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Purva admits to husband she is attracted to construction guys

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“Tarun.” my wife said one night after dinner after putting our 8-year old son Apu to bed.

“Yes, Purva?” I replied.

“How serious are you about the whole open marriage thing?”


“You know, what you keep bringing up every few weeks. That we should experiment. With other people.”

I looked at Purva with surprise. She had a curious expression on her face. Wow, she had actually brought up the topic herself! My heart jumped with joy.

Purva and I are both 32 years old, and have been married for ten years. Before that, we dated for four years in college. People talk about seven year itches. It has been fourteen years of us being faithful to each other. Obviously, a lot of sameness and staleness had set in. There was also the fact that we had lost our virginities to each other, so we had never been with anyone else.

Like most men, I started flirting with the idea of experimentation. Threesomes, foursomes, wife swapping, were all things I read about online. For years I had fantasized about sharing my wife with someone else. And sleeping with other women. But for years, I kept my fantasies and thoughts to myself.

I finally decided to broach the subject soon after we turned thirty, and we had been through an exceptionally mediocre sexual phase. We were having sex about once a fortnight, and not memorable sex at that. Which was a shame. Because my wife was still a hot woman. In fact, even hotter than when we had started dating, if that were possible.

Childbirth and subsequent years had been good on her, and she had gone from being a slim svelte pretty young lady with medium sized boobs to a curvy attractive woman with big boobs. After Apu was born, she quit her job and became a full time stay at home mom. But it did not make her swell up like some other housewives. She still had a flat stomach, but everything else was curved in the most delectable ways. I too was physically in a much better shape than in college. I worked out regularly, had lost the tiny tire I used to have around my belly, and still had a thick head of hair, unlike some of my balding ageing friends.

Both of us got complimented on how great we looked, especially by friends who had let themselves go. So the lean sex phase, at least for me, was not because I stopped finding my wife attractive. I just craved some newness.

When I first brought up the idea, Purva got really upset. She accused me of having my eye on some young hot woman, which is why I was broaching the topic of an open marriage. I protested saying I wasn’t looking for a license to cheat. If I wanted to, I could have affairs on the side (which was true). But I was interested in both of us exploring our horizons. Looking for variety. With complete honesty. I wanted us to be “open” in the truest sense of the word.

But Purva would have none of it. That fight lasted a day, and I dropped the subject. Since then, I would try to bring it up casually. Maybe forward her a story from literotica. She always reacted angrily in the initial days. But of late, she had started just calmly turning my idea down.

Two years later, it seemed like I pretty much had no chance of any experimentation. So I had not broached the subject in months. Which is why Purva bringing it up by herself delighted me. And I could not help just grin at her stupidly.

“Well? How serious are you?” Purva asked again.

“Very serious, Purva.” I said, with a smile.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, absolutely. Why?”

“Have you thought about the repercussions of fantasy turning into reality? It is one thing to fantasize about your wife sleeping with someone else. To deal with the practical implications is a wholly different thing.” she said.

“I know it won’t be easy. But it’ll work both ways. You will also have to deal with the idea of me with someone else.”

“To be honest, that has been the biggest stumbling block for me for this open marriage idea.” Purva tilted her head and said. “I don’t know if I can stomach the idea of you sleeping with some other woman. Even if it is when I am around like in a threesome. Hell, especially if I am around.”


“But you are alright with the idea of me fooling around with other men? Really?” Purva asked.

“Yes, I am. All that matters to me is honesty. I am alright with the idea of you with other men.” I said with conviction. I had fantasized about it for years. Yes, getting to sleep with other women would be great. But honestly, what turned me on much more was the idea of my beautiful wife with someone else. With or without me being around.

“I agree that you think you are. But I don’t know if you actually will be.” Purva said.

I looked at Purva, and sat back with my hands on my head.

“What’s going on, Purva? What brought this on?”

Purva shifted uncomfortably and winced a little.

“Well…..” she said and paused “I have been getting some obvious and blatant passes made at me recently. And in the interest of honesty, I must say I am a little intrigued.”

That seemed like a benign thing. Purva, like I said, was incredibly attractive. Guys made passes at her all the time. Heck, some of my colleagues often flirted with her blatantly, often right in front of me.

“Guys make passes at you all the time.” I said. “What has intrigued you this time?”

“Okay, you might freak out and end this open marriage thing altogether, but…..” Purva said, “I am talking about the construction guys.”

“Construction guys? You mean the ones working on the house next door?” Our neighbor had sold his old house, and the person who bought it had knocked it down and was building a new one. A construction crew had been working on the site for a few months now.


“What passes are they making?”

“Well, when I am outside, they will start singing suggestive songs. Whistle occasionally.”

“That’s it?”

“That was until today.”

“What happened today?”

“Nothing major. Two of them came over to the house to make a phone call. And they were blatantly checking me out, whispering to each other, and again making suggestive comments.”


“And what intrigued me was the proximity to them. Their dirty sweaty bodies. Their swarthy looks. The aggression in their body language. It all…well…sort of excited me.”


“I know this might creep you out. But if we are to…..experiment, I am personally more attracted to the idea of experimenting with some of these lower class blue collar guys, than middle class folks like us.”

I stared at Purva with my mouth open.

“That freaks you out, doesn’t it?” Purva asked, raising her voice a little bit.

“No, not really.” I said, shaking my head. “To be honest, of all the erotic stories I read online, the ones that I like the most are the ones with educated women with lower class guys. I just never mentioned it to you because I thought you might find the idea disgusting.”

“It is disgusting. Which is what excites me so much. Does that make sense?” Purva said, cocking her eyebrows.

“Yes, perfectly.” I said. “So these two guys who came over. Tell me about them.”

“One of them was an absolute Greek god. Tall, well-built, ruggedly handsome face. He is young, probably 20 or so. He is the one I was attracted to. The other guy is forgettable. Short, about my height, average built, and old. The old guy was the more blatant one though.”

“Hmmm… so what are you thinking of doing next?”

“Well, I am not sure. I am not experienced in these matters.”

“So do you think…..” she started saying when we both heard Apu call out for her.

We both rushed to his room. He had had a bad dream. He was shivering and crying. We consoled him, and eventually had to let him sleep in our bed that night. Which meant no further discussion was possible.

The next morning too, Apu was awake and getting ready for school, as I was getting ready for work. So we couldn’t talk about it. I left for work, and had a busy day. When I came back in the evening, Purva was helping Apu with his homework. Then we had dinner. Watched TV. Finally at 10 pm, Apu went to bed, and we got some time alone.

I was in bed already. Purva brushed her teeth and joined me in bed. She snuggled up next to me, and put her head on my chest.

“So, should we pick up our conversation where we left it off yesterday?” I asked.

She didn’t say anything.


“Actually, something happened today.” she said.


“Nothing major, Tarun. Just that the two guys from yesterday came over to make a phone call again.”

“Ah.” I said.

“And this time, they asked if they could wait for a return call. Something about when to expect the new batch of material or something. I paused and considered their question. One of them, the young dishy one, sensed my discomfort and said they could leave, and I could just have them over when the phone call came.”

“And what did you say?”

“I told them it was fine if they waited. They both sat on the floor. And I just stood around wondering what I should do. The older one asked me if they could have some water. And I, out of habit, asked them if they would like some tea as well. They said yes.”

“So you made them tea. What else?”

“Let me tell you in sequence.” Purva said, slapping me gently on my cheek. “So I went to the kitchen and started making tea. A few seconds later, the old guy walked into the kitchen. He was the one who always checked me out blatantly. As I made tea, he just stared at me. I started feeling uncomfortable. I wished the young guy had been there instead. But this old man was here, just staring at me. So I asked him what his name was. Sajid, he answered. Then he said the other one was his nephew, named Rasul.”

“What then?” I asked.

“Don’t interrupt. Let me tell you things one at a time.” Purva said.

(Purva narrates->)

“What is your name?” Sajid asked me.

“Purva.” I said.

“How old are you, Purva?” Sajid asked, referring to me just by my name. No Purva madam or Purva memsahib or anything, like someone like him would usually say.

“32.” I answered.

“32? Hmmm…. that old and only one child?” he asked.



“Why surprising?”

“My first wife, by the time she was 32, already had six kids. And she is not even half as pretty as you.”

“What does prettiness have to do with it?” I asked, genuinely confused, blushing a little at his compliment.

“I couldn’t control myself.” he said, winked and started laughing. “Looks like your husband has a lot of self-control.”

I didn’t say anything. I was a bit shocked at how quickly he was making sexual innuendos.

“If I was married to you, you would have a dozen kids by now.” he said, and laughed some more.

I stayed silent again. The tea was almost ready. I reached for the sugar box on the shelf.

“Let me help you.” he said, and lunged forward.

It’s not like the shelf was too high or anything. And he’s not too tall anyway. But it was obvious what his intention was. He pressed his body close to mine, and his arm was touching mine as we both reached for the sugar box. My hand was already gripping it. He pressed his hand onto mine. And just stayed like that.

I was surprised at his sudden move. His body was almost hugging mine, and I could feel his crotch against my ass. He stayed like that, and so did I for a few seconds. I think he was testing my limits. He was checking to see if I would push him off. And I wanted to. But…..but the touch of a strange male body felt so different. And there was that workman odor he had – of sweat and dirt and grime. I was almost intoxicated.

Soon I came to my senses, and shook him off. He immediately stepped back. I looked at him with anger in my eyes. He just smiled.

“How old are you?” I asked in an upset voice.

“55.” he said.

“You are old enough to be my father.” I said.

“Does that turn you on?” he asked and winked.

I was about to say something nasty in response, when the phone rang.

“That’s our call.” he said and rushed out of the kitchen.

I was obviously shaken. A little bit intrigued at his aggression, but also a bit scared. I was almost shivering. A couple of minutes later, I composed myself, poured the tea in cups, and walked out with the tray.

Sajid had by then finished the phone call and was sitting on the floor whispering something to his nephew Rasul. As soon as I walked in, Sajid stopped whispering. Rasul looked at me and suppressed a snicker.

I was still a bit upset. I put the tray on the table and sat on the couch. They both took a cup each and started drinking.

“Outstanding. This is the best tea I have ever had.” Sajid said in a loud voice. “What is your secret, Purva?”

“It’s just tea.” I said.

“No secret ingredient?” he asked.

“It’s just tea.” I said again.

“Then it is your delicious touch that makes it so good.” Sajid said, and Rasul started giggling.

We sat in silence as they drank the tea. Both of them stealing glances at me and occasionally giggling. I reached for a magazine and started reading. Finally, they finished their tea, and started to leave.

“Thanks for the tea.” Sajid said, walking out the door.

(Purva’s narration ends)

I had been listening to Purva with a mixture of jealousy and excitement. The idea of a 55-year old construction worker feeling up my wife in our own kitchen seemed so wrong, yet so exciting. the episode had been relatively benign, but I had a major hard-on.

“Well, what do you….” Purva started asking, but was interrupted my kiss. I jumped on top of her and started stripping her naked.

She reached for my pants. And we had the best, most passionate sex in ages. Twenty minutes later, we were both naked in each others arms.

“I am so relieved.” Purva said breathlessly.


“Yes, I wasn’t sure how you would react. I thought you might get upset. But your reaction shows me that you were at least partly right about your own attitude towards this.”

“So what next?” I asked.

“Only time will tell.” she said and we kissed again.

I got up and opened the window. I could see the house next door. And I saw a small bonfire in front of it. A dozen or so workers were gathered around it, smoking and playing cards. I wondered what the future held for them, and for us.The excitement of that was followed by a lull. The men did not come over for the next few days, and Purva started wondering if they read her haughty reaction to mean their advances were unwelcome. And they were scared she might call the cops or something. For four days, every time I asked Purva if something had happened, her reaction was in the negative.

The fifth day when I came home, I could sense something had happened, based on two things. First, her attire. Purva, like any Indian housewife, usually wore a sari or salwar kameez at home. But that day when I came home, she was wearing a knee-length skirt and a blouse. Second, she had a very sly smile on her face when she spoke to me. Obviously, she could not say anything in front of our son. But I was sure that things had moved forward today.

“So I’m guessing you have a report to make.” I said, when she walked into the bedroom later that night, and bolted the door shut.

“Yes.” she said, jumping on the bed and hugging me.

“Alright, start your report.”

“Well, I was growing impatient of waiting for something to happen. So after Apu’s school bus left, I dug into the closet and took these clothes out. I put them on, made tea, and with the cup, walked out to the front yard. I sat on a chair there and started drinking the tea. I could see the workers stealing glances at me. But I could not see Sajid or Rasul anywhere. For a while at least. Then Sajid’s head popped over the fence.”

Purva continued,

“He asked me if I was having tea and I said yes. He asked if he and Rasul could come over for some when he had a lunch break. I nonchalantly said okay, but in my mind I was happy at the prospect of having Rasul around again. I just wished this old fart wouldn’t tag along. He said they’d come by at noon. For the next few hours, I was agog with excitement. And some fear. Had I been a little too forward? Would things go out of control? I could not wait for noon.”

(Purva narrates)

Then at noon, the doorbell rang. I opened it to see Sajid and Rasul standing there, with wide smiles on their faces. I asked them to come in, and walked to the kitchen. Sajid followed me. Rasul, much to my annoyance, stayed in the living room.

“We wanted to come by before, but we weren’t sure it would be a good idea.” Sajid said, standing right next to me.

“It’s okay.” is all I could say.

Sajid stared at me as I put the water on the stove and stood there waiting for it to boil. I looked into his eyes, and I could see some uncertainty. There was an awkward silence.

“So how is Rasul related to you?” I asked to fill in the void.

“He is my 3rd wife’s elder brother’s son.”

“Third wife? You got divorced twice?” I asked.

“No.” he said laughing. “I am married to them all. The law in India allows us Muslims to have four wives, remember?”

“Oh yes.” I said, feeling sheepish. “So….three wives, huh?”

“Yeah. The first one is my age. The second is in her 40s. The third is in her late 30s.”

“Do they all live together?” I asked.

“No. The first two live in our village with the kids. The third is here. She works on the construction site too.”

“Okay. So you have quite a large family, with three wives.”

“I am allowed a 4th one if you’re interested.” Sajid said, winked and then, out of the blue, spanked me on my ass.

I looked at him in shock. The smile left his face, and he stared at me, as if waiting for something to happen. I just scowled at him and started putting tea leaves in the water. My heart was going faster than a jet engine. The small talk had lulled me into a sense of comfort, and his sudden assault on my ass was surprising. But it felt naughtily good. I would have ideally preferred that the handsome Rasul was the one making advances. But even coming from this old ugly man, that touch tickled something in me.

A couple of minutes went by, and it was time to put the sugar in. I reached for it, half expecting what happened next. Much like the other day, he lunged forward. But this time, he reached it before me. His body touching mine, he took the the sugar box. Then he wrapped his arms around me, closing me in an embrace. Once again, I was intoxicated by his masculine aroma. And the feel of his unfamiliar body against mine. His mouth was next to my right ear and I could feel his warm breath on my cheek.

I stood there, in his embrace, drinking in the unfamiliarly erotic feeling of being in this swarthy man’s bear hug. He then opened the sugar box, and said in my ear,

“Add the sugar.”

I took the box from his hand, and as I started pouring the sugar in, I felt his hands move to my breasts. He fondled them gently over the blouse for a few seconds. I added the sugar and just stood there, as he continued to massage my boobs, and started squeezing them hard. I started moaning, and rested my body against his, when I felt something poke against my butt. His erection. That was too much for me. And I shook his embrace off.

Sensing my struggle, Sajid let go and stepped back. I looked at him. A huge bulge was visible in his trousers. I stared at his crotch for a couple of seconds and then looked away.

“Please wait outside.” I breathlessly said.

He nodded and walked out of the kitchen.

A few minutes later, I regained my composure and walked out with the tea cups on a tray. The two drank the tea. And then left.

(Purva’s narration ends)

“So what do you think?” Purva asked me.

“This Sajid fella moves fast, huh?”

“Yes. He went from an accidental feel to a full fledged fondle in two occasions.” she said. “Are you sure you want me to move forward? or is this level enough for you?”

“I leave it up to you.” I said.

