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Revenge & Humilation Chapter 1

102 Min Read

Arun “odd lag raha tha? Who kyu? Arey yaha larkiya topless ghumti hai beach pe and tumhe bra and panty mein sharam aa rahi hai”. Arun purposely used the word bra and panty as he thought it was now time to get bolder with his sister.
Puja “topless?”
Arun “aur nahi to kya, kuch to infact panty bhi nahi pehnti and puri nangi ghumti hai.” He now slowly wanted to start sexual talks with puja as his next step towards seduction.
Puja “chi bhaiya, kya bol rahe ho, aisa nhai ho sakta, aap jhuth bol rahe ho”
Arun “aach amein jhuth bol raha hu? Ek kaam karo khud hee chal kar dekh lo”
And they both reach the beach and ldmire the beauty of the beach.
Puja “wowo bhaiya its so exotic, so nice”
Arun “yar beach ko choro, udhar dekho waha, dekho waha un larkiyon ki group ko. Dekho 7-8 larkiya hai and all r topless, ab batao was I lying?”
Puja looks in the direction and notices a grp of girls walking topless , she could not believe what she was seeing, how could girls be so shameless. (little did she knew at this point that one day she would do the same to humiliate her husband ajay).
Arun “dekha na and udhar dekho waha bhi, topless babes, waha yaar jannat hai ye to, mein to khub maje karunga, acha hua teri bhabhi nahi aayi yaha. And ab to ye scarf hata de tu” and saying so he pulls away her scarf.
Puja “arey bhaiya nahi, ye kya kar rahe ho, wapas do “
And arun runs with her scarf and ouja follows in bra and panty and arun goes into the water and splashes some water on puja, puja too goes in and throws water on arun. Arun couldn’t help but notice his sister;s bouncing boobs. He grabs her hand and kisses her on her cheeks and pats her ass and runs out.
Puja though a bit shocked runs out too only to be caught by arun , he grabs her from behind and wraps his hand around her belly and kisses her on her neck.
Arun “hey sis I have a nice surprise for you” and he closes her eyes with his hands and takes her nearby where their private yatch is waiting and opens the eyes of puja.
Puja “wow bhaiya, this is awesome”
Arun “ hai na, cha lab kein tujhe samunder ki sair karau” and he lifts her up and carries her inside.
They start the yatch and start sailing.
Arun “aao puja yaha aao, lo ye drink piyo khas tumhare liye” and puja this time takes it and gulps it down completely as she is thankful to her bhaiya for such a wonderful surprise. Ofcourse she did not know it contained drugs which would soon make her helpless.
Arun “aaao puja ye stering sambhalo ab” and he removes his vest and is now only in his shorts.
Puja “par bhaiya mujhe chalani nahi aati”
Arun” uff mein hu na, mein sikhaunga,” and he makes ouja stand infront of the steering and grabs her hand and outs them on the steering wheel and starts to manouvere. Meanwhile his bare stomach was
now touching her bare back and he held her tightly close to him. His penis was now slightly pocking puja’s ass. Puja was getting uncomfortable but arun was holding her so tightly that’s he could not move.
Arun” hey sis I have one more surprise for you.”
Puja “wow, what is it bhaiya”
He releases her hold on puja and points towards an island nearby “ u see that boat nearby?”
Puja “ yes bhaiya”.. she looks towards that boat and sees 5 girls completely naked on the roof top dancing with 5 guys in their underwears only dancing, kissing, fondling, touching, etc.
Arun “you like what you see, comeon puja don’t look away. Just chill yaar, relax and enjoy, you will never get to see all this in India, so just have a nice time.”
Puja “nahi bhaiya mujhe ye sab pasand nahi, plz yaha se chalet hai”
Arun “uff tumhe to zara bhi masti pasand nahi” and saying so he removes his shorts and stands in his underwear and waves towards the people on the boat who in turn wave back and he could see the guys screaming and asking him to take off the bra and panty of his girl friend.
Arun looks at them and shouts “aint happening guys, she is too sexy I know but she wants to see some dicks as well before she reveals her treasures” and theres a loud cheer on the boat.
Puja “bhaiya ye kya kar rahe ho aap? Aap…”
Arun puts his hand on her mouth and cuts her off “hey sis I know you have never seen a neked guy
before, here’s your chance, just enjoy, whats the harm in it” and brfore she could say anything else the
guys on the boat had taken off their underwear and were standing naked flaunting their hard cocks and making signals to puja asking her to come and suck it.
She was seeing a cock for the first time and she could not helo but admire all the guys one by one when suddenly she realized she was with her brother and she turned around in a hurry only to find her brother standing completely naked infront of her.
Puja “o helloooooo… ye kya haiu bhaiya… chiii” and she turns around again only to find those guys waving at her and making vulgar movements . she could see two pairs already fucking each other on the boat. While she was engrossed in watching all this she did not realize her naked brother come behind her and rip off her bra making her topless amidst loud cheers and applause from people nearby.
Puja tries to run away covering her young boobs with her hands and arun catches her panty and tears it apart making her completelty nude.Puja screams “bhaiya have u gone mad? Have u forgotten I am your sister and not a bloody cheap girl? What are you doing” and she starts to sob.
Arun “oh comeon puja, naraj kyu ho rahi ho yaar, see those guys got naked for you so its only fair you got naked for them too and see you have such a wonderful body, such lovely boobs, such a nice piece of ass , and trimmed and neat pussy”
Arun “ aa mere pass aa and aram se bindas khadi ho ja yaha”
Puja “ bhaiiya aapka dimag kharab ho gaya hai, mujhe kabhi aaopke saath ana hee nahi chahiye tha” and she cries out loud
Arun now gets angry “ saali randi, aana nahi chahiye tha? Saali mein tere liye inta kharcha karke aaya , tujhe kya lagta hai meine competition jeeta tha, abe Sali ye sab tujhe chodne ka plan tha.” And he goes closer to her and removes her hand from her body and makes her stand naked infront of all guys and yells “hey guys can u see her noe, look at her tits aren’t they good, oh well she’s a whore you know.”
Arun caresses her tits and fondles them , inserty shis finger in her pussy , makes her touch his penis, when she does not co-=operate he yells at thos guys and asks them to join him in hi yatch and they hop in eagerly and all 6 guys and 5 girls humiliate her and mock her and all guys with her brother leading fuck poor puja on that yatch.
After they r done with her they retuen back to the beach wit puja still naked and arun makes her walk around the beach nude and asks every passer by to feel her and mock her,
Arun “ dekha randi, mujhe gussa dilane ka natiza”. He finally gives her something to wear and puja just runs back to the hotel room and grabs her passport and rushes to the airport and comes back home and narrates her tale of horror to her parents.
Arun and his wife are then kicked out of the house and there starts the poor girls misery. Arun leaves with all the money, and her parents fell sick. Puja is left with no other option but to find a job for herself. Little did she know what awaited her in the office was much worse than what her brother had done to her.Puja applied for a job in a co. owned by her friend Raj which she bagged soon because of raj. Raj was her college friend and someone puja trusted a lot. Though what she did not know was that raj had the hots for her and like others he too wanted a piece of puja.
Puja was appointed as personal secretary to Raj. Her work quality to be frank was not upto the mark and it was only due to her relations with raj that she was allowed to continue with her job. But one day when one of the bigger clients of the co. withdrew their contract because of the stupidity & carelessness of puja, it was too much & raj called puja to his office.
Puja knocks at his door.
Raj “ Come in”
Puja “ tumne mujhe bulaya raj?”
Raj “yes, I did. Come , have a seat.”
Puja could see raj was not in a good mood and looked angry.
Raj “ puja, let me get this straight, we have decided to fire you as you have been very careless with your work. Lots of clients have been complaining about their work being delayed and of not getting proper response from our round, all because of you. This is bringing a very bad reputation to our co. and we cannot take any more chances now. Even mr. Mehta has stopped trasactiong with our co. all because of you. So you leave us with no other option but to fire you.”
Puja “ raj please don’t say that, you know I need this ob very much.”
Raj “yes but this co. also need hard working and efficient employees.”
Puja in tears “but raj I have always tried to do my best and you know it.”
Raj “yes you have but unfortunately your best isn’t sufficient. Ab dekh mein tujhe frankly samjhata hu… jo cheej tere pass hai nahi uska tu khub istemal karma chahti hai and jo cheez hai uska tu thoda bhi use nahi karti.”
Puja “kya matlab?’
Raj “matlab saf hai yaar, dimag tere pas hai nahi par tu use chalane ka kitna koshish karti hai, aur bhagwan ne itni hot n sexy body di hai tuhe, uska tu thoda bhi use nahi karti.”
Puja angrily “raj what nonsense.. kya bak rahe ho tum, tumhara dimag to nahi kharab ho gaya na.”
