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Principal Urges

64 Min Read

It was a nice Friday afternoon when the intercom on Justin Flagstaff’s office phone went off and he hear the voice of his secretary, “Mr. Flagstaff, there is a call for you on line 3”
“Thanks karen”, he said and heard the click of her hanging up. He pick up the receiver and press the button next the blinking number 3.
“Hello, this is Principal Flagstaff.”
“Hello Sir, this is Officer Johnson with the Long Falls Police Department. Do you know a Miss Anne Harper?”.
“Yes, is everything alright?” He said concerned. Anne and Justin had been friends since middle school up until college where they drifted apart. He focused on his education to become a teacher, while she ended up falling in with the bad crowd and her focus went to drugs and partying. They lost touch after college only meeting again when her eldest daughter Jennifer started high school. They instantly became close friends again after that.
Anne, he soon found out was still on drugs and couldnt keep a steady job. Doing anything she could to pay the bills and feed her habit. Justin even had to help a few times when the girls needed stuff.
The voice on the other end continued, “well sir, their has been an accident. Miss Harper is on the way to the hospital now. She is conscious but pretty banged up. She said to call you and ask you to look after her daughters”
He sat in shock for a minute. After taking it in he spoke again, “Oh… of course. I’ll have the girls paged and bring them to the hospital right away”.
” I don’t think that’s a good idea Mr. Flagstaff. The other driver is in critical condition and Miss Harper appears to be under the influence of narcotics and will be placed under arrest pending a blood test”
“Oh” he said only half surprised. “Well let her know her girls are in good hands. I’ll take care of them for as long as she needs. Stay safe officer, goodbye” he hung up the phone. Justin sat thinking of what to do. “Should I wait till the end of the day or tell them right away?” He thought. There was only one class left for the day. He looked at the clock just as the bell rung for class change. He quickly typed their names into my computer “Harper, Jennifer L” the page pulled up she would be Theatre, no big deal to miss. Then he switched back to the previous screen “Harper, Kathleen D.”… Gym… prefect. He picked the phone up and paged their teachers and told them to have the girls report to his office as soon as they showed up. He pressed the intercom, “Karen, Jenni and Katie Harper will be showing up in a few minutes, just send them in please”. “Ok Mr. Flagstaff”. He sat and waited.
He didn’t have to wait long. There was a knock at the door then it opened. He smiled at the young girl, she was short with shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. She was dressed in the school uniform, a light blue button up shirt and black skirt.”Hi Katie, sit down Jenni should be here soon” she nodded and sat not saying anything. She set her back pack down and sat shyly not making eye contact. A moment later in walked her sister. Jenni wasnt much taller then her sister even though she was 2 years older. The family resemblance was amazing, Jenni’s brown hair was long reaching to her mid back despite being pulled into a ponytail.
She looked at him “Hey Jus….sorry … Mr. Flagstaff” then she noticed her sister. Her smile faded. “It…its mom isn’t it?” Katie’s voice was shaky as she asked. He looked at her then back at Jenni, “please close the door and come sit down” Jenni did as instructed, he could see tears in both their eyes as she sat, “Sh..She…isnt?….” He shook his head and stop Jenni. “No she’s ok, but she was in an accident. The police called and she is being taken to the hospital”
He looked at the girls as relief washed over their faces. “But… they believe she was on drugs. They are going to have a blood test done and if she is…. well, shes going to be placed under arrest”. They nodded as he continued, “they feel it’s best that you not see her yet and she asked that I watch over you till everything gets sorted out. Now I can’t ask you girls to go back to class, so I’m giving you both excused absentees from class and hopefully this will all be resolved by Monday. You’ll be staying with me till then so we’ll need to stop by your house and pack some things.”
They sat in front of Justin (or Mr. Flagstaff as they were suppose to call him at school) as he told them about their mothers’ accident. They were both relieved she wasn’t severely hurt but neither couldnt say she was surprised. All their mother cared about was herself and chasing that next high. If you could snort, shoot, swallow or smoke it she did it. Jenni wasnt a prefect angel but at least she stuck to just weed and only on occasions.
It was then, as he stared at them he realized the tightness in the crotch of his pants. One of the perks of being a high school principal was seeing all the beautiful young ladies as they matured through puberty, and these two were no exception. They looked so much like their mother who was smoking hot. He had the thought of possibly dating Anne in school but would always chicken out, and now with all the drugs she needed to get her life on track before taking on a real relationship.
Jenni was happy to hear that they would be staying the weekend and most likely longer with him. In the past their aunt had to come stay with them when Anne got arrested. Justin wasn’t one of those strict Principals you would normally think of. He believed in second chances and Jenni had even heard rumors of some girls getting off with “just a warning” multiple times in exchange for “private favors”. She was never sure if the rumors were true but didn’t care. He was always nice to her and Katie and never crossed the line. If a girl was willing to give him some to get out of trouble and keep him happy that was their decision.
