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Seduction of newlywed at beach resort

92 Min Read

Shekhar and I arrived at St Tropez on the French Riviera a few years ago, I was 29 years old and married about three years back. We had grown up in a rather conservative setting and I was not sure as to how I would respond to the nudity that this resort town was famous for. In fact I had butterflies in the stomach.
Shekhar was almost drooling at the local gentry as we got out of the taxicab. Attractive women with see-through tops and lots of off the hip styles. Lots of navels. The desk clerk was eyeing me up as we were signing in and I must say that it was an embarrassment and a turn on to think he was perhaps imagining me without clothes. At least that was what I could infer from his look. He gave Shekhar a knowing wink as he handed him the heavy metal key and he rang for the bellboy to bring our bags to the room. He too looked at me from head to toe and I realized that it must drive these guys crazy to work in such a paradise.
I was wearing a blue sari and a sleeveless blouse and a strapless bra. Like typical Indian women I had bangles on one wrist, chain in the neck, a nose pin, ear rings, anklets etc. In the room, we pulled back the drapes to look down from our second floor balcony at the courtyard below. Shekhar appeared to be somewhat disappointed to see that people were standing around in evening wear. They were holding cocktails and talking in small groups. A classy crowd but not very thrilling. Shekhar walked up to me coolly and started unbuttoning the blouse.
“Stop it! The damned window is open!”, I said as I pulled away from him.
“Are you kidding? These people will be seeing you naked anyway… ”
I stopped and looked at him like it was the first time I had thought about it.
“What makes you think I’m going to walk around like that? Topless perhaps but nude. No way. ” I said firmly.
” Remember that this trip was your idea. Please don’t crowd me. You know as well as I do that when in India good girls are expected to cover their breasts, in addition to a full shirt known as kurta, with another piece of cloth known as Dupatta. And if your mother came to know that I had stripped totally I would be shown the door before you could bat an eyelid. ”
“Aw come on now. You can be as wild as they come. Forgotten the time when you had become fully nude in front of the fisherman?” He said hugging me.
I smiled and blushed. There were certain things in our marriage that had kept the excitement going and it was largely due to the initiative taken by Shekhar.
Let me describe ourselves. I am fair, slim, stand 5 feet 6 inches in my bare feet in which you can usually find me because Shekhar says that my feet are very pretty. My breasts are 34 C, nipples are brownish chocolatey in color, with black eyes and hair. Shekhar is 5 feet 11 inches tall, lean, fair though not as fair as I am and is an excellent companion.
We went down to dinner in the hotel’s restaurant and I kept looking up at him as I stared across the room. He was looking at a beautiful thirtyish woman with a dress that was like a diagonal sarong but it only covered one breast. “Is that what you are looking at?” I asked, “I have nicer breasts than that babe and you know it. ”
“I know you do but that is such a turn on in a restaurant. ” No one else seemed to mind it, but I could see that everyone in the place was making little darting glances in that direction from time to time. The following morning we were having breakfast at the outdoor tables. I had on my bikini with a thin beach jacket over it and was bare footed. I suppose I looked good and was getting looks from everyone in the place.
“You look really good in that… do you see how the others are looking at you?” I started… To him it seemed that I enjoyed being in the center of things. “Don’t be silly”, I said. After the late breakfast we decided to take a walk down to the beach. St. Tropez is a place with a beach for everyone, from the straight to the gay, from the bathing suit to the nude. We decided to be adventurous and at least take a look at each one. We passed through the more conventional beach, seeing the usual collection of overweight middle aged Europeans, mainly sitting around and soaking up the Mediterranean sun.
There was a sign that said “Topless Beach” and Shekhar was extremely keen to go thise so we followed it to the left, walking along the water’s edge. That was when my eyes started to go crazy. Wherever I looked, there were topless women. Shekhar appeared to be chuckling to himself as we walked along. I would say he was salivating. They were lying down, sitting up and walking around and everywhere I looked were boobs. It was a sea of bare breasts.
“Do you want to stop here for a while?” I asked his, pointing to an empty area about 50 feet from the water.
“Sure. Throw the towels down here. ” We laid down the beach towels and both sat down, looking around us. I took off the outer covering, wearing just the thin bikini. The sight of so many topless women from virtually all nationalities had boldened me up.
“Rub some lotion on my back. ” I asked, as I went down onto my stomach. He began to squirt the white liquid onto his hand and started on my upper back.
“Mmmm. That feels good. Are you sure you can concentrate on me for a minute and stop ogling at all the females?”
“Yes, I think I can. ” Shekhar said as he was still looking all around him at the women and girls of all ages, literally letting it all hang out. I turned my attention to Shekhar who after the massage was resting his head on his crossed arms, eyes half closed and the hint of a smile was on his face.
“See anything you like?” I asked.
“What do you think?” he said.
“Silly question I guess. ” I said as I wiggled my body to a more comfortable position. I was looking at an attractive woman with beautiful full breasts slowly peel off his top, revealing full breasts and brown nipples. After he had rubbed the lotion into the skin on my back and legs, he reached up without any warning and unsnapped the back of my bikini top.
“Excuse him, sir. What are you doing?” I queried.
“Nothing, just helping you feel more comfortable. ” he said, looking at my face for a reaction. I lay there for a minute as I was watching a couple of girls in their late teens walk by topless. I must have been staring because one of them said something to the other and they both giggled as they walked by.
“How would you like me to put some suntan lotion on the other side now?” Shekhar said, snapping me back to reality. I was hesitant but rolling onto my back, holding the bikini top in place modestly.
“Okay, you”ve got it. ” Now I could see that Shekhar was starting to get more excited. He repositioned his cock so the loose bathing suit would not look like a tent. Then I realized what the young girls were giggling about. No surprise though. Probably every male on this beach was in a perpetual state of erection. He slowly applied the lotion to my legs and worked his way up my thighs and belly, then my arms and upper chest and neck.
“Do you want me to do your boobs?” he asked slowly.
“I don’t know, this is a weird place. I don’t know if I can hack it. ” I said nervously. “Come on. You would exactly be standing out. It’s normal to have bare boobs around here. When you keep your top on you look like a tourist. ”
“I am a tourist… Alright, if you don’t think I am a whore… “I replied.
“Whores don’t strip on beaches. Lovely, darling, sexy, cute wives do. They also get fucked. Remember Dileep episode?” Shekhar replied mischievously.