Raj “ dekh puja tujhe bura jarur lag raha hoga, par ye sab sachai hai, agar corporate world mein survive karma hai to ya to tujhe dimag se khub tej hona hoga aur agar usmein tej nahi ho sakti to fir apne sharer ka hee istemal karma hoga. Teesra aur koi rasta nahi.”
Puja “raj, I quit. Go to hell.” And puja stands up to walk out
Raj “soch le puja, ek baar is office se bahar gayi to fir dubara mauka nahi dunga and u know without this job u cannot keep yr parents alive and aur kahi tujhe naukri milegi bhi nahi, tu pehle bhi dhakke kha kar dekh chuki hai. Is waqt gusse se nahi thoda maturity se kaam lo.”
Puja stands still wondering what she should do. She knew she would not get a job anywhere else as she was not qualified enough and she also knew that in other offices also she will have to bear some bit of sexual harassment.
Raj “ dekh yaha hai, baith aur meri baat dhyan se sun. tujhe kya lagta hai clients tujhse kyu naraj hai? Teri work quality ko lekar? Oh no no. ye bade logon ko paise ki parwah nahi hoti, inhe sirf jism ki bhukh hai. Aur tu hai ki unse milne jati hai ekdum dhaki dhakayi, na kuch dikhati hai tu aur na unhe kuch karne ka mauka deta hai. Kaise khus honge who log.”
Puja continues to listen to all this.
Raj “tu chahe to mein tujhe train kar sakta hu ki kaise clients ke saath pesh aate hai and fir u can not only keep this job but I also promise u a pay hike, I will more than double your salary.”
Now this was too much of a temptation for puja.
Raj “and sirf try karke dekh, agar nahi pasand aaye to job to tu kabhi bhi chor sakti hai.”
Puja thinks for a while and finally moves forward and takes her chair and sits down looking downwards not having the guts or the confidence to face raj.
Raj knew he now had the opportunity to satisfy his long urge to humiliate this girl in the worst possible manner and also satisfy his desire to fuck her long and hard.Raj “ I will try to make this soft & easy for you. We will have to first make a change in the way you dress.”
Puja knew she was in a mess but then thought how far could raj go and afterall he was her friend and whatever he was doing, he was doing for her good only and besides she felt guilty for having spoilt his companies reputation and messing up so many big clients. She decided she will be bold and co operate. What worse could happen to her. (how wrong she was).
Puja nods her head in response to raj.
Raj “from tomorrow onwards I want you to wear tight fitting shirts and micro mini skirts in office. The clothes will be provided by the company to you.”
Puja “but raj I have never worn such clothes before.”
Raj “yes maybe you have not but you have to start doing that now. And stop calling me raj from now. We are professionals. Address me as “Sir” in office.”
Puja “ok sir. But one request I will come in salwar to office and then change into the other clothes here in office.”
Raj “that’s fine, I don’t have a problem with that.”
Puja goes back home and thinks about all that happened in the office. One thing she was sure of was that she needed this job and the money she was being offered and her past experience had taught her how cruel the world could be. She decided she will do just as raj tells for the sake of her family. She alone had to look after her parents.
Next morning she reaches the office and changes into a white skirt and a blue micro mini skirt in her cabin. She looked at herself in a mirror and saw how sexy she looked in that. the skirt was very short in length and reached till the point of her panties, any sudden and fast movements and she could be exposing a lot more than she would have liked. It was too short for her and the shirt was too tight as well, so tight that she could not button the first button properly, her boobs could be well made out in
that shirt of hers. No she could not wear this as it was too bold for her. She again changed back into her normal dress and knocked the door of raj’s cabin.
Raj “ come in”
Puja “ good morning raj, I mean Sir”
Raj looks at her and disappointingly says “ whats this puja, why r u not properly dressed?”
Puja “Sir actually that dress is not properly fitting me. I mean sir the skirt is too short in length and the shirt also is very tight. I think we have got one size smaller for me”
Raj “ oh I am sure they are not. I am sure they are exactly the size they should be” and he looks puja carrying the clothes in her hand.
Raj “do one thing, use my attached rest room and change and come, let me see”
Puja “but sir..”
Raj “no questions asked puja, its an order.”
Puja reluctantly says “ok sir” and agrees and goes inside the rest room and changes into her new attire and hesitatingly comes out folding her hands in the front to cover her boobs as she was getting too conscious.
Raj looks at puja and thinks what a beauty she is, nice shapely legs, sexy figure, nice curves, so vulnerable, he knew if he cud train this bitch he cud actually get a lot of contracts from a few people. But he wanted to humiliate this girl first. After all he had not forgotten the first day he met her when she had humiliated him infront of his friends. He had approached puja for friendship and she had outright
rejected his offer and also made fun of him with her friends. He had been a laughing material for quite a few days since then until they both became friends through a common friend.
Raj “puja I think it fits you well, remove your hand and come and stand here and let me see you properly.”
Puja feeling awkward removes her hand and her boos hidden under a tight shirt are now revealed for the first time. She knew raj was watching them with great interest but what she could do. She walked infront of him all the time conscious that her skirt doesn’t lift up even by an inch and slowly reaches at the other end of his table and stands there.
Raj “ hmm it looks good from the front, it makes you look sexy.”
Raj “ puja turn around and show me the back side”
Puja does not even look at him and turns around to show her back.
Raj “nice nice, god has endowed you with the perfect ass & figure puja. You can make any man go mad over you. Ok turn around and face me and show me your sexy front.”
Puja “ sir please don’t say like that, I am getting embarrassed”
Raj “ embarrassed? Already? What nonsense.” ( watch out babe I haven’t even started as yet he says to himself)
Raj “ comeon you are such a babe yaar, and I like the way you have left your top button open.” And he now directly stares at her open button making puja more uncomfortable.
Puja “ oh sir but that’s actually because the shirt is too tight and I was finding it difficult to button them.”
Raj “ o yes I can see but its not my fault yaar, I am seeing you after such a long time now and in all this while I did not know you have grown there so much” pointing towards her boobs.
Puja decides to just make that comment pass by and does not react to it instead tries to change the topic by saying “and sir this skirt is also very short.”
Raj “ short? No its nice , it shows your sexy legs well.” And he gets up and looks at puja’s legs from down to up, such sexy thighs “o god, I have been so unlucky not to have seen them before. They are so nice , sexy and smooth. Pehle to tum suits and jeans pehnti thi, kuch dikhta hee nahi tha. Kitni pyaar taangein hai tumhari.”
Puja gets uncomfortable and takes a step back and lowers her eyes feeling nervous.
Raj “ puja darling I am very angry with you yaar.”
Puja “ why.. why.. ss. Sir?” it was evident puja was very nervous now.
Raj “ yaar tumne itne din tak aoni taangein chupa kar rakhi mujhse, kabhi kuch dikhaya hee nahi. Dekho tumhari thighs bhi kitni mast hai. Dono taangein kitni gori gori hai, kitna maaj aa raha hai yaar inhe dekh kar.”
Puja “ sir please stop it.”
Raj “ arey kyu stop karu. Khubsurti ki tareef karma koi gunah hai kya”
Puja “ sir , you are embarrassing me.”
Raj angrily “ mein embarrass kar raha hu? mein? Sharam to meri co. ko aani chahiye jot um jaisi bondhu ko job de rakhi hai. Ek to mein tumhe smart bana raha hu, aur tum ho ki. Kisi se bhi puch lo, infact kisi aur se kyu, khud ko hee puch kar dekho and you will know kit um aaj se jyada khubsurat and sexy isse pehle kabhi nahi dikihi ho. Ek to mein tumhara makeover karke tumhe ek aam si larki se ek babe bana
rha hu aur tum mujh par hee gussa ho rahi ho. Chi “
Puja “ sir mera who matlab nahi tha, mein to bas aapke comments se thoda…” and she did not know what to say.
Raj “ oh comeon puja, be smart yaar, aajkal to larkiyan in comments ko sunne ke liye taras jaati hai and tum ho ki and fir ye to kuch bhi nahi hai, co. ki secretaries ko to clients kaise kaise comments marte hai tumhe andaza bhi nahi, tumhe sabki aadat dalni hogi.”
Puja remains quiet and raj knows she is now under his control and he could now move one step ahead.
Raj “ acha ye sab choro tum kuch length ki baat kar rahi thi, length mein kaha kaharbi hai, sab theek hee to hai.”
Puja “nahi who actually , actually… kaise samjhau mein” she did not know how could see tell him that she was worried that her panties could be revealed in this dress.Raj “ kya hai puja, kitni achi lag rahi hai ye skirt, mujhe to bas ek hee baat ki narajgi hai ki abhi tak tumne apni taangein mujhe dikhayi nahi thi.”
