Serving My Wife and Her Boyfriend

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We receive a phone call on a Friday from F., You pick up the phone to chat with him. From the smile on Your face i know that your lover is coming over to share pleasure with you. i smile too, since any time my Mistress and Goddess can get pleasure it makes me happy.
You come upstairs to prepare and order me to come upstairs with You. You begin to undress and my cock begins to grow as i gaze upon your beautiful breasts that i wish i could taste, but knowing that another man will have that privilege today gets me even hotter.
You tell me that You are going to go into the shower to prepare for Your lover, and how You can’t wait to taste his mouth, have his hands all over Your body, and finally to feel his incredibly hot cock deep inside Your soaking wet pussy, being allowed to pleasure you, almost but not quite being a top, as no other man may, and certainly not Your whore/slut/slave/bitch.
As You are about to go into the bathroom, You look at me and say “Get out of your clothes whore, and put on Your slutty sheer black stockings and sissy panties, then wait on the bed for me”. Of course, i immediately do as ordered. i unbuckle my belt, and undo my pants pulling the zipper down, then slipping my jeans off of my body. Next i take off my t-shirt and underwear followed by my socks. i look down and i see that my cock is hardening with anticipation of being given the honor of serving my Mistress. my body betrays my inner thoughts and how this turns me on.
i take out my sheer black stockings and sit on the bed. Slowly i pull them on one at a time and gaze upon my slutty whorish red painted toe nails and how slutty they look through the black stockings. i pull on my sissy black panties and once more, sense the power of my Mistress over me, knowing that her sexy, hot, lover is coming over, a real man, and he will see me dressed up like the sissy whore i am, who gets turned on at the sight of and thought of his Wife fucking another man in their marital bed.
i lay down on the bed on my back and await Your return.
You come out of the shower and slowly, sensuously, put on a pair of very sexy stockings and an especially sexy piece of black lingerie that makes You look so incredibly hot. You know i am watching You and getting turned on by the thought of You wearing such a sexy outfit that i had to purchase in order to turn on another man.
You smile and come over to where i am laying on the bed. You start to play with my cock, feeling it get even harder in Your hands, as You do this, You lean over and put Your face close to mine and kiss me deeply. Then You say “As you know whore, i enjoy my alone time with Fernando. I enjoyed the idea you come up with as a new way to get that alone time and torture You, as is my right as your Goddess!”.
You order me to go to the closet and to take out the ankle and wrist restraints that we practiced with and my “bitch” collar and get back on to the bed. You then order me to put them on, but not to attach the ankle restraints to each other as You will need me to be able to walk. i follow Your orders and walk to the closet and come out with the restraints and collar, trying but failing to conceal my excitement. i get back on the bed and attach the ankle restraints first, then the wrist restraints and shackle them to each other.
You then walk over to me and say “open your hand slut!” You drop a blindfold into my hands and i know what to do without You saying anything and cover my eyes, so that i can’t see. You then take my hands and making sure it is palm upwards You place a pair of earplugs on my hands. “Yes, slut, I am going to have you put these in your ears so that you will hear nothing just like your eyes are covered and you can’t see. However, I will not put some tape across your mouth so that you can say nothing at all as I do not want to go too far with kinky stuff when my lover Fernando visits, after all, I want my boyfriend to have a good time too”.
i tremble at the thought of being so closed off to the world, but i trust my Mistress and have a burning desire to do whatever She wishes. The only thing i can think to say is “Yes Ma’m, whatever You want, i will accept and serve”.
I put them in my ear, cutting off all sound from my surroundings. i am now totally cut off, laying on the bed, but only able to feel whatever vibrations pass through to me from the bed, but unable to see, hear or say anything. Yet, i know there is more to come as You have not hooked up my ankle shackles to each other so i await Your touch to lead me to whatever purpose You have planned.
Suddenly, i feel Your fingers caressing my cock and of course it responds. i can only imagine You laughing at me all cut off like this and at Your mercy, but i can’t hear or see anything. All of this will ensure that i am simply “not there”, that You will have complete and total alone time with F., and i will be laying there, unable to communicate, unable to hear or see, as You enjoy the touch, sound, and taste of Your lover. i know from previous times, that if i am in physical trouble (not discomfort, real trouble) i am simply to raise my shackled hands into the air and my kind and benevolent Mistress will attend to me.