They sat as he gathered his things and stood up. Jenni noticed the bulge in his pants as he turned sideways a little. She smirked as she stood grabbing her bag. “Naughty Mr. Flagstaff” she thought to herself. Katie grabbed her bag and stood as they followed Justin out of the office and to the parking lot in silence. He pulled his keys out and walked over to his SUV. The girls tossed their bags in the trunk. Jenni quickly climbed into the front passenger seat, and Katie climbed in the back seat as Justin got in and started it up.
They stared blankly out the window as he drove. After a few minutes Jenni turned looking back at Katie, “hey squirt, can you get my phone from my bag for me”. Katie playfully stuck her tongue out as she unbuckled herself and turned reaching for jenni’s backpack. It was only with some work she even had a cell phone. It was a prepaid plan that she paid for with the money she made babysitting.
Justin hit a bump in the road as Katie kneeled on the seat. She spread her legs wider to steady herself and let out a slight gasp. Jenni noticed why in a second, the cool air from the AC vent was blowing up her skirt and from the angle she could just barely see Katie didn’t have panties on. She quickly turned around holding out her phone. Jenni smirked at her then glanced at her skirt and back up giving her a questioning look. She took the phone as Katie blushed and buckled herself back in. “Thanks Katie” she turned back and started playing on the phone. Jenni knew she would find out the deal when they got to their place.
Katie sat silent as Justin drove. Feeling her face blush knowing Jenni saw up her skirt. She knew Jenni would ask her why. Its not like it’s the first time her hand-me-down panties ripped, but it was the first time they were ripped this bad at school. “Why couldn’t I stand up for myself.” She thought. “Would she believe that nothing happened even though it was true?” She thought back to lunch.
There she was sitting, minding her own business when John, one of the mean boys and a couple friends walked up to the table she was sitting at outside. He nudged her aside pushing her off the bench. Her panties snagged on a nail in the wood and ripped a little as she fell. He noticed as her legs flailed. “To poor to buy decent panties Katie?” He said laughing. They all laughed. Before she could get to her feet she felt his hand under my skirt. His finger pushed into the hole made by the nail and with a yank they ripped wide open. Katie’s pussy on full display till she pushed back and stood up. Turning she ran to the nearest bathroom. She slipped them off and stuffed them into her backpack then waited until it was time to go back to class.
“Why did I have to be born to such a terrible single mother? She couldn’t even afford to buy us important stuff like underwear unless they became nothing more than almost nonexistent.” She thought to herself. “Jenni wouldnt have even known it if Justin hadn’t hit that bump and made me shift to catch myself, and I wouldn’t have gasped if the AC wasn’t on high and pointed at just the right angle to blow the cool air up my skirt and over my pussy” She sighed to herself as they pulled up in front of their trailer. “It wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own. If I would have stood up for myself it wouldn’t have happened.” She started to tear up thinking. But deep down she knew the truth why she didnt. Deep down she kinda enjoyed the way it felt.
Justin sighed to himself as he pulled up to the beat up trailer these poor girls called home. He wasnt one to judge though since it’s all Anne could afford…barely. He and the girls got out and grabbed their backpacks from the trunk. He followed behind watching them as they walked. He couldn’t help himself as he watched their young firm asses in the swaying skirts. They were both very attractive especially for their ages.
They walked inside and Justin sat down on the couch as the girls disappeared into the room they shared. He heard Jenni’s voice in a muffled tone, “ok, so what happened to them? Did they disintegrate?” Then a laugh. The door closed and then all he heard were whispers to low to make out what was being said. They packed a few changes of clothes and about 5mins later the door opened and they both walked out carrying small dufflebags still wearing their uniforms. Jenni smiled, “just need our toiletries and we’ll be ready.” Katie stood shifting as Jenni stepped into the bathroom for a minute and when she came out he stood up. “All set?” He asked with a smile. They both nodded and they left. He put their bags in the trunk. They switched seats for the ride to his house.
They made small talk as Justin drove. He asked about how classes are going. Jenni was planning to try out for an up coming play of Sleeping Beauty. Katie mentioned she wanted to try out for track, but that would mean having to buy better shoes, and a track uniform so she didnt know if she would be able to.
“You leave that to me. If you make the team we’ll figure it out”, he told her. He absently reached over putting my hand on her knee, “it will be ok. There are perks to being friends with the Principal”. He smiled at her as she looked at his hand then back out the window, “T…thanks Justin”. He let go and put his hand back on the steering wheel.
