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Revenge & Humilation Chapter 4

56 Min Read

Priya does so and rakesh stares at her and says “umm, do one thing open one more button from the top” and priya does so
Rakesh “now bend infront” and priya bends a lot sowing a lot of cleavage
Rakesh “uff, itna nahi, don’t be so slutty, bas thoda sa hee”
Priya “oh , theek hai” and she corrects herself.
Rakesh “yea good” and he takes some snaps.
Rakesh “ok now unbutton your jeans and also open the zip a bit just enough to hide your panties”
Priya “oh, ye thoda slutty nahi ho jayega”
Rakesh “nahi meri jaan, I wont make you look vulgar”
Priya “hmm, ok if you say” and she does the same and stands infront with hands on her hips
Rakesh “hot, you are looking hot”
Priya “thanks, I can see how hot I am looking”
Rakesh “and will you explain just how can you see that you are looking hot”
Priya giggles “by the movement in your jeans” and she laughs
Rakesh “oh, ye to hona hee hai na, ab koi larki jeans kholegi tumhare samne to underwear mein halchal to hogi hee”
priya “hmm, rakesh ek kaam karo you help me get comfortable yaar with all the bold clothes and poses.”
Rakesh “who kaise?”
Priya “umm, ek kaam kar you also strip and shoot only in your underwear, waise bhi I have sen everything so you should not feel shy and then I will feel comfortable knowing that I am not the only one who is standing half naked in this room.”
Rakesh thinks and says “ok, fine with me if that’s what you want.” And he strips and stands only in hus underwear.
Priya “hmm, rakesh ka friend is fully awake”
Rakesh “abhi jyada mat bol warna is underwear ko bhi utar fekunga.”
Priya “oh no, please don’t, I don’t want to see a monster right now” and both laugh
Rakesh “ok priya now go in and wear this skirt”
Priya grabs it and wears it inside and comes out
Rakesh whistles “ab to ye monster raat bhar nahi soyega, sach priya you are looking very sexy “ as he stares at her exposed legs which he had seen for the first time in his life.
Rakesh “make some poses now, even some slutty ones” and he winks at her
Priya makes some sexy poses exciting rakesh so much that part of his dick jumps out of his underwear and is clearly visible.
Rakesh “look what you have done to me, ab ise underwear mein chupa ke rakhna possible nahi” and he removes his underwear and stands naked.
Priya “raaakesh, kya kar rahe ho yaaar”
Rakesh “yaar, let me be comfortable please”
Priya “huh, men and their dicks, cha”
Priya looks at rakesh’s dick, it’s the first time she was seing hum completely naked, how good he looked, only if he were not her brother.
Rakesh “ok priya now make some new poses” and he goes near her in order to teach her various poses, this time touching her all over, sometimes even brushing her boobs, his naked dick poked her thighs and ass numerous times.
Priya “yaar tumhara ye monster mujhe kat raha hai yaar”
Rakesh “oh, ek kaam karo ise haath mein pakad kar kabu mein kar lo” and he grabs priya’s hand and places it on his erect dick.
Priya “bada badmash hai ye”
Rakesh “hehe, who to hai, ab ek kam karo ise thodi masti karao”
Priya “who kaise?”
And rakesh without saying anything unbuttons priya’s skirt and removes it and then also removes her top slowly touching her back and belly in the process.
Rakesh looks at his sister who is now only in her bra and panty, she had an awesome figure, he spanks her ass and says “priya, nice body yaar”
Priya shyly “thanks”
Rakesh “ab time now for the shoot in bra and panty”
Priya “ok”
Rakesh “par isme nahi, ye bra and panty pehno” and he hands her a few pairs, one of them is transparent, some very sexy ones, which reveal more than they hide.
Priya ‘rakesh, isme to sabkuch dikhega yaar”
Rakesh “are to kya hua?”
Priya “kya hua matlab? Yaar isme to kuch chupega hee nahi, inhe pehnna aur nahi pehnna barabar hee hai yaar.”
