Punjabi wife Fucked with Dirty Young Man

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It is a real incident during my honeymoon in GOA. My name is Amit and I
was 26 at that time, and my wife Preeti was 24. Preeti is a very fair
Punjabi girl who is otherwise slim, but has well endowed boobs (36+) and
a body to die for. Wherever we went in Goa I always found men and boys
ogling at her. We stayed in a hotel near the beach. During our stay, we
booked ourselves in a tour-bus for getting an all day tour of Goa. There
was a very cute looking boy in our bus, 20-22 years old who was also
touring with his parents. His name was Ravi and he was also staying at
the same hotel. His seat was next to us and he got very friendly with
us. He had very cute feminine looks and although I am a very straight
guy, somehow I got slightly attracted to him.
We started conversation on a wide variety of topic like girlfriends,
marriage etc. And I must admit that he was very bold, as he started
flirting indirectly with my wife in front of me. He even praised her
beautiful figure. Preeti was taking it all in the lighter sense and did
not mind his jokes.
Later, the bus stopped at a beach, and we all were having fun on the
beach. We played some water games and then came to rest under the shady
umbrella. Preeti was wearing shorts and a small Top, while I and Ravi
were just wearing shorts. All 3 were sitting in the shade. After a few
more jokes Preeti was getting uncomfortable, and she expressed her
desire to go into the sea again and I said “OK”.
As soon as Preeti went, Ravi suddenly commented – – “You have a very
sexy wife, she has an awesome pair of boobs and lovely ass”. I said, “Oh
Yes, She has a good figure 36+, 34, 36.
“Is she wild in bed?” “Awsome and very wild”.
Ravi said, “Will you allow me to touch her?” I enquired, “Which class
are you in?” He replied, “10+2”.
I reprimanded him, “You are too young to think about such things”. He
said “Please help me Sir, I am in love with your wife. I will do
anything to touch her once”
I was getting turned on by this indecent request, and also by Ravi’s
feminine looks. I told him OK, but he will have to suck me off first.
And………..He agreed.
We both then waived to my wife, and told her that we are just going back
to the bus to fetch something. We then went behind a one of the many big
rocks on the beach. He went on his knees, lowered my shorts and
immediately took my 6 inches in his mouth. Either he was a professional
sucker or he was very desperate to lay his hands on my wife, because he
gave me one of the best sucks I ever got. He was very good at it. He
finished me of in fifteen minutes, and I enjoyed it tremendously. This
was the first time that a male had sucked me. After finishing I closed
my shorts and we went back to the beach and behaved like nothing
Now it was my turn to keep my promise. I told him to stay close to us
all through out the tour. Our next stop was on a boat-carnival. It was
almost dark (7 PM) by now, and the ship deck was crowded, every body was
dancing to the tuned of the DJs music. We all had beers and alcohol. I
made Preeti drink slightly more, as I know that once she is drunk, she
forgets everything and gets in the mood. Then we all started dancing. We
both were behind her. I started playing with her hips. She saw that it
was me so she did not complain. As the deck was extremely crowded and
dark, so nobody noticed what I was doing. I kept on massaging her left
ass cheek. Slowly I removed my hand and winked to Ravi to put his hand
on her hips. He immediately took the hint and started massaging her ass.
My wife thought in the darkness that it was me. She started enjoying it
and I could hear her moans. Slowly Ravi became more bold and he inserted
his hand in her shorts and started massaging and pinching her hips
directly inside her shorts. Preeti never even turned around as she all
the while thought that it was me. This continued for 10-15 minutes, and
then I winked him to get his hand out. Whenever I remember this
incident, I get a complete hard-on.
Then we went back to the bus, and all three went and sat at the last
seat which was empty. Everbody else was in front and was almost tired,
drunk and it was very very dark now. Preeti was sitting in between both
of us guys. All 3 of us were tired and drunk. She put her head on my
shoulder and slept. I winked Ravi and indicated him to pretend that he
is also asleep. He immediately closed his eyes also. Then I raised
Preeti’s Top and started playing with her huge tits. Preeti immediately
opened her eyes and objected to me that the boy (Ravi) was sitting next
to her, and I should be careful. But I told her that he was already
sleeping and I was in the mood to play with her tits. Then she relaxed,
closed her eyes and allowed me to raise her top, bra and pull out her
tits. Slowly Ravi opened his eyes and saw all of my wife’s tits and
nipples, and requested me to touch her. My wife was sleeping thoroughly
by then, but I still said NO and told him to just watch. He watched for
15-20 minutes, and then could not control himself, so he bend down and
started licking her nipples. My wife did not wake and probably thought
it was me. We both had a nice time with her till we reached the hotel.
We adjusted her cloths just as the hotel was approaching.
Then we came to back to our hotel. As Ravi was from the same hotel, I
invited him to my Room for Drink & Dinner. He said he will inform his
parents and come over. Preeti was very curious that why am I inviting
him, but I said that he is a good lad and is turning out as a good
At around 930 PM we heard Ravi’s knock at our door, and I opened and
invited him inside. Then all 3 of us started having wine. My wife just
started having Breezer. She went to the bathroom before that. RAvi
immediately showed me a sleeping pill. I was slightly hesitant at first,
but then I agreed. We put the pill in her breezer. She came back and we
all had drinks for another 30 minutes. Then Preeti said she ws feeling
sleepy and we should now packup. I winked and said bye to Ravi and
showed him outside the door.
Then Preeti immediately fell on the bed and fell in a deep sleep. I
tried waking her, but she was sound asleep. I immediately opened the
door and found Ravi waiting outside. I called him inside. We both then
removed Preeti’s Shorts and top. Then he moved her bra and I removed her
panties. She was completely nude and fast asleep on the bed, lying on
her back. I strictly instructed Ravi that he does not have permission to
****, only to play and fondle.
Then Ravi started licking her from top to bottom. He licked her nipples,
sucked them and pinched them thoroughly. Then he licked her lips and
took soft bites on her cheeks. He even took bites on her boobs. Then he
fingered my wife for 5 10 minutes. All this while, I was having a
complete hard on. Then Ravi removed his cloths and I also removed my
Ravi expressed the desire to see my wife’s ass. Then we together turned
her around. She was very fast asleep and did not wake up at all, due to
the effect of the pill. Then Ravi started rubbing his dick on my wife’s
ass continuously for the next 15 minutes. In between he also pinched her
nipples. He got on such a big high that he had a big orgasm, and the
load got spread on my wife’s hips.
It was a wonderful sight to see a young boy on top of my wife’s ass. I
had a big hard on, while Ravi was through with his orgasm. I then
demanded Ravi to suck me off, which he willingly did with his expertise.
Then I showed him the door.
My wife does not know what happened with her that night. We left the
hotel the next day, and have never seen Ravi again my life. He was from
Maharashtra and we are from Punjab.
Whenever I remember that Goa Trip, I get a complete hard-on and I ****
my wife with more pleasure after that.

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