A short time later he pulled up to the house. It was nothing fancy, a medium sized house with 3 bedrooms, one he was using as an office. They climbed out and the girls went to get their bags. As they walked in he motioned for them to follow him. ” I’m sorry I only have one guest room girls. You’ll still have to share a room, but I’ll go find an air mattress so you at least don’t have to share a bed.” They thanked him as he walked down the hall and turned into the guest room, “here you are”.
The girls looked around the room holding their bags. It was large compared to the one they shared at home. Jenni walked over setting her bag on the bed, “I call the bed Katie can get the air mattress”. Katie sighed, she always did that. Being the oldest she always got the better stuff. She always got the newer clothes, leaving katie with her wore and sometimes tattered old ones. Which was one reason why she spent half her day without panties. Even her dirty mattress at home was newer and more comfortable then Katie’s.
Jenni opened her bag and pulls out some clothes and all the toiletries, “I’m going to get a shower if that’s alright?” She asks looking at Justin. He nod, “yea sure, the bathroom is across the hall”. Katie tried to protest, “Jenni, can I go first?… Please” she motion to her skirt signaling she needed to shower before putting on new underwear. The water had been cut off at home for a couple days so It didnt make sense to put on a clean pair before getting a good shower.
“you can shower at the same time” he said behind her. They looked at each other then at him. Katie studder, “you…you mean shower together?” He laughed, “No…. I have another bathroom in my room. One of you can shower in there” Expecting the master bath was bigger and nicer she reacted before Jenni could, “dibs”. Jenni sighed, “fine”. Jenni walked by them and into the bathroom as Justin told her towels are under the sink. “Come with me” he said as he turned back into the hall. Katie followed him to the master bedroom still clutching her bag.
Katie smiled and looked around the room as he showed her to the bathroom. She set her bag down, “Thanks Justin”. Katie wasnt sure why she did it, maybe cause it felt right but without a second though she stepped forward and hugged him. Justin was shocked for a second but he just put a hand on her mid back. She held him for a minute and then let go stepping back. She look at the floor for a second blushing then turn, “well, I better get in the shower before Jenni uses up all the hot water.”
“Yea, I’ll give you your privacy. Just yell if you need something. They aren’t girlie like your stuff but help yourself to my shampoo and soap.” He said. She look back over her shoulder, “thanks” she saw him turn away as she bent over picking up her bag and headed into the bathroom.
Justin froze in surprise for a second looking at the mirror as he turned to leave. When she bent over to pick up her bag her skirt flew up revealing her thighs and smooth slit from behind. The girl wasnt wearing panties. Just the hint of peach fuzz at the top. “That must have been what all the fuss was about back at the trailer.” He thought. He left the room as the shower started. He went to the living room turning the TV on. He flipped through the channels as the shower down the hall shut off. A few minute later the door opens and he saw a shadow moving down the hall.
“Hey Justin”… “hey” he responded without looking over at Jenni. “What’s for dinner? I can cook something, but I don’t know what you have”. He looked over at the smiling girl as he tried to respond to her question. Justin was in slight shock, there was Jenni standing in a tank top and short shorts. Both were so tight it was pretty obvious she wore nothing underneath. She felt his eyes on her.
The top hugged her what he guessed to be C cup breasts at the very least. His eyes moved down to the shorts that hugged her hips and showed off her prominent camel toe. He got hard instantly. With no running water at home they couldn’t do laundry so the girls were down to few clean clothes left. She didn’t think he would notice she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties but she saw she was wrong. She noticed the bulge immediately.
“I…I was thinking of ordering a pizza. Will you girls be ok with that? ” He stammered at his words. She nodded, “yea, I’ll go ask Katie what she wants”. She stared at him for a few seconds, “everything ok?”. He nodded and shifted in his seat, “yea, fine”. Jenni smiled and turned back down the hall. He could help but watch as her tight shorts hugged every curve. Her cute butt jiggling as she walked purposely swaying her hips a little.
Jenni walked into the master bedroom. She could hear the shower still running so she tip toed over to the door and slowly and quietly opened it just enough to slip in. The bathroom was full of steam. She crept over to the shower about to jerk the curtain back to try to scare Katie when she heard something. She pause a second and heard a wet slapping sound then a soft moan. She very slowly reached up pulling the curtain just a little to peek in. Jenni saw her sister leaning against the side of the shower her hand was buried between her legs, moving furiously. She smiled to herself as she watched. Finally she chuckled, “you keep that up and your fingers will fall off”.
Katie jumped and screamed. Her hand moving away from her crotch and then covering herself, “Jenni…. what the hell”. She was breathing heavy. Jenni heard foot steps then Justin’s voice, “everything ok?”. She called back, “yea its fine, I just scared katie that’s all”. When she heard the foot steps disappear she turned back. Katie turns the shower off, “you’re such a bitch sometimes. Why didn’t you knock?”