Rakesh “aissa nahi hai priya, u will look hot in them, just try. Ek kaam karo pehan kar mere samne aao, then we will decide”
Priya “par isme to tumhe mera sab kuch dikh jayega yaar”
Rakesh “to fir mujhse kya sharmana yaar, and fir mera birthday treat hee samajh lunga mein isko, jao change karke aao”
Priya “ab inhe agar pehan kar tumhare samne aana hai, to fir andar room mein change karne ki kya jarurat, yahi kar leti hu, kyuki inhe pehan kar bhi I will feel naked only.”
Even before rakesh could sya anything priya had turned around and unhooked her bra and she throws it open, revealing her bare back, how smooth they were. She had wanted to treat her brother tonight and that’s what she was doing now when she removed her panties in an instand revealing her nude ass to rakesh.
Rakesh “wow priya, I never knew you are so bold and he clicks one snap of her nude ass.”
Priya “arey nanhi photos kyu khich rahe ho yaar”
Rakesh “yaar ghabra mat, ye kisiko nahi dikhaunga”
Priya turns around and shows her boobs and clean shaven pussy to rakesh.
Rakesh was stunned to see her nude body, never did he imagine that it would be so easy to get her. He was now sure that his sister was not as innocent as he thought her to be. She was a slut and he was sure that the story she told him about she and her friends partying in bikinis was not so true and that they had partied nude and he now even doubted her virginity.
He goes close to her and grabs her boobs and fondles them, erects her nipples and clicks a few nude pics of her, including close ups of her pussy and ass.
Priya “rakesh , ab mujhe chuna band karo and bra and panty pehnne do, opics nahi khichni kya? ‘
Rakehs “who baad mein khich lenge meri jaan, first let me feel you the way I had let you feel me.” And he begins to kiss her all over and sucks her boobs, pokes her everywhere with his dick, licks her navel, her pussy, making her hot and wild, he runs his hands all over her body.
Priya “o rakesh, please fuck me”:
Rakesh “aah my sis”
Priya grabs his dick and takes it in her mouth.
Rakesh “ye tune kaha sikha priya?”
Priya “who party mein, I had lied to you, we had group sex in that party, I thought you would get angry so I did not tell you.”
And rakesh was now sure that priya was a whore and kisses her all over and inserts his dick in her pussy and fucks her hard making her scream and scream.
Meanwhile at his home puja, his mother was all smiles and thinking to herself “soon my thirst for revenge will be quenched. Rakesh must have already trapped priya as I had instructed him to. Arun, my brother, how I wish to see your face when you soon find out how my son has trapped your daughter priya and extracted revenge from you on my behalf. You maybe dead for the world but I have not forgotten our last encounter when I met you which was after you and your wife had been declared dead by the world. I had adopted your daughter priya then thinking that both of you were dead but soon
enough you and I met when you kidnapped rakesh. You had thought your daughter priya too had died but soon I will meet you and reveal that priya who is now a slut is actually your own daughter. You wounded me not once but twice, first in Mauritius and second when I had come looking for my son at your new adda.”Puja had received any anonymous letter from someone who claimed that he kew where his sons was and that she had been so unwise when she had been on tour and how she refused the most precious gift int the world. Going through the letter puja had gotten the hint that rumours about her brother being alive could be true. Also the address at which she was asked to come could be her
brother’s den. The letter further read that it was she who was slutty and in Mauritius she should have been wiser and more honest about her feelings and desires. The letter addresses her as looser and a hypocrite, the writer had claimed she was a slut all her life as her recent actions had also proved the same. Puja wondered how the writer knew so much about her past life, it had to be her brother. The letter hinted that if she wanted to meet her son she should be more expressive of her desires and should be honest about her feelings and emotions, she should go and meet the person with an open mind and be her normal self i.e. slutty and horny.
Puja knew that if she wanted to save her son she would have to go at the mentioned place and that too alone. Hopefully she would be meeting her brother arun there and she reaches the spot on time where two guards escort her to a room and puja finds it hard to feel happy ast seeing her monster brother arun alive and standing infront of her.
Puja “arun bhaiya” (and puja weeps)
Arun “lagta hai mujhe zinda dekh tum bahut khus nahi ho ha”
Puja “bhaiya ye sab kaise ho gaya, aapki to khabar aayi thi mere pass.”
Arun “sab teri wajah se kamini, sab teri wajah se.”
Puja “meri wajah se? meine kya kiya hai bhaiya?”