“I will hit you if you bring that up. In any case what could I do? I was nude and you had brought your friend along. And you were careless enough to let him do it without a condom. It is good nothing happened and I did not get pregnant or else we would be here with Dileep’s kid. ” I laughed. After that episode I had started taking pills. Having sex with one of his friends was one thing;especially when he initiated it but getting pregnant was a sure way of getting into trouble.
He didn’t need an invitation to gently pull away my top. Automatically, my hands came up to cover my tits. Shekhar was most reassuring. He gently placed his hands on mine.
“Honey, you look nice like this. Just relax and enjoy yourself. Besides, if we don’t get some lotion on these babies you will look like the girl over there. ” He motioned to some people walking along the water. One of them was obviously an American girl with European friends, her tits were angry red and burned while the rest of her was well tanned. “I guess you are right. God what would the people at home say?”
I brought the hands to my sides. I noted that my nipples were standing straight up and the aerolas were puckering up… it was not even cold out. Shekhar was turned on by this minor act of exhibitionism and was really getting excited as he applied the white lotion on the pale skin of my C cup breasts. “Are people looking at me?” I asked, my eyes were closed and my arm was now over my face like I was in disguise while my breasts were exposed and I could actually feel my nipples’ gradual erection.
“Yeah, me. I’m a people. “He said good humouredly. He brought my arm down and had me look around. After a few minutes I seemed to be getting used to being topless and I began to look around the beach. People were all around walking, sitting, standing. We were not that close to any other and I seemed to be comfortable.
“Let’s take a walk. ” Shekhar suggested. “I can’t walk around like this. ” I said.
“What’s the difference, you are lying here topless and no one is arresting you?”
“You also take your swim trunk off. ” I said.
“Okay. ” He said and pulled it down in one quick stroke. Shekhar’s cock was not circumcised and it was in a state of semi erection having seen so many nude girls. Due to the erection the foreskin had given a bit of way and the head was partially visible.
“You are so shameless. Men like you would rather remain naked only. You don’t mind that everyone can see your cock?Oh God!That guy over there is looking at me. ” I said a bit self consciously.
I pointed to a couple off the right. ” I”m looking at his wife too. ” he said, wondering if it was the wrong thing as the words came out. Then I recognized them. “That’s Michael and Shannon from last night. ” I said, naming the English couple we met at dinner. They were in their early 30s and Shannon was pregnant. Michael waved to us and Shekhar returned it.
“Oh yeah. Well, I would be embarrassed for anyone I know to see me
like this. ”
“Anita love, Shannon is also topless and you look a lot prettier than she does. ” Shekhar said, in apparently a convincing manner, because after hearing his words and realising the futility of trying to cover up my boobs I sat up for the first time; my knees were up and covering my breasts but it was a start.
“ Lovely. I have always preferred the way breasts look when a woman is upright rather than the way they flatten when lying down. ” Shekhar said. Michael was on his feet and walking over to us. I kept my knees drawn up so as to casually hide my breasts and nonchalantly started putting sand on my toes.
“How are you two on this fine morning?” Michael asked as he approached us. Shekhar was the first to answer as we both smiled at our new friend. “Just fine, Michael. Getting used to the place. ” he said.
Michael too was naked and I couldn’t help feeling slightly uncomfortable. Although his cock was not erect but to be talking to a naked man was somewhat disconcerting. Moreover his cock was circumcised and there was a palpable difference between both their cocks.
“And how is your wife?” he said extending his arm for a handshake. I shook hands with Michael and very slowly I brought my legs down and my breasts were now in full public view. This was perhaps the first time that a stranger and that too naked was seeing me topless in a public place but I was acting nonchalant. I seemed to be getting braver now. Michael, in his polite British way, was not staring at my tits and this was very helpful. “Why don’t you come over and join Shannon and me. We brought a chilled rosé and we would like some company drinking it. ”
Shekhar and I looked at each other. Shekhar looked at him with a jolly “what the hell! sure ” expression and we both stood up and walked with Michael. I noticed that Michael too was quite handsome. Fair like all Europeans, he was about 5’10”. I gathered up our stuff as an excuse to walk behind them, to observe Shekhar’s body language. I was doing fine, walking with a proud gait and not covering up my tits. What the hell;even my husband was nude. When we got to their spot on the beach, Shannon was sitting under an umbrella and she greeted us warmly. I was trying to not look at her full looking breasts. She was only a few months pregnant but was already getting engorged breasts and there were some milk veins showing, there was no tan at all.
“Hello you two. How are you enjoying your holiday?” she asked. I stifled a laugh. “Fine. ” I said. “Hard to get used to the way people dress around here, isn’t it?” I said, trying not to laugh. Michael’s eyes darted to my bikini panty. I was concentrating on keeping my eyes away from his semi erect cock.
“What is your name, love?” Shannon asked me.
“Anita. ”I replied.
“Where are you from?”
“India. ” I replied.
I nodded.
“Shannon needs to keep out of the sun because she burns so easily. ” Michael explained. “But look at those pale breasts. ”
“Yes, I will never get a proper tan this way. ”
She lifted one of her breasts and let it fall again. “But Anita, you look like you will take a good tan because the rest of you is so golden. Besides you have nice youthful breasts and capped with such lovely chocolate colored nipples. They will be the hit of St. Tropez. ”
I thought Shekhar would start getting self-conscious when our new acquaintances started talking about my tits but he just looked down, ran his hands over his head and smiled.
“She was so hesitant to take off her top. ”he said.
“Strange. ”Shannon said. “In fact she should not be only topless;she should be nude. Even I used to be nude before I became pregnant. I am a firm believer that all girls on the beaches should be nude. They look so pretty that way. It is upto the men to decide what they want. If you don’t mind, Anita what is your breast size?”
“34 C”Shekhar replied before I could.
“Perfect. They”ll never sag even if you remain topless or nude on all the beaches that you visit. Is this your first visit to a topless beach?”Shannon asked.
Shekhar nodded and laughed. “You flatter her, Shannon. ”
“No, I’m serious, Your wife has lovely breasts and I am sure she is as lovely under the panty as well. ”
I blushed a beetroot red and just stared down at my exposed breasts and erect nipples.
Michael started teasing me. “Well, Anita can we see the beauty that you are hiding;if if course your husband does not mind?”I merely shook my head and looked at Shekhar as if to ask. “What say?”
“Are you crazy?Give her some time. Today is the first time that she is topless. ”Shannon said in mock anger.
“In other words, you will strip in a day. Shannon, we should extend our stay. I don’t want to leave without seeing this beauty nude. ”Michael said.
Shekhar laughed. “ What say, love?”