So, there we are….You dressed up in Your very sexy and sensuous outfit, waiting for your lover to arrive, Your pussy beginning to get wet and throb with every thought of what You will do with him, and i am laying on the bed, my wrists shackled and connected, my ankles shackled but apart, dressed in a whorish outfit, with my eyes covered and ears plugged, not a part of Your real world at all.
i next feel Your hands on mine, urging me to stand up and i know You are now moving me to where You would like me to be. Slowly You lead me out of the room and down the stairs (i’ve done this many times at night, so i know my way downstairs even with the blindfold on) and You lead me into the family room. Slowly You have me move forward and turn around until You push me down and i find myself sitting down in my usual spot on the couch. Then i can’t feel Your touch anymore and i try to wait, with both fear and excitement, for what will come next to amuse and pleasure You.
You hear F. arrive and open the door. You great him with a hug and a deep kiss on his lips. Then You whispered in his ear that You have come up with a new way for You to get “alone time”. You further explained what You have done to me so that i will be totally cut off and just not “be there” as the two of You play. He smiles and likes the idea of doing almost whatever he wishes with You while Your husband is laying right next to him, unable to tell anything about what is going on. You also tell him how You intend to have me used as a fluff-boy first, and he loves the idea.
So, the two of You proceed to sit down on the couch, F. Your lover on my left and You on his left. ….I can feel that someone has sat down on the couch, but that is all i can feel. Over time i feel more motion on the couch, and i can only assume, but not know, that the two of You are sitting on the couch, making out, his tongue in Your mouth, Yours in his, his hands all over You, touching Your breasts, Your legs, Your face as you enjoy each other. But of course, i can neither see nor hear any of this, only some slight motion on the couch.
You reach down, unbeknownst to me, and tease Your boyfriends cock a bit through his pants. Then You whisper to him, “I have a better idea”. You reach out and pull down his pants (he’s not wearing underwear as usual) revealing his cock. You whisper some more to him and the next thing i feel are a pair of strong hands, they don’t feel like Yours so i must assume they belong to F., pulling me down. As he does this, i immediately know what i am to do and i open my mouth just as i make contact with his cock. i am to be Your fluffboy, getting Your lovers cock nice and hard for You, to be humiliated further and to demonstrate Your control over me even more, being forced to suck on Your boyfriends cock and get it hard so that he can pleasure my Mistress. i am still “cut off” , all i can focus on is his cock. i feel the couch vibrations some more as You make out with him, but of course i don’t know that.
i suck on Your lovers cock, taking it into my fluffboy mouth. i can feel it twitch, which is good. i reach out with my shackled hands to help me pleasure Your boyfriend. i lick his cock , suck on it, play with his balls. i can feel his cock getting harder and harder as i go up and down on his shaft, to prepare him for Your pleasure, and that’s all i can think about, Your pleasure.
Suddenly, i feel a pair of hands on my head, pulling me off this wonderful hard shaft that i know You will so enjoy. i have no idea what is next but ready myself. Once more i feel Your wonderful strong hands on me, leading me out of the room i guess that we are going upstairs and i am right….slowly You lead me back to the bed and i understand my fluffboy service is over and now You will allow F. to have his way with You, do nearly anything he desires to Your body, as i sit there helpless and mute to it all. i can feel Your hands pulling my legs together and shackling them to each other.
i can hear some murmurs but don’t know what is going on of course. What has happened is You have asked Fernando how he would feel if You tape my mouth shut, and he is fine with whatever You wish to do to me. So You cut off a piece of tape, which i can’t hear until i feel Your strong sexy hands on my face putting the tape across my mouth. Now i can’t see, hear or talk. You will do whatever You wish with F., all ALONE, even though i am right next to You.
i don’t know, but can only imagine what hot things You two are doing to each other…then i can feel the headboard shaking for just a moment before someone holds it to stop that motion and i know You are fucking him ….but that’s all i know , because i am cut off to the world….
However, since my nose had to be left clear for me to breath, i can smell the combination of smells that appears…my nostrils flare as i smell the scent of sex and the scent of his cologne. This gets me oh so very excited and i can feel my hard cock straining at my panties. But that is all i get, this scent, as during the entire 2 hours or so You are with Your hot sexy lover Fernando, You and he totaly ignore me, as i am not there, this is Your private alone time with him.
You have explained before that i may reach down and touch myself with my shackled hands, but that i may not orgasm. You own my orgasm so of course i obey. i touch myself just thinking about and being excited at the thought of the two of You enjoying each others bodies for Your pleasure. This goes on for some period of time, how long, i don’t know since You and F. have been all alone and i have been “cut off” from everything.