Arun “saali, teri wajah se mujhe ghar se nikala gaya, teri wajah se maa bappu bimar pade, ghar se nikale jaane ki jillat se mera dimag kharan ho gaya tha and meine saare paise gawa diye gambling mein. Last mein mujhe ek decision lena pada aur meine khud hee apne gahr mein aag laga di and mere biwi aur
meri beri maari gayi. Logon ke laga ki who ek accident tha aur usme mein bhi mara gaya, jabki hakikat ye hai jise who meri lash samajh rahe the who humare naukar ki lash thi. Teri wajah se mujhe apne parivar ko marna pada aur fir mujhe sahara mila ek nek insane se jiske wajah se aaj mein is jagah par pahucha hu, aaj mein ek jana mana don hu aur log mere naam se bhi darte hai.”
Puja thinks should she tell him that his daughter priya was with her, maybe on hearing that he would release his son rakesh, but is kamine ka koi bharosa nahi, ye pehle bhi apne beti ko marne ki koshish kar chukka hai, use apne beti se kya matlab, kahi dono ka na maar de, nahi nahi mein ise nahi bataungi.”
Arun “kya soch rahi hai Sali kamini?”
Puja “bhaiya, aaj rakshabandhan hai mein bas aapko rakhi bandhne aayi thi.”
Arun “rakhi? Hahahahaha… mujhe rakhi bandhegi? Pehle to bahut cheekh rahi thi ki men bhai nahi haiwan hu, darinda hu, aur aaj mujhe rakhi bandhegi.”
Puja “bhaiya, darasal mera beta rakesh kidnap ho gaya hai, mein uske bina nahi jee sakti bhaiya, please mujhe who lauta dijiye.”
Arun “tera beta? Hahaha… abe Sali teri shaadi kab hui?”
Puja “bhaiya who sab bas bahut lambi kahani hai?”
Arun “lambi kahani hai? Shaadi aur lambi kahani? Bahut saare ladkon ke saath shaadi ki hai kya tune? Hahahaha”
Puja “bhaiya please, mere saath bahut bura hua hai?”
Arun “bura hua hai? Kisne maje liye hai tere badan ke? Ya fir ye bata kin kin logon ne teri jawanai ka svad chakha hai meri behna?”
Puja “bhaiya please aisi baatein mat karo”
Arun “to fir tu bata na ki ye beta aaya kaha se”
Puja “wo mera hee hai”
Arun “haa par iska baap kaun hai?”
Puja “deepak, deepak naam hai uska” and she lies that he is her husband.
Arun “aacha deepak, sirf deepak ya aur bhi kuch launde hai?”
Puja “bhaiya please mein waisi nahi hu”
Arun “huh, jaise ki mein tujhe janta hee nahi, deepak tera pati nahi tere pati ka dost hai, suna hai aajkal deepak tujh par meherban hai.”
Puja “bhaiya jab aap sab jante ho to fir mujhse kyiu puch rahe ho, please mera beta mujhe de do”Arun “khair its your personal life and I am not concerned you bitch.”
Puja “bhaiya please give back my son, today is rakhi and give me back my son as my gift for this rakhi.”
Arun “yes sister, you surely will get your gift, but tell me how can I give something that I don’t have. One can only give what one possesses and I tried to give it to you once but you refused my darling” hinting at
how he had offered to fuck her previously but she had refused and ran away. He was still wounded and wanted more revenge.
Puja knew she will have to do exactly what arun wanted from her and that if she wanted to see her son, it was the only option. Let him have her tonight and soon she will extract revenge when her time comes.
Puja “ok, bhaiya then give me whatever you have.”
Arun “well I have lots of goodies my dear, what do you want”
Arun wanted puja to act slutty and behave as if she was dying for his cock, she thirsted for his body, she longed to be fucked by him. Puja was the one who wanted her brother to fuck her and not arun who wanted to have an incest with his sis. She had to act the dirty player here and lust for him.
Puja “bhaiya you very well know what I want”
Arun “umm, I am not too sure about it”
Puja “look, I know I have been a slut all my life, I have always and always only wanted to be fucked be it from my college friends, be it from your friends, be it from any boy in the neighbour or be it from my own brother arun. I have always lusted after you craving to be fucked hard. I was a stupid woman to have refused the wonderful offer from you.”