“You do realize what his next step might be?” Purva asked, staring into my eyes.


“I will try to go slow. Step by step. But after letting him go this far, there’s only so much I can control the proceedings, Tarun.”

I nodded. Just the thought of what lay ahead had turned me on. And I could see from the look on Purva’s face that she was excited as well. I kissed her, and again, we started making madly passionate love. I didn’t remember the last time Purva was this animated in bed. I convinced myself that was a good thing.


At work the next day, I had difficulty concentrating. I knew that something major would happen today. But how far would it go? My mind kept coming up with the wildest possibilities, and I was equally excited and disgusted by them. I barely touched my lunch, and the colleagues I ate with even asked me what was on my mind.

After lunch, I decided I could not wait till the night. I had to know. I called up my home number. It rang over a dozen times before there was an answer.

“Hello.” a male voice replied.

“Hello, who is this?” I asked.

“Who do you want?” the voice replied.

I thought of what to say. Should I call Purva to the phone? Who was I talking to? Was this Sajid himself? Or was it Rasul?

“Ask who it is, Rasul.” I heard Purva’s faint voice, clearly from a distance.

“I am.” Rasul it was. “Who is it?”

“Sorry, wrong number.” I said and hung up.

Yep, something was happening for sure. The question was, what. I did not want to interrupt anything, or complicate matters. At the same time, I was dying of curiosity. I tried my best to focus on my work. But ten minutes later, my cellphone rang. It was from my home.

“Did you call?” Purva started without any preamble.

“Yes, I did. Sorry if I….” I started saying.

“Don’t be sorry. I am glad you called. Things were moving too fast anyway.”

“What happened?”

Purva was silent for a while.

“Can we talk about this later tonight?” she finally asked.

“I’d rather hear about it right now.” I said.

“Aren’t you busy at work?” she said.

“I am too distracted anyway. Just tell me.”

I could hear Purva take a deep breath and then say,

“Okay. so the two came over during their lunch break again. Again, Sajid followed me into the kitchen while Rasul waited outside. This time though, Sajid did not allow me to make tea right away.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I was wearing a housecoat. You know my grey one, with buttons all the way down the front?”

“Yeah, I know.”

“As soon as we entered the kitchen, he started unbuttoning it. And I did not resist.”

“Wow. Right away, huh?”

“I told you, things are bound to move fast now.”

“Anyway, what next?”

“He had all the buttons off in a few seconds. And the sides of the coat opened, showing a lot of my body.”

“What were you wearing underneath?”

“I was wearing black bra and panties, which he could now see. I stood there uncomfortably, aware that this was the first time anyone except you had seen me in my underwear. Sajid stared at me hungrily for a few seconds, and then took me in his arms. He started running his rough hands all over my body, breathing loudly.”

“What were you doing?”

“I was…” she paused. “I was running my hands over his back too.”

“Just his back?”

“At that moment, yes, just his back.” Purva said. “He put his hands under the coat and fondled me all over for a while, and then started massaging my boobs from over my bra. He then put his face in my cleavage and started licking me there.”

“Licking you?”

“Almost slobbering. He then scooped my boobs out of the bra. And my boobs were hanging there, out of my bra.”

“Oh fuck!” I said, suddenly aware that I was sitting in my office with a raging hard on.

“He started bitting my nipples, saying how perfect my boobs were.”

“Fuck, Purva, I wish I was there with you right now.”

“A little while later.” Poorva said sounding breathless, “he dug his thumbs into the waistband of my panties. NO, I said to him. I wasn’t ready for it. He ignored me and started sliding them down anyway, and I slapped his hand hard and pulled them back up. Sajid angrily grabbed my hair, yanked my head back and stared into my eyes enraged. NO, I said, shaking my head.”

“Did he force you?”

“No. But he did roughly turn me around so that my back was now facing him. And I could feel his erection poking against my butt again.”

“Was it….big?” I asked.

“Yes. It felt big. He put both hands on my boobs and started dry humping me. Really hard, with his erection hidden behind his trousers poking at my butt. As if we were having sex. He did that for a minute or two and even through his pants and my housecoat, his erection would occasionally hit me…..there. I was beginning to lose control. Alarms were going off in my head. That’s when….that’s when the phone rang.”

“Ah, my call.” I said.

“Yes. As soon as the phone rang, we both froze. Rasul yelled, the phone is ringing. I tried to break free of Sajid’s hug but he held me tight. Rasul’s voice now sounded very close when he said again, the phone is ringing. I panicked, realizing that Rasul would walk in any moment, and see me in a state of undress, locked in his uncle’s embrace. Let me go, I started pleading with Sajid. He did. I started buttoning my housecoat, but it was too late. Rasul walked in, said – the phone – and just stood there, staring at me. Go and answer it you fool, Sajid yelled, and Rasul ran out uncomfortably.”

“So that’s why he answered it.”

“Yes. I heard Rasul answer the phone. I yelled and asked him who it was. He did not say anything. So I walked out, my housecoat almost all buttoned up. He said it was a wrong number. But I got a feeling it might have been you.”

“So what happened after that?”

“After that I noticed Rasul staring at my chest. Since I had forgotten to tuck my boobs back into the bra cups, the outline of my boobs was very visible through the housecoat. And my nipples, rock hard, were poking. I immediately folded my hands over it. Then Sajid said, let’s go make tea again. I was too shook up. I said no, it’s time for you to go. The stern voice in which I said it made things amply clear. And they left.”

We were both silent for a while.

“I am coming home right away, Purva. I absolutely need to fuck you right now.”

“I was hoping you would.”

I waited for my erection to subside, made up an excuse for my boss, and sprinted out of the office.


This was the first time in literally a few years that we had sex in the afternoon. I would have liked nothing more than to have another go, but it was almost time for Apu to come back from school so we got dressed and sat in the living room.

“Tarun, it is time for you to think long and hard about what I should do next.” Purva said, moving into my arms.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you want me to just stop all this?”

“No way. This has livened up our sex life so much.” I said.

“Yes, it has. But so far it has been limited to petting and fondling and semi-nudity. Which, I admit, is a lot farther than I would have ever thought of going with anyone but you. Nevertheless, you need to keep one undeniable fact in mind.”


“These guys are difficult to control. And they talk amongst each other. Word might get out. Are you ready for those consequences?” Purva said.

Just her saying it made me feel a tug in my pants again. But her point was well taken.

“I don’t think anyone would believe some laborers’ gossip anyway.” I said.

And we heard Apu’s school bus pull up in front of the house. We both walked out the door and waited as Apu ran towards us. I looked at the house next door. There were a a lot of construction workers milling around. As Purva hugged Apu and picked him up, she whispered to me,

“Green shirt. By the pile of bricks. Sajid.”

And I saw him. He was not much to look at. He had gray hair. And was not very tall. I would normally not even have noticed him if he passed me on the street. But he was there. And he was looking in our direction. Our eyes met for a brief second and then I looked away.

The next day, when I was leaving for work, Purva told me to call home at 1 pm. She said she needed that call as an interruption of sorts to help her evaluate the situation. It would stop her from getting carried away, she reasoned.

So at 1 pm, I dialed my home number.

“Hello.” Purva answered it.

“This is your 1 pm call.” I said, laughing.

“Yeah, well, in a way it’s too late.”

“In what way?”

“It’s just that today was Sajid and Rasul’s day off.”

“Oh, so they didn’t come over?”

“Of course they did. They came over right after Apu’s bus left. That’s why the 1 pm call is too late.”

“Ohh….so…what happened?”

“Let’s talk about it tonight.”

“No, it’s okay. I have time.”

“Yes, but I don’t. They’ll be back soon.”


“Yeah. They went to have lunch. And…” that’s when I heard the doorbell. “…oh, there they are. I’ll see you tonight. Love you.”

And she hung up. They came over right after Apu left! And they are back. There was so much I wanted to know. But it would have to wait.

The day seemed to pass slower than ever. I tried to immerse myself in work, but even that didn’t help. Finally when I got home, I was about to die of curiosity.

“Yes, I know you must be on pins and needles. So I did you a favor.” Purva said as soon as I walked in.


“Yeah, I had my sister pick up Apu. So I can tell you about everything that happened. And then we’ll go pick him up after that.”

“Great. So, start.”

“Okay.” we sat down on the couch and Purva started narrating. “Like I told you, today was their day off. So they dropped in as soon as Apu left for school. In fact Sajid said they had been waiting for the bus to leave.”

(Purva narrates)

After Apu left, I was about to go shower, like always. I had stripped down to my panties, and was about to take them off when the doorbell rang. I thought it might be some hawker or salesman, so I put on my bathrobe, the one that goes all the way to my knees, and answered the door. I was surprised to see Sajid and Rasul standing there.

“So your boy is off to school, huh?” Sajid said, striding in as if he owned the house. I noticed that both the men were looking clean. As Sajid explained, it was their day off, so they did not have any dust or grime or sweat on them.

“What do you want?” I asked.

But ignoring my question, Sajid said,

“What is this dress?”

“It’s a bathrobe.”

“Bathrobe? I have never seen you wear this dress.”

“It is not worn as a dress. It is worn to cover up when you are about to shower, or after you’re done showering.”

“Like a towel?”


“So you are about to go shower?” Sajid asked.

“Yes, I was. until you barged in.” I said.

Sajid started pulling at the lapel, exposing some of my chest.

“What are you doing?” I said, slapping his hand away.

“Ah, so you’re naked under it?” Sajid said and laughed. Rasul chuckled nervously.

“No.” I said. “I have my panties on.”

“Show me.” Sajid said and pulling at the robe again.

“No.” I said and fought him off.

“What’s the problem? I’ve seen you like that before!” he said, sounding genuinely puzzled.

“Rasul is here.” I whispered in Sajid’s ear.

“So what? He also saw you like that, remember?” Sajid said, making my ears go red in shame. “In fact, you should do the poor boy a favor and show him so he can take a careful look.”

“No.” I said, and started walking away. Sajid followed me as I walked towards the bedroom.

“I thought you were going to shower.”

“Now I am not. I am going to get dressed.” I said. “Why are you in the bedroom with me?”

Sajid had followed me, and was now fondling my ass. He closed the bedroom door.

“Well, now there is no Rasul. At least now open the robe.”

I sighed and opened the robe. Sajid whistled as my boobs came in view. I opened the closet and started looking for clothes to wear. Sajid came and started playing with my boobs again.

“Sajid.” I said, annoyed that his hands were in my way as I tried to get some clothes out. “Stop it.”

He swiftly moved his hands lower. His right hand touched my pussy mound over my panties.

“Sajid!” I said, trying to slap his hand away. But he started rubbing me. And within seconds, had located where my clit was. “Ohhhhhh…”

I had no idea an old low class laborer would be this good with his fingers. I thought him to be the type who just fucked his wives and rolled over. But he clearly had other skills.

“You like that?” he said. I only moaned in response. He then slowly moved his fingers to the edge of the panties and poked inside, touching my clit directly. He rubbed it gently, his rough workman fingers creating sensations that your fingers never have. I was like putty in his hands.

He decided to take advantage of the pliable mood I was in and with his other hand started sliding the panties down. A part of me wanted to stop him. But his fingers had me in a totally different zone. So I let him slide the panties down and soon I was naked under my open bathrobe. In his arms.

He moved me towards the bed and put me down on it, on my back, all the while working on my clit with his fingers. He then started licking my nipples, his tongue making a circular motion on each of them turn by turn. And I noted the tickling sensation of his stubble against my boobs. His fingers meanwhile were working really fast. And combined with his tongueplay with my nipples, I could not take it any more. I started having an orgasm, a big one. I tried to make sure I wasn’t yelling too hard, but I am sure Rasul held my cries. I thrashed around on the bed for a while, until the orgasm swept over.

Sajid smiled in appreciation of his handiwork, and moved his hand from my crotch to his pants. He started unbuttoning them, and slid them down. And there it was. His dick, in my full view for the first time. The first dick I had ever seen apart from yours. It was circumcised, obviously, with a thick nasty looking head. His pubic hair was also grey. And he had enormous balls. I was transfixed looking at it.

Sajid got on top of me and parted my legs.

“No, no.” I said, coming to my senses and putting my hand on my pussy.

“What?” he said.

“Not yet.” I pleaded with him. He pleaded with me. I told him I was not ready yet. He could not understand what my problem was. I was already almost naked. I had just orgasmed in front of him. Fucking seemed like the next logical step.

“So what am I supposed to do?” he said angrily.

In response, I got up and got on my knees. His dick was now right in front of my face. Like a museum exhibit, I was staring at it again. And then….I took it in my mouth. As much as I could. He was clearly taken aback by that.

“What a strange woman you are, Purva.” he said, spanking my butt. “Other women say, do it down there, but not in the mouth. You want it in the mouth?”

I noted to myself how right he was. Even when we started dating, it was a year after we had sex that I actually started feeling comfortable giving you a blowjob. And here I was, sucking on a strange man’s dick in my own bedroom. That awareness turned me on even more and I started sucking his dick even more enthusiastically.

I sucked the top half like a lollypop, while using a jacking motion on the base. Occasionally, I would cradle his balls, and marvel at how massive they were. As I gave him the blowjob, he kept playing with my hanging boobs and nipples. He pulled my open bathrobe up until it was bunched over my back and started playing with my ass too. Making appreciative groans once in a while. After about five minutes, I could sense he was about to cum.

I may have sucked his dick, but letting him cum in my mouth seemed like a step too far. So I took the dick out, and he sprayed his cum all over my tits.

“Okay, now go and let me get dressed.” I said, pushing him out of the bedroom with some difficulty.

I took some time to get dressed. I first had to clean all his cum off. Then choose something appropriate. Teasing and accessible, yet not too revealing, lest I lose control. I finally chose a knee-length skirt and button down top. And then walked out of the bedroom.

(Purva’s narration ends)

“So big step as you see. Got almost naked, had him finger me and gave him a blowjob.” Purva summarized.

I already had a raging hard on. With her narration ended, I leaped at her. And we made love on the couch right there.

Fifteen minutes later, after Purva had cleaned up, she said to me.

“So you are clearly okay with all that I told you.”

“Yes, it’s incredible.”

“Good. that was just the start. What follows is a bit more shocking.”

“What happened next?” I asked. Purva settled down on the couch next to me, naked, and said,

“When I walked out of the bedroom, I saw a sight that almost knocked me off my feet. I had left the living room with only Rasul there. Now, with Rasul and Sajid, there were four more guys, sitting on the couch and chairs, giggling and talking.”


“Yup. I was flabbergasted. Sajid saw the look on my face and said he had told them all about my tea, so they had come for a taste. So could I please make tea for all of them?”

“Yeah right, tea.” I snickered.

“I know. I was pissed off. Here I was, just getting used to the presence of these two guys, and Sajid brought in more guys! I started regretting giving him a blowjob. With an obvious look of displeasure on my face, I went to the kitchen.”

“And I bet Sajid followed you in?”

“No, he did not. He was sitting out there like a host entertaining guests. Acting like the man of the house. I made the tea, and took it to the living room. I handed everyone their cups, and just as I was about to sit on an empty spot next to Sajid, when he pulled me onto his lap.”

“In front of them? And you let him?” I asked, shocked.

“Well, I was a bit scandalized. But to be honest, I was also a little turned on. Here was this old construction worker treating me like his property in front of these other construction workers.”

“What did the others say?”

“Nothing. They all seemed to be suppressing their giggles. Sajid pulled me on his lap, put his arm around me, resting one hand on my thigh, and kept talking. They were all talking about the construction work. No one was directly acknowledging my presence, just stealing glances at me. Looking at my bare calves and shins. Checking out my boobs that were straining against the top.. And they all kept talking and drinking the tea.”

“I was getting bored by their irrelevant talk and had drifted off in my own thoughts when I felt a slight draft on my thighs. I looked down and saw, much to my shock, that my skirt was bunched up halfway up my thighs, revealing most of my legs to everyone. Sajid must have gradually pulled the skirt up without my noticing.”

“So what did you do?” I asked.

