Seduction of a Indian Wife

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I have always fantasized about seeing my wife with someone else. I’ m Aravind, from Chennai working as a software consultant. I am married to Shalini who is also in the software field. We have been married for 2 years. I have always wondered what it would be to see my wife making out with another guy right before me.
My wife Shalini looks typical South Indian girl. She is 5’2″ height and 57 kg in weight. She looks fair and good looking. Her beautiful 36C breasts are a crowd puller. Whenever we go out people stare at her boobs. She never wore dresses which will project her boobs. She always tried to wear loose fitting clothes to escape the prying eyes. Many times I had suggested her to wear tight fitting clothes but she always said she felt shy to wear such clothes. She is neither conservative nor very modern. She’s a mix of both. She tries Jean and T-shirt sometimes, those times she will be eaten by men through their eyes. I enjoy all the attention she gets and I used to get instant hard on thinking about those men literally raping her in their minds.
I was afraid to raise the topic to her as she did not have a open view about sex. So I was waiting for some opportunity when she would fall for another man. The opportunity came through a chat room.
That day I was feeling bored being at home and was browsing some porn sites and then moved into a chat room. There I was discussing with some people about my interest in seeing my wife with another guy. That’s when I met Rajesh. Rajesh was also from Chennai. He was working as a manager in a Bank. He was 40 and was married and he had two kids. I discussed with him about my wish to see my wife in the arms of another guy. He advised me on how tricky that is. I felt nice talking to him and we were discussing about various ways of making Shalini accept for doing it with another man.
We discussed lot of ideas but I didn’t get the courage to implement them. We became good chat friends and one day I agreed to help Rajesh seduce my wife. As the first step I decided to meet him in some common place. He suggested a bar and I agreed for it. Though I took alcohol my wife Shalini never knew about that.
It was a Friday night and I was waiting at the reception of a star hotel where we decided to meet. I was very tense though I had agreed to meet him I was suddenly not sure what if Rajesh is not a good guy and what if he goes against me. I was very confused with all these thoughts when I heard the voice.
“Excuse me”
I saw a middle aged man standing before me. He was well dressed looked very decent. He had lost some hair on the front but still looked young for his 40 years.
“Are you Aravind?” the man asked me.
“Yes and are you Rajesh?”
We shook hands and walked towards the bar.
We ordered our drinks and I was still feeling uncomfortable. Imagining in the mind was harmless but here I m sitting before another man to plan the seduction of my wife.
“Aravind I think you are still not comfortable with me” Rajesh asked me as if he read my mind.
“Sorry Rajesh, I still feel a little shaky inside. I don’t know if we will be able to do what we are planning to do. If something goes wrong then my entire life will be spoiled”
“Oh Aravind we have discussed this so many times in chat. Trust me I will not do anything which will spoil your family. If you don’t want to do it we will stop here” he said sipping his drink.
The moment he said we will stop this, a part of my mind felt happy but the other part wanted to try it.
“I want to try it Rajesh but I m afraid of how Shalini would react”
“Don’t worry we will plan it carefully. Did you bring your wife’s photo?”
I had never shared my Shalini’s photo with him in chat. He was very eager to see how she looks. I took out my digital camera and showed him her pictures. His eyes widened when he saw the snaps.
“Aravind she looks beautiful. She looks very nice” he browsed through the snaps.
I had selected few snaps of her in different costumes like Jean – T-shirt, Saree and Chudithar.
I was sipping my drink as he saw the snaps.
“So what do you think? Do you think she will agree?” I asked him.
“Well as I said just by looking at the snaps it is difficult to judge but I like her a lot. She has a nice innocent face with a good body”
“I don’t know how to proceed Rajesh”
“Aravind as we discussed let me visit your home as a friend. You can introduce me to her. We will not discuss anything sexual. Let me study her and see how to proceed” Rajesh said sipping his drink.
Just the thought of Rajesh observing my wife in front of me made my dick to stand up erect.
“Aravind, I m looking forward to the day that I will be in bed with your wife and make love to her”
The way Rajesh was talking and the drinks I was taking were doing wonders inside me.
I finally informed him that I will fix a day and he can pay a casual visit to me. Still we hadn’t exchanged our numbers as I didn’t wanted to share personal information and felt that way I can back out anytime I want.