Arun “o yes that you have been and puja you know honestly I never wanted your body, it was you who seduced me and I thought of fucking you and that too just to satisfy your desires and not mine. I have always been thinking about how to make you happy” pressing a button at his desk which was a signal for his four men to come and join him at his room.
Within seconds 4 hooligans came inside and stood in the corner.
Arun “carry on puja, these are my men, I just wanted them to hear everything you said so that they know what a wonderful human being I am and that I did not try to rape my sister but it was my sister who…”
Puja “bhaiya, please don’t do this, ask your men to leave”
Arun “leave? So that the world continues to condemn me, saali randi bahut hosiyar hai tu ha”
Puja “no brother its not like that, I ..err.. uh.. ok I will tell the truth to the whole world.”
Arun “go on, we are listening”
Puja knew her bastard brother wantd to humiliate her infront of her friends, and she said “I am a slut” which raised a few eyebrows and a few desires of the men present in the room. Those hooligans had never seen a beauty like this before and there she was standing infront of them and claiming that she was a slut.
Puja continued “I have craved & longed for horny men to feel my body, touch me everywhere.” Men were beginning to get uncontrollable already as she further said “ I am a seductress with a desire to be fucked by all men including my own brother. It was me who seduced him by wearing short clothes.”
Arun “please describe the short clothes you are talking about so my men could imagine you in those dresses and also empathize with me on my situation.”
Puja “I had worn a sexy short skirt which revealed my legs and a tight top which showed shape of my boobs and also some cleavage and then on the beach I wore only a bkini which would barely hide my vital parts.”
Arun “what vital parts?”
Puja “my ..uh.. my boo.. boobs and my a..a.. ass” she said looking down
Arun “and boy o boy what assests you possess, phew, you have a wonderful pair baby” and the other men murmur amongst themselves
Arun “ I think these men here deserve a peak so as they could also understand why it was difficult to resist you.”
Puja “bhaiya, please no, not infront of them please”
Arun “I am afraid my sis, you are not being a good girl here.” And he moves his head in disappointment
Puja “no, no don’t worry, I will behave afterall I am a slut and I have no shame”
The men could not believe when puja started to remove her saree, they had their hands on their dicks, two of them also rubbing their hands over their clothed dick. They watched with wide eyes as puja removed her saree revealing her perfect figure. Her blouse was low cut and tight clearly outlining the shape of her boobs, her ass shape could be made out from the thin material of her petticoat, how much more humiliation was she to face in her life time, she was determined to make it her last though.
Arun “look guys, what boobs, just look at them , can any man on earth resist such boobs? And trust me her bikinin showed even more cleavage than this. Puja open one button to shoe these men your
All men stare at her boobs and also her cleavage eagerly waiting for puja to open one button who obliges as she had already realized what her brother had in mind and that she would have to be a willful slave for her son’s safety.
Arun “see guys, tell me was I wrong if I got seduced, looka t those creamy boobs, so touchable, so suckable, tell me what would you have done had you been in my place?”
Man 1 “sir, I would have taken those boobs in my hand and pressed them all my life, suck them, eat them, lick them, I would spend my life on those boobs”
Man 2” sir, I would tear open that blouse in an instant and feast my eyes, my hands, my tongue, my dick on those boobs”
Man 3 & man 4 “ sir, we would waste no time in fucking this slut”
Arun “see, puja all men here would go crazy on seeing you in such a slutty dress, what a randi you are.”
Puja continues to stand there faking a smile bearing all the humiliation.
Arun “puja, now I want you to stare at this men the way you were starrriing at those guys in the beach.”
Puja “bhaiya please no”
But arun pays no attention to that appeal and asks his men to strip their clothes “I want youy guys to strip down to your underwear only as the guys on the beach over there were dressed just like that and puja was starring at them trying to see their dicks”
All 4 of them instantly remove their clothes displaying erect dicks hidden by their underwear.
Arun “umm, its still not the same, you guys are not as hard as the guys of Mauritius were. Maybe that’s because puja is not in her bikini” and he looks at her sternly.
Puja hesitantly begins to open her blouse making the guys in the room sweat and hold their dicks in their hands as they would explode out any moment now.
