Prostitute Lady

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Carol and Alice decided to sneak off to go see Foxy
Brown. It was frowned upon to see R-rated movies at
the Brady residence but they thought “The Hell with
it”. They told Mike they were going to a book club

The two women didn’t say a word as they watched the
movie and ate popcorn and drank their Cokes.

Part of Carol cringed at the violence [though the
nudity didn’t bother her at all] while another part of
her gleefully enjoyed the movie. A small part of her
wondered what it would be like to be Foxy Brown…

When she got home Carol was surprisingly horny and
threw herself at Mike. Never one to turn down an
opportunity to bang his hot wife Mike gave Carol the
fucking of her life.

After the marathon sex, Carol drifted off to sleep
exhausted and satisfied, a strange smile on her

When Carol awoke, she sensed something was wrong. As
she opened her eyes she realized she wasn’t in her own
bed. In fact Carol didn’t recognize the dumpy room she
was in.

In fact Carol thought it looked like a bedroom she
might see in a movie like Foxy Brown…

Carol sat up, the sheet falling away from her body.
Her naked body, Carol realized.

She looked down. And gawked. Carol had the biggest
tits she’d ever seen on a White woman! Hell, bigger
than Pam Grier’s.

They had to be at least a DDD with massive oval-shaped
areolae dark pink in color. Carol was surprised how
high and firm they were.

Carol was about to get out of bed and look at herself
in the mirror when she realized someone was in bed
beside her.

She turned to see a big Black man built like a
football player beside her, facing away from her.

He made a noise and rolled onto his back. Carol saw he
was a very handsome man with a big, thick mustache.
She felt her light brown pubed pussy grow wet.

The sheet was only up to his waist and she could see
the huge bulge under it. Carol licked her lips.

She already realized this was a dream, so it wouldn’t
hurt to explore…

Carol pushed down the sheet and gawked at the massive
black cock before her. She began to drool.

Carol had always wanted to suck a cock but could never
bring herself to ask Mike, nor would she cheat on him
to suck another man’s cock.

But she was only dreaming, so…

Carol leaned down and holding the huge cock upright
slid her mouth down on it.

She was surprised how much she could take in her
mouth. Then again, this WAS a dream after all.

Carol found herself sucking the Black man off like a
pro. As he grew harder Carol still had no trouble
taking his length and girth.

He groaned and woke up. Leaning back on his elbows, he
grinned down at the sight before him.

“Damn, Foxy. You never get enough do you?” He laughed.

Carol was too busy to reply. She massaged his huge
balls roughly as she sucked his cock, moaning at the
same time he did.

Within ten minutes he began to explode in Carol’s
mouth. She again surprised herself by easily
swallowing down his heavy load. She never imagined
jizz would taste this good…

“Damn, baby,” He groaned as soon as she’d drained his
balls. “You know how to give a guy his wake up call!”
He laughed.

He got up and began to dress. “I gotta go. I had a
good time, Foxy. You’re the best.”

“You’re not too shabby yourself, stud,” Carol found
herself saying.

Once he left Carol got out of bed, about to retrieve
her clothes. When she saw herself in the mirror she

Carol had a massive blonde afro bigger than Pam

Carol laughed. “Groovy!”

She also realized as she turned sideways she had a
massive ghetto booty.

She laughed again, smacking her ass. “This is some
surreal dream,” She said, shaking her head.

She retrieved her clothes, seeing no panties Carol
slipped into her super tight bell bottoms that showed
of her “new” ass. The shirt was so small for her giant
tits Carol had to tie it under them, most of them on
display. But what did she care, this was a dream.

Under her clothes she found a massive gun with a long

“What a big motherfuckin’ gun!” She said as she hefted
it. She knew right away it was hers. After all, she
WAS Foxy Brown.

Carol slid it into her waistband and left the
apartment. She found herself in a grim neighborhood.
Every man she saw was Black, and most major hunks of
burnin’ love.

Not to mention most knew her name.

“Hey, Foxy!”

“Lookin’ good, Foxy Lady!”

“Foxy, you lookin’ damn fine!”

Carol just smiled and kept sauntering down the street.

Suddenly she came across a towering mass of a man that
was hotter than all the rest, with the biggest bulge
she ever saw.

Carol knew she had to have him.

“Haven’t seen you around here lately, Foxy,” He said.

“Well, maybe we can go somewhere and make up for lost
time…” She winked.

He grinned and led her up to his apartment. They both
undressed and were soon naked.

It wasn’t long before his cock was sliding in and out
of Carol’s tight asshole. She was pleasantly surprised
she could take his massive meat stick up her poop
chute but reminded herself it was just a dream.

Carol was screaming in pleasure as he rammed his
monster cock in and out of asshole. She could not
believe how surreal this all felt!

She lost track of how many times she came before he
dumped a massive load deep up her pooper.

When he finally slid his slimy cock out of her asshole
Carol was surprised she wasn’t sore at all, only
feeling well-fucked back there.

The man got up and went into the bathroom as Carol got
up and dressed again.

Just as she slipped her gun into her waistband the
door was kicked open.

“What the fuck!” Her lover yelled as he stormed into
the room. One of the intruders pointed his gun at him
and shot him. He went flying into the wall and
crumpled to the ground.

