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Punishment for a Cheating Wife

25 Min Read

Brad and Bea Forest had been married for 20 years. Lately he has noticed that she has become more aware of her figure by drinking more water, avoiding “snack foods” for being too fattening and even wearing more daring shorts and dresses. She would also spend more time around the pool, working on her tan and showing off her lean body and muscular legs in her light blue bikini.

At 39 years of age, she looks more like a women 10 years younger her age, if it were not for the three children they had. Paul was the eldest at 19 years of age, followed by the twin 18 year old daughters, Kristin and Brooke.

Brad was growing more uneasy about some of his wife’s behavior over the past few weeks. She had become more critical of him and the way he does things, not allowing him to have a meaningful intimate relationship with her as often as he wanted to, and always obsessed with her work-outs at the Pilates Gym in town and talking on the phone often with her friends. She had become more distanced from her family. Brad couldn’t help but get the feeling that there was another man in her life, but she would always tell him he was out of touch with reality and that he was way too jealous and controlling of her life, even after 20 years of marriage.

Then it happened on a Thursday that Brad had Ray walk into his office and tell him that his wife Cara had seen Bea at the Gym flirting with the Pilates-instructor. And to prove it he had asked Cara to get him a copy of the security-camera video that showed Bea coming out of the shower and walking into the instructor’s office, dropping her towel to the ground and having the instructor pick her up in his strong arms and spreading her over the table, while eagerly and passionately kissing her and embarking on sexual intercourse with Bea.

With the video in his briefcase, Brad was going through an emotional roller-coaster as he drove home that afternoon.

At home, Bea was just coming out of the Jacuzzi when she saw Brad. “Hi Honey, how was your day at the office?”

“Oh, it was as usual frustrating and demanding as you know” Brad replied, not allowing himself to let anything of his suspicion show in his voice. “Say, what would you say if we break away to the farm for the weekend – just to get away from everything for a while?” he continued.

“I don’t know, I guess it should be fine to spend some family time since Monday is Labor Day and it is a long weekend” Bea replied.

Brad was quite surprised that Bea was willing to go, but then again guilt feelings can often allow a person to go along with a spouse in order not to raise suspicion or cause him to distrust her.

So the next day the Forest family had packed the car and traveled the 4 hours to the farm where the old log house built by Brad’s Grandfather was awaiting their arrival.

Brooke and Kristin helped to unpack the car while Bea was trying to make a phone call, and since John couldn’t come with due to a previous arrangement to spend the weekend with his girlfriend, Brad had to get the power-generator going as there was no electric power on the farm.

Later that evening, after a light supper that Bea and the daughters had prepared, Brad suggested that they watch a few videos in the big old livingroom, where the only TV set was.

“Sure Dad, what can we watch?” Brooke asked in anticipation, while opening the cabinet next to the TV set.

“O!, we can watch the brand new series on the “Tudors” as I bought it at the store just yesterday” Brad replied.

“Dad that is so gory and not like family viewing!” Kristin replied “”cause it has to do with King Henry the Eighth and how he got rid of his wives!”

“Oh but I like history! ” Brooke interrupts. “It always has lessons for us to learn from! Right Daddy?”

“Sure does!” Brad said with a smile on his face.

“Your father has always enjoyed the blood and gory type of movies.You’ll never change him!” Bea replies, as she takes her place in the big old easy chair near the fireplace. She is dressed in a denim short, exposing her well-tanned muscular legs, clean-shaven and glistening in the dim light. Her reddish-brown hair compliments her attractive face and well-cared for skin.

At 5’7″ she weighs 125 pounds, with fairly big, firm breasts. The tight brown short sleeve t-shirt fits snugly over her top. “Wonder what she would taste like over a spit” Brad thinks to himself as he takes his place in the couch next to Brooke.

The two girls are dressed in only a T-shirt and panties, due to the heat of late August.

Brooke, dark-haired is 5″4″ weighs 105 lb and is very athletic, being active in the Cross-country team of her College.

Kristin is more kind of dark-blondish and being the tallest of the two at 5″6″ she weighs 122 lb and has small breasts but a firm butt and strong muscular legs, being a Cheerleader since her Sophomore year in Academy.

Just as they are ready to start the movie, the sound of an approaching car interrupts their conversation.

“Who on earth could this be?” Brooke asks as she jumps up and run towards the window overlooking the front yard.

“Dad, it looks like Ray and his family! Have you invited them also?” she asks with a question mark all over her pretty young face.

“”Oh Dear no! Not Ray and that family of his!” Bea exclaims as she walks towards the kitchen.

“Did you really invite them without me knowing about it Brad?” she continues with deep disgust and anger in her voice.

“It is only Ray and the boys, Honey, since Cara went to visit her sick mother in Kansas City for the weekend” Brad tries to explain.

“”But Dad, you know those boys are real scruffy characters and I don’t feel comfortable with the way they always stare at us!” Kristin says.

Ray and his three sons (Tim, Wayne and Sonny) are invited into the living room. The Boys are big guys, all three over 6′ tall and overweight, unshaved and dressed in worn denim jeans and sweaty T-shirts.