Puja had turned around and removed her blouse revealing her sexy back to the men.
Arun “look at her guys, just look at her”
Man1 “wow sir, I ahev never seen such a classy randi all my life. Shes the best, how much does she charge?”
Man 2 “sir, can I masturbate watching her?”
Arun “oh sure, she;s a slut afterall, she wont mind, she would rather enjoy it” and man 1 removes his underwear and starts stroking his dick.
Puja continues to strip hearing all the vulgar comments being passed and strips down to her bra and panty.
Man 3 “what an ass, dekho bhai log, its round and so sweet”
Arun “haha, yes, enjoy yourself guys and tell me can any man on earth resist such a body, see man 2 is already masturbating and look at the pleasure he is deriving, puja turn around and have a look”
And puja gathers all her courage and turns around with moist eyes, she felt like burying herself on the ground and die instantly.
Arun “look at man2, look what enjoyment you have given to him”
Puja remains still
Arun “are you looking or not”
And puja slowly lifts her head and watches him masturbate, he was shaking his naked dick vigorously, his face looked that of a man who would pounce on her and tear her pussy apart any second now and the moment he saw that she was watching him , he exploded at her , throwing some of it on her. This was the worst of all humiliations she had been through in her life. The holligans clapped and applauded and stared at her half nude body.
Arun “see puja what you do to men. God I have been wronged so much by this woman, she seduced me by not only showing me her half nude body but also by making slutty moves by watching naked guys.
Did you see puja, what a look of yours can do and you had been cha, I hate to say it, but you my sister, my very own sister tried to seduce me by making ohysical contacts with me. I remember how you had been standing close to me on the pretext of trying to learn how to steer a boat. You had placed your ass right on my dick, exciting me to heights. I want yiu to do the same to man 1 here”
Puja “bhaiya not him , I will do it to you” she said crying now
Arun “no you have to do it with him so that he also knows how difficult it became for me to control my emotions after this. I want this men here to understand my situation. Now comeon fast”
And puja moves closer to man 1 and stands infront of him sticking her back part of her body with the front of the man. Man 1 was now feeling her ass with his dick, puja grabs his hands and places it on her belly imitating the position she and arun were in when she was learning to drive a yatch. Man 1 was poking hid sick at her ass, and running his hands over her belly, he begins to rub his dick over her ass while others watched puja being humiliated and he explodes in seconds.
Arun “see, he did not last even a minute and I being agentleman that I am held on to my feelings and I did no harm to you even though you had tried your best to excite me, hadn’t you”
Puja “yes”
Arun “I want more details puja and not just a fucking yes”
Puja “yes, I had tried to excite you, I rubbed my ass over your dick, let you feel my naked belly, my naked back, I wanted you to fuck me right there but you were so nice and gentle that you controlled and caused no harm to me.”
Man 3 “ sir, what happened after that then”
Arun “after that? After that ths bitch was watching naked guys, she made the guys on the adjoining boats strip naked. I will show you, do one thing all 4 of you get naked” and instantly they get nude sporting long hard dicks.
Arun “now puja stare at them”
Puja stares at them all hesitantly, watching these ugly men standing naked infront of her.
Arun “now when I saw her watching other guys with so much of interest, I thought she was getting into danger, as those men were strangers and they could at any time get uncontrollable and they might try to rape her so in order to protect this bitch from being raped I stripped myself naked so that I could divert her attention. Afterall all she wanted was to watch some dicks, and so to protect her I became nude just like this and saying so he strips naked.
Arun “in order to protect my sister, I let go all my inhibitions, all my hesitations and I had to get rid of my pride and I became naked for her. To protect her dignity I let go off mine”
Puja was cursing her at how he had twisted the facts to make her look like a cheap slut and he himself had become the saint, the saviour.. huh.. let her time come, she woud teach him a lesson.
Man 3 “sir, it was very nice of you” and the rest of the guys agree and appreciate their boss and they curse puja calling her a randi and giving her names and blaming her for all that happened.
Arun “it did not stop here, this bitch came close to me and started starring at my naked dick, puja I want you to stare at the naked dicks of these guys”
Puja does that which makes the men wild who come to her and tear her bra and panty away. They pounce over her, feeling her boobs, her ass, kissing her all over, she was gang raped within minutes by the 4 men.
