Sex MOm Deepa Fucked BY Her Own Son

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Indeed, as modern as Deepa likes to think of herself, she’s actually lived a rather traditional life by most standards. She married at 19 to Anup, the wealthy son of an Industrialist. She spent the next 3 years as a loving and traditional wife with her loving and traditional husband. She attended the usual high class social events and rubbed shoulders with the Indian elite but her life was mostly at home, attending to the domestic issues – many of which were undertaken by the several staff in her and her husbands employ.
At 21, bored of life at home watching far too many ‘stories’ on satellite TV Deepa took on the job of teaching at the nearby grammar school, mostly after encouragement from Anup. Deepa’s teaching career didn’t last long however as only 6 months into her tenure she found herself receiving the news from her doctor that her extensive bouts of sickness were because she was pregnant. Subsequent scans showed an overjoyed Anup and Deepa that they were to expect a son.
Indeed several months later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy whom they named Kiran after Anup’s grandfather. It was of course a very joyous occasion for all the family who would visit regularly and shower both Deepa and her son with affection.
Deepa spent the next 5 years in marital and domestic bliss. Playing the loving and caring wife to her husband and the loving and caring mother to her son. Deepa was thankful for the blessed life she had received. Unfortunately, Deepa’s world was soon to turn upside down as on one fateful day she was called to the hospital to identify a the body of her husband. Unbeknownst to Deepa, Anup had become embroiled in shady deals with Mumbai’s criminal underworld and had paid the price for double crossing a rather vengeful and vindictive gangster.
Deepa and her son Kiran were quickly taken into protective custody. With the help of her family’s extensive connections she was re-homed in a new downtown apartment and her old identity scrubbed from existence. From now on, she and her son would adopt new names and live a new life, limiting contact as much as possible to family and friends.
Deepa spent the first few months in a depressive rut. Servants took care of the domestic duties leaving her nothing to do but mope around the house thinking about Anup. Kiran was taken away to boarding school after her mother-in-law accused her of being overprotective.
It was only when Kiran turned 16 that Kiran was to return to his mother. By this time Deepa had become a weak shadow of her former self. Forced to rebuild her life from the ground up, she was no longer the vibrant youthful woman she used to be.
Deepa and Kiran spent the next 2 years sharing their lives with each other, reaffirming their bonds. It was wonderful for Deepa to finally have a son back home with her. She regretted not being able to watch him grow, feeling like only a spectator who would visit him at specific times during the academic calendar. Now he was a young man at home whom she enjoyed attending to.
Eventually, it was time for Kiran to attend college, Deepa knew this meant that he was to be leaving her again. She put on a brave face for her son and tried her best to be enthusiastic for this new part of his life but inside she was broken.
Thankfully, this time around She and Kiran would be able to stay in contact better through emails, letters, and phone calls. The last of which they did almost daily even if just to say hello.
Deepa, found a renewed enthusiasm in her work as an auditor. She was praised highly by her bosses and commanded a lot of respect from her fellow employees. As the only woman in a male dominated office this gave her confidence a tremendous boost to have succeeded despite the social limitations imposed on her gender.
Moreso, she was especially pleased that her career success was not due to anything but her will, ambition, dedication and skill. She had seen many other young Indian girls join the company and progress fast in the hierarchy only to hear on the grapevine that this was only by submitting to the lewd demands of some of the male bosses.
Deepa had also received her share of suggestions, some more explicit than others. But she had always refused point blank, unwilling to devalue herself in such a way regardless of the consequences.
At 40 now, she would never attract the kind of attention some of the younger women did, neither did she want it. Yet still she would catch the interested smile from her male co-workers, some as much as half her age.
Deepa simply was not interested in that kind of attention anymore. As far as she was concerned Anup was the only man she had ever loved, nobody could ever replace him. She satisfied herself with the thought of devoting the rest of her life to taking care of Kiran and looked forward longingly to when he would return back home.
***** Chapter 2 The phone rang and Deepa picked up knowing it would be her beloved son Kiran. He called usually around this time and today was no different.
“Hi mom”. Kiran sounded happy as ever Deepa’s spirits were always uplifted as soon as she would hear his voice. “Haloo beta, how are you”. Deepa’s soft warm accented English floated along the line to greet her son.
They talked in a mixture of English and Hindi as was now common in the Indian middle classes. Choosing to talk English when discussing anything other than every day domesticity and commonality.
“i got a present for you mom” Kiran said, his excitement palpable on the phone line.
“what is it?” she asked, curious.
Kiran told her about the web cam he’d bought her and enthusiastically talked about how it would be great now because they could chat on the computer and see each other at the same time. Deepa could not help but get carried away in her sons excitement. What a wonderful thought. Currently the only time she saw anything of him was when he’d send pictures over email. Kiran had already posted the web cam to her but it would be a few days before she’d receive it – they’d have to be content with phone until then.
After an anxious couple of days, Deepa was beaming when the package eventually arrived. She called Kiran straight away and practically begged him to explain how to connect it and use it. Unfortunately Kiran was just on his way to lectures but he promised he would return to his dorm room straight after and talk her through it.
Deepa excitedly agreed and did her best to pass the time. Out of curiosity she considered connecting up the equipment herself and found that it wasn’t difficult at all. Deepa was no technology whiz, but anyone living the in modern times and using computers on a daily basis eventually learned how to plug in a USB device and install software.
The camera worked first time and Deepa was pleased when a picture of herself appeared in a small window on her desktop. With a little playing with the settings she managed to make the screen bigger, correct the brightness and record a few funny clips of her making faces at the camera.
Connecting to Kiran’s computer however was something she had no idea about and contented herself with at least getting this far. She would proudly tell Kiran how his mother was now a dab hand at ‘compootars’
It wasn’t long till Kiran did call back and listened to his mother proudly exhort her computer skills. He laughed along with his mother’s childishness as he began to get the software setup for their computers to communicate.
The first few attempts failed miserably and after around half an our Deepa could sense her son’s frustration at not getting the thing to work. As luck would have it, it was actually Deepa who finally made a few changes to an interesting looking ‘network configuration’ panel of settings that the images of each of them appeared on the other’s screen.
Deepa clapped in excitement and giggled as she told her son she could see him. Her heart fluttered as she could actually see a moving image of her handsome son and no longer static attachments to his emails.
They satisfied themselves with talking on the phone for now as they sound function still wasn’t working on the web cams. It was only after a few more attempts over the next few days that they finally managed to get the sound working as well.
Finally mother and son could sit at their computer terminals and talk endlessly and see the nuances of each others facial expressions.
It was in one of these conversations where Deepa conveyed her disappointment at her Son’s appearance.
“You could have made an effort betah, you look so scruffy” she joked.
“what? Comon mom it’s just you”
“huh? Just me??” Deepa was taken aback and mocked offense at her son.
“sorry, sorry mom, I mean.. its just that I’m just at home, its not like I’m going out anywhere” Kiran tried to recover from his gaffe. He knew is mother wasn’t really bothered by his comment but she could still be a little oversensitive at times.
“Still betah, a little effort wouldn’t go amiss. Perhaps comb your hair? Put a little effort into your appearance? Not for me betah, for yourself. You look so scruffy!” Deepa wasn’t angry at all and smiled as she nagged him in her motherly tone.
Kiran scratched his head. “the messy look is IN now mom. You’re so 20th century you wouldn’t know style if it knocked over your morning coffee”
This comment did annoy Deepa and if it had been anyone other than her son she’d have been more than a little upset.
“I’ll have you know I’m completely clued up on what the style is now young man. You’re not so ‘modarn’ that you can fool your mother that easily..” though she smiled as she spoke, Kiran could sense her annoyance.
Even when Deepa was mad she found it very hard to show it to Kiran.
“I’ve annoyed you haven’t I mom?”
“It’s OK betah, you haven’t annoyed me.” Deepa thought for a moment. “.. but I DO know what the fashion is right now, I see it in Mumbai every morning I go to work!” she added.
“Of course you do mom. It’s just that you’re outfit says otherwise” Kiran teased his mother.
“chaur! What’s wrong with what I’m wearing” Deepa looked at her outfit and back at the screen in confusion. Her son was giggling into his web cam.
“it’s just a little ‘mumsy’. You know, domesticated…” Kiran replied playfully.
“well I’m your mother so it should be mumsy. And what’s wrong with being domesticated?” she replied.
“I’ll tell you what mom, I’ll put an effort into my appearance as long as you do too.”
Deepa was confused. In what way had she not made any effort on her appearance? She’d showered after coming back from work, and changed into one of her every day salwar kameez suits. What else would or should she be wearing if not this? She’d certainly done more than Kiran obviously had – the cheek of the boy!
“You, mister, are still in your chadees and vest, YOU definitely need to sort yourself out. I don’t understand why you think I do? What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?”
Kiran was not embarrassed at all to be on web cam in nothing but his vest and underpants. And though it was a little embarrassing for Deepa to see him like that at first, she’d become used to his sloppiness and no longer complained. “well perhaps you could wear something a little smarter – not one of your everyday home kaprah. Something you might go out in?”
Deepa though for a moment what he could mean. “But betah, the only time I go out is when I go to work – do you mean log on in my work clothes?”
“Errm, no not work clothes. Don’t you have anything else? Just something that looks, you know, nice”
Deepa still had no clue what it is she could wear.
After finishing their conversation Deepa began going through her clothes to find something to wear for tomorrow’s chat. It was then that she realized how abysmally poor her wardrobe was. She had plenty of sarees and kameezes but nothing that looked ‘nice’. Everything was plain if not dowdy.
Only her work clothes looked presentable. She had a collection of white blouses and long skirts, none of which interested her that much.
She made her mind up to by a nice saree for herself tomorrow before she got home. As much a treat for herself as to keep up her side of the agreement she had made with Kiran.
**** Chapter 3 The next day, Deepa left work early to do some shopping. She treated herself so little it was wonderful to be out and browsing through the fashion stores.
Unfortunately too much of the styles seemed geared to women half her age. Many things were either too revealing or too tight fitting. She tried on a few tops in the changing rooms and felt depressed when she saw her reflection in the mirror. Retail therapy was supposed to excite a woman rather than make her depressed about her appearance. She eventually settled for a saree in one of the boutiques her female coworkers told her about.
Once Deepa got home she realized that her new saree wasn’t all that different from her other ones. She resigned herself to wearing it anyway for today’s web cam session with her son. Hopefully she wouldn’t have to work too hard persuading him it was in fact new and therefore she had in fact made the effort. She wondered to herself whether Kiran, on the other hand, would even remember the agreement and shook her head, smiling to herself.