“I thought about slapping his hand away. But then I saw the hungry look in the faces of all the men. And it made me feel good. Being admired like this. So I played along with Sajid’s game, not acknowledging what he was doing. That gave him more confidence. He dropped the pretense of gradually pulling the skirt. He pulled it all the way up, and now my panties were visible to everyone in the room.”

“Holy shit! Weren’t you scared? All those men, getting turned on. And you alone.”

“I was scared. But somehow, Sajid’s touch was calming me. Anyway, soon all the men finished their tea. I got up to take the cups back. As I did, I noticed that without my realizing, Sajid has also undone the top two buttons of my blouse.”

“And you didn’t realize?” I incredulously asked.

“I swear I didn’t. I only realized it when I bent to take the cup from one of the guys, and my blouse fell forward, giving him a good look at my cleavage. As I went around picking up the cups, everyone got a look at my cleavage. I collected all the cups and walked back to the kitchen. This time, Sajid followed me.”

“In the kitchen, I asked Sajid why he was doing this. Displaying me to all these guys? Sajid responded by pushing me against the wall. He slid his hands down my skirt and panties, and touched my cunt. It was obviously wet. He observed I seemed to be enjoying it, so why put up a pretense of modesty?”

“Good point.” I said.

“Yeah, not much I could say in response. I asked him, now what? He told me to just go about my routine as if they weren’t there. He would just sit and talk with them. So I got about my usual duties. Cleaning the house. As I cleaned the house, I could sense six pairs of eyes following every move I made. Whenever I bent, I could see them trying to peek down my cleavage. Or check out my ass. Or both.”

“Sajid was preening like the king of the castle. After a while he got up, and led me to the bedroom. I asked him what he wanted. He said, take off your bra and put the blouse back on. I glared at him, but did as he said. He fondled my naked boobs for a couple of seconds as I did it. Is that all, I asked him. No, he said. Your skirt is too long. Surely you have something shorter. He walked to the closet and started looking at my skirts. He chose the shortest one, that tiny pleated one you gave me years back. He said, put this on. I did. And then we walked out of the room.”

“You must have looked amazing.”

“The looks on the guys’ faces certainly indicated that. And I was now beginning to enjoy all the attention. I started bending over a lot more than I had to, and without the bra, my big boobs would strain against my blouse. I am sure all the men got a look at my erect nipples. And when I bent, the skirt also rode up, flashing my panties at them.”

“Mmmmm…” I said, starting to get an erection again.

“Ten minutes later, Sajid said he had to go use the bathroom. As soon as he left, two of the guys jumped off their seats and came close to me. I was bending over, cleaning under the table. One guy pinched my butt and I squealed. I told him not to do that. He then put his hand on my shoulder. I said nothing. he started moving it down to the neckline of my blouse. I was curious to see how far he would go, so I said nothing. That’s when Sajid came out of the bathroom, and the guy took a couple of steps back.”

“Sajid saw what was happening. He looked a little cross. He told everyone, not to do anything without his permission. He especially admonished the guy who had been trying to feel me up. Sajid was asserting his territorial rights”

“After that I kept working. But they guys didn’t totally leave me alone. Once in a while, someone would get up to go to the bathroom, and on their way, feel me up. Sajid mock-scolded them, but let it continue. After an hour or so, I got done with cleaning the house. It took twice as long as usual because of my prolonged bending and the interruptions by the guys. When I finally came to the couch to sit down, Sajid got up and said, come with me.”

“Where did he take you?”

“To the bedroom. There he took off my skirt and panties. Then unbuttoned my blouse, but kept it on. So there I was on the bed in his arms, naked except for the blouse. Then he got fully naked. And then he had us….spoon.”

“Spoon?” I asked.

“Yeah, you know, like two spoons. We were lying down on our sides, I was in front of him, with my back towards him. And he was hugging me tight, with both our legs bent in the waist. So obviously, his dick was poking against my ass. And occasionally against…you know.”

“So he fucked you?” I impatiently asked.

“No. He tried to entice me, but I kept shying away. So he turned me so I was on my back and his knee was under my ass and started fingering my clit with his left hand. With his right hand, he brought my face close to him and started tongue-kissing me.”

I was incredibly turned on by the idea of this sight – my wife, almost naked, splayed with her legs open on some guy’s knee, as their tongues played with each other. That started getting me very excited. He continued deftly playing with my clit for a few minutes and then returned to the spooning position. This time he expertly positioned himself such that his dick was sliding between my legs, rubbing against my pussy lips. Oh Tarun, it felt sooooo good. I almost gave in.”


“Yes, almost. Before I gave in to him completely, I decided to take matters into my own hands. or mouth. Hehe. I got on my hands and knees and started sucking his dick again. He did not seem to mind. And again, we did almost like a replay of what happened previously that morning.”

“Again, almost?”

“Yes, a crucial difference was…… that towards the end of the blowjob, I realized we had an audience.”

“An audience?”

“Yes, the bedroom door was slightly open, and although Sajid didn’t notice it, I noticed there were a couple of guys peeking through the slit in the door. I was about to freak out and shoo them away when I realized….they probably couldn’t see that much. My torso was covered with my open blouse anyway, its sides falling down. And my ass was pointing away from the door. All they were really getting a good look at was…..my face and the dick fucking my face.”

“And that didn’t seem too much to you?”

“No.” Purva said, blushing. “not then. But after Sajid was done coming in my mouth…I swallowed this time….I got up and noticed that the mirror behind me must have shown whoever was at the door, a good view of my ass.”

“Did Sajid notice the people at the door?”

“No. Or maybe he did. I don’t know. What I do know is when I got dressed again, the door was closed, and whoever had been peeking, were gone. Anyway, we went back outside, and a bunch of the guys started whistling and clapping. I am sure everyone was convinced that Sajid had fucked me. He did nothing to correct that impression, and beamed at everyone, like some Olympic medal winner. He went back to the men and started talking. I decided to start lunch.”

“So I went to the kitchen and started cooking. The men were all outside talking. I seemed to be the topic of discussion. I couldn’t hear everything, but once in a while I heard stuff like….. what a slut I was…how big my tits were…..how I was totally Sajid’s bitch, and so on. At least two men joked that Sajid should make me his fourth wife, since I listen to him more than any of his other wives do. Then a guy asked Sajid how my cunt felt when he fucked it. Despite never having fucked it, Sajid was able to lie about it convincingly. Said it was warm and tight and wet and what not.”

“Ten minutes later, when I was chopping vegetables, I heard someone walk into the kitchen even as the lewd conversation outside went on. I turned around to see it was Rasul. Young hot Rasul, my original crush. I smiled at him, and he smiled back..”

“So how’s it going Rasul, I asked even as I kept chopping the veggies. He didn’t say anything, just came closer to me. He was standing right behind me. I could sense that he was trying to muster up the courage to do something. I wondered what he would do. Finally he put one hand under my skirt in the back and into my panties. I suppressed a smile and kept chopping. Now I felt bad for the guy. I had essentially teased him for a few days, giving only his uncle access. And now, all these other guys had come in and were getting the same access as him.”

“True, poor guy was totally screwed.”

“Yeah, so when he started fondling my butt inside my panties, I let him. That emboldened him. He now used both his hands to slide my panties down. I kept chopping even as I stepped out of the panties, and stood there, my short skirt barely covering up any of my ass or snatch. Rasul fondled me all over the lower part of my body. And I let him, without reacting in any manner.”

“He was running his fingers up and down my ass crack, and even fingered my cunt a few times. but he did not have the same skill at it as his uncle. I still like the feeling though. I could also sense his erection poking against my thighs through his pants, and it seemed bigger than his uncle’s.”

“And that turned you on?” I asked.

“Yes, I wished I could take him to the bedroom and get a better look at it.”


“He felt up my ass and pussy for a few minutes, when we heard approaching footsteps. I immediately pushed him away, reached for my panties and started putting them on. One of the other guys walked in calling out Rasul’s name. My panties were only halfway up my legs when he walked in, and I am sure he got a good glimpse of my pussy as I slid them on.”

“Wow, a bonus for him.”

“Yeah, he just stared at me hungrily for a while. Then he told Rasul they were all leaving to go have lunch. Rasul nodded, and walked out behind him, without as much as a goodbye nod to me.”

“So they all just left?”

“Not that easily. Sajid told me to come to the door and see them all off. And each of them, before stepping out, either fondled my boobs or pinched my butt, or both. Sajid left last of course, and did so after kissing me slobberingly. And said he’d be back after lunch. And a while after that is when you called.”

“Hmmm… and you got some time to yourself?”

“Yes. An hour to myself gave me time to think, and set some boundaries. I had certainly enjoyed what was happening, but I did not want to get too carried away.” Purva said.

“Haha, I will be interested to hear what those boundaries were.” I said, pinching her nipple and she smiled.

“An hour later, when the doorbell rang, it was just Sajid who came back. He closed the door behind him, and started kissing me and unbuttoning my top. I started leading him towards the bedroom, but he was too impatient and pulled me down on the couch with him. My top was open, and he was playing with my boobs. Then he slid my panties off and started fingering me. And again, he made me cum with his fingers, and I reciprocated with a blowjob, and swallowed it all.”

“You have become quite the swallower, haven’t you?” I said.

“Hehe, yes. Once that was done, we sat there, him fondling my body all over. Me naked except for my open top and skirt. I noticed this about Sajid – he never got me completely naked. Always left something on. A while later, the doorbell rang. I started buttoning up my top, but Sajid said, leave it open. I said no, but I didn’t button it up either. I just tied a knot at the bottom with the two ends of the top. That revealed half of my boobs but still kept enough hidden. I started putting my panties on and he asked me to leave them off. This I didn’t agree with at all. I said I’d prefer to keep my panties on. He didn’t say anything.”

“I opened the door and Rasul walked in with two other men. All of them noticed the new configuration of my top and smiled. Sajid told them to come over to the living area and we all sat there talking. Well, they were talking about their stuff. I was just eye candy, and someone to feel up once in a while. My top was almost open, so they could see half of each boob at all times.”

That’s when the phone rang. Purva’s sister said Apu was getting very restless, so she was about to drop him off. Purva quickly concluded her story saying nothing new happened after that. They all sat around talking, checking her out. When she would get up or move, her boobs would move and the guys got a decent look at them. A couple of times she was fondled surreptitiously when Sajid wasn’t looking. But it didn’t go beyond that. The men left in a while, since Apu was about to come home.

We got dressed, and Apu came home. The rest of the night was spent placating Apu who seemed to be in a particularly lousy mood.

The next few days, I could not get my regularly scheduled updates. I was too busy at work to call Purva during the day. Then something or the other kept cropping up at night. Once, we had some guests over, who stayed till midnight, and Purva was exhausted with the cooking and cleaning, so went to bed right away. The next two days, I had to attend late night calls with the US and Europe offices, so I would go back to office after dinner and before Apu was asleep. And then we had to attend wedding receptions for a couple of nights so were surrounded with too many relatives to ever get any privacy. In between, even if we did start talking, Apu would interrupt. So it was almost a week later that Purva and I got time to talk.

“Okay, start from the beginning, go sequentially, and don’t leave out any details.” I said.

“Alright, so the day after, Sajid or Rasul or the rest of the guys kept dropping by at different times.”

“What were you wearing?”

“Let’s see….that day, I was wearing a white tank top and shorts. You know those tight black shorts? Obviously, they have even gotten tighter.”

“Haha. And underneath?”

“Just panties. No bra.”

“Alright, go on.”

“Now remember, this was the day we were having guests over. So I had to spend most of the time in the kitchen. And it was a hot day, so I got very sweaty. By noon, my tank top was drenched with sweat. And since it was white, obviously, it did not hide much.”


“So the guys dropped by one or two at a time. First Sajid came by. He said he only had a few minutes, and had to get back soon. So we spent that time in the kitchen, making out. He put his hand under my top, felt me up, worked on my ass, and kissed me all over. I was in his arms, getting mauled, my top rolled above my tits, when I heard the door open and someone call Sajid’s name. He had left the door open since he had to leave soon.”

“The guy who walked in was a new one. He had not been around before. So when he walked into the kitchen, and my tits were exposed completely, I panicked. I pushed Sajid away and rolled my top down. The guy first looked shocked and then started smiling. Staring at me, he said Sajid was being summoned by the supervisor. Sajid sprinted out of the kitchen and I got back to cooking. The other guy just stood there staring at me. I gave him a couple of dirty looks, and he reluctantly left. And I locked the door.”

“Some time later, when I was cleaning the living room, there was a knock on the door. I opened it and saw the same guy standing there with Rasul. Rasul walked in, and hugged me very tight. He then started sliding his hands down my shorts, in full view of the guy, and I felt uncomfortable, so I slapped his hands away. Rasul looked confused and asked me why i was being so coy, when the other day I had let him take my panties off. I went red with embarrassment, as the other guy gaped with his mouth open, shocked at the revelation.”

“Rasul took advantage of my being stunned and slipped his hands into my shorts again, and started playing with my butt. He said, only a little while, and I let him do it, but turned away so that the other guy couldn’t see it all. Rasul then moved his attention to my tits. He pulled my top up, giving the other guy one more look at my tits. I tried to protest but Rasul said the guy told him he has seen them anyway, so why stop now. I couldn’t say anything in response.”

“And surely you were turned on as well?” I interrupted.

“Yes, that too.” Purva said, blushing. “You know I have a crush on Rasul anyway, so it is much harder for me to say no to him than to anyone else.”

“Not that you seem to be saying No a whole lot anyway.”

“Hehe. Anyway, Rasul played with my tits, in full view of the other guy, for a few minutes. Then he asked me to make them tea. I pulled my top down, walked to the kitchen and both of them followed me. In the kitchen, after I put the water on the stove, I saw Rasul make a gesture. The other guy cautiously walked up to me, and put one arm around me, and felt up my boobs. I stood there, wondering if I should protest, but then i thought the guy had seen them anyway. So what’s the point. Plus the guy’s hands were shaking, either with nervousness or excitement, and I felt sorry for him.”

“He started pulling my top up, playing with my boobs at the same time, and eventually, just took my top off. And there I was, topless, wearing just my shorts. And making tea. He then fondled my butt for a while, and then starting putting his hand into my shorts when I slapped him away. Rasul laughed and said, I only let him and his uncle do anything down there. Then, after the tea was done, we all sat in the living room, me on a couch between the two guys. And they both played with my tits as they drank tea.”

“They left and I put my top back on. But I guess they spread the word that playing with my tits was now okay. The next two guys who came over went straight for my top, and when I protested, said they heard many other guys had done it too. So why stop them? For the rest of the day, there was a frequent parade of guys, some of them twice, as they came and felt me up. After a while, my boobs started feeling sore because of rough treatment from their worker hands.”

“Towards the end, Sajid came by with Rasul. The two of them locked the door, and sat down on the couch. I complained to Sajid that there were too many men coming over and feeling me up, and I could not get any work done. Sajid ignored my complaint, and unzipped his pants. Rasul did the same. Rasul’s dick was really impressive – thick hard, and veinous. Sajid’s like I told you, is good too. So all the complaints flew out of my mind and I was drawn to their cocks.”

“For the next fifteen minutes, I sucked them off, one dick in each hand. Sajid made me take my shorts and panties off. And again, true to his style, did not get me fully naked. I sucked their dicks, wearing just my tank top. Rasul came first, and I took his cum all over my face, some of it running down my neck and pooling in my cleavage. But Sajid showed no signs of cumming. Rasul sat there and watched as I kept sucking his uncle off.”

“When did he finally cum?” I asked, amazed at Sajid’s staying power. purva is great at sucking dick and I can never last beyond 5 minutes with her technique.

“Well, almost half an hour passed, and he still hadn’t cum. My jaw started hurting like crazy. I finally took his dick out of my mouth and started jacking him off with my hand. I told him my jaws were too sore, and I could not suck him any more. Sajid laughed and said, why take all that effort? He knew of another place I could take his dick in that would take in, and he would cum a lot faster. And he reached down and fingered my cunt. Rasul laughed.”

“I stopped jacking him off and looked at him. He pulled me up onto his lap, and hugged me. What am I waiting for, he asked. We had pretty much done everything else, and I had obviously enjoyed . I had let my boobs be felt up by half a dozen guys all day? Why avoid something that would give both of us the most pleasure, he asked. Besides making the case with his mouth, he was also making it with his dick. He was moving it back and forth, over my pussy lips, making my resolve weaken by the second.”