Puja now knew she was dealing with a bastard. Ok if this is what fate has in store for me then so be it. I will deal with any challenges that come my way.
She gathers her courage and says “ actually sir I am more concerned about my inner wear being revealed ‘coz of the shortness of this skirt.”
Raj “innerwear? What innerwear?” acting as if he did not understand anything.
Puja “sir please you very well know what I mean sir”
Raj “ I know? Mujhe kaise pata hoga, tune kabhi mujhe apni inner wear dikhayi hai kya jo mujhe pata hoga” and he laughs.
Puja says angrily “sir aapko pata hai larkiya skirt ke andar kya pehnti hai fir aap itna natak kyu kar rahe ho?”
Raj also gets angry “kya matlab ki mujhe to pata hee haoga. Mujhe kya samajh rakha hi tune, mein kya larkiyon ke skirt ke andar jhakta rehta hu. Tu abhi itni der se mere samne skirt mein khadi hai, meine kabhi kosish ki teri skirt ke andar jhakne ki. Mein sirf teri taangon ko hee to dekh raha than a who bhi isliye kyuki tu inhe khud hee dikha rahi hai”
Puja “par sir ye bhi to aapne hee pehnne ko kaha than a and is skirt ki wajah se hee to ye dikh rahe hai na”
Raj “ arey to tune pehni kyu? Mein bolunga nangi ghumne tu ghumegi kya. Meine sirf suggest kyat ha, pehna tune apni marji se hee hai aur mujh par ilzam laga rahi hai. Mein janta hu tujhse ye job nahi hogi. Tujhse kabhi kuch nahi hoga saali….”
Puja “ oh no sir, please don’t get angry. Mera ye matlab nahi tha, acha choriye ye sab mein aapko sab sahi se batati hu, sir actually mein skirt ke andar who pa.. pan.. panty pehnti hu na and mujhe dar hai ki is skirt ki wajah se who dikhegi.”
Raj “ oh panty, panty ki baat kar rahi thi tum tabse. Well isme panty kaise dikhegi.. ruko mujhe dekhne do dhyan se” and he stares at her skirt and says “nahi skirt transparent to nahi hai, fir kaise dikhegi.”
Puja “ sir aap samajh nahi rahe ho ya fir aap samajh kar bhi na samajh banne ki acting kar rahe ho”
Raj “ fir , fir mujh par ilzaam. Tum sarif larki ho ya tawaif?”
Raj “ kaha dikh rahi hai panty batao mujhe.”
Puja “ sir aap fir gussa ho gaye, sir I mean ki jab mein chalungi to movements se skirt thodi upar ho sakti hai and fir… “
Raj “fir kya” acting innocent
Puja embarrasses says “ fir sir who panty dikhegi”
Raj “really? Aisa ho sakta hai, acha sirf chalne se hee dikh sakti hai, aur koi tarika nahi hai dikhne ka?”
Puja “ sir ab mein kya bolu sir”
Raj “acha wait” and he brings out a ruler from his desk and he sits on his table and asks ouja to come closer.
When she comes near he runs his ruler over her legs and keeps the ruler on the edge of her skirt and says “batao agar mein is ruler ko tumhare skirt ke andar ghusau to kya hoga”
Puja gets scared “sir, ye aap kya kar rahe ho”
Raj “ arey kuch experiment kar raha hu, batao kya hoga”
Puja “ sir mujhe nahi malum, sir plz ye sab rehne dijiye”
Raj “arey buddhu tumhari panty dikhegi. Hahahahaha”
Puja feels like burying herself somewhere out of shame.
Raj “ aacha suno mujhe chal kar dikhao, mein dekhna chahta hu oanty dikhti hai ki nahi”
Puja “ par sir mein apke same nahi sir plz”
Raj “ yaar its an order not request”
And puja walks and her skirt lifts a bit and from bottom just a little bit of her red panties reveal themselves.
Raj “ oh! Dikh gayi, panty dikh gayi mujhko… tum theek hee keh rahi thi yaar. Ab iska to kuch upay karma hoga taki tumhari red colour ki panty dikhe nahi”
Puja was dying of shame now.
Raj “ ek kaam karo thodi skirt neeche karo. Wear your skirt a bit lower, I think this should help”
Puja thinks this is a good idea and lowers her skirt a bit but in the process her panty gets revealed from the upper portion.
Raj laughs “ hahahaha… arey isme upper se dikh rahi hai panty, jaldi upper kheechi jaldi” he shouts “jaldi”
Nervously puja lifts the skirt up resulting in 40% of panties being exposed from bottom
Raj “hahahahaha… maja aa gaya, oh puja tum kitni funny ho.. pehle to taangein bhi nahi dikhati thi, ab panty bhi dikha rahi ho… mujhe samajh nahi a raha tumne skirt panty chupane ke liye pehni hai ya panty dikhane ke liye”
Puja was now in tears ‘coz of humiliation.
Raj “and wah kya colour hai. RED. GIVE ME RED… hahahahaha, acha puja mere alawa aur kisi neb hi dekhi hai ye panty”
Puja remains quiet with tears in her eyes.
Raj “ arey batao na, acha batao upar bra bhi tumne red colour ki hee pehni hai kya. Agar pehni hai to tumhe mein sirf bra and panty mein imagine karke ek gaana gana chahta hu yaar .. laal chari maidan khadi… hahahaha”
Raj “ acha choro ye sab puja , ek kaam karo waha fridge se mere liye wine daal kar lao yaar, glass puri upper tak bharna and bas ek baat yaad rakhna agar ek bhi bund giri to ye job gayi samjho. I want to test your efficiency. Go, hurry”
And puja turns around , wipe her tears and pou wine on a glass and place it on a tray and start moving towards raj. As she was coming back she crossed the AC which was fitted on he bottom of the wall. The blower of the ac caused her skirt to rise and raj immediately shouted “ STOP. Mujhe wine wahi khada hokar peeni hai”
And puja stands still over there as she does not want to drop even a single drop of wine. The blower causes her skirt to rise completely, revealing her panties completely.
Raj “ oh puja, ye kya fuck ab to puri panty dikh rahi hai…. Hahaha” and he circles around ouja watching her panty from all angles.
Raj “arey peeche panty tumne theek se nahi oehni.. thodi si ass dikh rahi hai mujhe, wah kya najara hai, man karta hai abhi spanking shuru kar du” and he pats her once on her butts.
Raj “ yaar tumne ye skirt bekar hee pehni hai, koi kaam ki nahi hai… tumhari panty chupoane mein bilkul asafal hai ye theek usi tarah jaise kit um clients ko khus karne mein asafal ho gayi thi, hai na”
Puja remains quiet
Raj” puja mein kuch pouch raha hu, jawab do mujhe, ye skirt bekar hai na, bolo tumhari panty chupa payi isne”
Puja weeping “ no.. no.. no sir”
Raj “ kya no no, theek se bolo bhai, clients se bhi aise hee baat karogi kya”
Puja “ no sir, ye oanty chuoa nahi sakti”
Raj “ to fir ise pehni hee kyu ho?”
Puja gets scared now and to add to her misery someone knocks at raj’s door and raj orders puja to stand still and opens the door and enters his friend manoj
Manoj” arey ye kya najara hai, wah raj tu to khub maje le raha hai, kaun hai ye randi?”
Raj “ uff yaar, tum bahut gande aadmi ho, ye randi nahi hai, meri secretary puja hai yaar, iska chehra dekho kahi se bhi randi lagti hai ye tujhe”
Manoj comes infront of puja who is standing still and watches her face “ arey nahi ye to baut sunder hai, par ye asisi aadhi nangi kyu khadi hai… iski skirt to dekho, ud rahi hai patang ki tarah.”
Puja now curses herself for coming here and getting herself into this situation but tells herself that this will soon be over, its only a test and that after this her job will be secured.
Raj “ arey mein bhi ise yahi keh raha tha abhi ki ye skirt to bilkul bekart hai and koi kjaam ki nahi, ise skirt ko utar kar fek dena chahiye”
Manoj “ haa jo cheej kaam ki nahi use rakhne se kya fayeda, kyu puja?”
