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Revenge & Humilation Chapter 9

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Shreya “dhruv, I am wondering what dinesh and aman must be thinking about us now. I mean you have promised to let them fuck me. wouldn’t they be thinking of me like some pretty whore”
Dhruv ‘don’t worry dear. I am sure all they are thinking right now is about your sexy body and what they will do with it when they lay their hands on it. But first I need to taste my Sali. Do you think I should go to her room now?”
Shreya “yea yea. Why not. Afterall she is a whore who is waiting for you to come and fuck her. Idiot, have oatience. Seduce her well first. She is a willing girl I know but she has to be seduced first.”
Dhruv “hmm, right. But how to seduce her yaar. I have no clue. I mean I don’t want it to look silly. I want to do something new and not just seduce her by flashing my dick or showing her a blue film or
something. I want to make it sexy”
Shreya “hmm, give me sometime to think and I will tell you about it”
Next day dhruv leaves for office after getting a hug from both his wife and his Sali. But as he was about to open the door, shreya grabs his hand, pulls him nearer to her and plants a kiss on his lips infront of mitali.
Mitali “hoo didi, should I go in?”
Shreya “no pagli. Its so normal yaar. Anyways it’s the max we are doing right now, so its ok and..”
Dhruv smiles at his wife and his saali not understanding why shreya did that. Maybe she had something in her mind and he kissed her back on her lips, just a slight peck and leaves.
Mitali “didi, seems you are hornier than jiju”
Shreya “yaar he was looking so handsome and desirable today. Umm, we had great sex last night. Your presence in the house seems to have turned him on”
Mitali “hmm, wow. How many times did you do last night didi?”
Shreya “thrice.”
Mitali “wow, didi sex must be so much fun na”
Shreya “yes it is. Even a kiss like the one we did can give so much pleasure, imagine what is the amount of pleasure that one derives when one has full sex”
Mitali “but didi why did you smooch him infront of me”
Shreya “yaar I thought your jiju would get more turned on by all this and that’s whats happened yaar. He did not seem to mind and I am sure you also enjoyed watching us, did you not?”
Mitali “umm, yes didi. Actually I have never seen any couples kissing or fondling in real life so yea I liked it.”
Shreya “mitali do one more thing. Wear something hot today for your jiju. I am sure he will get even more turned on when he sees you in a hot dress. Wear a tight top and a micro mini skirt.”
Mitali “but didi I would feel so shy. You remember you had made me a short skirt for school but I felt so uncomfortable and I did not wear them later.”
Shreya “yes I do but do you remember how aman was starring at your legs. That poor chap had such a hard on but he couldn’t do anything as you are his best friend’s sister. I am sure he must still be shagging himself thinking about you.”
Mitali “haha, yes . we enjoyed teasing him that day. Ok didi I will wear a hot and sexy dress today evening. Lets tease jiju tonight”
In the evening dhruv comes back from office. He goes directly insise his room and removes his socks, washes his hands, face and freshens up. He was seated at the edge of his bed when he saw mitali walk in with a glass of water. She was wearing a tight sleeveless low neck top and a very short skirt. She bend down infront of him and kept the glass near the table. She showed a lot of cleavage in the process.
Dhruv “ahem, its so hot today”
Shreya walks in “yea yea, I know why you are feeling so hot” even she was wearing a short skirt and a tight top.
Dhruv “hmm, two sexy ladies in my room”
Mitali “jiju, today didi is in a very hot mood”
Dhruv “really?” and he sees shreya come closer to him and smooch him hard, this time deeper and longer.
Shreya “yes janu. You too look so handsome today” and she smooches him back as dhruv keeps his eyes open and looks into the eyes of mitali who was smiling and watching them kiss.
Dhruv slowly slides his hands down and grabs his wife’s ass. He had hoped she would stop him from doing that infront of mitali but to his surprise shreya moved her hands and grabed his dick.
Dhruv breaks the kiss and keeping his hands on her ass says “darling, have you forgotten we have company here”
Shreya “oh, mitali’s presence does not bother me. why feel shy of mitali? She’s my own sister and your own saali”
Mitali “yes jiju, you just ignore my presence and enjoy yourself”
Dhruv “acha. Ok then. I certainly have no problems” and he pulls his wife closer and makes her sit on his lap and he grabs her boobs and smooches her hard.
Shreya was getting hornier by every second. Getting intimate with her husband infront of mitali was making her wild. She was enjoying being watched. Had dhruv not broken the kiss there, she would have ripped off her and his clothes then and there. But dhruv broke the kiss and said “lets have dinner first. I am so hungry”
Mitali giggles “jiju, you are thinking of dinner right now? Hahahahaha”
Shreya “shut up mitali. He has come home after morning. He must be feeling so hungry. Come let us prepare dinner for him”
Dhruv “us? Why us? Leave mitali here with me. you sisters need not do everything together”
Shreya smiles “ok, as you wish jaanu. But don’t try to get naughty with mitali ha and don’t stare too much at her legs or boobs ha”
Dhruv “huh. Why not? I have full right to stare at her boobs and legs and ass and…”
Mitali giggles “bas bas jiju. Enough”
dhruv and shreya laugh as mitali walks out of the room saying “didi you sit with jiju and I will prepare dinner. I don’t want to be raped”
as soon as she left dhruv and shreya engage in kissing and fondling. Shreya had gotten rid of her top and skirt and stood in her bra and panty and dhruv too was now bare chested when mitali came in to announce that the dinner had been placed.
Mitali “oh god, look at you two. Atleast lock the room from inside if you two cannot control yourself”
Shreya “oh shut up mitali. You are talking as if you haven’t seen me in my bra and panty before and you have also seen your jiju in his underwear only when I showed you our honeymoon pics”
Mitali “didi in your honeymoon pics to jiju was naked…I mean… he must have..”
Dhruv cuts her off saying “oh so shreya showed you our very private pics too ha”
Shreya looks angrily at mitali “mitali cant you control your mouth?”
Mitali “sorry didi. It just spilled out”
Dhruv “hmm , so you have seen my naked pics ha”
Mitali smiles shyly “umm, yes jiju.. all of them”
Dhruv “hmm. Shreya I am very angry with you.”
Shreya “look dhruv I am really sorry yaar. Actually she was insisting so much and I coulod not say no” she lied. Mitali had never insisted. It was shreya only who had purposely shown the pics to mitali on the instructions of dhruv himself.
