Psychiatrist’s sex story

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Scene : Psychiatrists Office.
Psychiatrist (P) Client Anita Days (AD)
P: Hi good morning, come in, did my secretary show you the way into the office.
AD: Huh, yes, she did, where do I sit sir?
P: Oh, call me Dr, its ok. Just sit on the coach and relax.
AD: Ok Dr….(she relaxes on the coach)
P: So, Ms Day’s what seems to be the issue and just relax and tell the truth…it helps in diagnosis’s.
AD: Well, I dont know where to begin, I want to to be real open and want no one to know my problem if it is a problem, just secret between us, and not even my parents know…I mean.
P: Oh yes trust this business, we keep secrets, that is one of our policies.
AD: Well, Ok I will start, like right now, I feel you know really aroused, I can’t help it.
When I see men I mean real men, not boys, I just become really turned on, and I want to you know, you know…
P: Please explain, dont worry, would you like some tea or coffee?
AD: I’ll just come out with it, then, if it is all our secret, you know, the men and me…it’s just when I see the opposite sex, I feel like feeling myself, I used to work at this agency and I used to feel myself all the time at home, waiting for men to call me, not boys….real men…
P: For sex?
AD: Oh yes, but not infront, you know, from the rear, just the rear. . .
P: Oh…
AD: When I see men I become really aroused and wish they call me in secret and not tell each other. Just I know. I feel myself all the while over them, no matter who they are or how many, but trusting…I often want to go in my car somewhere and just be loud and orgasm over the men I see from time to time, and not any men are jealous or anything, they even respect me…all the while, I am feeling myself over the men I see..and I want to…I want to…you know, with most of them …..

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