Puja stands quiet
Raj “arey puja jawab do, mera fren kuch ouch raha hai yaar”
Puja could only manage a “ ji”
Mamoj “ aap agree karti ho na ki ye skirt koi kaam ki nahi”
Puja “ji”
And manoj straight away tears away her skirt and throws it in dustbin “ huh ise dustbin mein hee hona chahiye”
Puja was now too umb too feel anything and was just crying “ plz mujhe rehne do… plz don’t do this “
Raj “ arey puja ro kyu rahi ho, tumhe to khus hona chahiye, humne ye bekar cheej hata feki “
Manoj “ haa aap ro kyu rahi ho, batao”
Puja “ sir rou nahi to kya karu, aap logo ne mere aadhe kapde utar diye”
Manoj “ oh, ye to humne socha hee nahi, arey yaar ye humne kya kar diya “
Raj “ oh iska khayal to mujhe bhi nahi aaya ki ab to ye sirf shirt , bra aur panty mein hai. Ab ek jawan larki panty mein kaise khadi rahegi humare samne, aur who bhi theek se dekh, iski panty bhi choti hai , peeche se ass dikh rahi hai thodi si”
Manoj goes behind and sees her ass “ haa dikh to rahi hai, par sirf panty hee chot nahi hai, shirt bhi choti hai, dekho button bhi khulla hai upper se”
Raj “ arey shirt choti nahi hai dost, iske boobs bade hai, dhyan se dekh”
Manoj looks at her boobs now “ haa yaar , bahut bade hai ye to, shirt mein fit hee nahi ho rahe”
Raj takes the tray from pujas hand and places it on the table. Puja hurriedly covers her boobs with her hands and says “ sir muhe jaane do plz, I don’t want this job”
Raj “ jaane do? Arey par aise tum panty mein bahar niklogi to it can be dangerous for u, nahi abhi aise mein nahi jaane dunga. Afterall mein koi bura aadmi thodi nah u njo tumhe panty mein apne office se bahar nikal du”.Raj “ ab tum ek aache gahr ki larki ho, jaisa manoj samajh raha tha waise randi to ho nahi tum bolo”
Puja “ ji sir”
Manoj “ ji sir? Ye to keh rahi hai ye randi hai”
Raj “ uff yaar manoj, bol raha hu na ye randi nahi hai kyu puja “
Puja crying “ nahi hu sir”
Manoj “ kya nahi ho? Sarif ghar ki larki nahi ho?”
Puja irritated and angry shouts “ randi nahi hu, nahi hu mein randi”
And both manoj and raj laugh.
Raj “ to fir panty mein kyu khadi ho humare samne, hume seduce karma chahti ho kya?”
Puja “ sir who to aap don one hee meri skirt utar di”
Raj shouts “ what? Humne? Ye kya ilzam hai, tujhe hum rapists lagte hai kya? Saaali kamini tune hee to hume kaha tha ki teri skirt bekar hai and kisi kaam ki nahi and ise fek dena chahiye, bol kaha tha ki nahi”
Puja “ haa sir meine hee kaha tha, please don’t be angry sir” as she did not weant to piss him off further.
Manoj “ yaar ye randi hee hai, dekh neeche sirf panty mein hai, and uppar shirt ka button khol rakhi hai, dekh kitni tight shirt hai, boobs ka shape saaf dikh raha hai, dekh dhyan se”
Puja tries to hide them with her hands but raj objects “ puja haath hatao chalo, mujhe dekhne do dhyan se, jaldi” and puja obliges.
Raj “haa yaar meine to ye dekha hee nahi. Iske boobs kitne bade hai and ekdum round shape. Puja tune kabhi bataye nahi tere boobs itne bade hai, mere clients ki to line lag jayegi yaar.”
Manoj “chal is randi ko ab jaldi nanga kar yaar”
Raj “ chalo puja shirt utaro apni.”
Puja “ nahi kabhi nahi you bastards”
Raj “ aha maja aa gaya , lagta hai iska balatkar karma padega”
Manoj comes nehind puja and pulls down her panties, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy and ass, as puja’s hands go down to cover her nakedness below raj comes infront and tears open her shirt. She tries to stop raj and manoj comes behind and grabs her ass, poor puja tries to run away and in the process her shirt is torn. She is now only in bra.
Manoj “ aaj jum ke chodenge is saalu randi ko.”
Raj catches puja and kisses her hard, squeezes her boobs, meanwile manoj himself becomes naked and inserts his hard dick in puja’s ass. Raj opens puja’s bra and sucks her boobs. She cries for help and mercy but she only ends up exciting them more. Both raj and manoj fuck her in turns and make mockery of her situation. They fuck her all night taking turns. Next morning she is handed over some cash and both of them threaten her and ask her to keep quiet.
Raj “ humari randi banker reh and is office mein kaam kar, tujhe bahut paisa milega, par kahi aoni jaban kholi na to humne teri nangi photos lee hai raat mein, saara sehar dekhega use, samjhi na.”
Puja wears her old clothes and runs away from there. When she reaches home, her parents inform her that they had selected a guy for her named Ajay.She had maet ajay the same day and she chose to hide from him whatever she had been through. They got married soon and puja was finally beginning to feel happy and comfortable when she caught ajay with another girl and again she went through humiliation and again she went through deceit and broken trust.
She was lost in her own thoughts when ajay comes in with yet another girl. They both undress themselves infront of her completely ignoring her presence and make love in her own bedroom in her own bed. She was waiting outside when she heard ajay shout at her
Ajay “ puja get ready, we have to go to a party tonight thrown by my boss. Wear a salwar suit and get ready by 8 pm.”
And then all the sound she could hear was the moaning sounds of that bitch from inside.
It was time to go and puja was ready and waiting for her so called husband to take her out. Afterall offciaily she was still his wife. Ajay comes out with the girl still kissing and feeling each other. The girl massages ajay’s hard penis infront of her taunting her. Puja just ignores the behaviour and walks out with ajay and the bimbo following her. To her surprise the girl sits in the car with them. Ajay drops her at a coffee shop a few blocks away from the venue.
Ajay “listen it’s a party thrown by my boss and so its important for us to go. But its Saturday night and as you can see I have other plans too so we will go inside and then in about ten minutes time I will leave, I will make some excuse to the boss, and then you can walk out in ten minutes time from then and reach home on your own. I will be back tomorrow morning.”
Puja, what could she say, she just nodded her head in approval and secretly wiped one tear that fell off her eyes.
They went inside and ajay after meeting his boss and his co-emplyees left as soon as he could leaving puja in the party.
Deepak “hi puja bhabhi”
Puja “ oh hello deepak bhaiya, how r u?”
Deepak was ajay’s co worker, his school and college time buddy, one of his closest friends infact and besides all this he was something else too i.e. his biggest rival. Deepak had always been looking for ways to show ajay down, though he hadn’t succeeded as yet.
Deepak “ arey ye bhaiya kehna choriye puja bhabhi, hum sab ek hee umar ke to hai and ye bhaiya wagerah kehna se rishta bada formal sa lagta hai”
Puja smiling “ acha theek hai nahi kahungi par fir abse aap bhi mujhe sirf puja hee keh kar bulaiye”. Puja had always liked deepak, he was decent, sober, hard working, well mannered, understanding, caring, charming, funny, in short just the kind of guy she wanted. They both had always gelled along well and shared a good relation. Deepak too had a soft corner for this lady.
Deepak “ so why are you alone here, where’s ajay?”
Puja “oh, he had to go out with… I mean he had prior commitments with a client he told me and so the boss also allowed him to go.”
Deepak “is it really so? I never knew ajay was so hard working ha” he says in a sarcastic tone.
Puja just smiles
Deepak “oh comeon puja, we both know what client he is talking about, his client must be some babe from the street with whom he will party all night and then return back to your home only next
Puja just gives a blank look.
Deepak “puja, everyone in office including the boss knows how he spends his Saturday night. Its no secret. But I undertsnad your lying about it. We all know how ajay treats you and he is such a bastard for that. please don’t mind my foul language but then a guy like him he deserves nothing better.”
Puja “ab deepak, kya batau mein, mein kuch kar bhi nahi sakti hu.”
Deepak “kyu nahi kar sakti puja, u r young, smart, why do u stay with him. Divorce him and trust me you will soon find another guy who will fall in love with you and you start your life afresh.”
Puja “no its not so easy as it sounds, I had considered this, but no decent guy marries a divorcee and besides my parents are old fashioned and I don’t want them to find out that I am not happy with ajay. They had found this guy for me and they will curse themselves when they come to know the truth about ajay. So I guess I have to accept my fate and just live.”
Deepak “well aapki marji, mein to bas ye aapse kehna chahta hu ki mujhse aapka dukh dekha nahi jata and agar kabhi bhi mein aapke kisi kaam aa saku to mujhe bahut khusi hogi.”
Puja “thanks deepak.”
Deepak “ajay is really lucky to have found a girl like you. Is he blind? Cant he see how beautiful you are. Agar bhagwan mujhe aap jaisi larki meri life mein bhej de to mein to kabhi dusri larkiyon ki taraf dekhu bhi na.”
Puja smiles “aacha, jaise aapki life mein abhi koi hai hee nahi”
Deepak “nahi hai puja, nahi hai, is maamle mein hum jara kamjor hee reh gaye, khar choriye in baton ko, chaliye dinner karein.”
Puja “nahi mera man nahi hai dinner ka.”