Jenni laughed, “I was just playing. I didn’t know you were…. busy”… “Shut up. I was hoping for some damn privacy finally” she snapped back. Jenni saw the rage in her sister’s eyes. “I’m sorry Katie. I didn’t mean to interrupt” she grabbed the shower curtain, pulling it back as she continued, “Justin wanted to know if pizza would be ok for dinner.”
“Yea, that’s fine”, she said as she grabbed a towel drying off. “Good, well hurry up and put some clothes on”. She turn leaving and bound down the hall to the living room to tell Justin.
Katie was furious as her sister. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she wasnt seconds from cumming. Now she stood there drying off and really needed a release. She shuddered as she dried her aching pussy. Once she was dry she grabbed a pair of panties and quickly stepped into them and pulled them up. She looked at herself in the mirror. The old panties hung loose on her body. The cloth so old it was almost see through. She grabbed an over sized shirt and pulled it on letting it fall to her mid thigh.
She picked up her uniform and stepped out of the bathroom just as Justin stepped into the bedroom, “sorry Jenni said you were done. Shes in the living room watching TV. I just wanted to change before the pizza got here” Katie nodded, “its fine. I’m done”. She walked past him and took her clothes to their room. She saw Jenni’s clothes in a pile and tossed her’s with them then headed to the living room.
Justin closed the door as Katie left. He took off his pants and dress shirt throwing them in the hamper then went into the bathroom. Figuring he had a little time he decided to take care of the hardon he’d had, on and off for most of the day.
He pulled his boxers down and stepped out of them standing in front of the sink. He started to stroke himself as he closed his eyes, imagining Jenni and Katie naked in the shower. “Boy am I such a perv.” He though. “These girls are my friend’s daughters but I just cant help myself.” He started to speed up, jerking his hand up and down the shaft faster and faster. Justin hadn’t jerked off all week. He knew the load his balls carried was going to be big.
He felt the pressure building as his hand moved. He was just about to blow when he heard the doorbell, “shit” a few seconds later he heard the pitter-patter of feet coming down the hall then a knock. Katie called through the door, “Justin, pizza is here”. “Oh ok… be right there”. He said with a sighed as he quickly grabbed a pair of sweat shorts and an old t shirt pulling them on as he grabbed his wallet then headed to the door.
He adjusted himself in an attempt to hide the bulge in his shorts. Justin got to the door seeing Jenni standing there with the delivery man. He payed and thanked the guy as he left. Justin carried the boxes into the living room setting them on the table, “dinner is served”, he laughed. They giggled as they sat down on the couch. “I’ll get us some sodas” he motion to the boxes, “ones cheese and the other is pepperoni. Help yourself”.
He turned heading to the kitchen. He grabbed them each a bottle of soda and walked back in a minute later, “here we go” he smiled looking at them. He set a bottle in front of each of them then sat down on the floor across the table from them. Justin grabbed a slice and began eating. Justin froze for a second. Jenni was absent mindedly sitting with her legs apart and from this angle he could see the tight shorts clinging to her and showing the curves of her vulva. Katie was sitting cross legged with her shirt pulled to her knees make the shirt tent like. But when she shifted he got a quick glance at her obviously old and wore light blue panties. He did his best not to stare but Jenni noticed him looking and it gave her a little thrill.
She knew a little teasing wouldn’t hurt. Not like he’d ever cross the line and touch her or Katie. Katie had no clue he was staring right at her crotch. He only looked for a couple seconds at a time as not to make it obvious. Jenni wiggled her hips letting the tight shorts pull up into her a little more. She tried to act casual as she felt the cloth pull up into her slit slightly. She wanted him to look. Seeing Katie masterbating in the shower earlier got her kinda horny and she just wanted Justin to look at her… To silently say she was sexy with his eyes.
He just kept looking at Katie though. He would give Jenni the occasional glance but then his eyes would go right back to her. Jenni grabbed another slice of pizza and sat back. She lifted her feet onto the edge of the couch and parted them a little watching him out of the corner of her eye. He noticed and finally started glancing longer at her.
“That’s it, look you perv” she thought to herself. There was something about boys, or in this case a man looking at her that made her feel more attractive almost sexy… Even if it was just to tease them.
No one really talking as they ate. Finally Katie broke the silence, “Justin? Can we watch some TV?”. He nodded and motioned to the remote control. She turned it on and start flipping through the channels. She absent mindedly went through the channels. She got up to the movie channels and found a movie to leave on. He turned around and started watching it.