Dhruv “yaar she insisted and you showed my naked pics to her. Tonight if I insist that I want to see mitali naked, will you ask her to get naked for me?”
Shreya “dhruv, cool down yaar. Its ok yaar. Whats the big deal if she saw you naked. She’s your saali afterall. And besides she had never seen a nude guy before and I thought just to fufill her curiosity its ok if I showed her your naked pics. And let me tell you she really liked your body. She even kissed your snaps. Happy?”
Dhruv “happy? No I am not. Ok now to make things fair, I also want to see mitali naked”
Mitali “no jiju, please not now. I would feel so shy:”
Dhruv “acha you did not feel shy when u saw my naked pics? Comeon mitali. Ok do one thing. I am going out and I want you both to come out. You shreya fully naked and you mitalu in your bra and panty” and he looks at both the sisters and walks out of the room.
Shreya looks at mitali and removes her clothes and gets naked. “I am going out, you better undress and come out fast”
Mitali “but didi”
Shreya “no ifs and buts. Anyways he is your jiju. You should not feel shy infront of him. He has full right over your body. And anyways one day or the other you have to have uourself fucked by him, so why not tonight itself. You know na every guy wants to fuck his Saali and I think its their right as well. You better get ready”
As shreya walked outside with smile she notices that dhruv too had stripped off and was sitiing only in his underwear.
A minute later mitali walks outside topless and just wearing a panty. Shreya was the first to spot her and applauded her in joy “bravo. Good mitali. That’s more like it. See dhruv, she is so nice. You asked her to come in her bra and panty and she has come out topless”
Hearing shreya say all that dhruv turns his head around fast and watches mitali standing topless with her bare boobs on full display. He immediately gets upo from his seat and admires the naked beauty infront of him.
Dhruv “wow, mitali. Such a lovely boobs. Thanks yaar for doing this for me.”
Mitali looks down and shyly says “its ok jiju”
Dhruv “mitali look I am really sorry for getting angry inside. Sorry”
Mitali looks at him and says “its ok jiju. You had full right to be angry”
Dhruv “no I did not. Not at such a sweet and sexy saali. Ok wait I will make amends for it” and he slowly pushes his hand down and slides his underwear and removes it and stands completely naked.
Mitali looks at his hard erect dick and loks at shreya who was smiling and then again she looks at the dick. It was the first time she had seen a naked man I real life. She wanted to grab the dick and swallow it in her mouth instantly. She was getting wet. Her nipples were getting erect and as she was lost in her thoughts she saw shreya come from behind and hug dhruv and her hand grabbed his penis and the two were kissing as shreya moved her hands all over dhruv’s body. Dhruv then turns around and starts to suck the boobs of shreya as shreya signals mitali to remove her panty too.
Mitali looks around for a moment and thinks and then slowly removes her panty and stands naked. She had gotten wet and she felt the urge to finger herself but that would have been so shameful infront of dhruv who was now busy playing with shreya’ body. He made her lie down on the sofa and started to fuck her unaware that mitali was now standing fully naked.
Mitali watched as the two fucked infront of her and when dhruv had cum, he got up and took a look at mitali. He was stunned to see her naked. Mitali was undoubtedly feeling shy and that made her look even sexier and desirable. Dhruv got up fro the sofa and goes near mitali. He looks at her and he raises her chin with his hand. They both look into each others eyes and dhruv softly kisses her on the forhead and then cheeks and then he pecks her in the lips. He notices her body shiver and he slowly embraces her and hugs her naked body tightly. His dick had been poking her belly and he felt the softness of her boobs against his chest. He ran his hands on her bare back and kissed her neck. He then smooched her. It was mitali’s first kiss and it shook her all body. She felt so good that she inserted her tongue deep down his mouth and she kissed him like it was going to be the end of the world soon. She kissed him vigorously and meanwhile dhruv grabbed her hand and placed it on his erect dick. She grabbed them tightly and started to make moaning sounds. She was going mad with desperation and desire. The thrill had maximized when dhruv grabbed her boobs softly. He massaged them very gently in the beginning and then slowly increased the pressure and the pace. He then broyght her boobs near his mouth and sucked them hard. He lifted her and carried her to the bed. Where he hugged her tight and touched every inch of her naked body. He grabbed her ass and squeezd her boobs as she continued to play with his dick. And then dhruv slowly inserted his penis inside her virgin pussy breaking her hymen, bringing out some blood and then he fucked her hard.
Mitali felt so good at being fucked. “
Dhruv “mitali, thank you for letting me fuck you.”
Mitali “oh jiju, fuck me again. Fuck me more, more and more.”
Dhruv kisses her cheeks and looks at shreya as he inserts his dick inside her pussy gaain and fucks her even harder.
The three of them fucked till morning and all the other days when mitali was with them.
Dhruv broke the good news to aman and dinesh that he had fucked mitali. The guys could not believe the luck of dhruv and also felt jealous of him. Dinesh was mostly shocked as he had thought very highly of mitali didi. He was shocked to know that both his sisters were sluts.
Aman “jiju, that’s great but jiju what about us?”Dhruv “don’t worry guys. I have something planned for you both but don’t forget your promise. Your virgin wives are mine”
Aman and dinesh just smile and remain silent. Somewhere deep down both were feeling the pinch whenever dhruv brought up talks about their wives but no one said anything about it.
A few moths passed and it was time for the festival of holi. On the auspicious day dhruv called up dinesh and asked him to come over at his house with mitali and aman. Dinesh was very excited as dhruv had hinted that soon their desires were going to be fulfilled.
Dinesh along with aman and mitali didi reach the house of dhruv. As soon as they entered inside, they were treated with gulals and pichkaris. Dhruv first applied colours with his hands on dinesh and aman and then he looked at mitali who started to run away and went iside dhruv’s room. Dhruv too followed her inside.
Meanwhile shreya welcomes the two guys inside and applied colour on their faces. When she had finished colouring them she hugged them both “happy holi guys”. It was the first time shreya had hugged them. She hugged them longer and tighter than normally how a sister would hug her brother. She then looked at them and smiled “wont you apply colour on me” and both aman and dinesh looked at each other and said in unison “yes, ofcourse didi” and they grabbed colours in their hands and nervously applied on her face. It was the first time aman had touched her face. Dinesh had applied colour on her face on previous years so it was nothing new for them.
Meanwhile inside the room, dhruv had caught mitali and he applied colour all over her face. He also inserted some gulal inside her bra. He then grabbed hr boobs and left the impression of his hands over her white coloured kurti covered boobs.