After Deepa sat down at her computer and fired up the web cam software, Kiran’s connection request came through with a big green signal as it usually did. Without hesitation she clicked the accept button.
Deepa burst out laughing when the image of her son appeared on the her desktop. Kiran was wearing a white shirt with black bow tie. His hair was slicked back and he was clean shaven. He grinned at her with bright white teeth.
“Well you certainly made the effort. I actually thought you’d forget” she giggled into her mic.
“yes, well at least one of us did” Kiran relied, arching his brow at the image he was seeing of his mother.
“I knew you’d say that. For your information this is a new saree that I bought just today, just for this occasion.”
“hmmnn well, I’ll have to take your word for it, mom, you never lie to me. But, you might as well have saved you money and worn one of the ones you already have, I mean it looks no different.”
“i know betah. I tried, really. It looked so nice in the shop but when I got home I realized it’s just like all the others. Maybe your right, maybe I don’t have an eye for fashion at all” she pursed her lips and shrugged at her son.
“to be honest I wasn’t expecting you to buy anything. When I said make an effort I was just meaning wearing one of your nice sarees.”
“I don’t have any nice sarees, that’s just the point. In fact I don’t really have any nice clothes at all. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad and pathetic!” Deepa smiled unconvincingly “i went through my drawers yesterday and couldn’t find anything!”
“really? I thought women were supposed to love their clothes? And loved shopping for more of them? I expected you to have stacks and stacks of clothes. Surely there must be something nice in all of that?”
“well, the truth is your dowdy mother has never been all that much bothered with appearances and as such has a very small and manageable wardrobe.”
“come on mom, you’re not dowdy, though it sounds like you could definitely do with a new wardrobe”
“I’m just so terrible at buying clothes, everything I looked at in the shops just looked like it was made for ladies much younger than me.” Deepa paused “fashion isn’t for old buddhies like me.”
“Mom stop that, you are NOT an old buddhie and I refuse to accept there was nothing you could find.”
Deepa didn’t mention that she tried on a few clothes but hated the image of herself she saw in the mirror. Her body seemed to bulge in peculiar places and the tops just didn’t seem to fit right.
As close as Deepa was to Kiran and as playful as their conversations were with each other, she’d never discussed her body with him, nor had he raised the topic – why would he? It was simply not one of those things a mother talked about with her son.
Kiran thought for a moment “I’ll buy you something.”
“HAHA YOU?? you’ve turned up in a black bow tie, I think that qualifies you even less than me in terms of fashion sense, don’t you think?” Deepa laughed heartily, Kiran joined her.
“Yes but what you don’t know is that under this desk I’m still wearing Chaddees. HAH! So I think that evens this out a little at my end!”
Deepa laughed till her tummy hurt. Her son was always so delightfully amusing and never failed to make the sun shine in her life. For a moment she just gazed lovingly at his image on the screen until Kiran eventually broke her serendipity.
“seriously though mom, I’ll buy something nice yeah? You wont regret it.”
“betah don’t be silly, save your money. I don’t know why you’re insisting on my dressing up to talk to you anyways.”
“Don’t worry about money – I don’t.” Kiran was well aware of his enormous trust fund and inheritance.
“OK, get me something nice. Nothing too expensive OK?” Deepa smiled.
“Nothing too expensive.” Kiran repeated back to her. “In fact I think they sell jute sacks in one of the warehouses in town.”
“chaur!” Deepa giggled. Chiding him with no real sign of annoyance.
They talked for a while longer before Kiran eventually ended the call saying he had plans to hang out with his friends. Before he signing off he repeated his promise of buying her a nice outfit and said he’d have it sent to her soon.
**** Chapter 4 When a package arrived for Deepa several days later she had all but forgotten what it was. Confused, she opened the carefully wrapped item and found a beautiful yellow chiffon saree inside. With it was a heart warming note reading simply “For my delightful mom.” As Deepa read on realized that her son simply couldn’t miss an opportunity for a joke as the note then read, ” – a jute sack.”
Deepa smiled to herself and felt tears well in her eyes. Her son had always showered her with compliments and told her she was beautiful. And at the same time always kept her cheery, even when everything else in her life was so dull and depressing.
She took out the saree and examined its exquisite embroidery. The fabric was light and soft against her skin. It was clearly expensive and she made a mental note of yet again warning her son not to waste is money. But she couldn’t deny that receiving something like this made her feel special. She felt like she was the center of someone’s universe and felt pride for her son.
She tried the saree on and looked herself up and down in the mirror. Sarees have a way of concealing the body’s unsightly bulges – if worn correctly. She felt pretty in the mirror and enjoyed the way the fabric felt against her soft skin. She would never have picked out this saree for herself and had to admit that her son certainly had an eye for good clothing.
Later that day, she beamed proudly at her web cam when her son eventually cam on line.
“Wow mom, that saree looks amazing. Has mine arrived yet?” Kiran asked.
Deepa looked quizzically at her son.
“What? isn’t this the one you sent me??”
“No, the one I sent was green” Kiran replied straight faced “But that one’s nice too. So who’s your secret admirer then? They must have a real hotspot for you to have splashed out so much money on that saree. It looks very expensive!”
The grin on Kiran’s face barely concealed his playful deception.
“Silly boy, I know this is the one you sent OK. And I know that because I have NO secret admirers.”
Kiran laughed “OK OK, there’s no fooling my super sleuth mother. But you’re wrong when you say you have no admirers.”
“How so?” Deepa quizzed.
“I guarantee there are plenty of guys in your workplace that look at you in less than honorable ways.”
“Forget them, they’re just sleazy. Every morning on the commute to work I have to deal with disgusting men like that.”
Kiran looked at his mothers sour expression on the phone and couldn’t help but laugh. “huh! Men!” he added, playing along with her yet mocking her at the same time.
“Indeed! Except your father, he was a wonderful man.”
Kiran immediately recognized the sign that his mother’s attention would drift onto the topic of his dead father. The conversation would start of wistful but eventually turn depressing and end up with his mother in tears – it always did. Kiran quickly changed the topic “But I’m a man too.”
“OK, you as well. You’re both wonderful” Deepa smiled into the camera full of love and praise for her son.
“..and I admire you!”
“And so you should! But you’re not so secret with your admiration of me, you compliment me all the time.”
“indeed I do, and I’ll compliment you again. Mom, you look smashing in that saree, positively smashing!”
Deepa reveled in her sons adminiration and smiled shyly at her camera. “Thank you betah.”
“You look just perfect for our date.”
“Date?” Deepa replied, confused.
“Yes. You’re dressed. I’m dressed, even though you didn’t even notice. We’re both ready for our date” Kiran explained, smiling warmly into his camera.
“Silly boy, you cant date me – I’m your mother. Shouldn’t you be dating girls more your age rather than old buddhies like me” Deepa played along with her son’s little game.
“Yes, but I’ve never seen a girl ‘my age’ look as smashing in a see through chiffon saree like you. Positively smashing. Very sexy!” Kiran made an a-ok gesture with his fingers at the camera and grinned at her.
Deepa blushed at his reference to the chiffon saree being see through and suddenly felt very conscious of herself. Her hand quickly went to cover her abdomen, concerned that she was revealing too much to her son. She looked down and considered whether she’d made a big mistake wearing it at all.
“silly boy, maybe I should change” Deepa said, unsure of the appropriateness of her dress.
Kiran wasn’t to know how the saree would finally look on her, she thought to herself. She should have been far more careful when she wore it. She should have known that it wasn’t really right for a mother to dress like this in front of her son. It was simply a lapse of judgment on her part she thought to herself.
Deepa was about to get up and get changed when Kiran stopped her.
“what’s the matter mom” Kiran was clearly concerned. “Did I say something.”
“Don’t worry beta, its nothing you said at all. You’re such a darling to you mother and always have been. I’ve just realized I made a mistake, I’m just going to quickly get changed. Wait a minute.”
“wait, wait. Get changed? Why? I don’t understand. Is there something wrong with the saree? Do you not like it?”
“No betah, its lovely, really. I love it. It’s very beautiful but it’s really not for me. I shouldn’t be wearing such things”
“why not? You look beautiful in it, why shouldn’t you wear it??”
“betah you don’t understand.”
All the while Kiran noticed the image of his mother had changed. When he first saw her in the saree she was smiling from ear to ear, she obviously liked it. And now she looked so uncomfortable and awkward, covering her midriff with her hand as she spoke into the mic. Her shoulders were hunched and she seemed to want to curl in on herself.
“its because I said you look ‘sexy’ isn’t it mom?” Kiran realized. He didn’t share that he had intended to test the waters with that compliment.
“no it’s not that. Really it’s nothing you did. It’s me. I’m being silly.” Deepa thought for a moment “but you shouldn’t use such language with your mother. You certainly should not describe her in such terms.”
“but why, it’s a term of endearment mom. It’s the 21st century, even you’re not that old fashioned.”
“I know. I’m not living in a bubble young man. It’s just, that’s a sentiment you should be sharing with somebody else.”
“if you wish, I wont say it again if you don’t want me to.”
“thank you… it makes me uncomfortable.”
“OK, I’ll just say you look smashing then and leave it at that.”
“OK, I can deal with that.”
“Good because I can see your tummy mom and it looks soooo sexy to me!! HAHHA” Kiran’s window promptly went black and the status showed that he was disconnected.
Deepa, smiled to herself, “allways the joker she thought.”
She looked once again at her midriff and thought to herself that it wasn’t actually exposed so maybe she was being a little too prudish. It was a very nice saree after all and why shouldn’t she wear it?
Deepa hadn’t noticed how hot the room felt and then realized she was blushing. She giggled to herself at how silly she was being. A few compliments and she was blushing like a school girl. She thought about how wonderful she always felt with her son and thought about what a great husband he would be for some lucky lady one day.
**** Chapter 5 The next day Deepa was surprised to receive another package, wrapped exactly the same as the previous day’s. Upon opening it she found yet another gorgeous chiffon saree, green this time.
It’s design was much the same as the yellow one and looked just as great when she tried it on. As she admired her reflection she felt she looked different somehow – more vibrant.
She wondered why she hand’t gone out to buy such nice sarees for herself before and why it had taken her son to do this for her. She considered wearing it outside but felt a strange sense of being unfair to her son. He had bought it for her so perhaps she should wear it for him first – that was fair after all. Worse still, he might even get upset that he wasn’t the first to see her wearing it. Men can be strange about that sort of thing, she mused to herself.
Instead, Deepa switched to the yellow saree and decided she would go out. It was only after she left the apartment that she realized she had nowhere to go.
The beach was always nice and today was a very warm day. She mentally committed herself to a trip to the beach and promptly got on her way.