“Don’t ask him. Promise us that. Now. Why wait. Do it today only. ”
“Okay. Give me some time as Shannon said. ”I replied blushing still.
Michael and Shekhar decided to take a walk to the waters.
Shannon asked me.
“Is it true that you were reluctant to take off your top?”I nodded.
“Well, surprise them even more by being nude when they return. ”
““Really, Shannon, how can I?”I started protesting.
“Just stand up. ”
““No, later, perhaps, not today. ””I stammered.
“I said stand up. ”Shannon virtually ordered. As soon as I stood up, Shannon pulled my bikini bottom down to my knees revealing my well manicured pussy to a no. of interested watchers.
“The choice is yours. You can pull it up or you can step out of it. Your husband is naked;so is mine. Even I would be if I was not carrying my baby. ”She said in a matter of fact way.
I saw that I was not the only nude woman there. There were so many others, well hung men and women. I therefore stepped out of the bikini bottom and kept it with my stuff.
“Nice black hair you got there. But surely they would not be growing that way. You would be giving shape to them?”Shannon asked in a questioning tone pointing to my pussy with her eyeballs.
I just nodded and smiled. Naturally shape had to be given to the pussy.
“And this tiny golden ring that you are wearing on your nice toe is pretty. ”
“Yes, married girls usually wear these. ” I replied trying to cover my pussy by pulling my feet in front of them.
“And this chain on your ankle. This golden one on your waist? And the bangles?”
“The one on the waist is a girdle. There is an Indian attire known as a sari. If the girdle is worn with a sari which is tied well below the belly button, the girdle looks very attractive. These can be worn by anyone. For that matter even a toe ring is not compulsory but, well, I like it. And since taking it off is a bit difficult, once I wear it I let it be. And the chain on the ankle is an anklet which we call a ‘payal’ in Hindi. ” I smiled.
“Your smile is very attractive. I am sure Michael would, if you don’t mind, want to have sex with you. ”
“ Shannon, you are really too much. ” I said to her.
Shannon and I were talking like old friends when our husbands returned. Michael was indeed pleasantly surprised to see that I had stripped.
“Now that is what I call a good girl.!Won”t you stand up boldly and give me a kiss?” I was further embarassed by the erection on Michael’s cock.
“Well, darling you are a sport really. ” Shekhar said bending down and kissing me on the cheek and lightly squeezing my breasts.
“Get up!” Michael insisted.
“Don’t embarrass the poor girl!” Shannon chided Michael obviously referring to the cock’s erection.
“ I can’t help it. She IS sexy. ” Michael replied.
I smiled at the compliment and got up blushing furiously. My nipples were erect and became all the more so when they brushed against Michael’s bare chest and when he planted his lips on my cheek. Imagine the sight. I, fully naked was being kissed by another man also fully naked and his erect cock brushing against my belly button and neither I nor my husband seemed to mind. For that matter neither did Michael’s wife. At that moment I too felt so horny that even if Michael had insisted on fucking me I would have agreed.
“Anita, do you have a sister?I was looking for a pretty girl like you for my brother but hard luck that you are already married. ” Michael said. Before I could reply Shekhar said “Hey!Don’t entice my wife away. ”
As we worked our way through the bottle of wine, we were laughing like old friends. All around us was a sea of bare breasts, cocks and pussies and everyone was having a whale of a time. I was thinking that here I am nude in front of hundreds with no problems. Back home if they knew it?? God!!
After a couple of hours, Shekhar and I went back to the room and made wild love, recounting our first day of my new exhibitionism as it I think I was very turned on by the opportunity to show off my body in public and I found it very exciting too.
Just then there was a knock at the door.
“Who is it?” Shekhar called. After all just as a person is in the process of making love to his wife he does not welcome visitors.
“ Michael. ” Came the reply.
Shekhar got up as he was i. e. with his cock virtually erect and opened the door. Although he had seen me naked but I felt funny lying there so I clutched a pillow between my legs.
“Hi!” He said. “ You two fucking?” He was as cool as that.
“ What else do you think?” Shekhar laughed.
“ I just wanted to see you fucking and well, if you don’t mind I would like to join in. Please don’t refuse. It is very rarely that one gets to see such a pretty girl as Anita and that too naked. ” Michael implored.
“Join? How?. ” Shekhar said throwing up his hands.
“ Well, just a bit of well, oral. If you don’t mind. ”Michael sheepishly answered.
“ You want my wife to give you a blowjob?”
Michael nodded.
“Okay but no fucking. I hope that is clear. ”
I was not sure I had heard right. Shekhar had just agreed to let Michael join in.
I called him but he came and whispered in my ear. “ It is okay Anita. We have discussed about foursome so very often. Nobody knows us here. I don’t think there will be a better opportunity for us either. And he will not fuck you. Just a blowjob. ”
“ But he is alone. There will be no foursome but just a threesome. ” I pointed out.
“ It is just tough luck that Shannon is pregnant. Okay that we will keep for later. Meanwhile don’t let him fuck you. Okay. ” Shekhar said kissing me
By this time Michael had also stripped. I would also like to add that we were still under the pleasant influence of the wine that Michael had given us on the beach.
As he took the pillow away from my legs I asked him whether Shannon would not mind.
“ She is tired and is now asleep. ” He replied.
“You are welcome to join us BUT you will not fuck her pussy. If you agree, you can stay behind or else I am sorry. ” Shekhar said firmly and so coolly as if he was talking about the ironing of clothes. Before marriage I had not imagined in my wildest dreams that my husband would be talking to a starnger about my fucking while I was present there in all my glorious nudity waiting to be fucked as per my husband’s wishes.. Life is so stranger than fiction.
Shekhar continued from where he had left. He thrust his tongue in my mouth and kissed me deeply. His tongue was virtually everywhere. Inside my ears, over the nape of the neck down to my breasts all the time teasing and titillating. I turned to my side to accommodate his cock but Michael insisted that I lie flat and that while he would suck one nipple, Shekhar would suck the other. That is what I did and this nipple sucking made me shudder and the juices flowed in my pussy. Soon both the nipples were fully erect with the teasing they had got. I now wanted to be made love to. The light moaning sounds were giving me away. Michael however brought his cock to my mouth. I immediately opened my mouth and took him inside. It was the first time that I had a circumcised penis in my mouth. It had a smooth bulbous head and there was no botheration of pulling the foreskin back. Initially I gingerly licked it, then opened the mouth and sucked it but after a while he withdrew. Shekhar was busy with fingering me while playing with my nipples.
“ All this is a trifle difficult. Anita, love please go down on all fours. ” I complied immediately. My ass was now in the air.