They smile and their eyes sparkle at the prospect of seeing Brooke and Kristin, who in the meantime have rushed to their room to put on something over their scantly dressed bodies.

“”Did you have something to eat?” Bea interrupts as the men make their way to the chairs in the big old living room.

“No thanks, we are not really hungry. Besides, Brad has promised us a feast like none before this weekend at the farm!” Ray replies as he takes up his place next to Brad on the couch.

Soon after, Brooke and Kristin enter the room, dressed in T-shirts and shorts. They were not willing to compromise their comfort for the sake of the 3 hooligan sons of Ray.

“What must be, must be ” Kristin would say.

But then again, the girls kind of enjoyed the attention they got and especially Kristin would often flash her legs to the boys in order to look at the bulging members in their pants as they drooled over her teenage body and Cheerleader legs!

“Let’s start the movie, it’s getting late” Brad remarks as they all enjoy the coffee Bea had meanwhile brought into the room on a wooden tray.

The movie is enjoyed by all, especially the part where both Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard are executed for their disloyalty to the King.

“That’s the way to deal with unfaithful women!” Wayne remarked to the outburst of “Yea!” and “Sure!” by the rest of the men.

“Maybe there would be far less cases of divorce in the world today if people would still follow this way of dealing with these whores!” Ray said.

“What! You men are so disgusting and humiliating of women!” Bea interjects. “Thinking you men can treat us like animals and expecting us to always obey your sick demands!

At that moment everyone starts talking at the same time until after a few minutes Brad gets up and motions them to quiet down.

“Well, I can see we have the men all in agreement, but the ladies beg to differ from us. And this is alright, since we all have free choice, right?” Everyone agrees and even Bea feels that Brad is in a way standing up for her.

“However, there is another video that I have purposely kept until now, as I want all here present to look at it and we can discuss it afterwards, okay?” Brad says.

With that, he slips the video from the security camera into the machine and as it begins to show, Bea’s face begins to grow pale, with her eyes growing bigger and her mouth hanging open.

“Oh No!!! Where did you get this!!! Stop the machine at once!!!” Bea shouts as she jumps up to get to the video machine. But she doesn’t get far, as Ray and Brad grab her by the arms and force her to sit down.

The girls are flabbergasted! Their eyes cannot believe what they see and as Kristin jumps up to try and run to her room, the three boys have meanwhile taken up position in the doorway, and there is no way of escape from the living room.

“Sit down Sweetie and watch the movie! And don’t interrupt the show again!” Wayne demands with venom in his speech and a scary kind of look in his eyes.

Terrified at this show of force, the girls sit down and try to cover their faces in their hands, not wanting to look at their mother’s humiliation. Bea meanwhile, is held down forcibly by Ray and Brad as she is forced to endure her exposed unfaithfulness with the Pilates-trainer.

At the end of the show there is dead-silence in the room. Suspense and anticipation of what is to happen next. The women are terrified at the expression on the men’s faces.

“Daddy, why are you doing this to us?” Brooke asks through her tears.

“So that you all may see what your mother has been up to these last few weeks” Brad cuts her short.

“But this has got nothing to do with us!” Its between you and Mom!” Kristin screams with sobbing in her voice.

This is where Ray steps forward. He looks at Bea sitting in the chair, her body shaking and her eyes wet with tears. She feels exposed and humiliated, while at the same time anxious at what the final outcome of this might be.

“Ladies and gentlemen” he begins. “As you all have witnessed in this video, there is irrefutable evidence of a wife’s unfaithfulness to her husband of 20 years and her example to her twin daughters leaves a lot to be desired. And as we all agreed just before the showing of this video, more tough measures should be taken to rid our societies of this social evil committed by women. Brad, if you were King Henry, what would you have done to an unfaithful wife and her maids of honor?”

Brad looks at the scene before him. he knows this is tough but he has to stand up to his integrity and what he and Ray have agreed to do this weekend. With a stern, deep voice he replies:

“Take them to a place of execution and strike their heads from their bodies. And may God have mercy on their souls”

At this, the girls scream out in fear and trepidation, while Bea tries to jump to her feet, only to faint and fall back into the chair, while the three sons of Ray are jubilant and excited as Wayne and Tim grab the protesting Brooke and Kristin by their arms behind their backs.

Soon the girls are gagged and tied up arms, knees and feet while Bea is stripped of her clothes, leaving her only dressed in her thong and bra. She is gagged as well, while Brad meticulously ties her hands behind her back, but leaving her legs and feet untied. She is still unconscious as Brad picks his wife of 20 years up and carries her to the door, where Sonny is keeping the door open. Ray is leading the way to the old barn a few yards away from the farmhouse.

The girls are lifted over the shoulders of Tim and Wayne, their young bodies protesting at the prospect of getting executed innocently, and carried out of the room unceremoniously to the barn.