Arun “see, how uncontrollable you guys became, anyone would, exactly this is what happened to me and I too had sex with her, I will show you how” and he asks the men to move aside and he himself stars to fuck puja, he and the men fuck her all day and night several times leaving her weak and fucked hard. Puja barely had the strength to get up, she had never felt so nasty and sick. She and her body had been used and felt by her brother and his hooligan men. Next morning she was dropped at her house and her son rakesh was brought to her soon and she called up deepak and narrated the incident and told him that arun had become a gangster. Deepak offered her money and asked her to leave the town. Deepak himself left the town too and puja had begun a new life. She had always kept priya and her other two shildren rakesh and megha away from her past life. Megha had been the result of that night and she did not know whose daughter she was but she explained to deepak that it was either his or one of his friends.
Few years down the line when the children had grown up she narrated her life story to rakesh who promised to take revenge from his maternal uncle (mamaji) through priya who was actually arun’s daughter. She also told him that priya knew the truth about her life and that she was a bitch too who was in regular touch with her real father arun and all this years she had been staying with them only because arun was left alone by his associates after a war within them and he was now weak and
helpless. Arun could not support her and both father and daughter enjoyed talking about puja’s past life and the “incestuous” father and daughter deserved punishment. She told him that priya was only acting innocent and that in reality she even got herself fucked by her own father, she was a slut , what else
could have been deprived out of arun’s sperm. A bastard and a slutty woman could only conceive either a bastard or a slut and in their case a slut priya was born.
Rakesh had begun setting the trap and was now lying naked with priya in his studio after he had fucked her and taken her nude snaps. He messaged his mother saying she could now take the 2nd step.
Puja on receiving the news, called up arun after this many years and told him that she knew that priya had known the truth about her real father and she had been waiting to strike at the right time. His daughter whom he loved so much that he even took her to his bed was now going to be a slut for the world. Even though arun had sexual relations with his daughter, he had wanted her to live a peaceful and happy life and all that dream was now going to go for a spin.
She told arun was that soon a new MMS would be circling in the entire nation. This was her way of getting back at her brother. She was going to humiliate his daughter and make her a slut just the way her brother had made her. Her son had done a teriffic job and she would now have her revenge. She received the MMS on her mobile containg nude pics of priya which she soon uploade on the net, forwarded to few of her friends and also to arun.
As for arun he had been She need not fear him ,sooner rather than later police would catch him as she had already informed them about his whereabouts. Finally she had her revenge, she could now live in peace. Her son rakesh had donw exactly what she wanted, her daughter megha who was innocent had been kept aloof from all this, soon priya would be out of the house and she would explain to megha that priya did not deserve to be with them and that all this was done by her boy friend with whom she had sex regularly and that she had become a slutty woman and she was no more the part of their family. The sun had now dawned on arun and her daughter’s life.Next morning the world was treated with a sleazy mms of a young girl posing nude infront of the camera. Priya was devasted and when she realized she had been trapped, she had nothing to say. Her father was arrested, she left the house with some money. Megha had been explained that her sister was an indecent girl who did not care for the family’s reputation and that they all should now forget her. Megha had been kept away from the dark truth as puja did not want to disturb her innocence. And then what good would it bring had she even told the truth to megha, (little did she know that how costly this mistake would prove to be later in life).
Rakesh, megha and puja slowly moved on with their lives. Puja’s wounds had been healed and was more relaxed and cheerful now. Rakesh was a more successful man and had fast become an ace photographer in the modeling world, he met his wife alka on one of the shoots and was happily married. They had not
planned for kids as yet as they wanted to enjoy their loves first and not burden themselves with kids at the moment. Megha had completed her studies in India and was now doing higher studies in Singapore.
Megha was a grown up girl now, and grown up in all the right places. She had a luscious body, her figure and her curves made guys drool over her. Semester just got over and she finished her first year of post graduation. Megha was going back home after one long year and she wanted to take some gifts back home and was shopping at a mall when a hand patted her shoulder from behind and megha turned back to have her eyes lit up with joy when she saw her sister priya
Priya “hi megha”
Megha “didi… oh my god, didi I cant believe its you.”