When they were all finished eating Justin picked up the pizza box and took it to the kitchen. The girls whispered to each other in the living room as he grabbed a beer. He hesitated for a second but thought, “what could it hurt. These girls were old enough to not really need supervisor so I could have a beer or 2 if I wanted.”
Their whispering stopped when he walked back in. Katie slipped down off the couch, “you can sit up there.. It is your house after all”. Justin tried to protest but she just smiled and laid down on her stomach facing the TV. He sat down next to Jenni and took a sip of his beer, “Thank you Katie”. He glanced down seeing Katie’s shirt riding up her thighs resting just below the small mounds that were her ass. He smirked as he continued watching the movie.
The movie ended soon after. He looked over and noticed Jenni beside him leaning against the opposite arm rest, her eyes fluttering and closing. He laughed and patted her leg, “Jenni, you look about ready for bed”. She jumped startled a little then looked at him and nodded, “y…yea I guess so”. Katie turned over looking up at them, “can i stay up a little longer? I’m not tired”. Justin nodded, “yea, sure”. He patted the couch next to him as Jenni got up. She mumbled “good night” as she left the room.
Katie smiled a little as she got up giving a quick glimpse of her panties again as she moved. She climbed up on the couch next to him as the next movie started. Justin finished his beer and got up to get another. Katie called after him, “can I have another soda?”. He nod and a minute later walked in with their drinks. Katie sipped the soda as the next movie started, leaning against Justin as they watched. Katie jumped when she heard his phone ring. “Who is calling you this late?” She asked. He looked at the phone, “it’s the police”.
His face went blank as Katie heard a deep voice on the other end, but couldn’t make out what was being said. After a couple minutes he said, “no, no need. I’ll be in on Monday to fill out everything” then he hung up. He pause a minute staring off. He turned to look at her, she saw in his eyes something was wrong.
“K.. Katie? It looks like you girl will be with me for a while. Your mom is being arrested. I have to go in and sign some paperwork agreeing that I will be your guardian until your mom is released”. Tears started to well up in Katie’s eyes, “H… How long will that be?”. He shrugged, “I dont know but it sounds serious.. probably awhile”.
Katie started to cry and almost jumped into his lap as she throw her arms around him. She spoke between sobs, “oh Justin, why did we have to be born to her”. She started to cry more as she felt his arm wrap around her, hugging her tight. He didnt say anything else.
Justin held her tight as she cried into his chest. “What else could I do?” He thought, “This poor girl was delt a shitty hand in the game of life and I couldn’t do anything for her.” She sat in his lap for a long time, neither spoke.
After a while she sobbing stop. He looked down realizing she had cried herself to sleep. He nudged her intending to send her to bed but she didnt stir. His hand brushed her thigh but still nothing. Something came over him just then. He guessed it was part being 2 beers in, and part being horny. His hand slowly moved up her thigh. He looked at her as his fingers felt the elastic of her panties surrounding her leg. A little voice in his head told him “you shouldn’t do this” but he didnt care.
Justin hooked the elastic band and it easily moved to the side. He felt himself getting hard as he ran his finger along her young slit. Katie let out a soft gasp but her eyes were still closed as she shifted a little. Justin remembered Anne telling him a while back that both girls were very sound sleepers. A comment she made after telling him about a guy she brought home one night.
His now rock hard cock was fighting to be free and poking at his shorts. He ran his finger along her pussy again and slipped it between her lips. She moaned again and wiggled her hips. As she did her weight moves his shorts a little. He let out a sigh as he felt her thigh against the underside of his cock. The head still covered by his shirt.
Justin’s brain was no longer in control as he ran his finger over her clit. He heard another gasps as her legs clamped together. He quickly pulled his hand away and heard her mumble. He closed his eyes trying hard to fake being a sleep. His hand now on the back of her thigh. He felt a shift and then heard another mumble. She was waking up. Katie opened her eyes and looked around still in a haze. At first she forgot where she was. but as she came back to reality she turned to look at him.
He tried to slow his breathing as he heard her soft voice whisper, “J…Justin?” She said realizing she was still sitting in his lap. Katie shifted and felt his hand on her thigh.
“Well that explains the dream I was having” she thought. She was dreaming one of the popular boys had taken her into the boys bathroom and was rubbing her pussy through her panties. That’s when she also realized something was pressing against her leg. It was weird, hard yet soft, and warm.
Katie looked up as him, “J… Justin?” She said again, but he didn’t move. She had an idea of what was against her leg, but got scared to confirm it. Her hand slowly moved down to his shorts and felt the outline of his dick through the thin material. She let out a gasp as she traced the length with her finger. She felt the head sticking out from his shorts under his shirt.
Pinching the hem between two fingers and she slowly lifted it up, “holy shit” she gasped out as she saw the head of his dick sticking out. She looked up at him and ran a finger over the head.
