Raped teacher

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Brenda had taken A foreign language in college and could speak fluently so when she saw an advertisement for English teachers for that, she applied and was accepted.

She enjoyed teaching but she hadn’t considered that the traditional culture put women subservient to men and some still thought that way. The boys in her classes were mostly respectful, but in every class there were several who treated her with disdain. And to make matters worse, she was a foreigner.

They would obviously stare at her tits and ass and ‘accidentally’ brush against her or touch her when she passed their desk.

She complained to the headmaster but he told her it was just “boys being boys” and that they wouldn’t do anything harmful.

As time went by the students became bolder and would actually pat her ass when she was near. She went to the headmaster again and he said he would observe her classes with the department head.

The following Monday the two came to her class and stood in the rear.

Brenda moved around the room and one of the bully boys grabbed her ass as she walked by.

“See, that’s what I told you!”

The headmaster chuckled and said, “is that all they’re doing? Don’t be a prude. They’re just having a bit of fun.”

She stared at him, shocked by what he said!

“But, he grabbed my rear!”

“You mean he grabbed your ass? I would think a teacher would use the proper terms!”

She didn’t know how to respond to that. She needed this job so she just continued.

A short time later a student reached under her dress as she stood by his desk and grabbed her pussy.

“Will you do something now?”

“I will excuse you because you’re a foreign person but in This country when a male wants to grab or fondle or even fuck a woman, she must submit!”

She was beyond shocked! No one had informed her of this when she interviewed and she thought it was probably unique to this school.

She decided that she would quit and informed him, “I can’t stay here under these rules! I quit!”

The headmaster laughed, “great! But first you will submit to whoever wants to have you!”

She turned and tried to run for the door, but several students in the front of the room blocked her path.

She went behind her desk and pleaded, “please don’t do this! I just want to leave. I don’t want to get hurt! Oh god, please!”

The two men and the boys surrounded her and then grabbed her. They held her arms and lifted her onto the desk. Hands pawed at her body and ripped her clothes off. She struggled but there were too many of them.

She laid on the desk in just her bra and panties. Then her panties were ripped off.

She was sobbing as the boys explored every inch of her body. Her nipples were pinched and pulled. Her legs were spread painfully. Fingers were shoved into her pussy!

The headmaster told the boys, “hold her down, I’m going to fuck this bitch first!”

They held her while he pulled his pants down. She panicked when she saw his huge cock! She jerked around, trying to get free.

“Never seen a cock this big? Wait until you feel it stretching your cunt!”

His cock was at least a foot long and big around as a soda can.

The boys held her legs spread while the headmaster stepped up to her and put his cock head on her cunt. He pushed in about an inch.

“Come on boys, gather around and watch her cunt stretched around my cock!”

“Oh god, please! It hurts! You’re too big!”

“Shut up bitch. Someone put a cock in her mouth to shut her up!”

The department head stepped up to her head, telling the students that were holding her head, “open her mouth.”

They pulled her jaws apart and the man slid his cock in. He pushed it all the way down her throat.

She gagged and then vomited All over him and the desk.

He jumped back and shouted, “you dirty bitch! Grab her and move her to the gym, there’s more room there.”

They carried her to the gym and laid her on a bench. The headmaster shoved his cock back in to the hilt. She moaned as her cunt was stretched around the organ. The department head had the boys pull her mouth open again.

“You’d better not puke again, bitch! I’ll hurt you bad if you do.”

She was defeated by now and just laid limp on the bench as the men hammered her with powerful strokes making her body jerk each time they slammed into her. Her legs flopped around loosely and she no longer had to be held. The boys were masturbating as they watched.

One of the boys yelled, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum on her face! Cum all over her!”

The boy went to the front of the bench and spurted on her cheek. Then on her forehead. Another boy stepped up and added his cum to her face. One or two boys came on her face until they had all cum on her. Her face was covered in sticky sperm when they finished. Then the department head started spewing long ropes of cum into her mouth!

She almost puked again but swallowed just in time.

Then the headmaster said, “get ready bitch, I’m gonna fill your cunt with my cum!”

When he was done each student took a turn fucking her.

When they were all finished the headmaster locked her in a locker room. They kept her there for months, abusing her every day.

They finally got tired of her and sold her to a whorehouse. She died of a std after a few years there.

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