On leaving the apartment block she was very aware of all the male attention she was attracting and began to feel very conscious. She found her hands were jittery, constantly adjusting her saree, very aware of the leering eyes on her.
She took a taxi to the beach and spent an hour just walking along the sand. She enjoyed the sun and watching all of the families out to share the Mumbai beach front. She felt a growing confidence in herself, and scolded herself for not having the courage to dress up more often. And why she’d spent such a long time denying herself the right to look a little more pretty.
Her thoughts began to drift on to the idea of a mate and partner. Her husband Anup had died many years ago yet she had denied herself the chance to meet someone else out of a sense of loyalty to him. Surely his spirit would not want to condemn her to an entire life of solitude and loneliness?
Was it really so wrong for her to want some company?
Many men smiled at her as she walked. Mostly the sleazy grin that Mumbai men had perfected so long ago. But occasionally a handsome man would smile at her and she found herself smiling back – something she would never have done before.
She thought about going out more often. Maybe with some of the girls in her workplace. They’d given up on even inviting her long time ago after so many refusals. They’d probably be surprised if she asked to join them when they went out to a restaurant as they usually did.
Later that day, when Deepa was logging in to her computer she did it with an enthusiasm she’d not felt in along time. She was always looking forward to seeing her son of course, but today was even more special. Not only was she poised in the lovely green chiffon saree she had received from him this morning but she was also bursting to tell him about the lovely day she’d had at the beach.
As usual the first images of her son were his beaming smile.
“hello mom, wow you look gorgeous again. There must be something wrong with my monitor though cos that yellow saree looks a little green today” Kiran joked.
Deepa smiled at her son. “maybe, or maybe that green saree you said you sent finally arrived” she said playfully.
“ahh yes that must be it. Sooo… we never got to the bottom of who sent the yellow one then.”
“ahh yes, did I not tell you, I have a secret admirer” Deepa smiled into the camera, enjoying her playful chat with her son.
“the swine! Dressing my mother up in sexy see-through sarees. How dare he!!”
Deepa, frowned “i thought I told you about the use of that word young man!”she cautioned.
“oh come on mom, not that again. OK OK OK.. I wont use it. I’ll just think it.”
“not even think it mister!”
“really? OK, OK. I wont even think it then. I wont in any way think of my beautiful mother, proudly posing to her son in her see through chiffon saree looking like a complete sex bomb.”
Deepa tried to scold her son but only burst out laughing. She had never been able to be stern with him. Their relationship had always been too playful and trusting for that. Instead she just felt the warmth grow in her face as she blushed profusely.
“awww is my sweet mother blushing?” Kiran teased.
“chor! Making a woman of my age blush. Besharam!” Deepa replied, enjoying their banter. “why don’t you find a woman your own age to tease?”
“I told you mom, none of them are as sexy as you” Kiran placed a little too much emphasis on the word sexy and didn’t seem to smile very convincingly as he said it – or at least didn’t say it in his usual moking tone.
Deepa found she didn’t mind him using that language as much as she thought she might. Kiran always had a way of pushing the boundaries, it was just something she accepted. But the word hung in the air in a strange way.
“I had a lovely day today” Deepa finally said, breaking the awkward silence in their conversation.
“really, what did you get up to” Kiran asked.
“i went to the beach” she said, smiling broadly at him.
“great. The beach. The beach in Mumbai. The same Mumbai you live in. the same beach that is only like 15 minutes from where we live.” Kiran replied sarcastically.
“hey, its a big deal for me OK. I never go out anywhere and I thought I’d treat myself to a trip to the beach. I wore that yellow saree from yesterday.”
Kiran perked up a little “the one you looked sexy in yesterday?” he grinned cheekily.
Deepa rolled her eyes “yes, the one I looked… sexy… in yesterday” she smiled as she said it but felt strange uttering THAT word. She expected Kiran to say something about her using the word ‘sexy’ and felt strangely disappointed when he made no issue of it. She wondered whether she should make a light hearted joke about her saying something she only moments earlier scolded him for but thought better of it.
“It a shame you had to go on your own though mom. You need to make some friends.” Kiran eventually said. He hadn’t missed a beat when he heard his mother use the word sexy but chose not to say anything. It had slipped out of her mouth, somewhat labored and it was clear that she’d said something she wished she hadn’t. And yet she seemed disappointed when he didn’t make a wisecrack out of it. “I know betah, I don’t really have any friends. At least none that would see the value in spending a day at the beach.” Deepa thought for a moment. “To be honest, only a couple of days ago. I wouldn’t have either.”
“so what’s changed?” Kiran asked
“I don;t know. I have, I guess. I felt so great wearing the saree I felt like going out. I felt really… confident”
“I’m happy mom, I wish I’d bought you that saree years ago. I wouldn’t have had to watch you look so depressed all the time, moping around the house”
Deeper was shocked “did I really look depressed?”
“OK depressed is maybe the wrong word. You looked… you looked like there was so much more in life but you were consciously denying it to yourself. You looked like you were shutting out a happy life”
“But YOU make me happy beta, I’m happy because your in my life. I’ve never been unhappy knowing you’re there for me”
“i know mom, I’ve felt nothing but joy and love from you. I don’t mean that. I mean you’ve denied yourself happiness in other ways. Like, friends – you don;t go out socializing. Surely you’d enjoy going shopping with your girlfriends?”
Deepa laughed “i don’t have any girlfriends and shopping isn’t really my thing betah, remember what I said about the poor state of my wardrobe?”
Kiran smiled warmly at his mother
“you know what I mean mom. Friends”
“i know. And you’re right. And I’m going to start socializing more. I’m going to join some of the girls at work when they go out to restaurants. It should be fun. Though I think these chiffon sarees you’ve bought for me might be a little too much for that” she smiled
“then, you’ll be pleased to know there are more additions to your wardrobe on the way”
“Betah” she replied exasperated “you shouldn’t be wasting you money”
“seeing you happy, and seeing the lovely change in you could never be a waste of money. Trust me.”
Deepa knew she trusted him deeply and his warm smile and soft tone melted her heart. She loved him deeply. He was the perfect son. He was HER perfect son.
Deepa continued to receive gorgeous sarees every day without fail over the next few days. Each saree felt wonderfully soft against her skin and she delighted in showing them off to her son everyday in what became a daily game for them both.
Kiran in turn showered his mother with praise and compliments, boosting her confidence all the time. He’d make the occasional cheeky comment which Deepa no longer minded at all and even encouraged a little. She questioned their games at times, wondering whether it was really that appropriate for a son to be buying so many sarees for his mother, and his mother in turn enjoying modeling them for him. And yet, the delight in her sons eyes when he saw her and the boost it gave to her from feeling adored could surely be nothing more than innocent fun, she thought.
Deepa shook head pushing the doubts form her mind. For a moment she felt ashamed of herself for even thinking there was anything more than jokes and flattery in their relationship. Her son had always been a good boy and was now growing into a good man, one she was forever proud of.
One morning, Deepa received a package from Kiran which contained a blouse as well as yet another gorgeous saree — this time blue colored with a finely worked pallu. Deepa hadn’t noticed that all of the other sarees had not had any blouses with them and wondered why this on was different. Previously Deepa had simply picked a matching blouse from her collection whenever she’d modeled for her son.
The blouse and saree combination didn’t appear to be a matching set as the work around the sleeves of the blouse didn’t match the pallu exactly. The designs were very close but not exact — as only a woman would notice Deepa smiled to herself. Deepa released that Kiran must have bought it separately and pondered why he would have done this. perhaps it had just not occurred to him to send a matching blouse before? certainly the topic of blouses had never come up in their conversations. Or maybe the shop he was visiting had made some mistake? Or perhaps he’d been mis sold the two garments as a set but he’d not looked at the workmanship close enough to notice the differences in them?
Deepa made a mental note to quiz Kiran about it when she spoke to him later.
For now, she tried on the blouse and saree combination and inspected herself in the bedroom mirror. The outfit looked gorgeous from head to toe and looked even better when Deepa pulled out a pair of sandals to complete the set. She blushed at just how lo cut the blouse was with its wide neck line seeming to reveal and emphasize her bosom in equal measure.
Many years ago she would have been excited to wear such outfits, and would have been encouraged to do so by her late husband Anup. But now, at 40, she felt a little too old to be showing off so much skin.
She posed for a while, twisting from left to right eying the way the saree seemed to highlight her femenine curves. She had to admit that the reflection of herself didn’t actually look bad and thought of herself as looking quite sexy. She smiled knowingly at the thought of describing herself as ‘sexy’ – yet another change in her attitude instigated by her son Kiran. He was definitely a bad influence on her, she thought.
Poor Kiran, she thought to herself. He’d probably bought the set with the best of intentions without realizing how inappropriate it was for a woman of her age to be dressed so provocatively. No way could she wear the blouse in front of him, let alone FOR him.
Later that day, when it was time to join her son for a webcam chat, Deepa picked out a matching colored blouse from her own wardrobe to wear with the new saree. The outfit matched completely and Kiran need never know she’d done the switch. She’ll be kind and just let him think she was wearing the one he sent.
“Hi Mom, looking great as always.” Said the image of Kiran as soon as his webcam connection started up and appeared on her desktop.
“Hi betah, thanks, as always.” Deepa replied, beaming back at him.
Kiran, had gone back to wearing a vest and shorts for their conversations and Deepa had simply accepted his sloppiness. Though this dressing up game had started as a challenge for both of them to make more effort on their appearances, Kiran had given up long ago. Deepa had pestered him for a awhile but realized it would be a never ending struggle and she’d now given up.
She’d continued to get dressed up simply because new sarees kept arriving each day and she’d just enjoyed trying each one on and seeing how good they looked. It didn’t harm anyone that the only person she could show off to was her own son, she thought. And in any case, why shouldn’t she model for him, he was kind enough to buy each one after all.
“I like this one, it has really nice embroidery in the pallu. It’s very intricate”. Said Deepa, running her fingers over the heavily worked fabric.
“It’s a shame i can’t see it. i don’t think these cameras can pick up that level of detail.” replied Kiran. “But i saw it already anyway, i bought it for you remember?”
“I know, but i wonder whether you’re just picking out sarees because they’re co lours jump out at you or whether you have an eye for the nice designs you’ve been sending. You could just be lucky!” Deepa joked.
“Mom, I’ll be honest, I’m neither lucky nor do i have an eye for good design. What I DO have is an undying adoration of my mother and it is she whom I have in mind when i buy the saree. I just think about what you would look pretty in and that’s the one i buy. I imagine what you’d look like before buying any of the sarees.”
