He was a fat man that obviously couldn’t find anyone to live with. He needed a bath. He told me I was pretty and asked if I was a boy or a girl. He was confused because my top said, sissy. I lifted my skirt and showed the lump in it. He said that he loved little sissy boys and asked did I want to fool around with him. I just put out my hand indicating that it was for money. The poor man tried explaining that he had no work and no money, and no one loved him. I understand why when he was chasing little boys like me. I said I am not gay, and only did it for money. Even I no longer believed that anymore. I started to walk away and he rushed after me putting some money in my top, touching my nipples as he done that. He told me to meet him in the men’s toilet.

I waited for a few minutes and then went into the toilet. It smelled like piss, but the man wanted to meet there, and we needed money. I walked slowly by the stalls and could see one of them slowly opening. I walked in. it was the man with his trousers down. He told me to take off my clothes. I did it slowly without saying anything. After a few minutes, I was naked. He was feeling his cock, that was quite small but fat while he admired my body. Then he noticed my fairy necklace and said, “I know you, you are him. I didn’t say a word, but went on my knees and started sucking his cock. I was a great cocksucker after all the times I have done it, and to be honest, I loved having a hard cock in my mouth. I don’t think many people really know what it feels like to have a cock in your mouth, especially as it grows larger and gets stiffer. At the end, you get the sperm that is like a drug. The more your body gets it. The more you need it. Within a few minutes, I had his cum in my mouth and swallowed it, wondering when was the last time he washed his cock? I put on my clothes and went out. On my way out, this woman looked at me in a disgusting way. I wiped a bit of cum of my lips as she called me a sissy faggot. I went back and threw the money at Alex. I didn’t”t say a word to him.

Word went around that the “fairy boy” was at the park. I got this nickname after being in the news and my necklace. Paedophiles that heard this rumour came to see the famous child porno whore. That was what my life has decided I was. This means that I had a lot of cocks in my mouth and ass. I didn’t need any food, as I had enough sperm. Some men were nice and treated me great. I really liked a few of them, especially the cute ones. Others treated me like shit. Some would call me names such as sissy, girly and faggot. Others would even slap me or pinch my nipples. That was what my life became. A sex toy for others and Alex only used me to get money. I never liked him or trusted him after he raped me. I only stayed there because of the small boys and I had a place to eat and sleep.

One day, I was loitering around wearing pink top and pink shorts. I was just after being fucked. I was looking at a butterfly going from flower to flower when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned my head and nearly got a heart attack. It was my dad. I was ashamed that he could see what I have become. The pink clothes I was wearing was enough to show him that I have become a street whore. Maybe he had heard about me, and wanted me to come home again. I was mistaken as he dragged me into the bushes and started kissing me. His tongue was pushing in my mouth and it was too strong, that I could not push it out. At the same time, he was taking off my clothes. I begged him to let me alone. Not to do things with me. However he just grunted that if I let others do it, I would let him. I started crying. I didn’t want my own dad to have sex with me! I had no choice as he stuck his cock in my mouth and I started sucking it. My dad was moaning as I did my best to make him cum as quickly as possible. I was more worried if I should swallow his cum. I did not want to swallow my own dads cum, but I was afraid what he would do if I didn’t. It turns out that he took it out and then lifted my legs and quickly thrust it in my ass. I couldn’t believe it; my own Dad was now fucking me. He was calling me gay son and sissy as well as whore. He told me that he would not pay to have sex with his own son. I started crying after Alex. This was when I really needed him the most. He didn’t come as Dad filled my ass with his sperm. I was now crying loudly and that didn’t stop despite dad telling me to shut up, while he slapped me across the face. He told me how ashamed he was of me, as he stood up and started peeing on me. I felt his warm piss going down my throat as I was screaming and crying. Where was Alex?

Alex never came. However, two men appeared through the bushes. They could see this man pissing on me. They punched dad who fell to the ground. Then a woman appeared. She was one of the men’s girlfriends. She started washing me with baby wipes. I had my head in her chests as I was crying my eyes out. I was tired of being a street whore, a porn star and everyone’s sex toy. After a bit, the police came and arrested dad and took us both to the police station. I was afraid that the police would recognize me. I don’t know what happened to my Dad. But I told the police everything. Everything about My dad, Alex, what happens in Sissy Street and the Park? I even told about the journalists. It was a policewoman that interviewed me. I could see that she was sad and shocked, but at the same time, she admitted that there were lots of children that experienced the same. I was afraid that I would be put in a child’s home, but figured out anything would be better than what I experienced.

A few days later, the most beautiful woman came in. She told me that she was my mother. I recognized her then and gave her the biggest hug I ever gave someone. She told me that I was to live with her. I was so happy. I walked out the police station with my mum.

My mum lived in a brothel… It was a whore house. It was an old house and only rich people came there. I didn’t mind. I was together with my mum. We were together all the time, except when she had a client. Some of the men that were there were dead cute. I must admit that I missed having sex. I think mum knew this, as one day she said we needed a talk. “Nicholas, I have some news for you. Your dad is now facing a long time in jail. They arrested Alex for pimping you out and the small boys are now in a child’s home. I think they will be adopted by someone in England. They even arrested the journalists. They tried to close the homepage down, but it makes no difference. You are all over the net. Anyhow, I know that you are gay. You like men. You look pretty much like a girl, especially in girl clothes. Every man wants you! So I was thinking, maybe you would like to please a few friends of mine that come here. It means you will still be a whore boy. But I promise that you can decide who you want to have sex with, and when. Half the money will be put into a bank account for you. Maybe we can also make some money from putting new pictures of you on the net. What do you say?”

That was my new life. I was going to be a high-class whore, just like my Mum. I was finally happy

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