After I met Rajesh I was feeling guilty that I was actually helping another man to seduce my wife. But as days went by I was again drawn back to the idea of watching my wife having fun with another guy. I was in touch with Rajesh and he had told me to take my own time to decide. Rajesh sounded like the perfect fit as he looked very decent and friendly. So I decided to move the next step.
I was waiting eagerly for Rajesh to log in for chat. Once he logged in I informed him my decision.
“Hi Rajesh”
“Hi Aravind”
“Rajesh, I have decided to invite you to my home”
“Wow that’s good news Aravind. Again if you are not comfortable we don’t have to do it”
“I feel I have waited enough time”
“I have been eagerly waiting for the day to meet Shalini”
“Let’s meet his Sunday if you are free”
“Sure I will make myself free to meet lovely Shalini”
“But let’s not make any move which will give away our plan. I don’t want to spoil my name”
“You can count on me Aravind don’t worry about that”
So we decided to meet that Sunday. We closed the chat after I gave him directions to reach my house.
We lived in an apartment in Adyar. We decided that Rajesh will come for dinner on Sunday.
It was Sunday and I had informed Shalini that one of my friends would be visiting me. As I had discussed with Rajesh, I informed Shalini that the friend coming is someone whom I met during software training. Though I tried to act everything was normal I was still afraid of the result if something goes wrong. At the same time my penis was hard with the thought of Rajesh meeting Shalini.
Shalini was busy preparing the lunch and she was dressed in a nighty. The night covered her sexy figure but still her proud 36C breasts were standing proud. I was thinking how Rajesh would feel when he looked at my wife.
Sharp at 11:00 AM our door bell rang as I was scanning through the day’s newspaper. Suddenly my mouth went dry and I wanted everything to be reversed. But there I was at a point where nothing could be reversed.
“Aren’t you going to check who it is at the door?” Shalini asked me.
I suddenly felt as if I couldn’t get up.
The bell rang again.
“Aravind can you answer the door?” Shalini called me.
“Can you check Shalini?” I entered the restroom. I wanted to hide myself from this situation. My heart was beating faster. I could hear outside Shalini murmuring and walking towards the main door. My mouth was fully dry and I heard the locks being removed and I heard Rajesh voice.
I heard Shalini welcoming him and asking him to have a seat.
I opened the door and came out and saw Rajesh sitting in the sofa and a gift pack in his hand.
“Hi Rajesh”
“Hi Aravind, this is for you” he handed me the gift packet.
“Thanks Rajesh and this is my wife Shalini” I introduced my wife to him.
“We got introduced before you introduced us” Rajesh laughed.
“Would like coffee or tea?” Shalini asked.
“Coffee please” Rajesh was behaving in a nice manner. He was not showing any signs of our plans in his actions. I was glad about that.
Shalini went to make coffee and Rajesh turned to me and said “It was a sweet surprise when she opened the door”
I just smiled at him and said “I m feeling little nervous”
“Don’t worry Aravind we won’t do anything today”
Slowly I started to relax “Do you like her?”
“She looks awesome. I would really like to play with her”
Shalini returned back with coffee.
I could see Rajesh observing her. The way he looked at her changed.
“The coffee is good Shalini” he said looking at her.
Shalini started asking him about general details of his family and then excused herself to make food.
“She looks lovely. I think she will be a treat in bed. I would like to see her naked soon”
“I don’t know if all we chatted will happen Rajesh. Fantasy is different from reality”
“Nothing is impossible Aravind, just leave it to me”
Rajesh got up and went inside the kitchen and started conversing with Shalini. Shalini was shocked first but soon they two were chatting freely.
“Let me help you. Cooking is my favorite hobby” he joined her.
I also joined them and Rajesh was looking at Shalini’s ass whenever she turned away from him. All this was turning me on. By the time the food was ready Rajesh and Shalini had become very comfortable with each other. I was amazed at the way Rajesh had taken this.
We were at the dining table when Rajesh started talking.
“Shalini, what’s you favorite dress?”
“I like all types of dresses”
“I agree all dresses will suit you. Do you wear western dresses?”
“Ya sometimes”
“I feel that will suit you very well. I have a friend who is into all these fashion stuffs”
“Oh that’s good Rajesh, Aravind is not interested in all these stuffs” Shalini made fun of me.
