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Revenge & Humilation Chapter 2

40 Min Read

puja “jao mein ab ye game nahi khelti” and she comes and sits on the sofa ith her unbuttoned blouse.
Naresh “arey naraj kar diya na tune puja ko” and he gets up and comes and sits close to puja “puja darling, very sorry yaar, ab aage aisa nahi hoga” and he places his hands around her shoulder all the time eyeing her cleavage.
Puja “ye aap kaha dekh rahe hai?”
Naresh “arey mein to bas.. ab kya karu puja, tum aise aadhi nangi baithi ho to najar to jayega hee na, tumhe bura lag raha hai to mein nahi dekhunga, promise”
Puja “nahi who baat nahi hai, aapki galti nahi hai, ab koi bhi larki aadhi nangi baithegi to guys to dekhenge hee bas aap log waiters ko ander mat aane do”
Jitesh “pakka puja, nahi aane denge, ab gussa choro”
Deepak “haa puja. I m really sorry, acha ye batao tumne ye bra kaha se li, bahut aachi hai”
Puja “ye aapne to hee to dilayi thi mujhe, kaha tha ki isme mere boobs bahut aache lagte hai”
Naresh “haa ache to lagte hai, and dekho kitna boobs bahar nikla hua hai, ek size choti hai kya ye aapke liye”
Jitesh “yaar choti hai tabhi aachi hai, hume kitna kuch dekhne ko mil raha hai, sala ye ajay kitne mast maal chupa kar rakah tha apne ghar mein, who to har rat aapke saath maje karta hoga na”
Puja “maja, u mean chudai, yaar khul ke bolo na”
Jitesh “haa meri randi I mean chudai, khub chodta hoga na tumhe”
Puja “us madarchodh ka lund mere liye khada hee nahi hota”
Jitesh “oh, par humara lund to aapko dekhte hee khada ho jata hai, ye dekhiye” and he points towards his erection.
Puja “hmm, dikh raha hai” and she giggles.
Naresh “acha ye lo 500 rs aur and ab ye blouse utar kar fek do” and he places the note inside her bra touching her bare boobs in the process witrh his fingers.
Puja “theek hai” and she removes the blouse completely “ab bataiye kaisi lag rahi hu mein”
Deepak “tu to hai hee patakha”
Jitesh “yaar mera lund to bekabu ho raha hai”
Puja “sambhal kar rakhiye jitesh jee, ye randi bahut mehengi hai”
Jitesh “arey puja tumhare liye jan hazir hai” and he comes close to her and kisses her on her cheeks.
Naresh starts to fondle her tits over her bra and deepak strips himself nude.
Deepak “yaar ab isko jaldi nanga karo, mujhe chodna hai ise”
And both naresh and jitesh kiss her all over, slowly unhook her bra and throw it on the ground. Her tits are so wonderful, both suck each of the boobs and removes her petticoat and also her panty, deepak comes behind her and rubs his dick on her ass. Naresh fingers her pussy, jitesh gets naked followed by jitesh.
Deepak “bata randi kiska lund chusegi pehle”
Puja “maalik aap jiska kahe, mujhe to teeno lund pasand hai” and she takes naresh’s dick in her hands and massages it, she sucks jitesh’s cock and deepak starts to fuck her in the ass.
Deepak “yaar is randi ko aaj hum teeno raat bhar chodenge”
Puja “haa mujhe teeno se chudna hai, kitna aacha lund hai aap sabka, mujhe bas 10 rs de dena
chudwane ka, ajay ne mujhe tumlogon se itna hee lene ko kaha hai” puja could not help but smile when she thought about how ajay would feel seeing this video.she getting gangbanged by 3 of his co-workers.
They fucked her all night long calling her “randi” and abusing ajay. In the morning she was told about the hidden camera and puja told she knew about it and asked them to show the video only to ajay and then destroy it and they only had permission to circulate the audio if they wanted to.