“ Shekhar, now fuck her from behind Rocky(D)gy style. This way both of us can play with her tits and she can suck me. If I discharge in her mouth, I will of course not fuck her. Or else we will change places. ” Michael said.
“ No, Michael, you will not fuck her. Please. We are newly married and I would like to maintain the sanctity of her pussy. You can experiment with everything else. ” Shekhar replied firmly.
I then felt Shekhar’s familiar cock sliding up my very wet pussy. As he started taking strokes of my pussy, my mouth was busy giving strokes to Michael’s cock. I had quite ambivalent feelings. I did not want Michael inside me. It was a very erotic feeling to be made love to by two different men at the same time. In between Shekhar would also stroke my back and then slide his hand down from my armpits to my breasts where his hands would at times meet Michael’s hands which were busy squeezing my breasts. Though I did not refuse him but he really squeezed my breasts and that too quite hard. Since Shannon was pregnant with swollen breasts her breasts must have been painful. By squeezing my breasts he was making up for lost time. My hands were on Michael’s athletic buttocks trying to regulate the entry of his cock in my mouth. His gradually leaking cum was all inside my mouth and I did not know what I should do once he discharged in my mouth. Should I spit it out or swallow it? I swallowed Shekhar’s but should there not be a difference between a husband and a friend?
It was in my destiny to be fucked by another person besides Shekhar and Dileep (though not at that time) Soon I felt that I would be climaxing. I left Michael’s cock, lay back, pulled Shekhar’s cock inside me and locked my ankles over his back. Now Michael was out of the picture. Shekhar started fucking me with slow strokes by with withdrawing the cock fully and then thrusting it in with a force that my breasts wobbled. I could actually feel his foreskin being rolled back as his shaft entered me. Shekhar’s hands were on my thighs. His fingers were pulling my buttock cheeks. Michael did not miss miss any opportunity to hold my breasts as soon as they wobbled and to squeeze them. Shekhar perhaps expected me to refuse but I was too deep in the throes of passion to do so. He was seeing this very closely all the while playing with his own cock. It felt funnier to be watched by another man while being fucked by my own spouse than to be actually fucked by another man.
After a while Shekhar discharged with an ‘Agh’ exclamation and I could feel the jets of his cum inside me just as I was also climaxing and thrusting my pussy upwards. Shekhar has a habit of hugging me and lying on top of me while he discharges. He therefore lay on me as was his wont.
Michael insisted that we hug one another by lying side by side. As soon as I had done this he kept my leg on top of Shekhar’s and shoved his cock in the crevice of my ass with the space created.
This was something totally unexpected. I gasped but with two men holding me down could not get up. Meanwhile the orgasm that I had had was not fully finished as yet. Michael’s cock was quite wet and despite attempts to enter my ass did not do so. After the initial thrust he let it remain there very still. For a while there were two cocks virtually inside me:Shekhar’s limp cock in my pussy and Michael’s hard one at the entry of my ass knocking so to say for permission to enter. I was virtually on seventh heaven.
But this was not all. The next evening we were informed by Michael that Shannon had gone to an acquaintance for the evening and could he just come to our room for some time. I told him that Shekhar had gone for a quick swim but he said that he would not take much of my time. Shortly there was a knock at the door. I opened the door. I was wearing just a panty and a T shirt. Since he had seen me naked the previous day and had also made love to me I did not feel particularly odd.
He hugged me with both his hands around my buttocks. It was a thong panty and I could feel his fingers trying to find my ass hole. He then kissed me on the cheek. I noticed that he had brought a camera along. Though girls like me don’t get kissed by strangers, but this perhaps was the culture here so I acted as if everything was normal. Moreover after last night I couldn’t act prude.
“ Anita, how are you? Hope I did not disturb you. ” He said.
“ No, its okay. How are you? How is Shannon?” I enquired.
“ She is fine. Actually, love I wanted to photograph you. ” His eyes were on my bare feet and smooth legs that I had crossed.
“ Let Shekhar come back. ” I said.
“ Why bother him?I have spoken to him. It will take just five minutes. Just get rid of these things you are wearing. ”
“ Strip? Here? “ I was aghast.
“ Yes, now hurry. I want to capture your nudity. With all these trinkets that you wear like anklets, toerings, earrings, girdle, nosepin etc. ” He insisted.
“Well, Michael, stripping on the beach was okay but getting a nude photo taken…….. I don’t know. ”
At his insistence I did strip. While I got rid of the T shirt he pulled down the panty. But he had more in mind than just photographing me. As I learnt later he wanted to fuck me. This was the first time that I was fully naked with a stranger and without my husband’s presence. The fact is that there in St. Tropez after the previous day’s experience I was so horny I always wanted to strip and needed just the slightest suggestion to do so. He asked me to lie down for the photographs. No soon had I done this he got down to eating me. I kept refusing him but each time I refused he thrust his tongue inside my pusy walls making all my refusals a sham. Unwittingly my legs were apart and I was watching him lick me. I was all wet and within no time he had his cock out. There were two things holding me back. Firstly I wanted to be faithful to my husband;if at all I had to get fucked it should have been in front of him or at least with his knowledge. As was the case in the Dileep episode. Secondly if he found out that this is what I was doing he might have been upset.
After all, our case was going in reverse. Usually men go around fucking other females after marriage and here as luck would have it I was doing all the fucking. However while I was toying with all this, Michael’s cock entered my pussy. The bulbous head and then the whole of it smoothly. A tight grip I could feel and couldn’t help feeling smug at the tightness in my cunt walls. He with drew the cock licked my inner thighs right upto my pussy, sucked all the sparse pussy hair and again thrust his shaft inside me.
“God, you are so tight, you need regular fucking for years to loosen you up. ”He whispered.
“What is the need to loosen up? You don’t like this? But please hurry. Shekhar may come back and will not like it. ” I said and with my vaginal muscles I squeezed his cock.
“ Sure, I do, baby. Sure I do. I will give you very quick and lovely satisfaction”he said sucking my lower lip.
This time there was no with drawing. My body played along. I locked my ankles over his back and he carried on humping, paying particular attention to my breasts. He would hold each in his hands and bite the nipple. God! Did it make me squirm! My hips were thrusting forward to meet his thrusts till he came. Discharged all his cum inside me. Men can never never control themselves. I think it gives them a high to discharge inside a girl who is not exactly keen for a fuck in the first place.
I silently thanked God I was on pills otherwise it would have been very difficult to decide the child in case I became pregnant. After all both Shekhar and Michael had discharged inside me. Trusting men in such matters is pointless. They themselves will never carry a condom and will also not point this fact out to a friend either. The Dileep episode!