After a period of time i can feel the two of You get off the bed….and then silence….
Suddenly, i can sense that You are back in the room. You see, You are not finished with me. You know after all this time that i must need to pee, so You unshackle my ankle restraints, lead me up from the bed and to the bathroom. i can feel the cold tiles and know why i am here and You help me get situated at the toilet, turn me around and push down, indicating i am to sit and pee like the sissy i am, not like the real man whom You just enjoyed in our marital bed. When i’m done, i wipe my penis with toilet paper to make sure it is clean….then You pull me up and lead me back to the bed, push me down and re-connect my ankle restraints.
i feel Your hand on me, squeezing my nipples very hard and i know You must be smiling and i just take it for You. While one hand squeezes my nipples so very hard, i can feel Your other hand slip down to my cock and stroke it…getting it hard…then i can feel Your mouth on my cock, and i grown behind the tape that is across my mouth….You straddle my face, pushing Your soaking wet pussy down onto my nose (carefully so that i can breath) making me smell Your scent, feel Your wetness, and also knowing that part of the wetness comes from Your lover Fernando having an orgasm in You. The thought of another man doing that right next to me gets me even hotter….
i feel You climbing downwards and straddling my body….Your hand reaches down and takes my incredibly hard cock and i feel You teasing it with Your soaking wet pussy….You very much want me to feel not only that You are wet, but to feel the juices of another man in You, knowing that Your lover shared his juices with You and You loved having him inside of You without any condom, which You decided to do and i accepted. After a while of teasing me, i can feel you climb off of me, just like it was when we practiced…You extend Your stockinged foot to my mouth and i eagerly kiss it and lick it, worshipping You as i feel the buzz of the vibrator. Finally, i can feel You spasming in pleasure…..
Then You gently reach over, and remove my blindfold. My eyes blink in the sudden glare of the light but i am please to see Your face, to see that look of having been really well pleasured and having enjoyed the orgasm You just took from me via the vibrator. Then You take my ear plugs out so i can hear again, finally pulling the tape off of my mouth in one quick motion that You know will hurt me, but that You also know i so relish. You smile at me and say “I love you, Bashert” and “you were a very good boy” and “i enjoy having sex play with you, but of course tonight is reserved for me to keep the feeling of my lover with me” , and kiss me on the lips. However, You are not allowed to orgasm tonight nor are You allowed to have Your cock in me. I wish to retain the feeling of every motion, every taste, every scent, every throb of my lovers cock, unsullied by you, until tomorrow.
You release my ankle and wrist cuffs and have me take all of the items off. my body. You then turn and gather me up into Your strong arms, giving me the support i need after such an intense scene, knowing how deeply this affects me and connects us. You feel my body shuddering from the experience, but rest assured that i only react this way when the scene has been good and intense for me. We cuddle like this for a while.
You know instinctively how very important it is to reconnect to me after this intense play. So, the next day, after You have taken care of the feeding our pets, You come upstairs and take a quick shower. You slip on Your sexy stockings and the same lingerie You wore with Your lover the night before. You come down the stairs and amble into the family room, smile at me, and say “come upstairs whore, i want you to provide me with pleasure”. i smile and get up and You take my hand and lead me upstairs. We lay down on the bed (after i brush my teeth) and You tell me what a good boy i have been. To come up with such wonderful ideas and to carry them out so that You and Fernando could have alone time while i was there. We kiss and neck and You tease my cock with Your stockinged feet, much as we did in our practice session, then reach down and suck my cock for a while as a reward. Then You mount me after i have lubed up and put my long thick cock in Your soaking pussy. You tell me what You did with Your lover the night before while i was cut off from it all as You stroke my cock with Your pussy, and enjoy the pleasure. Finally You gasp as You have a wonderful orgasm while thinking about how great your lovers cock felt inside of You the night before…..then You whisper to me, ” I have a special reward for You. You may not be on top so soon after you did that just a few weeks ago, however, i will allow You to pleasure my pussy from the bottom until You orgasm”. i thank You oh so very much and move my hips from beneath You, back and forth as You continue to tell me more about what You enjoyed with Your lover the night before. Even as i do this, i clearly feel Your power and strength over me as You are on top, and while i may be moving, You are the one fucking me….finally, i have an orgasm and cry out as You hug me….You slide off and i wipe up….then roll over to you and we cuddle for a bit longer… feeling the warmth of each other, the love we share for each other….and then go off to shower together…

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