Quarantined with Friends

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*Bling* I look down at my phone to see who has texted me. I open up the messaging app and see it’s from my boss. “What could these be about?” I mutter to myself. I open my bosses text message and read, “Hey, John, until further notice, we need you to work from home. Washington Financing has put into place a WFH order for all employees until the end of March. We’ll update you when anything else has been decided. If you have any questions, feel free to text or call me. Thanks!” I exit out of the messaging app and turn off my phone.

“Hey babe,” I yell from the front room. “I’m working from home for the next couple weeks.” Danielle walks out to the front room and comes and hugs me.

“I’m so glad you’re going to be safe,” she starts to tear up. “I just have a really bad feeling about this virus, that’s all.” She grabs a tissue and wipes her tears. “Since we’re both working from home now, how do you feel about moving to our “safe” house. We already have a few months supply of food and toilet paper. I feel like we’re really going to need all that toilet paper.” She looks at me with pleading eyes.

I chuckle and give her another hug. “If that’s what you want hun, I’m completely fine with that. At least we’ll be away from everyone.” I give her a kiss and we both go off to start packing.

Three hours later and we have the trailer packed with our stock of food and supplies from our main home (another three months worth) and whatever clothing we might need. We lock up the house and get in the truck. “In two hours we’ll be safe and sound in the mountains, just the two of us. It’ll be a nice little vacation, minus the working from home.” Danielle leans over and gives me a kiss and I start the engine. “Here we go!” I pull out of the driveway and head on our way.

Half way through the trip, I feel my wife’s hand on my leg. I look over at her and she just smiles at me. She moves her hand up a little and I can start to feel a stirring in my cock. “Hunny, are you sure about this? It’s the middle of the day and anyone could see.” She just raises both her eyebrows and proceeds to move her hand to my zipper and unzips my pants. My cock is now fully hard at 8 inches and waiting for her to release it from my boxers. She then unbuttons my pants button and reaches down my boxers and grabs my cock and pulls it out of the boxers.

“Oh wow,” she says wide-eyed and all smiles. “Just the thought of this turns you on huh babe?” She starts to slowly stroke my cock as I mumble “mmhmm” to her. A couple minutes of this slow stroking and she starts to speed up. I have to remember to keep my eyes on the road as I keep swerving a little into the other lane.

“Holy shit baby, have I ever told you how good you are at handjobs?” She nods her head up and down and keeps stroking, going a little faster now. Her hands are so smooth and small that she has a hard time gripping the full girth of my cock. I feel my climax coming on. “Oh God, I’m about to cum.” She stops stroking, unbuckles her seat belt, and leans over. She sticks my cock in her mouth and proceeds to finish me off by blowing me. It doesn’t take long as I gush stream after stream of cum into her mouth. Again, I have to swerve back into my lane as I almost run another car off the road. After I’m done cumming into her mouth, she pulls my cock out and licks the tip of my cock to get any excess cum seeping out.

“How’d you like that baby?” She sits back into her seat and buckles back up. She licks her lips as she looks at me.

“That was fantastic!” I exclaim. “I think the risk of that made me cum so hard. You are by far the sexiest lady I know.” I start to put my cock back in my pants but I’m stopped by my wife.

“I want to hold on to it the rest of the trip,” she reaches over and grabs a hold of it again and holds on to it the rest of the way. About an hour later and two more handjobs, we make it to our house in the mountains.

“We need to take more trips like that,” I say to her as I turn off the truck. I lean over and kiss her on the lips and then proceed to put my cock back in my pants. I get out of the truck and open up the trailer. We finish unloading and go inside to set up everything. I start to unpack one of the boxes and look up as Danielle is walking in from the hallway. She’s completely naked. Her perfect 36DDD tits are hanging loose and her perfectly shaven pussy is looking scrumptious. “Wow, babe, you’re looking great as usual.” I’ve cum three times today but I can already feel my cock growing again.

“I figured since there’s no one around for miles, we could unpack naked,” she smiles and winks at me. I don’t waste any time and proceed to strip naked. My cock is fully hard again and it whips right out when I take off my boxers. “Wow, hunny, three times and you still get hard at the site of my body.” She walks over to me, turns around and bends over. I grab my cock and stick it in her pussy. She’s so wet it slips right in with ease. I thrust into her slowly and then begin to ram her pussy back and forth. I’m so turned on that it only takes me about 5 minutes before I’m cumming in her pussy. I pull out and turn her around and kiss her. “I think that’s a new record for one day,” she says as she kneels down to lick my cock clean. She gets back up and we start to unpack.

2 weeks later.

*Bling, bling. Bling, bling* I rush over to the phone and pick it up. “Hello, this is John.”

“Hey, John. It’s Ronnie.” We proceed to talk for a little bit. After a few minutes Ronnie says, “So, our kids are stuck in Europe with their grandparents. Our fucktard of a president won’t allow them to come back because of this whole virus thing. Since they can’t come home, we’re bored off our asses here. Do you mind if we come over and hang out a little bit.”