Had he insisted I might have agreed to another round of love making as well. Thankfully he did not. He again praised my breasts, sucked my nipples; said that the photographs would be better if they were erect. He still wanted the photographs. He had put on his trousers but insisted that I remain nude. I if course had wiped the cum clean by the time Shekhar returned and am sure he did not suspect anything.
Michael and Shannon left shortly after that. Shekhar and I left the next day. It was an incredible experience. The liberalism of Shekhar is something I cherish. He says that a drab one man one woman life is useless and a waste as compared to a life where one is committed to one another but enjoys sex with different partners. Of what use is monotony in one’s life if one is fortunate enough to get different good partners? Initially I thought he was morally depraved but now I know he is right. While Shekhar was naughty enough to get me fucked by Dileep(although unknowingly) and Michael(blowjob). I too have something planned for him. When we landed in Delhi I was duly clad in a blue salwar suit with a dupatta duly draped in my neck. As my in-laws welcomed me and embraced me I was wondering what their reaction would be if they knew what their demure and shy daughter-in-law had been upto in St. Tropez.
Shekhar perhaps understood what was going on in my mind and we exchanged smiles.
“ Beti, I hope all the nudity there did not disturb you. ” My mother-in-law said.
“ No, ” I said “ But whatever nudity was there made your son very happy. It was difficult to pull him away from all the nude foreign girls” I replied impishly knowing fully well that he could not say that I, their daughter in law, was as nude as they were.
“ Oh, he is such a rascal. ” She laughed. We went into our rooms. And again made wild love for weeks altogether.
I don’t know. Should I take Shekhar into confidence regarding the Bhasu and the actual fucking by Michael episodes. Will he mind it? But should I? Please help, readers.
“Ani, love!” Shekhar called as he returned from the office. ” A surprise and a strange co-incidence. Guess what? ”
“What is it, darling? ” I asked giving him a peck on the cheek. We had been married for four years and had a wonderful marriage. Though there was a bit of cheating involved, on my part of course( I naturally didn’t know about Shekhar), it had only added the desired spice to our marriage. I was 30 years old and to put it in Shekhar’s words, as wild as they come.
“Last year we had gone to St. Tropez for a holiday around this time of the year. This year I have to go there on account of my work. ” Shekhar sounded excited.
“St. Tropez? Wow, that’s wonderful! But are you going alone? ” A sudden doubt had crept into my mind.
“St. Tropez? Gee, that’s wonderful!” squeeled my 22 year old younger sister Sunita who was visiting us.
“Don’t be silly. What is the point in going there without my sexy wife? The hotel will kick me out if they see me checking in alone. ” Shekhar replied to my query with a twinkle in his eye.
“You really know how to flatter. There are dozens of girls there. ” I smiled at him.
“Sure, there are but, but… jokes apart, this time they have actually invited the both of you also. ”
And Shekhar hugged me tightly. I could feel his erection over the skirt that I was wearing. Due to the presence of Sunita he naturally could not afford to take too many liberties. I could very well understand the reason for Shekhar’s erection. While at his persuasion I had agreed to take my top off subsequent events had taken such a shape that I stripped fully on the beach, something I had never imagined in my wildest dreams. Not only that there was wild sex involved, with my husband and well, without him as well. That however is another story. This time with Sunita around, well… a certain amount of restraint would have to be exercised.
“Sunita as well? ” I couldn’t hold back my surprise.
“Yes, they asked me to bring you over and when I said that my sister-in-law, and a very pretty one at that was also staying over, they insisted that I bring her over as well. ” Shekhar replied mischievously.
Having disentangled myself from his bear hug I started going towards the kitchen to get him a cup of tea but he insisted that we sit on the sofa and talk. Seeing the dreamy look in my eyes Shekhar asked, ” Remembering Michael? ” I blushed again.
” Why only Michael? Why not Shannon as well? ” I countered.
“Who is Michael? Who is Shannon? Your friends? ” Sunita butted in.
“Okay, okay. Well you will be happy to know that I have been called there by Michael. He and I will be busy for a day or two. During this period, Shannon and you and Sunita, especially you can drive the guys crazy on the beach. ”
Shekhar was like that. Always proud to show off my body in public. But surprisingly we had never gone in for a swap. Though I was not really averse to it but since Shekhar had never brought up the topic, even I did not. For those of you who are joining me for the first time let me describe ourselves. I am fair, slim, stand 5 feet 6 inches in my bare feet in which you can usually find me because Shekhar says that my feet are very pretty. My breasts are 34 C, nipples are brownish chocolatey in color, with black eyes and hair. Shekhar is 5 feet 11 inches tall, lean, fair though not as fair as I am and is an excellent companion.
Seeing Sunita so excited I could not really decide as to what to do. The place was a nudist resort and I was not sure as to how she would respond to the place. Sure, she had a lovely body, was bold, uninhibited and one who was fond of enjoying life. However to imagine a nude Sunita, with her youthful taut breasts and a nude Shekhar who would naturally be unable to hold back his erection at the same beach! I did not know how to react except to grin sheepishly. As such it was okay. After all, she too was an adult and was as much entitled to show off her body as any one else. Shekhar was of course grinning from ear to ear and I am sure he was getting excited by imagining that very scene due to which I was squirming. Naughty, naughty men! No matter how many nude females they see, their appetite never seems to whet. If anything, the more sex they are exposed to the more they want.
I felt a tremendous sense of anticipation deep in the pit of my stomach. Should I or should I not strip? A lot depended on the way things would turn out. In case I did strip, Michael would again go nuts and while last time I was fortunate enough in going undetected by Shekhar this time my luck may run out. Shekhar would not mind even if he came to know, of that I was sure but what answer would I give if he asked me as to why I had kept this matter hidden for over a year. And Sunita, perhaps I would have to take her into confidence. We were pretty close and she would keep my little physical adventure with Michael a secret.
While Shekhar went and sat at the computer to generate a few pending reports and Sunita started imagining herself on the beach right away, I made my way to the bathroom. There I stripped and looked at myself in the mirror and unthinkingly toyed with the chain Shekhar had given me recently. Like all women, Indians more so, I was fond of trinkets. Shekhar had told me that this was an ancient bond of love. As long as I wore it, the two of us would be inseparable. I held it, bounced it off my firm breasts, and tried to fit a breast through its loop. Somehow, I felt Shekhar was touching me each time the chain made contact with her flesh. Besides the earrings, I wore a pair of dainty anklets, the tiny toe rings and a girdle around my waist which had accentuated my nudity when I had finally stripped there. All these things had been generously praised by Shannon and in my heart of hearts I wanted nothing less than an encore.