Mitali “issh, jiju. What have you done? What will aman and dinesh think?”
Dhruv “huh, what will they think. Don’t they know you are my saali and that eery jija applies colour to his saali in this very fashion. Huh, stop thinking and give me a hug” and he pulls her closer and hugs her tightly and he naughtily inserts his hand inside her kurta and applied some colour on her back.
Shreya calls fro outside “arey what are you two doing inside? Come out”
And dhruv comes out followed by mitali and when shreya spots a hand impreesion over her boobs she says “seems you two had a lot of fun inside ha”
Mitali looks at aman and dinesh who too were starring at her boobs. She was feeling a bit shy and uncomfortable knowing that her brother and his friend knew that she had just been touched and felt by her jijaji.
Dhruv then looks at aman and dinesh starring and he goes near and throws some colour over them. The guys come back to senses and they too grab some colour and try to throw over dhruv but they are caught mid way by shreya who catches them and theirs a bit of tussle and the three of them fall on the floor in such a manner that aman’s hands were on shreya’s boobs and dinesh’s hands were on her ass and shreya’s face was directly on the penis of aman.
Realizing the situation aman hurriedly tried to get up apologizing for having put his hands on her boobs but in the process he tripped again and again his hands grabbed her boobs. He was scared and thought shreya didi would scold him but instead she was laughing and she made no effort to remove his hand from her boobs. Meanwhile dinesh had got up and surprisingly dhruv pushed him down again over shreya and he then pushed mitali over him. Now mitali’s boobs were pressed against dinesh’s back and dhruv himself jumped over them and grabbed mitali’s ass and he put some colour inside her panty by lifting her pyjama.
They then stand up and shreya was laughing and she takes some colours and she pulls dhruv’s shorts down. She then pours some clothes over his underwear with pichkari. She then fills her pichkari again and she throws colour over aman and dinesh’s pyjama over their penis. Meanwhile dhruv removes his tshirt as well and he asks aman and dinesh to remove their clothes too and stand only in underwear.
Aman “but jiju, how can we. I mean not infront of didis”
Dinesh “umm jiju how can we strip infront of them”
Dhruv “uff, look at these morons shreya”
Shreya laughs at them and she comes near them and in an instant she pulls doen their pyajams “since when have you two started feeling shy infront of me and mitali ha. We have seen you since you were kids. This dinesh we used to change his diapers even and he feels hsy of us. Mitali look at these two”
Mitali remains silent and just looks at them. Encouraged both aman and dinesh remove their t shirts and stand in underwear only.
Dhruv “girls, now colour us” and he looks at mitali who sportingly takes some more colour and start applying over his chest and arms. Shruti also takes some colours and she starts applying on the chest and arms of aan and dinesh who were enjoying being touched by her. Her touch was causing them to get erect and there was a lot of movement inside their underwears which shreya saw and she smiled naughtily at them.
Shreya “wont you apply colour on me?”
Dinesh “ye..yes didi” and he takes come colours and starts applying on her face
Shreya giggles ‘not here buddhu” and she removes her top and exposes her bare boobs as she had not been wearing a bra inside. The guys were amazed to see her bare tits. They look into her eyes and then they look at dhruv and mitali didi who were watching them. Mitali was surprised to see her didi expose her tits infront of these guys and then dhruv instantly removes her top too.
Mitali “ouch, jiju what are you doing?”
Before she could say any further he removed her bra too. She quickly tried to cover her boobs with her hands but dhruv stopped her and hugged her tight. He grabed some colour and started massaging her bare boobs. The guys too then took some colour and rhey looked at shreya didi and then they applied colour on her boobs. While they were doing so shreya pulled off their underwear and made them stark naked.
Shreya “mitali, see our brother has grown so much” nas she pointed towards their long, hard erect dicks.
Mitali looks at them a bit surprised at what was happening but she was beginning to enjoy all this. While she was watching then dhruv removed his underwear as well.
Dhruv “not fair. We guys are naked and you are still wearing your clothes”
As soon as he said that shreya started to remove her remaining clothes and she stood naked “happy? Even I am naked now” and now it was only the turn of mitali. All of them stared at mitali now after the guys had finished colouring every inch of shreya’ sbody. Her boobs, ass, belly, back, legs, everywhere. Even shreya applied colour on their ass, panis, chest, legs. Mitali looked reluctant and then shreya came near and pulled down her pyjamas and finally her panty making her naked. Dhruv immediately poked his dick in her ass and sigalled the guys to come. The guys came and applied cpolour all over her body.
Dhruv “dinesh which of your two sisters is sexier?”
Dinesh ‘umm jiju, both have an excellent body”
Shreya “I don’t know what they think but I want to have sex with aman first”
Aman “me? sex? With you?”
Shreya laughs and pulls him closer and grabs his dick and asks him to carry her inside the room. Dhruv then asks dinesh to carry mitali inside the same room and have sex with her. Dinesh does that and the guys fuck botht the sisters turn by turn inside the same room.
Dinesh “didi, I had always wanted you”
Shreya “o my brother, why did you not tell me before ha. I too wanted your penis and also aman’s.”
Mitali “didi aman and dinesh are such good fuckers hai na”
Shreya “yes, they are very good”
Mitali “fuck us all our lives”
Aman and dinesh were flabbergasted. They had fantasized about fucking both the babes since school days and here they were demanding to be fucked all their lives. Wow dinesh never knew fucking sisters could be so thrilling.
Shreya ‘mitali these two guys have exchanged their wives virgin pussies in order to get us laid”
Mitali “what?”
And then shreya explains how dhruv would now fuck their wive’s virgin pussies.
Mitali “stupid guys, all these years we ourselves wanted to have sex with you two and you both pay such a big price for just that. Now forget all that and fuck me again”
They all fuck each other opening a new chapter in their lives. Aman’s and dinesh’s sexual life had been improving with time and soon it was time for mitali to get married.
All this time dinesh and aman used to fuck mitali at home whenever they could and also go to shreya didi’s house and fuck her. Dhruv too fucked both the girls and aman and dinesh also used to fuck mrs deepika and her sis in law and her friends.
Mitali was engaged to a guy named anil.
After their engagement one day when anil had taken mitali to his friend’s place he realized that mitali was not a virgin.