Two nights later the video was shown to ajay who went mad with the humiliation puja had given him. The 3 guys deepak, naresh and jitesh taunted ajay and said how much they enjoyed ajay’s wife how much they fucked his wife all the while referring to puja as ajay’s wife so as to pinch him.
Puja knew ajay was obsessed with her and he was very possessive about her and ajay would never be able to tolerate seeing his wife fucked by his friends and becoming a whore for them. The audio of that night’s session puja had with deepak, naresh, and jitesh was relased and distributed in office. Ofcourse the video was destroyed as puja was not comfortable with that. Ajay went mad with anger, abusing all his friends who enjoyed his state. Everyone in the office came to know about ajay’s misery and everyone in his office mocked him saying things like “yaar teri biwi ka abhi rate kya chal raha hai”, “ye dekho ye jar
aha hai apni hi biwi ka dalal”, “yaar mein 15 rs de dunga tune 10 hee mange, mujhe chance de”, “yaar teri biwi ka video bhi to dikha hume”, “ye dekho randi ka pati”.
Ultimately he divorced puja, giving her 50% of his wealth and ran away from that town.Puja had her revenge with ajay, but hee hunger would be satisfied only when she had taken revenge from her brother arun and also raj and his friend manoj.
She had become a whore to deepak, naresh and jitesh who looked after her needs. She had also had some encounters with other people through them who paid her well. Deepak had become a very powerful man. He had set up his own business which gave competition to raj and manoj who had become partners. The competition was stiff and deepak always got the better of the two and he had soon taken raj & manoj in his trap and had they not agreed to his wishes they would have become bankrupt and he had also found out the way they had cheated people and had he revealed all that to the public they would be jailed forever. Puja laid down her dice and asked deepak to do what she wanted.
Deepak calls manoj and raj and agrees to help them and both are really surprised at the generosity of deepak who but then telle them:-
Deepak “I am no angel to help you without expecting anything from the two of you. There is something that the two of you have and I want it”
Raj ‘what is it deepak”
Manoj “yes tell us, we will surely give it to you.” Deepak “your wives.”
Raj “what you bastard “
Manoj “ you ass hole, how could you even think”
Deepak angrily “enough. If you want the deal to happen, send me your wives and get out of your financial mess or else welcome to the ugly world of poverty. “
Raj “never you rascal”
Deepak “this meeting is now over. If you agree send your wives to my home tomorrow, or better come along with them.”
Manoj “you scoundrel, we..”
Deepak “get lost”
Manoj and raj leave angrily only to get judgemental at night in a bar and both know they had no other option but to do what deepak wanted.
Next morning they bring their wives along , the wives had agreed as they had to help her husbands. Puja who had been hiding in the house watching deepak’s room through a hidden camera installed, could not wait for the action to start.
Deepak “welcome, welcome, I was waiting for you.”
Raj looks down and say “yes”
Deepak “which one is your wife raj?”
Raj “this here, she is nisha” he points at his wife who was dressed in a green coloursalwar suit “and that is shilpa, manoj’s wife” who was dressed in a maroon salwar suit.
Deepak “hmm, both ladies in salwar suit ha, all covered up.”
Manoj “ I think I and raj will leave now.”
Deepak “oh no, you both are my guests, sit in the corner of the room and have fun.”
Raj and manoj look at each other surprised and raj says “no deepak, don’t do this please, watching our wifes getting humiliated infront of us would be too much, please, we beg you.”
Puja has a wide smile on her face as she watches the condition of the two men.
Deepak “you have to follow my instructions if you want the deal to happen.”
Deepak looks at nisha and signals her to come to him. Nisha walks slowly towards him slowly when deepak screams “hurry, fast, I don’t have all day” and as soon as nisha reaches near deepak , deepak slaps her in the face “you are to do just as I say and behave well or else I will ruin your husband.. now
you shilpa, you come to me now.” And shilpa walks hurriedly towards deepak. Deepak “now that’s like a good girl” and he pats her back and looks at nisha and removes her dupatta in a flash.