Nonetheless I waxed myself getting rid of virtually all the hair. ” A woman should have hair in only four places: head, eyebrows, eyelashes and pussy” was one of Shekhar’s favourite quotes. Not really knowing why but this time I shaved off all my pussy hair, unlike the last time, leaving just a thin vertical strip of hair. While at that time also my pussy had a certain shape but the lips were not visible. This time they would be. Apprehension, excitement, nervousness, anticipation! God, it was too much. By the time I was through I had reached two orgasms. What compounded the excitement there was the fact that one ran into nude men as well.
However at times the best laid plans of ‘men and mice’ as the adage says, go awry. Just two days before our departure, we received a message that Sunita had to go to Kolkata for an interview before a reputed firm of Accountants headed by one Mr. B. Sarkar. Had it been any other offer, we would have ignored it but to be called by Mr. Sarkar was any fresh graduate’s dream come true. So, while I thanked God in my heart of hearts, outwardly I expressed sadness that Sunita was not going to accompany us and in doing so I felt like a bloody hypocrite. Poor Shekhar was absolutely heart broken. This appeared to be a tailor made to see Sunita nude entirely due to the play of circumstances and it had all been spoilt.
We wanted to reach there on a Sunday morning but unfortunately the plane tickets were not available so we landed there on Monday morning. For old times’ sake, we checked into the same hotel. It felt kind of funny to face the same staff knowing that they had seen me naked last year.
“Don’t be silly!” Shekhar chided me. ” You think that they are after you? There are so many nude girls who come and go. And even if they have sen you naked, so what? What is the point of getting naked if you don’t want anybody to see you? ” What Shekhar said made sense.
We soon located Michael and Shannon. They had a lovely six month old son with them. His name was George. They too were putting up at the same hotel. Shekhar showered quickly and was gone within no time, promising to be back by noon. However at around 2 o’clock there was a message from Michael for Shannon that they would be delayed and that we i. e. the women could go to the beach. What however surprised me however was Shannon’s conspiratorial query that I overheard. It appeared to me that she was asking Michael that since I had come alone whether they should go ahead. This bemused me a bit but soon I forgot all about that.
We decided to go to the beach at around 5. For old times sake I decided to wear a bikini of the same color that I had worn the last time but with a slight difference that this was tied with strings instead of elastic. When I telephoned Shannon, there was no response from her room. I naturally presumed that she had already left for the beach. I did feel a bit odd walking to the beach wading through a huge crowd of bikini clad, topless and nude women and men. Somehow, being from a country where public nudity is usually frowned upon, one gets the feeling that one is the cynosure of all eyes. Of course, Shekhar says that I do make heads turn and make flaccid cocks erect but I am sure that he says this only to flatter me.
Sure enough I found Shannon sitting on a towel along with her son. She had taken her top off. It was obvious that she had been breastfeeding George till very recently because her breasts still appeared to be quite large.
“O, come Anita, come. “she welcomed me. ” I am sorry I came to the beach without informing you. ”
“That is okay. ” I smiled at her.
“And, how have you been during all these days? I can see that you have only grown prettier. , ” she said.
“Come on, now and don’t pull my leg. ” I laughed.
“Okay, but why are you still with that top? Don’t you know that pretty girls who don’t discard their top are arrested by the police. ” She teased me.
“Give me some time at least. What did you expect me to do? Walk down from the hotel topless? ” I said.
“Of course not. ” she said with mock seriousness. ” I expected you to walk down nude. ”
“Now, now, Shannon. You are again getting naughty. ” I said untying my bikini top.
“Good, that is more like a good girl. I had said it before and I will say it again. You have a lovely pair of breasts. ” Shannon said as my breasts leapt free.
“Thanks Shannon but I don’t really think that is the case. ” I said.
“Well, be modest if you must. I have some important business with you but first you must do as I say. ” Shannon said.
“Okay, what is it? ” I asked.
“Just stand up. ” She said in all seriousness. Just as I stood up, she repeated what she had done the last time albeit with a difference. Instead of pulling it down, she just untied the knot and in a fraction of a second I was nude. Again. It was a shock, although not a rude one. Perhaps in my heart of hearts I really wanted this to happen. Shannon after all was a friend and there were no other acquaintances the presence of who could embarrass me. However Shannon was pleasantly surprised.
“I see that you have become smarter. ” She said. ” But jokes apart, this is looking pretty. You are in for a long time of pointed stares. ”
“You are impossible. ” I said and said down with my heels covering my pussy and the drawn up knees slightly hiding the breasts. The weather was quite pleasant. There was a nice breeze blowing and as Shannon had rightly predicted I was getting appreciate glances both from men and women.
“Now for the business part of things. ” Shannon said while trying to control George who was insisting on pulling whatever his little hands could get a grip on. ” You remember that the last time you were here Michael had said that we were on the lookout for a girl for his brother. We had your sister in mind but somehow the matter did not get ahead. Michael’s brother John is a software engineer and glamour photography is his passion. I am sorry love, but we have played a little trick on you. ” Shannon raised her hand and I saw a young man about 32 or 33 years walk upto us. ” Actually I had praised you so much that he wanted to see you and your sister nude. It is just tough luck that your sister did not come. I was a bit apprehensive that you would not strip in the presence of someone who may well get married to your sister, so I ensured that you strip first. Meet my brother in law John. ”
I was aghast. Here I was in a foreign country as nude as a new born baby and being asked to get up and shake hands with a man, also nude, who may well go on to become my brother-in-law. It was a very uncomfortable position to be in but there was virtually no way to wriggle out of it. I did get up, well; I had to, blushing beetroot red and shook hands with John. Let me describe him. Height about as tall as Shekhar. A lean body, complexion slightly darker than Shannon, short hair, very little hair over the chest or the groin and a cock that was, hold your breath, uncircumcised, like that of Shekhar and unlike that of his brother, Michael. What I found even more amazing was the nonchalance with which Shannon was sitting there topless and that was what gave me some courage. After all he was her brother in law too and if she could be topless in front of him then it was perhaps okay if I was well, nude. Moreover I had been tricked into it and it was hardly my fault.
“Hi, Anita. Nice to see you. My brother Michael and Shannon had praised you so much that well, it was an absolute must to meet you. I am happy to say that that they had not exaggerated. Initially when I was seeing you from a distance I thought that you were my prospective bride. ” He said drinking in my nude body.