Carol screamed, thinking he was dead and she was next.
Instead, the butt of a gun slammed into the back of
her head and everything went black.

When Carol came to, she found herself in some kind of
warehouse. She realized her hands were tied together
and hung on a hook over her head.

Carol also realized she was naked, her clothes and gun
on the ground in front of her. Her shirt looked like
it’d been torn off of her.

Carol looked around and saw the two men you’d burst
into the apartment before leaning against a work
bench, talking in a whisper and laughing.

“Bastards!” Carol yelled. “Motherfuckers! What the
Hell do you think you’re doing?!? Let me the fuck

They laughed again and moved towards her. One was
short and fat, the other tall and going bald.

“Tough-talking Foxy Brown,” The skinny one laughed.
Carol noticed he had a broken nose and was missing
several teeth. “The boss was so happy when we told him
we had you.”

“But we’ll have a little fun first before he gets
here,” Grinned the fat one.

“Like Hell!” Carol yelled.

They laughed again. The tall one began to take of his
belt. Carol’s eyes went wide in fear.

He folded it in half and began to whip her ass.


Carol screamed. The pain was so surreal and
unbelievable. He kept whipping her ass as the fat one
masturbated his small cock.

When he stopped whipping her he laughed and said “Go
for it.”

The fat one jammed his short but wide cock into
Carol’s asshole. This time it hurt like Hell.

“Son of a bitch!” She spat. Part of her was shocked by
her language but Carol didn’t give a fuck.

The tall one smacked her across the face with the
belt. Carol gasped. The buckle caught her in the eye
and she knew it’d be black and blue soon enough.

“Shut the fuck up, Bitch!” He said as her smacked the
belt across her massive tits.

The fat one fucked her ass hard as the tall one began
to undress. His large, thin cock was already hard.

He came up in front of Carol and lifted her up some as
her slammed his cock into her defenseless pussy. She
shrieked in pain.

The two men laughed as they raped her.

Neither Carol nor the men realized at first that her
hands had come free off the hook.

Carol noticed first. The two creeps were having too
much fun to notice.

Suddenly Carol head-butted the tall one then tried to
strangle him with the rope tying her hands together

He lost his erection and flew backwards. At first the
fat one didn’t realize what happened. But when Carol
bent over, grabbed her gun, slid off his cock, spun
around and shot his cock off he knew.


“Serves you right, dickhead!” Carol hissed.

She turned back to the tall one who was about to
attack her. Carol raised the gun and blasted out his
left eye.

“THAT’S for the black eye, you sick motherfucker!”

He screamed and staggered backwards, crumbling on the


Carol swung around as the fat one came at her with a
knife. She shot him point blank in the chest three
times. He flew back and crashed into the bench and
slammed forward onto the floor.

“Never bring a gun to a knife fight, dickhead,” Carol

Just then the doors burst open and the cops ran in,
guns drawn. When they saw the carnage before them they
holstered their pistols.

“Are you all right, ma’am?” One hunky Black cop asked.

“Better than these assholes,” Carol pointed then began
to dress. She realized her shirt was too torn to be of
much good. Not that she minded, she liked the way the
three Black cops stared at her tits.

The two White cops left the building to call it in and
request an ambulance and coroner van.

“How’d you know I was here?” Carol asked.

“I told them,” said a voice from the door. “I knew
those punks and knew they’d bring you here.”

Carol turned. “You’re alive!” She said, seeing him
holding a rag to his shoulder, the rag all bloody.

“The bastard caught me in the shoulder,” He said.
“Since I know you’re all right, the two cops outside
said they’ll run me over to the hospital.”

Carol kissed him. “Thank you. I’ll come to the
hospital later.”

“All right,” He said and left.

When she heard one the police cars speed off Carol
turned to the three hunky black cops. “I think I
should thank you for coming to my rescue…”

Carol dropped to her knees as the cops whipped out
their huge cocks.

“Mmmm,” Carol smiled.

Grabbing the ones on her right and left, Carol deep
throated the one in the middle as she jerked off the
other two. All three moaned.

Carol kept switching off which cock she sucked but
always returned to the middle one.

Of course he came first, shooting his heavy load all
in her afro.

Carol worked on the other two feverishly. Soon they
were cumming on her face and tits.

The first cop was hard again. She pushed him on the
ground and climbed on his cock and rode him as the
other two cops jerked off.

Hard again, one cop took her ass and the other between
Carol’s DDDs.

Carol came over and over from all the attention thrust
upon her.

Some half hour later, the three cops came once more;
one in her pussy, one on her ass and the last on her

Carol sighed, never more satisfied…

“What’s the same for, dear?”


There was a laugh and Carol opened her eyes. It was
Mike who had laughed.

Carol was in her own bed. She looked down,
disappointed, at her own tits. Feeling her hair, it
was her own boring hairdo.

Carol fell back with a sigh.

“What’s the matter, Carol?” Mike asked with concern as
he finished putting on his tie.

“I had the strangest dream…” She answered.

“Well I need to head off to work,” He said, leaning
over to kissing her. “Maybe you’ll tell me after

When he was out the door, Carol smiled. “Maybe,” She
said, mostly to herself. “Or maybe not…”

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