Justin almost gasped as he felt her lift his shirt and run a finger over the head of his dick. He very slowly cracked an eye just a little looking at her. He debated if he should stop her but curiosity took over and he let her continue. “Just what was this girl doing?” He thought. Katie look up and he closed his eye again. Slowly she wrap her hand around the tip and start to push his shorts down more.
Katie got an idea. She move very slowly as she swung one leg over his lap. Justin cracked his eye again to see what was going on. She was now straddling his lap facing away from him. “What is she doing?” He thought to himself. Then he felt the front of his shorts being pulled down more freeing his cock from the restraint of his shorts. Justin watched as Katie shifted back and then placed his cock carefully between her legs. She very slowly sat back down and let his shaft gently spring back against the crotch of her panties. Letting her legs dangle over the edge of the couch between his, she laid back against him. She didn’t move for almost a minute waiting. Then very slow and subtly she started rocking her hips as she gentle squeezed her legs closed pressing his manhood against her crotch.
She wasnt completely sure why she did it. But the sight of his cock started to stir something inside her. She didn’t know if he was as deep a sleeper as her and Jenni but she couldn’t help herself. She was so horny. She figured if he woke up she could just pretend to be asleep and was having a sex dream. She knew she would be a little embarrassed but not nearly as much as if he knew she was using him to get herself off.
Katie closed her eyes and concentrated as she made small circles with her hips. Letting out a soft moan as she felt the head of his cock rub her clit through the thin material of the panties. She breathed deep and lifted the front of her shirt looking down. She watched as head move in and out of between her thighs.
Katie let out a moan as she started moving faster. Ignoring everything around her as she felt her orgasm building. “That’s it.. almost there” she thought to herself. She leaned forward putting her hands on her knees, “just a little bit more and I’ll just go to bed like this never happened” she thought. Her hips rocking up and down along his shaft as she started to groan.
Justin stared at her and finally started to come to his senses. He had to stop her before it went to far. Her climax building more and more, but as her climax almost reached it’s peek she felt Justin’s hands go to her hips. She jumps and looked back, seeing Justin staring at her wide eyed. He opened his mouth to say something but as Katie looked at him she lost her balance and fell back into his lap.
Suddenly she felt a stab of pain and then a feeling of being full came across her. It was all to much and it sent her over the edge. Neither could react as all she could do was stared at him in shock as she came. Her eyes rolled as wave after wave of orgasm rocked through her body. “Oh…oh.. ssshit”, she said as her body shuddered.
Justin knew what happened but didn’t know how. “She’s wearing panties… How?” He thought as he felt her muscles clench around his shaft. If it wasn’t for the alcohol he probably would have blown right then. Katie felt so good and tight. As her orgasm subsided her body relaxed. She finally broke eye contact with Justin and looked down as she lifted her shirt. Fear rushed over her as she stared in disbelief. With all her moving she must have shifted her panties to one side with his dick and somehow made it line up perfectly with her once virgin entrance.
She stared seeing his cock buried in her. She shuddered again as her pussy dripped. Without looking back intinct took over she started to move her hips slowly. Justin let out a gasp, “K… Katie.. you have… To stop”. She shook her head as her mind was no longer in control, “I.. I can’t.. it… It feels to good” she gasped and grunted as she felt another orgasm building.
Justin grips her hips trying to hold her still, “Kathleen…H..Harper..” he said in an authoritative tone, “St..stop right now..I’m inside you and can’t control it much longer”. Katie ignored him as she moved bouncing up and down his shaft, “al… almost… Ttthere” she pushed back hard taking him to the hilt as she came again and squealed.
Justin couldnt hold back anymore. His balls tighten and with a surge his cock twitched and shot the first load of his pent up cum deep into her belly. Katie throw her head back as she felt it. Her mind and body on autopilot, “oh.. oh YES…. MORE… GIVE ME MOOOORE…” Justin grunted as he unloaded shot after shot of cum. Time seemed to stand still around them as their orgasms flooded through them.
After a minute Katie’s muscles gave and she slumped back against him gasping for air. She laid there for a second and everything came rushing back as she heard a distant voice yelling, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” Justin and Katie both looked up seeing Jenni standing in the enterance to the living room.
“Justin.. what the hell? She’s only..” Justin cut her off, “J..Jenni… It.. it’s not what it looks like… I… She…” He couldnt find the word to explain and stopped. Katie blushed and looked at her sister, “it.. it was my fault.” She looked down at the floors as she spoke, “I…I fell asleep in Justin’s lap and when I woke up he was asleep. He didn’t know” she looked back at him then back at the floor, “I.. I’m sorry. I was just so horny from earlier. I figured I could just…” Jenni butted in, “just thought you’d fuck our principal and mom’s best friend?” Katie started to tear up, “I just thought I could rub against it and get off….but he woke up. He.. he tried to stop me and I just fell onto it.” She looked up at jenni.