“If you two are free for afternoon shall we go to a movie?” Rajesh asked.
“No Rajesh I dont ..” I started.
“Aravind please can we go?” Shalini asked in a pleasing voice.
“Ok so let’s go for a movie this afternoon”
So it was decided to go for a movie and after lunch we got ready. Shalini locked herself inside the bedroom to get dressed when I and Rajesh got time to ourselves.
“Why did you invite for movie?” I asked him.
“The more time I spend with her, it’s better for us. Did you notice she has become very free with me?”
“Yes I noticed. You charmed her with your talks. I’m feeling little relaxed now”
“Is there a way to see your wife getting dressed?”
“No Rajesh there is no way you can see”
The bedroom door opened and there my wife was standing like an angel. She looked very beautiful in a simple and elegant Chudithar.
“Wow you look beautiful Shalini” Rajesh commented “All the guys out there are going to look at you only”
Shalini blushed and we started for the movie.
Throughout the movie Rajesh was praising Shalini. When sitting he sat beside me instead of making her sitting in the middle. He told me that he doesn’t want to given an image of over indulging.
By the time the day was over Shalini fell heads over heels for Rajesh.
When he left for the day she asked him to come with his wife once and Rajesh invited us to his home one day.
Shalini kept talking about him and said that he is the only friend of mine who is very nice to talk to.
That night I dreamed of Rajesh fucking my wife Shalini right on our bed.
Few days later Rajesh called me (I shared my number with him when he visited our home) and asked me to hand over the phone to Shalini.
I couldn’t hear what Rajesh was telling at the other end but from her face expressions she was giggling a lot and finally she kept the phone and informed me that Rajesh has bought a dress for her and has sent it through courier.
The next day the dress arrived and it was a very fashionable jean and a designer tops. She was excited about it. When she tried it, it fit her to the T.
“How did he know my size? Can you call him; I would like to thank him. This dress looks very costly”
I dialed Rajesh’s number and gave it to her.
They talked for few minutes.
“Rajesh has invited us to his home this weekend”
“This weekend I might be a little busy” I replied.
“Please Aravind I told him we will come”
I was feeling very glad that she has naturally become close with Rajesh. I acted as if I was reluctantly agreeing.
I called Rajesh later.
“Rajesh, Shalini says you have invited us to your home? Wouldn’t your wife and children be there?”
“Don’t worry about that Aravind. They are not in town and I think I will have your wife when I meet her at my home”
“How is it possible? She just thinks of you as a friend. The moment she knows your intention she may not like you”
“Don’t worry about that. I will give it a try and if it works then you will see what you wanted to see all these days”
My wife was dressed in the new dress. The jeans she was wearing hugged her tightly like second skin. I was seeing her first time in such a dress. The round firm ass of hers was very inviting. Though the tops didn’t show much of her it made her look very beautiful.
“I think Rajesh made a good selection” I couldn’t control my comments.
We arrived at Rajesh apartment around 11:30 AM. Rajesh opened the door and he was dressed casually in a shorts and t-shirt.
“Welcome Shalini and Aravind”
We went inside as Shalini asked “Where is your wife and kids?”
“I have to apologies to you two. Today morning she had to leave to see her parents as there was something important. She said she will definitely make it up next time”
“Oh that’s bad I was very eager to meet them” Shalini said.
We took our seat and Rajesh commented “You look awesome in this dress. I felt this dress will look good on you so immediately bought and sent it to you. The fit is fine?”
“Thanks a lot for the dress. You shouldn’t have done it. It fits perfectly I was wondering how you got it like that”
Rajesh was eating my wife with his eyes.
“So what would you like to have Pepsi or Fanta? For lunch we will order something for home delivery.”
Rajesh gave us Pepsi and as we were having it Rajesh commented “Shalini would you like to try some more dresses?”
“No Rajesh it’s ok”
“I talked to my friend and got some selected dresses from his collection just for you. You will sure like it”
“It’s ok Rajesh. I don’t feel like trying out” I could see Shalini’s voice was not steady.
“Please Shalini I brought all these just for you at least to appreciate my efforts you try them. At least try one of them”
Shalini looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders. She got up from the chair and I could see she was not steady. That’s when it hit me that Rajesh must have mixed something in the drink she had.