“Thanks for the compliment. “I mumbled.
“John, ” he said. ” My name is John. ”
“I think George is a bit uncomfortable. He does not like travelling and is perhaps too young to appreciate pretty girls so I’ll just take him around. You two carry on. And yes, don’t forget to take this bottle of lotion. It is effective during the day for protection against the sun and in the evening for protection against mosquitoes and little insects. ” And Shannon left us before I could even respond.
We were silent for a while. My fingers were interlocked and over my pussy and my eyes were on my toes which were involuntarily digging into the warm sand of the beach. Yet another thing is that when I am excited my nipples become as hard as rose buds and are easily noticeable by all. It appears that my discomfiture was noticed by John who, in order to compliment me said, ” You have a nice pair of breasts. ”
“Thanks… John. ” I added remembering that he liked to be addressed by his name.
“Well, you can return the compliment. ” He said saucily.
Mustering up some courage, I decided to make the most of the situation. “You too have a nice… body. ” I wanted to say cock but somehow the tongue refused to utter it. At least at that time.
“Look, we don’t have all the time in the world, so let us stop being coy. So be frank and let us get the conversation going. ” He said.
“Well, okay. You have a very different cock as compared to your brother. ” I said.
“To each his own. ” He replied nonchalantly. ” And yes, your pussy too is cute. Why don’t we take a walk? I can see that you are not very comfortable here. ” As he mentioned my pussy, I could see his cock gradually stiffening. Perhaps it was because of that that he had suggested a walk
As we walked, we could see people of all races and nationalities, young and old, male and female. Although this was my second time there, this was perhaps the first time that I was walking. Gradually I felt John’s hand on my shoulder. “It is, well, sad that I could not meet your husband today. Shekhar, his name is? ” John asked.
“Yes. ” I replied.
“He is lucky to have a wife like you. “John said.
” Aw, come on. ” I suddenly laughed at the complement.
“Actually, we are from a very free thinking society. And when I see a girl who although from a different culture celebrates her body I am impressed. We have a system in place where in order to get married to a girl, I have to see her nude. Not only me, my whole family should also see her nude. We do not think that nudity or sex is something that should be kept under wraps. I was somehow under the impression that your sister would be her so my entire family would get to see her. Unfortunately she too is not here. ”
To say that I was surprised would be an understatement. John was not only expecting Sunita to be here but was also expecting her to be nude not only in front of the crowd at the beach but in front of all of us including her prospective in-laws. Of course, had she been here this is what it would have been like but the candour and nonchalance of someone who could in a couple of months’ time be my younger sister’s husband was amazing. Unwittingly my eyes glanced down to his cock, which due to a host of reasons was now partially erect. I think I was not discreet enough.
“Yes, this is the organ your sister will have if everything works out. ” John laughed.
“And is the system vice verca as well? ” I asked incredulously.
“Of course, it is. Are you not seeing me as I am? University degrees, earnings are there for everyone to see but marital bliss is most important. And how is it like in your society? ” John asked.
“In our society… well, what can I say. It is actually the other extreme. There good girls are not supposed to expose the leg above the knee, or even a bare arm. Nudity is unthinkable and even those who somehow manage to display a bit of cleavage are considered loose charactered. ” I replied.
“That is awful. ” John was sympathetic. “No wonder you were a trifle uneasy. But relax. Once you come to our place you will be able to see for yourself how much we actually practise what we preach. A guest or a relative can stay there just as he fels like, scantily clad or nude. No questions asked and no innuendos. We don’t judge a person by the exposure of his/her body but by his deeds. In fact the more his/her commitment to enjoyment of sex, the better humans they are. We are not squeemish about nudity and sex and I am happy that you are like us. ”
We went through a few bushes to a little sandy part of the main beach. It was a sweet little place, looking out on the orange strip of light that reflected the setting sun. There were a few rocky outcrops around, which also demarcated the limits of the beach as well as the trees and bushes that drooped down to the water, and these hid this part of the beach almost entirely from the rest of the beach.
This was a place that was fairly deserted. The sun was also on the verge of setting. Except for two or three couples at a distance we were alone. John caught hold of my waist and made me turn around so that I was facing him. My nipples were erect. After all, this was the first time I was in a public place fully nude with another man. The excitement was a bit too much and I was all wet inside. In this position his cock was now touching my sparse pussy hair and the skin. He had placed his hands on my buttocks with a little pressure pulled me towards him. His erect cock was actually touching the hot centre of my sex, the little tuft of hair and the tender lips around my vagina. This was gorgeous: an amazingly warm glow throbbed inside him as he felt the wetness between my thighs.
“Nudity is very important. It lets you see the other sex in all its magnificence as nature intended to bestow on it. It keeps one in shape. It peels off all hypocricy and one gets to see the most pretty females. ” His voice was a whisper.
John’s hands were in my armpits and due to the pressure my nipples were touching his chest.
“Do you make love to all the nude girls you come across? Don’t forget that I may be your sister in law soon. ” I said much against my wishes.
“No, I don’t make love to all of them or else that is all that I would be doing. I don’t confuse nudity with sex. But… but there are some who ooze sexuality and sensuality. And why should I, or rather, why should we we hold back? As regards being my sister-n-law, sure, you may be. But today you are not. And I will not be a hypocrite. Even if it was certain that I was going to marry your sister I would not hold back. If you disliked what I said, say so. “John said salaciously and carried on in a lighter tone. ” Moreover would you not like to experiment with an organ which your sister will experience hereafter? ”
“This is a place where we may be seen. ” I protested meekly, knowing that it was not true.
John however gave no reply. His lips were on my lips, his strong hands on my temples and his fingers running through my hair.
“I always use a test whenever a pretty girl appears to be unwilling. If she is wet, she is just refusing for the sake of refusal… ” John said.
By this time, I had somehow surrendered to his charms. He sure did have a way with women.
“There is no need for a test. “I whispered in his ear. ” You know the truth. ”
“Have you ever made love in water? ” he asked.
I shook my head, expecting him to lead me to the water. Instead he bent, licked and sucked the nipples till they ached and only then pulled me towards the water. As we stood in knee deep water with a few smooth rocks behind us, his fingers crept down between my thighs, feeling the sizzling heat beneath my mound, where my soft labia were saturated with the moisture. I moaned and shuddered as his well manicured fingers dipped into the lips of my smouldering vagina and moved up to gently touch my clit under its tender hood. His fingers deftly played inside the pussy moist with my juices, while the middle finger of his other hand penetrated me deeply, squeezing into my tightness and amplifying the pleasure manifold.