Both the sisters greet emotionally and hug each other.
Megha “didi, how have you been? I missed you so much didi.” And megha begins to weep.
Priya embraces her and pampers her “I missed you to megha. It has been so long since…”
Megha “please don’t cry didi, please don’t”
Priya “I am so happy to see you megha. What are you doing here in Singapore all by yourself?”
Megha “didi I study here, I just completed my first year.”
Priya “oh that’s awesome”
Megha “yes didi it is, but I am going back today evening and I will return after 15 days, I will meet you after I come back, by the wy didi what are you doing here? I mean you in Singapore? Are you working here?”
Priya smiles “no dear, I am married”
Megha “oh so nice didi” snd she hugs her tight
Priya “thanks, I married a business man here, his name is bunty, there he is” she points towards a good looking rich guy coming towards them.
Priya “bunty, meet my sister megha”
Bunty “hi, what a pleasant surprise, priya told me about you”
Megha “hello jiju, so nice to see you” she was in awe of this man. His extrememly good looks had captivated hr in the first sight itself.
Bunty “I really am so pleased to meet you. Priya talks a lot about you people.”
And priya explains that megha was a student here in town and that she was going back home today and will return soon.
Priya then tells megha “please do not tell about his meeting of ours back home. They may not like you meeting me.”
Megha “yes I understand didi”
Bunty “megha lets put the past behind, your didi has been through a lot, she had been a victim of a scandal and when she needed you guys the most you people were not there for her but still she has no hate feelings for your family and especially you. She loves you a lot.” He says so making megha feel guilty about the past.
Megha has to make an effort to stop her tears and she says in a crying tone “I know jiju what we did was wrong, I don’t know why suddenly mom n bhaiya became so cruel towards her. I know didi was a victim of a very shameful deed. I trust my didi so much”
Priya “thanks megha, but you please don’t tell rakesh and mom about our meeting. Keep it a secret for some time. By the way how are they doing?
Megha “they are all good, rakeh is married to a girl named alka”
Priya “that’s great, hope to meet them sson someday.”
Megha nods her head and smiles.
Bunty “ok ladies, lets get moving now. Megha we are getting late for an invitation at my frens place so we would resuest you to excuse us with the promise to meet as soon as you come back.”
Megha “yes sure jiju” and she hugs priya again and shaked hand with bunty and waves good bye.
Bunty “ok so this is the fish that I have to trap ha”
Priya “yes, isn’t she meaty?”
Bunty “we shall soon find out” as he stares at megha’s ass as she was walking away “when is she coming back”
Priya “in 15 days time i.e. on the 24th of this month. She’s flying XYZ airlines”
Bunty makes a call to his friend pankaj who stays in India.15 days later:-
Megha is greeted by her co-passenger sitting besides her on the flight “hi”
Megha “hello”
Co-passenger “its my first trip to Singapore, I have just grabbed a job in a MNC in singapore, and what about you, you stay in singapore?”
Megha “oh well I study there”
Co-passenger “how nice, must be a beautiful place”
Megha “yes it is, I am sure you will like it. Where are you staying in Singapore?”
Co-passenger “I have a friend there bunty. I am going to stay at his place”
Megha “bunty? My jiju’s name is also bunty who stays in Singapore”
Co-passenger “my friend runs a co. called ‘priya industries’”
Megha “oh what a co incidence, that is my jiju’s co. priya is my own sister”
Co-passenger “oh, how nice to meet you, small world ha, you must be megha, priya bhabhi had mentioned you a few times when we asked about her family”
Megha “yes I am and whats your name?”
Co-passenger “I am pankaj” and he offers his hand to her and megha and pankaj shake hands.
They continue to talk and become friendly on the flight and on the airport they are received by bunty.
Bunty “hello, so have you two met?”
Megha “yes jiju your friend was seated besides me in the flight.”
Bunty and pankaj hug each other “good to see you”
Pankaj “megha, your college is opening one week later, so why don’t you come along with us to your jiju’s place”
Bunty “really? Is college opening after a week?”
Megha “yes jiju, I came early as I thought I would spend some time with didi”
Bunty “oh that’s gr8, then come stay with us.”
Megha “oh no, thanks, I mean I don’t want to trouble you guys.”