“Oh my god. You fucked him, didn’t you?” I said, seeing where this was going.

“Yes.” Purva said and hugged me.

“Rasul too?”

“No, not Rasul.” she replied. “In fact, I was very uncomfortable doing it in front of Rasul, although he had watched everything else till then. I whispered in Sajid’s ear, let’s go to the bedroom. He picked me up effortlessly, and carried me to the bedroom. i told him to lock the door, and he did. As he took his shirt off, got fully naked, and advanced towards me, I told him we didn’t have more than 15 minutes, because Apu would be home soon. he laughed and said I had been teasing him so much, he would definitely get done a lot before that.”

“How did he fuck you? Tell me the positions in detail.” I eagerly said.

“Well first….obviously, I had him put on a condom.” Purva said. I was about to ask about it next. I was able to fuck her without care, because my sperm count had gone down recently, so there was no danger of pregnancy. This was something we found out a couple of years back. when we tried to have a second child.


“He wasn’t very happy about it. But reluctantly agreed. Once he put it on, he first started fucking me missionary style. His body really close to mine, my boobs rubbing against his chest.”

“You were naked?” I asked.

“No! He rolled up my top under my arms. But didn’t strip it off.” Purva said shrugging her shoulders. “The fucking felt really good. He didn’t have too much technique, but the sensation of an unfamiliar cock was enough to excite me. For a couple of minutes, he did that, and then made me get on all fours. And started fucking me Rocky(D)gy style. He kept commenting on how great my ass looked when it slapped against his thighs.”

I tried to picture the scene. Doggy style is my favorite way of fucking Purva as well. Her butt has such a nicely round shape, and it parts ever so slightly when she is on her knees. It gives a great view of her asshole.

“He started pounding me really hard. Grabbed me by the waist, unfolded one knee and put it next to my shoulder. And fucked me really deep and hard.”

I could sense Purva getting turned on just remembering it, as she squirmed.

“As his fucking got even faster, I could sense that my orgasm was near. I pushed back against him harder, to get a better drilling. But sadly, before I could cum, he did. Started pumping his semen into the condom. Even through the condom, I could feel its force inside me. I moaned in disappointment when he finally took his dick out. And stayed there on all fours, my ass in the air, trying to regain my breath.”

“For a while I actually considered calling Rasul and asking him to have a go. I was so close to an orgasm. But then I looked at the clock and realized, I really needed to hurry. Apu would be home soon. When I stood up, Sajid threw the cum-filled condom at me, and asked me to get rid of it. I walked out of the bedroom, my top still rolled up over my boobs, with the condom in my hand. Rasul was standing there. He had clearly been trying to listen in. He started laughing when he saw the condom.”

“So where did you eventually throw the condom?” I asked.

“In a separate bag. near the washing machine. I thought I would throw it out later.” Purva said. “Anyway, the guys left, i washed up, put on regular clothes. And soon Apu came home. And then I went back to cooking for the guests.”

By now I was too horny to let things proceed. I jumped on top of her and started stripping her.

Unlike Sajid, I had no compunctions in stripping my wife completely naked. Within seconds I was inside her, fucking her warm cunt. I got the feeling that her cunt was a bit looser than usual, but I put it down to my imagining things. No matter how big Sajid’s dick was, it could not stretch her so much in a matter of days, could it? And even if it had, it made her all the more sexy. This is exactly the kind of newness and excitement I had been hoping for to revive our sex life.

“Mmmm yes…. fuck me harder. Fuck me like the cheap slut I am.” Purva whimpered, and that really got me going. She was usually silent in bed. This kind of dirty talk was another welcome change.

“You like being fucked don’t you? You like being fucked really hard?” I responded.

“Yes, yes, fuck your slut wife really hard.”

I obliged and started pounding her at a feverish pace. But hearing about her encounters had already aroused me so much, that the increased pace meant I didn’t really last too long. I came inside her in a little over a minute.

“Shit. That was too soon.” I said, resting on top of her, feeling her huge tits press against my chest.

“Mmmmm.” Purva moaned. “It’s okay. There’s more to tell. And I am sure you will get ready soon after you hear about it.”

I rolled off Purva and kissed her for a few minutes. And then told her to resume her report.

“Tell me about the next day.”

“Can you guess what happened the next day?” Purva asked me playfully.

“Hmm……Sajid fucked you all day…3,4,5,6 times?” I asked.

“Not exactly.”

“Rasul and the other guys fucked you?” I asked.

“Nope. Sajid has made it perfectly clear to me and to everyone. He is the only one, apart from my husband of course, who had fucking rights.” Purva said.

“Interesting. So what happened the next day? More of the same? The guys coming and feeling you up all day?”

“Also wrong.” Purva was enjoying teaching me.

“Oh just tell me already.” I begged.

“Hehe. Okay. The next day, Sajid came a short time after Apu left. I was ready in a bra-less top and a skirt to welcome him. I was sure he would fuck me right away. And I was really horny too, since you and I hadn’t had sex the previous night. So I waited expectantly for him to make a move. He told me to go to the bedroom. I giggled and skipped to the bedroom and he followed me in. When he came in, I noticed he had a plastic bag in his hands. I didn’t pay much attention to it. Just lay down on the bed and got ready for him to ravish me.”

“He must have jumped on you.” I interjected.

“Wrong again. He came and sat down next to me. Said he wanted to talk.”

(Purva narrates)

I was puzzled. So I sat up and looked at him questioningly.

“Purva, the last few days, all my friends have been coming and feeling you up. You don’t seem to be stopping anyone from looking at you or fondling you.” he said.

“You want me to stop them?” I asked.

“No. I just wanted to know. What do you like about it?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean what is the appeal of strange men…that too poor working class men like us….getting a look at your boobs or your ass, or feeling you up?” he asked.

“Isn’t it obvious?” I asked.

“No, you don’t understand. i am asking you why you do it.” he asked earnestly.

“I don’t know…I like it.”

“Have you thought about why you like it?”

“I just do.” i had no idea where this conversation was going.

“Okay. let me ask this a different way. In a few days, the owner of the plot, a very rich man will come to inspect the construction. Would you like it if I brought him over to do whatever we do?”

“No! No! Absolutely not!” I said, standing up. “Don’t even think about it!”

“Alright, I won’t. But your response indicates that while you are perfectly fine letting a 50-rupees-a-day uneducated laborer feel you up like a streetside whore….. you don’t want to extend the same privilege to a man who earns 50 million a year.”

I thought about what he said. He was right. The idea of doing this for the laborers seemed exciting. but for someone like the owner, or even our neighbors, I’d never do it. So I nodded.

“So you seem to be excited by our world. The world of hard knocks, dirty bylanes, slums, and poverty.”


“I want to take you into that world. And give you some new experiences.”

“What do you mean?”

“I want you to come with me to a shabby poor part of the city. Where there are no fancy cars. And even electricity is a luxury.”

“Huh? I have been to those parts before.”

“Not the way I will take you.” Sajid said, and opened the plastic bag. From it, he took out what looked like a bundle of black cloth and handed it to me.

“What is this? A bedsheet?” I asked.

“That, Purva, is a burqa.”

“A burqa?” I said, puzzled, opening the folds. “What for?”

“For you.” Sajid said.

“What the fuck, Sajid?” I asked, exploding with rage. “You first strip me down to almost nothing and now you want me to wear a burqa! Are you crazy??”

“That is exactly what I want you to do. I want you to strip down to nothing and wear a burqa.” Sajid said, smiling.

“I don’t understand.”

“Okay, today, I am going to take you on a walk in the vicinity of the old mosque. one of the poorest parts of town. And what I want you to wear is, the burqa. Nothing else.”

And I suddenly understood what he wanted. he wanted me to be completely naked under the burqa.

“Let’s say I wear this and come with you. What will we do there?”

“You leave that to me. Trust me to make it a memorable day for you.” he said, gently rubbing my bare shoulders.

“Sajid. I have no problems with our games. I am not sure I want to go outside with you. It sounds too risky.”

Sajid shrugged and said,

“Purva, everything so far has happened with your consent. Everything. This also, will be up to you.”

He got up and walked towards the door. And said,

“If you want to do this, come over in front of the construction site, dressed like I told you. The burqa, and nothing else. Of course, other than some kind of footwear. We’ll be back before your son returns from school. If however you don’t want to do this…..” he stopped and smiled, “don’t come over.”

And Sajid left. I considered his bizarre proposal. To go out with him? Sounded insane. At the same time, he did give me a burqa. Which means no matter what, my identity would remain a secret. If I passed some acquaintances on the road, they wouldn’t know it was me. And what did he have planned? What could I possibly do outside in a burqa that would compare to what I could in the house in my skimpy skirts and tops?

Still, it sounded like an intriguing idea. So I decided, what the heck. I have tried so much new stuff recently. This could be another experience. And if I didn’t like what we were doing, I could always just turn around and come home.

So I did it. Stripped completely naked. then lifted the main burqa garment. Slipped it over my head and through my arms. I wondered where he got it. It seemed used. It was almost the same height as mine. but it was very loose. Of course, burqas are not meant do be tight-fitting, but even by those standards, the garment I was wearing seemed like it was made for a woman much fatter than me. I looked in the mirror. With the black robe covering my body completely, I looked eerily like a teacher at Hogwarts. So i reached for the other smaller garment. The purdah. I put it on my head and fastened the veil across my face. I looked in the mirror and almost burst out laughing at the contrast from the recent days, when almost everything was on display. Today, only my eyes were visible.

Ten minutes later, I was standing in front of the construction site. The workers who “knew” me were trying to suppress their laughter. others were confused. And Sajid was beaming as he walked out with Rasul.

“Very good. Ready to go?” he asked. I nodded. “Your eyes are so pretty, you make even a burqa look sexy.” he said and winked. I blushed, but there was no way for him to know that.

Sajid and Rasul started walking, and I walked behind them. As I passed the neighboring houses, I got some curious looks. Burqas were not common in our high-income neighborhood. As i recognized some of my neighbors, I had to fight off my urge to greet them or wave to them.

We reached the main road and Rasul hailed an auto-rickshaw. Sajid got in first, then me, and then Rasul. It was a small rickshaw, so I could feel my hips being tightly squeezed on both sides as the three of us sat in it. Sajid told the driver to take us to the old mosque area. And we got going.

The burqa is meant to be worn over normal clothing, so it is obviously very thin. So the pleats caused by the burqa being too big for me actually protected my modesty. If it had been a burqa my size, my nipples, which were erect with excitement, would probably have poked against the thin fabric. But the fabric was in a single layer over my butt, with no pleats, when I was sitting. So whenever the rickhsaw went over a bump, I could feel the rexine upholstery slide against my butt. The bumps also made my boobs rise and fall heavily, something the loose burqa hid very well.

The driver kept checking me out in the mirror every few seconds. And I got conscious of it, so I stared right into his eyes. Surely he couldn’t see my boobs jump, I thought. The driver noticed me staring back and started looking straight.

“She is not related to you, is she?” the driver asked.

“What makes you say that?” Sajid asked with a smile.

“Well, even the skin around her eyes is so fair. And you two, don’t mind, are like me. Dark.” the driver said and smiled as he drove.

“Good observation. Her skin really is very fair and lovely.” Said said. “Rasul, show him a sample.”

Rasul laughed, and bent down. He grabbed my burqa’s hem and started pulling it upwards really slow. First my ankles were exposed, then my shins, and eventually my knees. Rasul kept the burqa rolled up around my knees, displaying my legs to the driver. The driver slowed down and turned his head back.

“Wow. Those are some beautiful legs.” he said effusively.

“Her thighs are no less beautiful.” Sajid said, and poked me with his elbow.

I took the hint and started rolling up the burqa with my own hands. Slowly, almost seductively, exposing my thighs to him real slow.

“Oh god!” the driver said and started slowing down.

“Don’t stop. Keep going.” Sajid commanded.

The driver groaned in disappointment. The adjusted his mirrors so that they were all showing him my lower body.

I was feeling so excited at this brazen teasing Sajid was making me indulge in. I was enjoying exposing my thighs to him inch by inch. finally, the garment was bunched up right over my crotch, exposing almost my entire legs to him. And, I felt a slight thrill as the breeze played between my legs and caressed my pussy and clit.

“Oh man! Oh wow! A little more please.” the driver said. I looked at Sajid, who shook his head. So I rolled the burqa down all the way. The driver let out a wan sigh. Then he thought of something and said, “If you show me her cunt, your ride is free!”

“Shut up. She’s not a whore.” Said angrily said. I could sense that the driver wanted to say something snippy, but Sajid enraged can be quite an intimidating figure. So the driver kept quiet for the rest of the ride.

We got down two blocks from the old mosque. The area stank of urine and cowdung as usual. It’s sad how the dirtiest places in India are always those around mosques or temples. And the cleanest are malls and offices. It shows our priorities as a people. The narrow roads were full of street vendors, hawking a variety of stuff. There were several people, mostly men, milling about. I also saw a few women, some in burqas like me others normally dressed.

I wondered what Sajid had in mind. Flashing my legs for the driver in the confines of the rickshaw was one thing. I hope he wasn’t going to have me flash in such a blatantly public place with hundreds of people around! Luckily, that wasn’t what Sajid had in mind. I followed him and Rasul through the main road and then into narrow alleys. The alleys were barely wide enough for two people to walk at the same time. Garbage was strewn around everywhere. there were poor dirty but cute children running around. Most of the windows had extremely appetizing scents of meat wafting through them.

Fifteen minutes later, we came to a small shop. I walked in with my two escorts. It seemed like a tailor’s shop.

“Salam alaikum Gafur chacha (uncle).” Sajid said to the very old tailor sitting in the corner working on a sewing machine.

“Walaikum salam Sajid, Rasul.” he said, flashing a smile with only 3 remaining teeth. He wore glasses that were thicker than most glass bottle bottoms. I’d peg him at 75 at the very least. “What made you remember me today?”

“Wanted to get some clothes stitched, obviously” Sajid said sitting down next to the old man.

“Who is this? Wife number four?” he said, cackling.

“Something like that.” Said smiled and replied.

“With each wife, you are getting more and more traditional, Sajid.” Gafur cackled some more. “the first one in her younger days, wore such tight clothes. The second one wore low cut chudidars, butt was otherwise covered up. the third one wore only saris. And now this one is in a burqa?”

Sajid just smiled, and said,

“I want you to stitch a blouse for her.”

“Sure, sure, why not? Send Rasul to get Amina from next door to do her measurements.” Gafur said.

“There’s no need for that, chacha. You can do the measurements.” Sajid said.

“What a strange man you are, Sajid. You get a woman in a burqa and then tell me I will take her measurements?” Gafur said, confused.

“Just do it, chacha.” he said. He beckoned me over. I walked up to the old man.

“Okay.” the old man said and took the measuring tape from around his neck. He stood up, and I could smell the tobacco in his breath.

He told me to raise my hands, and with the tape, first went for the under-bust measurement. But I could sense that he had held the tape too low. So I said, a little higher. The man’s hands moved more than a little higher and toughed my boobs. Instantly, he froze and looked at me, and then at Sajid. From the look on his face, I could see that this experienced tailor had gauged ust from a single touch that I was wearing nothing between my breasts and the burqa.

He stared at Sajid and me, and then took the under-bust measurement properly and wrote it down in urdu. Next he went for the over-bust measurement. His hands were shaking slightly as his fingers tightened the tape over my boobs. I could feel one of his fingers briefly rub against my left nipple. He took the measure and wrote it down.

“You won’t get the cup size write over the burqa, chacha.” Sajid said.

“No, no, it’s fine.” Gafur chacha meekly said.

“Nonsense. I want this blouse to be a perfect fit.” Sajid said and then said to me, “Lift your burqa all the way up to your neck. Don’t be shy. Gafur chacha is an old friend of mine.”

I was disgusted and turned on, a combination now an everyday occurrence, at the idea of letting this doddering old man see me almost fully naked. I was in his dinky little shop, and he looked and smelled like he hadn’t had a bath in a week. But still, the idea of exposing myself to him seemed so thrilling.

