Priya Sex Adventure with Older Man

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Priya woke up she was feeling quite different from her routine as yesterday she had sex with 4 men. After coming home yesterday when she gave all details to Karan they had a hot sex session.
After sending her daughter to school, she got ready and went to office. In the afternoon Jeff called Priya asking to meet them in the evening. When she asked where he said they will pick her up from her house.
When Priya reached home, she spent some time with her daughter and then she took bath and started getting ready. She wore a short green top which she tied in front of her boobs and a dark green short pleated skirt which showed off her sexy legs and thighs. Then she wore brown ankle length boots with heels. Just then Karan entered the room and was got instant hard on seeing his wife Priya like this.
Priya told him about her planned meeting with Jeff and his friends. Just then she got call from Martin saying they are waiting for her outside. She waved her husband and went out. When Jeff and his friends saw her they got hard seeing her in such a sexy dress.
When Priya got into the car, she saw one more older man Axel in the SUV. She knew him well because he was her one of her close friend’s father and many times he used to flirt with Priya in friend’s birthday parties and other get togethers. Jeff told her that he is their childhood friend and he knows everything about them. Axel said hi to Priya and asked her to sit with him and Jeff in the backseat. Greg and Martin were seating in the front. Now Priya was bit surprised as she was seating between 2 older men and one of them was a known person.
Before Priya could say anything Axel said, “Don’t worry, nobody will know about us.” Suddenly she felt Jeff’s hand on her legs and his hands started to move higher to her thighs. Priya smiled at him and saw that he had a huge hardon in his pants. Jeff told Priya that she is looking like sex goddess and he can’t wait to move between her legs. Priya saw that all the men were drinking wine and Axel also offered her wine so that she enjoy the ride to his farmhouse. Priya took glass and started drinking wine. Now she started to enjoy Jeff’s hands’ movements over legs and thighs.
Priya moved closer to Jeff and started kissing him passionately, while kissing Jeff moved Priya’s hand on his cock and asked her to take it in her hand. She unzipped his pants and took his 10 inch cock in her hand. Jeff while massaging her thighs moved his hands towards her cunt and started feeling her pussy through her green thong. She gasped when she saw his huge cock in his hand. Jeff said, “Suck it you bitch suck my cock.”
Priya took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Jeff moaned and said, “Priya you are a great sucker.” While Priya was bent sucking Jeff’s cock, Axel put his hand on Priya’s thighs under her skirt and took hold of her thong and started removing her thong. Suddenly Priya stopped sucking Jeff’s cock to see what Axel is doing. Till then her thong has reached her toes and she herself took the thong out. After undoing the thong Jeff asked her to continue to suck his cock. Now Axel moved her skirt higher and started fingering her cunt. He realised she is very wet inside and was enjoying fingering her cunt.
Jeff started moaning loudly as Priya sucking increased and he untucked her top and started massaging her boobs. Axel on the other hand stopped fingering her and moved behind her to fuck her cunt from behind. Suddenly Priya felt Axel’s hard cock entering her wet pussy. She moaned as Axel inserted his full 9 inch cock inside her. Axel started fucking her cunt slowly while Priya continued to suck Jeff’s cock.
Now Priya was only in skirt as Jeff has completely removed her top to play with her boobs freely. Axel seeing her bareback started kissing her naked waist, back and her neck. Axel increased his speed of fucking as Priya moaned while sucking Jeff’s cock. Jeff took Priya’s head in his hand and increased his speed of shoving his cock in her mouth and he was about to cum. While Axel increased his speed of fucking more Priya was also on the verge of cumming.
Jeff came in her mouth and asked her lick it up. Priya licked his cock while Axel continued to fuck her from behind. Priya continued to moan while getting fucked from behind and finally Axel and Priya came together in her pussy. Priya cleaned her up and Axel started kissing her. When they stopped kissing, Axel told her that it was his long time dream to fuck her pussy. Priya smiled and took her cloths on for rest of the time till they reached the farmhouse.