“I m kind of feeling ..” Shalini couldn’t complete the sentence.
I took hold of her and looked at Rajesh quizzically.
“Don’t worry I will explain you later”
Rajesh led us to the bedroom and there were lot of dresses laid on the bed.
“Shalini,why don’t you try one that you like from this collection?”
We both came out leaving Shalini inside.
“Did you mix anything in the drink?”
“Don’t worry Aravind it’s a very mild sleeping pill”
“I’m feeling very nervous. I was not thinking of giving pills. What if something happens?”
“Trust me Aravind, now also I will stop it whenever you say.”
As we were talking the bedroom door opened and Shalini was standing there in a sleeveless top and a skirt. This was the first time I saw her in such a dress. I could see that she was feeling uncomfortable in that dress. For a person who is used to wearing dresses which doesn’t reveal anything, this dress was revealing a lot.
Rajesh whistled “Nice selection Shalini”
Shalini was still not steady but she was aware of what was going on.
“This was the only thing I could wear all others were not my type” she answered in shaky voice.
“You don’t like these dresses?” Rajesh asked in a disappointed tone.
“Not like that Rajesh these dresses cannot be worn here. I get uncomfortable when people stare”
“Why do you worry about people? You look very beautiful in this dress. Just your hair is struck here” Rajesh walked towards her and corrected the hair. She tried to move away but remained still as he corrected.
“Aravind you should buy dresses like this to Shalini. It’s only your fault” Rajesh laughed at me.
As I went near her I could see that the sleeveless tops was struggling to cover her boobs. For the first time I saw my wife standing before a third person with a bit of her cleavage on display. The tops length was short and it stopped right at her stomach. She had pulled the skirt way above to hide her belly button.
Rajesh looked at her and told her the skirt should not be worn like how she has worn it.
“Ya but the tops is too short” Shalini complained.
“That’s how you are supposed to wear. Let me adjust it for you”
Rajesh placed both his hands on her hips. A man was touching my wife right before me. Shalini tried to move away but struggled.
Rajesh slowly pulled her skirt down and her ivory belly slowly became visible. Finally he pulled it below her deep fleshy belly button. I could see Rajesh’s breath become heavy. He was just inches away from her stomach.
“Can you walk and show for us?” Rajesh told her.
She looked at us.
Rajesh again told her to walk like fashion shows. She blushed and said she can’t do it. Rajesh encouraged her and finally she accepted.
She walked carefully and I could see she was not steady.
We both enjoyed her look from the back.
“Aravind, I’m going to have her today. Her stomach felt so smooth”
Here is a man commenting about the smoothness wife’s belly to me and it made me hot. My rod was very hard inside.
She walked few times and got tired “I can’t stand I have to sit”.
She supported herself by placing her hands on her knees and bent forward. This gave a clear view of her boobs struggling inside the black bra. She was not aware that she was showing so much of herself to us.
“Shalini I have another dress which you should try. Before that finish your Cola” Rajesh handed the half finished cola.
“No Rajesh, all other dresses are very short not my type” She said.
“Let us check”
We three entered the bedroom and Shalini sat on the bed immediately.
Rajesh rummaged through the dresses and picked a bra which was very transparent and had small cups.
“I don’t think she will wear that Rajesh” I whispered to him.
“Let’s try” he said to me.
“Shalini, it seems this is the latest fashion. Don’t you want to try out?”
“No no I can’t try that” her voice was weak and we saw she had finished the cola.
“Hey this is going to go inside your dress so what’s the problem. Aravind what do you say?”
“Nothing wrong in this Shalini, I feel it will suit you well” I encouraged her
Reluctantly she agreed. We acted like we will wait outside. While going out Rajesh left a small gap in the door. We both were waiting outside to see what’s happening inside. Though there was nothing new for me to see it was hot because Rajesh was watching my wife with me. We saw Shalini remove her sleeveless tops. She was still dizzy and she took her time to change the dress. She was standing there in black bra and her skirt.
“She is going to remove the bra.”
She struggled for some time and slowly freed her boobs from the bra. There she was standing topless and we both were getting hot. She wore the new bra and was struggling to put the hook. That’s when Rajesh did the unthinkable. He opened the door asking “Are you done Shalini?”.
Shalini was shocked and she took the tops and put it before her boobs. “No Rajesh Can you please wait outside?”