“Dude, I wish we could but we went to our secondary house to get away from everything.” I think on it a little while and then come up with an idea. “Hey, since your kids are going to be gone for probably quite awhile, why don’t you guys come stay with us until they’re back. Just pack up whatever food and supplies you need. We have an extra bedroom. It would be perfect! Danielle’s been saying she wishes she had another female here.”

“Dude, that’s fuckin’ awesome,” I hear him yell to Rosie to pack up her things and get ready to leave. “Text me the address and we’ll be there. This is great!” We hang up and I instantly text him the address. I go to the bedroom and wake Danielle up.

“Guess what hunny,” I wait till she’s sitting up. “Rosie and Ronnie are coming to stay with us!” She jumps out of bed, still naked, and gives me a big hug.

“Oh my god,” she exclaims. “I’m so excited! I need to get ready.” She rushes out of the room and into the bathroom. *Well, I guess I better get dressed. Shit, I won’t be able to be naked with them here now. Fuck!* I dwell on it a little but then go and find some clothes.

About 5 hours later, I hear a honk outside. “Babe, I think they’re here.” I go and open the front door and as I expected, they’re pulling into the driveway. I head out to greet them with Danielle close behind. “Ronnie, my man,” I say as I get close to the vehicle. I give him a handshake hug and proceed to look over at Rosie. *Holy shit, she’s looking fine as ever* She’s wearing a super low-cut tank top exposing a lot of cleavage and super short shorts exposing the bottom of her ass cheeks. I wave at her as she gets out of the vehicle. Danielle runs up to her and gives her a hug. “You two go inside and get caught up. Ronnie and I will unload the vehicle.” Danielle and Rosie head inside and I help Ronnie unload. “Dude, I’m so excited you guys are here. It gets kinda boring with just the two of us.”

“I’m excited too dude,” Ronnie responds. “We miss the kids but we couldn’t be stuck in the house.” We finish unpacking and head inside with the wives.

“So, now that we’re all unpacked,” I look over at the girls and see they both already have glasses of wine. “What should we do first? I’m sure Danielle has already showed Rosie your guyses room.” Danielle nods her head up and down and takes another drink.

“What about a game?” Ronnie asks, grabbing a deck of cards from the kitchen counter. “I’ve been practicing up on my poker skills, Texas Hold’em style.” He grabs a beer for himself and one for me from the fridge and sits on the couch next to his wife.

Rosie giggles. “Strip poker?” She asks still giggling. I look at Danielle and we both shrug.

“That’s fine with us,” answers Danielle and I nob my head yes without saying anything.

“Wow, Rosie,” exclaims Ronnie. “How strong is that wine? I guess if everyone else is fine with it, I am. First off, the rules. If you lose the hand, you take off an article of clothing. If you fold two times in a row, you take off an article of clothing. That’s about it.” He opens the deck of cards and starts to deal out everyone’s hands. I get a King of Hearts and a Queen of Spades. All of us call for the first round and Ronnie flips over three cards: a Two of Clubs, Five of Clubs, and a King of Clubs. I call, Ronnie calls, Rosie calls, and Danielle folds. Next card is Queen of Diamonds. Everyone calls again. Final card is turned over and it’s a King of Diamonds. *Yes,* I think as I now have a full house. I, of course, call and Ronnie calls but Rosie folds.

I flip over my hand. “Full house, Kings over Queens. Beat that Ronnie!” Ronnie flips over his hand and he’s only got a three of a kind. “Yes, I win. Take off something Ronnie.” Ronnie proceeds to take off one of his shoes and we continue playing that game. The next rounds go: Danielle and Rosie losing and taking off a flip flop each, Ronnie losing again and taking off his other shoe, me losing three rounds in a row and taking off both shoes and a sock, Rosie losing two rounds and taking off her other flip flop and her shorts. She’s wearing a lace pair of panties that are pretty much see through besides around the pussy area.

“It would be my wife losing her clothes the fastest,” he chuckles and deals out the next hand. Ronnie loses the next three hands and ends up taking off his two socks and his t-shirt.

“Karma sucks, huh Ronnie,” I laugh and take a drink of my beer. Ronnie keeps dealing and Danielle loses the next hand, taking off her other flip flop. Ronnie loses another hand taking off his pants, leaving him with just his boxers. The next two hands I lose and I take off my other sock and my shirt. Danielle loses one and loses another one along with Rosie. Danielle takes off her pants revealing a bright pink thong and her shirt revealing a very tight fitting bra barely keeping in her huge tits. I catch Ronnie looking but don’t say anything as I stare at Rosie as she takes off her shirt revealing her big, but smaller than Danielle’s, tits, barely being contained by her bra as well. The game keeps going as Ronnie deals another hand. All of us lose except for Ronnie so I remove my pants, not know the tip of my now erect cock is sticking out the top of my boxers. Danielle removes her thong and Rosie removes her bra. *God damn, Rosie’s got some great tits.*

Now we’re all down to one article of clothing as Ronnie and I both have our boxers on, Rosie has her panties on, and Danielle has her bra on. “How about this, no one folds and winner doesn’t have to remove their last article of clothing?” Everyone agrees and Ronnie deals out the last hands. I end up getting a Three of Diamonds and an Eight of Hearts. Ronnie flips over three cards: an Ace of Clubs, Ten of Spades, and an Eight of Diamonds. He flips over the last two: a King of Hearts and a Jack of Spades. “Well fuck, I lost this one.” I flip over my hand and show the group. Rosie flips over hers and shows a pair of Tens and Ronnie reveals three Eights. Last, Danielle flips over her hand to reveal a straight, King of Hearts down to 10 of Spades.