Deepak “now we are going to play a game here. I will order the two of you to do a task and whoever does it slower of the two will have to remove one cloth from her body, is that clear?”
Nisha “sir please don’t do this, sir humne aapka kya bigada hai”
Shilpa “sir please hume chor dijiye”
Deepak “chor dunga, mujhe kya hai, bas ye samajh lo ki fir tumhare patiyion ko mein bhikhari bana dunga and saari ummar ye jail mein bitayenge and fir apne baccho ko rakhna bhuka and nanga” and he laughs.
Raj “please deepak don’t do all this.”
Manoj “haa depak, iske alawa tum jo bolenge hum karne ko taiyar hai”
Deepak “shut up and don’t interfere”
Puja was thinking how she had also pleaded with the two in the same manner and how they had enjoyed and mocked her misery.
Deepak removes shilpa’s dupatta “lets make the game fair, now both of you are wearing a kurta, a pyjama, a bra and a panty. Raj bra pehni hai na teri biwi ne”
Raj remains silent”
Deepak “answer me you bastard or else I will make her naked right now.”
Raj “yes, yes, she is wearing bra”
Deepak “and manoj teri biwi ne?
Manoj “haa pehni hai.”
Deepak to shilpa “aapke boobs kafi bade bade hai”
Shilpa “sir please don’t embarrass me like this, sir please”
Deepak “acha theek hai nahi karunga, chalo ab game shuru karein. Your first task is to go in the kitchen and make tea for me. The one who is slower has to remove one cloth from her body. Your time starts now.”
Both nisha and shilpa hurry towards the kitchen and shilpa comes out first and nisha was the slower of the two in this round.
Deepak to nisha “ I am waiting meri jaan, ruko ek kaam karte hai, let me make it more interesting, tumhare body se kapda tum nahi tumhara pati khud nikalega” and he laughs
Puja applauds this move by deepak.
Raj “please deepak, humne tumhara kya bigada hai”
Deepak “jaldi aao, warna ye kaam mein manoj ko bhi saup sakta hu. Bolo nisha kisse utarwaen hai kapde, pati se ya pati ke dost se”
Nisha embarrassed “pati se”
Deepak “hmm, chalo theek hai, lagta hai kabhi apne pati ke dost ke saath flirting nahi kari kyu?”
Nisha “nahi kiya sir”
Deepak “aur shilpa tumne?”
Shilpa “nahi sir meine bhi nahi”
Deepak “chalo theek hai raj aao kapde utaro nisha ke”
And raj gets up and removes her pyjama first revealing her legs and he hurriedly turns around and goes back not looking into the eyes of his wife. While coming back he glances at manoj and he was sure manoj was watching nisha with lust.
Deepak takes a nice look at nisha’s legs and applauds and says “now round 2”
Deepak “slap your husband. Lets see who does it faster. Your time starts now”
Nisha hurries and slaps raj on his face while shilpa could not gather the courage to do it and stands still.
Nisha starts crying “raj, I am sorry” and raj was too embarrasses to say anything.
Deepak “manoj aa jao bhai, do the needful.”
Manoj gets up and opens the buttons of her kurta and slowly removes it whispering “ I am sorry janu” and comes back only to see raj watching shilpa with interest.
Shilpa was now in her bra revealing her cleavage. She tried to hide it with her hands when deepak signaled her not to do it and she had to let go off her hands. She starts to weep.
Deepak “ok now round 3”
Deepak “one thing I have been noticing is that both manoj and raj are enjoying each others wives. Raj do you think shilpa is sexy?”
Raj “ye kya bol rahe ho yaar, who meri bhabhi hai, meri dost ki biwi hai”
Deepak “I asked is she sexy?” angrily
Raj “yes she is”
Deepak “watch her boobs carefully. Dekho dhyan se aur batao are they bigger than your wives?”