“I saw you struggling with the hook. Let me help you” Rajesh went behind my wife and pulled the hooks.”That’s it we are done”
He was standing so close to her and she was in just a flimsy bra and skirt. I could see a tent slowly building up in Rajesh trousers.
“Can I see how it fits you?” Rajesh tried to pull the tops she was using to cover herself from her hand.
“No Rajesh it’s not right” she tried to hold on to the tops but eventually Rajesh succeeded. Her coffee brown nipples were visible through the transparent bra.
Rajesh whistled “You look so beautiful in this. You should wear these things regularly” He touched her all around the boobs acting as if he was adjusting the straps. Shalini just stood there letting him touch her. Suddenly Rajesh took out his cell phone and captured her in that pose. Shalini didn’t know what happened. Rajesh then helped her put back the tops and both of them came out. We again went back to the hall. Rajesh and I were very hot. Shalini was half conscious she knew something was going on but she couldn’t comprehend what was happening.
“Rajesh this is the time to do it” I whispered to him.
He nodded to me and moved behind Shalini.
“How would you like to have a massage Shalini?”
“hmm” she moaned.
He touched her neck from the back and started to rub. She tried to stop him but he slowly removed her hands and started rubbing her sensuously. I switched on the TV and her concentration was half on television and half on what Rajesh was doing to her. My full attention was on what Rajesh was doing to my wife. His hands were now moved around the back of her neck, shoulders and gently massaging them. I could see my wife was enjoying the sensuous massage from Rajesh and my dick was getting harder. Slowly he bent down and kissed her neck.
“What are you ..” Shalini tried to turn back. Rajesh stopped her and whispered “shhh you will like it” and continued to massage her. His hands had pushed the straps of the tops to the side and they were massaging her sexy body. He slowly lifted her hands up and pulled the tops through her hands. Her attempts to stop it went in vain. She was now sitting there in a transparent bra and a skirt. He went in front of her now his dick inside his short was in front of her face. She looked at him dreamily. He slowly pulled the straps to the side and pulled one of her milky boobs outside.
“No Rajesh you can’t .. Aravind.. pls make him stop” Shalini struggled. I could see her nipples already hardened going against her mind. Rajesh pushed the other strap down and pulled the other boob outside as well. Now both her boobs were in full view of Rajesh. He lifted her up.
“Shalini I have wanted to do this the moment I saw you” he kissed her on her mouth gently first and then started to kiss her wildly. I could see Shalini slowly giving to his advances. She even forgot I was in the same room. Rajesh’s hands went to her soft boobs and started pressing and rubbing them as he continued kissing her.
My long wait to see my wife making out with another guy was happening right before me at that moment. I kept rubbing my dick over the top.
Rajesh stopped kissing and turned towards me “She is hot Aravind”. I could see my wife’s mangalsutra got entwined with Rajesh’s chain and he slowly removed it.
He slowly unhooked Shalini’s skirt and it fell to the floor around her legs. Her gorgeous thighs and slender legs were now fully visible. She was standing there in just a panty. He touched her pussy through the panty and held it tightly in his palms. I could hear Shalini’s breath getting heavier. She was struggling to stand. He made her sit and his hands slowly parted the panty and showed the wet glistening pussy of my wife.
“Oh god she is wet” Rajesh said.
He lifted her a bit and removed the last piece of cloth, the panty, from her. There she was sitting nude right before my friend. Rajesh started playing her boobs. He pinched her nipples and made her moan. He parted her legs wide and touched her pussy lips. He put one finger on the lips and took it to his mouth and sucked it.
“Shalini you taste so good”
He lowered his head to her pussy and started licking and sucking her pussy. She was writhing and moaning in the sofa. Occasionally our eyes met and she stared away from me. She was holding on to Rajesh head and lifted herself and pressed her sweet pussy into Rajesh face.
Rajesh then stood up “Shalini I want you to return the favor I did to you” he removed his shorts and his brief. His cock was standing erect before her.
Reality was soon hitting Shalini and she said “Rajesh, what are you doing?. Oh god where is my clothes?. Aravind what is happening?”
Rajesh bent down and kissed her lips again. Slowly he straightened and pushed his cock at Shalini’s mouth. This was another big moment for me. My wife is going to suck another person’s cock right in front of me.