“That’s so sweet betah.” Deepa sighed hearing Kiran’s charming words. “Well in that case, I think you are lucky in that all of the sarees have looked so lovely. You seem to have a very good idea of what I’ll like as well as what I’ll look like!”
“Or maybe i know you’ll just like looking good…”
“OK, OK. Well this one looks great either way – even if you ARE having trouble seeing the great work on the pallu.”
“Though there is one thing I’m noticing that is different to how I imagined.” said Kiran, leaning into the webcam. “That blouse isn’t how i pictured it.”
Deeper looked down at the blouse and realized it was one that she’d picked and not the one he’d sent. “Oh that’s because there was a mistake with the one you sent. I had to switch it with this one of my own. I think it still matches OK – somehow i managed to find the exact shade of blue.”
“Yeah this one looks great no doubt mom. What was wrong with the one i sent? they were supposed to be a set. Was it damaged or something?”
“No nothing like that. The stitching on it was fine, i tried it on this morning and there was nothing wrong with it in that sense.”
“Then how do you mean? i picked out that blouse especially.”
“Err, then maybe you need to ask for some help from the shopkeeper if you’re going to buy blouses again.” Deepa joked.
“In what way? is it the wrong size? wrong shape? I thought about it carefully mom, i picked it especially. I’m a bit gutted I didn’t get to see you in it.”
“Oh sweetheart, the blouse was fine, I keep telling you. It was simply not designed for someone my age. The cut of it is more suited to someone… younger than me.” Deeper was finding it hard to explain to her son without venturing into the whole area of how low cut the blouse was and how much cleavage she’d end up showing. There were still boundaries to what she was willing to comfortably talk about with her son.
“That’s why I said to get some help from the shopkeeper. Tell him you’re looking for a blouse for a middle aged woman and he’ll be able to direct you to the right ones.” Deepa patiently explained to her poor son who had clearly made a mistake with the blouse.
“You’re not being clear mom, in what way is it cut for a younger women? what does that even mean??” Kiran was getting visibly frustrated.
“OK Kiran, I’m trying not to get into the technicalities of it because… well.. because some things are inappropriate topics for discussion between a mother and son. But seeing as you insist on playing dumb… I didn’t wear the blouse because it was too low cut. Definitely not the sort of blouse a woman my age wears” Deepa explained, exasperated.
“Oh.” Kiran paused, as if thinking carefully about his choice of words. “Low cut on which side?”
“Low cut at the front side of course!” Deepa had to indicate with her fingers along the front of the blouse she was wearing. She didn’t want to be talking about the subject of the blouse at all and yet here she was having a drawn out discussion of it. She drew an imaginary line from one shoulder, plunging down to the tops of her breasts, across and then back up to her shoulders. Immediately afterwards she felt conscious of how her own hand gestures had drawn her sons attention to her chest, definitely the opposite of what she’d intended to do.
Kiran nodded into his cam as if in contemplation of what his mother was saying. It was an uncomfortable few moments before he responded, during which Deepa felt her sons unnerving stare. She shifted in her seat a little and adjusted her saree nervously. Deepa had spent the last few days happily modeling sarees to her son and lavishing in his compliments and yet this moment of him staring at her made her uncomfortable in way she’d not felt before.
“I chose that blouse specifically mom, I told you that.” Kiran finally said, he’s expression straight forward and businesslike. “I imagined you wearing it and i liked the image i had of you. I was hoping you’d be wearing it and I’m a little disappointed you haven’t.”
Deepa didn’t fully understand what Kiran was saying. How could he have picked this blouse specifically? It was clearly wrong for her, how could he not see this? Surely he was mistaken in some way. There must be some misunderstanding somewhere, some innocent explanation for why he’d get such a blouse.
“I don’t understand, betah. The blouse is low cut at the front. Younger women can get away with wearing it because, well, youth and beauty are on their side. It’ not for women like me.”
Kiran seemed to think for a while. he looked away from the camera and scratched his head, trying to find the best way to say something that was clearly playing on his mind. Deepa felt pity for her son. He seemed to be fighting some kind of conundrum in his head. She could see the anxiety in his expression and gestures and just wanted to reach through and hold him and help him resolve his problems the way any mother would.
“I.. I knew the blouse was low cut.” Kiran said slowly, looking directly into his camera and at his mother. “I intentionally picked a low cut blouse because i imagined you to look nice in it. I imagined you in the low cut blouse mom. I wanted to see you in that blouse. you looked great in my mind mom, and i wanted to see it for real. I wanted… I wanted for you to show me for real.”
It was as if the atmosphere was charged with electricity as Deepa watched the image of her son patiently mouth those words. Each sentence seemed to hang in the air taunting her with it’s curious meaning and making her heart flutter in a way it hadn’t done for a long time. She felt a strange long forgotten excitement as goose pimples appeared along her arms and the back of her neck. She shivered involuntarily and then thought about what her son had just said.
“You imagined me wearing that blouse and thats why you bought it? You wanted me to wear it for you. Wear it today with this saree?” Confused she repeated back to him what he had just said, hoping that some clarity would come from it it in her own mind. “You wanted me to to wear that revealing blouse?”
Deepa, felt the last sentence resonate as she spoke it. “But betah, I’d be wearing something inappropriate… I don’t understand, Betah.”
Deepa could not get her head around Kiran’s request. No matter how many times she repeated it in her mind, she just couldn’t understand why Kiran would even think of asking her to wear the blouse. It just wasn’t appropriate for a mother to wear such clothing. certainly not to wear it FOR her son. Why would he ask her?
“I wanted to see you in that low cut blouse. I’ve been imaging you wearing it since i bought it several days ago. I imagined you wearing it for me. MERE liye.” Kiran emphasized.
“You’ve been imagining me in the blouse?” Deepa replied dumbly.
“Yes mom, will you wear it for me now?” Kiran asked, his expression pleading.
“But betah i can’t. I mustn’t. It isn’t right. It isn’t for me betah.”
“It IS for you mom. I bought it for YOU. I want to see YOU wearing the blouse for ME.”
The reality of what her son was asking of her eventually hit home for Deepa. Never in her life would she have thought her own son would think of such a thing – let alone request it of her. He was asking her to wear a sexy low cut blouse. more importantly to wear it for HIM specifically. Moreover he’d already imagined her wearing it! what other things had he been imagining? What other things would he ask her…?
Deepa felt a knot in her stomach as her head spun with the gravity of what her son was asking of her. And yet she felt tingles along her arms and her spine and a tight feeling in her abdomen. her skin prickled with an excitement she’d not felt in a long time. She felt she should be shocked and angry but felt neither of these. Instead, she felt sympathy for her son who had obviously found it so difficult to verbalize what it is he’d been thinking.
And yet, she felt disappointed that she hadn’t understood what it was he had wanted all along. He had bought her a beautiful matching blouse for this beautiful blue saree she was wearing and she had neglected to wear the two together. She had neglected to dress up and appear before him the way he had hoped, indeed, had been imagining. He’d wanted her to MODEL it for him in the way she’d done with all the other sarees. He must have been so disappointed to see her not wearing the blouse. And because she hadn’t understood what he wanted he had had to explain it to her, patiently. He must have found it so difficult to tell her, she thought.
“Betah, why would you imagine your own mother wearing such things? why would you imagine me wearing it for you?” Deepa asked in her soft motherly tone. She wanted to reach out and comfort her son, and try to make some sense of all this.
“Because you’ve modeled all the sarees I’ve sent you thus far. And you’ve enjoyed it. I’ve seen the change in you. You’ve enjoyed wearing all these lovely sarees and you’ve enjoyed showing me how they look. You’ve enjoyed modeling them for me. And I’ve enjoyed seeing you in them mom, I’ve enjoyed seeing my beautiful mother model sarees that I’ve been buying her. I’ve been thinking you were modeling these sarees for ME mom.”
“I was.. I mean, yes, i was wearing them for you, I thought you’d like to see me in them. You keep saying how lovely i look and thought you might like to see me wear the lovely sarees you’ve been buying. I wanted to show you how much it means to me that you’re buying so many lovely gifts for me and i thought the best way to show my appreciation was to wear them for you. I didn’t realize i was ‘modeling’ them for you, but i see now that i was.” Deepa explained. “I’ve been modeling sarees for my son.” Deepa said, almost as a realization to herself.
“Am i so wrong for wanting you to model more for me? I thought you enjoyed it mom.”
“No Betah, you’re not wrong. I’ve loved modeling sarees for you. You always make me feel so beautiful. But I’m not sure about still carrying on. I’m not sure about you’re expectation from me.”
“I have no expectations mother, I have only hopes. hopes and desires.” Kiran looked away from the camera, embarrassed of himself.
“Betah..” Deepa trailed off. It came as almost a whisper. She could see the turmoil in her sons face and yet could not reconcile what he was asking with what every moral fiber in her body was telling her to be correct and appropriate.
And yet, the feeling in her abdomen felt stronger than before. it was like a buzzing, and aching in a part of her body that had long been dormant. her body trembled in excitement in way way Deepa could not explain. The realization that she had been modeling for her son made her stomach tight and her heart race. Why should she be feeling like this?
With her mind in turmoil and aching need to comfort her son Deepa considered what she could say to make this whole thing go away. Surely she should put an end to this? Everything they’d been doing up until this point had been innocent playing around. Or at least that’s what she had thought. And yet, it was now clear that what seemed innocent carried rather inappropriate undertones. And they had both played along, oblivious to the direction they were following.
“Betah, you realize i cannot wear what you bought. It would be wrong.” Deepa said. It was the most difficult thing she had ever said to Kiran and it broke her heart to say it. She said it as a sense of duty as a mother who cared for the wellbeing of her son.
“Wrong for who mom? Is buying you clothes wrong? Are you wrong for wearing them? are you wrong for showing me what you look like in the clothes I’ve lovingly bought for you?” Kiran replied, an urgency and frustration in his tone.
“Yes betah, it is wrong. It is wrong when a son starts to imagine his mother in the way you have been. You mustn’t think of me in such a way.” Deepa pleaded, feeling tears welling in her eyes.
“Wrong to whom mom? to you? to me? who?”
Deepa couldn’t answer.
“I know that you’ve enjoyed modeling for me. for ME. I know that it’s not just about you wearing new clothes. I know you’ve enjoyed showing off to me, letting your son see how lovely you look. That isn’t wrong, that doesn’t FEEL wrong.”
Kiran was visible agitated. “And when i compliment you i can see how happy you are. And i say things about you looking sexy, i can see you’re excited mom. I can see the excitement in you’re eyes at someone finding you desirable. Any red blooded man can see you’re sexy. I’ve been loving the fact that you’re starting to view yourself as sexy again. after all these years mom. You’ve come back to life again and it’s all because we’ve both enjoyed our little game of me buying you clothes and you modeling them for me. It’s like a different side of you, a more confident side of you, has been awoken and I know you’re excited by it mom. Tell me you’re excited by it. tell ME!”