I bent down and lifted my burqa. First over my knees, then exposing my naked thighs, then my pussy, then my stomach, and finally my boobs. The loose burqa formed quite a big bunch under my armpit. The old man’s eyes had grown increasingly bigger as my naked body came into view. His thick glasses only accentuated that effect. He was now just staring at me, like he had seen a ghost. At his age, I guess seeing a ghost was more likely than seeing a young woman naked.

“Now, measure her cups properly.” Sajid said.

Gafur stared at my boobs and my nipples got rock hard. This was so pervertedly delicious. But it was also a bit cruel. teasing such an old man? Why was Sajid making me do this?

Gafur raised his hands with the tape, and reached for my chest, when Sajid came closer.

“Not like that. Measure them like this.” He took Gafur’s right hand in his own and placed it on my left boob. He then pressed it hard. “This will give you a good idea.”

“Oh god!” Gafur said, and put his second hand on my other boobs. His hands were small and feeble, and very rough. When he moved them over my boobs, it felt like someone was rubbing sandpaper over them.

He then started squeezing them, massaging them slowly, and then increasing the frequency. All the while, a low sad moan was emanating from his mouth. It grew increasingly high pitched, as the frequency of his squeezing my boobs increased. And then he let out a big sigh and let go of my boobs. Puzzled, I looked at Sajid and he gestured with his eyes towards Gafur’s crotch. Sure enough, there was a big wet stain on his pyjamas. The old man had cum in hos pants just by touching my boobs!

Gafur tottered backwards, and sat down on his chair, staring at me.

“Do you want to see anything else, chacha?” Rasul helpfully asked.

“Just…..just have her turn around.” Gafur said in a low voice.

I turned around and gave him a look at my nice round butt. I heard him moan once again. I stood like that, modeling my butt for him, fur a few minutes. Finally Sajid said it was time to go. So I dropped the burqa back over my body, and followed him out.

“So how did that feel, Purva?” Sajid asked.

“Interesting.” I replied.

“Want to keep going or go home?”

“Let’s keep going.” I said. I was curious to see where he would take me next.

The next stop happened to be a guy who ran a Unani massage place. He was also an old man, but younger than gafur, maybe in his 60s. When Sajid said he wanted me to get a full body massage, the old man refused to believe him. He said he had massaged women’s twisted ankles before, but never given a woman a full body massage. Plus, he said, the trick of the Unani massage is in its oils and ointments, so a burqa clad woman could never get it.

“No problem. She will take her burqa off.” Sajid said.

And old man, in the confines of his shop, almost jumped through the roof when I took off the burqa, even as I kept the face scarf and the veil on, and lay down on the mat in front of him, completely naked.

“Where did you find her, Sajid?” this old man said in an agitated but happy voice as he quickly gathered his oil bottles.

“Found her next door.” Sajid said and Rasul started laughing. Even I could not suppress a chuckle.

(Purva narration ends)

“Sorry to interrupt.” I jumped in. “But let me get this straight. You were splayed out on this old man’s mat, completely naked?”

“Except for the parts covering my head and face, yes.”

“So you didn’t just roll it up like with the tailor. You just….took it off?” I asked, unable to believe my ears.

“Yes, it is very easy.”

“It’s not a question of easy or difficult. I am amazed at how easily you were getting naked in front of strange men in strange places.”

“Does that bother you?” Purva asked.

“Not at all. I have never been so horny in my life!” I said happily.

“Okay, so the old man took the oils and massaged me with them very slowly and gradually. He was staring at my boobs and pussy the whole time, but like a professional, he started with the limbs. My feet, then my calves, were bathed in oils and worked over by his rough but magical fingers. Hard and gentle at the same time. By the time he got to my thighs, I was already feeling so turned on, I had to fight an urge to part my legs completely and ask him to fuck me right then.”

“Wow!” I said.

“He then worked on my thighs, pinched them softly and massaging them with both hands, but stopped just above my pussy. He then turned his attention to my hands. First my fingers were loosened, then my arms, and then my shoulders. By the time he came to me boobs, I was a moaning mess, just writhing there at his every touch. Covered in strange oils, but more importantly, washed away by sheer carnal hunger. He then started massaging my boobs with extra oil. My nipples were so hard and erect, they started hurting.”
“Did he notice that?”

“Him? I am sure there were goats in Africa who noticed my nipples at that moment. They seemed like rockets ready to blast off from my body. He then turned me over and worked on my back. By now, my cunt was so wet, it formed a puddle of sorts on his mat. So when he got to my butt and started massaging my glutes, I was almost screaming with need. I yelled out, somebody needs to fuck me right now, and looked at Sajid.”

“So he fucked you? Or the masseuse?” I asked.

“Sajid said, no. No fucking here. I begged him. I literally begged him. I feel ashamed now even thinking about it. I first got on my knees, and begged him. Told him to please please fuck me. He said no. Then I turned to the masseuse and begged him to fuck me. he wanted to. His pants were struggling to contain his erection. So I actually…..”


“I feel so ashamed.” Purva said and hid her face in my chest. “I got on all fours and shoved my ass in his direction, like a bitch tempting a Rocky(D). he got so shocked by that sight, he literally ran out of his own shop. And then I lay down on my stomach and started rubbing my cunt against the rough material of the mat, hoping to get a release from that friction.”

“What was Rasul doing?”

“Poor Rasul was so turned on as well. But even he didn’t dare defy his uncle. Finally after ten minutes of my begging in every conceivably humiliating position, Sajid got down on his knees. He said he still wouldn’t fuck me here. But, he would compromise. And he started fingering my cunt. i humped back against his fingers very hard. And in a few minutes, I had an orgasm so big that Sajid had to cover my mouth to muffle my screams, lest the neighbors come running in to see who was being murdered.”

“Wow! You screamed that much?”

“Yeah. Anyway, ten minutes later, I got my breath back. I put on the burqa again and walked out, really embarrassed at my display in there. We walked silently for a few minutes. And then came to a stop in front of a store. Sajid said he had an offer for me. If I did something he wanted, he would be ready to fuck me whenever I asked him to. He would relinquish the right to refuse. I asked him what he wanted. And he pointed me to the store.”

“What was the store?”

Purva ignored my question and continued.

“Ten minutes later, I was in a closed backroom of the store, bent over a chair, my burqa thrown over my waist. So my butt was on display.”

“Oh, so he fucked you.”

Purva ignored me again and continued.

“I braced myself for the hurt. I knew it would hurt. But I had no idea how much it would hurt. I bit my lip hard when the pain started.”

“He fucked you in the ass? He fucked you in the ass?” I asked, enraged.

“No.” Purva said, and flipped over. She got on her knees, so her ass was almost in my face.

I looked at her butt. I realized that I had not taken a look at her butt all night. She had either been laying down on it, or it had been pointed away from me. I looked at it puzzled for a while, when the change came to my notice. And my hand went to my mouth in shock.

“What….what……” I said, shaking and shivering, “what does it say?”

“You know what it says. You don’t need to be able to read the script to know what it says.” Purva said, choking up.

And I stared in disbelief at my wife’s perfect white fleshy round and shapely butt. Inviting and beautiful. And tattooed across her right butt cheek where large green Urdu letters, going from the side of her butt all the way to just inches away from her cunt. Urdu letters that I knew, without reading the script, said – SAJID.

It was an unbearably hot summer night. The kind where you feel fortunate about being able to afford accommodation with air-conditioning. And thankfully, this hotel had air-conditioning.

“Decent sized room.” Ajay in front of me said as we walked in. “But just one double bed.”

“I will get you some gaddis.” the hotel bellboy said and handed me the keys.

“So…4 guys spending in a hotel room. Reminds me of bachelor days.” Neel said and laughed. We all laughed politely.

The four of us didn’t really know each other too well. I barely knew their names. When you are thrown together with practical strangers in such a situation, you tend to laugh a little extra at jokes. While we were laughing, Anuj stretched out on the bed, as if to say to us, I’m sleeping here. He lived in America, so similar to the habits of his adopted country, he just occupied whatever territory he liked. His expresion said, the three of you decide who sleeps next to me and who sleeps on the gaddis on the floor. Soon the bellboy made a couple more rounds to bring the thin ‘gaddi’ mattresses, pillows and bed sheets

I walked to the small balcony and decided to call home and inform them about this change in plans.

“Hello.” it was my elder son’s voice. Probably up playing video games.

“Apurv, it’s me. Is your mother around?”

“She is sleeping.” he answered in a bored voice. Why do all kids in their mid-teens sound perpetually bored when talking to their parents?

“If she wakes up, tell her I won’t be back tonight. The highway is shut down because of some accident, so we just decided to spend the night in a hotel.”

“Ok.” he said.

“Is Sameer sleeping?”


The kid was clearly not in a chatty mood. And probably waiting to get back to his game.

“Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night.”

He hung up.

I turned around and saw the bellboy walk in with a tray of alcohol bottles, soda, glasses, and snacks. Anuj the American smiled and said,

“Now that we are having a bachelors night anyway, why not drink a little? Plus I don’t get to drink these Indian liquors in the US. And my flight is tomorrow.”

“Great idea.”

And in a few minutes, we were all sitting around, drinking whiskey-soda and munching on peanuts and bhujia. The four of us had met earlier that day at an industry conference when we were located at the same lunch table. And when we realized we were all headed to Delhi, we decided to book a car together. Until we reached the closed highway portion, we had pretty much focused on occasional small talk between staring at our respective smart phones. It’s only when the driver found out from a highway cop about the situation that we started talking more, and decided to just spend the night in a hotel instead of waiting in the heat in a long traffic jam.

It turns out many other people had the same idea, because we had trouble finding a hotel room. The first four hotels we went to were booked solid. Finally we reached a hotel that had just one room available. We had no option but to share it.

Soon the four of us were chatting like old friends, focusing mainly on industry gossip, and exchanging stories about our bosses and subordinates. We also got to know each other a little bit. Ajay and Neel worked in Delhi like me, but in different companies. Anuj had grown up in Calcutta and had lived in the US for a couple of decades. They all seemed like nice guys. As time went by, I started enjoying the bachelors night more and more.

A while later, Anuj and Neel got up and went to the balcony to smoke. I didn’t smoke and neither did Ajay, so we stayed inside. There was a lull in the conversation. Ajay started refilling our glasses. I picked up my phone and unlocked it to see if there were any messages.

“Are those your boys?” Ajay asked, pointing towards the phone wallpaper. In the picture, Apurv had his serious teenager look, and Sameer was smiling wide.

“Yeah.” I said holding the screen up. “Fourteen and five.”

“That’s a big gap.” he said, taking the phone and examining the picture carefully.

“Yes…yes it is.” I nodded.

“I have two girls. Ten and eight.” he held up his phone to show me a picture.

“Very cute.” I said. “They look so alike.”

“Both took after their mother thankfully. Not their ugly father. Hahahaha!!” he laughed.

“Hahaha.” I politely responded.

“Your elder looks a lot like you. The younger looks very different. Much darker.” he said.

Before I could say anything, Anuj popped his head in.

“Guys, it’s so fucking hot outside, isn’t it?”

“Crazy hot.” my companion said returning my phone.

“I was thinking… our driver is there in front. Poor fellow looks very uncomfortable. Fanning himself with a newspaper. Obviously he can’t have the car AC on all night. Why don’t we invite him in?”

“The driver????” Ajay looked uncertain.

“Come on. He seems like a nice guy. In the US, we would have gotten him his own room. The least we can do in this oppressive heat is invite him in for a few hours. Neel is okay with it. What do you say?”

I shrugged and said,

“I don’t mind.”

“Fine.” Ajay said, giving in.

“Superb!” Anuj looked delighted.

Five minutes later, the driver walked in, looking a little uncomfortable. He was a young wiry guy, probably in his late 20s. Fraternizing with the working class might be common in America, but I am sure he didn’t experience this too much. As you know, the most we do in India for drivers is give them some money to eat on their own. And it is assumed that they will sleep in the car.

“Have a seat, Bhola.” Anuj said, being the nice guy. I didn’t even know that was the driver’s name. He looked very uncomfortable as he sat on a plastic chair.

“Thank you, saab.” he said to each of us turn by turn. We nodded.

With the entry of this new member, the easy dynamic that had been established in our newly formed group was disrupted. There was awkward silence for a while.

“Would you like some whiskey?” Neel asked.

“Should he be drinking and driving?” Ajay asked, still not comfortable with the idea of a lowly driver sharing a social space with us.

“It’s not like he is driving tonight.” Anuj made a good point.

Everyone looked at Bhola who seemed to feel even more awkward.

“No, it’s okay saab. No need.”

“Do you usually drink?” Anuj asked. The guy nodded. “Then have some.”

Soon the driver had both his hands wrapped around a glass of whiskey-soda and was taking tiny sips, staring at the floor. The awkward silence returned.

“So…are you from Delhi originally, Bhola?” Anuj asked, trying to ease the awkwardness.

“No, saab. I am originally from Jharkhand. Shifted to Delhi only a few years ago.”

“Oh, I am originally from Calcutta, so we are like neighbors.”

Bhola nodded.

“Are you all from Calcutta?” he asked looking at the rest of us.

“I am from Delhi.” Ajay said.

“Originally Chandigarh. Delhi since 10 years.” Neel said.

“I’m originally from Jabalpur. Delhi since six years.” I said.

“Oh okay. I lived in Jabalpur for a few years.” Bhola said. I nodded and smiled.

There was a lull in the conversation again. Ajay decided that we had spent enough time talking with the driver. So he change the subject completely,

“Do you guys remember the presentation by that Japanese consultant? That was interesting. Do you think…”

And soon the conversation shifted to shop talk. Neel joined in, as did I. And soon Anuj as well, giving his perspective on why American business practices were better than Japanese ones. Bhola sat there quietly, sipping the booze, and enjoying the air conditioning. Occasionally Anuj or Neel would make some small talk with Bhola, refill his drink, ask him to have snacks. As time went by, he started feeling more relaxed. Didn’t appear as awkward anymore.

After a while, Anuj and Neel went for another smoking break. Ajay started checking his phone. I looked at Bhola and smiled. He smiled back. I wasn’t as good as Anuj at small talk so I asked,

“So…did you like Jabalpur?”

“It was nice. Best rabdi I have tasted.” he said.

“I agree. Delhi doesn’t have anything as good. Where did you live?”

“Naya Mohallah.”

“Ok. I grew up in Civil Lines.”

“Nice area.”

“But before moving to Delhi, I used to live in Nair Colony.”

“Oh you lived in Nair Colony? A few years ago, I worked there on a construction site. A big 6 floor building.”

As soon as he said that, my ears perked up and my heart skipped a beat. But I didn’t let it show on my face. Just nodded and looked at him casually while trying to decode his facial expressions. As far as I remembered, there had been only one such big construction project in our colony. And you all know what resulted from that construction project. Was he…part of it? I was dying with curiosity. But I couldn’t just come out and ask him. So I tried an indirect route.

“You mean that big building near the small pond?”

“Yes, that one.” he said. He was silent for a few seconds. Then added, “Did you live near it?”

“No, my house was two lanes away.” I said, trying to stay calm. “More whiskey?”

“Thank you, saab.” he said, slurring a little. I poured him another drink and he started sipping it.

I waited a few minutes to see if he would talk about what I had in mind. But instead he went down a tangent.

“Yes sir, I started off as a daily wage laborer. Weren’t many jobs for uneducated people.”

Just as he said that, Anuj and Neel returned.

“Bhola, you were a daily wage laborer?” Anuj said surprised.

“Yes saab.” he said.

“And now you drive your own cab! Very good. Everyone says America is the land of opportunities, but India can also be for those who work hard.” Anuj was sounding like a politician.

Bhola seemed almost touched by the praise. And the booze seemed to have loosened his tongue as well.

“Thank you, saab. Yes, I grew up very poor. No education. Had to leave school in 4th standard. And not many jobs except like daily wage. But then I worked hard and prayed to god. Got better jobs. Waiter, then delivery boy, some times a cook. Then learned driving. Became a driver. Saved some money. Bought a second hand rickshaw…”

I zoned out as the other guys were listening with rapt attention to how Bhola pulled himself up by the bootstraps. I didn’t really care about that. My mind was a jumble of different questions and doubts. If he did work on that site, was he once of Sajid’s guys? If so, was him being here just a coincidence or had he or his friends gone looking for us? All that was six years ago. We had largely moved on from that phase of our lives, moved to a new city. This connection seemed odd.