Anil “bitch, slut. I am going to end this marriage”
Mitali weeps “no please., I swear I am a virgin and my hymen is broken because of other reasons”
Anil “whore. Do you think I will believe that? Tell me who had fucked you”
Mitali weeps “no one. I swear”
Anil angrily “bitch, tell me or else I will call your parenst now itself and say that I am canceling this marriage because you are a whore”
Mitali weeps “no please, don’t do that. Please don’t. I love you”
Anil “huh. You love me but you have sex with other men ha”
Mitali continues to cry
Anil “tell me who has fucked you or else”
Mitali “wait, wait. I will tell. My sister;s husband dhruv”
Anil “oh your jijaji. Hmm, I knew your jija was a tharki when I first met him but I did not think you had allowed him to fuck you.”
Mitali “I am sorry, I wont do it again”
Anil “ a sorry is not enough. You will have to compensate”
Mitali worried at what he was going to ask says “how?”
Anil “look since dhruv has fucked my wife, it is only fair that I fuck his wife too”
Mitali relaxes a bit “that can be arranged”
Anil “I want to have the right to fuck her as many times and whenever I feel like”
Mitali “why?”
Anil “because I am sure that dhruv has fucked you innumerable times and so I should also have the same right.”
Mitali “ok, I will talk to didi about it”
Anil “who else has fucked you?”
Mitali “no one else”
Anil “listen bitch, don’t lie to me or else I will expose your story to the entire world and then you and your sister both will be whores”
Mitali “no, no. no one else”
Anil “I am sure there’s more to it. Tell me” he shouts
Mitali “ok wait, my brother dinesh and his friend aman”
She then narrates the entire story to him.
Anil “ok then, now I want your sister as well as the wives of both dinesh and aman just like dhruv.”
Mitali “but how will I convionce them?”
Anil “that is your headache. If everything is confirmed, comne with your sister here tomorrow evening. I will fuck you both, till then good bye” and he leaves.
Mitali weeps and tells all about it to shreya, dhruv, dinesh and aman.
Dhruv “I knew this proble would come. Ok tell him he can fuck shreya whenever he wants. There’s no problem in it and wince I own the wives of aman and dinesh, tell him he can fuck aman’s virgin wife and
I will fuck dinesh’s virgin wife and then we will share both of them.” He did not even bother to ask aman about it and aman cursed him in his mind for that. He would never allow any man to touch his wife.
Shreya “mitali don’t worry and call up anil and tell him that everything is srranged and that I will come to have sex with him.”
Mitali weeps “but didi, he says since he did not get a virgin pussy like dhruv so he has to be assured that aman and dinesh will offer the virginity of their wives to him. He wants the wives of both of them”
Dhruv “don’t worry, I will speak to him” and he gets up and goes to another room and makes the deal with anil. He infact calls him over at his place.Anil comes over at his place and he immediately gets to fuck both the sisters. He marries mitali and soon when dinesh got married, the two jijas had fun with his wife but when aman got married, he refused to allow his wife tio be fucked by anil.
Out of anger anil divorces mitali. Dinesh has a quarrel with aman and blames him for having spoiled his siter’s life
Dinesh “aman how could you say no”
Aman “comeon don’t blame me yaar… you know your sisters are whores, they slept with their sister’s husbands. They even slept with thrier brother and even their brother’s friend. They are whores and I cant let the husband of a whore to sleep with my wife”
Dinesh was filled with humiliation and anger and he slaps aman.
Dinesh “you bastard”
Aman slaps him back “shut up you ass hole, I only be friended you because I wanted to fuck uyour sisters and that I did and I regret not having the chance to fuck your beautiful wife kamla. What an ass she has”
Dinesh was stunned “all these years I thought you were my best friend, how could you aman”
Aman laughs “hahaha, sister fucker you have always been an idiot” and he laughs out of the meeting and ends their long friendship.
Dinesh had suffered a huge humiliation at the hands of aman and his siter mitali was now a divorcee and staying with him. Aman had sold off all his properties and had shifted to delhi where he began a new life with his wife aisha.
Aisha was a very beautiful but conservative girl. She had never been friends with a boy ever in her life before and she met aman on one tutuon class where both fell in love and married each other. At his marriage he had fucked rupali and also khusboo, sheetal and richa who had attended the marriage. All the 4 girls were happily married but still could not resist being fucked by their old friend aman. Aisha ofcourse was un aware of all this.
When asked by aisha aman had always told her that dinesh had bad feelings towards aisha and so he broke off his friendship with him. Aisha had cursed dinesh for being such a bad friend and she always thought of her husband as god. But it was all to change when one day she cam across dinesh in a shopping mall in delhi.
Delhi “hello bhabhi”
Aisha looks at him and turns her face away.
Dinesh “talk to me once bhabhi. Its not like what you think. That aman he is a womanizser. He has screwed more girls in his life than you can imagine”
Aisha stops walking and looks at him angrily “you are so sick dinesh. How could you talk about him like that. Its you..”
Dinesh cuts her off saying “listen bhabhi, he has slept with my sisters, he even slept with 4 girls when he was getting married to u, he has slept with his teacher, her sister, her neighbour, he has slept with
whores, college girls, school girls, aunties”
Aisha was getting angrier and wanted to slap him but dinesh said “bhabhib I have proof” and he convinced her for coffee where he narrated the entire sexual encounters that he and aman had in their lives and to prove it he spoke to the girls in speaker phone mode and he also spoke to his siters in speaker phone mode so that aisha could hear the conversations where the girls talked about how they enjoyed being fucked by aman and recalled the older incidents.
Aisha was shocked to hear the revelations about her husband and sobbed uncontrollably.
Dinesh “please don’t cry bhabhi, I know we both have been idiots all our lives. I even went to bed with my sisters” and he sobbed too “because of him my sister mitali is now divorced. It was he who temoted me to fuck my sisters and indulge in various sexual acts” he was now using vulgar words freely infront of her.
Aisha “ please don’t cry dinesh, I know he has spoiled your life.”
Dinesh “yes, not only mine but also my sisters and..”
Aisha “and what?”
Dinesh “and also yours” he said softly looking into her eye.
Aisha feels the pinch and sobs more but suddenly her face turns into anger “I will teach that bastard a lesson”
Dinesh “how bhabhi? How? How will you hurt him, besides that wont restore happiness back into our lives, will it?”
Aisha gathers her composure “I willl do anything to hurt him and dinesh as for you, theres nothing I can do except assure you that aman wont be spared”
Dinesh “but bhabhi how will you do it?”