Raj hesitantly looks at her boobs and says “yes sir, they are bigger.”
Manoj looks angrily at raj but then knows raj is helpless.
Shilpa weeps more and so does nisha.
Deepak “aacha manoj is nisha sexy?’
Manoj “yes sir, she is”
Deepak “have you ever dreamed of fucking her?”
Manoj “no sir, never”
Deepak “aah that’s a lie. Anyways you tell me nisha have you ever fantasized about manoj”
Nisha “no sir”
Deepak “and shilpa you ever fantasized about raj”
Shilpa “no, never”
Deepak “oh you guys are so boring, acha nisha and shilpa tell me who do you think has a bigger dick, raj or manoj”
Nisha “sir I don’t know, how would I”
Shilpa remains quiet.
Deepak “haa who bhi hai afterall you haven’t seen both of them. Ok guys get naked both of you.”
Raj and manoj are shocked at the idea of getting naked infront of each others wives and both nisha and shilpa turn around not facing them
Nisha “sir please aap kaunse janam ke badla nikal rahe hai”
Deepak “arey badla nahi pagli, this is round 3, I want the guys to get naked and then I want you nisha to give blow job to your husbands friend manoj and you shilpa has to give a blowjob to raj. Lets see who can make the guys cum faster.”
Shilpa “what”? no sir I wont do it”
Puja was all smiles “ye hui na baat, it would be so humiliating to see your wife give blowjob to your frined right infront of you. This deepak is brilliant.”
Nisha “aap pagal to nahi ho gaye na”
Deepak “abhi tumne meri pagal panti dekhi nahi hai, mein sirf bloejob bol raha hu, jyada bologi to apne pati ke samne he uske dost se chudwa dunga. Chalo jaldi karo”
Raj & manoj look at each other helplessly, both don’t like the idea of their wives giving blow job to their friend.
Raj “manoj we have to do this or else this bastart will ruin us and anyways its only us and yaha se nikalne ke baad we will forget everything, and baat sirf blowjob ki hai, lets do it fast warna ye kuch bhi karne ko bol sakta hai.”
Manoj “yes u r right, my heart would break to see shilpa blowin you but I have no choice. Promise me you wont be touching her, keep your hands away from her.”
Raj “and you too keep your hands away from nisha”
Deepak “hurry”
And both guys get completely naked.
Deepak “nisha, shilpa idhar dekho, dekho inke lund ko and jao apne pati ke dost ka lund chuso. Your time starts now”
Nisha turns around looks at ra who nods his head and she looks at manoj who is naked and she looks at his almost erect dick and walks towards him. Shilpa follows nisha and walks towards raj.
Nisha hesitantly touches manoj’s cock and massages it to make it hard and excited and shilpa too touches raj’s dick and does the same.
Manoj’s cock erects immediately on being touched by nisha much to his embarassmenr as he had given the clear signal that he was enjoyin all this. Raj too had the same effect n being touched by shilpa.
Both the ladies start to blow them now. Raj and manoj consciously don’t look at each other and keep their hands away from their friends wives and enjoy the blowjob.
Raj cums out first making shilpa the winner.
Nisha looks at anger with raj , onr for enjoying the moment and second for not being able to hold it longer.
Deepak “oh nisha looses, ok now since she lost ‘coz manoj did not come so which also means that chilpa won because her husband could hold longer. It means that her husband helped her win so I award her husband the right to remove nisha’s cloth and not raj.’
Raj looks a t deepak in anger.
Manoj was stunned and looks at nisha and just casually unbuttons her kurta and throws it on the ground making her stand only in her bra and panty. In the process his hands had brushed her boobs feeling the softness. Raj had decided not to watch all that.