“Betah, I…”
“Tell me mom, tell me you’ve been excited by it all.”
“Yes betah, it has been exciting for me. you can see this.” Deepa admitted finally, her head swirly with the gravity of what she was admitting to her own son.
“And now you’re asking to stop? So that you can return to your old ways? no way mom, i wont let you.”
“Betah please…” Deepa began to plead for Kiran to stop before he interrupted her.
“Listen to me mom, go to you room and wear the blouse the I bought for you. do it for me. do it for yourself. do it for both of us mom! go now. don’t think about it, just GO.”
“It’s wrong betah…” Deepa pleaded.
“So what if it is, it is what i want of you mom. I want you to go and wear that blouse and show me that you’re the same sexy mom i imagined when i bought it for you. do it, now.”
“NOW, GO!”
Deepa got up and went to her bedroom. her heart was pounding and her whole body was shaking. she couldn’t believe she was going to go through with this and yet she felt excited in a way she never had before. She quickly unbuttoned her blouse and switched it with the one Kiran had given her. Her trembling fingers had trouble fastening up the buttons while her heart continued to pound in her chest and ring in her ears.
She looked in the mirror once she finished and gasped at what she saw. The thought of going back to Kiran, dressed like this, intentionally dressed in a revealing blouse sent shivers up and down her spine. She swallowed hard and returned to the webcam, visible shaking and with goose pimples all over her body.
For a long time she felt the uncomfortable stare of her son’s hungry eyes. She now felt the lewdness of their interrogation of her making her want to rush away and change again to escape. Yet, she couldn’t explain why she chose to stay, a burning desire to receive his admiration and appreciation of her.
“You look beautiful mother, just like i imaged” Kiran’s voice was slow and deep. “How do you feel?”
“I’m very nervous, I’m shaking, i think.” Deepa said, flustered. she found it difficult to look at the screen, to see her son staring at her with deep intensity.
“It’s because you’re excited mom, as am I. Do you like feeling excited?”
Deepa didn’t answer.
“I think you do mom, that’s why you went to put on the blouse like i asked. I think you’re excited by how sexy you look in it. And i think you’re even more excited that you’re looking sexy for me.” Kiran continued, his voice soft and soothing yet insistent.
Deepa gasped. “I feel ashamed.” she whispered.
“Ashamed of looking sexy for me?”
“Y-yes.” Deepa’s voice was unsteady.
“You have nothing to be ashamed of, i see a beautiful woman in a sexy blouse and saree. there is no shame in the way that you’re revealing yourself to me.” He whispered softly.
“Don’t say such things, betah.” Deepa could still not bring herself to look at the camera. her breathing was shallow and her entire body seemed to tingle.
“Push out your chest mom, i want to see you posing proudly for me.”
Deepa, didn’t move. Unsure of what Kiran wanted.
“DO it mom, push out your chest. I want to you to pose for me. pose for me in your revealing blouse.”
“No, betah. It is wrong. Ishould get changed again. This is very wrong, betah. It is shameful. I am your mother.” Deepa pleaded with Kiran.
“Do it mom. Push out your chest.” Kiran repeated, an urgency in his tone.
Deepa hesitantly straightened up and pushed out her chest a little.
“More mom, push back your shoulders and look at the camera.” Kiran’s voice was firm and commanding.
Deepa did as she was told but was unable to look at the camera, scared of what she might see there. Scared of what she might enjoy seeing.
“You look so sexy mom, do you feel sexy?”
Deepa nodded before she could think. She hated herself for being carried away so easily but was loving the excitement she felt right now.
“Look at the camera and tell me you feel sexy.”
Deepa looked up slowly. she looked into the camera and mouthed the words “I.. i f-feel sex… sexy”. She was barely audible, burning with embarrassment at her predicament.
“Keep looking at the camera, you look sexier like that. a woman is more sexy when she’s got the confidence to look a man in the eye and know that he finds her sexy.”
Deepa continued to look into the camera. she held her pose even though she was trembling. Her heart was pounding in her chest and the ache in her abdomen was now distinctly focused further down below. She couldn’t believe she was doing this but also exhilarated with it at the same time.
“You are so beautiful mom, so sexy. Do you want to know what I’m thinking right now?”
Deepa nodded meekly.
“I’m thinking that my mother is dressed provocatively. she’s wearing a beautiful saree with a revealing blouse and right now she’s pushing her bosom out. And she’s doing this for me. My mother is posing productively for me. Is this what you’re doing?”
Deepa didn’t say anything, he mind was spinning from her son’s descriptions of her. The truth of his words mirrored the lewdness of her actions.
“Tell me mom, are you posing provocatively for me?”
“Y-yes.. Yes, betah.” she could barely muster the strength to say.
“Say you’re posing for me. Say it mom.”
“I’m… I’m posing for… you.” Deepa held her gaze at the camera. Her chest was heaving as Deepa took quick and shallow breaths.
“And do you want to know what else I’m thinking?”
Deepa didn’t respond. She was scared to ask but yearning to hear.
“Well, do you want to know?”
“W-yes.” Deepa reply, meekly.
“Ask me what I’m thinking” Kiran said, his voice smooth and confident.
“What are you… thinking betah?”
Kiran leaned into his camera, his face loomed large in the image of him on Deepa’s desktop. “I’m thinking that maybe my mother hasn’t realized that her excitement is so visible to me. She hasn’t realized that while she poses for me, she’s revealing an excitement in her breasts.”
Deepa gasped as her eyes shot down to her blouse. She looked across at her own camera image and realized that her nipples were clearly visible through the thin cotton of the blouse.
“Remove you pallu mom, i want to see your nipples more clearly. I want you to parade the excitement you body is feeling.”
Numbly Deepa pulled the pallu off of her shoulder and let it drape over her lap and trail on the floor. She was in a daze, her mind clouded with confusion. a distant part of her had sirens going off, telling her this was so wrong, so very wrong.
“Wow mom, they look so beautiful. YOU look so beautiful. So beautiful and sexy. my hot sexy mother. my hot sexy mother who’s unable to conceal her arousal. Do you see how your body is screaming it’s arousal at me mother. Your body is shamelessly parading it’s arousal to your son. Do you see that mom?”
She sat there feeling helpless, her low cut blouse no longer covered by the pallu of the blue saree. Her nipples were indeed poking out and clearly visible, both to her on her own screen and to her son who was watching intently.
She looked down again at the amount of flesh she had on show, flesh which was no longer concealed behind the pallu of her saree. She looked across at the image of her on her desktop and realized just how correct her son was. She did look like she was shamelessly posing and parading her chest. It embarrassed and exhilarated her in equal measure causing her to blush profusely.
“So beautiful. Do you like parading your arousal to me? do you like that your son is enjoying the sight of you?”
Deepa nodded, slowly as if captivated in her son’s enchantment.
“Are you enjoying your arousal mom? does it excite you to be aroused?”
Deepa nodded again, responding to his questions without hesitation now.
“Say it. tell me that you’re enjoying being aroused.” Kiran said, a little more firmly.
“I’m… I’m enjoying being… aroused.” Deepa barely uttered the last word. Afraid that verbalizing it would tear down any remaining resistance she could muster.
“Where else are you aroused.” Kiran asker after a long time.
Deepa did not respond, unable to find words in her mind clouded with excitement.
“Tell me where else in your body you feel aroused.”
“In my belly… I’m aroused in my tummy.”
“Close your eyes.”
Deepa closed her eyes and felt a twinge of relief about not having to look at her son staring at her in her state of vulnerability.
“Where else are you aroused?” Kiran asker again.
“In… In my legs they’re tingling beta.”
“And your arms?”
“Wes, YES, they’re are tingling too… i feel so aroused all over my body. Kyu kar-rahaan hein yeh mujhko?”
“Are your breasts aroused?”
“…” Deepa felt embarrassed to reply.
“Tell me, i can already see your nipples are hard as pebbles. Tell me that your delicious breasts are aroused.”
“They are, betah… they are.” Deepa gasped at his lewd description of her bosom.
“Tell me that your breasts are aroused. i want to hear you tell me that your breasts are aroused.” Kiran voice took on a commanding tone again, making her shiver.
“Kya mujhe itna majboor kar rahaan hain? kya kiya meine? kis liye mujhe yeh sazaa deh rahaan hein tu? mein tera maa houn, betah” Deepa pleaded with her son.
“Bol do, tell me your breasts are aroused, tell me they are excited.”
“Haan, YES they are are, betah, my breasts are aroused.” Deepa hissed back, breathlessly. “Tujhe yehiy sunnah chahta hai nah? yehiy chahta heh tu?”
“Yes, say it again, say it louder.”
“YES, my breasts are aroused. can you not see my… my nipples? can you not see my state of weakness? Why are you torturing your mother this way?”
“Do you like that i can see your nipples?”
“Yes, YES, YES… i do. i like it!” Deepa gasped reveling in the depravity of her admission.
“Hold your breasts, hold each one in your hands and squeeze them.”
Deepa, eyes still closed, reached up and tentatively squeezed her hand around each of her breasts. She felt the firmness in her boobs from her arousal and massaged them. Her body tingled at the welcome caress and she felt the buzzing in the pit of her tummy grow stronger.
“You look beautiful mom, you look beautiful massaging your breasts like that.”
Deepa kept on squeezing her boobs. she pressed them against her body, groping her own boobs while gasping breathlessly.
“Do you like that I’m watching you caress yourself? Do you like showing me?”
“Yes… Yes, i do.” she sighed.
“You look so sexy doing that, I’m enjoying watching you. Do you like that I’m enjoying watching you caress your boobs mom?”
“Yes betah, Yed i do…”
“Does you body still tingle all over?”
“Does your tummy continue to be aroused?”
“Yes, betah.” she said breathing quickly and still massaging her boobs.
“Does it ache. does it ache with arousal.”
“Oh yes betah, it aches so bad.” she moaned.
“Tell me how badly it aches mom, tell me how badly your tummy aches.”
“It aches so badly betah… it’s torture…. it aches with a need…”
“Pinch your nipples while you play with your breasts, pinch them firmly.”
Deepa began to rub her hard nipples through the fabric of the blouse. She pinched on them, pulling them and and rolling them between thumb an forefinger of each hand.
“Caress your breasts and play with your nipples. Make the ache in your tummy grow stronger.”
Deeper continued to massage and caress her breasts. she alternated between tweaking her nippled and groping both her boobs. All the while her eyelids fluttered and she breathed in shallow gasps, lost in a state of heady arousal.