Aisha “I will divorce him”
Dinesh laughs out “haha, sorry bhabhi. Please excuse my laughter but tell me how will thet hurt him. I mean do you think he loves you. He married you ‘coz you are a simple woman who will never be able to trace his sexual acts and he can enjoy his life without bothering about his wife”
Aisha remains silent
Dinesh “look bhabhi I have a plan, if you want to hurt him, liberate yourself”
Aisha “in what way?”
Dinesh looks into her eyes and says “sexually”
Aisha stunned “what?”
Dinesh “look bhabhi, he is very possessive about you. Se he does not even let you wear hot clothes. He always ensures you are covered from neck to toe. Start by wearing revealing clothes. Stop listening to him, start flirting with guys infront of him. That is how you hurt him and disturb him mentally”
Aisha “but how will I be able to?”Revenge & Humilation-3
Dinesh “bhabhi leave that to me, just meet me tomorrow at xyz place at 11:00 am after aman has left for work””
Aisha “but do you think just wearing hot clothes would be enough for my revenge”
Dinesh “no, you need to do a lot more than that… wearing short clothes is just the initial part of your sexual liberation.”
Aisha worried asks “what else do you have in mind dinesh tell me”
Dinesh “trust me aisha, just do as I say and you will have your revenge”.
Aisha just sits quite cursing aman in her mind. Little did she know what dinesh had in mind for her. Poor lady, her husband had been unfaithful and now her husband’s friend was using her own self to take his revenege against her husband.
Dinesh “just one thing bhabhi, come only if you are willing to go all the way. If you think you are not strong enough to handle all this, please do not come because if you back out at anytime, then we can never take revenge on aman and he would continue to live his life on his own terms. Come only if you trust me and you really want to take revenge on your unfaithfull, lusty, sex crazy and…..” his face
reddened with anger as he bid goodbye to her and left reminding her once again of how he had used his sisters and spoilt aisha’s life.
Next day dinesh was more than happy to see aisha come at the decided place. He had come in a car and asks her to step inside the car and they both drive off to an apartment where dinesh took her to a flat owned by his friend. He had bought a few set of magazines with him.
Once inside aisha asks “what are we doing here?”
Dinesh “bhabhi, we are her to begin the process of extracting revenge from aman” and he brings out a few set of magazines. He shows her pics of girls in hot dresses, backless blouse, deep cut and sleeveless blouse, micro mini skirt, backless tight tops, off shoulder knee length dresses, various sexy skirts and tops.
Aisha was getting uncomfortable seeing all that as she was a simple girl who had never been so open with any other man before other than her husband.
Dinesh “I want you to wear these kinds of clothes”
Aisha was silent and dinesh knew she was hesitating and he kept his hands on her shoulders and said “bhabhi you have to do it. You are the only way you and I can take revenge from that bastard.”
Aisha thought for a while and said “i..i know but I.. I don’t know.. I mean will I be able to wear them? It would be so odd. The clothes are you know.. I mean they are so short and so re..revealing”
Dinesh looks into her eyes and says in a serious tone “listen aisha, this is nothing in comparison to what you have to do later. If you cannot do it why did you meet me today morning. You are so disappointing. Aman was right when he used to say how stupid and dull you are. He even said you can do nothing in your life except be his whore in bed. Yes he used to call you a whore” dinesh lied to her.
Aisha starts to weep.
Dinesh “you know what I think except for the whore part, he was right in everything he said about you. You are worthless.”
Aisha weeps more.
Dinesh “thanks for having wasted my time. Now get up and I will drop you back to your so called husband who loves you soooooooooooo much” he taunts her.
As he gets up to open the door, aisha stops him “no, wait”. She gets up and looks into his eyes and says “I will do whatever it takes to hurt aman.”
Dinesh places his hands on her shoulder and looks into her eyes. His other hand runs through her hairs as he speaks “I know its tough for you. But you HAVE to do this.”
Aisha nods her head as dinesh’s hand caresses her shoulders softly for a moment.
Aisha “umm, where are the clothes?”
Dinesh “they are not ready as yet. They have to be stitched so that they fir you well.”
Aisha “stitched?”
Dinesh “yes. We are not going for ready made material”
Aisha “but why not?”
Dinesh “because I want you to tell aman something laer when he questions you about the clothes”
Aisha looks confused not understanding what dinesh was talking about.
Dinesh meanwhile takes out a measuring tape from his pocket and he opens a book and he takes out a pen, ready to measure aisa’s body.
Aisha, lookin at all this had guessed what dinesh had in his mind but still she asked him “umm, who is going to take the measurements”
Dinesh looks into her eyes and says “me”
Aisha was getting uncomfortable. The thought of dinesh measuring her body parts was making her nervous. She was not prepared to be touched by him as yet. She was only prepapred to wear a few revealing clothes at first.
Aisha “why you? Cant we get a ladies tailor” she had never had her clothes stitched by a male before and she was finding it a bit odd.
Dinesh “look, I understand your concern but we wont do that. It’s a part of my plan and we shall do exactly as I say” stressing on the “I” word
Aisha “but..”
Dinesh “no ifs and buts. Look at yourself. The way you are dressed, covered head to toe. You know I am the best designer and its me alone who can give you a makeover of the kind we want. And later when aman questions you about your clothes, you tell him it’s a gift from my boutique to you.”
Aisha stands still and nods her head giving him the green signal.
Dinesh “aisha before we begin, let me tell you from now on whatever I do would be strictly professional and I expect full co-operation from you.”
Aisha “don’t worry, I wont disappoint you” as shee reminds herself of how aman had been unfaithful to her.
Dinesh “good, now lets begin by having you remove your saree first”
Aisha didn’t expect this and said “my saree? Why?”
Dinesh “no questions please, just do as I say.”
Aisha stands still still hesitatnt to remove her saree infront of dinesh.
Dinesh “aisha I cannot take your measurements in a saree. I need to measure every inch of your body so that the clothes fit you well and for that this saree would be a hindrance. Besides whats the harm, the kind of clothes that I am going to stitch you would show more skin than what removing a saree would show. So just do it”
Aisha accepts the logic and turns around and removes her saree and turns slowly towards dinesh, avoiding eye contact.”
Dinesh “beautiful, you have a hot body”
Aisha blushes at the comment.
Dinesh “lets begin by measuring your vital stats first”
Aisha could feel her legs shake out of nervousness when she realized dinesh was about to measure her private parts.