After reaching farmhouse, Axel took her to show the beautiful seashore and swimming pool behind the farmhouse. Priya liked it and said it’s the best place to have honeymoon. They all laughed and said whenever she wants to. Then they all settled down after having snacks and started having wine. Jeff suggested them to play poker to which all agreed. He told them the rules of the game that the winner will take off one clothing of Priya and if she gets fully naked he will fuck her and in case she is the winner she will take one clothing of the last person in the game and if that person is naked she will get fucked in her ass by that man.
They started playing poker, Priya was also taking it very seriously and was trying to win the round. But all the four men had planned their strategy so that anyone of them only wins and not Priya. At the end of first round Martin was winner. He came closer to Priya and started untugging her top and fully removed her top which showed her boobs fully to all of them. Axel said they are looking like big melons which he is desperate to suck. Now they again started playing for second round, and Priya started playing the game with naked on the top. Initially it was strange for Priya but because of wine effect she has started to enjoy this game more. This time it was Jeff who won he said he will remove her boots and came closer and took her legs in his hand and undid the chains of her boots and removed them. Now her legs were also naked.
Third round was one by Greg and he will remove her thong instead of her skirt. So he came closer and removed her thong. Now while playing whenever she uncrossed her legs all the men can easily see her pussy lips. This time Axel won the round and came closer and took her skirt off. Now she was totally naked and seeing her the men were unable to control themselves.
In the fifth round Greg won and took Priya to a nearby couch and started kissing her passionately. He took her boobs in his hand and started playing with them. She took his cock in her hand and kissed on its tip. Without wasting anymore time Greg laid her on her back and put his cock on pussy’s opening. Greg pushed his cock inside completely inside her in one shot as she was quite hot and wet inside the pussy. Priya moaned.
Now Greg was kissing all over her and started fucking her fast. Priya’s moans got louder and louder with each thrust of his cock. While fucking her in same position for some time Greg and Priya changed positions and now Greg was laying on his back and Priya started riding his cock. While Priya was fucking Greg Axel came to her and asked her to suck his cock. Priya started sucking Axel’s cock and she was enjoying it a lot. Greg’s thrust increased and he came inside her. As soon she moved off his cock, she bent forward to suck Axel’s cock.
Suddenly Priya felt something at her back and saw Martin was standing there with his dick in his hand a cream in his other hand. He asked her to bend forward a bit so that he can rub it at her ass hole. She bent forward and he put the cream with his fingers in her ass and started moving his fingers inside her. Then he took his fingers out of her ass and took hold of her hips and inserted his cock in her ass with big thrust. Priya stopped sucking and cried in pain. Priya said, “Aaah, its paining.”
Martin didn’t stop and inserted his cock fully inside her ass. Slowly he started fucking her ass and as Priya’s pain subsided she also started enjoying fucking of her ass. She started moaning loudly while Martin increased his speed and said, “Your slut is loving your cock inside her ass, Fuck me.”
Martin started fucking her fast in her ass and after few minutes came in her ass. Priya and Martin went to clean themselves, came back and were sitting quietly. Priya was giving a very lusty look. She had her clothes on. Axel asked them to have dinner and everybody had it.
After dinner Priya asked Axel when they will drop her home. He said, they are too far from city so will drop her home tomorrow morning only. Priya was surprised thinking that if she stays with them whole night they will continue to fuck her all the time. She called up Karan and told him that she will be back next morning only. Karan was not sounding happy at all.
Priya was given another glass of wine as they all started watching a hardcore sex movie. Axel again got excited and took Priya in his arms and laid her on the resting chair near swimming pool. Priya started kissing him passionately and their tongues played with each other. Then Axel moved back and untucked her top. Then he moved near her toes and started kissing her toes, her white legs and moved to her thighs. Then he removed her thong and started licking her cunt. She cried in pleasure Aaah, aaaah, aaaaaah, oh no, yes.