“Well it looks like my wife wins,” I say as I start to take my boxers off. My fully erect cock flings out of my boxers and I notice Rosie staring wide eyed. Ronnie then whips out his slightly smaller cock and takes his boxers off the rest of the way. Lastly, Rosie turns away from us and slowly takes off her panties. She’s got the most perfect, round ass I’ve ever seen.

“Damn Rosie, great ass! I feel bad though,” Danielle says after we all got naked. “I’m gonna be a good sport and take my bra off since everyone else is naked.” She proceeds to take her bra off and her massive boobs fall out. Again, I see Ronnie checking them out and I’m pretty sure his cock got a little harder. I smile though because I was checking Rosie out as well.

“Well, good game guys,” Ronnie hastily says and grabs Rosie’s hand. “I think it’s bed time for us.” Rosie tries to pull away but Ronnie holds on. “Come on Rosie, that drive was a long one and I’m exhausted.” He tries to hint to her what he wants by slightly nodding his head to the bedroom. Rosie picks up the hint and we all say our goodnight. Rosie and Ronnie head to their bedroom and Danielle and I both have the same thing in mind and we head to our bedroom as well. When we get there, I open the custom built armoire to reveal a 55 inch TV. I switch on the TV and hit the input button on the remote until I’m to the security cameras. I then proceed to flip through the cameras until I’m to the one of Ronnie and Rosie’s room. I turn on the sound and we listen.

“…Danielle’s tits,” Ronnie says excitedly. “They’re huge!”

“I know right,” Rosie responds. “I thought mine were big but she’s two Ds bigger than me. I’m kinda jealous. And did you see John’s dick, huge too. How were they so blessed?”

“Well you have an amazing ass,” Ronnie says as he walks over and squeezes it. “I saw John checking you out all over and I’m pretty sure Danielle wanted to grab your ass as well.” I look over at Danielle and she just nods her head in agreement. All of a sudden, Rosie gets on her knees, grabs Ronnie’s cock and puts it in her mouth. “I’m so glad you picked up on what I was saying out there.” At that moment, I feel lips on my cock as well and I look down and Danielle’s got my cock her mouth.

“You keep watching babe,” she says in between sucks. I do as she says and watch as Rosie is now deepthroating Ronnie. At this rate, I don’t know how long I’ll last. Danielle pulls my cock out and licks the tip while fondling with my balls. She then sticks it back in and deepthroats all 8 inches. I look back at the screen and Ronnie has now got Rosie bent over the bed as he fucks her from behind. Danielle stands up and takes me to the side of the bed and lays me down with my legs hanging over the side. She then kneels back down and sticks my cock in between my her tits and proceeds to titty fuck my cock. I turn my head to the TV and Ronnie is now thrusting fast and hard into Rosie from behind still. As I look at Rosie, I notice her tits swinging forward and back. Between Rosie’s tits swinging and my cock getting titty fucked, I start to shoot strands of cum all over Danielle’s tits, chest, and one shot hits her in the chin.

“Damn, hunny, I’m sorry.” I apologize. “You titty fucking me and watching them at the same time just caused me to lose it.”

“That’s alright babe,” she stands up and then lays on the bed. “You can eat me out now while I watch them.” I get up off the bed and take my turn kneeling in front of her. I start slowly tonguing her very wet pussy making her moan. I keep doing this as she watches Ronnie flip Rosie over on the bed and start to fuck her missionary style. I stick my tongue in deeper making her moan louder. “I forgot how good you are with that tongue,” she says, moaning some more. I take a second to look up from her pussy and watch as Ronnie starts to cum all over Rosie’s stomach. After he’s finished cumming he kneels down and proceeds to eat her out as well.

Both Ronnie and I keep eating out our wives for quite awhile. Normally I can get Danielle off quicker than this but she seems to be holding it in. I stick my middle in her pussy and start to finger her as well as thrusting my tongue in and out and playing with her clit. A few more moments and she starts to spasm and then she starts to moan. I hear another loud moaning from the TV and look up and notice Rosie orgasming at the same time. *So that’s what Danielle was waiting for* I look at her after she’s done spasming and she just smirks at me. I get on the bed next to her and place my arm around her and grab one of her tits.

Soon after we both drift off to sleep.

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