Dinesh comes closer to her and looks at her body carefully and intently. He begins by measuring her waist. He places the tape around her bare waist and his fingers brush her bare belly and he writes down as he speaks “28”.
He then looks at her and says “aisha lift your arms. I need to measure your chest now”
Aisha’s body shivered when she heard that but she slowly lifted her hands in the air without saying a word and she looked away from him.
Dinesh comes closer and he places the tape around her boobs. “36” he says aloud as he writes down the no. and says “aisha, i cant belive you are size 36”
Aisha smiles shyly as she lowers her hands wondering why dinesh said that.
Dinesh “I mean in your saree and the kind of blouse you wear, its difficult to make out your size. I don’t think this blouse does justice to your… your… err, you know what I mean”.
Aisha feels embarrassed at that statement and says nothing as dinesh measures her lower portion and announces “36” as he notes it down.
Dinesh gets up and looks at her body again “you have such a perfect body aisha. Very sexy”
Aisha smiles and says “thanks” without looking at his face.
Dinesh “it is time the world saw your body and gave it the appreciation it deserves.”
Aisha “hmm”
Dinesh “you don’t do justice to your body by wearing such out dated style clothes. Now that I know your figure, and I know you are big in the proper places, I suggest we begin by making you a tight low neck, backless blouse and a few figure hugging jeans and backless top, some mini skirts. You have a nice smooth sexy belly so I suggest you tie your saree very low. Look where you have tied your petticoat
now. Its so high, I cant even see your navel”
Aisha smiles shyly “actually, I always wear them here only”
Dinesh “yes, but you need to change that now. Do one thing, lower your petticoat now”
Aisha “now?”
Dinesh “yes now, let me teach you where to tie your saree”
Aisha “but, infront of you?”
Dinesh “look aisha if you cant co-operate lets levae all this and go back to our lives. What do you mean infront of me? are you reluctant? Atleast I am not using you the way your husband used my sisters”
Aisha says hurriedly “no, no.. don’t be angry. I will do it” and she turns around and unties her petticoat and lowers it a bit and turns around “is it ok here?”
Dinesh “no, make it lower, it should be tied just above your panty”
Aisha hears the word panty first time from his mouth and she turns around and lowers her petticoat even more and ties it and turns around to face him exposing her belly region, her navel to him.
Dinesh “that’s more like it. Now you look sexy”
Aisha was still feeling shy.
Dinesh continued “you really have a body to die for. You look so well shaped and you have such a spotless belly which looks so smooth and sensuous”
Aisha blushes “eh, comeon. You are just flattering me”
Dinehs “no, no.. I swear you have the sexiest body. One of the two reasons why aman married you. I swear among all the girls I and aman have slept with, you seem to have the sexiest body.”
Aisha smiles looking at dinesh’s face for the first time now and says “thnk you masterji” she says playfully.
Dinesh “masterji? Ah yes we must be professional” and he smiles as he realizes aisha was now getting comfortable with him.
Dinesh “ok now madamji, I want you to wear this sleeveless top as I don’t think I will be able to measure you properly in this stupid blouse of yours”
Aisha looks at him but without questioning grabs the top and goes inside a room, changes and comes out. It was a very tight top which outlined the shape of her boobs clearly and was low neck which showed a bit of cleavage but she knew she could not question dinesh and now that she had to get used to wearing these kind of clothes, she must wear it and be comoftable.
Dinesh looks at her and stares at her boobs and exposed cleavage “wow, you look so good in it aisha” as he continues to stare at her boobs.
Aisha gets aware of it and tries to cover her boobs by folding her hands.
Dinesh “no, no don’t do that.”
Aisha wasn’t expecting this and says “do what?”
Dinesh “don’t cover your boobs yaar”
Aisha was surprised at the use of such bold words and she looks down and she removes her hands .
Dinesh “that’s more like it. See yourself in the mirror now. This is the kind of dressing that does justice to your body. See your boobs look so good in it. You have such a wonderful pair of boobs, they are so shapely and big then why hide them. Girls die for the shape and size you possess” he was getting bolder with his talks now.
Aisha smiles and comes infront of the mirror.
Dinesh comes behind her “see, don’t you think you look sexy now?”
Aisha looks at her image and sees a very sexy woman in the mirror and says “yes, I do look good”
Dinesh “eh, don’t say good. Say sexy”
Aisha smiles “ok baba, I look sexy”
Dinesh “also say my boobs look sexy”
Aisha “eh, comeon”
Dinesh “say it yaar”
Aisha “no dinesh, I cant do it.. I mean”
Dinesh “you have to learn this kind of lingo. You HAVE to learn to talk like this”
Aisha thinks for a moment and says “my boobs look sexy and big in this top. Happy?”
Dinesh “yes very happy” as he stares at her boobs. “ok lets continue the measurements now” and he takes a few measurements of her upper part of the body and then he says “now lets measure your neckline. I want to make you a few very deep neck blouse, which will be backless and sleeveless too”
Aisha “umm, exactly how deep?”
Dinesh “very deep” as he keeps his fingers between her boobs. “it will be open till here”
Aisha’s body shivers as she feels his fingers between her boobs. But she gathers her composure and says “but its too deep”
Dinesh keeps his finger there itself “I wont compromise on this. Cleavage is a very dangerous weapon a woman possess. I want you to use it fully. A woman with exposed cleavage is a huge temptation. Do one thing, open the first two buttons of this top. Let me show you how sexy you would look in such a state”
Aisha “no, no.. I tust you. I don’t need a demonstration. I will wear deep neck blouse if you want to.”
Dinesh “good” and he places the tip of the measuring tape on her shoulder and begins to slide it down and he reaches the top edge of her blouse and slides his fingers inside and reaches the middle of her boobs. His fingers were brushing the naked skin of her boobs as he made the measurement and noted it down. Aisha was now breathing heavily causing movement in her boobs. Her nipples too were beginning to get hard as was dinesh’s dick.
Dinesh naughtily tells her “every inch of your body is so smooth”
Aisha knew what he meant but remained quite.
Dinesh “your boobs must be very soft. I just feel like squeezing them.”
Aisha thought now this was too much. How could he speak to her in that manner and she moved away from you and yelled at him “stop it dinesh”
Dinesh “relax aisha. Its part of the plan. I want you to get used to men talking to you in this manner. I want you to learn to handle such sexy talks in a sexy manner. This is how we will hurt aman even more. Don’t get angry on such comments but instead learn to enjo them.” Dinesh had wanted to turn her into a whore just like his sisters had been treated by aman. He was working towards making his dream come true and he knew aisha was stupid enough to fall in his trap and everytime he said he was asking her to do this or that so as to take revenge from aman, she would co-operate and that’s what happened once again.