Deepak “arey aise kaise, chaliye thoda to kha lijiye.”
Puja “nahi please ekdum man nahi, bas ye barish thodi kam ho jaye fir mein ghar jaungi.”
Deepak “acha theek hai chaliye ek kaam karte hai mera ghar bhi wahi hai, mein aapko drop karte hue nikal jata hu.”
Puja “arey nahi aap taklif kyu karte hai, aap party enjoy kijiye.”
Deepak “arey aap aise udas khadi rahengi yaaha to mein bhala party kaise enjoy karunga”
Puja “deepak aap bhi na”
Deepak “hehe, mein majak nahi kar raha, sach mein I cant see beautiful ladies sad and dejected, chaliye mein aapko ghar drop kar du, isis bahane mujhe bhi ek khusbsurat larki ko apni gadi mein ghumane ka mauka mil jayega.”
Puja smiles “chaliye theek hai aapko ye mauka diya.”
Deepak and puja both sit in his car, its raining heavily and so the car is moving slowly , with soft music playing inside , windows closed, and so cold inside with the ac; such a romantic setting, how she wished she was with the old ajay that she knew. When she thought what he must be busy doing now she felt thousand thorns pricking her heart. There he was enjoying with some fucking prostitute and his wife was being dropped home by one of his friends, she felt so alone and so useless. Was she going to spend
her entire life in this way. What did Deepak mean when he said that she could find anyone to marry. Deepak was such a nice guy, how she wished he ws her husband, who would hold her hands now and sing romantic songs to her and then make love to her in her bed tonight. How much she longed for a man tonight, she hadn’t had sex since she caught ajay with that bimbo. Should she seduce Deepak, was he the right person, would he respond. No she should not afterall she was a married woman but then married to whom, married to an animal. Why should she care for ajay when he never cares for her but then what if he found out, she could not trust Deepak so much, and if ajay found out, what would happen then, shw would have no where to go, every body would blame her and ajay would have an excuse to get rid of her blaming her for the divorce and then she would not get someone else also and her parents also would not forgive her. She was in such a mess, and she wasn’t a whore that she needed some guy so desperately, she could control her desires she thought. And in anycase Deepak doesn’t seem too interested, he is busy driving only, he did not even look at me once, what if he rejects her move, that would again be humiliating.
Interrupting her thoughts suddenly she hears Deepak speak “kitni tej barish hai, acha hua aap mere saath aa gayi. “
Puja “haa acha hee hua warna is barish mein ghar pahuchna mushkil ho jata, aapka ghar biklul bagal mein hee hai na.”
Deepak “haa abhi raaste mein dikha dunga, mera ghar pehle aayega”
Puja “ok” (will he ask me to come inside? What should I do then? No I will refuse, a bit risky, me and him alone in his house with all the rain & thunderstorms, no she might loose control over herself)They continue moving and Deepak shows his house to puja from outside and continue driving towars puja’s house. But mid way deepak’s car stops
Deepak “oops, petrol khatam yaar, meine dhyan hee nahi diya” and he said to himself this is not going to be the only oops of the night.
Puja “oh no, ab kya karenge”
Deepak “ab ek hee upay hai ki hum bhag kar aapke ghar chale, samne hee to hai and barish abhi utni tej bhi nahi ho rahi. Aapko waha chor kar fir mein ghar chala jaunga”
Puja “haa ab itni raat ko aur koi dusra upay bhi nahi hai.”
They both get out of the car and run towards puja’s house.
They reach her house, a bit wet and panting, puja opens the door and asks Deepak to come in.
Puja “aaiye andar aa jaiye, aap bheeg gaye hai, barish kam hone par chale jaiyega”
Deepak “haa theek hai.”
They both go in, puja is all wet and clothes are sticking to her body. She hands over a towel to Deepak and goes inside her room. She goes inside a toilet and removes her wet clothes and dries herself and wears a knee length nighty. She watches herself in the mirror, she was looking sexy and hot and decides to move out.
She comes out and she could see Deepak was still in his wet clothes
Puja “deepak, ek kaam karo ajay ke kapde pehan lo ek baar, warna bimar pad jaoge. Aao mein de deti hu” and she guides him inside her room and hands over ajay’s clothes. Deepak finds ajay’s shorts a bit loose for him but nevertheless wears it and comes out of the toilet and sits in the hall.
Puja “mein aapke liye chai bana deti hu” and she walks towards the kitchen.
Deepak looks at puja and for the first time sees her sexy legs which are exposed below her knees, he watches her swinging ass from behind, what a babe she is. He had to fuck her tonight.
Puja comes with the tea and bends to place the tea on the table offering him a treat of her cleavage.
Deepak “aapko bahut tang kar diya na meine puja “
Puja “oh nahi pareshan to meine kar diya aaopko, aapki gadi aapke gahr tak to pahuch hee gayi thi who to mujhe chorne ke chakkar mein ye sab ho gaya.”
Deepak “arey mujhe koi parshani nahi, its not always that one enjoys the company of such a beautiful woman.”
Puja “aacha mein aapko itni sunder lagti hu”
Deepak “jee, aap bahut sunder hai, and is nighty mein to I hope u don’t my saying this, par aap bahut sexy lag rahi hai.”
Puja laighs and says “thank you, isme bura manne ki kya baat hai. Haha”
Deepak “ye ajay bhi buddhu hee hai, jo is mausam mein aapko chor kar kisi aur…oh sorry, I mean..”
Puja “koi baat nahi, mein janti hu ki who abhi kaha hai, kya kar rahe hai, khair choriye mujhe a uske
behaviour se koi farak nahi padta.” And puja tells Deepak the real reason why she is with ajay and tells him that soon she will actually divorce him and suddenly thers’a lound thunderstorm and puja out of fear just grabs deepak’s hand and snuggles close to him
Puja “oops, sorry “ and she moves away “who kya hai ki mujhe bijli se bahut dar laga hai and bas isliye ..”
Deepak “oh koi baat nahi, mein to chahunga aisi bijli raat bhar gire” and he smiles at the 2nd oops of the night.
Puja “haha, aap bhi bade shararti hai”
Deepak “abhi aapne humari sharart dekhi hee kaha hai” and they both laugh.
Puja gets up to keep the cups back in kitchen but Deepak takes it from her hand and offers to keep the cup himself. He goes inside the kitchen, adjusts his cock well as it had stiffened when puja had come close to him, it was their first touch, how soft her hands were, how well she had cuddled in his arms, he positions his dick well as to hide his erection as he did not want to look crude and cheap. Whil he was coming back on the way suddenly light goes off .
Deepak “oh light gayi and its so dark puja kuch nhai dikh raha mujhe” and he stands still.
Puja “rukiye mein aati hu, aap wahi khade rahiye” as she was worried that in an effort to move in the darkness Deepak might hurt himself. She moves closer to him, its pitch dark with no light from anywhere and puja when she could smell and feel the presence of Deepak nearby calls out to him “aaiye, mera haath pakadiye, mein aapko sofa tak le chalti hu.”
Deepak just move shis hand blindly here and there and “oops, so sorry puja, I didn’t… I mean I could not see anything and so…, please ye sab bhul se ho gaya”, his hand had by mistake grabbed puja’s boobs, how soft and good they felt, even if he had touched them only for a second, this 3rd oops of the night has already made his already erect dick now roar inside his underwear, thank god for the darkness, puja could not see it.
Puja “ji koi baat nahi, aaiye haath dijiye” and she now moved her hand in order to grab deepak’s hands but fate was in a naughty mood tonight “oops, oh shit, I m so sorry “ and she giggled on having felt
deepak’s hardness by mistake. Her hand had unknowingly brushed his hard dick, how hard they were, they must be really big, am I the cause for the hardness, I surely am, afterall he did get a hold of my boobs, and he also stared at my deep cleavage when I offered him the tea, I am sure I have him now.
Deepak “oh koi baat nahi ji, aaj lagta hai oops bhari raat hai”
Puja giggling “yes, lagta to yahi hai”
Deepak he finally grabbed puja’s hands after the 4th oops and they both sit on the sofa.
Deepak “puja koi candle wagerah lao, bahut andhera hai”
Puja flirtatiously “aapko andhere mein maja nahi aa raha kya?” teasing him about the little touch and feel incident they just had.
Deepak “maja to ab kaha aa raha, aap mujhe dikh hee nahi rahi ho” understanding the hint but intentionally not getting into it and playing it light and slow.
Puja “aacha mujhe dekhna hai?”
Deepak “jee ha, aapko dekhna hai jee bhar ke”
Puja “lo jise mujhe dekhna chahiye who kisi churail ko dekh raha hai and yaha uska dost mujhe niharne ki baat kar raha hai.” She taunts.
Deepak “arey pati ka dost to devar hua na and devar kya apni bhabhi ko dekh bhi nahi sakta.”