He licked her pussy for few minutes which made Priya a bitch in the heat. When he saw juices flowing out of Priya’s pussy, he undid his shorts and took out his long cock. Priya saw it, took it in her and guided it to her love hole. Within no time Axel’s whole cock buried in her pussy and he started pumping her hard. As his speed was increasing, Priya wrapped her legs around his waist, jer moans were getting louder, “you bastards, you made me your slut, fuck me hard, I am all yours, Aah, yes,”
While Axel’s fucking increased Priya saw his muscular body and started kissing him on his lips and chest which made Axel got more hard and he came suddenly in Priya’s pussy. She also came with him. They laid there exhausted n each other’s arms and as his cock softened, they cleaned themselves and kissed each other on lips.
They were all tired because of the continuous sex, so when Priya and Axel came into the main room all 5 of them decided to sleep. They asked with whom she would sleep with, she said that she would sleep with Jeff, as he had not enjoyed her much that night.
Jeff said that she was right and he that was in no mood to let her sleep tonight.
That means you are going to treat me as your groom tonight, Priya said laughing.
Jeff also laughed and said yes and then Greg went into his room and came out with 3 bags. He opened the 1st bag and handed her a red halter backless summer dress which was quite short. It had a small thread to tie at the neck. He opened a 2nd bag in which she got a red pair of sandals with high heels which she liked a lot. In the third bag there was some makeup material . Jeff asked Priya to go and change into the dress and heels.
Priya went to change. She was feeling quite excited and suddenly her pussy started getting wet. Then she realised that her lovers are waiting for her so she quickly changed into that sexy red dress and heels. When she had put on some make up, she saw herself in mirror and said to herself that she was looking very sexy even after having a child.
She came back into the room and everybody was only looking at her.
She had put on red lipstick to go with the dress and as she was quite fair and voluptuous she was looking like a high class whore. There was a black dot on her lower left cheek which made her look even hotter. The dress showed off a lot of her cleavage, mid riff and sexy legs and thighs; it came just too mid thigh. When she twirled around, her back was fully open to her waist; her thighs and legs were looking hot in heels.
Greg realised he had a hard on seeing her in this outfit. Jeff said he wishes she could have been his wife; he would have at least 4-5 children from her.
Priya said, “Don’t worry we will enjoy ourselves like husband and wife, come.”
Greg said for becoming husband and wife, you both need to exchange rings. Then Greg went into a room and came back with 2 rings.
Priya felt that it is not right on her part to exchange the rings; at first she refused, but when they all told her that it is for 1 night only, she agreed.
While exchanging rings Greg told them to follow the rituals, where the bride and groom exchange vows, rings and kiss each other.
While exchanging rings, Priya was thinking about her husband Karan but then she thought it is just for one night only, so she accepted a ring on her finger by Jeff.
Then Jeff came close to Priya and started kissing her on her lips passionately. She responded by kissing him back and put her arms around his neck.
Greg, Martin and Axel congratulated Jeff for having second wife that is hot.
Jeff laughed and thanked them. Just then she received a message on her cell in which her husband wished her happy birthday.
She replied, “Thanks Sweetheart.” Then all 4 men wished her happy birthday.
Jeff said as she was his wife for now, her birthday should be celebrated tonight.
He took another bottle of wine and some pastries and started playing low music. Priya decided that she would serve the wine and pastries, so while everyone was sitting in drawing room, Priya went to the table and bent forward to pour wine into their and place their pastries on a plate. Jeff who was sitting behind her saw that her short dress had exposed her ass and her red thong. Jeff couldn’t take his eyes off of his 1 night wife; whose naked back was looking quite sexy along with her legs and thighs.
Jeff had an idea and he went to Priya, took hold of her waist from behind and started kissing her ear lobes,back and neck. A low moan came from Priya’s mouth. Then he pushed her thong to the side and with 1 hand picked up a piece of pastry in the other hand and inserted the pastry in Priya’s cunt with his fingers. Priya was surprised and excited at the same time. She moved to turned around to face him, but he stopped her and started moving his creamy fingers in her cunt.