He licked the nape of my neck and then his tongue started its journey downwards, encountering and kissing the swollen breasts ( which after that were taken over by his hands who squeezed them hard reminding me of the squeeze by Michael), on to my belly button till I finally found it trying to push its way into the moist lips of my pussy. His lips caught hold of the pussy lips while his tongue explored the insides. After a few wonderfully pleasurable moments it was necessary to put an end to this or else I would have climaxed there itself.
Casting all inhibitions aside, I stepped around to his front and kissed him briefly and gingerly on the lips, a wonderful sensation that seemed to taste sweet and creamy. I then dropped to a crouching position in front of him to take the head of his throbbing organ in my mouth. A moment later, much to his surprise, my hands swept back up his thighs to his cock, and he suddenly found his entire cock engulfed by my hot mouth. It took only a few instants for my tongue to work him over until his erection seemed ready to explode fully in my mouth which I did not want at that particular time. Although it was now approaching twilight I looked into his eyes and moaned as I disengaged my mouth from his cock and instead directed it at the entry of my vagina. As he filled me, his eyes widened at the sudden, unexpected penetration. Even I was unaware as to how the situations had reversed and my body had taken full control of the situation and my mind seemed to be a part of the audience happy to watch an erotic performance of a woman indulging all her passions.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm… ” we groaned in unison as began a slow rhythm, stirring his cock inside my hot wetness.
“This is sheer bliss. ” John said. “You are far sexier than anyone I have met. I fervently hope that your sister is at least half as good as you are. ”
“She may be better. ” I grinned and kissed him deeply, gyrating my hips to explore every textural quality available as our bodies converged. His hands moved around to my behind, squeezing himself inside me deeper than ever, reaching parts that no one else other than my husband ( obviously and that too within the safe confines of our home in India) had reached before, producing tingling sensations that I had never thought possible. Even in that largely uncomfortable position with my back resting on the rocks I could feel his manhood inside my pussy, not an entirely unfamiliar feeling for a married woman but still with a novelty of its own, like a hot rod inside the soft and tight opening of my vaginal lips which having been teased for a while were crazy with anticipation and had caught the entering cock in their vice like but smooth grip.
The intense feelings surged through our bodies like pure magic and electricity in a unique fusion, pulsating and throbbing from their union all the way out to the tips of our toes.
John was however one who was always in control. ” These toe rings and anklets? Rubbing my shin, giving a pleasurable gaze. Nice they are. ”
“Thanx. ” I said, not really willing to go into the details of my toe rings and anklets.
It was better than I could have imagined. Every tissue in my body strained to accept and meet his powerful, but controlled movements. I could feel his heavy balls softly smacking against my perenium each time he pushed against me, and soon we were rocking together… gradually building the tempo. I discovered that, if I leaned back on the rocks and arched my pelvis at just the right angle, his swollen shaft would rake against my hypersensitive clitoris occasionally, causing sharp tremors of pure pleasure within my mind and body.
He intensified the contact of his erection on the front wall of my vagina, caressing that most sensitive region to really set my body afire. It was as if my hands were not mine, gripping him more and more desperately. My involuntary moans were uncontrollable and I secretly thanked my stars that this was a secluded area as he rode me, clinging on in the water while the sensations exploded inside me, rippling throughout my hot vagina as it shed its earlier hesitation and boldly squeezed his rigid column. When it came, our orgasm was so explosive that I let out a high-pitch yell ( I may have scared other lovers nearby but it was something I couldn’t help) urgently releasing the flood of energy that I was experiencing as his burning seed flooded inside me. I could actually feel his semen entering my insides with the thrust of a brutal, unstoppable force and the thick white heavy sticky and welcome discharge virtually flooding everthing on its way.
I gripped his head in my hands, kissing his mouth wildly and passionately as the orgasm detonated within me and John’s own orgasm rushed throughout his body so that had he not been standing in the soft sand of the beach, he might have slumped back in the water.
After a long while when the waves of pleasure had slightly dissipated, we started our walk back to the place where we had left Shannon. It was fairly dark though people could still be seen. The bright glowing lights of the hotel were casting a shadow at the expanse of the land where we were walking. This place had proved to be an eye opener for me. If the previous sex with Michael was wonderful, this was mind blowing. I felt very snug, very comfortable and very much proud of my nudity. It was as if I was a new convert to this thought. In order to make small talk, John asked, “You did not mind that I came inside you? ”
“You are asking a married woman such a question? Does it make any difference? If anything it only enhanced the pleasure. ” I replied candidly.
Encouraged by my candour he asked, “Do I pass the test? ”
I stopped walking to stand on my toes and gave him a kiss on the lips.
“What do you think? ” I asked. His hands were again on my breasts which he solemnly cupped and kissed.
We resumed our walk. ” Incidentally, why did Sunita not come? ”
“She was called for an interview by a reputed firm of Accountants in Calcutta. ” I replied.
“Calcutta? ” John stopped. ” Even I have a friend there who is an Accountant. One B. Sarkar. Real smart guy who has a way with girls. Almost every girl who has worked with him has been to bed with him. Not only that they always have reams of praises to heap upon him. His body language is sheer magic. Is that where she has gone? ”
“Yes, he is the one. ” I appeared to be a bit concerned.
John laughed. ” Well, if Sunita does get a job, it is there that she will lose her virginity. But its okay. After all I am willing to do anything to be in the same family as you are. ”
“Does he, does he exploit the girls? ” I was now concerned.
“Don’t worry. Liking girls and making love to them does not mean exploitation? Applying that yardstick would you say that I have exploited you? As I told you he has a way with them. He will send them erotic CDs, give them gifts of exotic lingerie like G-Strings atc. And before you know it he has them eating out of his hands. But he is one of the best. ” John replied.
By now we had reached the place from where we had started. During our absence, Shekhar and Michael had finished their work and were on the beach waiting for us.
“Hi, You naughty! Where were you? ” Shekhar said getting up and giving me a hug. Despite a busy day he appeared to be pretty fresh.
“We were just getting bored without you so a walk. Just to while away the time. ” I replied snuggling up to him. ” By the way meet John. He is Michael’s younger brother and the one they would like Sunita to marry. ”
As Shekhar and John shook hands, I could not but help noticing the tremendous similarities between their cocks. In the twilight even the difference in the complexion was not visible and one seemed to be a mirror image of the other. A thought just crossed my mind that here on this beach I was nude and in the company of three nude men all of whom had made love to me. And this sexual blossoming was due to my darling husband who had encouraged me to discover my sexuality.

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