Puja “dekh sakta hai jee bilkul dekh sakta hai, par sirf chehre ko aur kahi nahi.”
Deepak “arey to meine kab aapko idhar udhar dekha.”
Puja “baniye mat, jab mein aapko chai ki cup de rahi thi tab aapki nazrein kaha thi bataiye.”
Deepak knew she had caught him starring her cleavage “oh who to bas, kya batau, ek hee baar dekha na, woh bhi itna pyara nazara tha.”
Puja “haa aur abhi andhere mein aapne kya kiya, kaha chua aapne mujhe?”
Deepak “arey who to ek genuine bhul thee na and fir aapne bhi to mera chua than a, bataiye aap badi naughty hai, khud hee jhuk kar humein pehle nazara dikhati hai and fir hume idhar udhar chuati hai and humara bhi chuti hai and fir blame karti hai humi ko”
Puja “aacha baba man liya, sab meri hee galti hai bas, ruko mein canfle le kar aati hu.”
And she gets up to get the candles and finds one and while returning her legs collde with the sofa and she falls “
Puja “ouch, lagta hai pao mein jor se lagi hai.”
Deepak “oh ruko, mein dekhta hu.” And he goes near her and checks her legs, he runs his hand over her ankles and lifts her in his arms and places her on the sofa. She’s so light and tender, I have to see her naked tonight.
Deepak “puja, lagta hai zor ka laga hai, dard ho raha hai kya?”
Puja “haa, bahut zor ka” mauka milte hee godi mein utha liya, dekhu aur kya kya karte ho.
Deepak “puja, mein masaga kar deta hu, theek ho jayega” and he massages her ankles and slowly starts moving up her legs, ffeling the soft skin and the tenderness.
Deepak “puja kuch aaram mila?”
Puja “haa acha lag raha hai, par dard mere peeth mein bhi ho raha hai.”
Deepak “to fir puja , waha bhi massage kar deta hu” and he places his hand on her back.. “yaha hai kya dard?”
Puja “haa pure pith mein”
Deepak runs his hand all over her back “hmm, ache se massage arna hoga tahi aaram padega. Puja err, dekho ligh to hai nahi and masag bhi jaruri hai and aise to masaga hogi nahi, why don’t u er remove yr nighty, I promise not to be naughty.”
Puja “hmm, that we shall see, theek hai utar deti hu nighty.” And she removes her nighty and lies down in only her bra & panty.
Deepak slowly massages her bare back sexily and slowly moving his hands all over talking and flirting with her. How smooth her back was. He also grabs her legs and massages them slowly moving his hand up and down, up and down. He was feeling and tickling her all the while.
Deepak “puja ye bra ki hook khol do na, disturb kar rahi hai.”
Puja “jo kholna hai khud hee khol do deeepak, mujhe bas massage enjoy karne do.”
Deepak “ok, aapko bahut maja aa raha hai” and he slowly unhooks her bra from behind and massages her back.
Puja “bahut, kitna badiya massage karte hai aap, sara dard mit gaya hai, lagta hai aapse har mahine, nahi har hafte massage karwana padega”
Deepak “haa kyu nahi, aap kaho to har din kar dunga.” And he feels her bare back, slowly and sexily, he so badly wanted to grab her ass but feared she might object, so many times he had come close to grabbing her ass but he resisted the temptation.
Deepak “uff kitni garmi ho gayi hai.”
Puja “wo to hai, ek kaam kariye apna t shirt utar dijiye, garmi thodi kam lagegi.”
Deepak “haa utar deta hu.”
Puja “oops , rukiye.” She shouts
Deepak “kya hua?”
Puja “pehle lights to switch to off kijiye, agar beech mein hee light aa gayi to, hai ram meine ye pehle kyu nahi socha, mein yaha aadhi nangi leti hu andhere ke chakkar mein, kahi beech mein hee light aa gayi to”
Deepak “wah mere liye isse acchi baat kya hogi fir, kash aisa ho jaye.”
Puja “hat badmash, jaldi se jakar sare lights off kar do please”
Deepak “arey itni bhi kya jaldi hai, abhi itni barish mein light nahi aayegi, abhi aap aaram se malish karwao.” And he moves his hand all over her back.
Puja “nahi please aap abhi jaiye warna mein nighty pehen lungi jaldi se.”
Deepak “arey par mein andhere mein switch board kaha dhundunga.”
Puja “uff kya musibat hai , hato mein khud hee band karke aati hu” and she gets up to switch off the light. Deepak was hoping for the current to come back , he was praying for it but it was not to be. Puja comes back after switching off the lights and sits besides him in just a panty and an unhooked bra.
Puja “band kar di meine lights, waise aap masaga baut acha karte hai, mere saare badan ka dard mit gaya.”
Deepak “saare badan ka? Who kaise? Meine to aapke sare badan par malish kya hee nahi.”
Puja laughs “haa ye to hai par bas sab dard theek ho gaya aur ab aap jyada naughty banne ki koshish mat karo, waise bhi jitna meine aapko freedom diya utna bhi had se jyada hee hai.”
Deepak “arey aisa to koi freedom nahi diya aapne jo aap itna akad rahi hai”
Puja “acha aise koi larki apne pati ke dost ko aadhi nangi hokar malish karne roj roj deti hai kya, ye kya kam freedom di hai meine. Ajay ko malum padega na to who hee mujhe talak de dega.”
Deepak “oh us sale ko kaun batayega, uski chinta mat karo aap”
Puja “hmm, wo bhi hai, khair choriye ajay ki baat, meri nighty dhund kar dijiye ab.”
Deepak “arey kya puja, aise hee baithi na, kaunsa tum mujhe dikh rahi ho abhi, thodi der baad pehan lena, abhi garmi bhi kitni ho gayi hai, mein to balki khud bhi sirf underwear mein yaha baithne ki soch raha tha agar aap izzazat de to.”
Puja “oh nahi ab aap jyada liberty lene ki mat socho ha, ye mat bhuliye ki mein aapki dost ki biwi hu and mere samne aap dhang se hee rahe.” Trying to act very nice even though she was feeling like a mad whore waiting to be fucked but she did not want to give the impression that she was readily available.
Deepak “arey aap naraz kyu ho rahi ho, mein to yaha sirf andhere mein kapde utar kar rakh raha hu, and aapko kuch dikhega bhi nahi fir isme kya burai hai, aap bhi to sirf bra and panty mein baithi ho and aapki bra ki to hook bhi khulli hai.”
Puja “arey par waisa to meine malish karwane ke liye kyat ha na, koi thodi chill marne ke liye meine kapde utarein hai.”
Deepak “to ek kaam kijiye ab aap mujhe malish de dijiye, ab mujhe ye kapde nahi suha rahe” and Deepak removes all his clothes except his underwear.
Puja “ab bade badmash ho, manoge nahi, theek hai utar lo kapde”
Deepak “kabka utar diya”
Puja “utar bhi diya? Itni jaldi? pure nange ho gaye kya?”
Deepak “nahi puja ji underwear pehni hai”
Puja “kyu use bhi utar do, kaun dekh raha hai, aur aapko to sharam aati nahi”
Deepak “theek hai aap kehti ho to” and he removes his underwear and throws it in her direction and it lands on her lap.
Puja “oh shit, aapne to sach mei utar diya, mein to majak kar rahi thi, pehno ise jaldi, chi” but brfore Deepak could react lights came back and they both realized that the lights from adjoining room and the kitchen were still in switch on mode and it created enough light for both of them to see each other clearly.
Deepak “oops, ye kya hua?” and he tries to hide his hard dick but not before puja had seen it. Oh how hard it is, how she wished to be fucked now, ajay had an athletic body, muscular, tall, fair, nice chest.
Deepak too was eyeing puja , wow what a babe, she was only in her bra and panty, it was the first time he had seen her like this and she was not making any effort to cover herself instead was watching him with hungry eyes. She had the perfect figure, the most desirable body, her bra was barely able to cover her big boobs.
Puja laughs “hahahaha ye hua na asli oops, ab aaya oops ka maja” and she laughs “aur utaro kapde”
Deepak “aap kya has rahi ho, aap bhi aadhi nagi hee ho and infact dekhiye aone aapko aapki bra bhi sarak gayi hai, aapka aadhe se jyada boobs bahar hai, wah kya najara hai.”
Puja suddenly realizes her position and tries to cove rher boobs with her hands.
Deepak “aur karao massage nanga hokar, ab bhugto natiza” he mocks her
Puja “huh, kam se kam mein bilku nangi to nahi hu na, atleast u have not seen my vital parts.”