Deepak “you naugty guy, I had asked you to remove her dress not dfeel her boobs”
Raj hears in astonishment and looks angrily at manoj
Manoj “pleased shut up, you know I did not do it on purpose, it just happened”
Deepak laughs “yea yea, not on purpose, bull shit, you think raj is an idiot that he will let you feel is sexy wife. Ok tell me manoj do you think nisha is hotter or shilpa. Watch her, watch her in her bra and panty, had u seen her before in such a state of dressing”
Manoj “ now I had not”
Deepak “oh you should kill raj for hiding such a beauty from you. Kya yaar raj tune kabhi aoni biwi ko aadhi nnagi bhi nahi dikhaya manoj ko, acha manoj ne to tujhe shilpa lo aadha nanga dikhaya hoga na”
Raj “ no never”
And we hear nisha and shilpa weep again.
Raj “we never looked at each others wives in that way so please stop commenting on us in this manner.”
Deepak “huh, aur ye manoj ye to abhi teri biwi ke boobs chu raha tha, khair mujhe kya, lets move to round 4”
Manoj”it was a mistake”
Raj “I know, forget it, he is a bastard” and he looks at his wife standing in just a bra and panty and his heart ached when he realized manoj had stripped her and in the process felt her boobs and was now also watching his wife in such a state. He ached to touch shilpa the same way and remove her pyjama to make things even between him and manoj.Nisha and shilpa were feeling guilty on their own for having blown thir husbands friends.
Deepak “ok time now for round 4, and you raj and manoj sit naked, let your wives enjoy your nakedness.”
Deepak “ok let me see first, nisha is in her bra and panty and shilpa in bra and pyjama. Nisha one more loss and we see your nakedness” and he smiles
Nisha looks at shilpa as if pleading to her to let her win this one.
Deepak “now I want you girls to say “mein randi hu, mere jism se khelo” twenty times. Lets say who says it faster. Nisha you start first”
Nisha knew there was no point pleading and says it twenty times and then shilpa does it and purposely says slowly and looses the deal.
Deepak “shilpa has lost it and I get the feeling she has lost this round deliberately and so I am making the punishment interesting, this time raj will strip her.”
Raj immediately gets up as if he was waiting for this and manoj whispers “remove her pyjama and nothing else, please”
Raj comes near shilpa and stares at her. He stands there for a moment and ponders over his next move and he to everyone’s surprise removes shilpa’s bra even when he had the option to remove her pyjama. He too in the process brushed her naked boobs intentionally but made it look like it was accidental.
Deepak “oh wow, wow, see manoj your friend here, he always wanted shilpa, see he removed her bra all the time touching her naked boobs”
Shilpa is too shocked and tries to cover her boobs with her hands
Deepak “raj remove her hand”
And raj removes her hand once again touching her boobs.
Manoj waits angrily for raj who comes back after feasting his eyes on her naked boobs. Nisha too was shocked and looks angrily at raj.
Manoj “bastartd why did you do that”
Raj “yiu started it, why did you have to feel nisha’s boobs”
Manoj “ I told you it was a mistake”
Raj “huh, shutup”
Deepak “ok so now shilpa is topless. Let me watch her” and he watches her boobs carefully all the while enjoying the situation he had created between the four of them.
Deepak “ok round 5”
Shilpa looks angrily at nisha.
Deepak “lets have a race. The looser looses her cloth.”
They are shown the point of race and as soon as deepak says go, shilpa pushes nisha and nisha falls and shilpa comes first.
Deepak “all is fair n love and war, ok nisha time to get naughty”
Nisha stands still pleading with deepak
Deepak “ok shilpa, you do it, this bitch needs a lesson, remove her cloth”
And shilpa pounces over nisha and tears open her bra which angers nisha who opens shilpa’s pyjama and now both ladies are only in their panties. Raj and manoj interfere only to start fighting among themselves and manoj angrily tears open nisha’a panties and raj tears the panty of shilpa.
Now all four are naked.