“Encourage her Aravind”
Shalini was staring at Rajesh cock. She was having her mouth tightly closed.
“Come on Shalini you enjoyed it when he sucked you. Now it’s your turn to make him happy. If you don’t like it we will not force you” I said to her.
Shalini opened her mouth to reply to me but Rajesh used the opportunity and pushed his cock straight into her mouth and started pumping.
“Oh god she is so warm”
He started fucking her mouth by holding her head in his hands. I have never handled Shalini so violently before. All this was new to her. I could see she was gasping for air and struggling.
“Rajesh don’t hurt her” I told him.
“Don’t worry Aravind she is enjoying it”
After sometime I could see Rajesh has removed his hands from her head and Shalini was blowing him on her own. There was my beautiful wife of 3 years sucking my friends cock as if it was a candy.
He made her stand up and turned her around. He bent her over the sofa and slapped her butt softly. “Your wife has a firm round butt Aravind” He bent her further and her pussy was visible now in its full glory.
“This is the moment Aravind, I m going to fuck your wife” saying this Rajesh slowly put the tip of his cock at the entrance of my wife’s pussy.
“No you can’t do that” Shalini tried to stop him at the last minute but he was already inside her. I realized that he was inside without a condom but that only made me hot. I was rubbing my dick hard as Rajesh started to pound my wife in a rhythmic manner. She held on to the sofa with her mangoes hanging and wobbling to his rhythm. He held on to her hip and pulled her to him and pounded her heavy.
“Her cunt is so tight Aravind” Rajesh said increasing the speed.
All I could hear from my wife was moaning. Rajesh was ramming his cock into her all the way. I could see her pussy stretch and take the entire cock inside. He fucked her like a bull and I could see his pace fasten. I knew he was going to come.
“Oh God I m coming” Rajesh screamed and pulled my wife tightly towards him and held tightly as he came deep inside her. I could also see that my wife was also having the orgasm of her life time. They were like that for what seemed like an eternity. I too had come inside my brief. Rajesh released her slowly and they both sat on the sofa tired. I could see traces of semen oozing out of her well fucked pussy.
I could see Shalini looking sad and confused. “What have we done? We shouldn’t have done this?” she told looking at both of us.
Rajesh pulled her to him and kissed her “You were great baby. I love you”.
Shalini looked into my eyes as he was kissing. I could see happiness, confusion, sexiness in that look. I knew this was just the beginning.
After Rajesh fucked Shalini in front of me at his home Shalini went inside a shell. She didn’t speak to me on the way home and she didn’t see me eye to eye for next few days. She didn’t make it a big issue out of it because she knew that at some point she also accepted to be a part of that. She also made it clear she didn’t want to meet Rajesh again. I explained it to Rajesh and he was ready to wait for her to come back to normal. It took couple of weeks for me and Shalini to come back to talking terms. But we didn’t talk about what happened at Rajesh house. When I was thinking that the chances of seeing her again with another man was slim Rajesh called me.
“How is Shalini?”
“She is the same, She doesn’t want to speak about you but she has started talking with me”
“Aravind we have raised the feelings which were buried inside her. I don’t think she can remain like this forever”
“But she is not willing to talk about this at all. In one way I am happy that she didn’t make a big issue out of this”
“Aravind we should create a situation where I meet her again”
“That’s not possible Rajesh. She will never agree to meet you”
“Let us make it look accidental. You bring her to the multiplex sometime and I will meet her there as if it was an accident. I will convince her”
“I am not sure if this is going to work out Rajesh”
“You just bring her and the rest I will take care” Rajesh convinced me.
I then talked to Shalini about the movie plan and after some convincing she agreed. I informed Rajesh of the plan and he said he will be there.
On the day we went to the theater and I bought the tickets and there was still time for the movie to begin. That’s when I got call from Rajesh asking me to meet him at the Men’s room. I excused to Shalini and went to the Men’s room and met him.
“I saw her. Man she looks hot. I would love to get inside her pants one more time” Rajesh said.
“How can that happen here?”
“I will go and talk to her now. You take some more time and then come out. I will switch on my mobile for you to hear our conversation” saying this Rajesh left. I went inside an empty stall and put the phone to my ears. There was no sound for sometime.
“Hi Shalini what a pleasant surprise?” it was Rajesh voice.