No, you’re being paranoid, I told myself. Even if he had wanted to orchestrate this, there was no way he could have. My original plan was to book a tatkal train ticket. This cab had been booked at the last minute after meeting these guys. And it had been booked by Neel in his name. There was no way for Bhola to know who I was or to plan things such that I would end up in his cab. It had to be a coincidence.

Besides, I didn’t even know if he was involved in those events. It was a big construction site. With work done for a few years.

“Very creditable, Bhola. Congratulations.” I heard Ajay say. Even the guy most opposed to the driver’s presence was praising him. I joined in with a few words of praise too.

Soon that topic ended. Conversation moved on to other things. Ajay starte reading out some jokes from whatsapp and we were all laughing. Bhola didn’t seem to be looking at me or even avoiding looking at me. I detected nothing unusual in his body language. My curiosity was getting stronger and stronger. Finally I decided to probe a little further.

“Bhola, it’s funny that you worked on that building. It means maybe our paths might have crossed many years ago.” I said when there was another lull in the conversation.

“Yes, it’s possible.” he said, emptying the glass. I filled it up again.

“I even talked to one of the guys there once. A foreman or something. I wanted our compound rebuilt and I asked him if I could hire some men for it cheap. But he said they couldn’t do that. Old Muslim fellow. Salim I think his name was.” I said, deliberately saying the wrong name.

“Salim…maybe saab. Very common name. There were many of us working there. It was a big project.” Bhola said. “But foreman…no…there was no foreman by that name.”

“I think he was the foreman. Short old guy. Salim or maybe Shafiq or Saeed…”

“Sajid?” he said, raising his eyebrows.

“Maybe.” I said shrugging. “It’s been so long.”

“Oh yes, I remember Sajid. He wasn’t a foreman or anything. One of us workers, just old. But he was such a bully that he acted like a leader. And his chamchas followed along.” he said.

“Really? Yes, he did act like he was in charge. Anyway, I asked him, he said they couldn’t do the work.”

“You’re lucky.” he said and giggled.

“What do you mean?”

“He probably would have spent less time on the compound and more time after your wife.”

“WHAT???” I said loudly, acting shocked, because I had to play the part.

“What are you saying?” Ajay said. As Bhola and I had talked about this stuff, the other guys’ attention had wandered. But this juicy comment seemed to bring it right back.

“Wait, what did he say?” Neel asked and even Anuj looked curious.

This seemed to unnerve Bhola a little.

“Sorry saab, really really sorry, no disrespect to you or your wife. I have just had too much to drink.” he immediately said and looked bashful.

“No, it’s okay. I am insulted.” I smiled and said. “I just found your comment curious.”

“Me too!” Ajay said and laughed.

“But what did he say???” Neel said, annoyed.

“Tarun was talking about some laborer who worked with Bhola back in Jabalpur. Bhola says that if Tarun had hired the guy to work at his place, the guy would have been after his wife.”

“Haha, what???” Neel laughed.

“Saab really, I did not mean it as an insult to you. I promise. I don’t even know you or your wife.” Bhola sincerely said. And in that moment, I became even more convinced that he had no idea who I was. But I was interested to hear what he would say, now that the subject had been broached.

“Calm down, Bhola. I told you, I am not taking offense to what you said. Just please explain what you meant. Sounds like an interesting story.” I even rubbed his shoulder to assure him. It seemed to work.

“OK saab. Well, this Sajid guy…he was quite a ladies man. An old fart but could never keep it in his pants. He had three wives. And yet he also lusted after and banged all kind of women.”

“Interesting!!” Neel said. “Was he a handsome fellow?”

“No, that’s the strange thing. Short, slightly fat, dark, ugly. Who know what magic he had. Maybe it was his bullying personality. He banged a couple of women who worked on the site. A lady who sold vegetables. A couple of maids…and hehe…well.”

“Go on.” Ajay said. “It sounds like you have something more to share.”

“You won’t believe me if I tell you, saab.” Bhola giggled.

“Go on.” Neel said, pouring more whiskey into the glass.

He looked at me and said,

“Saab, do you remember that yellow house next to the building site?” he lowered his voice as if discussing some top secret.

“Yellow house? No, I don’t remember. I lived a couple of lanes away.” I lied with a straight face again.

“It was this nice yellow house with a big yard. Right next to the site. Anyway…I swear to god…he had an item there as well.” and he giggled.

“What do you mean an item?” Ajay asked, now very interested.

“What do you think I mean? An item. A woman. And mind you, not some old fat hag. A young gorgeous thing half his age.” Now he was getting to the point.

“You’re bullshitting.” Anuj laughed and said.

“No boss, seriously. I can still close my eyes and see her. Short, smooth fair skin, big tits, curvy, long nose, light gray eyes.” he said slowly.

“You’re drunk. And you’ve seen too many Bhojpuri movies” Ajay was laughing.

“I knew you wouldn’t believe me.” he shrugged. “But it’s true.”

Ajay and Anuj were laughing hard, almost making fun of Bhola’s story. Even Neel looked skeptical. Only I knew what the truth was. What I was interested in was, how much Bhola knew and how involved he was. So to get him going again, I said with a smile,

“So wait…you are telling me there was some young gorgeous maid who worked next door in that house and Sajid was sleeping with her too?”

“No saab, that’s not it.” he slurred sipping some more whiskey. “She was not a maid. It was her house. Posh rich memsaab with a nice husband and young son and everything. Wily old Sajid went over a couple of times making the excuse of using her phone for some work related thing. Then made a friendship with her. And then he seduced her.”

This made Ajay and Anuj laugh even harder, saying how ridiculous all this was.

“It is difficult to believe.” I said. “And even if true, it must be a different guy then. The one I spoke to was in his 50s and didn’t look like he could…you know…”

“Same guy saab, same guy. I already told you he wasn’t handsome. Ugly in fact. But he had that dominant personality. And that slutty bitch couldn’t resist it.”

“Haha, yeah right.” Ajay laughed. “I can’t believe you’re buying this story, Tarun.”

“I am not lying, saab!” Bhola said, sounding a little offended.

“I am not saying you are lying. I will tell you what the reality probably was. He would go over to use the phone. She must have been a nice lady. Let him use the phone. Maybe a call lasted longer than usual. And you say she was a gorgeous young lady. I know how these guys are and what their fantasies are like. Tongues must have started wagging. And that guy must have lied about it to inflate his reputation. And there you have it. A rumor that keeps getting repeated.”

“It wasn’t a rumor. It was true.” Bhola insistently said.

“How do you know?”

“I saw it, okay?” he loudly said. And then bit his tongue.

“You saw it? Yeah, right” Neel picked up the questioning. “What did you see? Tell us.”

Suddenly Bhola seemed very uncomfortable.

“No…I shouldn’t. I gave my word never to speak of it.”

“Come on, Bhola. You can’t tease us like this.” Anuj piped up.

“Yes, come on.” I added my voice, not wanting to seem the odd one out.

Plus I did want to hear his side of the story. So far, everything I knew of what happened was what Purva told me. I wondered if someone else saw things differently. And maybe I would learn something new. It reminded me a little of Rashomon.

Everyone goaded him to speak. But he kept shaking his head.

“It doesn’t feel right, saab. I gave my word. And she was a nice lady. I don’t want to destroy her reputation.”

“Destroy her reputation?” Ajay scoffed. “We don’t even know the woman.”

“He might.” he gestured at me. “He lived in the same colony. Maybe he knows her. And he knows her husband. What if he tells him?”

“I promise I won’t.” I said. Then I thought of an idea. “Okay, how about this. Don’t tell us her name. That way I won’t know who she is.”

“But you still know where she lived.”

“Believe me, Bhola. I give you my word.”

“I also gave someone my word.”

It continued this was for a while, until we plied him with more booze and cajoled him. Finally he relented.

“Okay listen.” he was sounding quite drunk by now. “Initially even I thought the rumors were just rumors. That he was making stuff up. I saw him going over for longer and longer with his nephew Rasul. I had seen the lady myself. Very simple, nice housewife and mother. Even I thought that maybe she was just not nasty enough to kick them out. And they are just telling tall tales out of that. But then he started taking some other guys over. And those guys also said the same thing.”

“What thing?”

“That the chaste simple memsaab we see saying goodbye to her husband and seeing off her son to the school bus is just a facade. That she is a totally kinky slut. And she is completely in Sajid’s palm. She would swear skimpy clothes and fool around with Sajid in front of them. And then Sajid would take her to the bedroom and close the door and spend a long time in there. And when they came out, she always looked extra happy and blushing.”

“That is still just hearsay.” Neel shrugged.

“Shhh…let him tell his story.” Ajay said.

“Well, here’s some actual fact. And I saw this with my own eyes.” he said earnestly. “These guys started going there everyday. Spending a lot of time there. The rumors started. Then they stopped going. I heard that there had been some kind of fight or disagreement with her.”

“More likely she lost her patience and kicked them out.” Neel said.

“No, but that’s the thing. A few days later, I was working near the compound wall. And the memsaab comes out. Except she is not wearing a sari or salwar kameez like she usually does. She is dressed almost like a school girl. Skirt, showing her legs. And a western top. She never used to come outside too much. That day she walked out, spent some time standing around, looking at the site. I think she was looking for Sajid and Rasul. But they were working on the other side of the building. She then went in. Came out again with a chair. Put it right next to our compound wall. Then came out with a cup of tea. And just sat there.”

“Oh wow! A woman wearing a skirt and drinking tea in the compound! How scandalous!” Anuj said sarcastically.

“Wait, there’s more. All of us were looking at her, admiring her beauty. She was a gorgeous lady. Soon word must have gotten around to Sajid. He came over, preening like a king. And I was very close by when he went up to talk to her. And I swear, she asked him to come by for a cup of tea. He said he was busy but would come later. And she looked so happy. Now tell me, if they were just going there for making phone calls and she was just a polite lady who let them stay…why did she come out and invite him over? What does a young housewife need from an old laborer?”

Some of the details and the timeline of what Bhola was saying seemed a little off. But the basic gist seemed about right. After all, it had been six years. It is natural to misremember some things. After all, he had presumably seen me as well, but did not recognize me. Part of it might have been because I had put on some weight, lost some hair, and grown a beard.

“Maybe she just needed his help to…I don’t know…fix a leaking pipe or something. You are still jumping to conclusions.”

“I saw this and heard this, okay?” Bhola said. “And this time when he went he was there for a long time. And the other guys too. They all came back full of stories.”

“Anyone can make up stories.” Anuj said.

Bhola seemed to think about what to say next. And then he started narrating something that seemed completely new. And even if true, different from the timeline Purva had told me. I couldn’t be sure if this was something he was making up or if his memory was playing tricks on him. Or there was a third option. Purva had left it out. It didn’t matter all these years later. But it was interesting to listen to it and wonder.

“Okay then hear this. The next afternoon I was stuck with some work on brick laying. I needed some instructions that only Sajid had from the contractor. I looked for him but was told he was next door. He was starting to spend more and more time there. I thought I should wait for him to come back, but I had to finish my work to get paid. So I went there and knocked. Rasul came and opened the door, and was very angry to see me. He gruffly asked why I had come over without being invited. I told him what I needed and he realized it was a genuine query. He asked me to come in but wait by the door. And then he vanished through a corridor. There were two other laborers in the living room watching TV.”

“Now this sounds promising.” Anuj said.

“A couple of minutes go by. And then through the corridor that Rasul disappeared into, comes Sajid. Except he looked very sweaty and was breathing hard. And his shirt was open, like he had just thrown it on. And from his pants, it was clear that he was erect. I was so taken aback and flustered at this, I half forgot what I wanted to ask him. He yelled at me to stop staring and spit out what it was I wanted. So I told him. And he gave me the instructions I needed. I was so terrified that maybe…maybe something illegal was happening.”


“Maybe he was forcing himself on her. I got the information I wanted and almost ran back to the site. An hour later, Sajid came and watched me work. Then he took me aside and softly said not to feel bad that he yelled at me. I had just interrupted him at the wrong time. And then he said I should keep my mouth shut about everything. And if so, I would be rewarded.”

“Rewarded how?”

“Never mind that. But now tell me. I saw this with my own eyes. Not rumors. No hearsay. The man is deep inside this rich people’s house. Comes out sweating, shirt open, bulging crotch. Unless you think I myself am lying, what else does that mean?” Bhola emphatically asked, downing another drink.

The rest of us didn’t have much to say. I was thinking about what he said, and the others had started buying into the story.

“This all just sounds so astonishing.” Anuj said.

“You think I’m lying?” Bhola said loudly.

“No, no, I am not saying that. How did this ugly old man manage this? If she was some fat old frustrated lady, I can still understand. But the way you describe her…”

“Oh she was gorgeous. I can still close my eyes and see her in vivid detail. She had such an angelic and innocent face. Beautiful but also girl next door. Big gray eyes. Straight long nose. Thick red lips. And always this shy cute expression. Although she was a slut, she did not look like a slut. Except when she really got going. I still remember the first time I actually saw her engaged in such things.”

“Tell us about that!” Ajay almost jumped up. “It’s all fine to hear about how the old guy was shirtless and sweating, but I want to hear about the hot wife.”

“I was working with a friend named Raghu on the second floor of the building. It was the side facing her house. From some angles, you could see her working in the kitchen. She would keep the windows open. before the thing with Sajid started, some of us would secretly look at her working in the kitchen and admire her beauty. Even in a sari or salwar kameez she looked so gorgeous. But when the affair started, she started closing the curtains all the time. That itself got tongues wagging. If nothing is happening, why suddenly close the curtains?”

“Maybe she noticed you guys leering and got conscious.” Neel said.

“No, saab. Give us some credit. It’s not like we would just hang around staring at her. This was just during the course of the work. Anyway, she started closing the curtains. And it was then that I was on the second floor. Raghu suddenly said, look, we can see her. I walked over to the edge and saw that although the kitchen window curtains were closed, the top was open.”

“What top?”

“You know how some windows have that small top section that opens horizontally? It was open, maybe for ventilation. And the curtain started from below it. From the ground or first floor, it didn’t really make a difference. But from this angle on the second floor, we could see part of the kitchen. And we saw part of her body working there. Under the neck up to the knees. She was not wearing Indian clothes like she usually did. She was in shorts and a skimpy top. And even from that distance, from that angle, we could see her cleavage as she worked at the kitchen counter.”

“Mmm…now we’re talking.” Ajay said.

“So we worked, stealing glances at her cleavage and her nice round ass in those shorts. The life of a laborer is hard, so these occasional glimpses of beauty are nice to keep you going. After a while, she stopped working and walked away. When she came back a few minutes later, we could see Sajid next to her. The two of them seemed to be talking for a little while as she kept working at the kitchen counter. And then Raghu inhaled loudly. I went over and saw that Sajid had pulled her into an embrace. I was shocked. Until then I had no idea this was actually happening.”

“Wait…is this before or after the earlier story when he came to the door?” Anuj jumped in with a question I had too. The timeline seemed off.

Bhola paused and took a deep sip and stared into nothingness as if trying to remember.

“I’m not sure, saab. It has been many years. Maybe it was before.”

“Who cares?” Ajay impatiently said. “Continue with what you saw.”

“Where was I? Oh yes… she was in his arms. First it seemed like she was struggling, trying to fight him off, because there was a lot of movement of limbs. But then as we watched some more, we realized it wasn’t like that at all. His hands were rubbing and fondling her all over. And she was reacting with pleasure, also hugging and rubbing him back. And although we could not see their heads, it seemed like they might have been kissing. Imagine the shock Raghu and I felt. This gorgeous young housewife we had been admiring from a distance all these days was suddenly in that old fart’s arms. And seemed to be enjoying it.”

“How do you know she was enjoying it?”

“Because after a while I saw her take her top off herself.”

“You got to see her boobs?”