Bunty “oh comeon, don’t get so formal now. Its your house, I am sure priya will be very pleased to see you home. She has been eagerly waiting for your return back to Singapore.”
Megha “hmm”
Bunty “oh don’t think so much, comeon”
Megha “ok jiju. Lets go”
Pankaj gives a thumbs up signal to bunty when megha was looking some where else.
All 3 of them reach home.
Priya “arey megha, wow what a surprise” and the two sisters exchange pleasantries while pankaj is warmly greeted.
Megha and deepak retire to their separate rooms to freshen up.
Priya “seems the fish is ready to be trapped, our plan is working well”
Bunty “yes, wait and watch, hopefully everything will fall in place and the fish would be cooked soon” and both laugh.
Two days pass and megha grows fond of her loving , caring and humorous jiju and she also gets friendly with pankaj.
On the 3rd evening, pankaj was seated in the house looking sad & dejected. Priya and bunty had gone out to buy some household stuff.
Megha “what happened pankaj ji, why are you looking so sad?”
Pankaj “megha, I am in some trouble yaar.”
Megha “what trouble?” and she sits besides him with a worried look on her face.
Pankaj “megha, actually you know I had come here for a job, I had visited the co. today and they told me something which I had never thought of. I don’t think I will get this job now.”
Megha “why? What happened? What did they say?”
Pankaj “they say the co. has a strict policy that they give jobs to only marrie guys as the boss feels that married guys have a much more sense of responsibility, and that they are much sincere towards their work. The boss feels bachelor guys are freaks who only like to have fun and are careless people.”
Megha “how strange”
Pankaj “yes, comeon I mean I am not married but does that mean I am careless and I don’t care for my job. The boss thinks that marriage brings in responsibilities which makes the guys more loyal towards their job as they have much fear of loosing it and hence are more sincere.”
Megha “so what will you do now? Why don’t you go back to your previous job in India?”
Pankaj “no dear I cannot, I have already quit my old job and those people will not hire me back again and then this new job is offering me four times the salary of the previous job. I am in desperate need of money which can only be fulfilled by this job alone. I really need it yaar.”
Megha “hmm, then why don’t you just tell those guys that you are married”
Pankaj “ I did but then dropped a bomb on me saying that the co’s boss woule be coming to Singapore tomorrow moring and that he would visit each of the 5 newly appointed employees in their house to check that they are married. They also told me that the boss would be visiting me first tomorrow
Megha “oh shit, what will you do now?”
Pankaj “that’s what, I was wondering if priya bhabhi would agree to play my wife for a day infront of the boss. I am just waiting for them to return and then I will speak to them.”
Megha “but wont jiju mind that”
Pankaj “oh, I am sure he wont, we are closest of buddies and bhabhi has to just act being my wife and nothing more than that, and I don’t really see any harm in it.”
Sometime later bunty and priya return and listen to the problem of pankaj.
Bunty “actually, me and priya have some news for you guys too. On our way back here, I received a call from my uncle’s place who live in Mauritius. My uncle had died an hour back and me and priya have to leave tonight. Our flight is in 4 hours time so pankaj we really cannot help you on this. I mean I am fine with priya acting as your wife but she has to come along with me to Mauritius. Those people are very close to us.”
Pankaj “oh shit, what will I do now? Bhabhi you know any other girl around who could do this for me?”
Priya “no pankaj, I don’t think their husbands would approve.”
Pankaj was sitting looking down with tears in his eyes.
Priya “but I think we do have a solution to this.”
Bunty “what?”
Priya “what if megha plays the role of his wife?”
Megha “didi? Me? Didi how could i?”
Priya “uff megha, whats the harm in it, you both only have to act, its like doing a drama in college yaar, no big deal.”
Bunty “yes it is a good idea. Megha would be perfect. Comeon megha pankaj really needs this job.”
Megha thinks for a while calculating the pros and cons.
Pankaj “megha, please, trust me there will be no harm in it and no one would ever find out too. Its just for a day megha, please say yes.”
Megha ponders and nods her head in affirmation “ok, I will do it”
Pankaj jumps in joy “yes, now that’s more like it” and he almost hugs megha in hid joyous mood “thank you megha, I really will never forget this”

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