“Pinch your nipples harder mom, pinch them till they hurt and then massage them again, Massage your boobs firmly, I want to see you massaging your boobs firmly. Push them together, squeeze each one in your hands. I want to see you shamelessly arouse yourself. You want that don’t you mom? You want me to watch you play with your boobs? You want your son to watch you pinch your nipples harder don’t you?”
“Yes, yes, betah, YES I do.” She panted breathlessly. She squeezed and caressed her firm tit flesh in each handed, rubbing through the fabric of the blouse. She hissed and sighed at the delicious pain as she squeezed each nipple and then massaged them again.
“Do you ache mom? Does your tummy ache for release? Does your body scream for your need to be fulfilled? Does your body scream in it’s state of arousal.”
“Haan betah, aag mein houn meh.” she sighed.
“Buja deh ma, buja deh yeh aag.”
“Kaise betah? Kaise bujadoo? bol na? bol do meh kya karsakta houn? why are you torturing me like this? kya kar rahaan hein mujhe? kya kiya meine? kya karoun mein? Dekh beta, dekh kya kiya thuney. Tera ma aag mein hain, beta, thune mujhe aag mein daal diya. kyu diya mujhe yeh saaza?”
“Iss saaza se mukti chahiyeh tuney?”
“Han betah please…”
“Aapna blouse kholo. Open you blouse now mother. Open you blouse and reveal yourself to me, mom. Show me. I know you want to. I know your body burns to reveal your beautiful full bosom to me. Tear away that blouse so that you can touch yourself freely. Tear it away and show your son how you wish to squeeze you beautiful bosom.”
Deepa frantically groped her boobs and pinched her nipples hard. she gasped with each lewd request her son made. each one more insistent than the last. each on adding fire to the heat of her arousal, burning away what last remaining self restraint she could muster.
“Khol doon betah? khol doon meri blouse?”
“Khol do. Utar do yeh blouse. Tumm yeheey chahta hai nah? kyu sharmata hein?”
“Dekhna chahta hai tuney? dehkna chahta hai tera maa ka.. bhosda?
“Han. dekha de! kholdo yeh blouse aur dekha deh! abhi! khol deh yeh blouse.” Kiran’s voice was deep and commanding.
“Dekhna hai? Dekhna hain tera ma ka bhosda? To dekh leh. dekh leh saari…” Deepa reached down and pulled open her blouse, buttons popping away offering no resistance at all. the blouse pulled open in one go, tearing along the bottom hem. Her heavy boobs, sore from her rough groping, spilled forth, firm with her arousal. he nipples, raw from her own self abuse, screamed for more.
She sat there, back arched, chest pushed out. Her chest heaved as her mind raced, her judgment and all sense of right and wrong firmly thrust away. her fists were clenched as she gripped onto the sides of the blouse, pulled wide and away from her body.
Deepa reveled in the depravity of exposing herself to her son. he heart pounded in her chest as her breath came in short sharp rasps. She didn’t look at the computer screen, couldn’t bear the thought of seeing her sons expression as she exposed herself without abandon.
Kiran leaned in close to his computer screen and lewdly examined his mothers shameless exposure to him. her breasts, rose and fell with each breath, nipples were taut and surrounded by her dark pink aureole. Her boobs, milky white were full and sagged just a little. She was clearly in a state of unrestrained arousal. He couldn’t believe that they’re play had gone this far and wondered how much further his mother would go. She already seemed unable to refuse any of his demands, instead seemed excited to do more.
“You’re breasts are beautiful mom, so full and delicate. Do you feel excited to be showing them to me? Parading them so lewdly to your son? Does it excite my mother to be so shameless?”
“Yes, betah.” she rasped. “I feel so… ashamed… this is so wrong, betah. I am so bad for being so shameless. Please forgive me, betah.”
“Yes, you are a shameless mother and you should feel bad for parading your beautiful juicy boobs to your son. how dare you tease your son with those heavy delicious mounds? How dare you parade them for me? How dare you demand i watch you parade your arousal.” Kiran grinned.
“I’m sorry betah, I’m so sorry. please.. forgive me betah.”
“You shameless bitch. I’ll watch you lewdly display yourself. I’ll watch you parade your nudity to me. this is what you want is it not?”
“YES, yes betah it is. please, look at me… look at how i parade myself for your approval. do you like what i have for you betah? do you like what you see?”
“Yes mom, you’re boobs are so beautiful. Now squeeze your boobs. Squeeze and caress them for me. Pinch those nipples now that they are no longer trapped behind your blouse. Do it for me mom. Show me how you wish to be touched. Show me how your breasts ache to be caressed.”
Deepa’s hands released her grip on her open blouse and began to caress her boobs again, squeezing both and tweaking her nipples.
“Squeeze them firmly mom, caress them and present them to me. Present your boobs to your son. Lift them up and present them to me. Present them to the camera so that i may look at them and devour them with my hungry eyes.”
Deepa lifted each breast as if offering them to the camera. Her hands continued to fondle herself and rub her nipples harshly between thumb and forefinger.
“Does that feel nice? Are you enjoying caressing your boobs”
“Yesssss…” she hissed.
“Do your nipples crave your touch, do they crave the delightful pain of being pinched harshly?”
“Yes betah, they crave attention. They scream to be touched.”
“If i were there i would suckle on them mom. Suckle on them as i did so many year ago. Your nipples demand to be suckled and i would suckle them. Would you enjoy that mother? would you enjoy having your son suckle you excited nipples?”
Deepa gasped out loud at his lewd suggestions. “Yes betah… i would love it betah… i would love it so much..”
Her expression was pained as she continued to fondle her boobs. The thought of feeling a hungry mouth against her nipples, sucking on them gently aroused her further. Imagining it to be her son’s mouth there, suckling at her nipples, lapping at them, soothing the rawness with his tongue and sucking on them hard made her pant in desire.
“I would suck on your nipples mother with a hunger. I’m hungry for you. I want to suck and play with your nipples while i caress your boobs. Can you imagine that mom? Can you imagine me grabbing your boobs roughly while I hungrily suck on your nipples? Can you image that?”
“Oh yes betah, YES… I can imagine it. It would feel so… nice…”
“I would lick your boobs all over, tasting you. I’d nibble on your nipples and bite them. Can you imagine that mom, I’d bite gently on your nipples making them sting. Pinch your nipples mom, imagine it is my closing my mouth around them and biting them gently. imagine you son it nibbling on your hard nipples.”
“Oh yes betah, it feels so nice. It feels so nice having you nibble my nipples. It feels nice having you back at my bosom, back again after so long.”
“Would you feed me again mother? feed me again from your ample bosom? Allow me to suckle at your delicious breasts all day?”
“YES, betah, all the time betah. Feast on my bosom… I’m parading them for you so that you can feast on my breasts. They ache to be touched by you. My body aches intolerably. Please suck on my nipples, betah.”
“I would devour your breasts mom. I would devour your whole body. I would no longer just suckle on your boobs as i did before, i would devour your entire body. Your entire body would be mine to consume. Will you permit this of me mom? Would you offer your body for me to devour completely and thoroughly? I would kiss you all over with a hunger. Does the desire in your tummy scream for me to do this to you?”
“OH YES beta… YES… my body is in fire betah, i want you to douse it for me. Douse the fire you have started in my body. Consume me with your hunger for me. Consume me with your… lust”.
Deepa was still groping her boobs roughly while imagining her it to be her son. The ache in her belly was tormenting her as she felt the tingling in her crotch send warm waves of arousal throughout her body. “Tell me betah, tell me how you would douse the flames you have ignited in your poor mother. Tell me how you will release me from this torment you have imposed on my body.”
“I would kiss you all over mom, i would kiss and lick your tingling skin.”
“Yes betah, all over. tame the burning all over my body. Sooth my body with your gentle kisses.”
“I would kiss and caress up and down your arms and nibble on your shoulder. I would kiss you on the mouth mom. i would kiss you firmly so that you would know the hunger and desire i have for you.”
“YES, betah, show me how much you desire me. I want you to desire me, betah. I want to feel your desire for me. I want you to show your lust for me as my body burns in its lust for you.”
“I would kiss and lick your boobs all over, softly at first and nibbling as i go along. would you enjoy that?”
“Yes betah… i would love that.”
“…And i would kiss all over you tummy. I would hold the sides of you body and kiss your tummy.”
“Yessss beta, all over my tummy.”
“…And i would kiss my way further down further down your body…”
“Oh betah, please no…. please… I’m too weak to refuse you…”
“You would not refuse me, mom. You would not deny me the pleasure of your body. Your body screams for my attention, you would not deny it to yourself.”
“No betah… i wouldn’t. I would not deny your anything meri jaan.”
“You would welcome and cherish it. You’re body desires it. It screams it. I can see the arousal all over your tense body. It tingles from your toes to your fingers tips. It aches in your breasts. And in your tummy. And in… your pussy.”
Deepa gasped at her sons referral to that most private part of her body. She tensed and could feel the ache burn in her loins. That part of her body that been left denied for so long was now roaring with a vengeance… angry over its betrayal. How dare her son awaken her in this way? How dare he awaken the part of her that she had left dormant for so long? How dare he ignite it and not satiate the hunger she now felt?
“Tell me mom, does your body scream for me to satisfy it? does it scream for me to devour it with my lust.” Kiran continued, relentless. He gave her no time to slip from the spell she was under.
“Yes betah, can’t you see how my body screams for your lusty embrace? Can you not see it in the tautness of my nipples and the firmness of my bosom. I’m in agony beta. I’m in agony, i need to be released from this desires you have woken in me.”
“Would you satisfy my hunger mom?”
“Yes betah, i would satisfy your hunger for me. Do you hunger for your mother?”
“Yes mom…. does it excite you to have your son have such lusty desires for you? Does it excite you to imagine satisfying those lusty thoughts? do you wish that mom? do you wish to satisfy my lust for you?”
“OH YES, betah… please… I would do anything you ask of me betah… Anything. I would deny your nothing. Your mother will be all yours as you desire. Tell me what you would do to you mother. Tell your mother what you would do to her to satisfy your lust.”
“I would bury my face in your sex mom. i would devour that most private part of your body.”
“OHHHHHhhhhhh betah…” Deepa gasped, raising her ass from her chair, her body writhing in her torment.
“I would taste my mothers sex, I would kiss and lick it all over.”
“….yes…yes… betah… yessssss.” Deepa hissed, pinching hard on her own nipples. “…tell me more beta, tell me more of what you would do to your mothers sex. tell me more, you mother’s sex is open and available for you, tell me what you would do to me…”
“I would spread your legs apart, and hold them wide. I would inspect your sex. I would hold legs out wide for you to know just how lewdly you are splayed out for your son.”