“Not that day.” Bhola winked. “That day she was standing such that her back was towards us. But even looking at her naked smooth fair skinned back was such a turn on. Raghu and I just left our work midway, and hiding behind a column, watched. Just watched that young hot housewife standing there in just these tiny shorts as the old laborer played with her body. You could see from how she was moving that she was enjoying all this. It was the first time that I had actually gotten visual proof of what was happening. And I knew they weren’t rumors anymore. If they were doing all this in the kitchen, who knows what they did in the bedroom?”

“Mmmmm.” Ajay closed his eyes and smiled.

There was a slight break in the action as Anuj filled everyone’s glasses while the others used the bathroom. I was sitting in the corner of the bed with a pillow in my lap. I was doing that to hide my erection. Listening to Bhola narrate all these things…some old some new…had brought back all those memories. I knew every detail of the layout, from how the kitchen window was to how our house had that big yard to of course, how my hot wife looked. As I visualized the details of everything he narrated, it was hard not to get hard.

Finally, with some will power, I was able to make it subside and then used the bathroom myself. When I came out, Neel was standing there. He smiled and asked me in English so Bhola wouldn’t understand,

“Are you buying all this crap he’s shoveling?”

“I don’t know. Sounds a little too much.”

“For sure. But it is an entertaining story. Let’s see how far it goes.”

I picked up my glass wondering, how far will the story go indeed?

Finally our little session re-assembled. Bhola, very thin and wiry, now seemed quite drunk. He was swaying his head and seemed to have trouble keeping balance. I thought maybe we should regulate his intake a little bit before he passes out.

“So…you mentioned that Sajid promised you a reward. What was that reward?”

“Right right…so the next day…or was it two days later? Not important. I was working with Raghu, that same guy who had seen it all through the kitchen window. He was a good friend of mine, but I still didn’t tell him what I saw when I went to the house. He kept asking me again and again but I didn’t say anything. After a while, we saw Sajid walking over to that house again. So after a while Raghu says, if you’re not going to tell me, I will find out for myself. I tried to stop him but he almost ran there. I was standing by the compound watching him go there. I was sure that Sajid would beat him up.”

“Damn! More people getting involved.” Ajay said and clapped a couple of times in glee.

“So I see him walk up to the door. Suddenly he seems a little nervous. Stands there without ringing the bell for a few minutes. But then he pushed the door and it opened. It was not locked. He walked in. I cringed, thinking the next sight I would see would be Sajid kicking him and punching him out. But nothing happened for a while. Then suddenly Sajid came rushing out of the house alone. He walked out of their gate, into our compound and asked me where the supervisor was. I was confused, and told him the supervisor wasn’t here yet. This made Sajid very angry. He turned back to face the house and we saw Raghu walking out with a smile on his face.”

“Uh oh, busted!!”

“Yeah, it was a tense situation. Sajid stood there, breathing hard in anger, as Raghu walked back. And then he angrily accused me of breaking my word and telling Raghu about the other day. I promised him I hadn’t. And was scared that I was going to get caught up in a fight for no fault of my own. I have told you already that Sajid was a bully with a dominant personality. Well, Raghu was hot-headed as well. Neither would take a step back. As soon as Raghu came near us, Sajid let out an angry string of ma-bhen curses. Raghu responded. A few of the workers stopped working and staring. Rasul had also come to support his uncle. It seemed like things were about to blow up. So I decided to step in and calm things down.”

“Bhola the mediator!”

“Hehe, saab, someone has to keep the peace. I told the guys let’s not fight in front of everyone. Let’s discuss this quietly in private. So we decided to go up to the empty 5th floor and talk. Sajid and Rasul, accompanied by their 3 chamchas. And Raghu and myself. As we walked, Raghu excitedly whispers to me, I saw her tits I saw her tits. I told him to shut up. When we reached up there, Sajid and Raghu yelled at each other. Sajid accused him of lying and trying to muscle in on his action. Raghu replied saying, you disappear for hours to play with that slut while we have to do your work, and you won’t even share her with the rest us. Only with your nephew and friends. Sajid said she is not some whore to be shared, but a nice lady. And so on and so on. They kept yelling and trading bards.”

“Women…always causing fights between men.” Neel sarcastically said.

“Anyway, luckily things calmed down after a while. And thankfully, there was no violence. Then the two of them started discussing things maturely. Sajid agreed that yes, he had gotten so caught up in that gorgeous vixen that he was ignoring his work which wasn’t fair on the rest of us. But at the same time, he wanted everyone to understand that memsaab, while slightly bold and adventurous, was not some two bit whore. He said that as long as we stuck to some basic ground rules, we could have a little bit of fun. But we should stay within our limits. All these discussions and negotiations took a while, and peace was achieved.”

“So wait…what were the rules exactly?” Ajay asked.

“Most importantly, to realize that when it came to sex or anything like that, she was solely Sajid’s property. In that regards, the rest of us were not to try anything untoward, or things would get really nasty.”

“Damn, possessive!”

“He then said she liked being exposed to a small audience. But she was still a nice decent lady. So no one was to talk to her directly. She might be okay with flashing her boobs and letting us have a quick grab and fondle, but that’s it. Don’t scare her by treating her like a brothel whore. Be respectful, he said. And most importantly, he said not to spread this around any more. Too many people knew already. We all agreed. Then Raghu said, he got only a quick glimpse of her boobs. He wanted to see them in detail. Sajid smiled and told Rasul to take him over. And then he set a schedule of when the rest of us could go for the same.”


“So you see…that ended up being my reward. This gorgeous high class housewife’s boobs.”

He smiled happily. I looked at him, thinking, this narrative did fit with what I knew. I just had not known the other side story of how and why it happened.

“Wait…whaaat? You got to see them yourself?” Anuj exclaimed. “Why didn’t you say that in the first place instead of all those other stories?”

Bhola just smiled and leaned back in his chair, holding his whiskey glass.

“You gents weren’t believing me when I told you all those other simple stories. You would have believed me if I told you that right away?”

As I looked at him, I wondered what his underlying reasons were. Maybe he was just opening up slowly, giving more and more details as he got drunk. Or maybe he was just enjoying being the center of all the attention and embellishing the truth by inserting himself into incidents that he only heard about. There was no way to know for sure. I knew Neel still felt this was a tall tale. Ajay seemed to be really into it and wanted to believe it. Anuj seemed neutral.

I was the only one there who knew that the basic story he was telling us was true, even if the details might be somewhat inaccurate. Or at least I thought the details were a little bit inaccurate. How could I know? I only knew what Purva had told me. It was very possible that she had not told me the whole story. I realized that I had been only listening, not saying much, so I spoke up.

“Tell us, then. What happened next? What was your reward?”

Bhola took a long sip and looked at us happily. He definitely was relishing having us all hanging on his every word.

“So…Raghu went there with Rasul. And was gone for a long time, over half an hour. When he came back he looked so happy. We had to get back to work. So we did that and then I asked him to tell me what happened. First he teased me, saying I didn’t tell him my secret when I had it, so why should he tell me his secret? I cajoled and begged and he finally started talking. Here’s the story he told me, okay. I don’t know how true it was. But here’s how it went.”

“Why do you think it wasn’t all true?” Ajay piped up.

“Just listen. So here’s what he said, after making me promise not to tell anyone else. He and Rasul went there and rang the bell. Memsaab opened the door completely naked. She blushed on seeing them, but let them in. Then they both played with her tits and ass happily for a while. Then Rasul told her to make tea for them. And the memsaab, still naked, made tea while the two of them took turns playing with her tits. Raghu said she hugged them both many times, and they both played with her wet cunt. Then the tea was made. She served them the tea naked. And then sat on their laps naked as they drank the tea and played with her.”

“Fuck man, that is hot!!” Ajay said with some emotion.

“But you think that wasn’t true?” Anuj asked.

I was going to ask that if he hadn’t. From what I knew, things unfolded a bit differently. The idea that at that time, Purva was just happily prancing around naked in front of all and sundry, letting them finger her cunt, sitting on their laps…seemed a bit much. It just did not gel with her personality.

“Who knows? I think it was very much exaggerated.” Bhola said.


“Because when my turn came, things were a little different.”

“How so?”

“A couple of other guys visited her, came back soon looking very happy. An hour or so later, Sajid came up to me put his hand on my shoulder and said, if you want to go and enjoy yourself, you can, her door is unlocked. Just be nice. So I washed my hands and face and walked to the yellow house. I was feeling very nervous. I was a young man and still a virgin. The idea that the hot memsaab would welcome me into her home naked like Raghu said, was like a dream come true. When I went there, my heart was pounding against my chest. The door was ajar. I walked in. The house looked big and nice. I took a few steps and walked into the living room. And there was memsaab, lying down on the couch with her arm on her forehead and her legs spread.”

“Naked???” Ajay was so excited.

“No, not naked. Wearing a tank top and shorts. Her eyes were half closed. Her face was sweaty because it really was a hot day. And honestly, she just looked…tired. When I walked in, she opened her eyes and looked at me with a blank expression. Didn’t say a word. I didn’t know what to do. At that point of time, I had just heard what Raghu had said, so I expected her to be this willing and welcoming naked lady. Instead she was lying there almost motionless. I stared at her for a few seconds. Her top was drenched in sweat and I could see her nipples poking against it. I looked at her soft creamy legs extending out of her shorts and spread wide.”

“You fucked her!” Anuj said.

“No, saab.” Bhola said sharply. “I was just…confused. Finally she said in a tired voice, why are you here, did Rasul send you? I didn’t know what to say. She then said, if you are here for what everyone else has done, just get it done with, I am too tired from kitchen work right now. And then she quickly pulled up her top to expose her tits. Oh god, such beautiful tits I have never seen even in porn magazines or video clips. Big, perfectly shaped, with nice erect nipples. She was lying on her back, so they were sort of hanging off her sides a little bit. But they still looked perfect. Instantly I got on the floor next to her and grabbed them. She looked into my eyes with that tired expression and I held one boob in each hand and massaged them. Then she sighed when I licked her nipples. And her breathing seemed to get a little heavier as I kept playing with her boobs. Occasionally I ran my hands over her smooth flat stomach. That made her shiver. I tried to put my hands into her shorts but she sharply said ‘NO’ so I didn’t. Then she said, okay, enough, I have to get back to the kitchen. Obediently, I stood up. She rolled down her sweat soaked top and went to the kitchen. And I went back.”

Everyone heard that slightly anti-climactic narration.

“That actually sounds…believable.” Neel finally said.

“Well, it should, because it is true.” Bhola said. “Her attitude was so tired and disinterested that I was sure Raghu had been lying.”

“Or maybe she found Raghu handsome and you ugly.” Ajay said, and we all laughed, even the young driver.

“So tell me, Bhola. You said she was a housewife. Didn’t her husband find out?”

“No, he was too busy with work I think. We barely saw him. He used to leave for work early, and sometimes even go to work at night.” Bhola said.

“Ooooh…surely there are a lot of stories about what happened when he went to work at night.” Ajay said, excited.

Bhola looked at him and smiled. Then he looked at all of us.

“Another drink?” he held up his empty glass.

“Maybe you should take a break.” I said, not wanting him to pass out.

But Anuj was already refilling his glass. Bhola took a sip and continued.

“There is one interesting story like that. After her husband went to work at night.”

As soon as he said that, I felt a pit form in my stomach. For six years, I had wondered what happened on those nights that I had to go to office to attend calls. Purva always assured me that nothing happened. Apu was home after all, she indignantly said. What could she do. But her refusals had always struck me as a bit disingenuous. Now maybe I would find out something new. So I waited intently for him to elaborate.

Bhola took another long sip, and then swayed a little. He was drinking too fast. I was worried he might pass out any moment. So I gave him some snacks so there would be food in his system to absorb the alcohol.

“At night, we would all go back to our huts which were along the edge of the building site on the other side from where memsaab’s house was. But occasionally some of us would hang out in the building at night, drinking or playing cards. At such times, it was understood that we not bother the memsaab. We could look at her through any open windows, but her husband and son used to be home. And we didn’t want to ruin a good thing.”

“Yeah, if her husband found out, he would probably have gotten you all arrested.” Anuj said. I smiled at the irony in that comment.

“One night Raghu and I were sitting on the ground floor of the site, drinking and smoking, and looking at the house. We saw her have dinner with her family like every night. But then something interesting happened. The husband left the house and drove away. This intrigued Raghu. He was down a few drinks so it had made him even more reckless than usual. He said we should go over to her house. I asked if he had gone mad. What if the husband had just gone to buy milk or something. And what if Sajid found out? He was in his hut with his wife and kids. If he found out we had gone over without his permission, he would kick our asses.”

“Plus her son was home.” Neel said.

“That too. Raghu seemed convinced and dropped the idea. We sat there drinking and talking, watching as she cleaned the kitchen, then put her son to bed. We had seen this routine every night without disturbing her. Eventually the lights started being turned off one by one. Eventually we saw her head to the bedroom, which faced the site. Before she closed the window, she paused and noticed us sitting about 50 feet away. But in the darkness, I don’t think she could see who were were.”

He paused and looked at us, all listening intently. He smiled and took a big glug of the drink before continuing.

“Raghu was staring at the house. He then said it had been a long time since her husband left. Maybe she was alone for the night. I said so what? Her son was still there. And remember Sajid’s rules? I told him we had already gotten to see and do more than we could have dreamed of. So he should not do anything stupid. But by now, Raghu had gotten even more drunk. He said screw Sajid, who made him the boss? He then walked up and went towards the fence. I walked with him asking him what he was thinking. He said we know her routine, we know what she would do next. I said yes, we do, but don’t do anything stupid.”

“What would she do next?”

“There was a balcony attached to the bedroom. That’s where she would hang their clothes to dry every morning. And then every night, before sleeping, bring them in. So right on cue, the balcony door opened and she walked out. She saw Raghu and me standing by the fence, now just 20 feet away, and paused. I saw her frown a little at our unexpected presence. But ignoring us, she started taking the clothes down one by one. As she raised her arms to reach for the clothes, her big boobs swung up and down, reminding me of how perfect they were.”

“What was she wearing?”

“A blue western dress of some kind that she often wore. Came down to below her knees and had buttons in the front.”

I recognized what he was describing as one of the many housecoats Purva owned.

“Raghu was also staring at her with bloodshot eyes. She seemed a bit nervous at our unusual presence there at that time of the night, glancing at us a couple of times. Finally Raghu said loudly – where did your husband go? I was surprised at how loud he had been and looked around if anyone else was around. Her eyes also went wide in shock and she put her finger on the lip and softly said, not so loud. Raghu smiled and repeated the question in a softer voice. She said he had gone to office for some work. Raghu smiled and asked if we should come over. She looked horrified and said, don’t be insane, come tomorrow in the day time if you must.”

“Haha, what a slut.” Ajay chuckled.

“Anyway, she took down about half the clothes and walked inside to put them away. That’s when Raghu made an impulsive decision. Even as I tried to tell him to stop, he started scaling the fence and jumped over to the other side. When she came back out to the balcony to gather the rest of the clothes, that guy was standing in front of the balcony. She saw him and let out a soft shriek. And then said, what are you doing? He said please memsaab, I can’t sleep. I think about you all the time. What is so great about that old fart Sajid? Give me a chance too. She looked angry and said, you are drunk. I can smell the alcohol on your breath. Then she looked at me and said, you seem sensible, please talk some sense into him. I tried. I said to Raghu don’t be stupid. But he was already trying to climb into the balcony, which was only a little bit elevated from the ground.”

“Oh wow! Things are getting very dramatic!” Neel said, sounding a little skeptical.

“Sab, you haven’t heard the half of it. Memsaab tried to push him off the balcony but he managed to climb in anyway. And that’s when I heard the sound of a vehicle. I had heard it pass by every night so I knew what it was. I said, police patrol! That made Raghu and memsaab both panic. The cops patrolled that area slowly every night flashing their torches all around, making sure nothing untoward was happening. In a few seconds, the police jeep would be close to where we were. They would see a laborer in a balcony with a memsaab and definitely stop to ask questions.”

“Oh of course. Now police enter the picture. They also joined in to fondle the housewife? This is starting to sound like a low budget porno.” Neel derisively laughed.