She moaned, “Aahhh hon… what have u done? I am getting crazy, you naughty man.” Jeff knew she was enjoying it so he took other piece of pastry in his hand and rubbed it on her boobs and started licking and sucking
As Jeff licked her boobs, Priya was unable to control her excitement and told him to take her to their bedroom.
Jeff got excited at hearing this, he looked at Priya. She winked at him and put her arms around his neck and kissed him on his lips. Jeff responded with a passionate kiss.
He stopped kissing her and did another kinky thing. He took a glass of wine and poured it into Priya’s thong. She realized that not only was her thong soaked but her pussy was wet as well. Her moans increased, “Ahhhhh, you are making me insane, my love.”
Then he took Priya in his arms and took her to their bedroom. Before closing the door he said good bye to all the other men; they gave him best wishes for his second hen night.
After locking the door, Priya stood in front of him and started kissing him on his bare muscular chest. He kept his hands at Priya’s back and started rubbing her bare back which she liked a lot.
Then Jeff asked Priya to have a look at the room, she turned and saw the room was quite beautifully decorated with red flowers. Some flowers were laid on the bed too. The bed was big in size and round.
She looked back at Jeff and said, “Thanks hon, I won’t forget this night ever.”
Jeff replied, “Same here sweetheart”.
Priya continued to kiss Jeff on his chest and started kissing him on his lips as she found him quite muscular and strong at this age.
Jeff responded by kissing her and their tongues met and duelled with each other. As they were kissing Jeff undid the thread of her dress, which was tied at her neck and slowly started removing her dress. As he was removing it, he couldn’t take his eyes off her beautiful melon like breasts. The dress fell to the floor; Jeff started kissing her boobs, stomach and waist.
Priya said, she wants to see his penis first then she will let him remove her thong.
He agreed and she undid his shorts and threw them on the floor and saw a 10 inch rock hard cock.
She took it in her hands and moaned saying “Jeff you are a true man. I have never seen such a big cock.”
He asked her to sit on the bed and suck his cock.
She did so and as she started sucking his cock, he moaned, “Oh Priya, where were you for so many years, love you my darling suck it as much as you can.” She increased her speed of sucking his cock. Suddenly Jeff took her head in his hand and removed his cock from her mouth and said now it is his turn. He laid Priya on her back on the bed and took off her wet thong off. He moved his head between her legs and started licking her cunt with his tongue.
She sighed, “Oh my God Jeff, you are making me crazy.” As his tongue increased in speed, her moans increased,”Aaah! Yes…Jeff… yes Jeff, ouch, yes, fuck me, fuck your wife, Jeff!
As Jeff heard her moans, he stopped licking her cunt, moved his cock to the edge of her pussy lips. Priya took his cock in her hand and inserted it in her cunt and as Jeff’s cock inserted in her pussy, she moaned, “Aaah yes aaah more, ouch!” Jeff pushed more of his cock into her pussy easily, as it was quite wet. Jeff was feeling crazy for Priya as he started fucking her pussy. Priya put her arms around his back and scored her nails on his back in ecstasy and wrapped her legs around his waist.
Jeff started fucking her slowly and later on increased the speed. Priya continued to moan and Jeff was continuously kissing her boobs, neck, ear lobes and her red lips. Priya was responding to kisses and fucking with full energy.
Priya moaned, “Aaah Jeff, I am all yours Jeff, fuck me hard, you are the best birthday gift I ever had.” Jeff increased the speed of his thrusts as he was going to come soon. As his thrusts increased, Priya bite his cheeks and chest.
Jeff was in full excitement and said, “Priya I want you to bear my child. We will make a beautiful child. Will you have my child?”
Priya saw passion in his eyes and said yes, give me your child my love, give me your child, we will have many children, you naughty man.
