Public Interracial Sex

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I was so looking forward to my tenth year class
reunion. It wasn’t because I loved high school; I had
fucking hated it. I was too tall, underweight,
extremely shy, I just hadn’t fit in. I was glad when
it had been over. I had gotten a full scholarship to
one of the best colleges. I worked hard. I maintained
a 3.75. I shared a dorm room with a jock; he had
exercise equipment right in our room and he became my
personal trainer [and I was his tutor].

I lost my virginity to a hot cheerleader that he’d
setup for me. I gained confidence. It helped that I
had a large cock [I just hadn’t known it]. By the time
I graduated from college I was on top of the world. I
got a great job with a high salary. I made sure I went
to the gym regularly and made time for the ladies. I
started my own business which just keeps growing year
after year. Life is good.

All that had happened to me since high school was the
reason I was looking forward to my reunion. I wanted
everyone to see how much I’d changed. A place had been
rented for the reunion, the date had been set and I
had my tux. When the day arrived I didn’t rush. I
didn’t want to be one of the first ones there. I
wasn’t nervous either. I was relaxed and confident.
When I walked in I saw the table where you received
your name tag so people would know who you were.

I recognized all the ladies who were sitting behind
it, and I was pleased that none seemed to recognize
me. I had helped most of them with their homework,
wearing my geeky hairdo, my geeky glasses, my geeky
clothes. They’d all gotten more beautiful in ten
years. I went up to the first girl. She smiled, said
hi and asked me my name.

When I told her she just stared at me a while, but
then her eyes went wide. “Oh my god!” She squealed.
“It’s Jim!” The other girls looked up and stared at
me. Soon they, too, were squealing and gathering
around me.

Questions flew as the girls had to know everything I’d
been doing since high school, was I married, was I
dating, etc. I just grinned and enjoyed the attention.
I found out most of them were married themselves but I
could tell by the look in their eyes they didn’t care.
They finally let me go – with promises of a dance or
two with each of them – and gave me my name tag. I
went in the main room, it was decorated with an 80s
theme with 80s music blaring. I didn’t care. The 80s
were the best.

I ran into a lot of guys who had been geeks back in
high school who were now even bigger geeks [with
bombshell wives on their arms]. I ran into jocks that
had let themselves go, all the muscle now flab. I even
saw a few going bald already. A few had stayed in
shape and had gotten into professional sports [I don’t
keep up with sports and didn’t know until other former
schoolmates had told me]. I split my time either
catching up with some guys over a few beers or being
snagged for a dance with a lovely lady.

I remembered all of their names [the girls I mean] and
boy, did they flirt. All in all, it was turning out to
be a great evening. It was on an emotional high by the
time she came in. She was the girl of my dreams in
high school; a gorgeous African-American model who
want on to a big time model. Her name was Charlotte
and she was even hotter now than she’d been back in
high school. She was about 5’7, 5’8, with long, almost
wavy black hair, her curvy body encased in a tight,
tight red dress that showed off her butt and huge [all
natural – she’d been busty all through high school]

I made my way to her. The hounds were gathering near
[a line from an 80s song] but Charlotte wasn’t
interested. I finally made it to her. “Charlotte?” I
said. She just stared at me at first. And like the
other girls she seemed to recognize me by my blue
eyes. “Jim?” A smile formed on her lips. I just
grinned. “It is you!” Charlotte gave me a big hug, her
huge tits and her crotch pressing against me.

I couldn’t help getting fully hard [I’d been half hard
not of the night because of all the girls there].
“You’ve popped into my mind on and off over the years,
I’ve wondered how you’ve done,” Charlotte said as she
let go of me. “You’ve been on my mind a lot over the
years, Charlotte,” I told her. She looked embarrassed
at my ‘revelation’ but also pleased. I pulled her on
the floor for a dance [something I wasn’t good at, I
got dance lessons from a girl in college].

We talked a little as we danced but did most of our
talking off the dance floor over drinks. Charlotte and
I were pretty much inseparable after our first dance.
We caught up on each other’s lives, Charlotte had been
married three times, divorced the last two years. No
children. Her life pretty much revolted around
modeling. I brought up her English accent, something
I’d always been curious about but too shy to ask
about. Charlotte told me her family came from
Manchester. Soon they dimmed the lights and put on a
love song.

This time Charlotte pulled me out onto the dance
floor; not that I minded. She pressed her crotch into
me more persistently. I knew Charlotte could feel my
hard cock as she ground against me. And I swear I
could feel the heat of her pussy. If we were
inseparable earlier we were even more inseparable now
as we danced through song after song. I could hear
Charlotte breathing in my ear.

After about five songs someone slipped in “We Don’t
Have Take Our Clothes Off” by Jermaine Stewart but the
lights stayed low. Charlotte chuckled hoarsely in my
ear. “You know, this is giving me ideas,” she
whispered, sliding a hand down to my butt a squeezing

I raised an eyebrow. We were on the edge of the dance
floor near one corner of the room. I’d noticed
somewhat of a nook in the corner. It seemed Charlotte
had also noticed it. No one seemed to notice as we
eased towards it. Soon we were out of the sight of our
former classmates. We began to make out, my hands all
over Charlotte’s huge tits.

Charlotte unzipped my pants and slid her hand inside.
She worked my hard cock out of my briefs and pants and
began to stroke it. She let go of it and pulled her
long dress up around her waist. I was surprised
Charlotte had no panties on as my cock pressed against
her hairy crotch. She moaned. Charlotte threw her legs
around my waist and pulled herself up my body with her
arms around my neck. “Penetrate me…” She gasped.

I let go of Charlotte’s tits and slid one hand between
us. I worked my cock into her hairy and very wet
pussy. Charlotte was very tight. I guess she didn’t
get all that much sex during her marriage [not to
mention she told me later she hadn’t had any sex since
her last divorce].

I wrapped my hands around her large, firm butt as I
bounced her up and down on my cock. We locked lips as
we fucked secretly, Charlotte moaning in my mouth.
Soon she was cumming and screaming in my mouth as we
kissed. Charlotte came often, at least twenty times.

I had lost track of time; they had played like seven
or eight songs as we fucked out of sight. I finally
felt my own orgasm coming on. My balls tightened up
and I began to spurt my heavy load up into Charlotte.
Once I was drained, she climbed off of me, still
kissing me as she pulled her dress back down.

Charlotte slid my still half hard cock back into my
briefs and zipped me back up. She broke our kiss and
pulled away, straightening out her dress. “See?”
Charlotte grinned as we slipped back out onto the
dance floor. “We really didn’t have to take our
clothes off to have a good time…” And boy, was
Charlotte right.

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