Aisha “hmm, I understand your point.”
Dinesh “good, from now on talk in a sexy manner with me. I need to see how much you can handle”
Aisha “ok”
Dinesh “now I need to measure your lower body. Do one thing change into this jeans. Its figure hugging and just like this top is doing justice to your boobs, this jeans will do justice to your ass and legs. I am sure your ass is well shaped too”
Aisha said to herself she must respond sexily now so as to convince dinesh that she was willing to co- operate in ordee to hurt aman and she says “yes, ofcourse. My ass are well shaped too just like my boobs. I will change and come and then I want you to stare at my ass and tell me how good they are” and she grabs the jeans from his hands and without looking at him she rushes inside the room wondering how could she talk like that. Once inside the room, she found herself shivering. She could not belive her audacity but she had to get used to it, she reminded herself. She changed into that jeans. She had trouble getting inside it and when she managed to do it, she found herself not able to button the jeans. It was too tight and no matter how much she tried she could neither close the button nor pull the zip up. She opens the door slightly and pokes her face out and says “dinesh, this jeans is too tight. I cant close it. Please give me some other”
Dinesh “oh, but it is exactly your size. I think you don’t know how to wear them. Come out, I will teach you how to”
Aisha “how can I come out dinesh, I have not been able to zip it up also”
Dinesh “don’t worry, just come out and I will do it for you my sexy darling”
Aisha thinks for a moment and comes out and stands infront of dinesh.
Dinesh “oh my sexy babe, you have worn it wrong. Its low waist jeans. Wear it lower, just below the tip of your panty.”
Aisha “what?”
Dinesh “yes, the point is to let people see your panty line” and he himself pulls her jeans a bit lower and pulls the zip and closes the button, exposing her panty line “see, its done”
Aisha had no time to react and dinesh grabbed her hand and brought her infront of the mirror, where aisha looked at herself. She really looked hot, wild and sensuous. Exposing her panty line seemed to
excite her. She was getting comfortable of her body now and dinesh’s presence did not seem to bother her anymore. She looked at her ass and her whole body and she knew dinesh was right about her looking sexy in modern wear.
Aisha “dinesh, I really do llok good”
Dinesh “good?” he says with raised eyebrows.
Aisha laughs “ok baba. I look sexy”
Dinesh “what do you think about your ass darling?”
Aisha smiles “well, they look awesome in this jeans.” As she stares at her reflection and see how the shape is completely visible.
Dinesh brings his measuring tape and measures the length of her jeans and takes various measurements for different length of skirts and then for the final step he says “spread your legs aisha”
Aisha thought she hadn’t heard him right and said “sorry? What did you say?”
Dinesh “I said dpread your legs darling”
Aisha “spread my legs?”
Dinesh “yes yours”
There was a silence between the two now.
Dinesh “aisha what are you thinking. I am not asking you to spread your legs so that I can fuck you. I am saying so that I can measure you there.”
Aisha relaxes a bit “oh, yes. Yes. Ofcourse. Its for the shorts and hot pants maybe”
Dinesh “yes, right”
Aisha spreads her legs just a bit so that the measuring tape could be slided in and dinesh measures her occassionaly brushing her pussy with his fingers.
Dinesh “good, measurements are done. I will bring the clothes in two days time and lets meet here itself where you can try the clothes. Meanwhile stay normal in house. Don’t react. I want you to show your new face to aman only when you are fully ready. Meanwhile for the next two days as part of your
training I want you to do something”
Aisha “umm, what?”
Dinesh “when you are free, walk out . Go to malls and watch men. Watch them with hunger in your
eyes. Look at them between their legs. Try to spot hard ones, try to spot a bulge in between the legs.”
Aisha was completely stunned and says angrily “what? What are you saying? Are you out of your mind?”
Dinesh “just do as I say. This is how we will take revenge from aman by humiliating him the way he humiliated my sisters and the way he has been humiliating you by being unfaithful and calling you a whore and stupid and useless woman. Let us show him how worthy, intelligent and smart you are.”
Aisha remained silent.
Dinesh “also when free give me a call and talk sexily with me. talk vulgar, talk sex.”
Aisha still remained silent.
Dinesh comes close to her and puts his hand around her shoulders and says “now go inside and wear your saree. You cannot walk outside in these clothes for now. Afterall you are not a….”
Aisha spoke softly “not a what?”
Dinesh “not a randi” and then he whispers softly in her ears “not yet that is”
Aisha seemed offended at it and pushed him back “whats this dinesh. Don’t talk to me like that please”
Dinesh “relax aisha darling. I was only testing you. I know you ae not a whore and I will never let you become a whore. Its just that I want you to learn to accept comments like this in a graceful manner. I was only testing you”
Aisha had tears in her eyes. She was a simple woman who had been graceful all her life. She had never experienced such lewd comments or ugly behaviour and now because of aman she had to learn to get used to such statements and dress provocatively, behave like a slut. but, come what may she would leave no stone unturned to hurt aman.
Aisha walks towards the room and goes inside and changes her clothes and comes out and looks into the eyes of dinesh.
Dinesh “what? Do you have something to say? Don’t you want to do this?”
Aisha “sir, in two days time Aisha will no longer be the same old Aisha. She is now ready” and after a pause she says “to be a randi” and she walks outside the flat and goes her home on her own.Dinesh had won the battle a lot easier than he thought. He hurriedly went back to his friend and hands over the measurements to him and directs him to get the clothes ready as soon as possible. He had to go and do some lingerie shopping meanwhile.
Two days later dinesh was waiting for aisha to come at the flat. She hadn’t called up in the last two days, had she changed her mind? She must have chickened out or was she in some kind of trouble? What if aman had found out? No, no she is not stupid enough to confront him at his house. She must not have told anything to aman and if she did not, there is no way, aman could find out about all this. When he was lost in his thoughts, he heard the doorbell and on opening the door he looked at aisha, wearing a saree, covered head to toe.
Aisha “sorry, I could not call you in the last two days” she said as she walked in “I was busy. Are my clothes ready? I cant wait to try them.
Dinesh “yes, here they are. Try them”
Aihsa grabs a piece of salwar suit first and goes inside to try them. She comes out wearing it, it was tight fitting and very low neck.