Deepak “huh, aap mein himmat hee nahi hai nanga hone ki”
Puja “aacha, jaise aap mein bahut hai, khud to apni cheej aap apne haathon se cupa kar khade hai and mujhe keh rahe hai “
Deepak “oh ye baat” and he removes his hand and stands naked infront of her and shows his dick to her. “bataiye ab kya kehna hai, kismet himmat nahi hai”
Puja “chi, aap ekdum besharam ho” all the time keeping her eyes on Deepak’s penis.
Deepak “job hi hu aapse jyada himmati hu, aapme himmat hai to utariye aoni bra.”
Puja “dekho mujhe challenge mat karo”
Deepak “arey jao jao, tumme koi himmat nahi”
Puja “aacha agar meine hata di to kya? Kal shopping karwaoge?”
Deeepak “haa pakka”
Puja “theek hai” and she within a second removes her bra and throws it on ground and stands topless infront of him
Deepak and puja both knew what they wanted now and without wasting any further time Deepak carried puja into her bed room. He kisses her rosy lips, her cheeks, her shoulders, her boobs, her stomach, removes her panty, kisses her legs, grabs her ass. She holds his penis, licks his chest, runs her hand all over, they both lick each other like hungry Rocky(D)s. Slowly Deepak inserts his dick into puja’s cunt and fucks her hard. Oh god how nice it felt being fucked after so many months, Deepak was so good at it. She had the best fuck of her life. They fucked thrice over the night, laid naked in each other’s arms and in morning Deepak kissed puja goodbye with the promise to meet her often and puja held his hands and placed it on her boobs but then it was time for ajay to come and they had to part ways for a while.Deepak and puja continued to have an affair. Some months later puja received the devastating news of her parents death. Apparently ajay had stopped sending them money for medicines and as a result they did not survive long. Puja mourned their death for a few days. While at her parents house she had made up her mind to take revenge on Ajay even if it cost anything to her. She had been humiliated all her life but now she would change all that & soon she would divorce ajay.
She was lost in her thoughts when she got a call from her husband ajay
Ajay “that bastard Deepak, that son of a bitch, mother fucker what does he think of himself.”
Puja “what happened?”
Ajay “that fool has been promoted and he has been made my boss, my boss can u imagine?” puja somehow controlled her laughter and asked “fir ab kya hoga”
Ajay “kya hoga? Us harami ne boss bante hee mujhe co. ki promotion karne ke liye mujhe ek gandi si jagah par bhejne ka faisla kya hai is garmi mein, sale ki maa chod dalunga mein. Aur sala gandu kal Saturday night ko party throw kar raha hai mere saath kaam kar rahe 3 bando ke liye. Sale sab mujh par hasenge kal partyu mein. Mujhe aaj hee jana hai, tu kab tak padi rahegi waha?
Puja “dekhti hu” and she hungs the phone with an impish smile and a devilish thought.
She decides to go back & be on time to attend deepak’s party even thoush she had not been invited. She knew that was the place she would extract her revenge. One thing about ajay was that he was very possessive about his wife and always expected her to behave decently and well with his friends and fellow employees. Even if she wore a very slightly revealing dress, ajay would ask her to change it, he would not even allow a handshake with them. Wonder what would happen when she does what she has in mind. Humilation for humiliation was her mantra, she wanted to humiliate ajay the way he had been humiliating her all this time.
Puja came back home the next day evening and she got dresses in a maroon saree, with low neck line, deep back and she tied her saree low which revealed her navel, braided her hairs well, put on a light make up and looked like an angel.Deepak and puja continued to have an affair. Some months later puja received the devastating news of her parents death. Apparently ajay had stopped sending them money for medicines and as a result they did not survive long. Puja mourned their death for a few days. While at her parents house she had made up her mind to take revenge on Ajay even if it cost anything to her. She had been humiliated all her life but now she would change all that & soon she would divorce ajay.
She was lost in her thoughts when she got a call from her husband ajay
Ajay “that bastard Deepak, that son of a bitch, mother fucker what does he think of himself.”
Puja “what happened?”
Ajay “that fool has been promoted and he has been made my boss, my boss can u imagine?” puja somehow controlled her laughter and asked “fir ab kya hoga”
Ajay “kya hoga? Us harami ne boss bante hee mujhe co. ki promotion karne ke liye mujhe ek gandi si jagah par bhejne ka faisla kya hai is garmi mein, sale ki maa chod dalunga mein. Aur sala gandu kal Saturday night ko party throw kar raha hai mere saath kaam kar rahe 3 bando ke liye. Sale sab mujh par hasenge kal partyu mein. Mujhe aaj hee jana hai, tu kab tak padi rahegi waha?
Puja “dekhti hu” and she hungs the phone with an impish smile and a devilish thought.
She decides to go back & be on time to attend deepak’s party even thoush she had not been invited. She knew that was the place she would extract her revenge. One thing about ajay was that he was very possessive about his wife and always expected her to behave decently and well with his friends and fellow employees. Even if she wore a very slightly revealing dress, ajay would ask her to change it, he would not even allow a handshake with them. Wonder what would happen when she does what she has in mind. Humilation for humiliation was her mantra, she wanted to humiliate ajay the way he had been humiliating her all this time.
Puja came back home the next day evening and she got dresses in a maroon saree, with low neck line, deep back and she tied her saree low which revealed her navel, braided her hairs well, put on a light make up and looked like an angel.She reached the venue where Deepak was partying with his friends. It was being held in a roof of a hotel, drinks and food had been served, there were no waiters, only deeoak and his two friends and co workers jitesh and naresh. Deepak had been informed by puja that she would also like to join his party and Deepak had installed hidden cameras all over the place as he knew it was time he extracted his revenge from ajay.
Puja comes up and greets Deepak “hello Deepak”
Deepak “hey puja, you are looking so gorgeous.” All the while starring at her exposed stomach and deep neck blouse.
Puja “thanks”
Both jitesh and naresh look at puja and wonder how she had come to meet Deepak and congratulate him and that too dressed so nicely as if she was enjoying deepak’s success. They were ofcourse not aware of the relationship the two of them shared. They thought puja would be cross with Deepak as Deepak and ajay were rivals as all knew.
Puja looks around and notices the hidden cameras, all the more good for her she thinks. It’s the best way to extract revenge with ajay and she understood that Deepak too had this same stuff in his mind. She ignores the camera and acts as if she had not seen it and hugs Deepak “congratulations”
Deepak hugging her tightly “thanks sweety”
Both naresh and jitsh look confused over their intimacy.
Deepak “arey puja naresh and jitesh se bhi milo”
Puja “hi”
Deepak “hat aise dur se hee hi kahogi kya, mujhe gale lagi ho to inse kam se kam haath to milao, ye mere sabse aache dost hai, inhe left out feel mat hone do”
Puja “oh sure” she giggles and she shakes hands with both of them.
Deepak “jitesh ise aakhein fad fad kar dekhna band kar bhai, ye apnea jay ki biwi hai, koi cheap si randi nahi”
Puja “haha… he is so cute” and she pinches his cheeks
Both naresh and jitesh wonder at Deepak’s use of the “randi”word infront of puja and then what was more astonishing was that puja did not seem to mind.
Jitsh shyly “ofcourse yaar, kya bol rahe ho, mein janta hu bhabhi ko”
Naresh “ha we know ye ajay ki biwi hai.”
Deepak “biwi mat bol khali, aise bola jay ki patakha biwi hai” and he laughs
Puja “Deepak tum bhi na” and she slaps his shoulder
Deepak “arey kuch galat bol raha hu kya, tu ho hee patakha, ekdum jabardast maal aur aaj to tum is saree mein ekdum sex bomb lag rahi ho, kyu doston”
Naresh “haa.. I mean bhabhi bahut sunder hai”
Deepak “sunder nahi mere dost, sexy kaho, sexy hai… dekh kitni sexy tarike se saree pehni hai, kitna low bandha hai tumne saree aaj puja, ek kaam kar puja ek baar pura ghum kar dikha apni figure mere doston ko, inhe bhi to malum pade ki aaj kitni badi patakha aayi hai mere party mein” he says all the while aware that all this was being recorded in the cameras, footages of which would be shown to ajay later on.
Puja “arey aaj aapki party hai, mujhe to ban savar ke aana hee tha” and she turns around slowly showing all parts of her body, her back, her front, her sides.
Deepak “haha, u r so sweet” and he pinches her cheeks.
Deepak “and ye blouse bhi kitna low neck pehna hai, aaj pallu sambhal kar rakhna, thoda bhi khiska to ye naresh and jitesh to pagal hee ho jayenge.”
Puja “haha… mein dhyan rakhungi Deepak par mein jabse yaha aayi hu, ye dono mujhe ghur rahe hai”
Deepak “ye to bechare dare hue hai kit u ajay ki biwi hai, kahi naraj na ho jaye isliye tere saath free nahi ho paa rahe bechare.”