“…Yes beta, I would allow you to do it. I would shamelessly parade my sex for your hungry eyes. My sex is completely open for you betah. Tell me what you would do to my sex? Tell me betah, it aches so terribly.”
“I would lick your sex, i would close my mouth around the most sensitive parts and lap away at your sexy juices. I would taste my mothers sex. I would hold your legs wide apart so that i can freely devour your cunt delicious.”
“YESSSS betah, my cunt is all yours to devour as you wish…Satisfy your lewd hunger for your mother’s sex…”
“I would look up at you, so that you can look into my eyes and see the lust of your son while her sucks on your sex.”
“Oh yes betah… i would love that. i would love to see the lust in your eyes while you taste your mother’s sex…. While you taste my… cunt.”
“I would dip my tongue into you… Into your soft wet sex. I would penetrate your delicious cunt with my tongue and lick you inside.”
“OOOh YESS betah… yes…. eat your mothers cunt… eat your mothers cunt and penetrate me with your tongue.”
“Show me your sex mom, i want to see your sex. Take off your saree completely and present your sex to me. Show me the sex that i would hungrily devour. Show me the sex that you would lewdly present to your son for him to lick and penetrate”
“OHHH betah… i am so weak for you… i am unable to deny you any more.” Deepa gasped, exasperatedly. her voice was hoarse with lust and desire and her body had committed completely to her son’s continued nasty talk and lewd requests.
“Take off your saree now. How dare you deny me the sight of your beautiful motherly figure? You tease me daily with the sarees i buy for you and not once do you present you body to me in all it’s natural beauty. Show it to me now! i know you want to. Your body scrams to be presented to your son for his lusty eyes to devour. Show me your sex, show me how that sex aches for your son.”
Deepa, stood up and pulled away at her saree. The skirts cam free of her waist as the fabric gathered in a pile on the floor.
“Take off the petticoat… take it off now and parade your nude body to me.”
Deepa tried to undo the knot at the front of her petticoat. Her trembling fingers fiddled with the cord and when it loosed slightly she pulled at it until it fell to the floor in heap. She stood there, a bundle of nerves and excitement in only her panties.
“Take your panties off slowly. It looks sexy when a woman takes off her clothes slowly and seductively. Look at me while you do it. Look at your son while you disrobe for him. Look at your son so that he can know that his mother is taking off her clothes for his lusty eyes.”
“No betah… please don’t make me do that. I’m ashamed and embarrassed. Please don’t make me look at you. I’m fearful of seeing the lust in your eyes. I’m fearful of what your lusty eyes will see in mine.” Deepa pleaded. her head was down and looking at the floor a she trembled all over in anticipation.
“Don’t deny me mother, you promised your son that you would not deny me anything. You promised to offer yourself completely to him. Your lusty son wants to look in your eyes as you finally reveal yourself completely to him. Look at me mom, look at me now.”
Deepa looked up into the screen. Through watery eyes she saw the lust and intensity in Kiran’s expression. Her breathing was unsteady and her entire body tingled in the anticipation of finally revealing everything to him. She trembled as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and swallowed hard as she pulled them downwards slowly.
Kiran drank in the site of his mother bending forward as she pulled down her panties. her large boobs drooped as she lent forward and her abdomen bulged. She continued to stare at the camera as he had asked, her brow furrowed in a pained expression.
The soaked gusset of Deepa’s panties clung to her cunt in a vain effort to conceal that most private place. As Deepa continued to pull down her panties she stared into the camera, blushing profusely with shame. She finally stepped out of her panties and left them on the floor, standing completely nude to the camera and her son’s lusty eyes.
Kiran looked at his mother’s naked body, her large pendulous breasts firm, with her excitement and nipples jutting out with pride. Her belly, bulged a little just above her waistline. A thick bush of black her covered her mons and denied him any view of her sex. her hips were wide and pudgy. She had the figure of a woman, fabulous in her natural curves.
“Please may I sit down betah, my head is spinning and i fear i may fall…” Deepa whimpered.
“OK, sit down. But move the chair back so i may see your whole body. You’re so beautiful naked i must see all of you.”
“OK betah.” Deepa sat back down on her computer chair, moving it further back about half a meter.
She sat with her legs together, very conscious of his hungry eyes boring into her naked flesh. Her body continued to tingle with arousal as the delicate smell of her leaking cunt filled the room screaming her unashamed arousal. She felt her cunt pulse and ache with anticipation and she waited in excitement for what her dirty son would request of her next.
Without prompting Deepa returned her hands to groping her breasts and tweaking her sore nipples. She looked into the camera as she did so.
Kiran didn’t speak for a long time, instead just watching the erotic sight of his mother groping her boobs. She hissed and gasped as she tortured her own nipples all the time staring at him. Occasionally her hands moved up and down the sides of her body, massaging and caressing herself.
“Are you enjoying performing for your son?” He eventually asked.
“Yes… I’m enjoying my son watching me caress my own body. I’m so aroused betah! Tell me what you want me to do. I want to do more for your hungry lusty eyes. Your nunga mother is sitting here shameless in her nudity, tell me what you want me to do. Tell me what you want to see. Tell me what you would do to me. Tell me how i can perform for you. Tell me how your lusty mother can satisfy her lusty son.”
“Show me your sex, i want to see the sex i will devour.”
“You wish to see your mothers sex? You wish to see how my sex has soaked itself? You wish to see how aroused my sex has become from having my son command me?”
“Yes, do not hide it from me any longer. It is MY sex now. Tell me your sex is now MINE now mom. Tell me that you offer your cunt to me completely, tell me mom!”
“Oh betah, yes.. YES… i cannot deny you any longer. My body.. my sex… my cunt is completely yours.” Deepa panted breathlessly. She lifted each of her legs and draped them over the armrest of the chair. She continue to stare at the camera, watching her son’s lusty widen as he drank in the sight she was so lewdly presenting to him. “Look at your mother’s cunt… look how she so lewdly parades it to you. Dekhlo tera ma ka choot!”
“Lean back mom, lean back and shift forward in your seat. Pull your legs back further, show me your delicious cunt.”
Deepa followed his instructions without hesitation. She sat on the edge of the chair and leaned against the back rest. She rested her legs as far back as she could on the arm rests. “Can you see betah, can you see my exposed cunt? Are you watching your shameless mother parade her cunt to you. I’m so embarrassed betah, so embarrassed and excited. Acha lagta hai tujhe tera maa ka choot?”
“It looks delicious mother. Pull you legs back more, pull your legs back and hold them back. Spread your legs apart and your legs back as far as you can. show me your wet sex completely.”
“Oh betah, YESSS.” She shuffled forward further until her ass was off the seat and she was on her back with her shoulders resting against the back of the chair. She spread her legs as wide as she could and hooked her hands under her knees. “I feel so dirty betah… you mother feels so dirty parading her cunt to you. Are you enjoying this betah, are you enjoying watching your mother being so depraved? Are you enjoying watching you mother parading her wet sex for your hungry eyes? Are you enjoying how desperate your mother has become to show off her cunt to you. Tell me you like what you see betah. Tell me you love the site of your mothers dirty cunt!”
Kiran eyed the image of his mother holding her legs wide to show off her greasy cunt. He could just about make out the brown folds as they glistened in the dim light. The profuse hairs on her mound continued along the sides of her cunt and disappeared into her ass crack. He couldn’t believe he was actually seeing the sight of his mother, showing of her hot cunt to him, begging him to see it.
“You are so depraved mother. Are you enjoying being so depraved for your son? Are you enjoying being so shameless?”
“Yes betah she gasped, it’s exciting me so much being so.. dirty.”
“Spread your cunt for you son. Reach down with your hands and spread that cunt wide open. Spread it open and show me how nasty you want to be. Spread that dirty cunt wide open and show me how wet it is. Spread it open like a dirty bitch mom.”
Kiran’s nasty words drove Deepa crazy with lust. She reached down with both hands and placed her fingertips either side of her wet sex and spread herself open gasping as she feel the coolness of the air against her greasy gash.
“Dekh beta, dekh tera ma ka chut.” she gasped.
“You have a beautiful pussy mom, it looks delicious. I’m going to enjoy suckling from my mothers chut. Will you hold it open like that while i eat your cunt mom?”
“Yeas betah, always. I’ll parade my cunt for you like this while you devour me.”
“You are so dirty mom, so shameless. I’m really going to enjoy eating your cunt. I’m going to enjoy you begging for me to eat you.”
“YESS betah, you mother will plead for you to eat her. My dirty cunt aches to have you lick it all over.”
“I will suck hard mother, I’ll nibble and chew on the fleshy folds of your wet pussy. I’ll spread your lips wide open and thrust my tongue into your hot sex. Rub your cunt mom, rub your wet cont while i tell you what i will do to you. your cunt is screaming for attention mom, rub it. let me see your rub your cunt for me.”
“Ooh yessss betah, my cunt is in agony.” Deepa hissed. She reached around the front of her body and began to rub her sex furiously. Almost immediately her body exploded in her very first orgasm in years. She groaned as the muscles in her body strained all over and her pussy flooded with juices which oozed out onto the chair.
Deepa’s fingers continued to rub herself furiously, running up and down her slick sex and massaging the swollen folds. She concentrated on the top of her cunt her here clit tingled in post climatic relish.
“Rub that cunt mom, rub it hard for me. Shame on you for denying your own pleasure for so long. Rub it, massage that wet cunt! Does it feel good to be rubbing your pussy in front of your son. Do you like your son watching you rub your pussy furiously?”
“…Ohhh betah yesss, it feels so good. Your dirty mother is enjoying playing with herself for you.” Deepa hissed, her fingers moving in quick circles around her throbbing clitoris. Her left hand came up to her boobs to squeeze and tweak her nipples adding to the delicious tingling feeling Deepa felt all over. “Tell me more of what you would do to your lewd mother betah. Tell me how you would conquer your mother’s willing body. Tell me while i play with my cunt for you. I’m so wet betah, i’m so wet for you. My cunt is throbbing for my own son!”
“I would suck on your sex mom, i would suck on your sex furiously and your body would writhe in agony as it is now. I would suck on your sex and lap away at it hungrily till you exploded into my mouth. I would bring mother to the peak of her orgasm and hungrily lap up the juices from her tormented cunt.”
“…yess betah, suck on mom’s cunt. Bring me to climax with your insatiable tongue. You’ve broken down your mother’s will now, take everything she has!”
“After you climax i would lap away at your delicious entrance, drinking all your rewarding juices, pushing my tongue into you delicious hot cunt.”