Jenni just stood there with her arms crossed. She looked at Justin, “and you just let her?” Justin studdered, “I.. I couldn’t.. by the time I realized what was happening it was too late”, He sighed. “what the hell have I gotten myself into” he thought. He looked at Katie as she cried. Justin shifted, “look let’s just all take a second. Jenni…go to your room and I’ll be there in just a minute…Katie you need to go shower… And wash up.” Both girls tried to protest but he held up his hand, “NOW. No discussion”
Jenni huffed and turned walking down the hall. Katie paused a second and then slowly lifted up and off of him. His cock slide from her and fell dangling between his legs. She walk towards the hall but paused. Without looking back she spoke, “I’m sorry… But for what it’s worth… I’m gland you where my first.. I… Kinda liked it” then hurried off to the bathroom to shower.
Justin pulled his short up as he stood. He tried to think about what he was going to say to Jenni. “There is nothing I can say to make it better. Jenni is probably calling the police right now” he thought. He walked down the hall to the guest room. The door was wide open and Jenni was sitting on the edge of the bed staring at the floor. He knocked and stepped in, “Jenni? I.. I don’t know what to say. It all happened so fast”. She looked up at him tears in her eyes, “w..why? How did it happen? Why was she sitting in your lap?”
Justin walked over and sat next to her. He looked at her as he told her about the phone call and how Katie cried and all he wanted was to comfort her. He left out the part about him fingering her while she slept and the fact he was awake and could have stop it at and time. Jenni just nodded. It took her a minute to say anything. “J..Justin? Did you like it? Did you like fucking Katie?” It wasn’t accusingly. It was questioningly. Justin sighed, “I mean I tried to stop her… I’d never cross the line with you girls. But it happened.. and yes.. as a male having sex with a female I enjoyed it.. but it won’t happen again…. I can’t let it happen again.” He looked away.
Jenni looked at him, “but what if she wants it to?” He shook his head, “no”. Jenni laughed, “you’re lying.. ive heard the rumors around school.. I know you’re a perv for the students… I’ve seen you looking at us.. I know if Katie walked into your room naked you would do it again in a second. But that’s not whats wrong” she looked away. Deep down Justin knew she was probably right. He did enjoy it but chose to neither confirm or deny what she was saying. He looked at her curiously and tilted his head, “then what’s wrong?”
She sighed, “n..nothing nevermind”. Justin shifted a little, ” come on Jenni just tell me. I promise I won’t get mad… Be honest” Jenni blushed and looked straight ahead, “w..well… I guess I’m jealous”. Justin laughed, “jealous? Of what?” She looked at him, “jealous of katie… Losing her virginity. I’m the older one… I’m suppose to do everything first so I can teach her and keep her safe..”
Justin looked at her, “well it wasn’t on purpose and like I said it won’t happen again” Jenni laughed, “you couldn’t see her face. She loved every second of it. If not you…she’ll find some random boy at school.” Jenni paused a second and a slight smile crossed her lips, “that’s it” she said in almost a whisper. Justin raised his eye brow, “what’s it?”
Jenni stood up looking at him, “the answer” Justin stared at her confused, “answer to what?”. She laughed again, “my virginity”. Justin shifted a little, “w..what? What about it?” He paused, “you’re not planning on going and having sex with a random boy are you?” She giggled and shook her head, “no silly… I’m going to have sex with you”. Justin’s eyes went wide, “me? What?… No..” he started to stand up but Jenni quickly stuck her arms out taking him by surprise and pushed him back down to the bed.
She looked at him as she stood between his legs. She reached down and tugged at her shorts letting them fall. Her trimming bush was on full display. “Jenni.. no.. stop we’re not going to..” “oh yes we are Mr. Flagstaff.” She said cutting him off. She smiled and climbed onto the bed to straddle him. His body instantly started to react as his dick began to swell.
Jenni giggled again, “oh Mr. Flagstaff…is that a ruler in your shorts or are you happy to see me” she shifted placing her pussy right against the bulge in his shorts. She looked at him smiling. Justin fought every urge in his body. He had thought about it many times but it was a harmless fantasy. A fantasy that he feared but knew was about to come true. “J.. Jenni.. what if Katie catches us?” He said trying to reason with her but she just shrugged as she moved her hips, “I.. don’t … Care” she looked at him, “you’re going to do this for me… Don’t make me pull the “I’m telling” card on you” she said with a smile.