Deepak “oh stop all this, now stand in line.” And he makes manoj and raj stand on one corner and nisha and shilpa opposite to them.
Deepak “ok naked people” and he watches the babes carefully. “its time for some fun now” and he strips and gets naked and takes nisha and shilpa in his arms and make them lie on the bed.
Deepak “ok raj and manoj, I want you guys to watch me fuck your wives”
Raj “no you bastard”
Deepak “ah aise nahi manoge tum, theek hai I want you to watch me fuck shilpa and watch manoj fuck your wife nisha”
Puja could not wait to see raj’s reactions
Raj “are you out of your mind”:
Deepak “ok now I not only want you to watch but I also want you to masturbate watcjing us” and he laughs
Deepak “comeon manoj what you waiting for, fuck nisha, while I fuck your wife’
And he starts fucking shilpa, and manoj looks a t raj angrily and jumpns on the bed and fucks nisha
screaming “you bitvh I always wanted to fuck you.” Raj was stunned to watch his wife being fucked by manoj, he wanted to either die or kill manoj.
After the fucking was done deepak says “ok raj now you fuck shilpa”
Manoj “what? But why?”
Deepak “because you lied to me, when I asked you if you ever fantasized about nisha you said no and whil you were fucking her you were screaming something else.”
And so raj jumps on the bed with shilpa and fucks her hard, very hard with manoj being forced to watch them.
Afterwards deepak fucks both the babes making both of them masturbate whil watching all that and then suddenly enters puja
Puja “so guys how are you?”
Raj “Sali tu?”
Deepak “yea, she, she is my friend, and she and I had palnned this together, now you both take your wives and get lost, we have no deal”
Raj “you ass hole”
And we hear a police siren and deepak produces evidence against them and both raj and manoj are arrested. As for their wives they shifted to some other town and became whores.
Now the readers must be wondering why their wives had to suffer, its because they were aware of what their husbands were doing to innocent girls and they enjoyed all those activities and so they deserved to go through all this.
Puja had her revenge and now only her brother was left.She had given birth to a baby boy of which deepak was the illegitimate father. Some years later she received news of the death of her brother and bhabhi, they had left behind a daughter who was a year younger to her son rakesh. She decided to adopt the girl whom she called priya. Three years later she was blessed with deepak’s and her daughter megha. She was now a parent of three kids: Rakesh, Priya & Megha.
All thoughts of revenge and humiliation had left her mind, she had been given ample amount of money by deepak who had left the town and was settled come where in foreign. Shee too had shifted to a new city putting her past nehind. She had been dealing in stock Market and had made a fortune out of it.
Soon all thoughts of revenge & humiliation had left her mind. She was happy being a single mother to three kids. Time had passed well and healed all wounds.
Rakesh was now 27, an ace photographer with a fashion magazine and priya was 26, completed her studies and megha was 22 and in college.
Rakesh and priya were close to each other, being very little difference in their age they were quite frank too. They used to secretly share non veg messages on their mobile phones, which had begun a few moneths bacl in the following manner:-
One day while rakesh was asleep, priya grabbed his mobile phone and was going through his messages, 9 out of 10 of which were nin veg and adult messages. Rakesh got up and saw priya reading them and said “hey priya what are you doing, are you reading my messages?”
Priya “uh, yes rakesh” she addressed him always by his name only.
Rakesh “oh you must have realized by now that most of them are of adult content.”
Priya “yes they are so what afterall I am an adult too”
Rakesh “and yes my sister too, so don’t you think you should not be reading such stuffs from your brothers mobile.”
Priya “oh rakesh please, we are of the same age group and its not such a big deal.”
Rakesh “ok, if you say so, I don’t have a problem as long as its kept between us only.”
Priya “yea sure, its going to be our secret. Here take my cell I have some nice ones too”
Rakesh grabs her cell and goes through the messages not believing that even girls could share such dirty messages too especially the one which had all the choicest gaalis in hindi sent to her by one of her classmates called pushpa.