The old barn looks spooky and dark, but soon more lights are turned on. It is then that the old ax with the shining blade comes to view, with a solid wooden block in the center of the barn floor. Along the wall is a variety of meat-hooks and a few ropes. After all, this is where grandpa used to slaughter the annual Thanksgiving turkey and chickens as well as hogs according to the family needs.

Tonight was a different kind of slaughter, more like an honor-killing.

Brad had already decided that he was not going to chop Bea’s head off, but that he would rather try something different. Something more original that even King Henry would have done. And ray and the boys agreed with him: Bea was to be slaughtered like a pig!

The two daughters, however, being young and to a certain degree innocent, would be beheaded.

Since Brad didn’t want to put his own daughters to death, it was decided that Sonny and his brothers would do the honors. Ray and Brad would take care of Bea.

After the women had been stripped of their clothes, Bea is taken to the middle of the floor, next to the block. She is conscious by now and her body is heaving and she struggles like a mad person, her legs kicking and her head moving side to side in order to protest her fate. With Tim and Wayne having tied Brooke and Kristin to rafters inside the barn, all five men take hold of the protesting body of Bea and pin her to the barn floor. A rope is tied around her left ankle and swung around a pulley in the wall, spreading her sideways while lying on her right side. Her hands still tied to her back, her right leg kicking and her body shuddering under the constraint of the men. Tim is pushing down on her shoulder, while Wayne is holding on to the end of the rope around the pulley. Ray and Sonny are to hold her body down while Brad is getting ready to inflict the final justice to his wife of 20 years. She looks so vulnerable and her body is so muscular, with soft clean-shaven legs and the typical slight amount of cellulite on the inner thighs and buttocks. Her breasts are jiggling and her mouth is uttering muffled sounds from underneath the gag.

Brad has taken the stun-gun into his hand, ready to shoot the fatal pin into Bea’s brain. Just like grandpa used to do. Brad can still remember how often he had helped grandpa slaughter a hog and how the animal would kick and convulse after the pin has entered the brain. A side effect of fatal neuro-trauma to the head.

“Hold her down guys, she is bound to kick like mad!” Brad remarks as he bends down and put the gun to the frontal part of Bea’s head – her eyes pleading for mercy with tears streaming down her cheeks. There is an eerie silence in the barn, except for the muffled voices of protest coming from the women.

“Ready?” Brad asks, looking at the men. They nod in agreement.

The gun is fired with a clicking sound, while a small hole appears on the front of Bea’s head. Her body seems to be stunned for a moment, as Brad gets ready to slice her throat with the big Butcher’s knife he had sharpened earlier while the women were busy in the house.

As Brad begins to slice into the neck of Bea her body shudders wildly and her left leg jerks uncontrollably, causing Wayne to really hold onto the rope tightly. With a few deep slices, the blood begins to spurt and gurgling sounds escape from the mouth. The gag is removed, allowing Bea’s tongue to protrude gradually from her mouth, while her protesting, heaving body shows no sign of abating. This is too much for Brooke and Kristin as their knees buckle while fainting at the gruesome sight of their mother’s demise.

Bea continues to flop up and down on the floor, straining at her bonds and jerking wildly.

“She is a real fighter, that’s for sure” Ray remarks to the delight of everyone, while the men have to press down hard on the spasming, shuddering body with the legs kicking spasmodically.

“Yea, she’s a healthy sow and with all the meat should make a fine roast!” Wayne replies.

After about 5 minutes, the shuddering has become a quiver, rippling through the body and causing the legs to only jerk at intervals. Her body looks grotesque and bloody as Brad continues to slice through the last few layers of muscle and cartilege until there is a flopping sound when the head is eventually detached from the body, held by the hair with the eyes slightly open and the mouth forever quiet. “Should make a fine centerpiece for the table!” Brad remarks.

“Okay boys, let us hang her by the heels to bleed out and finish the slaughtering! It is around 10pm and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a midnight roast!” Ray comments to the delight of the other men.

“What about the daughters?” Tim asks, looking at the two girls hanging by their ropes, still unconscious.

“We’ll do them in the morning!” Brad replies.

“Early morning is always a good time to slaughter chickens” Ray agrees. “And you boys may want to grant these beauties a final request before their execution in the morning” he continues with a broad smile while the boys agree with loud “Yeas” and “Good show!””

It is midnight as the men sit around the kitchen table. The washed head of Bea is situated on a wooden plate in the center, apple in the mouth, the eyes half-closed in the sleep of death.

The decision was to roast some of the sliced thigh meat over the grill. It tasted like the best steak the men had ever tried. Juicy, lean and soft with a taste not too sweet, thanks to the diet and regular exercise program followed by Bea.

“In a sense, I think we ought to thank the Pilates instructor for preparing us a mighty fine roast, don’t you agree?” Brad replies while sticking his fork into another piece of roasted thigh.

The men laugh and nod their heads in agreement.

“He surely did a fine job!” Ray agrees.

“And if the hog tastes this good, just imagine those two chickens out there in the barn!” Tim remarks.

“Maybe we ought to take them some of this good steak for a final meal!” Wayne says, “After all, it is the custom to serve the condemned persons one last good meal!”

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