“No, they did not join in. Luckily, memsaab thought fast. She realized that opening the door, walking into the bedroom and closing the door would take too long. So she ducked down to hide from sight and pulled Raghu down with her. I instantly backtracked a few steps and turned to face away from the house. But sure enough, the cops saw me and I felt the torch light in my face. The jeep stopped. The sub-inspector asked, who are you and what are you doing? I told him I worked on the construction site and I was just taking a walk. He wasn’t immediately convinced. So I had to go over to the jeep, talk to them and convince them I wasn’t some thief looking to rob the house. Luckily one of the constables in the jeep remembered seeing me around so he was able to confirm my story. That took a few minutes.”

“What was happening in the balcony?” Ajay asked in an eager voice.

“Hehehe, exactly. What was happening in the balcony is what I was also thinking?” Bhola said, taking a long pause for dramatic effect.

“Tell us!” Anuj and Ajay said in chorus. I found my own voice echoing the request.

“Okay, okay, I will tell you. The police were finally convinced that I wasn’t a thief. But they warned me to not hang around and told me to go to bed. And as if to make sure, they stayed there. I was so torn. I wanted to find out what was happening with Raghu and memsaab. But I could not disobey the police. So I walked towards the hut. But then I had an idea. After I reached a point from where the cops could not see me, I made my way to the stairs in the back. And crouching, I went up to the second floor. I crawled to the edge from where I could look down into the balcony. And guess what I saw?”

“They were fucking on the balcony floor!” Ajay loudly said, clapping his hands.

“Yes, they were!” Bhola triumphantly said.

My heart sank a little as I heard that last line. Part of me was skeptical like Neel if this was true. But part of me also wanted to believe it to be true. It sounded so hot and perverted, my wife getting banged by yet another laborer in the middle of the night, hiding from the police, that maybe that’s why she never told me about it. It was too risky. Many elements of the story checked out. Purva did end the night by bringing in the clothes and putting them away. We did have a balcony attached to the bedroom facing the fence. And the police car did do that slow patrol every night, since there had been a few robberies a few months before that.

“Details, Bhola, details!” Ajay begged.

“Memsaab was on her back, her housecoat completely unbuttoned. Raghu later told me that as they crouched, he started folding her and unbuttoning the coat, and although she resisted at first, she eventually gave in. He says that she then reached for his crotch and fished his dick out of his pants. And then asked him to fuck her. I don’t know how true that is. My guess is, he took a chance and she was too awed by the situation to say no. Whatever the reality of how it started, by the time I saw them, her legs were locked around his waist as he was banging her in slow deep strokes. She had one hand on the back of his head, which meant she wasn’t being forced. And her other hand was covering her mouth so she didn’t make a noise loud enough for the cops to hear.”

“Fuck man! A night romp in the balcony. Too good!” Ajay said. My dick was agreeing, because I was visualizing all this and sporting an erection that I had to hide with my pillow.


“I stayed there watching Raghu and memsaab go at it. Initially I had thought that Raghu had forced himself on her, and given the danger of being found by the police, she had reluctantly given in. But the more I watched, the more it became clear that the seemingly shy and demure housewife was a sex-starved slut. She was really enjoying getting fucked by him. Even from that high up, I could see that she was thrusting back against his thrusts. Occasionally she would kiss him, run her fingers through his hair, feel his back and chest. I suppose compared to old Sajid, the young buck Raghu was giving her more pleasure.”

“Did she see you watching her?” Neel asked.

“Yes, in a couple of minutes, she noticed me watching. Our eyes locked. She looked a little embarrassed. But it didn’t seem to change anything. If anything, she seemed to enjoy having an audience. I could see Raghu’s naked ass flexing and unflexing as he pounded her cunt. And her toes kept curling and uncurling in pleasure. Finally Raghu’s ass flexed one last time and for several seconds and I assumed he was pumping his seed into her. And then the expression on her face changed. She seemed really horrified by that and kept trying to push him off, but he was too strong. When he finally got off her, she seemed really upset. I could see her angrily saying something to him as she opened the door and walked inside, but he was laughing. He tried to go in behind her but she pushed him away. Finally he shrugged, pulled up his pants, and hopped back to the site after a short argument.”

“What was the argument about?” Anuj asked, although I suspected I knew the answer.

“Raghu told me she was angry because he had cum inside her although she had told him not to. He seemed really pleased about it.”

“Maybe he knocked her up.” Ajay chuckled. And I cringed.

“So did you have a go at her next?” Anuj asked.

“No. Not at that time.” he said, his voice trailing off. It seemed like he was about to pass out.

“Hey, wake up!” Ajay loudly clapped and Bhola opened his eyes wide.

“Sorry. I am very sleepy.” he said.

“What happened next? Did you try your luck?”

“I was tempted to, but Raghu said I should let her cool off. She was really angry. And then he started describing the sex in great detail. I felt jealous of the asshole. I had been the nice sensible guy following the rules. He had been an overbearing bully…” his voice trailed off again.

“And yet he got to bang the hottie and you were left with blue balls.” Ajay started laughing. Bhola just smiled and shrugged.

“Raghu and I talked about how to handle this. Obviously, there was no way we could tell Sajid or Rasul or anyone else about this. But what if she told them? The more we talked about it, the more scared Raghu got. He had broken the biggest rule of the game. And to make matters worse, had gotten her angry. He was sure she would tell Sajid and then he and his friends would thrash him. The next morning when I woke up, Raghu was gone!”


“Gone! His clothes, his bedding, everything was gone. He had disappeared while I slept. Sajid found it odd and asked me about it because he knew we were close. I made up some story about him getting a telegram about his mother being sick. But I am not a great liar, so Sajid didn’t sound too convinced. And his suspicions must have grown when we all visited memsaab in the morning for the usual tea break and fondling. She seemed in a very nervous mood herself. Usually she never spoke to anyone but Sajid and Rasul. but this time, she kept making eye contact with me. And seemed to have noticed that Raghu wasn’t there.”

“Did she tell Sajid eventually?”

“No, I think she was scared of him too. At one point when everyone was sitting in the living room talking but she was in the kitchen, I got up and collected the cups. I thought it would be an excuse to talk to her quickly. Sajid saw what I was doing and asked, going for a grope? I nodded. He said remember, stay above the waist. My hands were almost shaking when I went into the kitchen.”

“What was she wearing?” Ajay asked, ever interested in details.

“She was wearing a blouse but with the bottom tied in a knot instead of buttoning it up, like fisherwomen do. No bra. And below the waist, she was wearing a short skirt that had given us glimpses of her panties all day. When I walked in, she was chopping vegetables. She saw me and gave me a meaningful look. I put the cups in the sink. She quickly looked around to make sure we were alone and then whispered, does he know? I shook my head. Then she said, where is the other guy? I asked who, Raghu? She said I don’t know his name…the guy from last night.”

“Damn! She didn’t even know his name but let him fuck her!” Anuj said.

“I told her he had disappeared. Probably gone to his village. She nodded and asked me, are you telling Sajid? I was about to say, no, I won’t. But then something inside me clicked and I said, why shouldn’t I? And then I slipped a hand into her blouse and tweaked her nipple. She sighed and said, there will be unnecessary complications. Hearing her worried tone made me realize how wrong I had been. I thought she would tell him. Instead, she seemed desperate to keep it a secret.”

“Ah ha! Bhola has leverage!” Ajay said.

“What?” the driver asked in confusion.

“Something to hold over her head. Negotiate with.” Anuj explained.

“Hehe, yes.” Bhola said and almost blushed.

“So…what did you do?”

“I said I would think about it. Then, not wanting to make Sajid suspicious by staying in too long, I fondled her boobs a little more and then left the kitchen.”

“What next?” Ajay eagerly asked. I was curious too.

“That was the day I grew up, saab. In more ways than one.” he slurred heavily and downed his drink. He was in quite a mood now.

“Explain!” Anuj said.

“I realized that to get what I want, I need to be aggressive and think like one of those guys. So that day, it was the same as usual. After we all left, we could go in ones and twos for short breaks to feel her up. The rule was again, stay above the waist. But I knew I had what you call leverage. So I didn’t want to go with someone. I waited for a couple of hours until Sajid and Rasul had to work on a slab that they couldn’t take a break from. And then I slipped away alone and went to the house, making sure no one was watching me.”

“Go Bhola!” Ajay cheered.

“The door wasn’t unlocked this time. I rang the bell. Memsaab answered, still in that tied up blouse and the short skirt. She saw me and then looked around, and asked if I was alone. I nodded and she let me in. I had been preparing myself to be bold like those other guys. So I wrapped my arms around her and put my hands on her ample ass. She squirmed but didn’t push me away. She asked if I had thought about what we discussed earlier. I responded by putting my hand under her skirt and stroking her panties. That made my dick get hard and it pressed against her thigh. She looked into my eyes and said, please not this. This just makes things worse. I said, not for me.”

“Damn!” one of the guys said.

“She was breathing heavily as I fondled her ass and then started pushing her panties down. With one hand she grabbed the panties and said, what if someone comes over. I told her everyone is busy. And then I kissed her. She seemed a little surprised, but soon kissed me back. She broke the kiss and asked, what is your name? I told her and she laughed saying I was not being very bhola. By then she had let me lower her panties. The skirt went next. And I got a full view of her smooth round naked ass. This gorgeous memsaab was in my arms, wearing just a knotted up blouse.”

‘”Fuck, that’s hot.” Neel said, squirming uncomfortably and reaching for a pillow.

“I took my dick out of my pants and then reached for her pussy and put my finger inside her. The first ever cunt I had put my fingers in. It was so wet and warm and squishy. She moaned, then then took a step back. Wait, not again, she said and ran towards the bedroom. I grabbed at her like an animal thinking she was refusing me. I ran behind her, catching up with her and grabbing her by her naked waist. Wait, she said again, halfway to the bedroom. Just be a little patient. But I was in no mood to listen. Or rather my virgin dick was in no mood to listen. I kept trying to mount her and she kept trying to run away. Finally we were in her bedroom when I knocked her down. She was on all fours, in perfect position for me to mount. I got on my knees behind her and was about to ram by dick inside when she reached for a drawer and said, put this on.”

“Condom?” I asked, feeling a little relieved.

“Yes.” he smiled.

“It took a lot of self control to agree to her request and put that condom on. But I knew it was the right thing to do. While I slipped the condom on, memsaab started untying her blouse. And soon she was fully naked.” he sighed.

“Tell me you banged that slut hard.” Ajay said loudly.

“As hard as I could. Long and hard.” he said proudly.

“But you said you were a virgin.” Neel sarcastically said.

Bhola smiled at him and nodded.

“Fine, you caught me in a lie. I banged her hard but not very long. I was a virgin so in barely 10 strokes, I was cumming inside the condom in her cunt. It was still amazing.” he said. “She was a little amused by how quickly I came. I was breathless. She sat on the floor naked smiling. I said I had been waiting to do this since the first time I saw her and Sajid having fun through top window. She sounded confused, and said, she always closed windows before that. I said yes, but there it that top part of the window. I pointed to the one in the bedroom. And then I felt a shiver run down my spine. Through it, I could see a couple of Sajid’s friends watching us. And in a few seconds, I saw an angry Sajid join them and look at us.”

“Uh oh!” Neel said. “Another twist.”

“What did you do?” Ajay asked.

“I was about ready to pee my pants but I wasn’t wearing my pants. I quickly pulled them up. Memsaab had realized what had happened and her face was as white as a ghost. She started babbling some English curse words like fuck fuck and started putting clothes on. I ran to the window, opened it and saw that Sajid and his guys were running down the stairs. I was probably going to get thrashed by them. I ran to the front door, opened it, and saw they were close. So I ran to the kitchen and picked up the first knife I could find. Memsaab meanwhile came out fully clothed and looking terrified.”

“A knife?”

“For self-defense. I had left the door unlocked. Sajid and his guys barged in angrily. He saw me holding the knife and said, you traitorous snake, put that knife down and face me like a man. I shook my head and held up the knife. He then yelled at memsaab, you slut, how many times I have told you that your ass belongs to me? She said sorry, but he forced himself on me. One of his lackeys said, no, we saw that she was happily getting fucked. Even gave him a condom. In this commotion, I was inching towards the door with my knife in front of me. Sajid was focused on memsaab. He said, what do I have to do to remind you that you belong to me? Tattoo my name on your ass? She was crying and saying sorry. By then I reached the door, stepped out and ran. Ran like hell.”

“Ran where?”

“Just anywhere I could, as far away from there. A couple of those guys ran behind me, but soon gave up. I ran until I saw a city bus. Got on it, went to the train station. And used whatever money I had in my pocket to buy a ticket on the next train.”

He fell silent.

“That’s it?” Neel asked derisively. “No aliens or monsters or zombies in your story?”

“That is the end, saab.” he said, sounding very sleepy and closed his eyes.

“Very nice story. Completely made up I am sure, but very nice.” Neel said.

In response, Bhola snored.

“Bhola! Don’t pass out!” Ajay shook the wiry young guy.

“Hmmmmm?” he said, with half closed eyes. But then his head rolled back again.

The guy had downed so much whiskey that it was a miracle he had stayed awake as long as he had.

“Hello, wake up!!” Ajay slapped his cheek a couple of times.

But it was no use. The guy had passed out.

“That was quite a yarn he spun.” Neel said, getting up and sitting on the bed.

“You think it was all made up?” Anuj asked.

“No way.” Ajay said, really wanting to believe.

“Come on, give me a break. It sounded like something out of a cheap porno novel. He probably read one of those. And kept feeding us the plot piece by piece.”

“It did sound far-fetched.” I said, not wanting to be the only one left out of opining on it. Although I was still in a bit of an emotional flux about this latest story.

“You guys live such sheltered lives. You don’t know the kind of stuff that goes on with lonely housewives.” Ajay said, refusing to let go of his conviction.

“Whatever.” Neel did not seem like he wanted to argue about this. “It’s very late. I am going to sleep.”

“Me too.” Anuj said.

Pretty soon we were all in bed, with Bhola snoring in a sitting position on the chair. I had trouble sleeping. I did not know what to make of all this new information. I did not know how much to believe. And I did not know whether to tell Purva about all this and ask her to either confirm or deny certain things. Although it was a fun and exciting phase of our life, we had moved on and Purva did not like it if I brought it up. So I wasn’t sure if I could ask her many new questions that popped up in my head.

While Neel was right that many elements of the story sounded fantastical, only I knew that some details were true. For example he mentioned Sajid said something about tattooing his name on her ass. Is that why that had happened? She had “cheated” on Sajid and he had punished her by marking her in that way? And she felt ashamed about how vulnerable and promiscuous she had been with Raghu and Bhola, so she didn’t tell me about them. But why would she hide it?

And the biggest question of them all. I picked up my phone and looked at the photo of my boys. Sameer didn’t look like either of us. Purva had steadfastly maintained that every time she had sex with Sajid, it was with condoms. I had some doubts but I obviously had never voiced them. Even when she became pregnant just a month after all those events. But if what Bhola said was true, could he actually be the son of that guy named Raghu?

I was wide awake when everyone else woke up.

Bhola in the morning was badly hungover. And was a completely different person. When Ajay asked him for more details on the story, he feigned ignorance. When we told him about what he had said, he laughed and said he must have gotten drunk and babbled something.

“You just used a plot of some porno movie to entertain us, right?” Neel asked.

“Yes, saab.” Bhola laconically said.

“Oh come on, all that was fiction?” Ajay sounded distraught.

Bhola shrugged and went to fetch the car. It was pretty early but we wanted to get back before rush hour traffic started.

As he drove us back to Delhi, Bhola kept being bombarded with questions by Ajay. But he stuck with the excuse that Neel had unwittingly provided him. He got drunk, carried away, and just made up a story to entertain us. Finally, Ajay gave up and everyone was silent.

Bhola was driving. I was in the passenger seat next to him. We were about half an hour from Delhi. My phone was on the seat next to me. And then it started ringing.

It was my wife calling from her mobile. The sound made Bhola instinctively look at the phone. He saw the picture displayed as the phone rang. His eyes grew large and wide as he recognized it and then looked at me.

“Eyes on the road.” I said and answered the phone. “Hi Purva.”

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