She moved back and reached down tugging at the front of his shorts. His now fully erect cock stood straight up. Jenni giggled again as she moved straddling his waist. She gripped it as the base lining it up with her slit, “mmm… Mr. Flagstaff… I’ve been a bad girl… And you need to punish me” she said looking into his eyes. Justin knew there was no fighting it anymore and gave into the lust. He reached up putting his hands on her hips. “If that’s what you want” he rocked her hips as he lowered her a little.
He felt the head squeeze into her and paused as she gasped letting go of the shaft. She let out a moan and grabbed the hem of her shirt. She pulled it up exposing her breasts to the cool air. Her nipples hardened as she wiggled her hips and let more of her weight push down onto him. Justin let out a deep moan as he watched the shaft slowly disappear into her tight wet pussy. “Mmm..oh my God Jenni. You feel so…” she giggled, “amazing?.. if you only knew how good this feels” her eyes roll as she takes a deep breath and lowers herself down the rest of the way in one slow motion.
Justin looked at her, “mmm damn… Jenni”. She smiled and leaned down kissing him. She slowly raised her hips up and then lowered them back down. Moaning into his mouth as they kissed. He wrapped an arm around her as she broke the kiss, “you fill me so good Ju…” Jenni let’s out a squeal of surprise as Justin in one quick and calculated movement rolls over on the bed so he was now on top. His cock buried in her as he started to move, “Miss Harper… you HAVE been a bad girl. Teasing all the boys and men all the time.. it’s time you saw what teasing gets you”.
Jenni smiled and bit her lip. She nodded as she stared seductively at him. Justin pulled back till he was almost out and then quickly pushed back in. Jenni let out a high pitched squeal. “Oh shhit Justin..” she looked into his eyes, “fuck me… Please” Justin grinned as he started moving his hip. He stared at the girl as he slide in and out of her. Jenni wriggled beneath him as he slide in and out. Her large but perky breasts bounced with each thrust. Her body squeezing like a vise around his shaft.
She looked at him with pure lust, “mmm yes… Yes.. harder..” she moaned. Justin increased his pace driving his manhood harder and faster into her. Their pelvises slapping loudly. Justin did his best to control the pressure building inside him. Jennie’s petite body shook and rocked more and more. Suddenly her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped. She let out an inaudible scream and throw her head back.
Her body convulsed as every muscle in her body tightened as she climaxed. Her legs wrapped around Justin as she forced him in deeper. He had reached his limit. He tried to pull out but her feet hooked together stopping him from moving, “J.. Jenni.. I’m going…to…” She reached up wrapping her arm around his neck lifting her upper body off the mattress. She looked into his eyes, “give it to me… Just like you did Katie…. You pervy man” she gasped and smiled.
Justin grunted and with one more thrust his balls let loose again. They both shook as his cock twitched, shooting his thick warm cum into her. Jenni was on cloud 9 as she felt him blow his load into her. “Oh.. oh fuck.. yes” she screamed out. As his balls emptied he slowed his strokes and finally stopped. He held himself up as they both breathed heavy.
After a minute Justin slowly pulled out of her. He looked down at Jenni as he stood up he could see his cum leaking from her swollen slit. “Damn Jenni.. that was amazing”. He pulled his shorts back up and smiled, “now.. this can never happen again. You and Katie mean to much to me. I don’t want to take advantage of you girls.” Jenni smiled, “yes it will.. there’s no going back from amazing sex like that.” She winked, “and I think Katie would agree” she looked towards the door. Justin froze for a second then turned slowly.
There in the doorway stood Katie wrapped only in a towel and holding 2 sodas, “thirsty?” She smiled. Justin couldn’t say anything, he just stared at her. Katie walked over as Jenni sat up. She looked at him, “Jenni is right. It might have been an accident but that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had… You won’t get rid of us that easily”. Katie handed Jenni a soda and held the other out for Justin. He took it looking at her, “how… How long were you standing there?” Katie giggled, “about the time you told Jenni she was a bad girl. I was jealous at first but then I realized it’s not like you’re my boyfriend and I should keep you to myself”
Justin opened the bottle and took a big gulp look from one girl to the other. Jenni stood up, “I guess I should go shower”. Katie and Justin nodded. Justin took another gulp, “and from the sounds of it. You won’t be able to get rid of me either. After Monday I’ll be you legal guardian for awhile” both girls giggled and nodded. Justin watched Jenni leave and go to the bathroom. He couldn’t help but watch her ass as she walked. Katie just laughed, “perv” she dropped her towel and for the first time Justin saw her full body in all it’s glory. Her breast were still forming but from what Anne and Jenni had he knew she’d fill out soon enough.
Justin smiled then turned to leave, “you girls get a good night’s rest and in the morning we’ll go shopping.. i think you are both due for some new clothes”. He left and went to his room and climbed into bed. It didn’t take long before he was asleep.

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