Aisha “how do I look”
Dinesh “very sexy”
Aisha “no, I mean do I look slutty”
Dinesh smiles “no not yet aisha, this suit only shows a bit of cleavage. Its not slutty”
Aisha “hmm, ok give me something that makes me look like a slut”
Dinesh looks at her trying to scrutinize her behaviour. She had been acting very different. Aisha notices it and says “its just that I want to get back at aman and I am willing to do just anything for it”
dinesh “relax, you are in too much of a hurry. First we need to develop your mental strength, its not just about wearing revealing clothes. Its not easy being a whore”
Aisha “don’t worry, I wont disappoint. Just make me a whore, just do it”
Dinesh “ok, fine. Since you are in such a hurry, do one thing, wear these clothes” and he points at a set of clothes.
Aisha looks at them and finds a very short micro mini skirt and a backless tight top and a sexy pink coloured panty.
Dinesh “this has to be worn without a bra”
Aisha takes a deep breath and starts walking towards a room.
Dinesh “stop.”
Aisha turns around “what?”
Dinesh “change right infront of me. you want to be a whore, don’t you. Start by being my whore first”
Aisha stammers “y..yes.. buu.. but dinesh, I cant.. I mean I cant be your… you know”
Dinesh “do as I say. We are not here to make money by selling your skin. We are doing this to get back at aman and that can only happen by developing sexual relations between me and you.”
Aisha stands still.
Dinesh “do one thing. Remove your dupatta first. Lets take things slowly”
Aisha listens to him and removes her dupatta and keeps it aside.
Dinesh “good, now get used to me starring at your boobs and talk dirty with me. behave like a slut. bend and show me your cleavage, make sexual gestures at me” dinesh knew aisha was a very conservative and modest woman and if she really somewhow did exactly as he did, he knew he had what he wanted. He had in reality convinced her to turn into a whore. His eyes stared aisha as she continued to ponder.
She was obviously recollecting all that dinesh said. Dinesh was getting impatient and was desperately waiting to see aisha, the slut.All of a sudden aisha did what was most unexpected of her, she unbuttoned her salwar slowly revealing her cleavage bit by bit and she spread the two parts of her salwar and exposed her bare cleavage. Dinesh was having a hard time controlling his hard on as he watched aisa bend and show deeper cleavage. He got so excited that the very monet he watched this lady who was as of now such a conservative lady and now turned into a sex doll. His eyes could have popped out any minute as he tried to peep deeper inside her salwar openings but then aisha got up from her position and he watched in amazement as she came closer and she looked him in the eye.
Dinesh was shivering with excitement and then aisha’s eyes started to move down, down, down until they reached at the point of his penis. Her eeys stopped to stare at his erection, she was clearly observing the movements inside his pant and it was making dinesh evern more excited. He had slowly starte moving his hands to grab her and hug her tight and kiss her all over but then as soon as aisha saw his hands move, she stepped back to the point where his hands couldn’t reach her. He continued to
watch her as a smile broke out in her face and out came her tongue encircling her lips, inviting dinesh. She then placed her hands on her hips and slowly her hands moved towards the heavenly knot and untied them and dinesh’s penis jumped as it saw the sight of her pyjama drop on the ground. Aisha slowly stepped out of the pyjama and turned around.
Dinesh’s hand had now reached his penis, as he watched this sex doll shake her ass. She slowly lifted her salwar and exposed her ass covered in a thin panty. She bent forward and looked back to smile at dinesh who had now already ebgun stroking himself. When aisha sees that she lets out a laugh and gets up and comes near him. He was hoping the action would soon begin but to his bitter disappointment she grabs her pyjama and wears it and also buttons her suit.
Aisha “I think it is proof enough now that I am ready. Tell me how do we take revenge on aman.”
Dinesh realizes now that she was a willing slut but only to take revenge from aman. She had not turned into a harcore randi as yet who just wants a dick inside her pussy. He would have to give it more time before he could have her in his bed. But then his idea was always to get her to bed with him and his brother in law, both of them so that he could get his younger sister her husband back. All this talk of taking revenge from aman was rubbish. He just wanted to fuck her and bring back happiness in the life of his siters. He had to twist and dement her mind even more.Dinesh “yes, you are right. You are very co-operative and willing but you have to understand your husband has wronged me a lot and it is important you make amends for all of that by becoming my whore.”
Aisha didn’t seem to like this attitude “we had agreed to teach aman a lesson now how come these talks about me becoming your whore”
Dinesh “listen I told you at the beginning there is no looking back once you start off and I also told you to do just as I say. If you don’t act of becoming my whore then how do we make aman jealous, how do we burn his heart, how do we suffocate him of humiliation.”
Aisha “yes, I understand your point but then I don’t refuse to act being your whore but then I cannot be your slut for real.”
Dinesh ‘well, I don’t understand how that will happen. And then what about my sisters. The only way they can get back their happiness is ehwn you sleep with their husbands.”
Aisha was now turning pale. So this is what dinesh had actually wanted.
Dinesh “there is no hurry, think about it and tell me when you are ready”
Aisha “ok, I need time to think. Let me go now and I will get back to you as soona s I can’ and she hurries out of the flat.
Next morning dinesh receives a call from aisha.
Dinesh “hello”
Aisha “hello, I have thought about your proposal. I think since my husband was responsible for runining your younger sister’s life, I think it is only proper that I play my part in restoring her happiness and so I have decided I will sleep with your younger brother in law who has divorced your sister, and if necessary also with your elder brother in law but not with you. I don’t think there is any need for me to have sexual relations with you. Besides what I did yesterday should be enough to satisfy any harm my husband may have caused to you personally. He eyed your wife and I exposed my dignity infront of you. That’s all I can do for you.”
Dinesh though disappointed was still relieved that atleast his sisters would be happy and so he agrees to the deal.But fate had other plans in store. Aman had over heard aisha speaking on the phone and after she had hung up, he approaches her and slaps her hard. “you bitch”
Aisha started to shiver and on further abuses and assaults by aman she tells him the entire truth. In a moment of frenzy aman grabs a gun and takes her along to meet dinesh. Aisha weeped all the way and when aman was face to face with dinesh in his apartment, he confronted dinesh and in the process there was a gun shot which hit aisha. As aman ran towards aisha, dinesh grabbed the gun and shot him too.
Dinesh had his revenge, though in a different manner than he wanted. THE END

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