Puja “dhat mein kyu naraj houngi, pati ke dost hai dushman nahi. Aur fir ye dono kitne cute hai, aap dono ki biwi nahi aayi”
Deepak “arey ye dono kuwarein hai, and kuwarein bhi kaise ki abhi tak kisi larki ka maja nahi liya inhone”
Puja giggles.
Deepak “aur agar tujh jaisi patakha ka swaad lag gaya inko, fir to inko kabu mein kar pana mushkil ho jayega”
Puja “dhat, aap bhi bas meri jhuti tariffein karte rehte ho”
Deepak “arey yakin nahi aata to inse pucho, kyu doston ye hai na ekdum maal”
Naresh “haa hai to sahi, ajay ki kismet baut achi hai”
Jitesh “haa bhabhi bahut hot hai”
Deepak “dekha, ab manti ho na kit um ho ekdum kamal ki, who to tu humare dost ki biwi hai, warna agar randi hoti na to hum tujhe bahut paise dete ek raat ke liye, kyu naresh tu kitna deta bhai”
Naresh “arey kya bol rahe ho yaar, ye apnea jay ki biwi hai and kaisi baatein kar raha hai tu, tune jyada pee li hai lagta hai”
Deepak “arey dost ki biwi hai mein janta hu, par yaar apnea jay ki hee to hai, aur who sala jab har hafte nayi randiyon ko chodh sakta hai to kya uski biwi uske doston ke saath thoda free bhi nahi ho sakti, aur fir yaar mein pure izzat ke saath pesh aa rha hu puja ke saath. Dekh iski black colour ki bra strap dikh rahi hai, par kya meine ek baar bhi iske bare in mein kuch kaha, and dekh isne saree itni neeche bandhi hai, par kya meine ek baar bhi isks saree samne se hatakar iska navel tumlogon ko dikhaya, iski peeth ekdum nangi hai par kya meine ek baar bhi us par haath fera, isne kitna low neck blouse pehna hai par meine ek baar bhi iska pallu sarkane ki kosish ki, yaar meine kya batamaizi ki hai abhi tak jot um mujhe itna bol rahe ho. Aur mein to baar baar keh raha hu ki ye aone dost ki biwi hai, randi nahi hai, nahi hai randi, to kya isme kuch bura bol raha hu kya. Tum hee batao puja tumhe ye sab bura lag raha hai kya”
Puja “arey nahi bilkul nahi, aap log to kitne aache hai sab and fir dost ki biwi ke saath thodi bahut masti to kar hee sakte hai na” and she hugs Deepak again
Deepak “mujhe samajh aa rha ahi ki in dono ko gussa kyu aa raha hai, tum sirf mujhe hug kar rahi ho na isliye”
Puja giggles and moves towards naresha dn hugs him tightly “lo ab khus naresh”
And she moves towards jitesh and hugs him tightly too. It was the first time he had hugged a girl and he could feel her boobs on his chest and he gets an instant eection and his cock pokes puja’s waist.
Puja “ouch, lagta hai ye to kuch jyada hee khus ho gaya” and she giggles.
Both naresh and jitesh now know that tonight puja was game for them.
Deepak “aao puja, yaha baitho sofe par mere saath”
And puja goes and sits on deepak’s lap.
Deepak “arey sofa pe bola tha, tu to god mein aakar baith gayi”
Puja “kuje yahi aacha lagta hai Deepak, please yahi baithne do na”
Deepak “chal hat randi hai kya, uth yaha se Sali kamini, baith sofa pe”
Puja “nahi please god mein baithne do na”
Deepak “uff tub hi na, badi badmash hai, acha ja pehle mere liye ek drink banakar la”
Naresh and jitesh sit on the opposite sofa and puja goes to make a drink
Naresh “yaar ye sab kya hai, ye to badi mast hai, kaise pataya tune isko yaar”
Deepak “haha… bas dekhte jao, aaj tum dono ki bhi aish karwaunga, sssh, she’s coming, just be patient.”
Puja “ye lijiye aapka drink”
Deepak “abe inke liye bhi to la, ye kya piyenge tera doodh”
Puja “arey doodh kyu piyenge, abhi laati hu drink”
And she goes back again.
Deepak “dekh kya gand matka rahi hai, kitni hot hai iski gaand.”
She comes back with the glasses and hands it to them.
Deepak “ek kaam kar ab naresh ki god mein baith ja thodi der, uska bahut man ho raha hai”
Puja “oh kyu nahi” and she sits on the lap of naresh who is very excited to fel her, he places his hand on her waist and whispers “aap bahut sexy hai”
Puja “thanks, abhi aapne meri sexiness dekhi hee kaha hai”
Deepak “ye kya khusur fusur ho raha hai, tu rate bandh raha hai kya iske saath”
Puja “hat rate kyu bandhenge, mein randi hu kya?” and she laughs. It was the first time puja had used the word “randi” and they all knew she was now getting free and open.
Jitesh “bhabhi aap randi hoti na to mein to aapko pure haft eke liye book kar leta.”
Deepak “haha, chalo ek survey karte hai, maan lo ki ye randi hee hai ab batao is eek raat ke liye kaun kitna dega.”
Deepak “mein ise 1 raat ke liye pure 100 rs dunga”
Naresh “bas 100, mein pure 110 dunga”
Jitesh “mein pure haft eke liye 500”
All laugh.
Puja “chi mein itni sasti hu kya, 500 mein pure hafte kya, mein apna blouse ka ek button na kholu.”
Deepak “oh ye lo ye to professional ho gayi hai, acha ye bata abhi saree utar kar fekne ka kitna legi”
Puja “pure 2000 rs”
Deepak “chal diya, ye liye 2000 aur saree utar kar fek de”
Puja “chi apne to mujhe sach mein randi bana diya”
Deepak “arey majak kar raha hu, dekh wasie bhi tere is saree se kuch dhak to raha nahi hai, sabkuch dikh hee raha hai fir pehne hee kyu ise, isliye saree to tu waise bhi utar de and comfortable ho ja. Rahi baat randi banne wali who to bas majak kar rahe hai, isse time pass ho jayega, le 2000 le le aur saree khol de”
Puja was feeling a bit hesitatnt as she was in real a good and simple girl but when she thought how much she would enjoy when ajay would see this video and watch his friends ill treat her, it would avenge her thirst for revenge and she takes the money and gets up.
She stands infront of them and sways her hips, makes erotic expressions from her face, suck her fingers, dance sexily and slowly removes her pallu, and hands over the end of the pallu to Deepak and starts to move away sexily, in the process her saree gets undone slowly. She continues to dance sexily and does some striptease steps and finally gets rid of her saree.
Deepak and naresh whistle.
Puja is now in her blouse and petticoat, her deep cleavage is visible and as is her flat smooth belly and her bare back.
Jitesh “yaar yr to ekdum professional randi hai yaar, puja abse mein tumhe bhabhi nahi randi bulaunga yaar, theek hai na”
Puja “arey jo marji bulao yaar, aap logo ne mujhe 2000 diye hai bhai”
Naresh “arey wah ajay ki biwi to randi ban gayi yaar” and they all laugh.
Jitesh “acha ye le 200 rs ad apna blouse ka ek button khol”
Deepak “arey iska rate itna mat badha, 200 mein pura blouse kholne bol”
Puja “chi itni sasti randi nahi hu mein, mujhe 220 rs chahiye”
Deepak “abe itni mein to teri chut mar dunga mein”
Puja “chi aap bade gande aadmi ho, apne dost ki biwi se kaise baat karte ho”
Deepak “oh mein to bhul hee gaya tha, theek hai tu jay ki biwi hai islye ja tujhe 500 diya blouse kholne ke liye”
Puja “theek hai”
And she slowly unbuttons her blouse revealing her bra covered boobs to all three of them.
Deepak “ab is blouse ko utar kar fek to sahi”
Puja “nahi paise sirf kholne ke liye diye gaye the, inhe utar kar fekne ke liye nahi, aur mein buttons saare khol diye hai, dekh lo”
Naresh and jitesh both stare at her like hungry tigers, watching her boobs which are almost out and looking so suckable.
Deepak “arey tu kayi saalo se randi ka dhanda kar rahi hai kya, tu to ekdum professional hai yaar, ajay ko bol naukri chore aur tera dalal ban jaye, bahut kamayega”
Puja “hahaha”
Puja stands in that very position even when a waiter had come in and had seen her in such a state. The waiter eyes her well and leaves after finishing his work.
Puja “Deepak ye kyat ha, us waiter ko andar kyu aane diya?”
deepak “arey sorry sorry, mujhe dhyan he nahi rhaa kit u puja hai, tu itni professional ban ke baat kar rahi thi mujhe laga sach mein randi hai, mein bhul gaya tha yaar, aage dhyan rakhunga”

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