Saalon ki pyaas: Kajol and Shahrukh sex story

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It was at the success party thrown by Karan Johar, on the success of Student of the year movie. Many Renowned people, celebrities, politicians had come to the party.
But karan was desperately waiting for his two best friends. He was waiting for Shahrukh and Kajol. The super jodi which became the best jodi for more than a decade. Ddlj mein karan ne in donoo se saath kaam kiya thaa…
Karan was welcoming the guests, meanwhile, a black car arrived….The car was of Ajay devgan…But from there came his wife Kajol
Kajol and Karan johar hugg each other…

Karan- haha…arey tum aur shahrukh jaise dost jo ho saath dene ke liye….Lekin shahrukh nahi aaya ??/

Kajol- Aa raha hoga afni biwi ke saath…2 saal ho gaye karan, main shahrukh se nahi mili…..

(Karan offers kajol a drink…After some time shahrukh arrives…..)

Sharukh- Hey kajol !! Kaisi ho ?? Aur ajay nahi aaya ??

Kajol- Woh ajay afni film ko lekar thode busy hain…isliye….Aur batao shahrukh, kya haal chaal hai ????

Shahrukh- Bas sab accha hai, allah ki meherbaani hai….(Noise of music) yAHAN BAHUT SHOR HAI KAJOL….KAHIN AUR CHALTE HAIN ???

Kajol- ur wish…

(Shahrukh and kajol go to karan’s house’s 2nd floor’s terrace…..there was cold air blowing….kajol was feeling cold…..)

Kajol- Its so cold out here shahrukh….

Shahrukh opens up his jacket and he puts it to kajol…..It was a cold rainy night…..they were talking abt how life was going on when suddenly lightning appeared !!!…)
Kajol- (Serious and scared…..) Shahrukh mujhe bijli se darr lagta hai….

Kajol quickly hugs shahrukh……Kajol paas kya aayi, shahrukh ka lund khada ho gaya…Shahrukh’s chest was feeling kajol’s big boobs..shahrukh had fucked kajol 2 times at the set of ddlj and then once in the set of kuch kuch hota hai…but that was long time ago…
Shahrukh was a saint only in films , but in real life he was a wicked, sex hungry man….!!!

Shahrukh- Kajol… saalo mein kabhi meri yaad aayi ?? ( giving hint for sex…)

Kajol- Haan shahrukh…hum acche dost hain…toh yaad aayi mujhe… (Kajol had a clean mind)

Shahrukh- Waisi nahi yaar !!! Meri yaad aayi ?? The days in sets of DDLJ and KKHH mein jo huwa…..wooo??

Kajol- Shahrukh !! Hamare beech jo huwa, it was long ago…hum dono jawan they…I wasnt married..But now i am married to ajay..I love him alot !! Aur mere toh bacchey bhi hain….

Shahrukh- Toh kya mere biwi bacche nahi hai kya ???? I love u kajol…i can leave my whole world for u !! Shahrukh quickly hugs kajol and starts kissing her neck….
Kajol- Ahhhhhh…bass karo shahhhhh..ahhhhh….dont tempt me…..plzz..ahhh

Shahrukh then starts smooching her….Kajol was ignoring at first but after a while she was enjoying the smooch….

Then shahrukh took out her boobs from her bra..and started sucking her brown nipples…

Sharukh- Your boobs have grown a lot..ajay ne bahut maalish ki hogi..hahah…lekin bahut rasiley hain aaj bhi…puraney yaad taaja ho gaye !!!

She moaned in approval and screamed for him to fuck her and fuck her hard. She was so Horny and ready, she could hardly stand it. He slid his cock in and out slowly a few times, teasing her a little before he finally began to pound it home.

Kajol was in heaven, and she started to thrust her pelvis at him with every in-stroke to take his entire rock hard cock deep into her chasm to reach that special spot that she yearned to have touched. It didn’t take long for her to start bucking and convulsing in orgasmic contractions. And as she did so, her vaginal walls contracted rapidly, causing the bullet man to lose his load, and as she felt his pulsing inside her, she came again.

Shahrukh then started rubbing her clit….kajol was in heaven….she moaned…ahhhhhh……Kajol accepted it with pleasure and positioned her hips forward to give him prime access to the hot spot. It didn’t take him long to find it and she began to moan again. Within moments she was contracting and convulsing in pleasure again and again.

He started to take his cock in and out again and again…

Kajol- Ahhhhhh…yessss…ummmmmm…bahut mazaa aa raha hai…shahrukh u are a monster !!!

Shahrukh- Teri chut bhi bahut monstrous hai…kabhi shave kar liya kar kajol….parishaani hoti hai lambe baaloon ki wajey se chut maarne main !!!ashhhhh…ummmm!!!@ ye le !!!!!! ye bhi !!

Kajol-umm yess !! chal aur dum lagaa chutiye !!! gauri toh aasani se satisfy hoti hogi, lekin main toh nahi hone waali…aaj tu mar jaayega mujhe chodte chodte…

Shahrukh- Mar toh tu jaayegi randi!!!! ahhh…mera 10 inch la lauda teri chut faad dega !! ahhh..ahhhh

Kajol- ouchhhh….ahhhhhh…..mazaa aa rahaaa haiiii….

They continue fucking for 2 hours continuously..Itne saalo ki pyaas mit rahi thi dono ki…..

Sharukh was ready for a cum now !!! ahhhh……said sharukh….shahrukh cummed all over her mouth….

Kajol had a dark face and her face was covered with white sperms of shahrukh…..

Kajol and shahrukh both were exhausted……They were both tired…She looked over at him and thanked him for a wonderful experience and fulfillment of a fantasy. He thanked her for the same. He helped clean her up..and wiped her cummed filled face with his handkerchief….kajol and shahrukh put on their dresses and went to the first floor again to continue enjoying the party…

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