“YESSS, probe me with your hungry tongue, probe your mothers aching cunt.”
“And i would lick you further below mom, i would flick my tongue teasingly further below your cunt. I would hold your legs back while my tongue travels further past your juicy cunt to your most sensitive place.”
“OHHHHH BETAAAAHHH nooo, it’s not right betah.. that place is… dirty…”
“No part of you is dirty mother, no part is dirty for your hungry lusty son. I would lick you there all over your sensitive rose bud. I would hold your legs back while i tease your anus with my tongue.”
“betaaaaaaah it’s wrong… its dirty… you mustn’t make your mother so weak… you must not do that do your mother.”
“I will lick it and taste you there, i will flick my tongue over it fast mom. can you imagine that mother, can you image what it would be like for your dirty son to be lapping at your anus, can you imagine me teasing your… gaand… like that?”
“Oh betah yess, i can imagine it… it would feel so wrong but i would be unable to refuse you. I would be unable to deny my sun his dirty wishes. I would willfully present you with my anus betah. Do you want me to do that? Do you want your besharam mother to parade her dirty anus for you to clean?”
“Yes mother, show me your anus. Show me the delicious gaand that you want your son to lick and probe with is tongue. Do it now mother. Stand up and turn around. turn the chair around and lean on the back of it, bend over forward for me mom. do it now.”
Deepa jumped off the chair and did as Kiran instructed. She turned her back to the camera and leaned forward.
“Lean forward more mom, i want to see your ass. I want to see that delicious anus. Arch your back and push your ass out, spread you legs push your ass out. Yes like that, that looks so sexy. You look so sexy presenting your ass to your son like this. Your anus and pussy look so delicious. Spread your ass cheeks, spread them wide apart and parade your sex to me. Do it mom, be like a dirty bitch and show off your ass and pussy to your son.”
Deepa reached back and spread apart her ass cheeks lewdly presenting her tight wrinkled anus to the camera. She felt so dirty and yet so exhilarated to be performing in such a nasty shameless way.
“Is this want you want to see betah, do you want to see your mother showing her dirty anus to you.”
“Yes mom, it looks so delicious i would love cleaning it. I would squat on the floor behind you and spread your ass wide apart completely exposing your tender unprotected anus to me. And i would hungrily lick it mom, i would flick it quickly with my tongue and probe it till it yields to me. I would violate my mothers anus with my tongue.”
“YESSS betah and i would welcome it. I would plead for you to lick my anus throughly, probe it with your soft wet tongue betah. I would welcome your violation of my gaand.”
“I would lick both your ass and your pussy like that. I would take long firm licks from the bottom of your cunt, up along your fleshy cunt lips and dip my tongue into your pussy.”
“YES betah, your mother’s pussy is craving for your probing tongue.”
“Then i would continue licking up to you anus and then thrust my tongue into it.”
“Yessss….” Deepa hissed. “Tell me more betah, tell me how you would violate your mother more.”
“I would continue to lick your tasty pussy again until i was satisfied that you were ready for me mother, I’d prepare you with my tongue before…”
“…before what before what? tell me…tell me what you will do to dirty lusty mother.”
“I would approach you from behind, while you stood like that, shamelessly pushing out your ass, begging me to take you.”
“Would you take me betah? would you take your poor defenseless mother? Would you take me while i stand so provocatively for you. Would you take me in the way I’m begging to be taken?”
“I would stand behind you and place myself at the entrance to your pussy. Would you like that? Would you like to feel my urgent desire for you pressing to your soft flesh? Would you like to feel the hot hard head of my cock while it presses at your unprotected sex? What would you do mom? What would you do if i did that?”
“Oh beta i would not deny you. I would delight at the feel of your manhood at my sex.”
“I would hold you so you couldn’t escape. I would press my cock at your sex and keep it there. I would hold it there so that you know how vulnerable you are, to let you know the inevitability of what is to come. I would tease your cunt. I would tease it with the lundh it craves but i would not feed it just yet.”
“Yes betah, i would not try and escape you, i would bend over more. I would want you to know that i am completely available to you. My cunt is being submitted to you for your pleasure.”
“I would like that, my mother submitting to my sordid will…. I would coat my cock head with you juices. Smearing the delicious grease all over my cock, preparing it.”
Deepa reached under her and started to rub her pussy again. Her cunt was oozing profusely and her clit was engorged and sensitive to her touch.
“…And i would finally take you. I would take you in one go. I would thrust all of my cock into your wanton pussy in one go mom. i would take ownership of your body completely.”
“YESSSSSSSSS”… Deepa rubbed her pussy hard. “…my pussy would yield to you completely betah…”
“What would you do with my cock in your pussy, tell me what you would do while you rub your cunt like that.”
“Oh betah i would squeeze my cunt around your cock. I would accommodate all of you. I would squeal and writhe with delight at being so thoroughly penetrated, so throughly owned by my own son.”
“I would fuck you mom, i would fuck you hard and harsh. I would reach around and grab your big luscious boobs and hold on to them while i fuck your tight motherly pussy from behind. I would pinch on your nipples and pull them while i fuck you throughly.”
“YES betah, yesssss… i would love your savage fucking. Your mother would be panting for you to fuck her harder.”
“I would fuck you faster, and faster still. i would plough your delicate cunt. I would make up for the years that pussy has been denied a good fucking.”
“Oh yesss betah, my pussy aches from years of denial. I would willingly receive your hard fucking. I would writhe and squeal and beg for you to plunder your mother’s wanton pussy.”
“I would fuck you relentlessly until finally i would grunt in your ear that i was ready to spill my seed.”
Deepa rubbed her clit furiously on the brink of an earth shattering orgasm.
“I would thrust into you powerfully and ejaculate my seed deep into your fertile pussy.”
“OHH YESSSSSS BETAHHHH…” Deepa gasped as her second orgasm washed over her. She rubbed her pussy furiously as every muscle in her body strained as a wave of electricity washed over her body from her clit out to her extremeties. Her trembling legs, gave way and she collapsed onto the floor, beside her saree, petticoat, torn blouse and wet panties. her entire body continued to shiver from the orgasm as several years of sexual frustration rumbled through her body.
“Are you OK mom?” Kiran asked after a while.
“I’m OK..” She croaked “i couldn’t stand up any longer… but I’m OK”
“How do you feel?”
Deepa didn’t answer for a long time. The reality of what she had just done started to sink in and she felt ashamed.
“Mom, tell me.”
“I feel ashamed betah, this was very wrong. I’ve been very bad.”
“Yes you should be ashamed. You should be ashamed of not doing this sooner. Did you not enjoy the release of all that sexual frustration when you climaxed? Did your body not celebrate the feeling of arousal and sexual satisfaction?” Kiran paused for a moment. “I just watched my own mother celebrate her sexuality for once and pleasure herself just like 99.9 percent of the whole world does – even Catholics!”
Deepa couldn’t help but laugh a little.
Her nude body was mostly off screen but Kiran would still hear his mother, her breathing was deeper now and growing more relaxed. She sighed occasionally in her post orgasmic delight.
“Do you want to put your clothes back on?”
“My lewd son, who has spent that last hour persuading his mother to undress, now wishes her to dress again?” she responded curiously.
“Only if you want to mom. I still want to see your sexy naked body. I love that you’re parading your cunt to me and your ass didn’t look half bad either – very tasty!”
“Chaur, dirty boy. Where did you learn such disgusting things?”
Deepa’s entire body relaxed in a way it hadn’t done in years. The ache in her tummy had now disappeared though her cunt continued to throb but only mildly now. Her nipples felt sore from all the pinching she had done before while her boobs were still firm. Her body was still in a state of mild arousal which she just enjoyed for the moment.
“Hahaha, you didn’t complain a moment ago. Let me see, i do recall a request from me to errm. probe your gaand with my tongue…” Kiran joked.
“That was just my arousal speaking.” Deepa said plaintively.
“And now? now who is speaking?”
“An ashamed mother. An ashamed mother who lies on the floor completely nude after she pleasured herself in front of her son.” She paused for a moment. “… even now this ashamed mother can feel the arousal throbbing in her body…”
Kiran watched as Deepa’s face appeared in the camera. “…the throbbing of years of sexual denial that her son has reawakened.”
“There is another saree in the post for you tomorrow.” Kiran said, grinning into the camera
Deepa rolled her eyes and couldn’t prevent a smile breaking out across her face. “And i think i shall wear it for you. But for now, i need to wash and put some clothes on.”
As Deepa started to get up Kiran quickly butted in “Wait, wait, before you go, come back and show me your boobs again. Give me something to think about tonight”
“I think you’ve had lots to think about don’t you? i think we BOTH have lots to think about…” She trailed off.
“Come on mom, just quickly.”
“OK…” she said exasperated.
Deepa stood up in front of the camera, still completely nude, no longer feeling embarrassment over her predicament. She reached up and cupped her boobs, massaged them a little and held them up to the camera.
“MERA!” Deepa corrected and she covered both her nipples with her fingertips. She then smiled seductively and tweaked her nipples a little, stepping closer to the camera so that Kiran could see her breasts better. “Aur tera bhi, betah.” She breathed lustily into the mic before giggling and walking off camera.
“Sirf yeh dono? aur kuch nehin?”
Deepa eventually came back into the view of the camera. she had put on a paie of white cotton panties but had not covered her boobs. She still looked a delight to her horny son who watched is mother, glowing from a satisfying orgasm.
“Aur chahiyen to mangle…” She smiled demurely.
“Hmmmnnn… boldo kya hai.”
“Tum jaanta nehi kya hai? abhi dekhee na pahi tuney kya kya cheez hai?”
Kiran grinned into the camera. “Meh sunna chahta houn tumhari mukhse, kya kya cheez hai tera ladla ke liye.”
Deepa rolled her eyes. She placed her hands on her hips and then playfully patted her pubic bush with her hand and then reach around behind her. “Chut hai aur gaand hai! ab jaa!”
Deepa then raised her hand to her mouth. “aur moo bhi hain”. she then blew a kiss to her son and disconnected the webcam session.
Deepa, picked up and tidied away her clothing, looking at the soaked panties and feeling a buzzing in her groin as she remembered how exciting it had been to perform for her son.
She showered, had dinner and promptly went to bed, exhausted and satisfied. While she relaxed she stared at the ceiling and wondered how she might feel tomorrow. Though she knew that she and Kiran had done a terrible thing, she was feeling too relaxed to consider the repercussions nor the morality in any great detail. Her sexual release was simply far too satisfying to be concerned today.
She sighed and went to sleep with a smile on her face, a soreness in her nipples and a deep longed for more satisfaction in her crotch.
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