Rakesh “god, cant believe you girls talk so much dirty”
Priya “what is it?”
Rakesh “this message from pushpa, the one which has all the galis and stuffs”
Priya “hehe, its only a forwarded message yaar and you are no less ha, see this one , the one that your model karishma has sent, it has such dirty words”
Rakesh “dirty words ?like what priya?” he acts innocent
Priya “oh as if you don’t know ha”
Rakesh “ofcourse I don’t remember priya”
Priya “here this one” and she shows the mobile to rakesh “it had words like lund, chut, etc.”
Rakesh could not believe hearing those words from priya, maybe she was ok with talking naughty and he said “arey ye to kuch nahi tere pushpa wale message mein to sa galia thi, laura, behanchodh, chutiya, gandu, etc.”
Priya laughs “rakesh ek larki ne hee bheja hai mujhe, kisi ladka ne nahi”
Rakesh “acha sun tera koi boyfriend nahi?”
Priya “bas bas jyada personal mat ho ab, messages share karne tak hee theek hai bas”
Rakesh “haha.. ok baba as you say”
And both read each others messages and laugh and slowly they also start reading out messages which they like most even if they contained all the dirty words and stuffs. Rakesh found it exciting to hear the adult messages from his sister’s mouth.
Rakesh “yaaar batana koi boy friend nahi hai”
Priya “nahi hai yaar, you know na I was in girls school and now I am in girls college so no boy friend yaar. Boy friend chor kisi ladka se dosti bhi nahi”
Rakesh “oh poor girl, chal koi baat nahi aaj se mein tera ladka friend theek hai na”
Priya “ha theek hai par apni girl friends se puch to lo, aapki to bahut hai and sab models”
Rakesh “arey who sab sirf friends hai, unke saaath sirf masti hee karta hu”
Priya “kaisi masti rakeshji?” she asks naughtily.
They were then interrupted by megha who came into the room.
They continued to exchange non veg messages for some time and then one day
Priya “prakash batao na kaisi masti karte ho aap apni girl frens ke saath”
Rakesh “yaar bas kissing and fondling”
Priya “oh wow, bahut maja aata hoga na”
Rakesh “haa aata hai, bahut aata hai yaar”
Priya “rakesh do you umm also strip them?”
Rakesh laughs “yes meri jaan, they also strip and I also strip, bas we don’t have intercourse” he avoids using the fuck word infront of her.
Priya “rakesh how did you feel when you saw a girl naked for the first time?”
Rakesh “first time to internet par dekha tha, maja aa gaya tha yaar, fir puri raat surfing ki”
Priya “hmm”
Rakesh “priya have you never seen a naked guy?”
Priya “no never yaar”
Rakesh “wanna see?”
Priya “how?”
Rakesh “on the internet”
Priya thinks “umm, with you, no baba it would be so embarrassing, ek kaam karo you just give me the link and I will watch it”
Rakesh “arey mujhse kya sharmana, lets watch together, it would be more fun, I promise”
Priya “hmm, ok if you say so, but please close the door yaar”
Rakesh “ ok I will” and he closes the door and switches on the computer and opens a website
Priya’s heart was beating fast in anticipation, she was eager and nervous too.
And soon a pic of a nude male model appeard on the screen, his dick was erect and priya watched it with wide eyes “oh, so big” was all she could say.
Soon rakesh flipped open more pictures, also showed her some videos.
Rakesh “so do you like it?”
Priya “yea I do, I mean its nice, its so big, wonder how it goes inside”
Rakesh “oh don’t worry, its trouble only the first time, baad mein sab easy hai”
Priya “I hope so” and she gets up
Rakesh “kya hua? Aur nahi dekhna”
Priya “no, I mean I need to go and pee”
Rakesh “haa samajh gaya, you have become very excited ha”

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