With that he started fucking her with full speed. Priya’s moans wete getting louder and louder. She moaned, Jeff now your cock is mine only and my pussy is yours, whenever you want I will give you, my love. Hearing this suddenly Jeff came inside her and Priya also came at the same time.
He loaded her pussy with his hot cum and when his cock softened, he removed it and went to washroom to clean up; The cum started flowing out of her pussy, but Priya stayed in the same position for some time and then she went to washroom to clean up. When she returned, she saw Jeff laying on bed and waiting for her under the bed sheet.
Priya gets 1 night husband.
She went to him under the sheet, and Jeff said, he had one of the best times of his life, and thanked her for this.
Priya said she has the same feelings for him and that they would definitely have more time together. Jeff smiled and kissed her, she responded and kissed him back. After sometime they broke the kiss, Jeff laid on his back and Priya laid on him and they both went to sleep.
Priya opened her eyes and saw a lot of light and realised it was morning. The wall clock was showing 8 am time. She realised that Jeff’s hand was around her waist and when she tried to get up, she moved his hand away and he also got up. A small amount of light was coming in the room from the seaside window.
Priya went to pee and went close to window and saw a beautiful sea view. As she was taking a look, she felt Jeff’s hand around her waist. She turned back. Jeff asked how she was feeling?
She said it was a great night for her and she loved it.
He looked in her eyes and they started kissing each other on the lips.
Priya said she felt like a newlywed girl.
Jeff said, yes and newlywed couples don’t waste their mornings either.
Priya laughed and said, “No way, I have to go home as soon as possible.”
Jeff said she has to wait till the others get up and they all would go together. Priya was disappointed, so Jeff took her in his arms and started kissing her lips again.
Priya slowly accepted it and put her arms around his neck and started kissing him back with passion. Without wasting anytime, Jeff took her in his arms to bed and laid her on her back.
Priya took his semi hard cock in her hand and it became fully hard in a second.
Jeff again moved between her legs and bent to lick her pussy with his lips and tongue.
As he started to lick her pussy, she started moaning and after some time her pussy got wet. Realising this Priya said, “Now you can give me love honey, I am wet inside now.”
Hearing this Jeff got up and put his cock on the tip of her pussy and with a big thrust, he inserted his cock in her wet pussy. Jeff started fucking her slowly.
Priya was moaning loudly, “Ahhh, you big man, fuck me hard and fuck me long, Jeff love you hon. Keep fucking your love doll.”
Jeff again was kissing her whole body, as she wrapped her arms around him so strongly, that he realised, that in the heat of passion she has twice inserted her nails in his back. Jeff increased his speed and after some time both came together. While Jeff’s cock softened, he kissed on her lips and said Priya, “I love you alot my sweetheart.”
Priya replied “Love you too.”
While she was getting up from the bed he took her legs in his hand and kissed her toes, her legs and calf muscles and thighs and said, “All your body parts are very beautiful.”
She got up from the bed and they both got ready. Jeff went outside the room to bring her green outfit and boots back to her, she also wore this outfit last night from home and they all piled inside the car to drop Priya at her place.
While going back home Priya realised that her thong was missing, she asked about it.
Jeff said Axel kept it in a bag as a souvenir of last night.
Then Jeff asked about Karan’s profession.
She said he was into Rocky(H) trading and they have a farmhouse. She told them that she has gone to Rocky(H) racing events with him a few times.
Jeff told her that he has some clients who buy Rocky(H)s so he can help Karan in his business.
Priya said, “That is so sweet of you.” He replied “Anything for you sweetheart.”
When they reached Priya’s home, as Priya was getting out of the vehicle, Jeff looked at her with sad eyes; Priya came close to him and gave him a passionate kiss on his lips. They kissed each other for nearly five minutes, as Jeff was caressing her back, thighs and her ass.
She broke the kiss and smiled and after that Priya left the vehicle saying will meet soon, hon.

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