There was no reply from Shalini.
“Wont you talk to me?”
“So is this all your plan to bring me here?” Shalinis voice was filled with anger.
“What plan? You came with Aravind? Where is he?”
“What do you want? Please go away?”
“Are you still mad about that day? I am sorry I just couldn’t control myself and everything happened spontaneously”
“I don’t want to talk about it”
“Shalini but I still miss you. I need you”
“No Rajesh it’s not going to happen. Leave my hand Rajesh don’t create a scene”
I could visualize in my mind that Rajesh was trying to hold her hand. I didn’t want him to create a scene there.
“Please leave me. I don’t want Aravind and you meeting again” Shalini was saying
“Ok I will leave now. But can you meet me for 10 minutes after the movie starts?”
“Let us discuss and sort this once and for all” Rajesh said
There was silence from Shalini side.
“I don’t want to ..” I could see her voice weakening.
“Please just once. You come to that side of the building and there is a private place where we can talk. After that we don’t have to meet”
“Ok I will try”
“I will be waiting for you there. See you soon”
I came out of the rest room and walked towards her with cola and pop corn in hand. I didn’t show any signs that I knew everything and she also didn’t talk about it.
“Why are you sad Shalini? Don’t worry about anything” I told her.
We went inside the cinema hall and the movie started. After few minutes Shalini said that she had to use the restroom. She went out.
She came in after 30 minutes and she looked tired. I asked her if she was alright. She said she was and continued watching the movie.
After going home that night I waited for Shalini to sleep. I called Rajesh immediately and he briefed me what happened.

I was waiting near the store room which was not in use. I was not sure if she will come or not but was waiting for her. That’s when I saw her coming towards me. She stopped in front of me. She was breathing heavy and her breast were going up and down. The t-shirt she was wearing was showing the contour of the beauty lying inside. I wanted to get my hands on her immediately.
“What do you want to talk about?”
“Let us go inside and talk” I opened the door.
She hesitated for a second and then followed me inside. The room contained lot of unused papers and boxes.
“Shalini I miss you and I need you”
I pushed her back to the closed door and pressed my lips onto hers. She didn’t open her mouth instead tried to push me away. I took my mouth away from hers and looked at her.
“I can’t do this. This is wrong” she said.
“There is nothing right or wrong in this. You did like what happened between us that day didn’t you? Don’t lie” I asked her. I put my hands on her hips and put my face on her neck.
She tried to push me away but I could see her strength weakening.
“I can’t do this” she said weakly.
I lifted her t-shirt over her head and there she was standing in black bra and her jean. I kissed all over her face and neck and took her lips in mine.
“Shalini you and me are made for each other. You are a beautiful princess. You are made to give pleasure to man. There is nothing wrong in it” I unhooked her bra and looked at the beautiful boobs. I massaged them and took her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.
With one hand I unbuttoned her jean and pushed it down. With both my palms I took her ass cheeks in my hand and massaged them.
“Shalini don’t say no to me. I need you whenever I want” I lowered her panty to her knees and there was her hairy cunt in front of me. I inserted my finger into it and pushed it deep and she was feeling weak on her knees and couldn’t stand. I understood she has just had her orgasm. I moved her around and made her to bend. She held on to the boxes there.
I unzipped my pant and took out my throbbing cock.
“I was waiting so long to fuck you again Shalini. Did you miss this too?”
She was just moaning with her ass thrust in air and her pussy fully exposed to my assault. I inserted my now rock hard cock into her and rammed her. I held on to her hair and fucked her. I fucked her hard for all the days she ignored me. She was struggling hard not to scream as we could hear people walking outside.
I held onto her boobs and fucked her tight little pussy hard. She moved back to meet each of my thrust. That’s when I knew that the last straw is pulled and she will do whatever I ask from now on. With one final deep thrust I came inside her in gallons. Come started dripping outside her well fucked cunt.
I fell on top of her and hugged her as I noticed she hitting her second orgasm. I kissed her.
“See that was not bad. You did enjoy it. Now you go back to Aravind and don’t tell him about this”
“Rajesh one question, was Aravind part of this from the beginning?”
“No Shalini he is not. This will be out little secret”
Rajesh helped her wear her dress and both of them came out after they made sure no one was outside through the door crack.

————————– By aravinda_chn

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